I Rely On The Collapse Of The Character Setting To Survive In The Hands Of The Male Lead


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Upon waking up one morning, Lin Qingyang found himself transformed into a scum cannon fodder in the world of a tyrant novel! In the original story, the cannon fodder, due to coveting the male lead’s beauty, used schemes to force him into becoming a male concubine when he was forced to hide his identity. In doing so, the cannon fodder crushed the last shred of humanity in the male lead. The ending for the cannon fodder was predictable.

Now, Lin Qingyang, watching the future tyrant already bound the upper body with arms tied behind the back and rope looped around the neck, felt as if he was witnessing his own impending torture.

Lin Qingyang: … Perhaps I can still cling on to life.

From then on, amidst conspiracies, battles, and dangerous situations, Lin Qingyang became a constant presence by the future tyrant Chu Lishu’s side. He became the only one willing to protect him with his life, never to betray him.
After reclaiming the throne, and seeing Lin Qingyang’s ‘wholehearted devotion,’ Chu Lishu decided to endure personal discomfort to not disappoint his beloved. His ears turned crimson, and in a hoarse voice, he said, “Whatever you want… I’ll agree to all of them.”

Excited, Lin Qingyang thought to himself: Gold, fertile land, beauties, and the freedom to travel and enjoy life.

Not long after, Lin Qingyang, riding in a luxurious carriage laden with gold and beauties, found himself surrounded by a large army, unable to move even a step forward.

A figure in bright yellow leaped into the carriage, driving away other people and leaving only Lin Qingyang behind.

Watching Chu Lishu’s increasingly fierce and ruthless gaze, gradually turning red, and seemingly covered with a layer of watery light, Lin Qingyang felt that something was amiss. The voice of the tyrant was hoarse, aggrieved, yet tinged with a stubborn madness.

“Traveling? You can only go with me, otherwise, don’t even think about taking a step anywhere!”

On that day, surrounded by the army, they waited for a long time before the carriage slowly returned to the palace.

The next day, an imperial edict was issued, announcing the emperor’s empress.

Having just been woken up, Lin Qingyang supported his almost broken waist, looking at the imperial edict. Can he still be saved if he runs away now?

PS: The couple (CP) has no blood relation or legal kinship.

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New Bob127 rated it
June 28, 2024
Status: c94
Great novel!!!
there is a lot of political palace drama because of the characters’ identities. Poor Lin Qingyang just trying to survive but somehow causes the funniest mischief and misunderstandings. 💀 and chu lishu is literally so charismatic!! he’s domineering, strategic, and intelligent. He also eats vinegar often lol...
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DewDropsOnMellons rated it
December 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Ok so first let me say that my actual rating for this novel is 4 stars but the overall rating was so low that I felt people may not give it chance which would be a shame, hence the 5 stars Now off to the actual review.

Don't be fooled by how much I'll be complaining, I actually liked the story and found it engaging. I was invested enough that it got me going on a rant like this. Most of the story was genuinely great, and the main side couple... more>> was just lovely but the last bit left me very disappointed. It went from a genuinely rare set of characters and dynamics to a load of cliches that I'm not particularly fond of. While not a fully morally grey story, there is plenty in that area so depending on your taste, it may not be for you.

Looking at the early and middle stages of the story, the plot was interesting enough, there was intrigue, substantial enough threats, characters with some depth and sense to them on both sides, an relatively charming ML who was on the verge of insanity but was still somewhat sane and reasonable, with a solid and believable growth in the relationship and feelings between the two. The ML did care about the people on his side during this point (he grows more and more apathetic about them in the later stages). The MC may have been sort of almost a white lotus then but not an unreasonable or unlikable one, his decisions made sense. They both contributed to the plot progression and saved each other and had some decent chemistry in their interactions.

I loved this story and couple right up until yuan ran (the ML) returned. He literally became a completely different character, chu lishu (fake identity of ML) was likeable but you can't convince me this this new character is supposed to be the same or a rescued version. Considering Yue chen and Huo luo (important side characters), his two guards and many others remained fully loyal and dedicated to him, I would understand some paranoia but what he became in the end is ridiculous, his character made sense when he was chu lishu but he became irredeemable and truly unlikable by the end (at least to me). It was a pretty jarring shift from a somewhat paranoid but still reasonable and sort of sane character that's really well done and hard to come by to a yandere cliche. Yandere can be done well but this wasn't.

I'm aware that the breaking point was qingyangs fake death and that there won't be any going back after that which is sad.


The story was genuinely good right up until the plan to kill the king, then it went south fast. The s*x that was described also seemed borderline traumatising, I have no clue how qingyang has almost zero trauma reactions to what happened to him after that, especially considering his reaction during the process. Sure enough, the best couple was general huo and yue chen.

Lin Qingyang (MC) was also too much of a white lotus for my taste in the later parts. He gets r*ped (with chu lishu, there was dub-con but with yuan ran, there was violent r*pe, he even had the nerve to call r*pe punishment) and despite the writer showing him clearly in severe emotional distress during the process, he proceeds to go "are you ok" or something to yuan ran afterwards, I just want to scream "can you please have some standards". No amount of crazy can justify this behaviour. I believed chu lishu loved him but I don't believe yuan ran did given how he is described as treating him like a pet, complete with a leash, with no regard or respect for him half the time. It really seems more like obsession. He makes concessions to not kill some people but that's it, it's like he doesn't see him as an actual person but more like a tool for his sanity and s*x drive, which is disgusting. Lin qingyang wouldn't have survived if he wasn't such a pushover but it's so hard to like him in the later part of the story.

There is so much show not tell regarding their dynamics in the later stages. They try to make it seem like it's an equal relationship but it really isn't. The whole hunting prey thing during s*x scenes was also not the best (the story builds expectations of a more tender and passionate intimacy, but it ended up being the standard chinese torture s*x). I really though at the beginning that this could be a rare switch couple, they had the makings of it but nope.

Also, the endings of various characters were not satisfying at all, for so many good characters. Some were too tragic and some were too "happy" (not happy exactly but something along those lines). Also, I don't get how the revenge of some characters is any different from yuan ran? Like how can I root for this guy when he's no better than the guys I'm supposed to be against (or at least not support), the only difference is that he was so bad that the heavens brought him qingyang and he apparently got salvation or whatever, it's ridiculously lousy (and he still isn't really great, the things he went through were not really as bad/worst than some of the other characters so the amount of comparative crazy is strange to me). Meanwhile some truly foul characters got just a regular death.

Other than that, the side characters were great and the more ambitious women were treated well, having these characters in both positive and negative roles with plot significance, and many had more than one dimension. Although the more passive and traditionally feminine ones were barely there (I can only think of Qingyang's older sister out of the characters that got screen time and an actual impact, however small, on the plot). The passive and feminine ones were also the only ones who were allowed to happily get married to someone else by the end of the story which is something but I'm not sure what. Most female side-characters ended up falling for one of the two male leads and didn't get their own separate love interests unlike the male ones (with the exception of gingyang's older sister and huo luo's fiance who was barely a character).

The side romances, apart from huo luo and yue chen, didn't really go anywhere. They had interesting set ups but some were sort of just left there without much resolution and others mostly got brief extras. There was also a boring modern AU extra with only the MC and ML.

I will say, the MC had an actual backstory that played a part (a little but it's something) in some bits of the story which is rare with transmigrate MC's. Usually their past is barely relevant and is only a justification for skills and knowledge but them actually being effected by their past throughout different parts of the story in a more personal way is rare.

Anyways, I would say this story is more interesting than many other options on here but the end is disappointing and does not live up to the expectations that were set by the early to middle parts. <<less
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allegna rated it
May 17, 2024
Status: Completed
It's such a fun read! The MC, Lin Qingyang, is quick-witted and adaptable, so reading how he reacts to the circumstances he inexplicably falls into is quite entertaining. The ML is black-bellied, and understandably so. He had undergone so much suffering, that it would be weird if he still remained like his old self. The side characters are well-developed and complex, so it's also interesting to explore their stories.

I just found the pacing a bit odd, because things were progressing at a constant pace up until the last 10 chapters,... more>> where everything felt too rushed? The first 260 chapters were paced wonderfully, and I found myself binge-reading because I was curious as to what would happen next! The last 11 chapters felt like it could've been written into 50-100 more chapters because a lot of things happened, and the author just breezed through it.

MTL is also readable! <<less
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KeyonDrenson rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: c48
I'd say this story is mostly relationship focused but there is plenty hidden conspiracies, mysteries, and reasonably fleshed out side characters to make the world feel real and worth getting invested in *note*, there is a system but it's not very intrusive

BASIC PREMISE: ancient/historical-ish China setting, MC transmigrated into the role of a villain that is supposed to (sexually) harass ML (original world protagonist and hidden vengeful prince), MC mostly just wants ML not to kill him (and gets some system missions to help him) so MC tries to curry... more>> favor with ML, which leads to ML developing some misunderstandings

MC: he tries so hard... (I like him)

ML: (ruthless) ML is a fallen prince seeking revenge on the emperor; blackened by the mu*der of his family, he is ready to take whatever means necessary to regain power and get his revenge and holds no restraint towards those who cross him <<less
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KatarinaCitcat rated it
May 20, 2024
Status: c75
Binged all the translated chapters in a few days, it's a fun read!

The intricate plots of MC's family and the noble families are very interesting. I love how he saves and cares so much about his elder sister and mother, even though they're not his original family. MC is a woman respecter in a historic setting, it's very refreshing

There's not too much focus on romance in the beginning, as both MC and ML are crafty and intelligence. Although MC gets caught up in dog-blood plots a lot, he's by... more>> no means a weak MC. He's shown that he can both be extremely clever and oblivious of how ambitious his actions are (the perfect combo!).

However as a transmigrator, MC is also human in his fear; he remembers ML from the book and has every right to fear his tyranny. He follows the system prompts to stick to ML but also sometimes sticks to him on his own volition, making the line between obligation and personal attachment blurry.

Fun read; great translation—recommend giving it a shot! <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: Completed
Amazing story, complex characters, very addicting and emotional driven.

Was very invested in all the characters, MC and ML's emotional needs and their changes, especially watching Ml's going a different route from his past. ML is the most interesting ML I have read for a long time. There's so many layers to him.

The drama of the whole story is fascinating to follow

... more>> Side characters I give thumbs up for all their involvements/

MC are a strong feminist supporter I love how he change some off their fates

MC and ML relationship are so interesting to watch, alot of twists and turns, how eventually both become something they didn't expect.

From the start of 2nd segment of missions seems to the lose steam, the interactions with the system seems cut off, points are no longer displayed and missions seems just a form of formality because MC doesn't need to do anything the rest will happen by it itself

This is the best novel out of all other author's work. <<less
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ylial rated it
April 9, 2024
Status: Completed
I like the plot and characters. Interactions are also dynamic.

Sometimes, I want to drop this due to yandere ML but his worries and insecurities are reasonable due to his past

Actual rating = 4.5 stars
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afukafu rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: Completed
I have MTLed the whole novel and really love it! The characters, the plot and the storyline are just perfect! Lin Qinyang is not the overly “feminine, crying” type of MC (he can actually think for himself and even rescue Chu Lishu) and Chu Lishu/Yuan Ran is the ideal intelligent, gentle ML! The story is very engaging and you will not regret reading this! I will definitely come back to read this again once it is fully translated.

The author has another sequel novel called “After Rebirth, The Prime Minister Just... more>> Wants to Call It Quits” but it’s pretty boring to me since the novel did not have the same depth as this one. <<less
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ceeteect rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: Completed
4/5 stars!!

Lots of drama and lots of melon eating it's a circus show for sure, but that's what I'm here for. 271 chapters so now I'm a bit attached to these characters. Read this + with MTL over a span of a week so by the end when characters from the beginning and middle arcs show up briefly, I had to think extra hard to remember them but every character had their role fulfilled by the end. It sort of felt like a good reunion. Maybe 271 chapters is too... more>> daunting, but this is what I really want! There is a variety of characters who are introduced but there is always enough substance not only for character growth, but a sense of time and gravity and importance. There were many "arcs" with objectives towards the main plot, so it really kept me on my toes.

It was pretty satisfying how terrified, hopeless, and regretful people were every time the ML revealed that he was still alive to those who plotted to kill him. Also the ml's being made to think that the MC was in love with him was pretty funny because it lead to ml's overthinking and being awkward. There were also some scenes and reveals in the later half that just had my jaw wide open the entire time. specifically,


the scene where we find out how the previous emperor and empress died. I literally had goosebumps from it the chapter was so intense


HUGE WARNING for dubious consent/r*pe between the main cp and a side cp later on which also had me so shocked because it almost came out of nowhere. I do understand that absolutely non of these characters are sweet innocent angel saints without any flaws, so I was able to continue with this mindset. Usually it's an immediate drop for me, but I was already so invested and really wanted to know the outcome of the story so I finished it. Also with a yandere type ML who has ptsd, and is incredibly crazy and mu*derous, it's inevitable that he becomes a domineering h**ny-sex-addict by the time the main cp get together and towards the end. It left me praying for the mc's backend and also left me wondering if doing it that frequently won't damage something.....

In the end, I did enjoy this one I'd probably come back and reread the translated chapters. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 9, 2023
Status: --
It’s pretty good, nice progression of romance and the MC isn’t bizarrely OP or gary sue while the misunderstandings between him and the ML are also reasonable and not due to negative IQ points. My only complaint is that things dragged on to long and some plot points felt rather random.
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