Married To The Male Lead’s Father


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Lord Protector Ding, Xie Heng, was the famous bachelor in Dayue Dynasty, also the adoptive father of the male lead in the novel about a reborn woman. He’s the war god in the eyes of the commoner and their protector…..also the poisonous wealthy husband that all females avoid.

At the Dayue Dynasty, everyone thought that Lord Protector Ding would die single, but suddenly, there was a piece of huge news that dominated the gossip in the capital:

It seemed that Jiang family’s fourth miss went mad after her engagement was canceled by Lord Protector Ding’s heir. She said that she wanted to be her ex-fiance’s mom.

The whole capital’s gossip exploded from this news.

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New sansukini0923
April 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this story eventhough the FL in the original novel is annoying and cruel. I'm not sure if it was the translation but it was quite confusing at first when the MC originally transmigrated. But I'm guessing the MC transmigrated since very young but is not aware yet of the plot of the story. She might have become aware of the plot before her engagement to the novel's ML was annulled, otherwise, she would have prevented her parents from being killed.

Sometimes, you can't expect the plot to be... more>> too intellectual or realistic, as long as the story is entertaining and has a great progression/plot. Take for example, she has some powers in brewing some wines so that they miraculously cure you. Transmigrating in itself is just a plot device. Don't try to be too smart when you read some novels, it's not a textbook.

I like the shy and "block of wood" Duke and the flirty MC Ningbao. They have a really good dynamics and open affection for each other. Please spare me from simpering misses. The ML Xie Heng is a block of wood at first because he never interact with females before, not even his mother because of the bad spirit in his body that harms delicate individuals, esp women. The only exception is Ningbao, who can get close to him without harm. But he was not really shy, he's just a little innocent in the area of romance, and later becomes a wolf in sheep's clothing, but he's not dominant, it's more like, once you taste it, you always want it, but he's not forceful. The dominant partner here is still the FL, Ningbao.

The only person she really wants to protect here is her brother, then her husband and mother-in-law and her babies. She's really not a vindictive person but the novel's FL is very cruel and dumb. Don't be too greedy. Although she didn't die in the end, she still got her comeuppance. But I really think the author should have killed her off.

It's a very happy ending for the MC. But the villains didn't really have a bad ending (death). Their lives becomes worse but it's not really notable in the end. What I wish is a side story for XI JingYi, the original fiancee. It was mentioned that the novel's FL and ML became closer/deep in love because of the problems caused by the original Ningbao, but since the transmigrated Ningbao decided to move forward and married the Duke in peace, these two leads didn't have to fight against her schemes, so they didn't fall that deep.


Regarding Ningbao's paternal family, she didn't really abandon them but stopped them from using her all the time. She did help her cousin Shuyan to have a protection under the influence of the Duke and she helped Mingyao find a good marriage partner instead of being a concubine, she invited her grandmother to her banquets to give the family some protection, she even helped restore their title eventhough his Uncle tried to kill her parents.

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New LostSoutIsland
March 28, 2021
Status: c137
I am waiting for more chapters. I have read the novel till chapter 137. If someone know when will translator complete translating this novel, please let me know.

When I read reviews about this story, I was hesitating to start reading it because many have mention MC's short coming or how the details related to MC is not mentioned in the novel because of that this novel may looks like have lots of open loop holes.

But if you take this novel from the perspective of girl (MC) who wants to live... more>> fully and the writer's perspective who doesn't want to waste words in explaining details and wants to keep this novel fluffly cute novels so you will accept it more easily.

Novel is well balanced in all sense.

MC: character buildup is also good. First MC wants to live fully so she thinks she should show dominant behavior to get her happiness because she is from the time where you have to to fight for food and everything. So from the start she had that mentality but when she start behaving shy and blush more. This was positive change in her. She is accepting being loved and when she tried to complain about everything to Duke. This development seems like she is letting go past and becoming dependent in someone whom she trust fully.

ML: he was block of wood. But he strat learning everything step by step. Few things he did which seems s*upid or someone could think he is forcing her behavior on her (when Duke start sending her fruits and she said she didn't want it anymore but Duke still send her... Duke thought because she is shy that's why she is saying NO, like in the story. duke read and learn from) but he learned after it.

Through out this fluffly novel if you just focus on main MC and ML.

I love this novel and I want to request translator to please translate this novel. <<less
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nrelectrostrudelini rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c57

So starting out, I enjoyed the novel because calm FL and logical face slapping. I wasn't impressed with the NFL because she seemed one note to me. I understand she had a terrible first life and is counter attacking, I respect and enjoy that but once she fixated on FL for literally NO other reason except "she had an amazing life in the past life! How dare she try to have a good life this time too because I want to steal her good opportunities!" Like. Are you s*upid? Whatever, she gets dealt with, it's all good.

The dirtiest part of this novel, the part that I am seriously unreconciled with, is that FL abandons Jiang Mingyao. The sins of the parents should not fall on the children, they are not culpable. ESPECIALLY because MY helped out FL MULTIPLE TIMES in the current timeline. SHE WAS THE REASON FL DIDNT HAVE TO STEP BACK FOR GRANDMA WITH THE TWO AUNTIES SITUATION. I'm so sorry for yelling but I literally cried with MY when she knew what was going to happen after that flower incident.

And FL was like, "we have no fate, I only liked you because of your previous incarnation." EXCUSE ME? in this lifetime, MY stepped back and even defended you when it was appropriate. She gave you the benefit of the doubt, AND apologized to you when itwasn't her fault.

I'm absolutely disgusted and I wanted to continue reading to see if she might change her mind and help Mingyao but it doesn't seem like it. I just. I can't. She was an otherwise fine FL, nothing to write home about but now I'm just sad and angry. I'm smad. Mingyao got dealt so dirty, y'all.

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marchmallow rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
It's an overall okay story. I enjoyed the romance, but I found other things in the plot to be a little absurd. 3 stars is already the most I can give it.

MC transmigrated from a zombie apocalypse dystopia to someone else's rebirth-revenge story set in ancient China, with memories from the original host. The original host is supposed to be the villain in FL's story and is proficient in brewing magical ancient wine with OP medicinal properties. I personally find the whole zombie apocalypse and magical wine thing to be... more>> ridiculous, but that's mostly because my taste is a bit more "realistic" and mellow.

The story's FL, the main antagonist, gets painstakingly idiotic over time, and her aversion to MC is without reason, other than the fact that MC's life was better than hers in her previous lifetime. It's literally just that, so I find it to be overall baseless and unjustified. After her rebirth, she schemed to steal MC's fiance, ruining MC's reputation as a result, despite the fact that MC never harmed her. I guess the only thing somewhat worthy of FL's resentment in the current timeline is that MC ruins some of her plans in retaliation, but that's really also what FL deserves... so??????

She can be so s*upid that you either find it cute or annoying.


MC is clever and she initially takes the initiative to advance her relationship with the ML, but her character isn't consistent throughout the story. In the beginning, ML is a block of wood with zero romantic inclination, so she attacks him with flirty banter and sends him love letters, slowly making her way through his heart. There's also a cheat in this, as MC is literally the only woman immune to ML's cursed and ominous aura that drives all women who get close to him into nausea and, at worst, death.

But later on, MC becomes docile to ML and gets easily embarrassed when they get intimate, and ML suddenly becomes domineering. I understand that MC, as ML's first and only woman, enchants him with her antics and her beauty, so he consequently gets addicted to her "taste" and becomes a horny boi. But I also want her to maintain her spunk, ya know? She instead becomes docile and delicate?????? I have nothing against MCs of this type, but if you originally write a dominant and determined MC, at least make it consistent!

Mini-rant: It annoys me to no end when female MCs blush at the slightest intimate contact, and their initial reaction to ML's sexual hints is to refuse every time. It's as if... they aren't allowed to like s*x unless they're forced into it??? Or unless it's in exchange for something??? s*x is good, and women can like s*x too!


The ML is an adorable block of wood, who is clueless about romance, but later on he becomes the typical domineering and OP ML common to this genre, and he just easily solves all of MC's problems without her having to lift a finger. Though I have to say, he's still heaps better than most MLs, as he is more genuine and serious than overbearing.

Overall, I enjoy all sorts of romance, and their relationship is harmonious and refreshing once they get together with hardly any misunderstandings, so I can still tolerate some of the stuff I mentioned. <<less
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Dhaturas rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: c108
It's a good novel. The story isn't anything new, but it's not too much like the rest of the genre. The big twist of course is that the protagonist is in another protagonist's rebirth-revenge story.

Our protagonist (JN) is from the modern world and has better morals compared to the opposing protagonist (YS), who has no qualms with hurting anyone else for the sake of their own personal vendetta.

In the original world, JN had a happy life and marriage. She was also great at brewing medicinal wine and made a fortune.... more>> But in that world, YS helped Prince Jin become emperor and was betrayed. So, YS rebirths and decides to steal JN's fiance and use JN's secret wine recipe to make a fortune and support Prince Qin to the throne. This of course ruins JN's marriage and life, but YS doesn't care. But of course, JN is replaced by a modern person who has read the rebirth-revenge novel they're in.

It's a fun read because JN never suffers any major losses, while YS's plans keep on getting messed up because of JN. YS is genuinely fun to read along. She reacts vividly and so purely out of her sense of selfish revenge. You almost want to root for her. You at least want her to have a happy ending. But she doesn't know when to quit and is even willing to kill newborn babies, so you end up agreeing with her sad fate.

The ML was also nice. He's nothing like the chauvinistic, stuck-up and too prideful and toxic ML's from other novels. He's a serious type who's never experienced love before and has fallen head over heels for JN and isn't afraid to admit it.

So, I highly recommend reading this novel if you have some time and want to feel good. The MTL version is plenty readable with a little effort. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a good read. Although the timeline of the MC's crossover is very confusing, the story itself is entertaining.

The plot is one whole pot of dog blood drama. But in itself is also satisfying.

The mtl is quite easy to read and understand, so not much were lost when reading it. But kudos to the translator. Once fully translated, I will read this again.

The ML is quite cute, but not the usual possessive, overbearing type. I love their interaction.

5 stars for me since I enjoyed it.
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Ejsama rated it
March 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok so. The FL and ML's first interactions are really cute. Especially in the courting stage. She always took initiative and whaddaya know, he's a piece of block. What made me continue was how she was very bold and shameless around him. ML was always the same through out the whole novel. Whenever he comes home his descriptions are always like "seeing the FL's smile his gloomy brows and aura retracted. And his eyes softened. " they never much had a long conversation and it's always the novel FL and... more>> how to take her down cuz her life is like a c*ckroach. They try slowly clip her wings.. He became a horny dog after the wedding night IMO. Well I guess it's okay since it's hers relationship (shes from a sci-fi world). Her magical wine's are like "DaFaq" and how did she get this magic when I dont think she has the time to brew wine in her world.

Timeline was confusing. At the first chapter it says she was 'shocked' to find out she transmigrates into a book a 'few days ago'but turns out shes been there for years. I'm like???? Author what? (Ors it was because I mtled so it don't make sense)

Anyways so the novel FL is probably the only character that grew darker by each chapter. Her story before her rebirth was very similar "rebirth of the malicious empress...." (chased after a prince but actually was a scum) but smart wise, idk how her brain downgraded every chapter. Like sure you can take your revenge to people who mistreated you but man, she really just involved innocent people and separated them for a life time because of her jealousy. Like I dont get how shes so fixated to FL. You kinda stole the fiance so like go on your revenge business. Sheesh. She's very malicious mary sue. Lucky the FL woke up or I must say, saved a lucky secondary ML from her halo.

Which brings to the novel ML. He's such a pitiful baby. He's a good boy. He really liked the novel FL but she wasn't content and always talked to another prince. He never berated to his ex fiance despite having low reputation because he broke their engagement off. At some point he remembered, well he dreamt his past where he married his fiance and had a good life together and never met the novel FL. He compared dream and reality and realized he was schemed against. Too bad, he realized it too late. He didn't against his morals and stayed obedient and became her "grown son". I hoped he had a good remarriage. He was a really good guy??

To the FLs family, let's just say theres 1 chicken and 5 greedy pigs. Her parents came around the end of the chapters so idk what to say.

The story pretty much revolves around the NFL trying to kill FL, brief childcare, shameless people and the people NFL fooled. The last thigh the NFL hugged is a big dumb a$$. He let his legal wife die. He never realized he was just being used as a meat shield. He shoulda broke it off when she was being arrested. He could've saved himself

I don't really reccomend. The story was interesting at the start because FL was verybold to stone face ML. I found it cute but everything went meh after they got married. I wish they weren't so scared of her like idk use your popular business to destroy theirs and the magical wine? And no extras. I'm sad. <<less
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s1003 rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Cute, lighthearted read. The premise was very interesting - MC transmigrated, original FL was reborn - both are aware of the plot and are trying to take advantage of it in their own way. It's ironic that for the original FL the knowledge of her past life backfired on her.

MC is very straightforward and direct person, I love how she actively pursued the ML because he was clueless about relationships. Their relationship is cute, but there's not much development if you ask me. She pursues him, he falls for her,... more>> they get married, the end. There was never any conflict between them. The MC is also very dependent on the ML to solve all her problems.

There are some minor inconsistencies (when did MC actually transmigrate over?) and information that's mentioned but not relevant (she came from a zombie infected apocalyptic world?). However, I still enjoyed the story. I love how supportive the mother-in-law is and I felt bad for the original ML - he was a decent guy that got schemed by the original FL and had to deal with an awkward situation of his ex-fiancee becoming his adoptive mother. Poor guy.

Overall, an enjoyable read. Would recommend. <<less
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MokuMoku rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c56
two unoriginal mary sue characters are in a face-slapping faceoff. Secondary characters are flat and s*upid. Setting is derivative. Main female characters are BOTH entitled selfish twits. Love interests are BOTH unpalatable tropes, one is a selfish ass, the other a brick.

plots might have been interesting if I weren't cringing as soon as someone opened their mouth.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
17_rj17 rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c79
I usually didn't write a review for a novel that I read. But this, I can't, I must write it.

First of all, I maybe bias. I like this kind of story and the plot is really interesting. It remind me of the other "novel" who have the same plot as this and maybe the same characteristic for the MC. Just a little bit. At least I can tolerate it the same scenario or plot.

But this, no. The execution was really terrible.

First of all, I like the MC character but her... more>> nonsense background story and nonsense power baffle me. Like, please choose one background story for the MC? Like what the hell is author thinking? Anyway, in short, she's an OP character. I can't really or sympathize with her. And how she behave towards others or reputations or somethjng like that, she's so frank and straightforward. I mean it's ancient china, and yes, reputation is everything, she even said it herself, but the way she act make her reputation quite unbelievable if you ask me in real scene. The funny thing is the audience who saw it, was like, she was right she was right. It's so 2D and it's not logical. (You will realise it yourself when she declare that she want to be her ex-fiance's mother to publiv. I mean who the f*ck does that?) Well she said herself that she was mad. At least she realised it. She's calm, but her character sometimes questioning my sanity. Sometimes she's quite dumb, ruthless, nice, like? Anyway I stoped reading this because of the MC.

While the rest characters are pretty much 2D characters. Doesn't have any depth story. Oh maybe this quite contrarily to other opinion. I like her ex-fiancee and the so-called-FL-by-The-MC there. At least their characters are legit justify why they act like that. Although quite dumb.

Also the duke, the adopted father of Ex-fiance's MC and her husband, quite superficial to me. I think he like the MC first cause of she's the only one who can stand her ominous energy and she's beautiful. If the ominous energy never happen, why should he glance at her? And why MC was so sure that she is fit to be with him? And the author just dump something like fated partner or she's actually the one for the duke, like. Hello, fcking plot armor.

She also said the FL have this FL halo. Now, she's the MC. She has this MC (FL) halo too. Lmao.

I quit this novel because I thought maybe the story will have this decent logical interaction with each other like the other "novel", but no, this is quite low quality. Don't believe the rating there's much better than this.

Overall I give this a 2 star plot, character design, world building, relationship, interaction, and common sense.

The only 5 star is MC's maid who're loyal to her until the end.

Except the translator, I give them 4. They work quite hard, although there's a mistake, but they worked hard so let's appreciate it. <<less
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lazykitty_99 rated it
March 19, 2020
Status: --
5/5 for translation

3/5 for story

There isn't much to story except a undying villian.

FL just wants to live her life peacefully which reborn heroine won't let her

... more>>

Reborn heroine is more of a rabid dog who bites even those that didn't do anything to her in past life like oriMC. Just because she was jealous of how happy oriMC was in past life she decided to steal her fiance which even ended up destroying oriML happiness.

Ori ML apart at start breaking his engagement with MC didnt do anything bad. I feel pity for him, how his status plummeted from heir to normal young master.

Reborn heroine even went on harming the woman who was engaged to oriML after their divorce despite herself being side wife of a prince. To her ori ML belongs to her. He should be her even after divorce.

She did end up becoming a mad woman at end, considering her husband as ori ml. Her husband is 2nd ML of her story but still he loved her so much that was ready to be a substitute ~.

Poor ori ML married 2nd time to a woman who look like MC as he kept having dreams of his previous life with oriMC where he was very very happy.~~

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 7, 2020
Status: c108
This is an ok read. Whilst I am happy for all the fluff and sorts.....I feel like MC was too OP and lucky.... The antagonist (YS) is obviously smarter and more cunning. I actually enjoyed reading her parts. Whilst the story tries to make you root for the MC you cant help but notice how human and real YS is. MC has this cure all wine and happens to be heavens bastard child with the oodles of luck that comes with it and after a while it gets boring. ML... more>> is kinda 2 dimensional and happens to be written as a prop to MC. All in all, it was just ok. <<less
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SleepyCA rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed

Very enjoyable read. Love the interactions between the 2 MCs. My favorite has to be the ML. He went from an innocent blockhead to a loving and doting husband and father. Lots of lovey dovey moments between the 2. I think FL's character is realistic. She does not attack anyone unless she attacked. Another reviewer mentioned that she was digusted by what the FL did to her cousin by destroying her engagement but if you put yourself in her shoes, would you let an uncle and his family that hired bandits to kill your parents, steal their assets, covet your dowry, fed you food that made you infertile, go scot free? For me, she was already very magnanimous only taking away his official rank and breaking the cousin's engagement as a by product. Well, the aunt had to die but she deserved it. The FL later on also helped this cousin find a good husband that was an official among her husband's subordinates which is more than what I would do.

However, this story is not without flaws. The original novel FL (antagonist) set up is weak. The entire premise of why she attack the FL is because she is jealous of the FL's previous life. In that timeline, the FL lead a very good life with the original novel's ML (son) so in this life, she had to get rid of her to usurp her position and marry the ONML. When that didn't work out, she remembered that the soon to be crowned emperor in the previous timeline was smitten with her so she decided to go to him and continue her deranged plans. The author just pinned it on her being jealous person which is abit absurd. The other flaw was her magical wine which was not explained how she made them magical. Was it her blood, some chants or whatever, at least give an explanation. The part about the FL coming from a zombie apocalypse timeline also didn't add anything to the story other than to explain why she liked the ML coz he was a tough man with a deadly aura and that she could withstand birth pains unlike historical women *facepalm*

Overall, I would give it a 4.25 rating. I would up the rating to 4.5 if the author had added a couple of epilogues on how the 2 MCs lead the rest of their life and also what happened to the original novel's ML (son) and his marriage. He was such a pitiable character and I wonder if he ever got over his love for the FL. The ending was just too abrupt.

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Nelle rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
It was 5 stars at first and eventually became 4 stars towards the end. There's this never dying original female lead that's too annoying. I sympathized with the actual FL of this story because she's just living her carefree life, but the original female lead just kept on pestering her. *Insert Regina George's 'Why are you so obsessed with me?'

I read the translated version up to chapter 132 and continued reading the mtl version. (The continuation is at chapter 42 in the mtl)

I really like the actual FL's character.... more>> She's not the usual transmigrated woman who goes an eye for an eye. She knows how to forgive and how to let go some things. It gets tiring to read so many FL characters that always do the extreme just to extract revenge, as how the original female lead was. The ML and the actual FL's personalities are high quality.

The character development for the characters were seen early at the story, but after that no further development will happen. The actual FL's parents were unnecessary characters in the story in my opinion. I lost interest in the story after they came back to be honest. I just skimmed through the last chapters because they were no longer interesting. <<less
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molliebby rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: c99
i think it's really good, the translation is very good too, but I think the story is slow I mean the things are happening slow and the romance between MC and duke ding is happening more slow... LMAOOO

translation: 10/10

plot: 5/10
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ayashi rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: Completed
It's quite good at first, as the story goes it become a bit too absurd. The novel's FL is a bit reckless without brain, she keep getting revenge on all people without focus. And the MC mostly will listen news about FL from her servant and told to her husband then he'll deal with it. Not much action or direct face slap from MC, she's like watching a drama and pulling string behind to make FL's plan failed.

... more>>

A lot of not make sense plot like when there are 2 king compete for the throne because current emperor is sick, when the emperor got cured, both faction just lost their backing no rebel or something. Both just accept it that they can't become the emperor and still tried to make each other fall. Also one of FL's sister who got schemed by FL tried to revenge and become FL's maid to get opportunity but she regret it because she need to serve FL and not used to hard work. In the end she just wait until FL got ruined by her own plot.


Overall I enjoyed reading the first part of story before MC married and give birth, after that it's kinda a bit boring until the end. <<less
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idkvan rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: Completed
If I could I would rate this novel a 2.5, so a 2 will have to do.

The FL doesnt focus on revenge, that is cool but she doesn't fight back at all. She constantly gets squeezed like a soft persimmon by the villains and they get away with their bad deeds. When the villains do get f*cked over it barely has anything to do with FL. She just sits at home making magical fairy wine and making babies the ML.

Villains stay around in this story WAY TOO LONG. This wouldn't... more>> be a problem if the villains weren't dumb as bricks and weren't 2D cardboard cutouts. An interesting villain is actually pretty fun... unfortunately this story doesn't have a fun villain.

The author flip flops on multiple details within the story. Makes for a VERY inconsistent read. It mildly annoyed me.

An example of one is: Jiang Ningbao had memories of her past life from birth in one chapter and the next she was just a transmigrated person.


Then we have Jiang Ningabo and the branch family headed by her "grandmother" Jesus... after they did so much terrible stuff

ie: literally plotting to kill her parents and bullying her and her brother

just because of a secret the grandmother holds Ningbao lets the family go and even ends up SUPPORTING them in the end... so basically... this FL isn't concerned with revenge and I like that but shes a damn pushover! If she didn't have a marriage with the Duke and his "evil aura" protecting her I'd be seriously worried the FL would have died within the first 20 chapters. She seems smart enough to plot she just DOESNT DO ANYTHING.

The good thing is the babies are cute and the story has sufficient fluff to satisfy. Also, it's a short read and not 10, 000 plus chapters unlike other transmigration romance novels. <<less
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CaptainxCres rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Recommended to those who don't want to invest much emotion and want fluffly

It's an easy read kind of novel

Here you got chilled MC (Jiang Ningbao)

and woodblock at first but actually hornny ML (Xie Dingguagong)

I like their interaction so much, no misunderstanding between them at all, they are that kind of couple who talk to each other so indeed there's no problem or dog blood drama for them

... more>>

It's interesting that author write MC who have been through apocalypes, transmigtate (born as a baby I guess) then live a life with family who help turn her fierced temperament to leisure and soft nature, only to realise later that she actually transmigrate into the book/story of reborn-to-revenge when the plot was already thicken and she almost got tangle in the mess

But don't expect too much, this is just a fluff story ;)

Our Ding Guagong is actually a pitiful person he grew up 28 years of life unable to get close to anyone even his own mother because of the deathful aura (unknown origin; I don't know if author wants to link him with that person who killed the zombie king and commited suicide because he was infected (?) But it's such a useful gadget, because of it, our ML, even if he's so powerful, he doesn't even have a bed servance, no one except our MC can get close to him, pretty good huh? In the era where 3 wives 4 concubines are normal our ML can not get close to anyone anyway :))))

The original FL is disgusting through and through. she wants to retaliate against those who wronged her in the past, those who interrupt her plans, those who make she feels jealous, actually she turn against everthing anything that she felt like it's an eyes sore to her -_-""

I actually felt bad for her subordinates, they are all suffered because she had so much confident on her own plan and her own knowledge about what going to happened when she should think of the consequence of her action. She's too selfish, self center, greedy and proably never actually love anyone

I kinda feel sad for original ML in the book though, in the end even though he dream of the other life where he lived with original Jiang Ningbao but the Jiang Ningbao in his dream actually doesn't exist in this timeline. I hope his marriage will bring a good closure to him and get rid of the lingering feels he has for our MC.... QAQ...

I have a mix feeling about the ending though, it kind of good and bad at the same time, maybe it was because I don't want it to end yet

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joellyanne rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is so good and a very enjoyable read. Just note about the villainess. I really cannot understand her character why is she so fixated on her so called revenge on people who has not harm her or do anything harmful towards her, i.e. The MC amongst other characters. I thought that as she had been given a second chance that she would do her best to have a good life and improved her next future life, but no she still went to her road of destruction.
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lightmoon22 rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: Completed
the story is very good especially the cute interaction between the MC and ML

The only thing that made me disappointed about the story is how the evil people ended

... more>>

the main evil girl did many evil thing but in the end she kept her life and her punish isn't really punishment thanks to her husband the prince since in the end she become servant in the palace and should suffer but thanks to him she serve in good area that she will not be bully by other. The MC grandmother also in the end will pull reverse uno card in the MC by telling her secret about the MC FATHER that the MC had to help her and her evil family

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Definitely worth the time. The thing that makes it different from other ancient novel is that there's not third party bit*h that would make the story 3000+ chapters. Its the MC with her baby boo back up ML against the antagonists.

It's simple and fluffy. Not so much angst and bloody stuff. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.
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bookmunchies rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c132
The kind to pass the time with.

Plot isn't the most thought out and the characters are a bit undeveloped, mostly existing for the MC and revolving around her. The ML especially seems to exist as a response to her if that makes any sense? There's plenty of plot holes but it's really entertaining. It's a mashup of a lot of tropes and cliches so it's really just light reading.

Translation isn't the greatest but it's not really bad. The ch are cut up in many parts that's why the number of... more>> ch available and the number of ch the og novel is comprised of don't match up. <<less
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