I’ll Protect My Tyrant Dad!


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I thought I was reincarnated as an ordinary little girl in a fantasy novel.
However, it turns out that the dad I thought was just an ordinary farmer was actually the exiled successor of an evil duke’s family.If my kind dad returns to the villainous household, he will undoubtedly be oppressed by those wicked people!
I’ll protect my dad!“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you!”I tightly clenched my small fists like sticky rice cakes and boldly faced my dad.
But he quietly opened his mouth and replied, “I’ll do all the bad things, so our daughter doesn’t have to do anything.”Dad doesn’t even know what bad things are!I squeezed my soft fists like marshmallows and began sparring with the air.If I want to protect my tender-hearted dad, I need to become stronger!

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폭군 아빠는 내가 지킨다!
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