Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off With Your Head!


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Someone said: “My bed, it’s not your first time sleeping here. Why aren’t you coming over?”

Me: “Your majesty, this wanted fugitive is not a concubine in your palace. I’m not obligated to sleep with you!”

… Makes no sense the concubines are left idle, instead wanting a criminal awaiting execution like me to waste energy both mentally and physically.

Someone said: “Really? – – An Yi is surprisingly very righteous!”

Not lightly nor heavily, he lets out a decree: “If you don’t want to sleep with me, then off with your head!”

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Don’t Want To Sleep With Me? Off With Your Head!
Dám Kháng Chỉ! Chém
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89 Reviews

Apr 25, 2016
Status: c64
READ FIRST: Summary of the first 5 chapters since the story is very confusing at first:
... more>>

The MC An Yi is the daughter of a general, disguised as a man for most of her life since her father had no sons. Her country was overthrown, and she flees with Xiao Huang, the previous dynasty's incompetent child emperor, living a life of poverty.

They’re arrested when XH steals a drumstick out of hunger, and her other childhood friend and the man she used to love (until he betrayed them to keep his position as a general for the current Emperor) Yan Ping, takes them to a cell. YP has hated AY since he thought she was a gay man, and denied his own feelings for her, but instantly changes when he realizes she’s female.

On the way to the executioner’s block, XH escapes, revealing that he’s actually smarter than he lets on and stayed by her side and had them arrested to force her to reveal inheritance – her grandfather’s army seal – which she doesn’t have anyway.

YP then delivers AY to the current Emperor, Feng Zhao Wen, whom she’s met on the battlefield and possibly had past relations with. FZW takes her into his palace, seems to treat her well and (insert synopsis here). She ends up climbing into his bed and treated as a concubine by his servants.

Basically if you can read past the first chapter it starts making more sense and does get a lot better. But honestly, if you had the time you may as well read a better series. Unfortunately I had too much time so I read this one as well. First 2-3 chapters aside, it’s not too bad a series – MC from a fallen country, betrayed by those closest to her, ends up in the imperial harem of the new emperor, who for some reason seems extremely fond of her. The female lead is pretty ambivalent and emotionally very slow, having lost most of her sensations and emotions due to the war and various betrayals so the male lead has his work cut out for him. Story could’ve been written better, but I'll give it a 3/5 since it's decent after the first bit. <<less
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May 09, 2017
Status: c23
Give this a chance. I mean it, its one of those rare novels where the MC has an actual personality, emotional issues with a cause and what's survival is. Her pain is real, her fool's act, although comic, is emotionally scaring. The way she looks down on her self, it seems like a protrayal of depression with a half baked will to live.

Dont compare this to any other novels out there, the theme and ideas used in this novel have a certain kind of depth. Her character is layered, deeply... more>> hurt and trying to live in the circumstances, where there is no one on her side.

The writing style is non lineared, like a cult indie movie. Beautifully narrated, but not easily understood. Don't get me wrong this isn't a very tragic or overbearing novel. But you need to give it time, even a few read overs. But this is by far the most interesting novel I have come across. And the translator is doing a fabulous job. <<less
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Jul 23, 2017
Status: c31
If the summary didn't clue you in, be warned before start reading this story because the start is very confusing. Simply because this story start from the 'middle' of timeline before backtracking half-way to the past to explain the start of MC's relationship with the male lead, the emperor.
That aside, the summary hints the female character is very unusual for a woman in ancient era due to two factor. One, she was raised as a boy and go through an interesting puberty period due to gender-bender confusion.
Two, she... more>> got brain damage sometime in the past and since this story is told from first person perspective you can see An Yi while pretty aware for someone with brain damage, we can't say she is completely sane.

So, while her character background will burst our tear duct, she is not bent on revenge or anything. Instead of the usual more competent avenger woman post-tragedy in web novel, we got a girl so burn-out from everything she couldn't even bring herself to care about people who wronged her.

In the other hand the male lead is also quite a damaged soul himself, and the author somehow manage to write a background that justify why the Emperor, Feng Zhao Wen is so possessive and obsessed with An Yi. Surprisingly, not because he is the emperor who did just because he could.

They make interesting dynamic and fresh characters we could love.

However, due to this story told in first person perspective of female lead with loose screw... while it makes the narrative very amusing, in the same time it makes some part of the story unclear especially when it concern other character. Some of them become very flat because An Yi's worldview is screwed. So she'd either gloss over them or has amusing bias about their character. <<less
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Jun 13, 2018
Status: Completed
I loved this book. The heroine is brave and zany. The hero is sneaky and loving. It's one of my top 5 favourite Chinese novels now. Major spoilers below, because the story is confusing and told partly in flashbacks, so knowing the basic plot makes the book more enjoyable on a first reading:

... more>>

The heroine An Yi was raised as a valiant General's son and companion to the child Crown Prince. When the heroine chases young nobleman Yan Ping, he rejects her ruthlessly because he thinks they're both male. When the neighbouring Crown Prince Feng Zhao Wen visits their country when the heroine is 14, Crown Prince FZW discovers that she is a girl and sneakily falls in love with her.

3 years later, the 2 kingdoms are at war. Our heroine is now a war General and falls in battle from a head wound. She is captured and recuperates for 6 months in the enemy camp of Crown Prince FZW, except that she's lost her memory and thinks he's her boss! He has a lot of fun ordering her around and making her stick as close as possible to his side. However, eventually she regains her memory. Nobleman Yan Ping's father helped betray the country and enemy Crown Prince FZW has won the war. Our heroine flees and escapes into obscurity with the deposed child Emperor.

After 3 years of extreme poverty, nobleman Yan Ping captures our heroine An Yi and the deposed child Emperor in the very first chapter and sends them to the new Emperor FZW. When nobleman Yan Ping later discovers that An Yi is a girl, he bitterly, bitterly regrets his actions. The deposed child Emperor escapes and our heroine is sent to the dragon bed. THIS IS CHAPTER ONE in a nutshell. Total hijinks ensue for the rest of the book.

What really resonated was An Yi's character. She is totally zany. She has lost so much - her father, her kingdom, her crush, everything - she has struggled and worked for 3 years to feed the deposed child Emperor through crushing poverty - by the time she is captured in the first chapter, she just wants to survive and eat well. She has no shame anymore, and is quick to embarrass/scheme her way to freedom/food. Other reviewers have described her as muddleheaded, but I thought she reminded me of someone who has been through trauma - depressed, can't feel pain, forgotten things that make her hurt, just wants to survive day by day - her EQ was never the best (like chasing Yan Ping for so many years) - and that made her zany actions so realistic because she just wanted to live and eat. She doesn't care for riches, status, handsome men, she just wants to survive and eat meat. When she meets Emperor FZW again in the first chapter, all the way to the last chapter, you can see her heal and recover from her trauma and learn to love and live again.

This story, although it has no magic, really reminds me of Three Worlds Three Lives Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/To the Sky Kingdom. It's first person POV, the story starts halfway through their relationship, she has forgotten many things, there's amnesia, he continues to love her and she is quite clueless to it, and heck, he's a Crown Prince too.

There are 48 chapters and 16 epilogues. In the epilogues,

there is a chapter from the Emperor's Chief Eunuch (including his remembrance of how Crown Prince FZW fell in love with her the first night he met her and everything FZW did for her), a chapter from XH (remembering why he stuck so closely to An Yi in that cold palace and his current life now), and a chapter from Yan Ping (fervently regretting that he ever pushed her away, when he realized that he loved her too late). Total happy ending!


Oh, and I love how the heroine deals with harem schemes. She is such a delightfully fearless/cunning/shameless woman.

I read it once, and re-read it right away. I highly recommend this book. Oh, and my other top favourites so far are: Rebirth of a Malicious Empress of Military Lineage, Poison Genius Consort, Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counsellor, Sound/Ballad of the Desert, Three Worlds Three Lives Pillow Book, etc. <<less
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Apr 07, 2019
Status: c1

So no one gives a crap about him raping her ? Really ? I mean, I know he loves her and everything, but still, it was clear that at the beginning she didn't love him and didn't want to do this with him and she accepted only because she thought he'd kill her otherwise and wanted to live (s*x with one not caring about the other party's feelings = r*pe. S*x through blackmail and threat = r*pe). And why, in almost every Chinese book I've read until now on NU, does nobody seem to care about consent ?

Édit : alright, I'll admit, this is a good story overall if you forget the r*pe tag. Good character growth, intriguing evolution, etc.

nevertheless, I have a big problem with the whole r*pe thing so I can't fully enjoy the story because of that. Furthermore, I think this was completely unnecessary to the intrigue. At no point, the Emperor seems to consider that the FL might not want to be with him and that she's allowed to say no. So the author does not seem to give a damn about consent.

also, there are way too many flashbacks and alternative point of views and it's often very unclear if we're reading about the past or the present.

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Mar 27, 2017
Status: c13
The events in the story are the stuff of tragedy. However, the protagonists makes it comedic. She's full of misunderstandings.

The FeMC's perspective is refreshing. Unlike the other C-novels with elaborate revenge plots, this one is a breath of fresh comedic air.

Give it a try. If the first 5 chapters are confusing, read dysry's review for a summary.
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Mar 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Story 5/5, TL 5/5

I see that many reviewers main critique of this story is it’s non-linear timeline. I wanna chip in and say that the unchronological retelling of past events is what made the story more compelling for me. I did not find it confusing at all.

Initially I couldn’t stand the FL for being seemingly clueless and stubbornly obtuse. However I soon changed my opinion of her. She truly suffered greatly and the past had left a lasting impact on her. Though it isn’t explicitly stated in the story about... more>> her condition, it is inferred that she has depression and PTSD from the symptoms. My heart pains for her.

Some might feel that ML is kinda manipulative, but I truly think that he is farsighted and smart. He is also the only one who sincerely cares for FL, besides her Father and Uncle. FL had no one to count on for support esp after her Father died and thus suppressed her upset and hides behind an indifferent mask. I teared when ML told her to cry for him implying that FL can trust and lean on him. <<less
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Jul 30, 2017
Status: c64
It might be confusing at first because the story keeps jumping back and forth between present and past. But once you get hooked, you'll love it till the end. At least read until c35 before you decide to drop this.

It beautifully portrays layers of human psychology. The female lead may look slow with her emotions but it's because she suppressed her pains deeply until it's manifested in physical numbness. Kudos to the male lead for his patience and understanding to FL during the darkest time in her life.

On side note,... more>> this reminds me that there might be people around us who appear cheerful but actually deeply depressed or lonely and we should reach out when we can. <<less
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Jan 19, 2018
Status: Completed
The premise is good but the way the story is presented detracts from it. Events are told out of order and multiple points of view are presented that add new information and elements to the timeline/story. The story is intriguing but very very disjointed. This is exacerbated by the unreliable protagonist who’s perspective cannot at all be trusted.

Actually, besides the timeline, the characters and their motivations seem “all over the place”. This statement might be unfair because there’s a legitimate explanation for their actions, but their personalities are so set... more>> in the beginning of the story that it’s difficult to rectify it with information revealed later.

I actually feel extremely guilty for finding some earlier scenes funny because of how they’re later explained.

I actually found the MC to be annoying but exceptionally tragic. I would rank her on the lower scale of my preferred characters but she is actually very well written (think like that annoying friend who you only talk to in small doses but don’t cut off because she’s nice or occasionally fun). I really wish things turned out differently for her because throughout the entire story it felt like she never had agency or choice. It was always different men abusing their authority or the circumstances to dictate her life. The the things that happen to her, mentally and physically, prohibit her from properly consenting. I feel like, if she were physically and mentally well, her entire life would be different. It’s not like other stories where “cute girl gets manipulated by black bellies or kinda bullied” because this is a case of a legitimate mental illness. That’s NOT okay.

Because of these circumstances surrounding the MC, I cannot condone her relationship with the ML or any love interest presented. It just feels scummy on a whole new level.

If you don’t think that’d be an issue then yeah, give it a read because the story is legitimately interesting and, though I dislike the way it was presented, you might find the disjointed timeline Fresh and interesting. <<less
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May 28, 2016
Status: c7

Even though the beginning was a little confusing, the later chapters kind of cleared some things up. :)

I don't mind the beginning chapters because I feel like those chapters are necessary for the future development in the novel.

Female MC has a really interesting personality. She is a little bit crazy but I like the fact that she isn't easily perturbed by difficult situations and manages to act silly in an intelligent manner.

5 stars for just the female mc's character
5+ stars for storyline
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Feb 07, 2016
Status: --
Read up to CH 4. I can’t make head or tails of what I read. It’s hard to tell who the first person narrator is. Old guy, boy, or girl? Plot makes no sense. Characters make no sense. I don’t know if it’s because of the translation or the author who wrote a hot mess.
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Feb 23, 2018
Status: Completed
A rare and raw novel you could find. This is not a novel that has too many chapters and cultivated-power OP characters. The life and struggles feel genuine. The MC takes her time to put pieces of her heart back together after it has been shattered into small pieces from betrayal and the death of her loved one. It is rewarding to watch her character grow and still keep a touch of her true self. The ML is not an ice block either. The ride we see until he won... more>> her heart was priceless.


The story started with the painful experience MC has to go through upon her father died. She was hurt so much emotionally by her father's death and her crush betrayal, she no longer felt pain. That lead her to act recklessly.

A few years later, she met with ML again as the fallen country general and the ML the new ruler. ML has spent lots of effort searching for her and finally putting her under his wing of protection. MC is not easily swayed by good treatment. She could no longer feel pain or trust anyone - her trust then has to be earned.

From many ups and downs, ML was badly injured and it was the time MC is sure about her love for him. She complained that he has worked so hard for her to accept him and now he wanted to leave her alone. After the incident, they are mutually in love. And the ENDIng is soooo satisfying.

Overall, her decision happens for a reason. There is no annoying second and third wheel cliche. The main focus is how a person climbs up from the pit of her emotional struggle then learn to trust and love again.


I completed reading the story with a longing heart. I rated this 5/5 because I have not seen the novel of this kind before, the way they portray the scenario from the eyes of the MC is able to move you, and the translation is superb. Highly recommend to anyone who read this review of mine. You won't regret it and it has a satisfying ending. <<less
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Sep 07, 2017
Status: c39
Of all the stories I've read on this site, this would probably be the best one.

The story starts in the middle with numerous flashbacks that allow the reader to understand what just happened. The way the author paced and wrote this story is truly genius. However, for those who have a hard time understanding the first few chapters, you can check out the spoiler below summarizing what happened. Honestly though, if one takes the time to really read the first few chapters and endure, the story makes better sense.

First few... more>> chapters:


To put it simply, for the past 3 years, the MC has been taking care of Xiao Huang, the former emperor of Great Chen, which has now become part of Great Qi. Because of him, they get captured by guards and brought to the capital while Xiao Huang was able to escape with the help of bodyguards he apparently had. It is then that MC realizes that Xiao Huang has only been pretending to be s*upid and foolish all this while and that the sole reason he stuck with her for the past 3 years was in order to get an official seal left to the MC by her father. She is then brought to the capital by her first love, Yan Ping. All this while, he thought that the MC was boy, however she finally reveals her true gender to him at this time, shocking him greatly. She is then brought to the king of Great Qi, Feng Zhao Wen, leading to the scene in the description.


This is honestly a really great read. Reading this story guarantees you a mix of laughter and tears. MC is a rather shameless person, something she herself admits. However, you also have to admire her, considering all that she went through. Once you've reached the point in the story explaining her past and what exactly happened, you are able to understand her actions and thoughts more. The MC uses depreciating humor when talking about herself and the past and honestly, I cried a few times reading this story.

The author was able to paint a very realistic way of how one deals with grief and hardships. Subtle it may be, it was able to beautifully depict how circumstances shape and harden people, to the point that the MC was able to let go of her past feelings, and only focus on surviving.

I'm running out of words to describe how good this story is but all in all, it is one of the most beautifully written work I've read. <<less
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Tachi Works
Jan 23, 2017
Status: c9
As the MC, being the only child in her family, she was raised as a son by her father, leading to her having participated in the war, and this experience kind of leaves her emotionally numb, not in a depressed way, just in a way where she doesn't really care what goes on anymore. However given the options, she doesn't really want to quietly die either. This leads to her present situation of catering to the emperor's interests, as indicated by the title. It's kind of cute how desperately she... more>> clings to life. <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕
Feb 28, 2016
Status: --
Read up to chapter 1 I really suspect that this series is a yaoi, so I glance to the tags section.. And it's really true! Fear not my friend, this series is a legitimate has a female protagonist.

After reading up to chapter 4, this series really has potential to be a great things!

Even though you (I mean me) will be confused at first, it'll gradually display its grandeur to you. So at least if you give it a try, just read until chapter 3. It's really entertaining and things is... more>> not really be what is portrayed in the first place. <<less
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Jun 06, 2022
Status: Completed
Kind of torn about the book tbh.


1. The author is really good at showing emotions rather than stating it outright. Like how emotionally traumatized MC is by the events in her past. It's very clearly expressed in her erratic thoughts and flippancy towards herself.

2. The romance between MC and ML -> pretty sweet after the initial few chapters. The ML's love is pretty obvious and he really takes care of MC in all aspects. She's basically like a kept pet which sounds bad but she's also really s*upid so its... more>> good for her.

3. XH had a nice ending which was cool. He turned out really likable.


1. MC's behavior is ridiculously spoilt and selfish -> Given that she's the protagonist, author kind of paints her actions very sympathetically but it's still pretty bad to me. Other than XH, she actually doesn't ever think for anyone else. Even with the people she loves, like YP, ML or even her father, she does whatever she wants one sidedly and she doesn't seem to care about the consequences or how it'll impact everyone around her.


YP is set up like he's a big villain that let MC down but honestly other than that one occasion when he kissed MC, he didn't do anything else. On the other hand, MC as a guy bullied him as a child and then chased him publicly and humiliated him after they grew up. Even when YP rejected MC and gave her the cold shoulder all the time, MC was the one that was one sidedly sticking to him. I mean... it's not romantic. She was like a crazy stalker that he couldn't shake off. If she really cared, she could've admitted her gender to him or at least pursued him privately. The onus shouldn't be on him to just know that she's secretly a girl simply because he doesn't owe it to her to observe her. Why the hell does she deserve to feel betrayed when she was basically pushing him to go against his own sexuality and publicly humiliating him by being so obvious and public about how she feels about him? There's nothing wrong with being homos*xual or being public about how you feel, but both are just wrong if the other party doesn't feel the same way and one person is one sidedly pushing on without considering the other party's feelings AT ALL.

then there's MC and her father. Her father repeatedly warned her against trying to be with YP but she ignored the fact that he was extremely ill and asked to marry YP. It's just... incredibly selfish to me. Like yeah the father didn't die because of her, but as his daughter, why would she ignore his health at the time to make a request that she knows he will disagree with? I mean how selfish do you have to be to stress out a dying patient?


2. The way MC recovered felt kind of sudden. -> felt like she went from emotionally traumatized to ok pretty suddenly.

Despite the flaws I think the book was still pretty good. I know what I said about MC was really negative but she was still pretty likable and the romance was sweet though occasionally painful. <<less
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Oct 31, 2021
Status: --
If you enjoy a pushover FL that no one respects because they listen to the domineering ML instead. Plus cross dressing, Stockholm Syndrome, trauma, and a lighthearted relationship. It’s not bad, but not that great either lol.
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Dec 08, 2018
Status: c64
The narrator try to be as peaceful and placid as possible, however her detachment that made your heart plucked. She had severe depression and PTSD and reading the part where she self mutilate herself just to feel pain had me gushing like a baby. If you experiencing or had experienced the same feeling of wanting to carve yourself because you are numb you might cry like me too.

This is a HE story and in the end everything worked out. However there is an element of non-con and dub-con in the... more>> story if you consider the disparity of the leads status and how she just let anything happen to her for the sake of living so if you cannot stand that, its just a heads up.

Recommended for the great female lead. <<less
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Apr 08, 2020
Status: Completed
Not what I was expecting. Personally I had no problems with the non-linear plot, but the tone of the story and over-all lightheartedness took me by surprise. Tone-wise it is similar to Your Humble Servant is Guilty, when I was expecting something more akin to, say, Destined Marriage of Shang Jun.

I thought it would be depressing when really it's just... fluff? Like, seriously, the tone mitigates any suffering the FL really goes through. I didn't connect to any of the characters deeply.

I was upset that our FL only held an... more>> empty title in the military and that her martial arts were bad. There was so much potential to have her be skilled - especially with the way her father brought her up. I hated the way the emperor crushed all of the defiance out of her so that she will be "obedient" to him.

I really don't understand why this is ranked so highly. I feel like the FL character lost her sense of self as the ML bullied her into compliance. Her tragic backstory wasn't actually all that tragic (read spoiler at your own risk)

  • she had an unrequited love
  • she thought she caused her father's death (this one is the heaviest) ;
  • she went to war and killed (is that tragic?)
  • she was deceived while suffering amnesia (I'd legit be pissed if someone did this to me, but I'm not convinced it's "tragic"? The most tragic thing about this was the ML demanding her to trust him a couple of months after this, completely forgetting that he created a fake life for her)
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 24, 2018
Status: Completed
4 star

First of all:


... more>> She's a flawed, complex character that still bears the brunt of her past mistakes. Brave, but not overly so. Insecure at times. Untrusting, but still long to trust and be loved by someone. Fun, and a bit loose in the head. It's refreshing to see an MC that is not your standard black-bellied lady or naive mary sue in this kind of setting. The author does a good job in breathing a life to her.

But truthfully, I think some of the side characters still haven't been developed to their full extent. They still got soooo many potential! &Gt;: (They lacked complexity, and usually more to the 1-dimensional side. But this can be accepted, seeing that it's a relatively short story.

And the ML. I don't dislike him, still better than some ML out there. Not overbearing, at least at the early to mid chapters. Fun at times. No overly emphasized otherworldliness depiction, which is plus point by itself. I would've come to like him, but i've lost interest in the third half of the story. But ok.

Second: the story

Some peole complained that the story is hard to comprehend, especially in the earlier chapter. I personally disagree. The way I see it, this story moves between two timeline : past and present. Both of them are interconnected.

At the very first chapter, the author thrust us right in the middle of action, in the "present" timeline. The cause of that, the condition of the world, and the connection between the people that seems confusing in those early chapters will slowly unfurled as we progress into the story. So, be patient and enjoy te ride woo!

Actually, the plot is quite light-hearted. There's some tear-jerking moments, but there's no overly dark and complex political plots and entanglement. Or well, , there's some, but it's not to be fully explored since after all, those schemers

have now long gone with the old era

Besides, I personally think that this story focused on how the MC can feel okay with herself again. The political machinations aren't the spotlight.

The world building is a bit vague, but still acceptable for a 48-chapters short story to sail smoothly. The romance is sweet, tough bitter at times


especially in flashback)


Verdict :

If you're looking for a light-read with just a tinge of drama mixed in, TRYYY THISS!

Points : MC is good! ML is pretty ok. Flashbacks. Good plot, light read

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