I Became The Stepmother of My Ex-husband


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Lin Wei Xi found out after she died that she was just a cannon fodder in a novel, used as contrast to the gentle and considerate and virtuous female lead.

The male lead was her ex-husband, the dignified heir of Yan Wang, his family were superior and brilliant, but the heroine was not her.

The female lead was her concubine-born younger sister, and her husband’s white moonlight, his cinnabar mole, no wonder! After Lin Wei Xi died, her husband finally married her sister as he wished.

She watched coldly at the two like honey in the oil, in love and harmonious, everyone using the success of her younger sister to contrast the impropriety of the original wife.

Lin Wei Xi sneered, okay, since your love moves the world, then this sister will come back and be your stepmother!

So she married her ex-husband’s father, the father-in-law she never met in the previous life, the country’s God of war, who has not remarried after losing his wife, the one that hold military power, the brilliant Yan Wang.

Later Yan Wang, who was in his prime years and used to act decisively, looked at his small, delicate, much younger wife, and had a headache.

No matter, she is still young, he have to spoil her, indulge her, teach her.

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BobChan rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: c105 part2
In all honesty, this novel is a gem. The story development is well-paced and the characters feel real and relatable; even the villains. There's no exaggerated drama that occurs just to fill chapters, they were well led up to.

... more>>

There were some reviews that stated that they were displeased with the ML later on, but I think that they might have not wholly understood what happened. The MC apologized not for her reincarnation but rather for her previous actions, which she deemed spoiled, because she learned the truth of what happened between the late Wangfei and her husband. The MC felt sorrow for what her lover had experienced.

The ML also did not want her to apologize. In fact; what he was worried about was whether or not she approached him because she wanted to be with his son. In all honesty, his doubt was reasonable as he finally met the love of his life. It was also clearly stated that he was not bothered by her past, rather, it was whether she was trying to go back to her past or did she actually let it go. He even called himself a fool and being a coward for being caught up in his feelings and wanting to be away--because as much as he was conflicted inside--the ML knew that his actions were childish and willingly acknowledges that he should have been by his pregnant wife.


I would highly recommend this novel for others to read. Their love is sweet but it's not youthful love, it's much more mature; a different kind of taste. And although, the ending might not satisfy a part of the appetite for revenge but it is more satisfying seeing the MC live her life instead of being caught in the past. Though I'm not saying that there's not face slapping or karma that occurred; I'm just stating that the MC wasn't revenge-driven like some of the other MCs are when they get a second chance. <<less
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mysticalgurl rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c105 part2
A cute story with a likable MC and ML. A story to read when you wouldn't want to think too deep and just enjoy. If I have any complains it would be that the author seems to make the scheming and small minded people be females. There are males in the story that did wrong, but somehow these guys are given excuses for those inexcusable acts. The other gender on the other hand are just manipulative, overambitious, and schemers. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 3 only because I like... more>> MC and ML and also the premise of a transmigrator antagonist. <<less
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March 20, 2021
Status: --
I stopped reading this because of the ML. Everyone talks about how sweet he is to the FL and how much he dotes on her, and sure, it is a wonderful contrast to her first life but I just couldn't get past his attitude towards his son (FL's first husband).

He spent so much time away from home, having basically no interaction with him, and leaving him in the hands of his delusional first wife and her self serving servants. ML would have known this if he wasn't so busy avoiding... more>> her. Now he comes comes back and acts like his son is a dissapointment when he was basically absent in his life.

And I'm not justifying the son, he is tr*sh but ML's attitude is just as tr*shy. FL's attitude is belligerant, childish and as far as ML lead knows, completely unprovoked. And he lets her do it anyways, just because. So of course, imagine the son's surprise at watching this, considering he's always seen his father as someone distant, more a figure to be admired than a real father figure.

In short, ML refused to deal with the mistake he made regarding his first wife and let the situation fester until it became what it is in the present and his son suffered for it too. I can understand his attitude towards her, but his indifference and neglect towards his son are just not something I can look past. He's tr*sh and doting on the FL doesn't change that. <<less
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luckyneko rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: c40
I got about 1/2 way through (a little less) until I dropped this one. This story is excruciatingly slow. While the premise was interesting, the narrator is a reincarnated immature girl (15 or 16) married to a true man (33). The age gap wouldn't be a problem if she was more mature, neither would the doting, but honestly it just reads like someone who married someone due to vengeance and pity which is just a headache. I may have liked this if I was younger, but I find the MC's... more>> lack of maturity simply grating at this point.

translation quality: very good

plot quality: It's there, but it's thin. Much seems forced, unrealistic, or unreasonable. Also, characters are rather two dimensional and lack the growth you would expect for a story of this length and genre.

2 stars. <<less
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Maghishaw rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
i have read the whole thing in a weekend I think, I love the FL and ml, I love the realism of human relations and I love their romance this is one of my favorite couples and their interactions are the biggest selling point of this story to me, it is what casts it apart from other novels of the gender

also I beg to pardon with one of the reviewers above, I don't feel bad for the son at all, I think he is just as bad as any other... more>> villain, just that the author took A LOT of effort in to painting him in a better light and trying to blame all his shitty actions into every woman he ever interacted with, he is selfish, self-entitled, mediocre and he killed the fl

I just with it had 500 chapters instead of 100 but what can u do <<less
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wildenabokov rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: Completed
I really, really enjoyed this story. It isn't perfect, but I mainly read it for the interactions between the FL and ML. I absolutely love them both. The ML especially just has my heart. The overall tone of the plot is just very sweet with some spiciness on the side. It's gentle read, and the ups and downs are good enough to keep you stimulated and interested. There's no fancy court intrigue or intricate schemes so reading this at the end of a long day was just what I needed.

Thank... more>> you for the translations! I loved it so much I read the MTL for the rest of the story but I will continue to read when the translations come out so I can actually understand what was lost in MTL haha. <<less
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s1003 rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: Completed
I was a bit hesitant to read this at first, due to some previous reviews, but thought I'd give it a chance. I actually really enjoyed this story.

It has a really interesting premise and you do get a sense of satisfaction when MC marries into the household and becomes the step-mother to the ex-ML and mother-in-law of her sister. She doesn't deliberately make life terrible for them (which I kind of admire her for), but she also doesn't let them get away with their behavior.

The relationship between MC and ML... more>> is also very interesting. Thankfully, it's not love at first sigh, but their relationship slowly develops into love. I like how MC approached the ML for a marriage and he accepted for practical reasons. It's very aligned with what marriage should be like in ancient China. I also like how the MC is self-reflective and tries make changes. Like astroblue02's review mentioned, it's a journey of healing and moving on with your life.

There is a hint of imperial politics in the background, given that ML is a Wangye, but the majority of the story is focused on their relationship and their family.


I think it's interesting that the ML has suspicions about the MC and eventually is able to put together the pieces. It makes sense. I do wish the MC and ML had an honest heart-to-heart conversation, their conversation is quite light (everything is implied under the surface) but I wasn't as satisfied by their "reconciliation". I'm glad though that ML is sensible/mature enough to distances himself from MC to process his thoughts, and comes back when he has accepted the truth. The side stories also adds more to the ML and ex-ML's thought process.


It's not a perfect story, but I would give this novel a chance! While it's not a true revenge/ face-slapping story, I think it's a slice of life with an interesting twist! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 18, 2021
Status: Completed
(By NU inflated ratings, this would have been a 5/5) Somewhat heartwarming story of a 2nd chance of happiness for FL. Not so much of a revenge story, but just another opportunity for happiness with a different person. FL has a steady personality who knows what needs to be done and how to go about doing it. She's smart but not overly vengeful just because of the grievances of her past life, which makes her pretty mature. But not to forget that she is actually still pretty young, and... more>> sometimes still act a little childish, which can be a little cute. Actually, rather than the FL, I actually like the ML more. The depth of his character was interesting, in the sense that the way he thinks is heavily dependent on his circumstances of having to fend for himself since young, and yet his morals are good. His only 'flaw' was that he did not properly take care of his son, causing him to grow up somewhat ignorant of worldly affairs.

I actually pity the son a little. Rather than the "villain" that the synopsis and starting chapters made him out to be, I think that it's more of multiple unfortunate circumstances in how he was brought up that led him to make the mistakes he did. Because he was brought up by his mother and his father was not there in his childhood, he was somewhat pampered and idealistic, which was how he got tricked by Guo Ran. His mistakes were not truly his fault, and I pity him for the heartache that he inflicted upon himself in the end.

Some reviews mentioned that they hated how ML acted in the end. I beg to differ. In fact, I loved it, and found it realistic and very reasonable, and also added some depth to his character.


At that point in time, when he realised that FL was likely reborn and was originally his daughter-in-law who he never met, he ran off to fix some disaster and left FL pregnant at home without him. Although in some way he is running away (if you disregard the part where he 'ran' off to somewhere where he was actually needed to help with disaster relief), he was giving himself time to think about what he wanted to do with the information he has now, and I respect that level-headedness. I believe that the reason for his suspicion and worry was that the reason FL married him was purely for revenge against his son. Even though she kept a respectful distance from said son, it's not a far-fetched reasoning, and if I were him, I too would have some irrational fear that the person I love had never loved me at all, even if I trust that person. It could be seen that he didn't truly suspect FL, else, he would not be constantly thinking about her and worrying about her. And at the end of his mental struggle, he went back early due to his worries anyways. It is in fact because of this that makes me like his character more!


Overall, I would say that this novel is a little heavy for the emotions, definitely not very light-hearted. If you're looking for dumb 'dogblood' drama to laugh at, this is not the novel for you. It's not amazing, but it's definitely a good read and a tad bit thought-provoking about life and fate.

(Translations was overall ok and understandable. There were definitely some broken sentences here and there, but they can be understood with some inference, so I don't think it's a big issue.) <<less
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Saphie rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I really really love it. It's been a good while since I've last read a good ancient bg. It made my heart flutter, just the right amount of angst, fluff and schemes.

MC is coquettish but headstrong. I love how the writing made me not mind that he married his previous father-in-law. She's very smart and I love how she maneuvers her way around the mansion. ML is mature, he's very caring, very doting very indulgent. He's not tsundere, not overbearing but very indulgent. I really love this kind of... more>> trope, I'm tired of seeing overbearing MLs.

This is v domestic, the secrets were found out by the end but not explicitly stated. Those who should suffer, suffered, those who deserve a good life, lived a good life. The secrets were out even regarding the previous wang fei.

I love it so much. 5/5 <<less
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Drenlith rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Enjoyable read, nice pacing for 105chapters (minus 3 bonus ones).

Complex and well written characters in a rather easy/beginner stage world sort of imbalances the overall story though.

Everybody (at least with decent amount of screen time) have their good sides and bad ones.

The MC is a teenager, so under the impulsiveness and explosiveness and headstrong willfulness, she has a very charitable, just and thoughtful side to her. That seems to pair well with the apathetic, indifferent yet overly selfless and gentlemanly ML. (Everybody should cut her some slack for a 17... more>> yr old teenager, come on)

Bu the drama are your typical telenovela dramas and the antagonist can hardly be called smart, same for the original male lead that seems to be only functioning on his last single brain cell who loves blaming all his problems on others while sticking his head in the sand refusing to face the reality before him.

Reborn with a devastating visage, MC might as well as bring down a country or two; she sets off well with the trained skill set of a noble lady and returns to the stage, yet quite unwillingly, face slapping her way through to happiness with ease. The lookism is quite strong with this one and might rub one or two people off.

She did NOT want to go back neither did she want to have ANYTHING to do with her former life or the people from her former life, let me be clear. She didn't throw herself onto the father in law in a form of disguise of revenge.


Author seem to have forgotten her own early storyline of the main leads and how insistent the ML was in bringing MC back with him instead of settling her somewhere, which she had hoped for. Later on, ML was even conflicted to why she came with him... Hey bro, you made her remember? She thought up all kinds of excuses but he beat every single one down. The last bit of confusion and reluctance towards MC that he had was incredibly unnecessary to the story.


To be honest, everybody had a hand in this long lasting misery. The ML is rather too laissez-faire as a parent and OG ML was raised too indulgently in the presence of people who either schemed for their own merits or those who are not quite right in the head.

The transmigrator's life views were also already set in stone, she obsessively wants and easy life and marry rich. She had a strong shadow of her past and little self worth that transformed itself in her second life into paramount arrogance and protagonist complex because she could utilize the 26 year long accumulated life experience to outsmart toddlers... It's really pathetic when you read it, and how incredibly proud she was in beating children...

But because she treats everybody like inferior life forms and with insincerity, everything was bound to go wrong.

For the MC it was quite a smooth road to success. Transmigrator had become so arrogant, she was lax in learning and polishing herself so she fell behind everything she wanted to compete with.

It took a while to be able to differentiate between the pure favour of a beauty and actual love that ML had for her, but after that, their intimacy (not sexual) and bickering fights become more and more sweet and sugary. I don't care how often they smash unless you give me details and thank God the story didn't go like every once every dozen paragraph about how exhausted she was the next day. (*cough* unless it's smut) <<less
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Tams rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow.....I love the fact that I finished reading this. I actually meant not to read this because a friend of mine said it was so bad cause she find the son so ridiculous since he's like this and this and that! That's when I decided not to read it but there's like someone saying to me "No! Don't listen to her! Go and read it. I promise it's good as hell!"

I gave it a chance and dang boi!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SheRead rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: Completed
The MC had a pretty bad history of love. Common problems in ancient stories where me have 3 wives and 4 concubines. How can they expect a child to grow up well in this environment. Really tho.

With the MCs thought upon rebirth were relatable, it was during the taunts of the sister that she deviated to a peacefull life she planned to have.

The ML, GHY, was simply an endearing, patient and wise man. Meeting the MC was fate, they compliment and made each other whole.

I wanna find myself a Yan... more>> Wang. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Skite rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: c103 part2
Causes a reader to second guess some common rebirth/ isekai tropes we usually except at face value.

One of my favorites is: We know a transmigrated person is a 20-30+ year old adult in a child's body, and generally accept that she needs to be amazing in school, relationships, and take down her enemies in the new family. But if we flip that and are forced to face that the "enemy" is a literal 6 year old who had no say in being born to the main wife, we have to... more>> wonder--wtf kind of adult goes full out against a kindergartner? We have to think about the effects of a literal child being compared to an actual adult's capabilities and being found wanting. There's also the debate between experience, hard work, and genius. What happens when an average adult masquerading as a genius child suddenly finds themselves among newly adult peers who are actual geniuses who worked hard for the past 10 years, unlike the transmigrator, who coasted on borrowed knowledge and cheap tricks? They're shocked it's time to pay the piper: they aren't so smart anymore and the tactics that worked so well when everyone thought they were 5 don't work so well at 20. Also, what sort of ~40 year old would be attracted to and marry a 16 year old? That's super gross, and the answer is: a pretty childish one. Another is the assumption that ancient people are automatically s*upid or inferior to modern knowledge. They aren't. They're the exact same, just in a different time.

But I think my favorite part about this is that it doesn't follow the typical male tropes for harem/ historical dramas. Usually, there is so much scheming and backstabbing from the women, while the male object sits far above it. S*upid, completely oblivious, and blindly accepting whatever silly play is put on before his eyes, while women destroy people behind his back. But, Yan Wang always knows the little lies and deceptions the women put on to trick him, and prefers his straightforward wife. Gu Cheng Yao was painfully young at the start, marrying his first wife at 15 and as the spoiled, sheltered, and coddled boy who was raised by overly indulgent servants and womenfolk. But he eventually grows out of this to realize he has been misled and needs to wake up and form his own conclusions, and stop idealizing what he's fed at face value. Even our MC's POS father realizes he's been a blind moron. It's very refreshing to have male characters who are fully rounded people.

Our main character doesn't change/ evolve very much, and I find I'm ok with that. The emotionally neglected daughter of an irreproachably correct and graceful mother and granddaughter, she will do things the correct way, and you can accept or get a tongue lashing. Her evolutions are small. She didn't need to change her methods, she just needed to find someone who appreciated them. That person is Yan Wang. Through his steady support and affection, she grows from thinking her only worth can come from being an efficient manager, to realizing she is lovable and smart, and then to being confident enough to demand indulgence. The extremely prickly girl covered in thorns becomes a tactile and sweet one, though she still keeps her standards. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
MC character before she rebirthed: prideful di daughter, self centered, smart, aloof as a di daughter, hard worker, willful, spoiled, all her effort was done because she doesnt want to lose to her shu sister.

MC character after she rebirthed and achieve more higher power : prideful first wife, self centered, hard worker, aloof and can act cute toward her golden thigh, willful, spoiled, not doing any struggle coz she was now in better position than her shu sister.

No wonder she died back then, it was her own fault. She didnt... more>> try to ask for explanation, for whatever reason as a prideful and self centered person, didnt try to think the other way.

And now after she married into the family, she turned into a more self centered spoiled version of her past self.

MC and her shu sister (the protagonist of the novel) were truly peas in a pod. It was just we're reading from MC's justifying pov.

This story is truly forgettable. I finished reading in Feb 26, now March 10 I alr dont remember anything abt this book. The MC is just that... selfish but written in a sloppy not smart way that made me felt bored and negative of her own justification. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: c93
The MC is basically the evil mother in law.... and I love it!

My views of the story as of chapter 93
... more>>

To be fair, the MC is not truly vicious. Her evil status is only a mistaken matter of perception. She only acts to protect herself from characters convinced she will become an enemy.

That's one of my favourite aspects of this story. Each character has clear motivations and reasoning behind their actions no matter which side of a conflict they are on. You could rewrite this story in its entirety with different protagonists and still have a fully fleshed out plot based only on the existing character development. Each member of the cast is living out their own story and perspective. The depth provided from this method shows an oddly realistic display of personal bias, ie how a characters perspective can completely change perception of events.

One thing in particular I found interesting about these characters was that the MC and Rival were both envious of each other. They simply processed and acted on that envy in different ways. Gou Ran settles in happily as a cuckoo convinced the MC is her great enemy. Gou Xi initially fears and admires the rival's seemingly monsterous skills. It's an interesting display of the clash of cultures and values.

Gou Ran as a modern person looked down on the privilege of being a di daughter, yet at the same time used her privilege as a shu child of nobility and the self proclaimed 'protagonist' more than any other character. The contradictions in her character are both astounding and perhaps more accurate than any other transmigration novel I've read. I feel like I could write paragraphs doing a character study of this cannon fodder enemy's psychological state. The same holds true for at least 5 other characters, including some that are dead before the story even begins!


#warning Don't read if you can't handle a major age gap. The development is well done and not perverted at all, but this isn't a mere case of "it's okay because it's ancient times." Even the ancient people are surprised by the pairing. The story accepts that it's a somewhat inappropriate choice, but the characters involved are fully aware of this and make their decisions with full consideration of any consequences. Personally, I feel the characters are right for each other considering the circumstances.

Here's why: personal thoughts on the relationship


Gou Xi has always admired Yan Wang, even if not romantically, since well before she married his son in her past life. She respects him as a hero of the country rather than as a father-in-law. Yan Wang met a young 17 year old girl in need of protection rather than his son's wronged ex-wife 'Gou Xi'. He's protective, but maintains a platonic yet pampering friendship rather than romantic or parental love for her. He treats her as a younger generation, but respects her as an adult. Their mutual respect and friendship is what their marriage relationship is decided upon rather than lust or love.

Of course this does change over time, but it's important to note that she isn't (intentionally) seducing him and he is not harbouring supremely illicit thoughts about a little girl. There is no grand plan to groom each other into a romantic relationship. Gou Xi is looking for a chance to move out of the Yan Wang estate and would have eventually done so if not for interference from Gou Ran.

I'll admit that there were better marriage choices to resolve the situation, but ultimately the pair couldn't trust a stranger would treat her as well as Yan Wang. It didn't help that Gou Xi marrying out would mean they would essentially have no proper reason to meet the only true friend either had made in life ever again due to rules of the era. They were reluctant to say goodbye on such short notice, so why say goodbye at all? Neither truly expected the marriage relationship to be more than a righteous reason for Yan Wang to protect her righteously.

I have to say both were quite naive on that front, but I can see why considering both their previous relationships that had a honeymoon phase of a month or less before the marriage was dead. They committed to the first night out of custom. The following nights I won't spoil too much, but their affection as husband and wife develops naturally from there.
I hold the same feelings as the duke's servants. These two cinnamon buns deserve a partner who understands and supports them. They fit well together in that sense.

The age gap, although larger than expected, becomes completely irrelevant compared to the sincere happiness of the main characters.


#tl;dr This story is a slightly rare read when it comes to character development. I highly recommend it

#update about the ending
Male Lead

I was a little nervous because of some other reviews, but the ML departure mid-pregnancy as he thinks things over went better than I expected. I wouldn't have been able to read it if that plot was stretched too far, but it was summed up within a chapter or two. He still did wrong by the female lead mind you, but he repents and acts to protect her in the end. It's only luck that he repented before it was too late. The FL also repents for using him and they have a fresh start as a happy family letting her previous life die peacefully. One thought that made me accept his struggles more, although not mentioned in the novel, is that in ancient times she would literally be seen as a ghost possessing a dead body. A monster. To the ML credit he only struggled wondering about her sincerity to him.


Honestly, his remembrance and suspected emotional entanglement with women similar to Gou Xi (including his odd concern for his stepmother who is similar in personality and his new concubines similar in appearance to his ex-wife) somewhat make him more of a scum. It's way too late and he is only concerned with soothing his own feelings of regret. He doesn't care for any of these women. In fact, the woman he married before the mourning period ended was only to help distract him from these negative feelings, despite the great disrespect it was to the wife he was failing to mourn. His regret gave him depth but in no way made him a better person.

He is not a major target of revenge in the end. He never crosses the line (unlike Gou Ran) and silently acquiesces to becoming a widow for a second time before he is 20.

He needs to super spoil his sister and respect his mother. One day in his 30s he should meet someone completely unlike Gou Xi, fully let go of his unhealthy attachment, fall in love, and treat his new wife with respect she deserves. That novel would unfortunately have characters like that pink clothes concubine as villains to be put down one by one until everything left of his previous attachments are cleansed. He still has hope yet to become a romantic devoted to one woman. Letting go at this point is the best thing he can do for everyone.

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narixems rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: --
damn, I never thought I'd fall in love with this book. the main conflict is just FILLED with misunderstandings ugh. Though I wonder, who should I blame for Gao Xi's misfortune? spoilers ahead-

Gao Ran

... more>>

Gao Ran is a transmigrator and the original heroine of the novel. honestly it surprised me a bit how she was similar to the MCs from rebirth/transmigration manhuas with all the "i'll remember this and return it tenfold!" attitude. She transmigrated into a 6 year old useless concubine daughter and always hated the legitimate daughter, Gao Xi. (because everyone looked down on concubine children during those days, , rlly cant blame gao xi lmao) she vowed to steal everthing from Gao Xi. Although I don't know why she feels accomplished for being better than a six year old when you're mentally 30.


Gao Xi


She grew up without a mother, and without a father's love. After her younger concubine sister fell down into a pond, her achievements kept growing more and more. Gao Xi felt insecure and while the other kids would play outside with each other, she would stay in day and night pushing herself to be better than Gao Ran. One day she got a pair of Jade Pendants that she really liked, and casually gave the other half to Gao Ran. That's where the misunderstandings start out.


why GCY thought GX saved him:


the person who saved him left half of a jade pendant. He took it and asked his father to search for the "owner" of the other half, which was Gao Xi. He never even mentioned the jade pendant incident and proposed to her, her family accepted. Only after he found out that it was Gao Ran's pendant, he felt lied to and thought Gao Xi was vicious asf to steal her younger's sister spot... bruh.

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Radishhh rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: --
I was currently on chapter 9, but this novel is so good that I have to make a review about this. This novel is quite similar to married to the male leads father but I like this novel better. I love that the MC is trying to live a simple life when she was reborn. I could totally relate with it. Instead of trying to revenge, she wanted to run away from all of that stuff. I mean, isn't it similar to all of us. I would run away to... more>> if I found out I was in a novel and my life will not go smoothly.

Currently on c64, I went to mtl, but my capabilities of reading was limited since it was historical. And I wanted to fully understand the novel so I'm just gonna wait for the translation. I also want to clarify, I do not pity the son at all. He should take full responsibility and he sure does is guilty for causing the death of his first wife regardless of his mistakes or whatnot. And now he wanted to regret it and suddenly he fell in love with the current mc? A scumbag for sure. U're trying to gain sympathy by projecting urself as innocent. Idk for now tho, I haven't seen his action that shows he truly regrets his mistakes. And even if he feels guilty, he shouldn't be excused just because of that. Every crime is still a crime. His negligence cause the death. There're so many novel that mostly justified their ML actions and wrongdoings and it just sadden me. Who am I to lie when I said I'm not going to mtl it. Currently on c90. The mtl is easy tho despite it being historical. Thank god I find the right website since the mtl ones haven't fix their repeated chapter yet. Will continue after I finished reading.

I completed it. Just two words. Painfully beautiful. I feel sad but at the same time happy? Idk tho. Just feel something stabbing in my heart. Gonna reread second marriage to a wealthy man after this. This bl is my comfort novel and its relatively similar but more light hearted. <<less
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April 18, 2021
Status: Completed
What not to do as a transmigrator: the story.

It's a fun, sad read, and the length is just right for reading. Deserves the 4.5 rating, this novel is just one level away from malicious empress (who isn't malicious, this based title is from the view of her enemies lol).

Very tame read, nothing mature happens, no winks

Translation is good but rough, big plus is you can binge it right now!!
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Shq rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: Completed

The intelligent, confident FL has an arranged marriage a romantic fool only to die of depression.

When given the opportunity to choose her partner, she finds her happy ending.
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Amsir rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: Completed
I was a bit hesitant to read it but after going through the reviews I read it. It was unexpectedly interesting to read. The ML is one of its kind as in whatever story that I have read there is none like his character so far. FL is also one interesting character.
It became one of my favourite.
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