I Am This Type of Woman


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A s*upid father with good luck, a kick-ass and protective mother, and a dandy younger brother all want a principal husband.

Her engagement has been broken off three times yet she does not panic.

Beautiful and magnificent clothes, golden beams in their house.

She has money, she has power, why would she need a husband?

This is a story about a garish woman who has had her engagement broken off three times and a hypocrite of a man.

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A Girl Like Me (Drama)
I Am Such A Woman
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LacusClyne rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: Completed
One of my favorite novels. MC is kickass but with many faults that makes her extremely loveable. Her immediate family relationship is very heartwarming. ML is brilliant but also has failings and needs the MC to protect him. The intrigue makes for a captivating read.


The secondary Male leads were treated kindly by the author but imo deserved much harsher endings.

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DaBrick rated it
January 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I have always love the author's works and this one is also definitely one of my favorite.

I like how more humane the Male Lead is compared to author other works. All of ML reaction to Female Lead quirkiness and smartness is really fun and interesting to watch. ML seems more like a normal living being and not the 'high-above-pure' ML which is different than author other works. FL family that also dote dearly on her and always support her is also one of the good point of this novel.

Just like... more>> author other works, this novel purpose is to bring us to watch ML and FL journey to falling in love to each other and no other obstacles are in their path. It feels like being swept by the current of their love sweetness for each other.

What I most like about this novel is FL confidence in every way possible. She have her principle and moral that others can't broken and this is admirable of her. She is not afraid of people's mouth always gossiping about her. She is also proud but still know what is wrong and what is right. This kind of strong Female Lead is always likeable and lovely to read about ^-^

As always the author never disappointed this reader! ヽ (*⌒▽⌒*) ノ <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c1 part3
I cracked up so much when FL said to her husband-to-be: "Youngman, you have such a good vision, I am very optimistic about you" when he was proposing her, LMFAO

This novel is gem because of FL and her family. Highly recommended to read (ノ*>∀<) ノ♡
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Skite rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: c49
There is a scene which explains what the main family is like better than I ever could:

The ML received a book as a gift from our MC. Not just any book, though. Full copies of this precious book have been seemingly lost to history, and this text has been exhaulted to near-legendary status as containing such precious truths and wisdoms, that people spend their lives and fortunes trying to find scraps of it left. The ML washes his hands before turning the pages with much ceremony...

... only to find that... more>> this priceless treasure is covered in snack crumbs and a bored little kid doodled a turtle picture in the margin during class.

Now, on the surface, people who see this would be outraged. How dare this vapid, s*upid family treat such a treasure like this! They're truly morons who have nothing but money, and don't deserve what they have!

But, as we and the ML think about it, this is how such a book should be read. It should be taught to children from the start. It should be read frequently, casually, and often. It should be enjoyed and integrated into life. It should be treated irreverently, so the reader forms their own conclusions and thoughts about it, instead of following it blindly. The book does no one any good if people are too in awe of it to ever actually read it.

And the Ban family has two copies!

This is what the Ban family is like.

They may seem s*upid, but they're actually imminently practical and pragmatic (in the way one finds in those with high up military backgrounds) They focus on the good and best things in life, which puts them so far ahead of the other, squabbling and grasping aristocratic families in the game of living, that they're playing a newer, better, game. Not their fault the regular plebes can't figure out the Ban family is playing by different rules, with completely different goals, and thus think the Ban family is s*upid whenever the Ban family does something that seems incomprehensible to them.

Why should they enforce awful, strict and stuffy ceremonies on family members about DIL and MIL protocols? They don't see the point. It makes people unhappy. So they don't. DIL and MIL therefore have a touching, sweet, relationship, as close as a parent and child. Why should they care what people think of their reputation? The ones who matter know, and you'll drive yourself crazy because you can't get everyone to like you. So don't try. Like who you like, ignore the rest. Why should they treat a girl badly, just because she's a daughter? They love their daughter/ sister to pieces, and she returns the feeling. Why bother to puff yourself up and pretend you have more power and influence? You'll make yourself miserable. Just be you, and be realistic about your abilities.

Those in true power see the Ban family's worth and treat them very preciously, while the rest of the scrabblers resent them and just don't get it. <<less
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Nelle rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: Completed
This is so good! It's well written, the characters are well established, and the conflict and the setup were done well. The title says it all - I am this type of woman. Like the title, the MC is domineering, not in the sense that she beats up people everywhere, no, she's domineering because she knows which fights to fight and which sins to forgive. The novel cover art is also very fitting. Just see the title and the cover art together and you'll basically grasp MC's personality.

The Ban family... more>> and the ML are so endearing. The family love, as well as the romance between MC and ML are also written well. The MC is really someone you can't help but love. She's very smart, but she's so selective in what she puts importance in that she appears dumb to other people. Her brilliance especially shone when

ML became the emperor, and she became the empress. When there was an assassination for the ML while she was away tying up loose ends, she immediately traveled back to the palace and controlled the courtiers who were planning to overthrow her. She showed her fangs. No one can step on her loved man, not even relatives. The ML is also made more human when he has insecurities. He does not know if MC loves him and is insecure because he knows that even if MC does not love him, he will always love her. News flash: MC loves him.


+ the author did not exaggerate s*x in this novel. There's no waking up at noon because the ML tossed MC all night. There's also no r*pey scenes, MC is just as aroused as ML. There's no fainting because the MC lacked strength. It might be a small thing, but I really appreciate that finally an author does not think it's cool to add mindless stuff like that here. <<less
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looongdogs rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: c11
I couldn't wait for the translations, so I MTLed this. And I can safely say that this is one of the best and funniest novels I've read here on NU.

The FL is beautiful, vain, petty, decisive, strong, and independent yet never cruel. She's also rather crafty although she prefers not to involve herself in complicated matters. The ML is your typical two-faced gentle scholar, but he's genuinely a gentleman. The FL's family members, especially her brother and dad, are absolutely hysterical, but they truly love one another, which is something... more>> we don't always see in these types of novels.

I can't properly describe how much I enjoyed this story. Just know that I stayed up all night to finish the MTL version. It might have killed some of my braincells, but it was worth it. (Gonna be rereading it again while waiting for the translated version.) Give it a read. You won't regret investing your time. <<less
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kermille07 rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: Completed
    • I have always been a fan of the works of this author. She is probably one of the reason why I got hooked with Chinese novels especially the historical genre.
    • This novel is such a breath of fresh air. Why did I say that? I really appreciate the author's writing style here. The beginning of the story revolved around the comedic scenes and silly antics of the female protagonist and her family. It seems to be a very lighthearted read but as you dwell deeper into the novel the dark undertone plot eventually resurface. So I find it very unique comparing to other novels.
    • The female protagonist is such a charmer. Confident, bold and beautiful. Others may find her vain because of her materialistic pursuit but she has a very kind heart. Some mock her but she doesn't care.
    • The only cons for me is the scenario and the chapters near the ending. That situation kinda look silly. I'll put it on the spoiler. But overall, it's still a good story.
    • Spoiler

      There was a rebellion and the second prince seized the throne. The crown prince was easily detained because he was so naive and have a soft temperament. The second prince is such a pighead because he did not govern properly, he just kept on doing want he wanted, tyrannical without a sense.

    • Thank you for picking up the novel!
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ApolloAresZues rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This was a really good novel. Probably my favorite from this author now. If you're worried about this being too similar to her other works (which unfortunately this author has a habit of) then dont worry the author changed it up on this one. The characters who you love, hate or pity, the gradual romance, and the simple yet interesting plot were all fun to read and this is a very enjoyable ride. I'll explain it in detail now.

Lemme start with the characters. The Ban family is frankly the highlight... more>> of this book. I absolutely loved them, each and every one. I loved seeing them and I'm happy they got alot of time to shine in this book. Ban Huai, the dad, is fairly useless except he loves his family a whole lot and would never let them be wronged. Ban Heng, who is kind of slow, is pure at heart and follows his sister in everything. He also surrounds himself with nice people, I loved his friends. Yi Shu, the mom, is like a tigress protecting her family with an iron fist. At times I suspected she knew way more about everything than she let on. But kept quiet and played dumb alongside her family to protect them. The Bans Grandma, who did all she could for them. And then there is Ban Hua, our MC.

Gotta admit, I loved Ban Hua alot. I found her charming, steadfast, and adaptable in bad situations. Even when shes making trouble, I never found her annoying or felt she was doing s*upid things. Because she always had a back up plan and she was smart. She wasn't some scheming person either, just bold and blunt and knew how to use her family name and people favor toward her to the full advantage. She was also carefree, confident as a peacock, and simple in that she likes taking revenge on the spot. She never really holds grudges and she has a soft spot for women, even her "enemies". I really liked the fact that she never did the women wrong, because she understood their worries and struggles that are different from men of that time. For instance

She gave money to the prostitute her fiancee ran away with and never bothered her, despite it smearing her name. When one of the girls that were jealous of her got exiled or whatever, she sent her luggage with durable and practical items for her to use.

In general, Ban Hua was a really great girl and I totally got why people kept falling for her, though in alot of cases it was for her beauty (which she boldly admits to). But the ones that loved her sincerely loved her for her personality. I also appreciated the fact that in this case, you can see how Ban Huas upbringing and parents created such a personality. Alot of time I cant see the cause and effect with these extraordinary MCs who act completely different then one who was raised in those types of environments. But because of Ban Hua family and the way she was treated, it wouldve been weirder if she didnt come out like she did. Her personality is definitely a standout, but so is her family. It doesn't create dissonance, for once.

Next is Rong Xia, our ML. Spoiler, but not really since it's obvious. ML is different from others. Hes not domineering, overly possessive, or cold faced. Hes actually known to be a polite gentlemen and a "beauty". He has his own dreams and ambitions, has alot of plans. But he never planned for Ban Hua. I actually felt bad for this ML a bit, because he was really a lonely kid, basically had no childhood, and saw in the Ban family that lost childhood. His plans were meticulous, but there were also events he couldn't plan for that he only dodged by luck. I also could envision him as


, a scholar that was both reasonable and decisive. That could use force and persuasion. ML was the perfect mix of hard and soft. Which as the story goes on, we realize alot of characters lack that ability, that type of flexible personality. I'll explain later.

Since we've reached here let me talk about the romance. Ban Hua and Rong Xia are such a suitable couple. Ban Hua in her boldness and simplicity and Rong Xia who indulged her and loved making her happy. He wanted her to forever be that bold and confident. I liked the fact that they could joke together and spend alot of down time telling stories and having fun. But they also trusted each other a lot. Rong Xia would often just sit back and let Ban Hua handle things, eat the things she sent without testing them, and helping her out even in the initial beginning. Contrary to what others thought, he never wanted to use her name or family. He just wanted her. Simply her.

On Ban Huas end, she took a bit longer. Some might think her love for him superficial, but I disagree completely. She loved him and once they got married, she saw him as one of her own to defend and protect, just like her own family. She stood by him even when no one else would, tried her best to make up for his lost childhood, and prioritized his feelings. There were things holding her back from showing her love though, completely reasonable concerns for the time. But unlike this author's other MCs, I never felt like the MC here was just along for the ride in their romance. She felt like a participant and she showed through her actions and words that she loved him just as much. She just put on a carefree front. For instance, anytime someone was worried over whether Rong Xia would wrong her she'd say

she could just leave him and return to her maternal family. But those words were not out of lack of trust in ML, but a trust in her self. She loved him, but he wasnt her entire world. She had herself and her family too. So she was secure, and also believed that her trust in him was not wrong. She did doubt him at one point, when he was almost assassinated and the assassin blamed her, but was quickly knocked in the face by his own trust in her.


I also liked the fact that aside from her Ban family, she put ML first. What I mean by that is there are too many times where people on FL side would hurt ML, or even just random strangers would hurt ML, and the FL would plead for them or say something in their favor so ML would spare them. This FL does none of those things.

She frequently says that the ML is her man, her person, and no one can wrong him. That includes the long term friend Princess Anle (who went as far as to say Ban Hua was picking men over their friendship btch stfu), the Queen Dowager who pleaded for her son etc. She didnt want to keep hidden dangers around ML and if they made her cruel, she was cruel then

One of my favorite things she said was that if someone wronged her, she had the Ban family and ML who would always side with her and defend her, but Rong Xia had no one, just her, so she would prioritize him and side with him always. And alot of MCs dont do that. Theyd rather side with unknown strangers than ML. MC here admits her double standard and doesnt give a sht who calls her out on her defense of ML.

Anyway they were a lovely couple and I loved them so much. On to the plot.

The plot was pretty slow I would say? But it wasnt boring at all. For the majority of the book, it's not set in the palace, so theres little court intrigue as much as just drama between the powerful families. Like you won't catch MC scheming against concubines ok. And ML himself is just an official, hes not involved in the fights between the princes (much). So its basically the Ban Family and ML watching a good show while ML waits out making his moves. Kind of slice of life, not really though. One thing I was very glad about is that the author did what few authors do in terms of ancient china and wrote about

ML taking over and starting a new dynasty. ML was not the illegitimate child of the emperor nor a prince. Just an official's son with ambition and plans. In the end he took the throne and started a whole new dynasty, which we rarely see done. Too many illegitimate sons and unfavored princes rising up so it was fun to see this new version of this unrelated person being pushed to the throne by the power of the people.


That's it for the plot because it's not too complicated. On to the side characters. I had side characters I liked and some I disliked and some I pitied.

Let's start with the emperor. I disliked him. He was suspicious, narrowminded, liked making himself out to be kind when in actuality it was just guilt, and allowed his son to run rampant.

He claimed to feel grateful toward the Ban family, but didnt give them justice after someone tried to kill Ban Father. Claimed to appreciate Rong Xia, made him suffer for others mistake by hitting him with a board, laying him out for months. Knew his son tried to assassinate Rong Xia and almost succeeded, did nothing about it. Knew his son was violent and hated Ban Hua, let him take power in court. Killed both Ban Huas grandfather and Rong Xias dad I believe, and was only kind to them out of guilt (maybe some affection for Ban Hua mixed in, but only because she was harmless.). Let me be honest and say if Ban family was in any way useful, theyd have died under his hands. They saved their lives by playing s*upid and being useless. If this is the way he treats people he is grateful to, I really don't want his gratitude. I'm glad he died at the end, at Rong Xias hands at that. He was incompetent and overly suspicious.


Continue with the princes. Theres two, first and second prince. Second prince is a bastard and that never changes. Hes a violent and irrational d*ck that deserved what he got. First prince I actually felt bad for this guy. He was indecisive and had the backbone of cotton, yes, but he himself wasnt a bad person. He just really liked to bury his head in the sand when the people close to him did terrible things. Thankfully, he had character development.

After being starved and left unable to bathe for months by his "beloved" second brother, he finally becomes disillusioned. Even voluntarily gives up the throne, with protests coming from those close to him. He was set to live a decent life thereafter. But the people around him just kept f*cking up, attempting to take revenge against ML. In the end he suffered from both his wife's and sisters actions, and got locked up alongside them. I genuinely pitied him, everybody wanted to use him for the throne or they didn't consider him when making plans, making him suffer the fallout. By the time he gained a backbone, it was too late and all that had happened, happened.


Next is the Shi family. I disliked every single member of this family. A menace to society, for real. Even Shi Jin, the second male lead, was disliked by me. He was simply too useless and indecisive. Similar to the prince really, except no character development so he remained like that till the end.

Shi Father was a d*ck that sacrificed his kids for his position. Shi Fei was just an unlovable person who probably needed therapy for the amount of hate in her heart. The Shi princess who married the prince also needed therapy, she was too power hungry and blind. She so badly wanted to be empress she even set her husband up, also she drugged him to sleep with concubines he refused to sleep with (FOR HER) just because she thought he felt some type of way about her not being able to have kids so far. Yall she was crazy. Mother Shi was useless, as useless as her son.

Shi Jin, who can only be described as a weed in cow dung, wasnt that bad compared to the rest of the family. But he wasnt that great either. He had feelings for Ban, but could never put her first. She probably wouldn't even be 5th on his list of priorities, he was so stuck on protecting that rotten family of his. Even the prince snapped out of it eventually, but Shi Jin never did. I'm so glad he never married Ban, she would have suffered because she would have been last on his list. He liked her, but not enough to do what Rong Xia did and set aside societal pressure and such to be worthy of her.

When Ban Huas grandma was about to die and she stormed into the palace, he tripped her up on her way there, but Rong Xia piggybacked her all the way, regardless of consequences. When they had evidence Shi Fei arranged Ban Fathers death, he obstructed the investigation despite thinking she did it. When Shi Fei ended up being a scape goat for the family and sent into exile, he did nothing for her. When Ban family is ransacked and held hostages (not really) he does nothing. When he is sent out onto the field to fight against the rebellion (Ban Hua and Rong Xia), he really goes and fights, and only switches sides when his father is beheaded. Yall see where I'm going here. In all of these cases, I kept expecting him to change his mind and do the right thing. I really wanted to feel bad for him and his unrequited love for Ban Hua, but he was so unworthy of her. Similar to the prince, he let his family and higher ups dictate everything, never having the courage to step up. He wasn't much better than her ex fiancee cowardly self, except he didnt ditch her. He just did absolutely nothing to help her either. Rong Xia let her thrive, Shi Jin would have buried her glow.


Lastly I'll talk about her ex fiancee, the Xie family.

At first he irritated me because he was so mopey about something he himself did. But by the end he suffered and wasnt a bad person. Unlike Shi Jin, he switched sides early and saved Ban Hua from an arrow. He also didnt let Shi Fei return to the capital because of all she did. I didnt necessarily like him. But after he was blinded, his brother castrated, and his sister married to a madman, I didnt hate him either. He suffered what he shouldve in the end. Also Ban Hua treated him like the dirt beneath her shoe, she never liked him, and the Ban family never let that man go lol, so I wasn't too upset. It irks me the way he treated that s*x worker that eloped with him though. She got her revenge in the end.


So I think that's basically it all together. The ending was of course a HE. Nobody died and ML and FL

sat on the throne and had one son. No concubines and the peoples lives improved.

I definitely recommend this if you like historical romance. It's an enjoyable read. <<less
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FarihaAhmed29 rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I am a big fan of this writer. Why? Because the FLs are not emotional fools.. They are not cold blooded either.

They follow give and take policy.

I liked the way FL reacted to her impending doom. She focuses on the present and likes to live her life. It was her free spirit that attracted the ML.

Those people who do not like unnecessary drama and cruelty, I recommend this book.
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dramamonster rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: c16 part2
The Chinese drama, I Am Just This Type of Girl, is based on this novel. I read the translator's chapters 1-22, then MTL'd the rest. The FL, Ban Hua, and her family are rich, lazy imperial relatives. The FL is fiery, honest, enjoys beauty, but has a warm heart. The FL dreams that in 5 year's time, a new Emperor will take away their wealth and status and she will be killed. As a result, the Ban family decides to live each day luxuriously and happily while they can. The ML is a very handsome, capable, black-bellied official who slowly notices Ban Hua, enjoys her warm fiery personality, and helps her out. Initially, he sees her family as lazy and extravagant, but as he slowly observes them more closely, he soon realizes that her family actually has the best character, and the family is actually pretty lovable and adorable. It's a

happy ending. After some twists, the ML becomes Emperor, the FL is his only woman and Empress, the villains are punished and they live happily ever after. I'll post more spoilers on the forum.


This author tends to write complex, well thought-out characters, whether it's historical imperial politics or modern BL stories, so I'd recommend all of her/his novels. The translation is very good.
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Gabi94 rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c85
So, This novel has so many good points, the author is amazing, and all his/her works have that special quality that a lot of other works lack.
The comedy is awesome, and when things got a little dark, the change didn't seem forced, and everything got even better.

The MC

She is a strong, confident, and a bit frivolous girl. She like lush and comfort, but she is also very straightforward and takes revenge on the spot, so she doesn't hold grudges, and after everything is done she doesn't go around doing petty things. This makes us see The difference between villain and protagonist in a much clear way than in other novels.

The ML

He is a two-faced guy, but not in a cliche way, I believe it's because the author is amazing at writing characters. So, we can see a depth in him that we don't find in other MLS. He is ambitious but not arrogant, and he also doesn't underestimate MC and her family just because they are simple-minded. He appreciated everything MC did for him and didn't let his pride get in the way.

The Author

I adore the way the author makes a lot of critics about misogyny in her/his books, making fun of people that think women have to be pure, kind, intelligent, and submissive to be good and pointing out that even if they are all that, woman are still not appreciated.
She/He also kept criticizing the way people think that a woman must give all to her husband and blend quietly in the background. All of this in a subtle way that doesn't obstruct the main plot or setting, on the contrary, all ties in and is very cohesive with the personality of the characters and their background.
This is very difficult to do in an ancient setting so I'm impressed

My only regret about it is that sometimes the MCs this author writes seem a little passive throughout the story like they don't do much other than being loved. And even though this is a refreshing point of view, (not having to support the husband to the end with little to gain and a lot to lose, and being the ones that receive FOR ONCE.), I still wanted to see a little more of a badass attitude from them.

But despite that, I still love these MCs immensely, and love to see how all of this author's MCs support other women when they can.

The only thing left to say is : this author gave me hope in c-novels again, after all those rapists and abusive Mls, and those MCs who behave just like the villains they hate. So give this one a chance, if you are reading for romance, comedy, ancient setting, or whatever, you won't regret it.
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IloveWebNovels rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Love the plot and the main couple. Also, the fl's family is an awesome creation. The way they get along with each other gives me warmth, like how a family should be like.

However, the FL is the real MVP in this novel. I love her character sooooo much.

She's like

... more>> “Rejecting is my business, but giving up is his business. Why should I make myself a drab for an unimportant man?” -Ban Hua

Girl power alright. Fabulous, gorgeous, smart, and strong. I really admire her and aspire to be like her. Someone confident in herself. <<less
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ylial rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: Completed
The summary above has a very little relationship to the story itself.

The female protagonist (FL) lived in luxury and was spoiled by her relatives. She was frank and took revenge on the spot (by whipping), yet after that, she didn't keep any grievances even to novel antagonists. Notably, she's lazy. Her personality is akin to a cat. She dreamt of her tragic life after 5yrs and couldn't remember who overthrown the "Jiang" from the throne. So she wanted to live to the fullest before it happens

The story has a... more>> dark undertone, and quite tragic without the FL. Since the FL is quite silly, she didn't know the conspiracy why her family (Hou Fu) is brought up without a real power. Still, not all characters in position are unreasonable and selfish. For the ML, I expected him to be a cold hearted but he was not. I like that he was not much OP as other male lead. As opposed to other review, I don't find the ML's personality as realistic. He's too good to the MC to be true. I can't believe that he doesn't have a pride. <<less
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August 23, 2022
Status: Completed
The quirky humor in this series is very amusing and kept me entertained.

Initially, I didn't like the FL, because she's not only narcistic but shallow and lazy. But once you get passed the initial impressions, you can't help but enjoy her antics and thought behavior.

The story is similar to a Rebirth-Do-Over style, where the FL has dreamed of her futuristic ending. However, how she goes about her new life is quite different from many other Do-Over style of stories. Rather than find her future mu*der, and research the ins &... more>> outs and then try to avoid future events. Instead, her family agree on hiding their current treasures and money so that they have something to fall back on when things will go down hill for them in the future. Afterall, it's not fun being poor, and they're so used to be lazy nobles who are served hand and foot.

Her family is the most entertaining aspect of of the story. They're so quirkily bizarre, that everyone assumes they have screw loose. They are glorified lazy dandies who never work and are happy go lucky people more concerned about their own amusements as opposed to politics or any other philanthropy.

However, the Ban family is full of contradictions. They are glorified dandies, but the men in the family have super small allowances, who never gamble or hook up with other women.

As for the FL, she's also full of contradictions. She's and extreme narcists, who will spends hours on her looks to show it off. However, she's a super talented martial artists with hidden talents in the art of war. The Ban family as a whole come off as air heads who have neither talent in the educated scholar or martial arts. Only the FL has good talent in the martial arts.

As the story progresses, more and more plot points of her dream come true but some things have inadvertently been changed due to her change in reactions.

The romance is also quite amusing. The FL is beautiful, narcistic, but internally she almost acts like a lusty man. As for the ML, he's also beautiful but gets treated like a heroine. The FL will mol*st him, or buy flowers and put it in his hair or press him down. The stereotyped role reversal is full of fun.

There's also a live action C-drama series, "A Girl Like Me." After watching the first episode, I didn't feel it caught the real essence of the FL that was in the novel. Because in the novel, the FL would never brag about a relationship using someone else's name (ML). She only appreciated the ML's looks but had no other meaning into getting to know him or use his name to one-up her envious competitors.

Overall, the novel was a bit unique in it's approach and made the old tried and true category of Do-Over a bit of originality. <<less
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February 24, 2022
Status: Completed
There's a lot of humor, fluff and romance that satisfies my romantic heart. There are also quite a lot of intrigue, court drama and dark secrets to hit the right amount of balance for the story.

I love how the FL is so confident about her beauty and wealth and is very proud to flaunt it to others, resulting to her being hated on by most women she out shadows. Everybody hates her because they can't behave like her due to social constraints.

The FL and her family's life is so decadent... more>> the pots in their garden is inlaid with gems. Her favorite snack is so difficult and expensive to make it made the ML's chef cry.

The ML definitely fell in love first and I really like how he indulges her whims. He understands her, accepts all her strengths and faults, and treats her more precious than gold.

The most tragic character here is Shi Jin, I am rooting for him because he is a good man and deserves better than his family. The perfect second lead.

A very good read to pass the time. <<less
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Mehmeh713 rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Very fun read. Love the FL, ML and FL’s family.

Characters: FL has to be my favorite character here. She’s really outrageous and I love how blatant she is about showing off her beauty, status and wealth. She’s a lot more intelligent than she seems, she’s kind but firm and she’s fiercely loyal to the people she loves. Her family members are all really adorable as well and they’re very loving towards each other. The ML in comparison may feel abit more boring simply because the FL is so eccentric but... more>> I really like how he behaves with the FL in that he enjoys and fully plays along with her quirks (like her offering to send him home LOL). His background about why he’s so attracted to her even though they’re so different is also very nicely explained and I like that all the things that people criticized her for (her rank being higher than his, her being so strong, etc), he embraced and loved instead.

Romance: really fluffy. The ML is head over heels in love with her and he pampers her like crazy. For the FL, most of the time she stands by him but when necessary she will stand in front of him to do what she knows is right for him even if it’s hard for her.

I think the sentencing of the old queen and crown prince was pretty difficult for her since both of them were genuinely kind towards her and she also treats them as relatives. But knowing the danger they could pose and the fact that the ML let them off lightly because of her, she chose to basically imprison them at the last emperor’s tomb. I think it’s nice that she didn’t allow the ML’s feelings for her (the ML alr wanted to let them off again) or her own attachment to the old queen and crown prince to outweigh the safety and security of the ML himself.


All in all, very entertaining read with very genuine emotion (even when complicated with all the notions of power and stuff). Love this author (her other books are great as well) ! 😁😁😁 <<less
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bluesonnet rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Read and completed MTL. The MTL for this was very readable, and you get an idea of what is being said after reading the first few chapters which were translated well by the dedicated translator (thank you, translator!).

I liked the chemistry between the two leads, and I love how head over heels the ML was for FL. The romance was also very nicely developed, it wasn't abrupt and did not seem forced.

The couple doesn't officially get together until about more than halfway through the novel.


The last chapter of the side stories was a good way to end it, with everything coming full circle (glad the author didn't forget the fact that FL dreamt about the future).

Overall, this was a good read, even though some plotlines were a bit unclear, like


I still don't understand why ML's mother wanted child FL to die, and it wasn't explained or may have just been a victim of the MTL.


The side characters are funny and their interactions are heartwarming. The Ban Family is hilarious.

I would probably re-read this once all the chapters have been translated.
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silent hobby
silent hobby
December 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I loved this story. I like the FL dare to live her life to the fullest and ML was so charming.

The Ban family was the fun and happy family, they were so loving and so protective to each other.

If you like fun, independent and smart FL, this is a must read novel.

... more>> The MC were not fall in love instantly but they were fascinated to each other beauty and characters then get along each other.

They were definitely power couple, they work together and help each other in difficult time.

I MTL this novel, honestly it was hard to read but I was persistent and interpret the meaning as best as I could because I believe this is a great story.

UPDATE (17/03/2022) :

I have reread this novel after more than 2 years and I have to update my review because in my interpretation of this novel, I think the author want to express was the importance of family teaching and support. The MC's family which was The Ban, the parent never dictate their children's life, the parent and grandparent give the children the freedom to be whatever they want as long as never cross the bottom line. The family support each other with love and action.

The royal family, the emperor want to avoid power struggle between his princes, he give all his attention to the eldest and neglect the others, the 2nd prince felt abandoned and act like rebellious teenager and he thought that everyone owed him.

The Shi family, they want to shape their children as perfect as possible for the glory of their clan. The parents and people around their children brainwashed their younger generation about their roles and responsibility to shoulder the clan's glory since very young. In fact, many parents do this to their own children in this era, it's like giving drugs to the children to "cure" their "misbehaviour" but long term "drug" become poison and overdose drug could only bring harm to them.

I think moral of this novel is family's education hold the main role in the growth of the future generations.

The 2nd time reread this novel, I still recommend this story. <<less
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hitsuyosei rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Objectively, I would give "I Am This Type of Woman" no more than 2 stars at best. But at the time I read this novel, all I wanted was a fun and relaxing read that wouldn't require me to do any thinking or worrying, so there you have it. It certainly delivered on the "no complexity whatsoever" front, and my overjoyed tired mind ran to immediately make a review. I regret my hasty rating now, but it is what it is, and at least what I said below still holds... more>> true.

It is a very self-indulgent kind of story – the narrative very clearly favours MC and her loved ones at all times. When she's experiencing hardships, she bears everything with dignity (and a bit of complaining, of course) and comes out on top. Whenever there's conflict, she is always the one who knows best. I don't think it would be much of an exaggeration to say that she has no significant character development throughout the whole story. As for the side characters, it's always one of the two: they either love and admire MC, or despise and/or envy her. I could continue, but you must get the idea already.

I'll be honest, the only reason I read this novel in its entirety is the CP. Alone, both of the characters' archetypes is something I like: MC is a genuine peacock, and ML is a two-faced schemer (and a simp! A giant simp!). And although there isn't much depth to them beyond that, at the very least, they make a fun couple. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how the progression of MC's feelings was handled. It's an undeniable slowburn from her side, but at the same time, she wasn't ever shy to admit her attraction, or hesitant to get closer, which was nice to see in a female character. The gradual growth of love and trust felt pretty satisfying to see. In addition to that, the scenes with these two flirting are pretty cute; they have certainly made me smile more than once.

And since that was what I needed at the time, I can say that this novel succeeded in my intended purpose for it, at the very least.

That's about all I have to say. TL;DR: don't expect too much, just enjoy the cute shenanigans. <<less
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ragingmisandrist rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: --
I almost passed this up but fortunately I decided to give the story a chance. Like many of the other reviews say it is indeed a wonderfully funny and well written novel. The FL is cool, confident, and completely lovable and her family is just as great!

A pretty rare thing for this genre.

The ML is pretty interesting so far as well but I truly admire the women of this story. They are what make it so intriguing.
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