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After traversing to the end of the Yuan dynasty but just before the start of the Ming dynasty, Lin Yuan originally prepared to follow in the footsteps of his time travelling seniors. Invent tanks, cannons, and steam engines while gaining underlings and dominating the world.

However, before he realized it, Lin Yuan’s followed by a crowd of impoverished and destitute people——

“Follow after Boss! There will be food to eat!”

“Follow after Boss! No more starvation!”

The goal is to dominate the world, the tragic reality however is more about building and farming.

This is a story about a straight(?) Gary Stue protagonist ‘forced’ into becoming a male living Buddha.

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85 Reviews

New BoriCats
Sep 23, 2023
Status: c30
For me this novel is a FAIL. It started good and I rarely saw a Kingdom building BL story, I was intrigued because I kinda liked the genre itself and I've read it in many books already mostly lead by male or female. In male kingdom building you can really see the intricacies and strategic ways a man with a power/talent to lead a kingdom can do and how they will use there modern knowledge to their advantage to create an ideal kingdom. Female counterparts on the other hand were... more>> mostly focus on improving daily lives in a micro way which was entertaining on its own. This book has the problem of an incompetent MC. I don't mind an MC that was unknowledgeable and not OP but if you are going to create a Kingdom Building book amidst the many existing and excellent MCs of kingdom building books then you're failing to compete the market.

This book is unrealistic. The MC does not encompass the true qualities of a leader that the book tried to tell the readers. I've studied Organizational/Industrial Psychology before and reading this was just a big ick for me with the MC trying to repeat that he was good as a leader in the modern world. That's not how it works. It can't even be seen from when he was in the ancient times, the author just deem that the people wont rebel against the MC.

MC also was terribly lacking on knowledge about how people works during trying times. He has no livelihood skills sadly and any advantage of a modern knowledge was conveniently lacking from him just because he was a humanities graduate. I mean there are people like him but he was the worse person you can use as a protagonist in a Kingdom building book. I feel like the author was lazy to even search how to invent such simple things, even creating oil from beans was not explained well and gloss over. Like with the chicken laying eggs, like it's common sense to those in the countryside who deals with livestock that hens don't lay eggs everyday unless they were given feeds that are rich in calcium and protein. Even that will take every other day and this were modern healthy chicken that are well fed. Compare to chicken from trying times who only eats weeds and beancurd, who are also not raised for poultry? The pig raising also, like it's common sense that you don't raise your pigs for more than a year because the meat of that will be stringy and it only took 3 months for a pig to be fully mature and be ready for slaughter.

I'm in the field of psychology but I knew a lot of livelihood and technical skills as well as household skills. Even farming and livestock was terribly not researched by the author, just write what he expect and not based on actual facts.

The only thing this book offers was the Kingdom Building part as the romance was just in the end, the author still failed to exceed the existing standard or even reach the standard level. A lot of people like this book maybe because they wanted to reminisce the Yuan and Ming dynasty but I as a non-chinese person could really care less and I don't factor it in my views.

As a KB book with the romance as a subplot in the ending chapters then this book for me is a FAIL. <<less
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Feb 14, 2022
Status: c95
This is not a fiction novel. This is an educational novel disguised as fiction. It teaches readers how society functions from the perspective of a leader, aka big picture, and details specific tactics used to control people for the greater good to ensure a functioning society.

Some have said this story is idealistic, quoting refugees not acting irrational when they should. But I believe those readers have skipped over or misunderstood-- the ML is a manipulative genius. The text does state that refugees tried to make trouble, but they don't get... more>> far because the MC had created checks and balances to ensure they are caught early before they can do too much damage. He also excels in logistics, so he doesn't run into issues such as not having enough food or housing to keep people fulfilled.

I started reading this expecting a kingdom building novel with some romance, and what I got is a very detailed reflection of society and how people operate on both large and small scale. You can learn an immense amount from reading this book, which will help understand modern day political leaders.

For context, romance is basically zero. There was a few lines of foreshadowing for the ML somewhere in the 30ish chapters. Then the next time we get a glimpse of the MLs budding feelings in chapter 75. I suspect there will always be about 50 or more chapters between any hints of romance and likely we will not get anything much in depth.

That is, again, because this is not fiction, this is an instruction manual disguised as fiction.

I saw other commenters say the novel goes on too many tangents with side characters. But again, this is missing the point. There is not even a single excerpt like that which has been added without a purpose.

These small stories exist as a vehicle to teach the reader a specific point about human nature, and to show specific changes taking place in society as a result of the MLs policies.

For example, a story about a young girl and her daily life is actually a story about how MLs policy of giving administrative work to disabled people, and allowing women to work outside the home, affects social dynamics.

A story about a minor character dying on the battlefield is actually a way to humanize the mass death and trauma from war, and highlight how the social services ML has instituted, such as the Children's Home (orphanage/day care center for working women) allow people who otherwise had no way to have children to do so.

A story about a man being the kept gigolo of a rich widow is really about how letting women enter the workplace changes gender dynamics. That culture follows economic benefits, not the other way around. That people's minds are more flexible when it allows them to live easier lives, but more rigid when their lives are already stable and there is no need to change.

A story about sisters in law who flee for his territory is really set up for how he decides when the time is right to invade-- because even wealthy households have become refugees, so he knows the territory has become weak and unable to sustain itself.

The author of this book is quick witted, brilliant, and devious. They show us how people above use policies and propoganda, in the form of rumors, in order to control the masses. To control and keep the people under them in line.

It is a brilliant work, and one that any person in a position of power would benefit from reading, because it teaches you how to be a competent leader. <<less
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Sep 20, 2020
Status: c19
It’s refreshing to find a novel different from others where lead characters are mostly those that only care about their own growth. LY is different. He cares about others. He’s smart and kind but levelheaded. Thank you for translating this nov beautifully. And also thank you so much for daily updates. You’re awesome 🙏🙏🙏

I like this novel so much, I even registered to write a review.
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Oct 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Definitely suits my taste!! This novel focuses more on plot (which I really like) and less on romance. So if you like light hearted fluffy BL romance then u'r in the wrong webpage. Eventually, it seems like I'm readijg a culture biography in ming dynasty.

The MC is also not annoying, instead he is forebearing. He is really kind-hearted at first but gradually he needs to harden his heart for bigger cause, and this makes him too calculating, esp he is in a hurry to change everything. My Fav side chara is Song Shizhao (his wisdom comes fr his age).

Downside/flaws: romance is lacking, side stories are too many (stories of commoner but they r needed for depiction of society) and some negligible plot flaws

regarding the scholars whom the MC dislikes bcoz they're useless (since this dynasty is slightly backwards, there r no scholars assign for economic growth) , he should start and assign adifferent divisions for them. Eg, those who focuses on engineering is responsible for irrigation/flood control, those who write well become an "ancient journalist" that promotes him etc. He shouldn't forced them to die., 😅


Recommended for those who like slice of life, novel with depth, farming, ruling, territory expansion and turbulent times.
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Feb 06, 2021
Status: Completed

I’m glad there’s no romance tagged in this story cause it really isn’t. It’s more kingdom building but not so much. Only when song prime minister died did I realize what the MC was really great at. Because as a time traveller, he really sucks balls lol. He knows just a little bit of everything like a jack of all trade master of none. This story really personifies what an ordinary time traveller can do when he goes back to ancient times. What he was really good at was knowing what value a person can bring or if a person is useless just as song prime minister reminisced before he died. What song said, MC looked at him like a thing, with curiosity, whether this thing is of value or not. God, even in romance department, there wasn’t much he did to get a very useful, loyal and faithful lover. I feel even in death, ML lost too much. MC didn’t even give him a name, all his life he lived in ambiguity. For his lover, because MC is too pragmatic and sensible, he didn’t do much but just accepted ML. Sure he didn’t marry didn’t fool around, but it’s not a sacrifice to him since he wasn’t even interested or tempted to begin with. In the end ML, being a duke didn’t even leave a family behind, all the hard work and danger he went through, was to end up in the same coffin with his lover. The author just neglected him too much. However interesting the whole flow of the plot and story, it just felt empty to me. MC was a great emperor while ML was a great lover.

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Sep 16, 2020
Status: c60
The translations are quite good, though I was able to get the gist from the MTL. As a kingdom building story, it's quite expansive and detailed. As a Shounen Ai, not so much, it takes so, so long to get to see the MC and the ML interact.

... more>>

The story starts off fairly light, the MC is from modern times with more modern sensibilities, so in comparison to the people of the historical era, MC is kind and nice, and he helps people and starts making money in order to help himself and help more and more people. Things are quite friendly.

But then things take a dark, serious turn when MC starts training people to become soldiers. Yes, MC imposes military law to prevent soldiers from looting and sexually assaulting. The soldiers are given a lot of benefits... but there is a lot of soldier propaganda, and it's targeted towards the lower classes (which is realistic and true, but chilling nonetheless). There is a lot of deaths, and we see some of them first hand through the POV of the soldiers.

MC starts taking over more and more cities. A lot of people die, and MC gets pretty ruthless when it comes to the more affluent people, sometimes killing entire families for the mistakes of just a few. Yes, he sets up a more liberal society, improving womens' rights (which far from perfect, but it's a step), education, and life quality.

But at the same time.... you can't get on his wrong side.

People start thinking he's a god descended from the Heavens. Good for moral and loyalty, but I think the power gets to his head a bit. And as MC grows in power, he starts getting more and more distant.

He ends up becoming emperor, and by the last chapter, there's only one person (the ML: Chen Baisong) who he can talk to openly.

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Sep 06, 2021
Status: c79

-Winter, war, famine, an unceasing flood of refugees. Despite these, MC somehow always has enough to generously feed his people.

-Filler chapters spent on random, unimportant people with a copy/paste tragic backstory

-Talented and loyal people are attracted to MC like moths to a flame

-The citizens, refugees, and soldiers are way too law-abiding. Captures city, not even a single soldier commits a crime; accepts in tens of thousands of refugees into city, no looting or violence.

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Jan 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Warning: Don’t be misunderstood by the name, LY is not that soft-heart MC. It’s all his propaganda. Welcome you to one of the novel that has smart and growing characters.

Overall, Very satisfying work to read. The story is like town building from scrathes, although some thing maybe look unreal but still fine.

If you want story with smart MC got power struggle, building empire, war, collecting smart people, using their modern knowledge to manage things. It’s a very good choice. LY is truly want poor people to live better, but he’s... more>> cruel toward the rich, and even himself.

If you want some sweet BL, recommend you to not read it. Their love story is so pitiful. LY is a good king but he’s def not a good lover. Sometimes, I feel like he didn’t dare to indulge his heart to ML (or even the girls) because of the power he has. In my opinion, It felt like they are just hidden lover at most, thus I understand that it’s more realistic since the story was in ancient time. <<less
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Sep 15, 2020
Status: c75
First off, MTL not advisable, its barely understandable. I dont understand most of it plus there's a lot of characters introduced, its hard to keep track especially with the state of MTL. I suggest to wait for TL. Alot will be lost in MTL (not only the story/plot but also your brain cells)

... more>>

This is not your typical travel back in time/transmigration novel with its wholesome, lighthearted, chill theme of world building/ farming/ business/ etc.. I thought it was. But its not. Since basically, MC started a slow and low-key rebellion. Yeah, rebellion. Its more dark and serious, full of war, plot of rebellion, dying, killing, r*pe and abuse. I think the author wants to meld it with China's history, amidst the chaos of changing of the dynasty, but I dont know anything about it, if its historically accurate or not. But thats the feeling Im getting. So its not very enticing to me, its more sad and scary. So I dropped it. Its not for me, but I feel like others would truly like it, so you'd have to judge it for yourself. I do know that this is a good novel even if It doesnt suit me, that's why I gave it a 3.5-4☆.

I guess, I am like expecting him to just be like influential business man/landlord. But he ended up becoming the Emperor so 😯. I cant say its bad, its just, this novel is really not for me. Since I like chill, lighthearted and fluffy novels (despite cliches, op-ness, and absurdity sometimes)

Also, I dont feel like he has any sense of belonging into this world. He seems so out of place that its easy to portray him as someone immortal (he was called South's Bodhisattva). Plus, its not only focus on him. There's a lot going on. I dunno, maybe its just MTL. I'd try to go back after TL completion and see if i'd like it then.

As of now, Id rate it as 3.5-4☆

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Apr 21, 2022
Status: --
One word: disappointing.

Ok, first let's start with the fact that this novel is a close copycat of Royal Road,

ahem, quite similar to other historical novels I've read.

To be fair, it's hard to innovate when both have the same premise: man transmigrates in ancient times and in order to survive the turbulent times ahead decides to lead his people. Cue the start of the unintentional but intentional kingdom building and rise to power of our MC. Just with less gore and savagery than his current contemporaries. And a serie... more>> of adorable and kind-hearted secondary characters. Oh and did I mention the hot and buff ML? Yes, there's one :D

But here's the ick. This novel had at first 2 strong selling points :

1) It's a historical novel (duhh) : so you get to immerse yourself in ancient times, on the backdrop of an incoming civil unrest with princes close to rebelling, peasants trying to survive and maybe external threats looming. Here comes our MC, our Cher's hot transmigrates modern man with a plan to boost, promote and protect his small plot of land and indirectly and directly, 'protect the people who surround him. A genre also know as

kingdom building.

2) Likeable secondary characters: contrary to some historical novels, the story doesn't take itself too seriously and the author introduces us to a panel of personable, kind-hearted and funny secondary characters with (seemingly) deep bonds of brotherhood which, tbh, was the reason I got sucked right in.

However, I think around chapter 30, both elements started taking a backseat in order to let the let the story progress more quickly.

  • Kingdom building is fun cos your get to see all the gears and bolts and the improvement made upon them in order to allow the rise of a society and its future regent. The fun, is in the details (for me at least). If you've read and enjoyed Release that witch, which is even more detail-oriented, you get what I mean. Here, I don't know if the author got lazy or they had a specific amount of chapters in mind, but they decided to start glossing over places, moments, events, etc. Which kinda defeated the purpose of a historical novel.

  • Secondary characters: yes, there's tons of characters, it's a historical novel after all, I get it, but you still need a good base. And it had one. But it slowly started disappearing as the MC started sending his subordinates, one after the other on different errand outside his territory. For most, you'd get to learn they'd left, the author would cover 1 months of their travel in a couple sentence, would add a few

    lines of dialogue to introduce the next event, and then x months would fly by (I put x month not cos I don't remember but because the timeline is never clear) and you'd have them coming back with an aforementioned item. It's what was the word again? Boring. You don't get to feel the adventure, get a little bits of their personality coming true, they're literally just there to advance the plot.
Seems a bit ridiculous to say this but the fun in a historical novel is literally to witness the inworking of an ancient society, its geopolitics, industries, culture and the wars. If you gloss over it

what's there left?

Oh, yes, cool and interesting characters! Oh no, the author axed them too! But wait, there's supposed to be some romance, it's tagged shounen-ai after all! That might be interesting? You mean you want me to stick around for another 100 chapters in order to (maybe) get a semi-euphemistic love declaration and wait another 100 chapters for (again maybe) a semi-veiled depiction of a very chaste kiss? Yeah right. I'll just keep it moving. <<less
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Dec 21, 2021
Status: Completed

This is a kingdom building novel, and a very feminist one that try to rectify the evil of concubine taking and girl killing in that era. Read it for the feel good factor of making the life of commoners better, not for any bed matter.

Translation is great, but I'm impatient so I finish with MTL which is not hard to understand.
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May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is a gem among the highly saturated Romance-driven of Shounen-ai novels.

One thing I wonder, Are Shounen ai tagged novels MUST have romance every now and then in the story? Can't they be just tagged shounen-ai because, in the end, the MC ended up liking a guy, while the focus of the story is not about their romance? I really wonder how there are always people complaining about the lack of romance in Shounen-ai novels (something I find in this novel and, Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know)

Really...... more>> Give justice and leave the novel that just wants to make a BL couple without focusing on romance okay!

I'm pretty sure transmigration to ancient China has been used in countless BL setting, but most of them will definitely go in the direction of: Counterattacking in the backhouse, against concubines so and so, counterattacking the cannon fodders arrogant Young Master so and so, catching the attention fo some Prince or Noble or General of so and so, married, happy end. Okay, I'm not saying that's bad, but when you've read such a setting too many times, it makes you want to roll your eyes, and feel impatient, like, I just want to read the real plot, goddamnitt, the gay couple is just a cherry on top, and I really want to read that kind of novel.

So, this novel comes and satisfy my need.

The romance is not abrupt, I can feel and see their gradual changes, from acquaintances to later, confidants, and lovers.

I like how the Author didn't rush her/his focus to just about the MC, ML, and the supporting characters around. What MC did, and the change he brought to the world, are described and shown in some chapters, filling the usually forgotten POV. It's interesting to see the world from the eyes of the mobs, instead of solely from the protagonists.

Considering that this novel has a medium length, the details of the Kingdom building and the adventures are actually not that well, but it's definitely more than enough. <<less
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Jun 09, 2021
Status: c81
It's pretty good, if you're looking for a kingdom building novel with a strategist protagonist. It's extremely subpar if you're looking for a romance. If I had to explain in a run-on sentence, this is a novel all about a time traveler's effect on world history as he uses historical knowledge and modern values mixed with wit to essentially conquer China and begin a new dynasty (which is an intriguing plot, and delivered quite well), and the MC just happens to end up romantically involved with a male side character... more>> by the end (and not even the side character with the most screen time).

If I had been the one to post the story here, I'd ditch the shounen ai and yaoi tags, and maybe the romance tag, too. It's really only there as a warning for the people who can't stand it, because it's virtually non-existent so far.

That said (and I am aware I have strange tastes), I like this aspect of the story. I like stories where the MC is gay (or quietly realizes he's bi, in this case) and the plot doesn't revolve around it. I like stories where the love interest isn't an archetype, such as cold CEOs and twisted orphans, just a guy being a guy. I'm also not hung up on romance novels and like the kingdom building genre, especially with a crafty MC. So, I gave it 5 stars. <<less
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Apr 09, 2021
Status: --
i love this 99% the concept of apocalypse in ancient times is really novel.

translation quality is pristine. Kudos to the translator.

the 1% of discontent I feel is that its a bit too idealistic in some areas. When people are starving and have been for days, they do unreasonable things. When people lose their families and friends and suffer for a long time they become angry and unreasonable. Yet, the refuges in the story are all well-behaved and careful.

In chapter 68, the refuges who enter the city dont steal or harass... more>> anyone for the stated reason that they understand they would be kicked out and implicate the whole group of refuges. What. That is waaay too reasonable. Even today people arent that reasonable. "They were all of refugee backgrounds so it was not possible to conceal it from the others" on the contrary because they are all refuges they wouldnt know each other. <<less
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Loving Novel Girl
Loving Novel
Mar 25, 2021
Status: c66
This is shaping to be one of my absolute favorite novels and I am just hoping it continues to go that way.

Lin Yuan is one of the most awesome MCs I've ever seen.

The people that surround him also feel more dimensional than in other stories.

... more>> The small stories that are included in the novel itself are a beautiful way to show the truth of their world, and it is so awesome and sometimes sad to read.

I absolutely recommend people to come and read this incredible translation because I believe it does not detract or confuse people with bad grammar. Which this novel is exceeding at, except for those common human errors. <<less
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Sep 18, 2020
Status: c14
Really liking the plot as it is right now. MC is kind and likable. The translation is also really good. I tried reading MTL but couldn't understand half of what was going on. Looking forward to future updates by the translator😊
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Aug 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This is kingdom building with very little romance. Don't go in expecting any romance it's not even a fifth of the novel.

You also need to read this with a lot of brain cells, because boy was it hard to remember all the names and all the intricacies of a move. This novel made me realize yet again that I wouldn't survive in ancient era because I'm too dumb.

You will see his journey from a farmstead to become an emperor, see how he grows for better and worse. Some... more>> part might feel too idealistic but it might just be that we didn't see the minor crime happening, all in all I still think this was a great novel, highly recommend! <<less
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Nov 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I haven't finish this novel, and I'm unwilling to MTL it because I feel like it will ruin the immersion for me.

There's hardly any romance so far and I'm not even mad cause the kingdom building is so good and the MC doesn't have a harem which is a huge plus for me (fyi I dislike harem). Is the MC a Gary Stu though? He's quite different from every other Gary Stu protag I've ever read..

Also thanks to the translator who updated this story regularly🙏🙏

... more>> Edit:

I've finished it! Still worth 5 stars for me. <<less
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Oct 23, 2021
Status: --
Firstly, early warning that I think is necessary for people reading reviews to read the TL:

Translator loves to give spoilers in TNs, which are written right in the story so they're pretty much unavoidable. Only thing you can do is to try and immediately skip the paragraph if you see TN, but then you miss notes which may explain bits in the story. It's tough to read, is what I'm getting at.

The early chapters are pretty promising, but the writing (or the TL?) has some issues. It gets a little... more>> confusing keeping track of the timeline with the seasons, events and "last year"/"this year" comments. There seems to be more of an emphasis on the world building than the BL which I definitely appreciate, since the last infrastructure building transmigration novel I read was pretty disappointing in that aspect. The side characters are also pretty good, they've got interesting stories and their own lives, and most aren't annoying. Even the ones that seem like they'll be greasy cannon fodder have some growth or unexpected sides.

Unfortunately, it suffers the same problem as most infrastructure-building transmigration novels where after a while it becomes boring to read and the MC becomes a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. By the 30th or so chapter I'm more interested on the chapters about the side characters than the ones with the MC.

... bro I just realized this is actually literally historical fanfic but with OCs <<less
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Jun 22, 2021
Status: --






It really showed the brilliance of a modern liberal man transmigrated in the ancient times. I feel so proud of what he has achieved and how many lives he has saved. Although the romance department is soooooo poor that it made the tags shounen ai and romance useless (I'm not kidding

), it is still there. Everytime they have an interaction, they exude this what I call unconscious s*xual tension that's often found in sport animes and shounen anime in general, which I really enjoyed. ANYWAY THE ROMANCE IS REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY SLOW.

Don't be discouraged by its lack of romance. It's really good! The translations are very good as well! <<less
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Nov 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I like it very much but the romance is really... pitiful. ... more>>

The MC also had a lot of rumors around him about his love affairs. Though it's just rumors and isn't actually true. He also had a concubine who died by the next chapter she was introduced lmao. The concubine is actually part of the enemy and MC only made her a concubine because she was useful as a bait but I still feel a little upset


The story is about building an empire.

The character development of MC is done well. You can't really hate him.

The story goes really smoothly and there's actually not much trouble happening.

The supporting characters also have depth and have a background story. And there are too many side stories for the side and background characters but I quite like them since we see a different perspective of the story.

I like this kind of slice of life novel and the only thing I feel meh about is the romance ;-; <<less
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