After the Disabled God of War Became My Concubine


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According to a popular legend, the famous God of War of Great Liang, Huo Wujiu, was once captured by an enemy country. He had his meridians severed and both his legs broken before he was thrown into the prison. In order to humiliate him, that incapable ruler of the country gifted him to his cutsleeve brother as a concubine.

General Huo suffered a great deal of humiliation. He laid in wait for three years before he shed his cicada skin and returned to the Great Jing. He treated his crippled legs, and three months later, he led his army to storm the enemy’s capital. He slaughtered the emperor, razed the capital, and finally beheaded that tr*sh of a cutsleeve, displaying his head on the city’s walls for the next three years.

Since then, the world has been united.


A certain university’s history lecturer received a graduation thesis depicting the legend of Huo Wujiu, and he wrote a full page of criticism for the student.

Then he blinked, and he was transmigrated into the body of that cutsleeve prince.

There were lanterns and decorations everywhere. A man came, sending word that the disabled general of the enemy state had already entered the manor in his wedding sedan.

As he looked at the General Huo in front of him, taking in his malicious gaze, his tortured state, clad in a red wedding gown, Jiang Suizhou realised that even legends can come true.

This legend could even cause him to be beheaded in public in the future, with his head hung on the city walls for three years.

Jiang Suizhou’s only option was to take good care of General Huo.

In spite of the hidden arrows of the court’s political agendas and the incapable ruler’s endless attempts to humiliate him, he could only bite the bullet and bear the brunt of it; his only wish was that after three years, he could protect his own head.

Of course, he didn’t dare to even dream of asking this 3 meters tall “concubine” to serve him.

However, before the three years was up, General Huo’s legs recovered on their own.

He didn’t just slaughter the incapable ruler and unite the land under the heavens, but he also climbed into his own bed and pinned him down with a heated gaze, stubbornly wanting to establish his status as a concubine.

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After I Married the Disabled War God As My Concubine
Sau khi chiến thần tàn tật gả cho ta làm thiếp
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55 Reviews

New Devrai
Sep 26, 2022
Status: Completed
You might need to know about the translation... "sleepy translations" is screwing up the chapters. I started to read when it showed chapter 71 but later realized it is only about chapter 40 in the raws. The translation is edited MTL and "ok".

About the Story... MC is a transmigrated history teacher and stumble in a palace drama. ML is a prisoner of war, married to MC to humiliate both of them. But instead of fighting against each other they join forces and play a dangerous hand to win it... more>> all.

The story is a feel good story and has no too large up and downs. The communication and relationship between MC and ML was good. They were kind of honest to each other.

I still think that the side character were a bit forgotten. Especially MCs "concubines" could have been more important.

I recommend to read it at least once. I might reread this at a later point. <<less
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The Northern Wind Diminishes
New The Northern
Sep 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Ok so overall, I think this is quite a good read. Well, I think I would rate this 4.5 but that's being picky. I feel like they could've gone a little deeper into the reason/how of the transmigration, but honestly I haven't read many that actually do so its not a problem. I personally think the relationship between the two are pretty good, I just get a little frustrated with the miscommunication literally everywhere. And the MC is quite smart isn't he? Why can't he realize the ml's feelings sooner?... more>> I definitely like how its short enough to justify reading and the ending is fine.

My favorite part of this novel is the political aspect. Honestly, I think the romance and political intrigue are split pretty evenly 50/50, and it's interesting to ready what they do next. The plot holes are pretty minor and easy to read past so that's not a problem.

Overall, it's not that serious of a read and it's decently light and fluffy. It should be quite a fast read too, as it's not that long. Translations are good too 😀 <<less
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Aug 09, 2021
Status: Completed
Got some high potential alone for the translator's HQ translation.

First chapter immerses the reader immediately with no drags, MC realizes his dilemma in a non obnoxious way that I'm used to from shoujo & jousei WN/LNs. The protagonist got emotions, but is rational and calm enough to know how to act according to the script.

Looking forward to see the rest!

Edit: Finished it via MTL; the story doesn't let you down, absolutely met my expectations and had surprisingly a lot of comedic moments. The length might be a bit short for... more>> some, but none of it was rushed or stuffed with filler. Highly recommend!


Huge kudos to the author for making the relationship not utterly based on misunderstandings, when it's more than likely to happen in 8/10 transmigration-into-cannon-fodder novels where kissing up to MCs is your only chance for survival.
MC was upfront about his motives and never tried to manipulate the other's emotions. He does that also to other side characters, a very commendable deed imo.

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Aug 09, 2021
Status: Completed
I mtled this novel. It's pretty short at around 130ish chapters. The dynamic between the 2 male leads is good. The development between them didn't feel forced nor does the supposed "gong" feel too overbearing.

For its length the novel was paced out pretty well and you could easily binge this in one sitting if you're fast. I suggest bookmarking this if you want to read everything in one go.

Onto some spoiler territory but I really liked how the Protagonist acted here. He isn't a pushover nor does he overly rely... more>> on the ML. His actions make perfect sense and is rooted in his setting that he came from the modern age and is a history teacher.

I also love how the protagonists illness and the ML's injury was not so easily solved and discarded to the side. I liked how the development was taken in a nice and neat pace.

Overall good novel. Pick it up if you're looking for something nice and short to read. <<less
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Sep 27, 2021
Status: Completed

I personally like Huo Wujiu (ML). He is arrogant and domineering but in front of the person he loves, he'll be cautious and gentle. What I like the most about him is the way he expressed his position and love for MC. In front of the all the court officials and ministers he directly said he will be the queen. Same goes for the modern era, he confessed in front of MC's father that he is chasing MC. F***! That's so cool!

He is my favourite character. I don't really know how to express in what ways I like his character and personality but anyway I just like him. The MC is also cute and smart. They are a good match.

I like the side cp too. (Nie Cong X Lou Wanjun)

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Jul 31, 2022
Status: c1
I want to read this but considering this translator always numbers chapters wrong - as in, just splits them up into several parts and calls those parts by the chapter numbers instead - I'm not sure how far along the translation actually, truly is. As such, I don't want to touch this until it's either finished or well beyond 200 chapters or something. I imagine in the end the chapter count will be more than quadruple of whatever amount of chapters it's supposed to have in reality.
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Nov 02, 2021
Status: Completed
I love their relationship.

Queen Hou was an amazing ending 😂


The political intrigue was really well done

Even tho I didn't care about his cousin. He was a boring villain IMO.

and it was just an entertaining read overall.

My only complaints

The sexual relationship between the leads made me uncomfortable. If your bottom genuinely doesn't enjoy having s*x with you, you're doing s*x wrong. And this one is more personal but I kept expecting it to come full circle with the beginning. It's fine that it didn't but I'm just a little disappointed.

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Oct 05, 2021
Status: c51
I'm reading the raws as of now and I'm liking this a lot better than How to survive as a villain. This is how you do misunderstandings right.

I'm actually amazed at how much I like this and how I'm able to continue reading it in Chinese without getting bored and tired of my slow reading speed and jumping to another novel.

Both MC and ML share a quiet comradeship and it's sweet and wonderfully aggravating to see them start to catch feelings for each other and yet be unaware of what's... more>> going on. I like how MC starts to like ML too when ML falls for him, compared to most stories where the MC remains oblivious for a long time and has to be coerced by the author to fall for the ML.

Also, regarding the ML. He has more character than your forgettable, typical stoic and cold male lead who warms up to the MC. He's every bit the upstanding, proud general with an indomitable spirit despite his disability, is revealed to be rather wild as a child, and is adorable when he starts mincing his words out of jealousy.

Never once does he give the feeling like he's a lesser person after his disability. The way he helps the MC is positively swoon worthy.

The plot's pacing is steady yet will keep you interested in what happens next. But the best part is the relationship development, which is refreshing to read as for once you'll be shown how both parties become aware of their feelings for each other slowly instead of one huge last minute realisation.

I really hope this gets a complete translation so readers who can't understand Chinese can read it as it's that good. <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: Completed

5/5 for the first 70 chapters or so

First let me just say I absolutely love Liu Gou Hua's prose, but I personally thought that her two most popular novels (this one and I became the brother of the angsty novel's female protagonist) started off very strong and petered out towards the end.

The main protag, a history prof and geek, blows his fuse when his student hand in a dissertation about the secret life of Huo Wujiu being captured and forced to become a concubine to Great Liang's prince. Then he... more>> transmigrates back in time and immediately finds out... that it was true! But that's not all... as the prince of a collapsing dynasty, he also has to deal with the antics of his power-hungry uncle-in-law and his idiotic hothead brother of an emperor. But THAT's not all... when he gets to his residence, he also has to deal with not one but TWO male concubines left behind by OG prince (and their household tussles with his shiny new concubine)


they're actually just advisors installed there as "concubines" but one of them really likes to play up the drama


Of course, Jiang Suizhou doesn't want to die so he's very good to Huo Wujiu, but he has to be very discreet about it because the emperor, his brother, wants to see him torture this general (and be tortured, they kinda hate each other). He also has to make sure he survives in court long enough for Huo Wujiu to escape and conquer Great Jing. Each one of his actions is measured and logical (until the end) and this makes a lot of sense because he's a history professor in present time who has enough knowledge of this time period to make calculated decisions. Of course, Huo Wujiu begins to pick up on the subtle ways Jiang Suizhou helps/cares for/protects him and his natural conclusion is... that Jiang Suizhou is in love with him :)

The politics aren't very complicated or meticulously planned out. It's a pretty linear plot. There aren't any big twists. The emperor is brainless and vindictive, the uncle is greedy and corrupt, the court officials are disheartened but helpless -- all very typical of an end-of-dynasty period. I find this ok when the focus is mostly on the development of heartwarming power couple, from when they begin to form good impressions of each other to when they're the first thing on each other's minds to when they put their lives on the line for the other. BUT, it really bothered me towards the later chapters when the author brings in new characters from Great Liang and shifts away the focus from the main characters and concubines.

The conflict between Huo Wujiu and his clan (esp. his cousin) was resolved too quickly and not believably enough for my liking.


Oh and you'll find Jiang Suizhou's eunuch either really cute or really annoying.

It's HE and there are extras in present day.


Jiang Suizhou returns to being a prof and Huo Wujiu is reborn as a college student

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May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Historical drama~ Lots of fun! Definitely highly recommended. Love it for the characters but the political intrigue was also pretty interesting.


Ahhh the characters are well done here! I just finished reading a novel with loads of low-IQ cannon fodder that only know how to make drama 😖 so this was a breath of fresh air! It’s unfortunate that some of the characters I liked weren’t highlighted as much tho!

... more>> Jiang Suizhou (MC) :

The MC is a proffesor that teaches history! At the start of the story, he finds himself transmigrated after scolding one of his students for daring to present a legend for history as one of his projects. His transmigrated role happens to be the main villain of that student’s report, Jingwang, who is an infamous cutsleeve prince.

  • Minor Spoilers:

    King Jing or Jingwang has an especially calm temperament. At first, he’s more aggressive because he has to play the act of this cold but bullied prince that’s being made a laughing stock of in court. It makes the ML think that he’s a bit of a tsundere LOLOL. But he’s actually both a little bunny inside and outside!

Huo Wujiu (ML) :

A famous general with lots of legends to his name. At one point in history, his legs were purposefully crippled and he was sent away to be humiliated by being married to the enemy faction’s prince. He never lost his pride though!

  • Minor Spoilers:

    He’s the cold and ruthless type! But he’s actually quite cutely represented LOLOL. He has keen eyes, so he realizes that there’s something wrong with the MC From the beginning. Unfortunately, he misses right before the shot hit the target and gets stuck on a misunderstanding. Specifically, that Jingwang, who treats him with a dubious amount of kindness, actually likes him!!!


IDK if the setting is accurate or not, but the mood was right! The focus of the story isn’t really on the setting though, so I didn’t think of it as too important.

ROMANCE: 4.5/5

The romance in this was particularly good! I like the buildup~ it was very natural! I feel like there could have been a little bit more in the end, the MC kinda fell back a bit. But that may just be because I was only able to read the first to extras??

PLOT: 4.5/5

Despite the plot not being too complicated, I was certainly kept entertained. It’s a feel-good kind of plot, with an exciting beginning (I liked the beginning arcs most~ though that may be because I read the MTL for the rest T.T)

RATING: 4.5/5

This is a fun and easy read that I think most people will like. Unless they’re triggered by inaccurate depictions of disabilities (idk if that’s the case here, I don’t think so? But I’m noting it down just in case). The romance is completely consensual despite the opening theme, and although the setting hints at violence and the like, the novel is clean and often only hints at them (or completely skips past them).

I will definitely come back to read this again when it’s completely finished being translated!


  • Personal Enjoyment: 4/5 (It would be 5/5 if I didn’t have to MTL T.T)
  • Literary Level: 4.5/5 (Based on the already translated chapters and the way the MTL translated mostly cleanly, I can say confidently that the author has skills!!)
  • Heat Level: 1/5 (It’s highly censored! It skips past most heated scenes and minimizes slightly heated scenes, like kisses, to a very pure level 😂)
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Oct 09, 2021
Status: Completed
a good novel

MC (shou) is a young history teacher,
he finds himself in the past as the emperor's unloved brother
the only way he has to survive and pass himself off as gay
so weak and gay he can't claim the throne and have heirs...
He's very beautiful
kind and sweet
he decides to change the fate of this body by treating ML kindly

ML is a good general
son of a traitorous general who took the throne
he finds himself caught,
broken legs,
and given... more>> to the gay MC,
a humiliation for both...

he finally realizes that he loves MC
because MC is beautiful
but above all he has a pure heart and eyes
yet it is MC who tells him that he loves her (chapter 93)

it was very slow but very cute
revenge is too slow
it could have been much faster
much stronger
especially revenge against their brothers...

it's also sad that we don't see the end of MC's two false concubines
they were great
the end was too abrupt
one more extra would have been better to conclude

thanks to the author
thanks to the translator <<less
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waiting for it to rain
waiting for
Sep 30, 2021
Status: Completed
i don't think i've ever wanted to mtl a whole novel, but holy f*ck this is too good. I was hooked from the first 3 translated chapters and had had had to go read the mtl. Surprisingly, the majority of the mtl was pretty legible, and the plot itself was super entertaining. I'm about 1/3 through after a few hours, its so so so good. A shame I found this too early tho, waiting for the translated chapters too!

edit: I'm done! However, I couldn't find the rest of the... more>> extras.. TT I'm stuck on extra 2, but the main storyline by itself is really really good! <<less
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Aug 27, 2021
Status: c2
Read the first two chapters and it looks good so far! Will update this review when the more chapters are translated.

Btw, I'm super curious, where did the others find the completed story? Most of the reviews had the status completed on them!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Though I get slightly pissed to MC near the ending What I love in this novel is the love development ❤️

It starts with ML misunderstood that MC loved him. MC (and the original Jiang suizhou) is straight but needs to act as broken sleeve to save his life from brother emperor and Pang shao. But eventually becomes one due to ML XD For MC's concubines (in actuality, his advisers), also end well. One even got a female wife

For ML, I honestly like his character. And looking back on... more>> what he went through from the 1st life, it was tragic. I can only say that he has a strong will and personality to live through with it. <<less
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Oct 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It is interesting! I like the idea about how the Seme/Gong actually was the one who got married out first, and became a concubine, LOL. It's refreshing!

About the overall plot though, I can only say, not bad. It is a BL Romance with the spices of Historical genre and political intrigue. So, the romance plot here would be the focus while the historical setting would be just icing on the cake.

While the characters, well, I lamented, if only the MC here was the real King Jing, the person who's truly... more>> capable, cunning, and has a complicated character setting, it would have been much more interesting! Though, the MC being a transmigrator who got transmigrated to King Jing's body inexplicably also actually brings a comedic spice somehow, so, it still has its own excitement.

Just blame me and my picky nature, in my opinion, the MC being a transmigrator who knew the "plot" of the world he was in, hence he could act accordingly and decided to curry favor with the ML, while it's interesting and comedic relief, it's also kind of... boring.

Though, I must praise the author here, for not deliberately blackening the real King Jing or the original host of the MC's body! The author, unlike others who usually couldn't wait to blacken the original host just to justify the transmigrator who robbed the body, instead, she wrote a completely reasonable and interesting background of the Real King Jing. That in itself, makes me give this novel a 5 star generously, LOL! <<less
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Sep 18, 2021
Status: c125
5/5 from me. It's one of the few novels that actually deserve it because it has everything, politics, romance, a healthy reltionship between the MC and ML for once and lots of fluff.

I absolutely loved this novel. For once we have an MC with actual brains. Unlike other MC's, Jiang Suizhou isn't OP right from the start but he is not damsel in distress waiting for the ML to come save him everytime either. Both of them rely on each other equally and they have such a healthy relationship.

The... more>> only problem I have is not with the story because it's amazing, definitely worth a read, but with the fact that I can't find the extra chapters. I mtled this novel but on every other site the last chapter is 125 when it says here there are 13 extras. I hope someone can help with this because I want to read the rest of the extras so badly, I literally can't wait. In one of the other reviews I can see some have read the rest of the extra chapters. PLEASE do tell me where I can find them. <<less
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Aug 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall, this is a good novel although the characters drive more than the plot. I was convinced enough to read the original from the get-go. It is quite simple and I finished it quickly.


It is a straightforward novel with like two ounces of politics. Not much world-building, drives straight to the point and it is a comforting read before exams. It has its fair share of court and palace drama. However plot armor just comes in most of the time. Realistic? No. Definitely not. Everything is toned down by a... more>> lot even they are doing things quite on a big scale as in government-politics y'know. But some parts really big-brained me.


when they mentioned that the 2 male concubines the original kept were actually advisors! Or helping hands. But either way it is a brilliant way to a keep a talented male individual if the ball is not in your court and people may attempt to siphon your power by removing ministers who support you.



It's basically the reason why I read. I love the dynamics, the romance is well-paced (for me) and the side characters are quite well-fleshed out, even the main antagonist, until the last part where... as the other comment pointed out- some of them were forgotten. (And I went, where did they go?)

The two leads review:

I love the MC. Jiang Suizhou. He's cute and quite adaptable to situations I would cry myself in. He's realistic, as in he does make reasonable calculations and one can relate to him quite well. He really does grow to adapt to what he's thrown in.

Next the ML, Huo WuJiu. He's incarnation of a plot armor the type that you will grow to like afterwards because I'm eating sweets at the end of novel. I just love him and Jiang Suizhou's antics together. He definitely leaks martial prowess and he does grow as a character (emotionally) !



Because two-thirds was great! The side stories included were very sweet. I ate a lot of sweets towards the end, but in return I didn't get an adrenaline rush as I did earlier and that everything seems to be solved at a flick of a finger. Some characters were forgotten but all in all, still fleshed out. Ending was a bit of a rush but still, it was sweet.

All in all. Please do read. I enjoyed the trip! Thank you for translating the novel too, translator-san! It's because of this I actually went to binge read XD <<less
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Sep 11, 2022
Status: c79
I binged all translated chapters until 2am, no regret.

It's the same old transmigration trope but is well executed.

I came here for MC and ML dynamic but actually stay for the palace scheming plots. What I like best is the fact MC has no golden finger and solely relied on his braincell. The ML is ok. The side characters and cannon fodders are actually smart and has personality that's not copy paste.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 03, 2022
Status: Completed
I read the raws. This story was pretty enjoyable. It has a plot that isn't overly complicated and it was solved pretty easily, which I don't mind. There's not too much drama nor overly complicated entanglements. The reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because of some loose ends.

I mean, the main story did end, but it was never explained how MC suddenly transmigrated and what the consequences of him transmigrating would bring to his own world, if any. Not every transmigration novel needs an explanation about... more>> this, but the circumstances of this MC's transmigration in this novel actually open up the question but it was never answered.

I would've also liked for more details in the extras of how things would turn out after things settled down. Besides, the story was hinting at the possibility of another couple (straight), but it was never mentioned again. I didn't need full detail on it, I just wanted to know if anything came of it. One brief mention would've sufficed, but I guess the author completely forgot about it. <<less
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Sep 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This story really lived up to the rating. There's enough of everything from drama, a little hint of comedy, there's the face slapping too it's executed pretty well.

Honestly the story is pretty stable. But the author kinda threw out some of the characters to the side, and the story just continue on to progress like they were never there in the first place. I think that's the main bad thing. I'm sure if this web novel were to be transformed into an LN the author would build more onto these... more>> side characters.

I really recommend reading this story, it's not too overwhelming but entertaining, also it's not a dumb story o (〃^▽^〃) o

Story: it's about a history teacher (MC) that was sent into the past, into the body of a cut sleeve prince. This cut sleeve prince was arranged to marry a crippled general (ML) . But MC knew that if he didn't treat ML well he'll ended up dead. So he protected the ML, a little too well, because ML fell for the MC. The two went on to fight the masterminds behind their misery so they could live a good life. After winning they lived happily!

Characters :

MC - is a history teacher he has a good grasp over the history of the time he got sent to. He tried to maintain the original history but he realized that was impossible if he wanted to be with ML. Also his way of face slapping is pretty good too. It's not harsh or anything it just left the villain living with regrets. I think some people might feel like he didn't slap hard enough ಥ‿ಥ

As for his chemistry with ML it's really good. MC didn't realize he loved the guy until they had to sleep in different rooms (/□\*)

ML - is a war General. A very strong man that's pretty much hailed as the God of war. But he got crippled and sent to OG Prince cause he's a cut sleeve. It's to humiliate ML. Just like the synopsis if MC hadn't time traveled and took the Prince's place, our ML won't really have the happy ending he deserved. He also ended up as a stepping stone for the villain.

He's the first to realize that he loved MC. But there's some misunderstandings between the two of them that's pretty hilarious. It also wasn't dragged too long and was cleared up really quickly. So, that's good. This couple truly complimented each other really well.

Villain 1 - he's an annoying old man. I don't want to write too much about him cause it'll be a spoiler. Basically he's got a s*upid emperor wrapped around his fingers. At the end MC made him regretted a little that he "abandoned" The emperor.

Villain 2 - he actually worked along with Villain 1 to cripple ML. His motive was revenge to ML since he saw that ML seemed to have everything, while he suffered. <<less
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Aug 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Uwohhhhh this is a good novel, no plot holes, the chara also interpreted nicely, also I love the MC, just because he comes from the future it doesn't make him too OP, he is smart and know how to cover his weakness. Also MC and ML not fall in love in 5s, they took the time and it's a healty relationship. I read the Mtl and it's easy to read even though there are some terms that can't be translated.

Hope someone will pick this novel because it's worth it^^ /sorry... more>> for my bad english/ <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: Completed
A really good novel, short and well written.

The fact MC and ML are clearly made for each other and complement each other best <3

The political things and court drama are well written and not boring, the characters are interesting and developing, the romance is natural and straightforward, and there’s no “I can’t be in love with him because I’m not gay!” moment, so you already know it’s good.

Also, the way MC obviously is great at pretending and playing the court game while still being honest and sweet, and the fact... more>> only ML can really see it...

Also, the villains are all very well written. Although the last one feels kinda rushed, the clues are all there pointing towards him, and the fact the s*upid king was s*upid for a reason well described in text also doesn’t feel far off. Supporting characters, such as Gu Changyin (?), Xu Du and the Luo father and daughter are also well written and not deliberately made s*upid by the plot, but are indeed interesting and relevant everywhere, even when they are first introduced to induce jealousy among the main pair lol (the jealousy also doesn’t last long, the author is very clean about this). And Ming Qiansheng! He’s such a sweetie, honestly, he always made me smile :)

Also the fact Luo Wanjun (fave) also had a happy ending with a soft and sweet scholar who treated her best and didn’t try to “rule her in”... Only the best of luck for my baby!

The consistency and plot of the story is very good, and everywhere we have clues and tips down around to weave it all better. The MTL is also relatively easy to understand, and the language is very flowy.

Overall, 4.5/5, so I’ll round it up to 5 since this story definitely deserves it! <<less
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