I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away


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God gave me one more chance and finally came back after four hundred years.

As soon as I realized I returned, I decided that ‘no one should have pride.’

My goal was to destroy the country. So, I grew up with a genius prince who lived in hiding before returning.
He took up the empire for me and I left him for him to achieve his goal.

‘I came to pick you up Charlize Ronan.’ Dylan, who became a perfect tyrant after a few years, found me after searching all over the continent.

‘Why did you flee and run away?’

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The Taming of the Tyrant
폭군을 길들이고 도망쳐버렸다
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laexdream rated it
August 11, 2019
Status: c6
The premise was promising, but there were some issues that really bugged me. I wanted to like this story.....

What bothers me most is that the MC is a bit too Mary Sue? I mean, I'm all for OP characters, but I like my OPness explained and justified. Maybe it's the writing I have a problem with.


Like, she applies to be the ML's tutor... but the process is glossed over in a few sentences, as if it isn't that hard to apply to be the Thirteenth Prince's teacher. Regardless of whether or not the ML is currently unwanted royalty, she is just a preteen herself. (She's like what, 15?) She'd more likely be a study companion than a tutor. It later says she has a reputation for being incompetent as well. How the heck did she get hired in the first place???

Plus, she gained control over the Archduke's house? When she's an unwanted child? What does it mean that "she had power over them despite the bad relationship with her family"? Can that not be glossed over, please? How did she just fire her maids when she had been bullied by them for so long? It may seem satisfying, but it's also quite... jarring when reading it. She leaves her house without her family knowing, and then it casually mentions that she's rich. From what?? Where did this money come from?

Can I get background info instead of the info dump telling me she's beautiful, beguiling, wealthy and powerful??? It also mentions she has charm, and can make people want her/like her... she spent 400 years as a sword, I'm not sure where this skill is coming from.

She also has infinite mana and can see fairies?

I'm not exactly getting her revenge plan... she wants revenge on the royal family.... but then uses a member of the royal family to do so? If you tame him and control him, how does that translate to ruining the royal family and kingdom?


Ugh, I'll keep an open mind, but these things are already making the reading experience lacklustre..... there seems to be way too many questions I have when reading this... maybe I have to turn off my brain for this one. Ugh. Props to the translator, and thank you for your hard work.
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November 24, 2020
Status: --
Turn off your brain reading this. The FL is Mary Sue to the max and so is the ML. Not only is she OP as hell, the author writes out situations that are awfully convenient for the FL. This is more of a guilty pleasure type of novel rather than a riveting, plot twist packed, revenge story.

Her Mary Sue qualities

1. She's mysteriously beautiful with eyes blue like a galaxy

... more>> 2. She's a master swordsman

3. She's also part-fairy

And after she reincarnates,

4. She's becomes a god like level mana user.

5. She's also become very knowledgeable in every subject and aspect in life due to her experience.

Logical Inconsistencies/conveniences

I'm really just ranting in the below lol.


1. Despite being OP as hell (stunningly beautiful, a master swordsman, and a fairy descendent), she somehow gets coerced into enduring torturous treatment and becoming a literal object in order to spare the lives of her family who neglected her.

My issues with this premise is her motivation and the inconsistency with her character.

  • She's not the type of Saintess Mary Sue who could never hurt a fly or would faint over blood. It seems awfully selfless of her to sacrifice herself for her family who doesn't care about her. It's one thing to not want them to die, because they are family. And another thing to actually die for them. Or in this case, undergo cruel experiments and become a sword. If her family had cherished her, then I could understand her motivation more. But they didn't care of she died or lived and she still decided to save them.
  • There must be so many ways she could have avoided her fate. Considering her beauty, she could have seduced a foreign ambassador, seduced a prince and cause a coup, seduce the king and get him to change his mind. Or seduce the wizards. She's also a master and genius swordman. She could have also killed the king and massacred the wizards and cause a coup or buy enough time for her family to escape the country. Shes so much of a genius master swordsman that they wanted to turn her into a sword. But somehow not masterful enough to hold off soldiers and escape with her family. She's also part fairy. But she never used that to help her.

It just seems convenient for the author that the FL only utilizes her OPness after she was tortured and has a tragic backstory even though it could've been avoided. The author should have given her a more believable backstory or flesh it out more. Like maybe add that the wizards had cut off her arms so she couldn't fight or something.

2. The FL's rationale for becoming the ML's tutor

In chp 4, it is said that the ML who is the 13th prince, secretly controlled the kingdom and was a ruthless killer.

In chp 1, she said that she was a sword that was passed down from emperor to son for many generations. And she wanted revenge on them by using the 13th prince to "Destroy the Royal family"

  • This is a bit strange to me because the 13th prince is part of the Royal family. He is part of the family she wants to destroy. So the fact that he is the ML is quite a strange choice to me.
  • He also controlled the empire after his father turned the FL to a sword and died. Given his extreme intelligence, he must have known of her existence as a sword. Or should have been able to piece together what happened (considering his father massacred a group of wizards). Despite that, he allowed his brother's descendant to carry on the sword and use her. So either he condoned the use of a human being as a sword or he conveniently wasn't genius enough to piece together the events that happened in the castle.
  • The ML is a supposed genius. A noble woman master swordsman disappears even though she was supposed to serve the emperor. A magical sword appears. And then a bunch of wizards die. That's pretty sus. Perhaps not enough to conclude that the sword was the FL, but the castle has ears. Maids who served the wizards must have existed. Notes written down about the experiments should have also existed. Money was also paid, which is a paper trail. It's really hard to keep a ground breaking experiment that spans quite a bit of time, a secret.
  • If the ML secretly controlled the kingdom, he could take control and seize all powerful weapons. Why did he not get her?

3. How she became the ML's master.

The king allowed a woman who was only one year older than his son to become his teacher. Not only that, she is also a disliked daughter of the dukes family that is only known to be decent with a sword and nothing else. This is just really unrealistic to me.

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yujie.h rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: c30
All the critique in these reviews is valid.

    • Her personality is lacking. All we know is that she's clever and vengeful. What is meant to be likeable.... her face? The author almost treats her face as a shield for her behaviour. Like I wonder if people would still be able to fawn over her if she was ugly.

    • She is effortlessly good at everything. You may be a genius in the sword but being a genius in literally everything is absurd, not to mention she only uses these talents for herself. There's no sense of hardwork, no known physical training drills; you simply have to make assumptions about how she spends her time. RE: other user, I am using genius as it is defined, meaning a high natural ability. Living for 400 years doesn't do anything for your natural ability. I just don't enjoy that she is so innately talented she doesn't have to work to be good at things. I am okay with literally every other 1000 y/o reincarnator character, because it's always made clear that they went through trial after trial, life after life, honing their skills, mastering their craft. But Charlize can own people at anything because she saw it a few times... really.... -

      I know the story is supposed to be an OTT power fantasy. But it's not very interesting if she can do everything so easily? The story is essentially structured as "Charlize woke up, took revenge here, gained favour there, Dylan stared at her."

      Sorry if that's reductive but genuinely a story can't have depth if the MC is near invincible. Good stories have stakes and obstacles. And I know I am going IN on this random webnovel but :')) I was surprised that so few people noticed the disparities and lack of logic. You are very much allowed to enjoy it, live your best life lol.

    • Given her abilities she could just go outside and eradicate famine and disease if she wanted to. She could do so much good in the world. But she stays in the palace to tutor this one kid who doesn't actually need her assistance, gain his trust and use him for revenge (with the intention of ditching him later). So... personally I find it very difficult to root for someone like that.
    • Truthfully, anyone can act innocent to gain approval, even animals. Her putting on a mask doesn't make her a 5000 IQ prodigy. By the convenience of knowing future events she doesn't have to plot much at all. We can only assume she's smart because the author says so
    • As mentioned in prior reviews; I don't know why one would only decide to take revenge after 400 years and have someone else do it for them?

      How is a child able to become a royal tutor (even so, you would need to consult her parents, especially in a historical albeit fantasy setting), why and how is only she able to see fairies, where did she get her education from as a neglected child (I'm going to politely assume that she self studied to seek approval) etc.

    • Another previously mentioned plot hole is that, given his intelligence, Dylan should have been aware of her mistreatment in her past life. Charlize is going as far as to take revenge on the entire kingdom for her mistreatment (by instating a tyrant). It doesn't make sense that she is not vengeful towards him too, when he is an actual bystander to her abuse.
    • Spoiler

      The brothers constantly wallowing in their regret is cringeworthy. I LOVE novels where offenders regret their behaviour but they truly..... go on. And on. And on about it. The brothers only exist to be sorry to her.

      I saw a comment I found to be pretty accurate: all the side characters exist to react to Charlize (a. tell her they're sorry b. think that she's pretty c. be eternally indebted to her)

Anyway thinking about it again, behaviourally she is a near sociopath. I suppose 400 years of ill treatment could do that to you, but it doesn't make for a likeable character.
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Avelyn rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: --
Ok I'll have to say this, did u'all Frl read the novel? Like actually pay attention? Cause if u did u'd realise the comments u're using to criticise the novel is completely s*upid (except the fairy thing)

1. She's Mary Sue.

Well what do ya expect? She lived for like 400 yrs passed down from EMPEROR to EMPEROR, saw their techniques, opinions, plans, if she's an idiot it would make no sense. And I know u'all would be the same to complain if she wasn't OP cause "she's lived for 400... more>> yrs yet she's still like this? How annoying." Honestly u're never satisfied smh

2. She's pretty

Ok now u'all just ridiculous. Have nothing else to say so complaining about how pretty she is? Let's say this was some Chinese novel I'd understand cause they overemphasise the looks of the FL always talking about her waist "thin like a bamboo tree" and "lips seductively plump" but they didn't spend every chapter talking about how she looked, what's ur complaint? Would you want an ugly Mc?

3. She's evil

Well as the quote goes "you either die a hero or live long enough to be a villain." And for her she's obviously the second, I want u'all to be in her shoes and retain ur humanity.
Imagine being blamed for ur mother's death, neglected, turned into a sword, used to kill ur family that even though they neglected u, u still loved them, used to kill people till u finally died.
If after that you maintain ur humanity, u deserve anything u desire. U know I would have dropped it if she was still nice and sweet, I like her because she's wicked. It's not unrealistic like those fls where the author would make them go through the worst things possible but still they would be the kindest soul ever to mankind. Obviously after everything she'll be on the brink of insanity and be a psychopath. Obviously she'd become apathetic, she'll become kind of indifferent to life after wasting it so easily. It's good enough that she isn't a serial killer, I mean there is that serial killer that became one because everyone in his class including his sister laughed at him for saying a s*upid answer to a question.

4. How is she royal tutor

I mean the ml's father did not care about him, him making the FL his tutor is enough to prove his lack of care for his son because if he cared about his son he surely wouldn't accept her as his tutor

5. Making him a tyrant

Like I said, the MC is a psychopath, because she suffered she wants everyone to suffer under a cruel leader, I won't say that they deserve it (I mean the commoners did nothing) but, as I already told you. She's a psychopath and this is a thing psychopaths do.
6. Dylan

I'll say this, Dylan was probably aware but he didn't care. Also why didn't he take her? Did u not hear that the sword was passed down? So if suddenly the emperor did not have Charlize that would be weird

7. Effortlessly good at everything

I'll say this one last time. After everything she's been through, it's only someone as s*upid as Patrick that wouldn't become a 'genius'

The book is good, don't like cruel mcs? Don't read cruel mcs. Don't like pretty mcs? Look up ugly MCs and see how much u like those ones. Don't like op mcs? Don't read stories that would obviously make the MCs OP, only a fool would not be OP after everything, so of course she's gonna be OP.

EDIT: I recently found sociopath and psychopath are not the same things. Sociopaths abhor any kind of social interaction and things like that.. psychos are well... psychos. So I edited the sociopath out lol

EDIT: Just realised I didn't even tell my thoughts on the novel. It's okay, not too interesting but not too boring either, it's mediocre. But it still got one of my highest ratings so yes.

Final Edit: I never finished tbh, it was wayyyy to mediocre for me to actually enjoy it. I don't recommend but I didn't exactly hate the plot <<less
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Bravelylove rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: --
I’m surprised to see a lot of criticisms thrown at the novel and protagonist especially that are explained in the story. If you’re curious:

... more>>

1. She is turned into a literal sword. Why did she allow this? She was emotionally neglected her whole life and at times verbally abused. She thought she was doing something worthy of praise, and never really intended in her first life to use her skills at swordsmanship.

2. How did she become the prince’s tutor? She has all the qualifications on paper being from a nice noble household and being a knight, but this prince wasn’t supposed to become a good ruler. His mother isn’t beloved by the emperor anymore and he’s got over 10 older siblings. A teenager girl being his “tutor” only makes sense as they don’t really care about him getting a good education, they don’t expect her to be good. She knew this going in.

3. Why does she want to help that prince rule? She doesn’t want him to be a good ruler. Without him having a brother to puppet from the shadows he’d have to take responsibility for all he did, including ruthless blood spilling, political choices, all of his creations. She also wants him obsessive and to make mistakes, drive the empire to ruin as a ruthless tyrant, and then likely he killed himself. Hence the name of the novel. She doesn’t go into this expecting him to be a good ruler.

4. Why do people like her? She isn’t honest. She’s manipulative if I’m being honest. She “gets” people to like her when she wants to. She picks them apart to find what they want to hear and carefully sprinkles it in while acting innocent. People who are looking closely can tell she’s actually very cold and not as warm and lovable as others may think. She even originally planned to use a dying woman’s death to her own advantage, only to back out of it.

5. How did her family not find out she left? It wasn’t kept secret. She applied, filled out the paperwork, waited, and then had her room prepared for her to leave. Her family are just really awful, terrible people who don’t see her as a human. Her father sees her as a mu*derer, when it’s honestly not her fault her mother died. Women die in childbirth but it’s seen as “eating” their own mothers in this case as a common superstition, so he blames her. Her brothers follow his attitude basically. So they simply ignored everything she was doing if it wasn’t right in front of them. They didn’t lock her in a room or anything, they just wanted to pretend she wasn’t there. She didn’t slip out in the dead of night or anything, she just left, and they only realized after she really didn’t even pass them by in the halls.

6. The fairies. This one I will admit is a fair criticism as not enough is done with them but maybe later on they’ll be more prominent. Apparently you need at least some fairy blood to see fairies, and fairies eat energy. They help out a few times, and maybe it’s something related to her mother who seems kind of mysterious to me, but if you removed them and replaced them with her own magic it would be the same story

7. She’s pretty. Yeah that’s standard fair. So many female leads are stunningly pretty they have everyone falling all over them. It’s a trope so engrained into these kinds of novels even when it’s “subverted” there is usually some kind of ridiculously beautiful girl there they’re supposed to be the enemy of or side kick to. Pretty girls don’t bother me I suppose.

8. She’s op. This is also pretty standard for this kind of genre with time travel/reincarnation/transmigration. She is actually 400+ years old. She had seen the rise and fall of several emperors. She’s absorbed their magic, and the lives (?) of everyone she’s killed. Through them she also learned their techniques, saw their opinions, their political choices, and their weaknesses. It caused her an immense amount of trauma. I’ve seen worse justifications for having a lot of knowledge or strength.


All in all I’ve seen way worse. A lot of it is standard fair for the reincarnation genre. The intrigue for me isn’t if she’ll win the next battle but how all this will play out butterfly effect style, and what kinds of new information she might unravel. This isn’t a 5/5 stars for me, but it is interesting and enjoyable. Most of the flaws are minor annoyances for me that don’t stop me from wanting to know more, but it’s also really how you like the tone of the story. If you dislike that no amount of praise or explanation will make that better, so I recommend you read it and see for yourself. <<less
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Jayen rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c2
OMG!! I'm so happy that this is being translated. I've read the promotional manga. I'm really excited reading this.


I didn't expect that she really literally became a sword.


I was expecting it to be a chill rom com or something lol. But I wasn't dissapointed.
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ErryChu rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c1
First chapter in and I'm already sad. I saw the promotional manga and became in love with it. I just never expected the first chapter to be this heavy.
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vaexis rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: c3
A very heavy and deep opening to what I did not expect whatsoever. However, the writing and translation were very good in my opinion and its setting up for something very exciting.

The revenge concept itself isn't that original but the idea of 'literally being a sword' really intrigued me. It also serves to highlight her desire for revenge and we're given a clear goal in the story. The fact that she's had to experience being treated as a torture tool for her own family and loved ones makes you really think about what she had to go through.

The description makes it sound like it goes offtrack though.

I'm looking forward to future chapters.
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tasaa rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c30
This had so much potential.

The beginning, when they’re both kids is so bland. Charlize just spends the whole time being narcissistic and trying to seduce the male lead with her looks because she knows all too well that she’s pretty. The male lead goes for it and there isn’t much else as to why he falls in love with her and is so attached to her. She let his mother die a peaceful death but that’s probably one of the very few things that causes him to be in love with her.
It skips to adulthood pretty quickly and their time as adults is cute and sweet but, again, their childhood was so boring and pointless that there’s very little point for his obsession with her. He’s so adorable but there’s just so little back up to it arg.


Maybe it’s better to wait for the manhwa
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Chenleong rated it
March 27, 2020
Status: c9
The story really mind blowing, I never expected such an event to occur in the chapter, however this manga is so recommended to read :)

P. S. Did anyone remember the pass? Bc I forgot it, pls help me ty
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Rutabaga rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c65
The premise honestly had me hooked. I enjoyed the MC and ML, but starting from around 30~ chapters, I got bored. I feel like the novel is a typical example of a good start but bad execution midway. I actually enjoy Mary Sue female leads, just as long as they have a reason to be OP (no matter how bad the reason is), so the MC didn't really bore me that way. However, her personality was just so bland. I felt like her whole existence consisted of only two things:... more>> Amazing sword skills and good looks. I dropped it bout' a month ago, and all I can recall about the MC (abt her personality) was these two things. Her personality wasn't memorable to me, I get that she's a f*cking sword but there's a way to write a personality that's cold and devoid of emotion without making the character herself bland. The story keeps on telling instead of showing, and I feel really tired reading this, read 65 chapters and I'm still not sure what exactly is going on. There's also the problem of pace, at this point I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the MC and ML only got together the last 10 chapters of the novel. Well, thanks for the translator's hard work. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day. <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
May 31, 2022
Status: c91
This novel is lacking in every aspect:
-The world-building is wack.
-There is not a single interesting nor fun character.
-The hardcore "Mary Sue" common sense is ridiculous.
-I really don't like main characters who left their other halves in the middle of the story for ridiculous reasons. It's just bad taste.
-The writing is very flat. It's exactly written like the first part of my review. That's why I'm leaving it like this ;>

I started by reading the novel then jumped into manhwa after a while and I'm glad I did that. Tried to continue from chapter 80s when I caught up with the manhwa but I can't do this torture to myself and ruin the rest of the comic. Honestly, the art made it up for all the lacking parts. At least you can feel some emotions from the characters.
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Skite rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: --
Definitely worth reading, but others are correct that you'll need to take an extra dose of suspension of belief in order to stay immersed.

The biggest and most glaring plot hole is her entire revenge plan, which is bad since it's, you know, the entire plot.

She is a god-level Mary Sue: 400+ year old, nigh indestructible, god level swordsman and magic user, with beyond genius mental capabilities, and gorgeous good looks combined with an indescribable aura which makes people want to take her seriously, who hates the Empire and the Emperor... more>> and wants both destroyed completely.

Rather than.... going ahead and doing this on her own in a few months, she decides to take years and years to train up a handsome prince she likes to do it for her (like, why??)

If the prince were a Joffrey-esque, brutal moron, this would make sense. It would be super embarrassing for the Emperor to see his hard work ruined by an idiot son.

But no, she picks the once-in-a-millennia genius renaissance man and then actually teaches him to be a brilliant leader, if a somewhat selfish one. Way to get revenge, there! I don't think that means what you think it means. Ensuring the evil Emperor's legacy by having his own brilliant son inherit and be known as the most powerful emperor of all time? Excellent revenging /s

But, we want a reason for our MC to be in a teacher position over the ML so he can worship her with obsessive awe (he literally washes her feet for her), so we're ok (ish) with holding our heads under the water, trying to believe this, though occasionally we'll surface for air and think "this is s*upid" before plunging back under for more.

Other things that will make you rant:


Her big hang up was that she was innocent and forced to do horrible things as a tool for someone with power over her. She is now taking the ML, while he's still innocent, and doing the exact same thing to him as she molds him into her weapon for revenge.

The Emperor was her constant, close companion while she was a sword. She went everywhere with him, and he was literally the only person who could hear her, as her owner. They were together for decades. Yet, she never uses the intimate knowledge she has of him to destroy him, or even targets him. She is perfectly fine aiming the ML at him and letting ML have all the fun. Like, really? You don't even want to torture him a bit? He turned you into an inanimate object via an extraordinarily painful process and then used you for his own glory, but, nothing?

She never does anything to stop the whole turning-humans-into-swords thing. They killed a ton of people before finding her, including kidnapping nobles and orphans, and supposedly even more would die since she never stepped in as the success story. But there is zero revenge on the crazy mages running human experiments, or attempting to rescue or prevent the victims from dying. Nor do the mages or Emperor go after her (Which is never explained why. She's still a neglected sword genius with fairy blood, and this time around, she's out of the house, making her even handier) Nor do they try to go after her brothers, who are also sword geniuses with fairy blood.

With her extreme level of neglect, she never had an education of any kind. I would be shocked and impressed she knew how to read. Somehow, without having a single teacher, ever, she managed to become on-par with her decade older, sword genius older brother, the intelligent heir who received the best education, as a neglected preteen girl. Like, what? This is before the entire being turned into a magic sword thing. She did this as a regular, human girl. She also managed to become a tactical genius who's amazing at reading people while living as an unmoving hunk of metal left in a scabbard all day.

She is a beautiful teenage girl with zero credentials who dresses like a five year old's vision of a fairy princess everyday. She swans and floats about in floofy, gossamer, girly gowns. Sure, she's got that aura, but she rarely goes in public for people to encounter it, doesn't train with the knights, and she's only ever been in one public duel. Yet, people don't gossip that she's the prince's mistress/plaything instead of tutor. Nor do they try to oust her from her position once her charge becomes Crown Prince, thinking she's a fluffy idiot. They ALL decide she's this venerable "grandmaster" and fall all over themselves to respect her. It's weird. There is zero concern she holds too much influence over the Crown Prince, though he is obviously and subserviently obsessed with her.

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Dreamyryme rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: c75
plot is promising at first, but then that is it.

if you read the description above, that's the summary for 70 chapters so far.

I agree with all the comments above and understand why people give review below 3 stars.

Beside the point that there is no reason for others characters to exist in the story at all including second ML if we could even call him that because he is too weak and timid infront of ML, one more point when I read about time traveling plot is that how could MC justify their "revenge" if the actual event to be revenge has not yet happened.

I understand if MC want to alter destiny, plot, storyline, or prevent those MC's downfall to happen because they know what might happen, but prevention is different from execute the revenge itself.

I consider drop this story when ML doing the exact same thing, feeding that stone to the emperor, and MC is just let ML be and then gross over to love relationship. Ew. Yuck. I mean I thought the whole reason why MC doing all of these is to prevent the stone from being used cruelly and no one should experience like her. So when ML and MC stoop to the same low level of the emperor in the past life. That's it. They are not different from that tr*shy emperor at all.


If they do the same nasty thing to people for the exact reason they take revenge on before it is actually happen. (Remember she time traveling back and she has known since beginning of her time travel back period that the fate/story can change, dramatically too to be exact) how can they say they are on higher ground and their action is justified? Well yea if I try to see that this story is only about revenge for the event that not yet happen by saying everyone are all tr*sh including ML and MC, and should just enjoy no brain story. Then I guess this reason will justify the novel.
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March 7, 2021
Status: c54
I'm gonna wait a while before I put a rating on my review since they're hard to change, but I really needed to write/post here because I have something to say.

The writing is so bland and pretentious. Like, I am rolling my eyes every other paragraph that extols how beautiful, amazing, clever, powerful, etc. Charlize is. Nothing is wrong with a powerful FL, I love it in fact, but reading it for the 100th time in the span of 10 chapters is just excessive. Charlize herself has a bland personality,... more>> too. It's alright in the beginning because she was recently resurrected from ~400 years as a magical sword. It makes sense that she has a poker face and doesn't take anything personally, but it drags after some time especially after the time skip. I can't sympathize or bring myself to care for a character who's out for revenge when she doesn't even really seem to want it. We see no display of anger, grief, frustration, or even schadenfreude from Charlize. We're just told, "Oh no, she definitely hates the empire even if she never shows it." And if we have doubt, we're just nonchalantly redirected to her tragic backstory. That's fine as it is, the tragic backstory, but that's not enough on its own to convince me that Charlize genuinely abhors the empire/imperial family.

There's a lot of telling instead of showing in this story. And a lot of this goes back to my previous statement, the writing is bland because it tells me that "wow Charlize is so amazing" and that's it. There's no appeal to emotions here. I simply don't care about her.


For instance, any positive opinion of Charlize disappeared up when she tries to ascertain if Dylan loves her or not, completely forgetting that she herself told Dylan that he can only either completely disregard her or become absolutely obsessed. She gave him a 0 or 100 choice, and now she can't believe that Dylan went for 100? What? Isn't she supposed to be smart? She's seen the whole gamut of human emotions in her centuries as a magic sword, yet she isn't convinced that Dylan could hold romantic feelings for her. I mean, it's different if Charlize was unsure if Dylan loves her as a mother-sister figure or as a romantic partner. But no, she just doesn't even register love as a possibility for Dylan's attitude toward her. The assumption doesn't follow the logic. Like, she's supposed to be a master manipulator or whatever, yeah? She knew how to take the first step to breaking Dylan's emotional barriers by approaching him through his dying mother. We, the readers, know Charlize is capable of taking advantage of human emotions. But now she can't even tell if her student has a crush on her? Really? You really want me to buy that?

Again, it's palatable during the first arc, pre-time skip. Charlize plans and takes slow but steady steps toward her plan for revenge. She approaches Dylan, breaks his walls down, and raises him for her own plans. There's the tiniest bit of an emotional buildup, a climax to Charlize finally completing her revenge (or at least the first part of it) against the imperial family. And then............................... nothing. No satisfying emotional outburst of relief, emptiness, or vindication. We don't even get to see Charlize lash out at Dylan, who hindered the final step of her plan. The climax fell so flat, it felt like I tripped on open air. It was simply unbelievable and defied common storytelling sensibilities.


This lack of emotional appeal is prevalent in the entire story thus far and it's been wearing me down. So if you're looking for emotionally satisfying plot, you should look elsewhere. I guess the only reason why I hesitate to give a proper rating is that I'm debating how mediocre I believe this novel to be. <<less
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Manhwa fan
Manhwa fan rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c9
I really like this series I hope we get a fully translated chapters. I really like Dylan and Charlize Ronan. I hope we get all the chapters translated so we can read all 152 chapters that are completed. Dylan so far is very interested to Charlize that he wants to know more about her history but he keeps it hidden.

I feel very sad about Charlize's past that she was turned into a sword because she has a high amount of power. Then she got reincarnated again in the past. I... more>> know she is in a revenge path because of what the Imperial Family did to her. She got turned into a metal and hammered her body and put in a furnace. She will use and tame Dylan the 13th Prince to get her revenge. Who is known to be a tyrant and a political manipulator. So the whole Empire will fall apart. All she has to do is help Dylan become emperor by making herself master to the Prince and help him fight for the throne.

I really want to know what happens next I am dying to know what is happening I know Dylan will get attracted to Charlize and want to marry her in the future chapters but now currently they are still both young. <<less
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R34der rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c85
I never really understood the manhwa, like, I enjoyed it but now that I see the reviews, I'm starting to change my mind.

I read this when I was new to manhwa and didn't even know novels. So, naturally, I felt that this was really good. Sadly, it isn't. The FL randomly starts liking the ML? Is he even the ML? She has absolutely no emotion or care for another human being. If she really does like the ML, then why did she run away? For the plot to develop? To... more>> make the ML more twisted? And why did the ML even fall in love? Did he like her looks? All she did was manipulate him and his mother. Personally, I'd rather get revenge on her instead. I mean, yeah, she did help his mother pass away peacefully. But she did it with ulterior motives. Hell, she even approached him for the reason of revenge. I mean, most romances are like that but this one takes it to a whole other level. She probably won't even feel remorseful by the end of the story. And after what I've read, their love is artificial at most. This woman is some cold-blooded killer whose revenge is on the imperial family. The ML is from the imperial family. Like sure, 'Love prevails' but it wouldn't go so far to that point. Oh, also. The FL is getting revenge because she was forced to become a sword and kill a bunch of people. But isn't she a cold-blooded killer? She would've become numb to it at some point. And honestly, she was a sword for 400 years or something, I'd expect her to forget everything at some point and succumb to her fate as a sword. She'd probably also forget all her bodily functions like "I forgot that I had a bladder" and if it really was a traumatic experience, then why can she remember everything without flinching? My personal opinion is that if something is so traumatic, then they'd automatically forget it. In order to protect themselves. But what do we see? She remembers everything. All 400 years to the smallest detail. She is not human at this point. Oh wait, I forgot, she wasn't human. She was a f*cking sword. Maybe this is just me, but if she really is 400 years, then wouldn't she be a pe*ophile? She's being romantically engaged with someone who is one 300 years younger. Him being smart changes nothing. It's basically saying that a genius 7 year old can get married to an even smarter 70 year old. Also, if she wants revenge on the whole imperial family, doesn't that include the ML. I keep forgetting things to be mad at...

Like, isn't the FL some 400+ year old genius that taught the ML. Cause I'm pretty sure she is away smarter than the ML. Then why? Due to the plot, after she runs, it's obvious that he's gonna catch her. Then she runs away again and again gets caught. ISN'T SHE A GENIUS? Suppose he is smarter than her, then that means that she really isn't talented and was basically ordinary. Or she was a really good tutor. But still, someone ordinary cannot remember 400+ years in full detail. If that's ordinary then what am I? And also, on the off-chance that she is smarter and that he just managed to catch her 2 times or so, where does all that brainpower go? I'm sure she orchestrated her whole revenge and manipulated the guy looking for her. So why did she get caught so pathetically? Why? Even if he knows and understands her to the point of being able to find her so quickly whilst also intentionally letting her go for a whole year, wouldn't she be able to do the same? Wouldn't she be able to understand all his moves to evade the effectively without needing that extra year he gave? If you're gonna have her get caught so pitifully, then why make her so smart? Isn't she a once every hundred year prodigy?

I also doubt the fact that she will fall in love at all. The Author made her too... Emotionless for that. And I doubt it would be a "I can change her!" situation. Cause if it is, then I will cry. All that 400+ years of emotional torture broken cause some Yandere she 'raised' loved her sincerely. If being insane can be fixed that easily, then what's the point of mental hospitals? I don't see any tragedy tag. And I highly doubt that this romance will work. Especially with him being all like "I killed and tortured him on your behalf". Yeah. What? All her carefully planned revenge for him to ruin everything and take her chance of torturing her mortal enemy, the guy who made her suffer? And she still falls in love with him? Unrealistic. I get that this is a novel and it's impossible to happen in real life to any of us. But this goes too far. Frankly, I don't think she will ever fall in love with anyone. No shedding tears over misunderstandings, she would simply leave them to rot as long as it benefits her.

And I doubt that her family which ignored, neglected, bullied, left to die, let her become a sword, didn't even try to ask for forgiveness and partially caused her to become emotionless would try to remotely ask for forgiveness. At most it would be a shallow apology they say and then they leave. If she really remembered everything then she would also want revenge on the people which didn't even ask about her when she disappeared and became a sword. They even probably had a hand in it. Then all of a sudden they ask for forgiveness cause she faints from some flowers? Also, isn't she overpowered? Allergies should become nothing. And if she knew she had an allergy then why accept the flowers? To make them feel sorry? How s*upid of a (even if it's already been mentioned a lot of times) 400+ year old prodigy. <<less
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Canesta rated it
August 19, 2022
Status: c134
I don't understand why people so dissatisfied with this novel, guess people just like to complain, in one way and another. It's a basic human traits after all.

I seen worse novel and I personally hate weak MC so I'm actually glad that MC in this novel is op and don't take any bullshit. I also like the fact that ML was soo devoted toward MC and for once there's no annoying bit*h with two faced behaviour who created unnecessary drama between MC and ML. It's quite refreshing that ML only... more>> focused on MC and the novel revolved around her, made it stay focused and easier to follow.

I'm also agree with one comment that explained why MC is op and get a vast knowledge. Everything that happens in the story are explained already and imo, it's pretty acceptable and clear enough to filled any 'plot holes' others people think is exist. Some comments make me so confused because their bashing toward this novel feel weird cz it make me curious if we even read the same novel at all. Lol.

But people have different mind and opinion so I guess what other people considering 'lacking' is actually pretty good for me. I like this story as a whole and feel very satisfied with it, it suited my taste really well, hence I give it 5 stars, I will recommend it to anyone who want to read about strong MC with her devoted yander Male lead. <<less
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stephhiny rated it
July 15, 2022
Status: c139
One thing I felt after reading this novel is that: The FL is so OP. I think she's the most OP character from all the novels I ever read. Made me thinking about how its a bit unreal. Dont get me wrong, I love the stories where the FL is tough and strong and all OP but somehow this series just got me feeling that its a bit unrealistic.

The stories in earlier chapter is good until it gets a bit boring in the middle... and made me considering whether I... more>> should just drop this novel altogether. But I decided to just continue reading it since its almost finished.. And it got me thinking that the later chapters are better, successfully sparked the curiosity inside me. That is......... until I got to this one point, and made me realized how the story is turning out to be unrealistic. Again.

The ML is cool. Strong and genius. He's OP too. But somehow the relationship between the 2 of them is just... idk. The FL is so deep engulfed in revenge. I just hope that the 2 of them could be more honest with each other. Maybe I just cant get the chemistry to like this couple sometimes.

I cant say that this is a good story that I would like to recommend, but some of the time I can still find those times I spent to read this series enjoyable, so yea I guess its still okay to read if u need something to just pass the time reading. <<less
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jsplat rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: c100
The story is pretty cliche. It has some unique aspects I guess? I wouldn't recommend reading the novel, read the manhwa instead. At least the art is absolutely stunning, so the little annoying parts can be overlooked.

MC is very emotionless and rational, pretty mary sue. Same deal with the ML. Its a story that fully embraces the possessive trope to the extreme. Still, I liked how MC is actually strong, and her backstory as a literal sword is quite creative. And despite her being mary sue, a trope I enjoy,... more>> it actually makes sense so maybe even ppl who hate OPs would still like this story. However the relationship dynamic has some obvious toxic undertones. Not surprised tho

Reading as a novel... an honest 2.5 stars. You'd get annoyed after 50 something chapters. Read the manhwa! The art is so great to the point where you can forget the problematic characters lol <<less
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