I Built a Territory in Ancient Times


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The youngest, silly fourteenth son of the Great Yan Emperor had reached the age where he should be given a separate territory now. He rejected the wealthy land, neighboring the capital city, and instead chose the wildest land in the western region— Liangcheng. Everyone shook their heads and sighed. A fool is indeed a fool. If you go to Liangcheng, you will be killed by barbarians in less than three to five years.

One year later, the watermelon presented to the Emperor as a tribute from Liangcheng which was from the west, was sweet and crispy. There was no one in the palace who did not love it.

Two years later, Liangcheng presented corn as a tribute to the Emperor. The yield was high, and the taste was good. No one in the country could resist liking it.

Three years later, Liangcheng defeated the barbarians and presented their prisoners in front of the imperial court. The people of the Great Yan were excited and their morale was greatly boosted.

Four years later… Everyone said that the fourteenth prince Ming Yu was a fool, while the little fatty Yu, who transmigrated with the golden finger, chuckled. Let’s see how you guys look at this fool building his own territory, then.

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13 Reviews

New Kamehameha
Feb 26, 2024
Status: c30
It's quite interesting story but it's lil bit off for me. IDK maybe cz it feels bland (?). There's no strong point that keep me interested in this story. A little boring at first, then interesting a bit, then boring again. So, I can't put my mind to focus read the story. Sorry.
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Oct 13, 2021
Status: c80
it s a really good story so far

the MC is cute, smart, hard-working, kind, and honest
The funny thing is that the thing I hate the most about him is that he's extra generous
Any idea that he comes up with is worth a fortune in that era of time, but he submits every time to the greed of those around him and refuses to use his knowledge from the future to make a name for himself or make a place for him in that society
He just gives... more>> up every time for the sake of others which is very annoying as a reader who wants to see the MC get the glory he deserves !!!

long story short he is the worst businessman MC I have ever seen

The story addresses the way to convert a remote and deserted area to a radiant area Economically and military

the plot is good. It is not quick-paced nor it is slow-paced and does not feel boring to read
The only complaint I have is the freaking ml
His character is what you guessed: very strong; cold and does not speak too much
Simply he is very boring and rustic; an automatic man
I also hate that there is no respect for the MC, whether as a soldier to his Prince or a human towards a talented person!

I hate him so far <<less
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Oct 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished reading by MTLed. It's a light read. Don't analyze too much when reading the novel, it will just frustrate you.

I was a bit disappointed in reading this. I was expecting it to be well written since it was done in 2020 and the author have written other novels. I would have disregarded the loopholes and simple story line if this was written way back.

The author has an idea/concept for the plot and it has potential, but, sadly, it was poorly executed. The world building was not that good and... more>> the characters were a bit shallow? I think, especially the MC. The MC was portrayed as easy going, the author even say that the MC has no sense of crisis, but the MC's body is a Prince and not a common person, he is at the border where there is war, so his "no sense of crisis" attitude is actually illogical. Even the kidnapping scenario was a bit dull. I was even hoping that the MC would suffer or be tortured after being kidnapped, at least there will be a scene for character development lol. He did change his attitude later on but still easy going lol.

A lot of narration and few dialogues but the description on how things were done is lacking or not too detailed. Overall, the novel is a bit anticlimatic. Or maybe it's just me since I have read a lot of transmigrated novels. Maybe I'm expecting too much. <<less
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Nov 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Think I'll write this as I read, because I tend to lose track as I read.

For general impressions, the average IQ of this world appears to be worryingly low, with sudden upswings and downswings as necessary for the plot. The leads get to maintain a higher IQ than normal (which is a nice way of saying they're the only ones with their heads screwed on right) consistently. The MC's IQ however... has some sudden dips as the plot requires.

Don't go into this fic expecting the author to deliver on smart... more>> plans no matter what characters say.


The height of tactics from the protagonist's side was arranging for a flood to kill off a horde of bandits, and even I saw that coming just from the clues observed by the bandits. The antagonists had a better plan of creating conditions for a plague, and I'm fairly certain I only know that because I know the Mongols were said to weaponise it.


Minor characters are mostly just there to gasp in awe at the MC's innovative thinking or run their mouths brainlessly about how he's a foolish prince despite all evidence pointing towards the contrary. I swear, I damn near slammed my head against the table when

the 11th prince dug himself a deeper hole with his 'argument' of "no one got hurt (but a guard), so why should I be punished?"

At least it made me cherish the ones that actually have a working brain cell. (Though sometimes I wonder if those braincells are just on loan from the author who takes them away whenever its convenient)


3rd prince is giving me ulcers from how much he's insisting the MC is a fool and so there's no way these accomplishments are possible. Reminds me of anti-vaxxers.


MC's EQ at least is consistently low, so no matter how much I want to bash my head in, they get points for characterisation. It's even more frustrating when you learn he has a background as a marketer (at least I think that's the term?) and yet is out of touch with trends like anime and the entertainment industry. How??? How would you be a successful marketer if you're not keeping up with the current climate???

His luck stat is also fairly high, so that's good (given his occasional lapses in intelligence, he needs it).

As for the other reviewer who said this guy is ridiculously generous, it's not that bad. Then again, as an accountant-in-training, I see every large expense as an investment... It's just that I'm slightly peeved about the MC's budgeting abilities, but that's explainable by the fact that he's the marketing guy, not the finance guy. It's a good thing I'm not his accountant, else I'd string him up by his tendons.

Below is my running commentary for individual chapters (only from chapter 85 onwards because I only started writing comments at that point) :


Ch 85: lmaoooo how did the guard read that 'imperial edict' with a straight face XD

Ch 103: *facepalms* I can't believe the MC is trying to shoot himself in the foot (play matchmaker for the ML)

Ch 105: meanwhile the ML is here treating this matchmaking outing as a date

also hahaha, all these fujoshis and the MC thinks they're admiring the ML

Ch 122: omg the MC really suggested renting a house together! given that the ML has already confessed at this point in time... I can make all the "and they were roommates" jokes I want.

Ch 144: the foreign prince's new fanboy is hilarious hahaha

Ch 149: c'mon, you can support this guy for new Khan; he's useless so he'll be useful to anyone who needs to work around the competent people

Ch 154/155: biological warfare? probably planning on starting the plague, the f*cker

Ch 156: aaaaah ML, not you too! turn your brain back on! MC! I! Am! So! Disappointed! Just send a f*cking messenger to tell your man to come back instead of running further into enemy territory RATHER THAN RUN INTO ENEMY TERRITORY TO GET HIM!!! evidently he hasn't learned his lesson from the earlier kidnapping... *flips table* "I need to see the actual situation" my arse! all you did when you got there was hand out f*cking pamphlets, wtf does that need you for?! I think someone with braincells would've just abandoned the barely couple dozen of infected to save the over 10, 000 soldiers that gathered... I mean, I know it's cruel, but it's the most practical option? that or you could just put them out of their misery to prevent any information leaks... these people would all die in a zombie apocalypse.

Ch 159: haha, after the villain said that the bombs were "just" on a slightly larger scale, I want to see their reactions to a nuclear bomb, though that's going to be impossible given the time period...

Ch 160: wanted to shout at the dumbasses to aim for their siege engines. you have the range! use it! as for siege ladders, have you never heard of boiling oil? probably not actually...

Ch 161: why do I really ship that prince with his fanboy??? honestly, with such ambiguous words exchanged, it's hard not to let my inner fujoshi out to play (and, I mean, the last time I had an inkling of a yaoi relationship, it turned out to be right:


the emperor and prime minister Wen hahaha


Even better, it was a poly relationship)


Admittedly, later on in the story when the focus shifts from battles to resource management, it's more interesting (for me at least). Did I mention I'm training to be an accountant? May just be my own preferences colouring my perception, but I felt like the political/financial battles were more interesting (if not groundbreakingly original, at least okay to watch).

At least this MC is more capable than some other MCs who I've wiped from my brain... It's not like he's completely useless, just that he focuses on management rather than enforcement (that's the ML's job, don't they work great together?)

Kinda like that we're not told who's the top and who's the bottom. I mean, based on the usual tropes, it'd be the ML on top, but you could always see it the other way around.

Basically, if you want to turn off your brain for a while, this is the fic for you. <<less
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Nov 27, 2022
Status: Completed
EDIT: finished reading the novel!! Overall it's good if you really really want an ancient time novel. Lots of merchants stuff, creating stuff, city-planning and building. That part was fun! There's also alot of perks to this novel such as an emperor who doesn't want to kill his son for once. Loving family, which is nice!

The bad part is that you... really can't come into this expecting an IQ 2000 novel. It's a little shallow and the vibes are kinda... yeah. But !! It's a good past time, and... more>> I felt like 2 days reading this was worth it. It's a good story that has it's ups and downs and rounded off the story pretty well.

The character collapsing still bothered me alot. But. Afterwards it's fine. I would rate this 3-4 stars.

Not gonna lie, I liked the novel right up to the part where the MC walked right into being kidnapped. I understand that there's lee-way for how foolish he is, the story so far is very smooth sailing. But I can't understand how he could disregard people who he (presumably) sees as equals, those he's in close contact with -- all of whom had warned him and asked him repeatedly (nearly begged) -- to take care of himself and at least have a few guards -- and just laughed in their face and disregard their concerns?? repeatedly??

It should've been a clue that something's going on, but the fact that he just doesn't register a common concern amongst his associates/friends is so?? something's wrong with how this was portrayed... It just doesn't make sense both in terms of his character setting, but also lacks basic empathy when responding to others. This goes against what is a huge part of what the author portrayed as his core personality. Why people liked him?? The dismissal of other people's feelings came about so weirdly -- so it was baffling. And also really really weird.

I saw the author's note at the end.. I agree, it really was too heavy-handed and abrupt. Seeing him just suddenly switch up into becoming a brash, foolish 'young master' who thinks the city is his playground instead of a prince was so??? disheartening. The chapters following where the author tried to explain why he's like that/what he's thinking... even the apologies, I just think it's so far-fetched, it's like someone just told me not locking their door when they live in an apartment complex full of strangers is a normal thing. Not locking the car when you get out, when people have repeatedly warn you to be careful... it's really?????

Personal security does exist for modern people... More so than the past/ancient even.... So this logic just. Doesn't make sense?? The false sense of security reason is such bullsh*t that I can't agree with, because it's normal and ok to be unnerved when you're in public environment. There's a level of consciousness. It was just really?? really absurd. I think this falls more into the -- overall theme of this novel being abit shallow when it comes to characterization. But this particular instance was more so than others, for me. The foreshadowing was also so heavy-handed, just the entire thing with his character being butchered and the "clues" (trying to force it to happen as a plot point) -- I was just disgusted with how this arc was handled.

Because of this instance, the moment after when:


The ML rescued and comforted the MC

-- I felt yucky with the CP even though I liked then before. I couldn't stand it, it just wasn't for me.

This novel maybe just wasn't for me after all, but if you can stomach it, please go ahead!!! It just made me gag because his character broke, I couldn't see him in the same nice light anymore. <<less
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Feb 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a pretty good story in my opinion. At least for a light read. I liked the MC's character actually. He's smart but not self-centered. He wants to help the people of his country, especially of his new territory. But he's also not overly kind that he would let people go just because he doesn't want to kill or whatever. If they've done something he can't forgive - like killing innocent people for their own gain - he wouldn't let them go free/alive. Another thing I really liked about... more>> this was the MC's interactions with his dad and the ML. It's funny and cute. I actually went in wanting to read infrastructure, etc. But I ended up staying for the MC and his interactions with other people.

There are a few parts I'm not fully satisfied with but it's not really important so I'll let that go. Just don't expect too much in regards to actual knowledge, or reality. It is just a fictional story in a fictional time period after all.

And no, I don't think the only intelligent people in this story are the ML and MC. There are other smart people, though not everyone. They just don't have the same way of thinking as the MC does because he has the knowledge from modern times. It's not that they're dumb, it's either their way of fighting for power or they're just not willing to accept completely new ideas/things all of a sudden. Most of them grew up thinking one way and it's normal to have a hard time changing that. At least, that's what I think about that.

All in all, I think it's a really good light read for some fluffs and a little humor. It's fun to read. <<less
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Lost Happiness
Lost Happine
Oct 12, 2021
Status: c92

Song Lian is current the mastermind antagonist who has went to help the enemy kingdom to plot against his home country before that he helped a bandit to become the bandit leader of Liancheng who MC and ML got rid of but Song Lian this villain escaped.

Through MTL, it seems Song Lian is really beautiful and smart which caused the Crown prince and 3rd prince to fight over him (for which aspect I am not sure, MC said that he understand that the Crown prince has principles and definitely won't fight with the 3rd prince over a male beauty. However the capital is passing around this rumour of the Crown prince and 3rd prince fighting over beauty, to stop this rumour the Emperor (or someone else) decided to call up a case on Song Lian which caused him to lose his position as an imperial scholar. Song Lian thus held a grudge on the Royal Family.

Song Lian got injured and now have a scar on his face. He is also shown to be ambitious, so maybe he is evil? Well all I know is he is scheming to get his revenge.

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Nov 06, 2022
Status: c8
The premise is interesting but I disliked the MC from the start. The author didn't really give an explanation as to why he does the things he does. So, to me, he looks like an idiot running for death at every second DX. It just feels too unrealistic. Like he was shaped to be your typical "shounen protagonist" but with no foundation whatsoever. Anyway, after a while of waiting to see if the situation would slowly begin to clear up (and not seeing any improvement), I decided to quit while... more>> I was ahead.

Still, I didn't get far, so I won't be giving it a rating. Another day, I'll give it a second shot as well. To see if the first impression sticks. <<less
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May 07, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel is good to read. I actually like how the relationship between MC and ML progress. Though its kind funny how MC tried to be a match maker until ML confessed to him. I just hope it is longer or have more extra.

The people may seems ignorant but you have to understand that the novel is based on old times where people didnt know lots of things. MC just gave them vague ideas since he is not a pro himself but let the people experiment and figure it on... more>> their own. So I could say that they are smart.

I also like that the enemies are clever that gave MC and ML headaches.


The enemies used plague so MLs army suffer. The doctors didnt even know what that plague is so they could only quarantine the infected soldiers. ML doesnt wan to go back cause he was worried that the unknown plague would affect the people in the border. When MC heard the news he imediately went to help. He gave the doctors idea on how to handle it.


It was also nice to see an Emperor who dotes on (MC) which I found rare in novels.


Emperor is always worried about his foolish son. In the extra, the emperor retired and visit the border. He disguised himself. The emperor saw that MC and ML are holding hands. He didnt get angry but inside he is scolding his son about showing affection inpublic.. lol



Song Lian is a clever enemy. He is a smart and beautiful person but got implicated by political affairs. He befriended Ming Ye without knowing he is the crown prince. The 3rd prince then made trouble thus causing everyone to think that the two prince covet a man. He was sentenced to exile thus he wants revenge until the enemy found and save him. He became a strategist in the enemy camp.

I could see that he had a good relationship with the crown prince.

When MC asked his brother the crown prince about Song Lian. Crown prince asked MC to give him a letter if ever MC met SongLian again.

I just feel sad about Song Lians ending. I was hoping for his redemption but when he was captured, he was still angry with the crown prince so MC didnt give the letter but burned it infront of him. SongLian commit su*cide by poison and even at the end he cant stop looking at the letters ashes with tears in his eyes. Sigh... I honestly think that if SongLian read the letter or decided to go back, he and MC could be good friends. Such a sad ending a waste of talent.

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Jul 09, 2023
Status: Completed
i wwant moreeee

Okay, so it's a fluff story with no great intrigue or complicated characters. It's very lighthearted, and we don't get the Sheaming Brothers trope. It's a very enjoyable story, and it's well-written (Yes, the characters aren't developed a lot, but I didn't feel the need for it. I wouldn't watch a romance movie and expect it to have great mystery elements). I still loved it. The only negative is that there aren't enough love scenes. We only get two kisses. I would have loved to see a dialogue... more>> about the dynamic between the MC and ML in bed, specifically addressing how the MC awkwardly accepts being the bottom. Additionally, I wish we had more focus on the novel created by the girls, such as scenes where it is read by the MC or MC's father.

i loved the father a lot, it's very rare to see an emperor caring about the MC, usually it's always the emperor being their enemy. <<less
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Feb 14, 2023
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel, and I really want to write a review for it. Actually, I don't understand the business talking part as I am not familiar with this field, but I want to say that I really like the enemies' characters. I agree with those who say that the smart ones are not only the MC but the antagonists also really clever when fighting MC's future technology (grenade), I even feel sorry when the antagonist lost the battle. For me, the novel is good even though the romance is... more>> really sloooooowwwwww burn, but I don't even know when why how the ML likes MC?? <<less
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Oct 05, 2023
Status: Completed
The territory building was pretty good. However the romance part of the story was very weak. I also thought that the villain was very pitiful. He was victimized in the beginning, and then he kept making the worst decisions. But this character was not hateful.
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Sep 12, 2023
Status: Completed
The romance is almost non existent so let's not dwell on it.

ML is a strong piece of wood that like MC

This has much to do with trading than farming. MC handles alot of trading with foreign goods to earn money. Also building his own army guards in the first half.

... more>> Alot of people looks down on MC, but he face slaps them every single time with his wits.

Novel main villain is tragic but he helped the wrong people. So I don't feel bad for him though.

The whole novel is literally MC building his territory and helping the common people. He's very smart, he seems lazy but he thinks alot. He always come up with surprises Hes also really funny. You will love him to bits <<less
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