I’ll Be the Male Leads Sister-in-Law


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Today, I am a substitute for your fiancee. Tomorrow, I’ll become your sister-in-law!

Mu Mingtang is the substitute of the male lead’s first love. After she lost her family, she was adopted by the Jiang family and eventually became engaged to the male lead, the Prince of Jin.

Understanding very well that she was only a substitute, she removed her claws and fangs and turned herself into an imitation of the Prince of Jin’s first love. She couldn’t speak or laugh as she wished, she was prepared to live in the shadow of another woman for her entire life… until one day, the real Miss Jiang returned.

The real Miss Jiang was reborn. When she learned that she was the male love’s first love, she immediately returned to fight for her engagement and identity.

In order to please his first love, the Prince of Jin gave the substitute to the Prince of Qiyang, who had become a dying madman. She was just a low-quality fake, anyway. If she dared to anger his first love, he would turn her into a childless and powerless widow for the rest of her life.

Mu Mingtang, the target of their mockery, finally snapped: Okay, since you gave me to another man, I’ll make you bow and call me sister-in-law!

However, none of them expected the Prince of Qiyang, the God of War, to actually wake up!

Xie Xuanchen is the son of the late emperor. The whole world once trembled beneath his feet, but one day, for a reason unknown to even Xie Xuanchen himself, his nature suddenly changed. He became cruel and bloodthirsty, leaving his father with no choice but to pass the throne to his uncle.

Eventually, Xie Xuanchen was unable to resist the illness and fell into a coma.

When he woke up again, there was a beauty standing before his bed, looking at him in surprise. Then, for the sake of his domineering little princess, he revived his name as the God of War, reclaimed the throne, and united the world.

I once captured the world to satisfy my own ambition. Now, you are the reason for my ambition.

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New solivagantsoul rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
for me it's between a 3-3.5

it's good, the relationship between the protagonists is truly amazing and heartwarming. the reborn lady who was given a second chance has to watch how life takes a different turn only not as amazing as she had imagined. I pity her. the romance cant be said to be fast nor slow...i really don't know how to describe it. They had always treated each other as their partner however it wasn't until chapter 90 that they been made their feelings truly known despite how they acted... more>> pretty close full of trust, care, respect even doting however they did this annoyed me as well as how they had their first night. he was drunk.

a more critical review on the plot would be that it needs more refining, the concept was good (nothing too new) but the shallowness of how it was written made this a more passer-by story. A novel that could have been full of classical taste was reduced to something to read to pass the time. A lot of plot holes and vagueness in places more importance could be given. For me, even the romance after so long turned draggy and in the end I wasn't completely satisfied with how the author described their bed matters and things related.

don't be discouraged by my review I guess I'm only dissatisfied because of how much better this could have turned out with better execution however for a simple read this will definitely satisfy you. It's really uncomplicated no in-law-drama, no s*upid cannon-fodder villains (actually the emperor and ml's cousin but they are solved too swiftly at the end so they don't count) no struggle for wealth and the only rough patch the MC and ML seemed to go thru was at the very beginning of the book when the ML had just woken up and had a weaker joint (not body because he was unbelievably strong still compared to normal man but he was weakened due to drugs and lying in a coma for long) <<less
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New xxchroniclerxx rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I came to read this after finishing 'I Became the step mother of my ex husband', because that novel just made me feel like I was watching a drama similar to Story of Ming Lan (albeit less complicated). But this story completely differs from the former and in a good way.

I finished this by mtl (as the translation is still ongoing but my binge reading a*s couldn't wait) , which was fairly understandable and the flow of the story is so nice that I didn't even notice it was mtl-ed... more>> half of the time.

Now about the plot, I have to say that it was fairly written and focuses more on character development rather than power struggles and all, we get to meet our main leads, both of whom are very much beaten up by their respective lives and once their lives intersect, they begin to heal each other and grow our of their past and move on. I absolutely adore the relationship between the leads and enjoy their banter so much, and thus I am willing to not be discouraged by some small plot holes.

Like how the Emperor just sits around doing nothing to our ML after the New Year Banquet, maybe this can be explained by the fact that they found 'assassins' previously and there were some border tensions, coupled with the fact that ML was much better than before and the Emperor couldn't really focus on him much. My only doubt was how ML proceeds to out and socialize with others and people don't bat an eye like dude was indeed famous for his 'crazy' episodes of killing and people would p*ss themselves if he was anywhere near them and then suddenly they all forget about his previous actions as of it was all a hoax


About the relationship between the leads, man it's too sweet and adorable.

It's the troupe of ML saves young girl who is the FL and later on she decides to repay him with herself. Bleh. Don't be mistaken, the story gives a nice and cute charm to this overused plot and it's so adorable that it made my cheeks hurt from ginning. ML previously saved the FL when her hometown was attacked and she had always admired him so when she finds out that the infamous crazy guy she married was actually her saviour, she decides to wholeheartedly try to save him. ML saved her when she was at her lowest point and FL in turned dragged him away from the clutches of death and despair that he had subjected himself to. I love how the ML having fallen from his peak suffers from despair but slowly regains hope to live. The leads both support each other, trust each other and rely on each other and if that isn't the definition of wholesome then idk what is. It's very much understandable how and why the ML's obsession (in a really healthy way) for the FL began.


It was a very good read, and I'd like to thank the translator for working hard to provide us with good translations. <<less
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Elizabrush rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is interesting but FL's personality is kinda annoying at times and I'm not sure if I like this style of couple. I prefer the couples in Yue Xia Die Ying's work where they're both mature, dignified and kinda mysterious. The couple here is cute together but they have a much less adult feeling since they're constantly bickering over kinda silly things or getting into little misunderstandings since both of them are dense when it comes to love.

The FL's personality is written pretty realistically. She's young (only 15) and... more>> from a commoner background so she's very reliant on the ML for the backstabbing and politics stuff. She does have more serious moments, esp during crisis plot points and very encouraging to the ML but I can't help but miss my cool girl crush heroines... sigh. The ML is more of a straightforward "I'll just kill you and be done with it" arrogant and stubborn type. He's not really a schemer. Everyone practically pisses themselves when they see him because of his reputation for being a bloodthirsty madman. The two of them come to depend on each other since they both have pretty much no one else.

I think if you enjoy the cute squabbles style of couple you'll like this, and if you don't, you'll still find the plot intriguing as things are paced pretty well. The background court politics and such is decent, though less serious and less "deep" than Yue Xia Die Ying's work to make a comparison.

In the middle portion of the novel it becomes more obvious that the background plot just serves to keep the romance running as many things don't make sense if you think about it more deeply. Like after New Years the emperor continues to sit on his ass and not do anything to the ML for months. The medicine guy shows up in the capital again even though he's supposedly very nervous and has been running away since his master was killed. The ML and FL are under constant watch at home but somehow are able to find time to hide the ML away for hours to fix his illness. The FL orders servants to get rid of all the incense used around the house and to perfume their clothes and the emperor still doesn't feel like anything's wrong even though previously they made a huge fuss about just a perfume ball being discovered... etc. It's like the villains all lost their IQ even though previously they were skillful enough to poison ML under the emperor's nose and then kill off the emperor...


Thankfully, the plot picks up again

around ch 100 as the war begins.


Readers who want to MTL, be aware the translator splits 1 chapter into 4-5 parts. <<less
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Skite rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c56
Follows the newer trend of "plain ol' good ancient Chinese women are better than scheming rebirthers/ transmigrators" stories.

Perhaps it is my brash, capitalist, American heart, but our MC, Mu Mingtang, with her merchant background and straight-forwardness, greatly appeals to me. She ditches the subtle and intricate word play insults most noble women characters so greatly prize, (but which I tend to find exasperating and dumb), with a refreshing degree of shamelessness. You want to send her a box of gold in some elaborate, understated insult? Well, she's going to... more>> happily accept and think you're a moron--you just sent her a friggin box of gold. And she's going to keep it, too, who cares if you were trying to imply some nuanced insult, if you're too weak to say it to her face? She's also believable as a young teenager, not having any super powered skills, like extreme intelligence or omniscience, and being absurdly delighted with things like bright clothes, high-school level pettiness, and fun food.

Our male lead is a bit superpowered (being only 19 and having Alexander the Great level achievements by age 17) but this is tempered by a fairly realistic (for a book) recovery time lasting the better part of a year, quite a lot of his achievements being acknowledged as overly exaggerated to the point of legend, and him having believable PTSD. He likewise acts his age, finding s*upid things funny, having zero idea about girl stuff, and wanting attention.

Together, they are a very sweet, and well-matched couple, with minimal drama between them and a pretty healthy relationship. They make each other laugh.

I enjoy the antagonists a lot as well. Not as people, they're terrible people, but as characters. Jiang Mingue, our antagonist, is our rebirth character, not the MC. She comes across like a burnt out, bitter, middle-aged divorcee in a 13 year old body--which she is. In her first life, she ran off with a foreign prince at age 12 and became his concubine in a whirlwind of romantic flurry... only to suffer for it for the rest of her life.

To explain our antagonist:

Picture someone who was the prettiest cheerleader in her tiny town, with the richest dad everyone else's dad works for. She is absolutely addicted to the attention and fawning that comes from this middle-school level power trip. There's this cringey "m'lady" nerd guy who is obsessed and low key simps her, but whom she's just really not into, though the attention is nice. Suddenly, her family moves to the big city and now she's a little fish in a big pond and can't handle it, plus her parents aren't listening to her and keep telling her she has to marry the simp, who's parents now have way more money than them.

Running off with the hot, twenty-something "cool" guy from the dangerous neighborhood suddenly sounds far more appealing. Only, he never makes the pretty princess fantasy promises he spun her into reality. Everyone in his neighborhood hates her for not fitting in, rather than thinking she's awesome for coming from the rich borough, like she assumed they would. And he's got so many high-drama baby mamas he's stringing along, it's ridiculous. She winds up as a middle-aged, abused, neglected waste.

Then, she hears her old simp wound up as Bill Gates, and he's nice and sweet and doting to his wife, whom everyone says looks just like her, and she loses her g*d*mn mind choking on the infuriated resentment.

When she's reborn into her past, one year into her disastrous affair, she decides to nope out of her loser boyfriend and head back to marry the simp who will soon hit the jackpot. Only... she's still not that attracted to him, and worse, he's now a neckbeard. He's figured out hygiene and has money: now he thinks he's all that and a bag of chips, and that he's owed hot babes. Scores of hot babes. Sure, marrying the head cheerleader was a trophy achievement, but he's not going to say no to all these other gold diggers throwing themselves at him. Plus, she's still burnt out and bitter over her old boyfriend, and not ready for a new relationship, so she's not pulling the weight of living up to his fantasy, and he's too distracted by all the overly-obliging pretty young things climbing into his bed to bother with her moods or establishing a good relationship. She's so mad she picked another turd she doesn't want to try, either.

She's also ridiculously attracted to her in-law/ neighbor, who was the hot boy band member she was completely obsessed with as a tween, and really bad at hiding both the attraction and the resentment that the girl she hates the most got to marry him. She is, at her core, a molten ball of rage that's getting hotter and hotter, about to reach nuclear scorched earth because she just can't seem to get back to the small-town ease she enjoyed in her youth, which she is desperate to have again, to the point of demanding it as something she deserves.

Now, shift all of that to ancient times, and you'll have our antagonist couple.


I actually feel pretty bad for Jiang Miangue. Everyone has felt that angry and wronged before, and it's difficult and unappealing to humble yourself to get out of that hole. If only she had channeled all of that resentful, bitter rage at those who deserved it-- like her scumbag ex and his evil wives who treated her like crap. But no, she focuses on our main character, Mu Mingtang, (who "stole her rightful place and took all her things" as Jiang Miangue sees it) as the cause of all of her life woes. She obsesses that, if only Mu Mingtang has a sh*tty, tortured fate, then Jiang Minague can be happy at last. This, of course, backfires spectacularly. If she'd just been a nice person, or even just a neutral one who minded her own business, she would have had a wonderful second life. Mu Mingtang, in turn, barely thinks about her unless it's to poke her with a stick, and thinks she's an idiot, which I find awesome. <<less
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bookwurm247 rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly, I loved everything about this novel. The characters, story, writing, etc. Even if the story isn’t particularly deep nor is it very different from the other Chinese novels in this genre. The story kind of reads like a rebirth novel but instead of the FL being reborn, it’s the ... more>>

second FL, Jiang Ming Wei


it’s not a well written review, I know, but to end this I’d like to point out some of my favorite moments:

1. A little after their marriage, he actually wakes up for the “first time” during Jiang Ming Wei’s wedding to ex fiancé. I say first because technically, no one knows he woke up already like a week ago except for the FL. Btw, they live right next door to the 2nd couple pair. Anyway, everyone runs to see because he’s gone “crazy” again. To keep this brief, soldiers are there surrounding him to “control” him (ie read “accidentally” kill him). FL runs through them and tried to protect him and says “he’s not crazy, he’s just sick”. 🥰 She then lectures and essentially says that they were bastards for treating him like a criminal when he was a war hero that saved them from being over taken. Which is true because one of the countries is only holding back on invading because they were scared of him. In the other story line, they invaded AFTER they heard news of his death.
2. A little after he actually wakes up and is able to walk around, she complains to him about being bored. He suggests she go watch a play but she doesn’t want to leave him alone. Then she remembers that they live next to Xi Xuanji and Jiang among Wei. She had heard recently that XXJ was favoring a concubine instead and was giving her control of the house finances. Our FL essentially says, there’s a play next door already. Let’s just go there. So they literally go over to just stir the pot. Seriously, they ask questions they shouldn’t ask under the guise of “elders” (they were older based on ML’s age/lineage). At one point, XXJ, JMW, and concubine are arguing and our ML is on the side peeling nuts for FL to eat. The actors realize that and looks over. Our FL says, “oh don’t mind us, keep going in your conversation” 🤣 this happens a few other times where FL will literally stir the pot between XXJ and JMW, she knows they don’t have a good relationship even tho they were childhood sweethearts, because she’s bored and wants to see some entertainment. ML will just accompany her to watch but he’s almost always out of the loop since, you know, he’s been in a coma.

3. In fact, another favorite moment is when FL would tease ML for being “old” and out of touch with the current trends. This was a small part that happened where they spent an afternoon or something to compare notes on what was popular right now. She just kept the gag going but this kind of comes back later to bite her. 🤣

4. I need to stop because this list will keep going if I don’t. Much later in the story, once our ML realized that he can act “sick” to gain pity points and to get FL to spoil him, he takes full advantage of it. In one of the later chapters, he comes back from a mission with a slightly deep but surface wound. She doesn’t know that it’s not serious because she hasn’t seen a lot of injuries. He takes full advantage and acts like his arm was almost cut off and get FL to baby him. She dresses his wound and feeds him because he “can’t use his arm”. Everyone else who knows that the injury was not that serious is like 😦. However this back fires on him because he wants to snu snu but she said no since he was injured. I believe she did cave a little but for the rest of his “recuperation” there was no snu snu. 🤣 Plus, she does find out and gets real mad at him. Like they’re first argument in a while.

there are other cute moments but these are my favorites and the ones I can remember. Anyway, point is, if you’re down to read a story with an interesting plot line and characters, please read this. It was relatively easy to MTL, but there were parts where I did get a little lost. The only complaint I have really is that the ending seemed kind of rushed. Like the last 10 chapters or so were telling more than showing. There was also quite a few time-skips. Idk it just felt the author had a limited amount of chapters left or something and had to finish up really quick. <<less
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honeybunny55 rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: Completed
A novel that surprised me by how good it was. I randomly found this one while searching around online, and I didn't have very high expectations for it. But it was surprisingly very good! I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

The love between the MC and the ML progressed naturally for me despite the novel not being very long. I understand why the MC loved the ML, and I also understand why the ML eventually fell in love with the MC. Although the ML seems cold and... more>> cruel on the outside, he is in fact a very warm person who only thought he was a dead end and didn't want MC to suffer so he wanted to give her a divorce so she could be free.

I personally really enjoyed the progression of their relationship, and I loved watching how everyone's reactions went from "hah ML will die soon and then MC will be garbage" to "sh*t he isn't dying any time soon, we'd better fix up our attitudes". It was just fun watching all of the different people interact from the previous life to the new life, and how MC is extremely oblivious to the different plots going on around her.

Anyways here's the plot of the story for those of you who want spoilers. I can't remember everyone's names because it's been a hot minute since I read this novel (but I loved it so much I had to come back to write a review) so I'll just refer to them generally as much as I can:


MC in the previous life married Prince Jin and became queen. She basically had no feelings whatsoever, she just faked loving Prince Jin but she actually gave two shits about him. Prince Jin because he's an arrogant son of a bum, he always assumed that everybody loved him and that he was perfect and it's impossible for no woman to not love him. So he had lots of concubines in the previous life in hopes of attracting MC's attention, but MC didn't care. She didn't have any likes, hobbies or anything of her own. Her entire life was based off of the original Miss Jiang's likes, hobbies, dislikes, etc. so she just copied her in order to fulfill her role.

But in reality, she didn't care, and just lived her life like this.

The original Miss Jiang ran away with someone from an enemy country, and he promised her that once he got rid of his fiancee's family (who had a lot of power in the country) that he would make her Queen. But nothing happened and she was eventually killed in enemy country before being reborn.

After being reborn, she ran back to her family and got engaged and married to Prince Jin. They married our MC to our ML, who was in a coma and shackled down I believe.

Our ML is the only son of the former Emperor, and the current Emperor was his Uncle. ML's original family was originally a general's family, and our ML was also a war hero. He saved our MC previously when her hometown was invaded after her parents were killed. Then, she was adopted by the Jiang family. Our ML's mother was previously killed by the old Emperor of the former dynasty, which is why the ML's father rebelled and became the Emperor. The current Empress Dowager is the ML's father's concubine who like didn't live in the home in the capital which is the only reason why she survived. The reason why the ML survived not being killed alongside his mother was because he snuck out to follow his father to war.

The original Miss Jiang had also seen the ML previously and also liked him, but since he was a waste and there was no future with him, she obviously preferred her childhood friend Prince Jin.

The MC and the ML slowly discover through a series of incidents why the ML went insane and what was affecting him. The ML was actually poisoned by the current Emperor (his Uncle) which was what made him go insane and kill all of his colleagues. They wanted to eliminate the ML because technically he should be the one on the throne as the only son of the former Emperor, and not the current Emperor.

Eventually the ML and MC leave the capital after the Emperor forces him to go to war with minimal troops to defend the border from the enemy country, but he goes and instead gathers troops from the different areas all around, forcing the military families to submit to him. The Emperor tries to call him back, and tries to tell everyone in the capital that he's rebelling, but eventually they become scared because the enemy country is closing in on them, there are betrayers, and then there's the fact that the ML has a powerful military force.

Eventually the old Emperor dies, and Prince Jin ascends as the Emperor. They flee the capital because Prince Jin is a coward and wanted to run away if I recall correctly.

Eventually, the whole dynasty is split into two halves with Prince Jin ruling one side then ML ruling the other side. The ML then goes, kills the enemy country and his Queen (who actually became friends with our MC) commits suicide. He then destroys the enemy country and proceeds to subjugate all the countries around him. Once he finishes that, he sets his sight on Prince Jin's half of the kingdom.

He eventually reaches the capital, where the original Miss Jiang, who is Queen, puts on her Queen's robe and jumps into the lake and drowns herself, which is the exact same way she died in her previous life.

As for Prince Jin, he ran away with his favorite concubine (a concubine from the enemy country) leaving Miss Jiang behind.

Hilariously enough though, before he could run very far, his favorite concubine killed him.

The story ends with the ML returning home to his wife and child having united the entire dynasty under his rule.


There are two extras associated with this story but I personally found both of them shitty LOL. The first one was boring, I think it was about the son. The second was a "rewrite" of sorts where the MC is reborn after her death in the original timeline, Prince Jin is also reborn, and so is the ML's father.

I was honestly hoping that at the end Prince Jin would get screwed over, but it just ends with the ML and the MC getting married after growing up together, and nothing happens to him or the original Miss Jiang. Kinda boring to be honest, and it ended super abruptly. The author stated she wrote it because our MC and ML suffered too much which is why she wanted to write an alt ending but I kinda just felt like it was half-assed.

There's honestly a lot that goes on between the MC and ML that's super cute. They're constantly being compared to Prince Jin and Miss Jiang, and it's hilarious because at first everyone flatters Miss Jiang like wow you have such a good relationship but in reality she's constantly being pressed down by concubines, and Prince Jin cares very little about her and spends a lot of his time doting on concubines.

For example, when the enemy country came for a conference, they brought a princess who confessed to our ML in public. Our ML was like lol no. They kept trying to get him to take the princess, with even her adoptive father and other ministers blaming our MC for being a jealous woman. ML was like um I don't want this loser princess, what does it have to do with my wife?? I just want my wife, I don't need other women. He basically humiliates the other ministers, the princess and enemy country, but they're all too afraid of him to say anything. Eventually she goes to Prince Jin's household and becomes his favorite concubine who, in the future:


yeah she's the one who kills Prince Jin at the end. LOL


Our ML then goes on to say to MC's adoptive father about how virtuous his daughter is for helping Prince Jin welcome concubines, which was just... CHEF'S KISS SO SATISFYING.

Seriously. The best part of this novel was the love between the MC and ML. The ML is pretty straightforward, whereas the MC is the one who never thought the two would fall in love, and thought that she just admired him, and the ML chases after her until she realizes his intentions. He really just gives absolutely ZERO f*cks about what anybody thinks about him, and every time our MC gets bullied, even if she can handle it herself, he immediately just uses his ultra poisonous tongue to destroy their faces in front of everyone.

So. Satisfying. I only wish the ending was a bit more satisfying, but honestly, the journey was really the best part.

Anyways I really enjoyed this story! Definitely better than expected and would definitely recommend. <<less
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Moonson rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c38
Its so sweet and its so good! Our Mingtang is very sensible and honest in her deeds, despite the tragic background. While our sickly prince, Xuancheng, is well behaved patient and silly husband.

The stories revolved in throne and political background, but our couple actually being prisoned, or watched, in their secluded courtyard, counting feelings and budding hearts. Sweet and sweet.

Continuing the support for the translator by giving 5 stars! Thanks for picking up this novel! Happy new year everyone!
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March 19, 2021
Status: c128

Love this couple especially the ML. He's a total badass but when it comes to FL, he's soooo childish. He's always acting cutesy and dotes on her alot though sometimes, he can come off as being bipolar.

Some parts of the novel don't make sense eg the part where he's supposedly mad and chain to his bed with super heavy reinforced chains and heavily guarded by the emperor who wants to kills him unsuspectingly. However, after FL picked the locks of the chain and freed him, the emperor no longer locks... more>> him up and they can walk about the mansion freely? Then later after New Years, the emperor didn't try new plots to kill him but left him alone for months???? Maybe the emperor has amnesia lol

I think this book would be better if we had seen the 2nd ML (original ML in the title) get some faceslapping. <<less
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Humbledaisy rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c23
I’ve actually read to the end using MTL but this story is worth waiting for chapters to be translated. The translator does a good job expressing the author’s intent - a very clear and readable job.

The leads meet when they are both at their lowest points and learn to grow together. I like that the plot involves court intrigue AND warfare but not too much of either. The ML is pretty extra when he recovers (that’s really quite a ways into the novel) and adult times are discussed but in... more>> a very discreet way.

The uncovering of the second FL life story is an intriguing counterpoint to the main couple’s storyline. <<less
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whitespade rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: c44
I like the FL and ML because they are so cute together. However I'm up until ch44 and things still so slow because author tend to insert filler paragraphs about beauty or valour or the past that's repeated hundreds of time before so it could be quite tiring.
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked the story and couldn't put it down but the second half of this novel was boring because the author wrote repetitive explanations, maybe to lengthen the chapter or just to make sure the readers wouldn't misunderstood the plot, but it was unnecessary.

I could said that this is light novel with fluff and sweet romance. No deep schemes or strong love rivals. It is pass time reading.
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bkwrmatk rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished this novel by MTL, and it didn't matter. While not perfect, the characters and story were great. I loved the interdependence of the MC and the ML's near obsession for the FL. I would love to see this novel turned into a series or movie. It was that good!
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berryberry rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Loved this! ML and FL have such a sweet relationship, and no misunderstandings! They have great communication and trust. And the plot is paced really well, and never got boring. It's has more than just romance, but the other elements never overshadow it and it's not complicated at all. I completed the novel with MTL and it was surprisingly readable, and very easy to understand! It also isn't dragged out, it's a nice (relatively) short read. I also loved the extras at the end!

... more>>

ML and FL also end up having a really cute son!


It's romantic and fluffy, with a solid storyline and character development/world-building.

10/10 recommend.

(The translator is also doing an exceptional job, so shout out to them!) <<less
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RlngFmas rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a novel worth Mtl-ed, the plot is not boring cuz the writer did a good job in mixing love story and politic story well. I love both leads, they really have a good chemistry, and I love how their relationship slowly build up into a mighty wall.

Ps. The male lead is so OP, but I still adore him cuz he can turn into a drama queen instantly when FL in sight LOL.
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briannacommoname rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: c50
Hohohoho so far I kinda like the ML hehe (i never liked them before umm like I only cared about MC's in chinese novels except ML from (side-character cannon fodders fiance's ML his name was smth like Chen idk and ML from 'i am ready for divorce' his name is Cavile💀 I mean in short there are really few MLs out there that I i actually like so yeah.)

About MC obviously I love her.

And second ML umm hes not like hes not not likeable cause these all things belonged... more>> to him in novel and hes quite smart and have justified reason to feel jealous and inferior to ML and hes not outrageous like some dead brain characters and yeah hes shameless and believes what he sees and hears doesn't think too deeply about other people inside feelings hehe I am glad hes hes getting what he deserves (i just want him to recover his memories for past life as well just like ahem ahem

the mean and pathetic entitled to the point her own mother thinks at some point that it was better if she wasn't her biological child but MC was!! I am talking about second FL jiang ming wei or smth

why I want him to develop his memories its a cliche reason but I want him to regret every single moment he breaths and sees MC and ML together happily hehe (ノ`Д´) ノ彡┻━┻

Thats all guys (ꈍᴗꈍ) <<less
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ashc00 rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: Completed
A very good reading. The plots are not too dense and complicated. It’s a straightforward story about two people who overcome their past and together support each other for the better.

There’s not much drama between MC and ML, only ML pretending to be sick, so that MC would pamper him like a baby 😂 and he only sees MC in his eyes.

The only complain I have is ML is sooo OP that he could win many wars so easily. The only strategy I think ML deployed and explained in detail... more>> is during the first war. Then the rest are explained quite sloppyly. It seems like the author want to conclude everything but done in a rush. The same thing also happened in the extras. I quite enjoyed the extras but the author ended the story of the third life abruptly.

One of the novel that I will reread after all chapters have been translated. <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I immediately give it a five star because this novel deserves this.

I love everything on this novel. The character, antagonist, flow of the story, plot, everything is a chef's kiss to me.

ML is really such a lucky bastard. He met MC on his darkest days and he could stand up because he have the reason to live. He wanted to be with her together with their kids until old age.

The uncle of the ML (which is the Emperor) is an a**hole. A chicken who's pretending a dragon—how 'bout I turn... more>> you as a fried chicken?!

Okay, the son of the uncle... I kinda pity him (not really). You check it out of why is that. I kinda tired of telling spoilers.

MC... How much I freaking adore you.

If you have hesitations, don't worry it's a good read. It's understandable in MTL and it have great romance. <<less
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ricachuu rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: Completed
AHHHHH this novel was so gooood

The politics weren't overdrawn and the relationship between the FL and ML were set at a good pace. Both the ML and FL trusted, depended, and loved each other and it happened very naturally that it made me want to cheer them on. They did have some trivial misunderstandings but most of the time, they were honest and straightforward towards each other. I love how the FL never gave up on the ML and stayed by his side while helping him recover. I also love... more>> how the ML only loves the FL and would often act like a baby to her even in public lololol Both the leads were likable and very humanlike (aside from how OP ML actually is) so it was such a good read.

Also, the fanwai is definitely a must-reaaad! Over-all a fluffy and slightly dramatic romance story that u can read when you're bored from studying hehe 10/10 <<less
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Aska.has.ORD... rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Very good! A very very good ML and FL. They're both straighforward and more resilient than others. FL is not mary sue, ML is part gary sue-ish but he has his downsides too (like being addicted to acting like a baby or aggravating a minor minor injury to seek comfort from his wife- omg! Such a cutie)

No dogblood dramas even the "villains" are not so annoying conpared to most CN ofnyhe same genre. Hahha

Cant find the extras tho.
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wethairdampskin rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished it by MTL but im sure gonna re read it by reading the proper translation.

... more>>

It's happy ending


This novel has plot dynamics that I really like, with the hero thats very dark and full of scars falling in love with naive sweet heroine. The story started angsty but ended up with very lovely feeling. ML and FL both are very very loveable people and the romance between them will make your heart warm.

The cold ML slowly melt and become so clingy with the FL. Lol

make people so dumbfounded because ML are infamous for it's bloodthirst and brutality


The conflict in this novel is suprisingly not too gory and sometimes the villains are too weak. <<less
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ReadBhell rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: --
I have no words to explain how I feel after finishing such a beautiful novel, I came to read this novel after reading another novel by the same author, if I remember correctly the title is something like "I married the ninth uncle" after reading the 1st novel, I liked it so much that I looked for more works by the same author, if the story of the ninth uncle and his niece fascinated me, the story of Xie xuanche and Mu Mintang loved it, it is not a cloying... more>> novel that only focuses on only problem, no gentlemen. This talks about growth as people, about how life can hit you and the important thing is to get up, I will not deny that this novel made me reflect a lot about the life we ​​want and what life gives us, the clear example is Xie Xuanche who He had everything when he was born and when he grew up he achieved even more, but then he fell, and it is as the saying goes, the higher you are, the worse the fall, the same happens with Mu Mintang, pampered by her parents and then saw herself in the Needing to mature from the war, of course Mu Mintanga overcame his darkness earlier while Xie xuanche does it step by step throughout the entire novel. <<less
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iriswoohoo rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of those love transcends all, enduring tales of romance, partnership, and political intrigue. Not too much angst and no misunderstandings between leads. Heartwarming wholesome story with heroic bent. I loved watching the leads grow together in both love and power. Their interactions are cute and I binged the whole thing in two days using MTL. Epilogues were cute and interesting take on the parallel universe.
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