How To Ruin A Love Comedy


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I intervene in all events of the game. And take it away.

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러브 코미디를 망가뜨리는 법
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12 Reviews

New anyaforger
Sep 16, 2023
Status: c21
It's a good concept, but MC's inner monologue is creepy.

Plot: Isekai into a game world where the heroines are rejected by the male lead. MC wants to make a harem with heroines to prevent them from being rejected by the male lead.

The story is interesting as the MC is bold and actively trying to win the heart of the heroine. The story is a lot slower than I thought it would take for a harem and adult tag, as it is still on the first heroine with no s*x scenes... more>> yet. (Ch 21)

MC's creepy monologues are weird to read too. I get he's trying to 'save' the girls, but his focus on s*x and harem makes his action feel more manipulative than honorable. MC even thought of stealing the heroine's mom from her father to make a foursome with her sister as well. <<less
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Dec 30, 2022
Status: --
Wow this protagonist is delusional. He's the definition of coomer who has never touched grass in his life. First thought after transmigrating to an entirely new world is to somehow save (?) the heroines from a fate of being rejected by a guy... by making a harem with them? And he's so confident he can do it too. Color me intrigued.
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Feb 23, 2023
Status: c280
This is a top tier NTR-ish novel. I don't know the exact definition of NTR but here the MC simply steals the protagonists chances and people he likes. Strictly saying the Netori tag doesn't apply but you get the gist of it.

So our MC transmigrates as one of those rich blond delinquent guys and well his first thought was to steal the chances of the MC. The whole thing is a slow process and not one of those novels where the heroines become nymphos in two chapters. Of course like... more>> the pe*vert MC is, he has eyes for everyone but is rational and doesn't touch anyone except the main heroines of the game (+ also one other girl he likes who isn't a heroine).

The pace progression is slow and the build-up is done well. The interactions with the heroines are also fun. His hate for the protagonist is very prevalent and has a bitter relationship with him. His occasional voice in the head thinking of pe*verted things while talking to the heroines also adds to it. Of course he is shameless, but he does treat his girls well so we can say he isn't a scummy b*stard.

Below is a status update for progress with the FLs (minor spoilers). Obviously there is alot of couple activities and flirting with the FLs in between these main events.


Hanazawa Miyuki first time - C56

Chinami Nanase first time - C165

Threesome (Chinami+Miyuki) - C191

Lenka Inoo first time - C253

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Mar 10, 2023
Status: c216
The translation and writing quality for this novel is excellent. This is easily one of the most entertaining stories on this site, if you're into these tags. The novel feels unexpectedly grounded, and the characters appropriately nuanced, for this kind of unrealistic power-fantasy transmigration story.

Like a madman who's braincells were slowly dying off, I went ahead and read the mtls up to chapter 216 under a mysterious compulsion to know what happens next. Apart from my personal likes/dislikes, I can say the author is really good at building up to... more>> events, developing characters, relationships and making all of it feel satisfying. Watching the MC slowly create his secret relationship with Miyuki was thrilling. There isn't any hypnosis or special cheat the MC has, just a lot of luck, planning and hard work. (light spoilers) thoughts:


The MC is cunning, pe*verted, and utterly depraved, but never acts like it outwardly (there is an exception, but I'll leave it at that). He is really sweet to his girls. And this sense of incongruity between his thoughts and actions always keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what he will do next. Sometimes in the story I really wanted him to fail, thinking he is an absolute menace. His inner monologue is both entertaining and genuinely disturbing.

The setting feels like a highschool, and the girls feel like they're all ~16, but they all get aged up. I think the MC would get arrested for grooming if they actually were younger. The heroines are all unrealistically innocent and naive, but not quite easy. It takes a lot of time for MC to become close enough to enact his plans.

The mind games the MC plays with Renka, the 3rd heroine, and their back and forth, is really great

MC is harem-seeking, but this just comes across as cheating at some points. Miyuki is just a sweet girl in her first relationship, not ready to handle someone so calculating and cunning as the MC.

Tetsuya is just genuinely a meme at this point in the story. Please author, put him out his misery.
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul
Oct 14, 2022
Status: c45
a nice story from the author of 'Final Boss in Magical Girl Drama'.

A story about a guy who fell in love with the three heroines of the game 'Tokiaka' that he end up buying their posters/figurines and was heartbroken with how the game ended...

and surprise surprise, he ended up in the game as a bad guy... now his goal is to NTL and makes the heroines fall for him... Things do not happen easily and it takes a lot of time for their relationships to build up...

I hope the author... more>> has improved himself from his previous work. <<less
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May 29, 2023
Status: c29
incredible main character.

isn't afraid to make moves, reincarnates as some delinquent in a romcom, however doesn't immediately switch his personality. Acts like he is slowly rehabilitating, even acts like a tsundere, but in reality, he is clear with his goals.

he can read the intentions behind the characters easily, and everything goes smoothly.

very refreshing to read and see the generic herbivorous wimpy original protagonist not getting any action because he was too afraid to make a move.
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Apr 09, 2023
Status: c24
i love the series, the interaction between the MC dan FL are nice to follow. The MC inner monolog are a bit crazy but it add to the fun element for me (i can understand why other dislike this part), the event also written well.

props to TL, it translated so well.
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Jan 20, 2023
Status: -
the story of an otaku MC who really loves 3 haroine in a dating sim game by buying all the posters and action figures of the heroine in the game, but is disappointed and angry with the bad ending where the beta protagonist of the game hangs on the hero who loves him, until he is transferred into the game As a support character in the game, disillusioned by the game's bad ending (he himself also really liked all the heroines in the game), he decides to take all the... more>> heroines of the game. The protagonist of the game, by his delusion, he starts his way by interfering in the events of the game <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: c11
For a harem adult novel it's the perfect thing for NTL (liked her first but lost) stealer side guys. Anyways that's it. Just a slow stealing process. If you're not looking for adult manga or pure love lol move onto nother novel.
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Mr. White Tower
Mr. White To
Aug 02, 2023
Status: --
If you are reading this, then congratulations. You are truly lucky. Just so you know, this novel is the perfect novel desired by all the wibu (anime fans). The sweet romance it offers is extraordinary. The mature scenes are very impressive. Even the love bond portrayed in it is very sweet. Truly, this novel represents what is called a true romance novel.


My favorite is Miyuki. Her arc is very sweet

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May 15, 2023
Status: c257
This is the novel classified as netori genre. In which the MC steal girls from the "hero/ proper protagonist".

If I have to compare it with stories from the same genre, it feels like " Flower Stealing Master" or "Steal the Hero's Harem", or " Cuckold Wizard".

The setting is fictional modern world where harem VN took place. The original MC of that VN is such a pathetic man, he deserved getting his harem stolen.

It is very very good novel among its genre. (R18 netori). It is not quick smut though, because... more>> it is a slow burn, the novel making everything realistic and believable, without any superpower/ability/ obvious cheat. The enjoyment is from seeing how the heroines slowly getting conquered, emotionally and sexually.

The only annoying part is MC sudden pe*verted monologues every 5 paragraphs. Just learn to enjoy that too.

Also, the setting is kinda weird, the school they went to is something similar to high school in almost every aspect, but their 1st year class have students from age 19-20. And so they can drink alcohol. But they are not university students. Maybe because minors will have various problems in this r18 story? <<less
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Apr 07, 2023
Status: c24
This a nice story.

I really the slow build up. The scenes between the MC and the FL are actually good. There is comedy as well.

The only disconnect is his inside voice which is always thinking about you-know-what. Although, it is funny, it takes away the atmosphere of the scene
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