I’m Pregnant With The Child Of The Traitor General In My Past Life


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The prince raised in the Cold Palace was once pushed to the supreme position by his beloved and became a puppet emperor. Only before his death did he realize that in his short life he was just a pawn for other’s power and desires. When the city was about to fall, he who was imprisoned for many years cut his beautiful face that had been his curse for half of his life and ended his tragic life with white silk.

Once he returned to his youth, he looked at the orphan traitorous general who was trampled and humiliated by the spoilt royal children in the secluded courtyard. He remembered the murderous hero who broke through the city gate in blood and gore in his previous life.

Li Yuanmin sighed and quietly took the bruised child back to the palace to take care of him, hoping to eliminate some hostility from him and minimize the people suffering.


Years later, the great general who calmed down the frontier, returned to the court. The first thing he did was not to return to his residence, but to go straight to the inner palace. He personally helped His Majesty take off his shoes and socks and helped clean his feet.

“This minister has worked hard for His Majesty’s country and missed out on one’s lifelong happiness,” the tall and mighty general’s eyes were hot, “So now Your Majesty should bestow his subject a marriage with His Majesty.”

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New bluedrop rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: c49
Thank you so much to the awesome translators. Been looking for a good mpreg for a while. Loved this. It's not as light as other BL with similar themes. Was not expecting how much I would love the MC and ML.

The futa tag almost scared me away but I'm glad I gave this a chance. I'd recommend giving this a chance too and see if it's actually your cup of tea. Also, this is a historical danmei with mpreg. Expecting it to be "realistic" is kind of funny ngl. I... more>> think the character reactions are pretty realistic to the situation they're placed in. The pacing is nice and I love how the author built the story. Can't wait to see how things go.

It starts of heavy and tense, then teases us with an almost slice-of-life like scenery but you can still feel a tense undercurrent, spiced up by the couples' realization of their feelings and expressing said feelings ♥️

There's quite some angst and tension throughout. Unlike other rebirth stories where the MC gets over the past life trauma quite easily, the MC here finally gets a taste of happiness and he's not gonna fight to keep it. <<less
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Shorng rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: c72
Only a log would love this sh*t🥲

IT'S TOO FUKING PAINFUL DAMN IT. I came in expecting dog blood, but the author splash me more than a litre. This is tons of litre.

To be honest, I hate ML despite knowing all his bad past from the start. What he gone through and all.


... more>>

Because he look down MC origin and body shame him without looking into things properly. I got this far into the story only because of MC kindness that spread like wildfire even effecting me. Like, bruh! Mother fking btch! MC loved ML so much that even after reborn, he still save ML despite how ML tremple over him in his previous life. Though, the ML in present time was good, but to have the past b*tchY ML into the dog blood sht, like, oh man. I know it's for dog blood but I kinda don't want MC to show merch and kindness to this bit*h anymore. Can he just stop suffering please. I'm so irritated that I have to come and rant here before I think I can continue damn it.


In short, a b*tchy ML who looks down on low origin people like inters*x MC and getting away with it is beyond dog blood, ah! This is war bruh I will strive forward only for the day he suffer. Let's all suffer together, please do read this baby because it's good to exercise your pain endurance sometimes even if it's just heart-pain. ;) <<less
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takame rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Are people judging a 100+ novel with the pre-reincarnated version of chapter 1? Like seriously? One chapter? lol. I want to make it clear the puppet manipulator is the scum ex not the ML. Is this the source of confusion? I mean they never really met each other and MC is already dead by the time ML arrived not to mention that's a past story...

This shows that dog blood fans should not really look at rating because sensitive non-fans would definitely rate it low. Or some careless readers who... more>> MERELY Skim and prejudge. Reading reviews gave me an impression that it's very much of a dog blood story but so far their relationship after reincarnation has actually been very good? There was a huge misunderstanding between the two people in the first setting.

MC is over his head with fear and ML his hatred to the world. As MC is stuck with his puppet emperor role and the ML just wanted to destroy the people that fcked his life up (not the MC btw). Unfortunately, ML never got to know the identity of the person who was once kind to him since his benefactor is too busy being scared... They are basically strangers in this first lifetime. So the potential good feelings that could have existed in the first lifetime is definitely zero. But their relationship had a turnover when MC was reborn and decided change both of their destiny. This time they properly fell inlove with each other.

And it was angst free. At this point I was wondering where is the dog blood that other reviewers were saying. They grew up together, confession happened when both were in the right age, slowly became a couple and finally slept together. *confused face. Not until I reached chapter 58 ugh! Dogblood here we come! but I guess despite the painful dogblood it did air out the unresolved things between them from the first lifetime and help ascertain feelings.

Heads up around the dogblood part for pre-reincarnated murderous general...

that will act like a cornered rabid dog. Take note at he does not have the happy memories of the 18yo ML. There will be a brief imprisonment thing but nothing irreparable will really happen. Also I want to add that transmigrated ML may be cranky and had that murderer General personality but in front of the MC he merely becomes some gloomy tsundere.

I was actually waiting for the body shaming the other reviewer mentioned but he never did. OFC the 18-yo ML fully accepted MC and love him and his body, but as the author mentioned, even if the old ML is like a rabid wolf (due to his life experiences), their core is basically the same. The only aggressive thing ML did is rough s*x but not to the point of injury. Instead, all I see are teasings laced with hidden affection.

Yi lie: how squemish
Also yie lie: puts mc's feet between his palms and warm them

MC also retaliates against him a lot of times, I can't remember how many times he had slapped the ML and even used his tears to render ML helpless. And hallelujah finally an MC that knew when someone has feelings for him.

Re:"victim become lover tag" Perhaps people are trying to fit this story in their "stereotypical tyrant monarch top x victimized bottom" but it is not. I hope future readers won't be mislead by some people's lack of comprehension of this novel and pre-conceived judgement. Both main charas are victims and product of one shitty ruling dynasty, not of each other.

To be specific, MC/shou is victimized by the villain and tried to run away from him in both lifetimes. While ML became what he is after becoming a s*ave and his only family died all caused by the clan of the same villain. Their only intersection is when they were young, MC treated ML with kindness for a bit before getting roped in the villain's manipulations.


My only problem is MC looks down on himself so much. Even when they fight, he demeans himself just to make the ML mad which saddens me. He is like an Otaku who uses his low confidence as a weapon. Throughout the novel, the most insult/body shame MC got is from himself it pains me to see how he never loved himself. But its all good how in the end, it showed how two people, rejected by the world got together and heal each other. It left sweet feelings.

My rating is 4 but will rate 5 to help the score. For drama lovers, don't miss this, it's pretty memorable. <<less
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Sonata123 rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Rebirth + so-called "overhead history" is my favorite combo in danmei, so I've read countless novels with it, not only translated but also the raws. A lot of them kinda blur in my mind over time. But not this one; even months later I keep recalling some scenes from it and keep getting emotional when thinking of it. I can't imagine why there are some low ratings right at once, perhaps some people are put off with a rather brutal details in the first chapter. And that's true, there are... more>> some brutal and sad events in the book. But it is also pure and bright and full of emotions and very satisfying.

I love the MC, the misfortunate prince, so much. His first life was full of misery, and he doesn't have any golden finger stuff to make his second life better, just because, as an inters*x person, he is despised by his family and most people around him by default. But he is smart and strong and he fights for changing his life and the life of people close to him to the better. He doesn't seem as a strong person at the first sight but as the story goes on, he proves many times how courageous, clever and noble he is.

I'd say, the story roughly splits in two parts; the first part is about the MC trying to build a better life for himself and the ML, and falling in love with the ML, and it is very sweet (although the author does add some cruel details from his and the ML's past life). Then in the second part a plot twist happens -

the ML also gets reborn

- and it gets very angsty. I cried a lot; it was truly heart-breaking, and it was extremely hard not to hate the ML, even though I kept reminding myself that his character was shaped by his life experiences. Thankfully, the resolution is beautiful and very satisfying.

I really like the author; her writing is simple and clear, very emotional, and every character is memorable and understandable in their motivations. And the translation is really beautiful; I read mtl, and it is such a joy now to be able to pick up all the details I missed while mtl'ing. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
It has a few hiccups but its overall a really good read if you like reincarnation/"I'll save xyz on my way to changing my destiny" type stories. The best way to describe MC is basically "Trying His Best"; whether it be trying to keep the people around him safe or just trying to carve a safe space for himself to exist in. A lot of the grief he goes through is due to him being intersex, causing the emperor to despise him and for most of the court to treat... more>> him like a monster for being abnormal. He's not very strong because of this, due to malnutrition, bad reputation or his teachers actively trying to suppress his studies, and has an (understandably) inferiority complex. ML on the other hand is mostly described as a "wolf" or "tiger", very strong, good at fighting, very territorial. He knows what he wants and is pretty respectful to MC... kinda.

So lets get into that r*pe tag and the whole ML thing:


If you read the tags/other reviews you'll know that ML later on reincarnates as well, losing all the memories of the current ML and that's where the divide comes in. He doesn't technically r*pe MC, LYM is willing and agreed to it, BUT it's a willingness that was under extreme coercion/pressure so that's some extremely dubious consent. I will say however, Ni Lie (the ML) in the past life never looked down on LYM for being inters*x specifically, he looked down on him for being the puppet of Sima Yu/the Sima family. They never actually interacted in the past life (as LYM and NL, even the first chapter had LYM kill himself before NL got there) and they were enemies in the past life to be fair. If I woke up with my fate changed by someone who used to be on the side of my enemies I too would be very apprehensive and skeptical. There's also a misunderstand because NL had found LYM's handkerchief on his body and the body of another official with no other context, thus thought LYM was seducing others (to which he legitimately was) for scheming.


Plotwise, it's not really a schemes/conspiracy story, but more like LYM was trying his best to carve out a place that was safe for him coupled with NL's own ambition for the throne due to the current palace being full of corruption resulting in LYM becoming emperor. A lot of the dog blood comes from misunderstandings/love drama between LYM and NL, but also the fact that the palace refuses to treat LYM with any dignity or respect because of his genitalia. LYM gets disrespected a lot by others (though not by NL in this regard) and his own self-loathing or trauma never truly gets resolved, so be warned if that's something important to you. There's also a non-graphic suicide attempt later on (past chapter 60 I think), so be careful.

Overall is the story good? Yeah, to the point I couldn't put it down until I finished it. But it's mostly about the romance between MC and ML first, MC's gender/becoming emperor plot is very secondary. I wish we saw more about the past life but alas the story focuses mainly on ML and MC's romance with everything being more just background setting. The fact that MC's inters*x and very pretty is brought up constantly though so be aware that happens. I also don't think this was as painful/dog blooded/tragic as the other reviews made it out to be; so don't be afraid to give it a try but there are knives halfway through the text. <<less
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Queen-O-Blood rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c1
This book is enough to make you puke blood... Not because it's good but because it's bad. So essentially the MC is dude with a v*gina and I guess a good face. Not that you should actually worry about it the only time it's really brought up is if they remind the MC hey you suck and we don't like you because v*gina dick.

Otherwise it's not actually taken that seriously well is what I want to say... However the ML is a complete feckin jerk about it. Don't expect a... more>> lovely fun story because it's a story about misunderstandings and hatred it's not dog blood it's everyone has a balloon head and sometimes someones gets popped the MC is supposed to learn their lesson and change fate right? Well it's told rarely from a first person perspective so don't expect that.

Just know that the MC is a fool who doesn't even learn brownie points this time doesn't act actually any different from he shes past life and sucks at everything and everyone hates them but like a doctor guy but he's slightly indifferent. 😐

Chances are you will hate everyone by the end and that you will hate yourself for reading it. <<less
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Qieqiee rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: c44
I'm only on chapter 44, but I love everything in this story so far. I haven't reach the dog blood part that the other reviewers raved about in the comment section so I can't comment on that but it pisses me off how another comment make light of the abuse that ML had experienced.

... more>>

Objectively, in both lives, the ML had it worse than the MC. The ML was basically dehumanised and treated worse than a f*cking animal. The ML who was only 10 year old at that time had his whole family executed, forced to be a s*ave, then become a plaything for the fourth prince where he was tortured and was forced to fight with wild animals. I just can't get over the scene where the MC had to treat the ML's wound that was crawling with maggots, and how the ML's was laying in his own feces in the f*cking cage. In the first life, the ML's sister was even forced to be a prostitute and was gangr*pe to death.

Sure the MC's life was also hard, but compare to the ML, we can see that ML had it worse.

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Alymirra rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Absolutely spectacular and moving story. Idk why it's rating is below 4.5 stars. For people who like spoliers about the ML's reincarnation:

... more>>

The original Red Tiger King reincarnates roughly midway through the novel (around chapter 67 I think?) and then the ML and MC who have experienced two lives have to relearn how to love each other again


If you want to know the ending:


Yes, it's 100% HE. However if you're looking for bittersweet endings I'd still recommend it because the ending doesn't waste any time on fluff and the characters work so hard to get to where they are that the ending is completely satisfying.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Medeakg rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: c35
Love this story. Yes there's angst and tragedy but it's done in service of the story. I do think the title of the novel is somewhat of a hindrance and doesn't capture the beauty of the work. The way the author deals with the MC and his bodily difference is done in a respectful manner and adds to the story. I MTL the rest of the work because I needed to know what was going to happen but I'm still keeping up with the translation which is good. Keep up... more>> the great work translators! <<less
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mumubua rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
loyal dog ML, frail and beautiful MC, A bit of angst, a bit of drama, a bit of sweet not tragedy

If you want the novel with a bitter sweet recommend this one

It want make you cry too much and it want make you feel too much happy either.

The MC and ML both smart in their way. There will be some misunderstanding but every character is not so s*upid like a normal dog blood novel.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Greyss rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: --
It's good. There are some challenges and conflicts but they overcome it. (I will no longer lie. I'm actually just about to read this, but my fat*ss finger accidentally click the 4 star rate. Now I have the responsibility to read it and give review)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 7, 2022
Status: --
I just find this novel unrealistic & almost irritating to read.

I'm sorry but things just move a little to quickly at times & the plot line just has the most bizarre of trajectories.

A few points of contention I had with this novel, and this was just a few of them but:

  • Spoiler
    • MC is re-incarnated, reborn, whatever you'd like to call it & decides to once again, tempt fate by interacting with the ML.
    • MC then saves said ML again like in his previous life in almost the exact same manner despite knowing the ML in his previous life being extremely violent and murderous and led to your crappy ending in the first place.
    • And then to change the ML's ways, you knowingly stick this sore piece of tr*sh with you to take him outside of the palace to live with you in what I could only imagine to be a shitty town and expect things to be different.
    • Then suddenly out of nowhere he starts to kiss you & your happy. WTF I am losing braincells.
Who in their right minds would want to keep someone that close to you, if you've seen first hand what they have been like at their worst.

Not just that but realistically speaking, a lot of nasty stuff happened to you (The MC) which was due/related to the ML. I can only explain this away by calling it "BL Logic" which I just cannot stand.

It goes to show that the hands of providence can give you a chance to completely change your life, and you still manage to be as dumb as a rock. IDK who to even root for in this novel cos they just all suck.

I'm not even going to bother with rating this.
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Roxasfleur rated it
May 26, 2022
Status: c45
Story is good but somewhat unusual. It's the first time I read a historical danmei with MC being a widely known intersex.

MC sufferings all come from this one fact about his private parts and I hate that the author likes to remind us that MC is intersex. I get it, I know.

While ML past is no less full of suffering. He was treated no better than a beast that it makes me sick.

So the story is about these 2 people slowly changing their own destiny (due to reborn MC) and... more>> developing relationship. <<less
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Goodreadsonly rated it
March 25, 2022
Status: c77
Dog blood POS. I'm freaking bawling because this tr*sh ML. It was going so well until

... more>>

s*upid original ML also came back and ruined everything. Just straight abuse by the ML who traumatized the poor MC.


I know the author is gonna 'fix' everything and get the two back together but I'm not even rooting for them anymore. The ML is not worth a gd thing and MC deserves so much better than him.

ML is tr*sh who doesn't know how to deal with his emotions and abuses MC.

idk read up ch 50 or 60? But quit before it gets bad. <<less
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