I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy


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Scream out.

Awake and pour out the grudge left in you onto me.

Then, I shall save you.

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I Became The Academy Necromancer
아카데미의 사령술사가 되었다
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New rodolfom24 rated it
May 29, 2024
Status: c100
As written in the title the novel is about a Necromancer, who's capable of seeing and interacting with the spirits of the dead.

While being a fantasy novel the writing revolves around the intimate relationship between the protagonist and the dead. There is a lot of speculation about both the relationship between life and death, which is exposed by the main character point of view during the various incidents.

The novel has an enjoyable pace, and the elements that build the main story, while being the same old same old of the... more>> korean novels (regression, magic, transmigration in a game world), are employed with mastery. The novel has also the right amount of folklore, which is explained and introduced without being overly present or taken for granted

The review is 4 stars instead of 5 because I'm waiting to see how the main character grows emotionally.

I'm not a fan of the emotionally arid trope, where the MC is unable to love, even more so where there's a literal harem trotting around him. So I'm waiting to see how he will interact in the future with the heroines

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OnePunchMan12 rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: c40
The title and the generic blonde girl in the image are really miss leading for this novel.

You would think this is another generic academy novel with a protagonist that has necromancer abilities. Not even close. This is more of a cerebral horror story about exorcism and relieving the dead of their regrets. Honestly I don't even really understand why the ability is called necromancy because everything he does is closer to exorcism.

The quality of the writing is very high and can get quite dark with some of the ghosts back... more>> stories.

MC is cold and indifferent because of the torture he's had from ghosts his entire life and people viewing him as a crazy person. Some of the examples he gives about his experiences as a child are genuinely guthrenching.

So far the harem seems like it's gonna be the most annoying part. Considering MC personality this doesn't seem like he will ever develop feelings for anyone so the whole thing feels needless.

*I'm not a hater of harem (actually like it) but in something like this it feels unnecessary.

So if you want something a bit more cerebral that feels like a 'Haunting of Hill House' this is pretty solid. <<less
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Eskinos rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c3
I know there isn't much to rate really, but the premise seems unique and interesting. We don't know much about anything, but...

... more>>

... it begins with a reincarnated guy (presumably MC) getting kicked out of the Academy. He sees ghosts and can somehow appease them (purify them maybe) by talking to them. He seems to have gathered a few ghost yanderes (not literally) who freaked out after he left.

In short quite a good beginning.


Edit: Unfortunately, the translation is kinda iffy at times. An example of that:


For example, when it comes to simple magic, I am not even comparable to my fiancée, Erica Bright. Because she is a lumber that can reach the realm of being an Archmage.

Maybe this is just me not getting something, but this kinda breaks the immersion unfortunately.


Even then, the story is good. <<less
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VenerableFang rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: --
Our MC transmigrates into a game, is a professor, can see ghosts. That's the main summary in a gist.


Our MC in the past life suffered a lot coz he could see ghosts and his maternal grandmother was a shaman which played a big part in it.

Now, our MC transmigrates and becomes Deus Vardi. Even here, he can see ghosts and try to hear their grudges so they can attain salvation but the academy fires him for it, calling a Heretic and what not.

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ObisidianRevenger rated it
March 26, 2023
Status: c50
Over a hundred years, the tongue, which had not reached a drop of water, must have already hardened and dried up.
The dust was so thick it clogged her throat. The bugs ate the flesh, and the spiders would have built a house on you as bait to catch those bugs.
"Beg, shed tears, howl at your miserable life."
The girl's soul was already ruined, and she couldn't rest even after death.
"Awake, and pour out your grudge upon me."
I felt that the girl's eyes were on me. It's as if I've been asked what would be different if I told you.
I answer her
"Then I will save you."

The above lines are part of a chapter when our MC encounters a paranormal entity he wishes to liberate from its suffering over endless years. Now imagine a whole novel full of such top tier literature whose quality does not diminish even in machine translation.

This novel is a fantasy one where the MC transmigrates into a game world. The world is a middle age aristocratic type with magic and what not. Here the MC transmigrates into an as*hole of a character who is beyond messed up. He is a necromancer but since the MC could originally see ghosts, his necromancer abilities are enhanced with him being able to communicate with ghosts.

The mood is kind of mysterious with a paranormal investigation+fantasy vibe. The necromancer thing is done well and is unlike those modern Korean necromancer novels where the necromancer part seems abit casual. The MC is obviously treated like a heretic since the religious environment is like middle age Europe with the church burning down anyone who would refute them and bring about a loss in their control over the masses.

The romance here is kind of nonexistent with the MC not being interested in it. However the FLs do like him. Obviously the best character in the book is Fiden Ai (the silver haired maid) who isn't a romantic interest but is comedic af.


The main FL, Erica Bright, but MC clearly told her he doesn't like her once the chaos in the academy resided. There is also the regressor, who is the main character of the game, who turns out yandere and possessive after the failure of the first round where the MC failed to save the world. Here the MC has her on some kind of a leash so that she doesn't f*ck things up again (she was the main culprit behind the chaos at the academy and she did that to enhance the MC's capabilites)


Overall it seems like a top tier novel with writing on the level of SSS Class su*cide Hunter. 5/5 would recommend.
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MonsieurLimes rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c130
I think this is a great novel. Having read the mtl, my opinion may be a little spotty because the translation and actual text could’ve differed significantly, but the author does a great job at making you feel relieved and that moving on feeling.

... more>>

it’s like: “what’s this? ‘Evil’ entity that is causing havoc? My my, how pitiful. Indeed I shall listen to your last songs before you perish as, perhaps, that is greatest I could do for you. Cry, cry all you want. I will listen to your wails, I will promise you that you will not leave alone. I guarantee that.” Or the MC be like: “indeed, perhaps I was not for you. You are beautiful, you deserve love. I have realized that after spending time with you, you deserve happiness. Grow, love, make friends and play. Thank you.”
Imagine that but with better writing for like every single main entity that appears. It’s like wow it doesn’t even get repetitive cause the author intertwines it so well given the context of the situation. And then the MC be dropping gems like “cry for the living for I will cry for the dead” it’s just so f*cking magnificent.


the author does a good job at making the characters. I want to see them be happy and be successful, and when that happens, I am happy. It’s like wow, who knew seeing a fictional character move on from their guilt and trauma could be so heartwarming and satisfying. <<less
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icerror rated it
March 5, 2024
Status: c33
Intersting concept, but the world building and supporting characters just fail to catchup. Imagine necromancers being the most op of job and no one is playing that class, that's what reading this feels like. Not until korean Jesus arrived!


It sounds a bit of an exaggeration, but that's exactly what ppened. Necrotic creations can't be killed except pacified by MC, which completely screwed power balance and supporting character's value.

Korean jesus is also wonderfully crafted to be the most self-insertable, so ofc he is the furthest thing from having charms or anything resemble a character. He's the typical "hunter" MC.

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cztv123 rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: c43
This author should retire early, worst world building and character settings I have seen in a long while, except for a few characters that are easily fleshed out the author would make some, I would rather say illogical, traits for some important characters, it's to the point that I gave up wondering what kind of interesting way would the author deal with this situation and started asking how cringe worthy it would be, if I had to describe this story, it would be a good idea ruined by edginess and... more>> mediocrity <<less
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Sareza rated it
March 24, 2024
Status: C68
This novel offers a unique spin on the typical "Academy" and "Necromancer" tropes often seen in KR novels. While the start (Chapters 1-15) might feel a bit weak, the payoff in the build-up is totally worth it. It's not your usual story about a protagonist just getting stronger and mowing down enemies, or dealing with a meaningless harem without any character development. Instead, it's more like a tale of a shaman who brings comfort to the dead, guiding them to peace and eternal rest (without being bias about Necromancers being... more>> inherently evil stereotype due to their association with death) —a refreshing departure from the usual action-packed plots of "Academy" trope novels. Plus, the author steers clear of clichés, and the story flows smoothly. Also, big shoutout to D0M1NV5 for the top-notch translations. Definitely recommended!

PS. Just read the MTL.

The horror element in this is seriously clever and super creative. Every time an arc wraps up, it sends chills down my spine. That princess' arc monologue with "The cat was dead"? Gave me goosebumps. The ambiguity behind it keeps you on edge even after the arc's done. You're left wondering if it's really over or if there's more lurking in the shadows. <<less
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Mr.Mochi rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: c32
It's a bit cliche of a ghost story but you have MC dealing with spirits and ghosts as a professor of a school. The drama comes from him taking over the body of your typical hedonistic noble- and dealing with that nobleman's past, including family, lovers, reputation, the whole 9 yards.

The problem comes from the fact that the Author makes the MC pointlessly cryptic and reluctant to speak, making things difficult until the MC shows up with all the answers and saving the day. To add on to the bloat,... more>> you have to get through chapters of ghosts backstories, which isn't really relevant because only the MC can hear them and communicate to them- but then they leave the story.

I do like the characters, but the game plot feels unnecessary- even if it explains the main protagonist of the game is a reincarnator- and it's hinted she and the MC have already lived one cycle. How many cycles in total is vague at this point.

Dont get me wrong, these are cool and interesting ideas, but the MC is a dull rock w/o emotions, justifiable or not and it's hard to get excited about anything other than the events. Think generic xianxia protag that's logical all the time.

3/5 with chance to hit 5/5. Could be a classic but, I doubt it's going to end satisfactory. Already looks like harem with somehow no romance so... <<less
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NetoriRevengeEnjoyer rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c18
OKAY, I AM NOT KIDDING, THIS ONE WAS GOOD, I am a bit relieved the MC isn't exactly a beta male but he isn't a "chad" is what you call it, It's good, I enjoyed it, it's not a story that could outmatch my otber top 5's, but considering it's low content/chapter count, it could potentially beat my other top 10 novels, honestly, I thought this would be a cliche KR/JP like story where the MC just uses skeleton and revives dead people, but unexpectedly it was different, it's good
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April 19, 2024
Status: c81
It's bad, idk what the other reviews were smoking

The novel is well packaged and started of good but the MC is slowly being revealed as your standard dumb and oblivoius harem anime styled protagonist minus the fan service, he has so many advantages but due to his I'll save everyone complex the novel is forced to use insane amount of plot armour

If the autor pushed his tropes a bit more it could have been an ok parody I guess
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hawlol rated it
March 15, 2024
Status: c69
Generic/Cliche premise but interesting execution. It resembles SSS-Class su*cide Hunter in that regard.

The good: The MC is not overpowered and solves the problems not only because of his gift of being able to see ghosts but also because of his empathic nature. Even though the constant contact with the grief and suffering of the dead made him mute his feelings as a defense mechanism he keeps helping them whenever he can. Solving problems through experience and knowledge of people and their griefs instead of cutting everything with a shiny sword... more>> with a higher power level number. He also doesn't control the dead like in other necromancer stories, there's no undead so far and story is more about ghosts and their regret, also the impeding doom of the game world he transmigrated into.

The bad: The harem. Every pretty girl loves the MC just because he's the MC. The slightests of interactions is enough for them to fall in love and sometimes no interaction at all is needed, with their love having developed before the novel even started. The exception so far is the maid who looks like a pretty girl but behaves like an old and gruff man, while smoking and trolling the MC at every oportunity she has. By far the best female character and I hope she remains that way and not fall in love with the MC, but considering how every important woman loves him, I wouldn't bet on that. At this point I'd be happy if the sister doesn't join the harem.

By chapter 70 the good still outweights the bad, and there's an actual plot with the harem taking a background position. Hopefully it continues and the story will keep being worth a read like so far. <<less
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cat_shogun rated it
May 19, 2024
Status: c91
Okay, first time writing a review so if I can't express some things properly please bear with me.

So, what's the best way to describe this novel? In my own words I'd say is: "Poetic" the first chapters are just pure gold and the first arc ends in such a manner I say that part is the umbral that divides those who will love this novel and those who won't.

Our protagonist isn't a dense oblivious everyday anime MC that doesn't realize the feeling of the girls near him. He absolutely knows... more>> them but decides to not act upon it because it isn't in his best interest but that doesn't mean he won't confront the feeling the ladies have for him. Our man Deus has experienced enough to actually know better but in case he's wrong he accepts it and grows as a person again.

He doesn't seek to resolve things through violence but conversation, however, he won't hesitate to do the drity job if necessary. Our man is a believer in dialogue, does that mean the novel doesn't have action? This novel is packed with action and the good one!

Sadly I can't talk much about the side characters since I don't want to make this review too long but let me tell you they are amazing and the author knows how to add layers to them. You shouldn't take everything at face value while reading this novel.

My only advice is to give this novel a try and see if it fits your taste. You like mystery? You like a refreshing spin to a commen trope? Do you like scarred protagonists? Do you like actions?... Well then this novel might be worth reading if you give it a try. <<less
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Hitori Saigomade
Hitori Saigomade rated it
April 20, 2024
Status: c80
I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy is not the type of novel one would expect from the name. Instead of being very action focused, it is more about the MC, Shinwoo/Deus, carrying out justice on Ghostly Matters while at the same time moving in a way that he can prevent the end of the world. This is a novel full of intrigue and mystery and can thus be a bit boring to someone who loves action, but the writing and translation are done well enough that I think even... more>> such a person should give it a try. One example of a climax of an encounter the MC has is


Over a hundred years, the tongue, which had not reached a drop of water, must have already hardened and dried up.
The dust was so thick it clogged her throat. The bugs ate the flesh, and the spiders would have built a house on you as bait to catch those bugs.
"Beg, shed tears, howl at your miserable life."
The girl's soul was already ruined, and she couldn't rest even after death.
"Awake, and pour out your grudge upon me."
I felt that the girl's eyes were on me. It's as if I've been asked what would be different if I told you.
I answer her
"Then I will save you."

That is when he helps a little girl who was captured and experimented on by the ancestors of his current body to become a weapon in the war, they killed and tortured both of her parents in front of her and she could do nothing while she was slowly starving to death before she merged with the monster and stayed in that state for over 100 years until the MC came along and helped her get revenge and put her and her entire clan to eternal rest in peace


This is definitely not a story for the light hearted but if you are not too squeamish about horror, you should give this a shot. <<less
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TeddyWestside rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: c77
Beautiful is the best way I can describe this novel.

Every word has its purpose and brings life to the world. I didn't expect for me to be so enamored with how it was written.

What makes it even better is that using the mystery and horror genre further enhances the effect of how the words are written. One might say that the it's genre and writing style were perfect for each other.

There are some action packed scenes in this novel as well but that's just an extra spice in making it... more>> a great novel. What's even more surprising for me is how even though it has the harem tag, it doesn't feel tr*shy. Won't deny there were some that felt forced in this novel

like how Erica fell in love with MC just because he was different from the stories she heard

, but the way MC interacts with women makes you accept the fact that falling for him is and undeniable conclusion. This man is on par with the MC of The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You. That's how much of a Rizzler the MC is.

It's downsides based from how far I've read though is the fact that MC is the only who's developed/ explored significantly. Granted he is the MC so that is to be expected. Even though developed in their own arcs, the other characters tend to pale in comparison when compared to the MC.

4/5 for now. Will only give it 5/5 once the story has ended and has stayed consistent with its current quality until the end. It's ok if the side stories end up being lesser in quality since they won't really impact the main story too much. <<less
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Leftail rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c75

9/10 (only because I’m still waiting for more chapters)

TLTR: such a unique story, a combination between thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy and different tropes between all, it tackles some concepts really well and in such a unique way, that I consider them really well done, not the best possibles but, well dones, nice tropes subversion and character growth, nice ideas and philosophical themes. Highly recommended, I can’t wait for more chapters of this interesting story
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SupremeCattus rated it
March 19, 2024
Status: c70
A fresh take on the necromancer trope. 10/10 would recommend. I don't believe I need to repeat what almost every other review has been saying, but I'll just say that;

If you're bored of the same Solo-levelling take on necromancers, this one is a breath of fresh air. Give it a try.
Translator has done an awesome job on bringing this novel to English language, thank you.
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aborednerd rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: c43
This story is amazing. This is my free flow thoughts on it...

The MC isn't really powerful directly, more clever and knowledgeable. The physical aspects of fighting are left to others and this fits the protagonist well. I find this to be novel when it comes to a Korean light/web novel MC.

The MC is reborn as someone who has a scum reputation, yet there is a clear mix of people who know him pre-rebirth and post. The relationship between himself and his fiancee is very unique. I don't want to say... more>> more for spoilers reasons.

The MC lacks feelings towards others in a believable way, but is also not a dense MC.

A certain character was just revealed to have been the driving factor behind all the events thus far (well except for the always questioned why was X person reincarnated/isekai'd/whatever reason you want to call it). I would kinda consider c43 the true end of the first full arc. I am excitedly looking forward to more eventually, but it also is a satisfying stop to the story. <<less
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Hosh rated it
May 2, 2023
Status: c16
Having to give this novel a 4 pains me considering how good it is but it had to be done.

The protagonist is in that sweet spot while he's not a weak pushover but he can't steamroll everything by himself either. The way they write the ghosts are also pretty cool. I'd like to see it adapted into a manhwa.

There's a twist near the recently released (at the time of writing) chapters and while it was pretty predictable. I appreciate how they try to make us conflicted and doubtful before revealing... more>> the twist instead of just blowing their load prematurely like most other Academy Transmigration novels.

We also aren't hurled headfirst into the academy and I appreciate that for a change.

Unfortunately the misunderstandings, especially the one revolving around why the MC had to leave the academy the 1st time, are a bit too dumb so it barely failed to reach 5 stars. <<less
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anonyzaki rated it
April 21, 2024
Status: c64
"I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy" is a captivating novel that takes a unique spin on the Academy/Necromancer genres. Rather than being a typical action-fused adventure, it delves into darker themes surrounding ghosts, regrets of the dead, and an impending sense of doom.

The writing is atmospheric and immersive, with the author expertly depicting the eerie encounters the protagonist has with paranormal entities. The monologues spoken when trying to ease a tormented soul are hauntingly beautiful. You can't help but feel a range of emotions - sadness, intrigue, relief -... more>> as these segments unfold.

While not necessarily a horror story, there are definitely creepy and unsettling moments that stick with you. The princess's arc in particular left me with an uneasy feeling of ambiguity even after its resolution. This sense of lingering dread is quite clever on the author's part.

The protagonist himself is complex - gruff yet empathetic, numb to most feelings yet dedicated to his role. His dynamic with the feisty maid provides some welcomed humor amid the darker tones. My main critique is that the romance/harem aspects do feel shoehorned in at times. But they don't overly detract from the stronger core narrative.

Overall, I'm hooked by the unique premise and masterful way the author blends horror elements with deeper philosophical themes about grief, regret, and finding peace. While not perfect, it's an engrossing read that transcends typical genre trappings. I'm very keen to see where this haunting tale ultimately goes. <<less
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