I am the Father of the Villain


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My name is Lin Luoqing. Today, I transmigrated into a book but I’m not panicked at all. It is because I know the direction of this book very well. I can definitely use the plot advantage to reach the peak of my life and become a winner in life!

Hey, what is with that child over there who is peeking at me? How did he show up at my house? He is looking at me with three parts sadness, five parts dissatisfaction and two parts complicated.

“Child, what is your name?” I ask him gently, trying to make him feel the warmth of the spring breeze.

The child looked suspicious and cold. “Lin Fei.”

F*k! Isn’t this the cold-faced king of hell in the novel? He was tortured by his uncle in childhood and started to torture his uncle as an adult. Then this body I transmigrated into—it was that tr*sh uncle!

Nevertheless, I didn’t panic. I decided to save myself. I hugged this young king of hell and kept kissing his soft and tender face. “Uncle loves you.”

He might dislike me now but I believe that under the education of my love, we will definitely become a good uncle and nephew of China, moving me and him!

Wait, who is that beautiful woman over there? Why are the corners of her eyes twitching? “Please, Luo Luo, please help your brother. You can marry Ji Yuxiao. You are bringing a child with you and he also has one. The two of you can get in touch with these children!”

Oh, woman, don’t think I don’t know that you are the one who first looked at Ji Yuxiao’s beautiful face, rich family and wealth and wanted to climb up high. Now that he was in a car accident and has injured legs, you don’t like him anymore? Do you think I will agree?

“I agree.”

It is because I remember that in the novel, the original owner of the body didn’t agree. This made him and the Lin family enter the blacklist of the most ruthless villain, Ji Yuxiao’s nephew. I haven’t embarked on the peak of life and become a life winner yet. How can I be on the blacklist?

I hold my suitcase in my left hand and the king of hell in my right and enter Ji Yuxiao’s home.

“This child is very fierce. You must not provoke him.” I gave a reminder to the young, cold-faced king of hell beside me.

The cold-faced king of hell is very dismissive.

Wait for it, the amazing king of hell. The villain will teach you how to be a man in a minute!

After a while, a soft glutinous rice ball-like child appears in the room. The child’s voice is very babyish. The cold-faced king of hell pokes him in the face and asks me, ‘Is that it? Just this? Fierce?”

Me: ……

Later, I found that Ji Yuxiao didn’t die according to the plot in the book. Even his legs are healed and every day, he wants to go car racing with me until late at night!

“You beast!”

Who says he is moody, cold, noble and uncertain? I must have read a fake book! How can I become a winner in life? I didn’t expect that I actually became a winner in life in the end.

The cold-faced king of hell: Dad, I just made 100 million and deposited it in your card.

The big villain: Dad, the antique car I just bought from an auction is in your garage.”

Ji Yuxiao: Wife, did you drop this gold card or this black card? Forget it, I’ll give it all to you.”

Me: ….Just—this is fine.

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51 Reviews

New PicturesqueS
Sep 13, 2023
Status: c29
The bantering between the MC and ML is funny but it gets stale very quickly, WHEREAS, when the two are acting in front of other people, it's ridiculously funny and there aren't much misunderstandings between the two.

My favourite moments are about Lin Fei and just seeing him interact with others (he's so cute honestly). I like it when there's a child MC has to take care of honestly and it shows a genuine relationship.

I laughed too hard in the middle of the night and still laugh every time MC says... more>> such touching things and the ML acts so shocked and looks at other people saying, "I'm so touched. Are you touched?" It's f*cking hilarious 🤣

MC is pretty funny with his acting antiques ngl.

For you to enjoy this novel, I'd say not to take it very seriously and to turn your brain off. I usually like serious plots that are well fleshed out but sometimes you gotta accept the plot holes in light hearted stories especially if it involves transmigration.

The only problems I'd have with this novel is the overuse of the word "handsome", they are constantly calling the ML handsome, heck, even the children keep getting called handsome 😭 When Ji Leyu had a dream about his parents, his mother said he's very good looking like excuse me but I think you such be saying "You are a very good boy" or "My sweet child" rather than that? Romance really loves to accentuate looks to a horrifying degree, anyways, I just skipped those parts so it wouldn't affect my reading too much. <<less
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New Qieqiee
Sep 08, 2023
Status: --
Lmao that one review who criticized the author for not knowing how to write kids cracked me up. I mean I agreed in the sense that Lin Fei and Ji Leyu definitely did not behave like normal children but that's like the whole point? The author was not trying to portray them as normal children in the first place, Ji Leyu definitely had mental disorder, probably sociopathy bordering on psychopathy, but since Ji Leyu still can form genuine attachments and affection to the people he cared about, he's definitely not... more>> a psychopath. He's just a sociopath.

The irony was when the author finally wrote a scene where Ji Leyu had the most appropriate child's like reaction to something, this commenter had the audacity to be mad about it and expected Ji Leyu to be all mature about it.

like please be for real, Ji Leyu had just met the son of his parents murderer, it's normal for any children in Ji Leyu's position to hate the other kid. Children don't have the maturity and emotional capacity to understand that a child shouldn't be blamed for their parents' action.


Anyways, I love this story so muchhhh. I came for the romance but stayed for the little kids. I'm sorry but I preferred Lin Luoqing relationships with the children more than the romance. I love the romance here, Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing are definitely sweet together, but the family fluff remained superior. <<less
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yu
Apr 23, 2022
Status: Completed

I'm just here to say, yes, I ship the two kids. Their adult version to be exact.

In the extra, their adult versions (the ones in the original book) met the two little kids in their dream. A kind of closure, I guess, for them.

Lin Fei, isn't so sad. He's the kind of person that doesn't have much attachment. I actually think he's a very healthy adult. I don't think it's bad that he easily let go of things, I think such person have a good amount of self love. He's really just don't have much expression. So even when he met his other, happier, child version of himself, he was just glad. He has long ago let go of the things he couldn't have, but seeing a different him who got it, he was glad that there's such a version of himself.

As for Li Jeyu, man, I cried. This person is the opposite, he just have too much attachment. He couldn't let go at all. I cried while laughing at him because he exploded seeing the changes (like seeing his father have another 'child' XD) Even after he woke up, he tried dreaming again. Repeating every step he did that day, in home he could go back.

The dream kind of give them a chance to continue (mostly little fish since he's suicidal) but their ending was an open ending. Li Jeyu after much deliberation went to knock on Lin Fei's home, calling him brother.

And yes, at that moment, I ship them. Because these two, who didn't grow up in a loving home the same way the two kids in the main story does, were each other's last straw. They can't established the same brotherhood in the main timeline, so with their personality, one who only choose who they care about and other overly possessive towards those he care about, might end up as a pair.

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Nov 21, 2021
Status: c126
I have been following this novel and I am in love with the kids. They are so cute. I am here just for the babies.

Many would point that too much plot is given for kids but this novel primarily focuses on raising Ji xiaoyu and Lin FEI. Buy don't worry romance isn't less. More like slice of life and growth.

A sweet read for bad days..

Whenever I am having a bad day I just read babies interaction and I am ready for next day.
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Mar 01, 2022
Status: c294
I agree with most of the reviewers: it's slice of life focusing on child-rearing and the character depth of the original novel characters really shines.


It's really sweet how the kids see the spirit of their mothers in MC who not only really gets them, but patiently teaches them valuable life lessons and treats both of them fairly with a lot of affection. Without the MC's parenting, they definitely wouldn't have grown up so well-adjusted and would have followed their original "predestined plot".

    • Lin Fei (Fei fei "cold-faced king of hell") is a studious, genius and expressionless/calm child. However, MC is able to read Lin Fei's moods, accepts him for who he is and understands that he has his own world. MC helped this child accept himself and doesn't force him to change (because Lin Fei's mother wanted him to be more outgoing, so he internalized that), instead MC encouraged him to spread his wings and supports him, especially when teachers are worried that Lin Fei has no friends. MC isn't too concerned because he knows Lin Fei will reach out to others when he needs to at his own pace, and that he's already pretty lively taking care of his brother. Some cute moments:
        • MC teases Lin Fei a lot and reads Lin Fei's moods from his eyes which generally expresses "3 points helplessness, 3 points indulgence, 2 points connivance". Sometimes Lin Fei acts like he's disgusted when MC or his brother kiss him. He also always accidentally witnesses everyone's awkward moment (when Ji Leyu does something wrong, or when the adults are secretly kissing LOL). He and MC's dynamic is like, baby Lan Zhan (MDZ) and his mother
        • So, Lin Fei promised Ji Leyu he wouldn't tell ML that ML's father tried to sow discord in the family, however he was worried about ML's safety so he tried to hint to him by telling him the story of "the ugly duckling" and that even though the "mother duck" didn't like her own duckling, it's not the duckling's fault and anyways the duckling is a swan. ML thought Lin Fei was cutely telling him a fairy tale LOL so it was MC who figured out what's going on and told ML it was Lin Fei's way of reminding him to beware of his own father (which was also a heartbreaking moment because it hurts when you find out your own parent doesn't love you)
        • What Lin Fei thinks (fondly) of the family: clingy uncle (MC), simple uncle (ML) and clingy brother (Ji Leyu)
        • Clingy = affectionate, needs affection (MC and Ji Leyu always kiss and hug him LOLOL)
        • When MC confesses he isn't Lin Fei's real uncle and explains "he came from the world of the sea to the forest where Lin Fei is" and Lin Fei decides MC is his real dad (as his mother passed away, and MC isn't his uncle but better)
        • Lin Fei and Ji Leyu's relationship is so sweet
    • Ji Leyu (Xiao Yu/Little Fish "original orphaned villain") who's gets revenge on anyone who has ever wronged him or his uncle (in the original novel, he had the original host married off to stray dogs as revenge for insulting his uncle). He's a black sesame dumpling - very cute and angelic on the outside but has dark inner thoughts. Only MC and Lin Fei are aware of Ji Leyu's pettiness (MC pretends not to know, but instead encourages Ji Leyu to "listen to your older brother" knowing that Lin Fei is a good influence). Of course, as Ji Leyu and Lin Fei grow closer, Lin Fei witnesses what Ji Leyu is capable of (he pushed his mean cousin into a pool and saves him, but Lin Fei explained that it's dangerous and an accident could have happened). Gradually Lin Fei (who isn't shaken by anything) understands his thought process, accepts him for who he is, however Lin Fei settles to tell him "you have to ask me first if you want to do bad things and I'll tell you if it's okay or not" (since Ji Leyu didn't want to read a book on moralities LOL).
        • A big turning point in their relationship is when Ji Leyu opens up about his insecurities (he actually believed it's his fault his parents passed away) however Lin Fei comforts and reassures him that he isn't cursed and that death is a part of life.
        • Ji Leyu wants to go to school with Lin Fei, so MC asks Lin Fei to tutor Ji Leyu so he can catch up - this evolves to Lin Fei supervising Ji Leyu and getting Ji Leyu who hates studying to do homework early and all the time LOL
        • Ji Leyu is very affectionate and loves being spoiled so he demands Lin Fei coax him all the time - Lin Fei only learnt from MC to do a head pat and say "good" so he does this all the time LOLOL. Most of the time Ji Leyu sleeps with Lin Fei if they aren't sleeping with their parents, or when they're in the car he'll naturally hug Lin Fei's arm. He also demands Lin Fei doesn't befriend anyone else but him (possessive brat hahaha).
        • Lin Fei counts Ji Leyu's flaws (such as domineering & hypocritical among other adjectives), but finds him cute in the end. (There's a part where Ji Leyu pretends to water the garden and jet-sprays water on the people who bullied Lin Fei LOL)
        • Ji Leyu really trusts Lin Fei, and they end up being accomplices whenever Ji Leyu pulls pranks on people who wronged his family. For example, Ji Leyu didn't like MC's rude brother, so he initially planned to pour glue in his water so "he can't speak" however Lin Fei shot down the idea. So Ji Leyu pulls out a box of broken glass and suggests putting small amounts in his water so it'll hurt to talk and Lin Fei again says no. Eventually Ji Leyu decides to pour oil on the floor so that the mean uncle will slip and Lin Fei thinks it's pretty mild and less harmful so he agrees to that idea.
    • MC has a good understanding of other people and their personalities which transfers into his career and explains why he's good at acting-in-character. The scripts he picks up are interesting
    • ML's character is well written with subtle hints of his own insecurity of being wheelchair-bound, for example he doesn't want his kids to see him being weak and MC respects that, so he's always "already sitting" in bed or in the car before the kids come over. His relationship with his family gets complicated (and murky) which makes for good intrigue. What's cute though is that the family thinks of him as reliable, romantic and innocent haha probably innocent because no matter what his kids do he finds them so adorable and is kind of oblivious to the hints they throw at him
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: c228
Mixed feelings.

From one point you can't say it's a bad novel, it's actually good and easy to read and has so much love and interactions between MC and ML and also the kids, who are adorable, but from the other side after reading a big chunk of it you feel that it's just a little bit too watery. Now a bit more in detail about that and my main questions about their writing habits:

    • WATER, help, I'm drowning!! Ahahah. Like this is the part that ticks me off, the rest of it is ok, but this one is really playing on my nerves when reading. When you read entire 200 chapters you'll realize how little happened, but it was stuffed with a lot of cute moments and basically watery moments (e.g. it's cool that people wash, but I don't think I need 30 scenes describing it), I get it was to show care and love, but in the end the feelings become oversaturated because of this. Not to mention with the love to weird starts of this author, both protagonists came to liking/loving each other rather quickly and boom, lots of love, lots of sweetness, lots of involvement with kids. I have nothing to say about love for kids and care for them, but sometimes you get overfed with it. In the end in 200 chapters you'll get MC and ML getting together, ML comes from a wealthy family and has a dispute with his own family that also involves the death of his brother and sister-in-law. We get how kids become close. We find out the secret of ML's father. MC also has few episodes about his family. All these are solved. Intermitten with MC filming. THAT'S IT. By the time author thinks they foreshadow situation of the Ji father, I can't help but say - yeah-yeah-yeah it's obvious he protected someone, let's move on, shall we?! So in the end, I repeat myself again, I see nothing wrong in romance and all the love shown, it just separates the dramatic events so far apart. And I tell you, I was really touched about the chapters where the truth was revealed and people who were responsible were punished, those were good chapters. Or when LLQ is filming some descriptions of his movies are quite touching.
    • One tiny thing I'd like to mention, it does not bother me much, but sometimes I can't help but wonder if author can come up with new things instead of recycling. If you've read their previous works, you'll notice similarities in conversations, situations, behavior patterns of character etc. Like for example their previous novel (Tool man shortly) has MC and ML strangely loving a play in front of others, at the beginning here MC and ML also has several moments like these, but they're quickly let go. The use of dialogues or things that happen, they basically happened before in pretty much the same manner in other novels (like the teaching class in the first MC's drama, it was in one of the novels too). This is author and their writing, it actually has nothing bad about it, but when you read same things from the same author it makes you wonder.
    • CHARACTERS. Boy, sometimes I ask myself if characters just act and say things in the same way. The only exception might be two kids, they're consistent. But outside the main characters and their two kids you really can't see any additional character that was really brought into the story and explored, most of them are just side-kicks. Even the dead brother had more depth to him than living people in my opinion. And I don't mean the "villains" of the story, like fathers of two families. If you think in-depth you'll see that they don't really cross each other, except occasional meeting and playing their own parts (by that I mean that ML plays desolate and depressed son who lost ability to walk to lure the ones responsible for the car accident and on the other hand MC playing filial piety to his father to play for inheritance, while one is a dramatic point in this novel, while other is a comic relief).
    • And as the last thing, it's really a personal opinion, because I don't think it should be mentioned as an argument to good or bad. But 1) I really find this author has some weird and unnecessary settings at the beginning, like exagerration of MC's character at first (I mean that original LLQ was abusive to the kid), it was later smoothed out only because Lin Fei believed MC is not of their world, to me it existed only for one situation when this past was used against MC. Or when ML slept right after watching MC act or basically his insomnia situation, most of these are smudged and forgotten with time. And 2) I really think the situation between MC and the Lin father is kind of unnecessary and the way they basically swindled the inheritance back with some ridiculous argumentation and filial piety is a bit not my cup of tea. I understand the motivation and I support the need to show Lin father that he treated his children in such a way that there's no wonder they retaliated, after all both fathers are selfish and Lin father chased both sister and brother from the first marriage out of their house and it's understandable - the idea to get revenge - but swindling it the way they did to me lacked class.
Heh, anyway 3/5 for the story, it really doesn't bring anything new, author recycles many of their old things, but at least they're good enough into putting it together to make it more or less pleasing and stuff you with fluff. It was watered down though. And additional star for the kids. All these things I'm talking about are actually not bad things and they don't make the novel bad, you will still enjoy it if it's up your alley, but I definitely can't put it into the category of the "must read" and "it'll break your cognition about BL novels" etc.

When this novel will be over though... it actually resolved most set conflicts, but knowing this author they won't let go and probably will write like a hundred extras afterwards.

LAST THING, I'm personally very against two brothers being put into a pair, the way the author writes it they might do it (not now though). Tbh, I know they're not blood-related, but it doesn't mean you can't treat a person like that as a real brother. I'm always weirded out about pairs that grew up as relatives but then fell in love, like it gives me pet peeves when I see stories how an adoptive father falls in love with non-related adopted son or two not blood-related brothers also get together, I'm weirded out by this, I don't understand it. The end. I'm out :D
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 14, 2023
Status: Completed
So I read the comments that this has similarities to another BG Novel, I checked and read the two books.


1. This was published 2021 and the BG was published 2022 (Source:jinjiang). Clearly if one is copied then we know who... 😒

... more>> 2. I read the author's notes for the two. This book's author already finished the main story manuscript even before this was published. The BG was written just chapters ahead or as the story goes.

3. Both books is a good read, though this book has more solid plot, characters and story flow.

I'm really not sure if their is any plagiarism. But I'm not surprise if it is. This is prevalent in danmei genre where the BG authors keep copying concepts. Just because danmei is pretty much controlled/suppressed in China.

Anyways, this book is really good and worth the read. Don't listen to others commenters. Particularly, those who didn't finish the book. 🙄😒 <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 08, 2022
Status: c209
my reasons for giving this rating

  1. why marry if gonna abstain when your not an as*xual and not having s*x for sole reason that you are paraplegic.
  2. why think its inconvenient to do anything since you are in a wheelchair, when so many people using wheelchair accomplish as much or more than anyone else out there.
  3. what's wrong with most Chinese author and their understanding of perfection, like you are imperfect if you are physically inconvenienced or not up to par with society standards of beauty?
  4. what's with it being okay to be physically inconvenient temporary but not permanently?
  5. why should grown people act like five years old children so we can think our protagonist is so clever?
  6. the way author settled Feng Xin (a child character in the book) was so ugly like any child other than Lin Fei and Ji Leyu are specs of dust and cause your father is giant as***** make you deserving of anything happening to you?
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 09, 2023
Status: --
I don’t like that big of a focus on the relationship between the kids, it's not my thing. It also was kinda weird how possessive JL was over LF, seemed like author was setting them up as a pair (just from reading reviews I know others noticed too). It’s repulsive to me since they grew up together. The only time I can accept siblings not related by blood getting together, is when they spent a lot of time apart and weren’t raised together. This is just too close to incest... more>> even if they aren’t related by blood. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Rerated. At first, I thought this is Mediocre due to early chapters but the novel is really good💕 especially the love development and their child-child/parent-child interaction. This is my first time to see a Danmei BL that really focus too on child rearing 💕The chapters keep getting better!💕 The ending is good and the variety show extra are extra are the best!! Among the author's work, I like this the most, others have lot plot holes that made me drop em

I thought Most of the characters are brain dead... more>> and only the 2 children are wise enough but the characters are only feigning ignorance. I wished the author made an inner monolog for this to prevent misunderstandings with the readers. I like Lin fei (child) the most. The flaw is Lin fei does not looked like a grade 1. He's more mature than a junior high with his high level of thinking. Another plot hole, the ML fell asleep whenever MC is acting beside it but won't fall asleep when the MC is acting against their enemies etc. It is also not stated when the MC fell in love with ML. (But the ML love development can be observed)

Anyway, I really love this novel 💕 esp the variety show. I ate lots of dog food and I don't find the ML annoying since he's only acting as a front <<less
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Feb 17, 2023
Status: --
I really loved this one because MC was very open very sincere and was very caring and understanding of the ML. ML's life was a very painful one and he was willing to stand with him even when the ML refused to tell him exactly what was going on. He had very good friends. They were the one who were like telling MC to go there and be here so ML can have some support in his tragedy of a life.

Like someone below mentioned I didn't like the pairing up... more>> of the two children. I wanted them to act childish act spoiled make mistakes be scared and just grow in their own way, and see the bond between the two parents and the children grow. Something I did not want was for them to have their own little romance. They are kids for gods sake! Whether they act mature or not until you are like 22 you don't know sh*t about romance. That is when you like start to realize things and start to patch up your life.

It really irked me to no end. It's not just here and there it was even more longer than the parents' love story! It was so annoying. I didn't want to stop reading, it was a while since I found a couple who were kind to each other and loving in general. There was no drama in their relationship. I loved that part so much.

It really hurt me but eventually I lost interest and couldn't hang on anymore. They didn't even grow up. I was so waiting for it. The story would have been better if the kids grew up and figured out their own life and how they lived a better life than those poor souls in the original.

I wanted to see just what kind of people they grow up to be. This was really disappointing. The beginning is very good, but as it proceeds too much entertainment industry too much kid romance and lesser and lesser the main couple.

I am very hurt. The author is very good too just why did it fail so much. Family oriented bl are already so rare so when the little works we have to enjoy have such shitty endings I really don't know to which direction I should cry to. <<less
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Apr 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Spend quite a long time to finish this novel. There's no much conflict or drama in this novel. You could read this during your free time. A bit like slice of life. A bit draggy if I have to say since it's 300+ chapters. I have read novel with 700+ chapters but its not bl and more like an adventure novel. Anyways. Its a very simple novel. I love the babies tho. Maybe that's why I read till the end.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Okay this is a long review. Honestly I dropped this once, around chapter 100 I guess. But at that time it was mostly because that was where the recent translation was up to and I was too lazy to read mtl. Months later I finally finished reading it now.

About the story, it's good and bad. Like one other reviewer said, the author have many similar plotlines/how the author carried out the plot that I was confused for a moment and felt like I already read this novel, but no.

You can... more>> actually break out the story into arcs, Ji Yuxiao's revenge, Lin Luoqing's revenge, Lin Luoqing's career, and the extras.

On the romance part, very early romance, for an early romance the story was quite draggy and daily actions that are quite repitive. Very sweet, cute, and fluffy romance. There are some parts which I really like too about their relationship.


Good points in their relationship: They respect each other. Have consent. LLQ usually solves things by himself except that one moment he felt like he really couldn't, so yes he has his own power and authority (though it is with the help of ML but it was only the starting point) ML also knew and wanted to help MC but he respects that MC wants to do things in which he can himself.


About Lin Fei


I love him. He is my favorite character in the story. He is a very mature and sensible kid, he grew up too fast. Some readers mostly dont like kids in stories acting like adult as they are actually not like a kid. But I assure you that he is just too smart for his age but actually still has some childish thoughts. I cried several times in his moments with MC and when I read about his thoughts. How he felt like he was a dandelion, without root, without a home to return to, and how he wanted to find his own flower pot and in the end bought himself one. His closure with this dandelion metaphor is in the extras, it was very heartwarming. Oh and a very rare thing, Lin Fei was the first to know that MC was not from his world. MC told him in a metaphor like situation that LF world was a forest and where he came from was the ocean. It was cute then that LF thought the MC was a mermaid.


About Ji Leyu


This two faced little angel, I dont know what to say about. He depicts the sentence "children are cruel" in a more realistic (?) way. His ge is the break really. Though it's funny the ML is the only one who thinks that JLY is a real angel and LF and MC would always be speechless because they know that JLY is actually a little devil. JLY is real possessive of his family.


The Extras (a closure to the story and the og novel)


The extras are about the MC and ML marriage and dates and the family of four going on a variety show. I liked the last parts of the children in the variety show as it is somewhat of a closure for the MC and LF. What I liked most are the last two extras. One extra is about the og LF meeting little LF, and the other is og JLY meeting little JLY in a dream. Oh boy were they shocked, to find that they had a family, JLY had both an alive and healthy uncle and a doting older brother, and og LF found LF having MC in his life but that was what made them happy too as their other selves could live a happy life unlike them. That one moment when og JLY cuddled and kissed ML before he left, the ML in the end saw him and called out to him, og JLY cried and I also cried. In the end, after both og LF and og JLY woke up and og JLY went to find og LF and called out 'ge' to him is *tears up* hope they find their happy ending too.


About side characters, like other reviewers said, mentioned and thrown away really easily. Because of that problems solved quickly too. Except for the Ji and Lin family part. The side chara that are maintained are the good one but that too, doesn't have much of a role, only shows that MC changed their lives different from how they end up in the OG novel.

I give 4/5 for the story. People who like childcare novel and just want fluff and family warmth with little drama can read this.

I really want to read the og LF and og JLY story, a continuation of the last extra *sighs* <<less
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Feb 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Ehhh. Having read most of this author's works, I can say that this one is pretty mediocre.

The author really enjoys using the transmigrated actor x wealthy president trope. It's just that this one happens to have more kids involved.

Somewhere in between, the author forgot how children really act. In their other novels, the children acted appropriate to their age but this novel portrays 5 year olds acting like they're 15.

Other than that, there's nothing really unique about this novel. It's the same recycled tropes that make for a good afternoon... more>> read if you're looking to take a nap. <<less
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Nov 30, 2021
Status: c138
This story is just the right blend of fluff, drama, comedy and intrigue. The main plot isn't about the romance between the main pairing but the MC and ML's interactions (as well as the babies' & other characters) are keeping me entertained. For me, the main selling point for this story is that the characters are well-developed and have depth
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Dec 03, 2022
Status: Completed
After dropping AFMWDT, this novel was the perfect palate cleanser that changed my standard for showbiz novels with disabled MLs. My only complaint was the story length... The main story was too long but I think the extra more than made up for it.

This novel has so many likeable points, like what the 4-5 star reviews already wrote about. The entertainment part was quite unique too, I've never seen such a positive vibe in any entertainment novels. The business part was both funny and cunning. The family drama part was... more>> very touching, I teared up a few times. I also liked how the main characters dealt with problems, they made a perfect team.

One last thing, a clarification as someone who has completed the story

  1. The main couple wasn't abstaining from marital relationship, they just took a long time to be sure of each other. For ML, s*x with MC was something he'd do if he's sure that the other party has completely accepted all that came with being his real spouse. It's a literal ride or die with him and he wouldn't accept anything less so he wouldn't touch MC before he was sure that MC was the one. While MC has never thought that ML's disability would hinder them at all
  2. Yes, it's inconvenient for ML to do anything in wheelchair. He needed help to take stairs or board vehicles. It doesn't mean that his daily life was disturbed by it, he still went to rehab and still managed to take care of his company. What do you expect? For him to suddenly be able to do everything normally after a half year in wheelchair?
  3. This author's attitude towards disability is very good, but yes, there are still many CN that portrayed disability as something devastating. ML has his friends, employees, lover and children who were deeply supportive and even the antagonists still respected him at some point, their POV didn't mention his disability much, but focused on his dispirited form after the accident or the huge wealth behind him and Leyu
  4. How the novel dealt with antagonists... Some were quite excessive but they're relatable and realistic. I'm no saint so I'd say that they deserved it, though the author's solution was rather mild. Always put on the victim's shoes first. Karma is a b*tch.

PS: Please add 'doting parents' tag because the main couple are such good parents. I even want to be their kid if it was possible <<less
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Sep 14, 2022
Status: Completed
One of my favourite with children because there is not only playing with children unlike other some novels. There are children education, understanding the children throughly and loving all the time even if you are not together you do not forget the children. Romance, family and work are blended together very nicely. I dont know, everything was just right that I was satisfied when the novel was over.
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Jun 08, 2022
Status: c244
I'm not done reading this buttttttt...

(ノ´ヮ`) ノ*: ・゚

... more>>

Let me just say how likable the characters are??

I love how the MC has high EQ, is independent, empathetic, and helpful to others. I like how when Feifei was bullied in the private school, he insisted on transferring him out into a school that fits Feifei better. He taught him that he is a little tiger who would have his own territory one day. He doesn't have to compromise and force himself to apologize to the bullies just to stay in that school. MC said that the bullies only have their wealth. MC could call the ML to help them, but he didn't. He told Feifei that he has intelligence and his own strength. He's destined for greater things. He's going to meet many people who will value him more than the people in that private school did. Someone send me to that world so MC can build me up like sajhdguygewgfefh. I don't know if my words did justice to what the novel said (???), but I hope you can understand what I'm saying haha. I like that the person he first revealed himself to be a transmigrator to is Feifei. He's honest and sincere to him. I think this is the first novel I read where the transmigrator revealed themselves to someone who's not their love interest.

I also like how MC helped other characters, like Shi-Zheng, Qin Wu, Yu Jiayou, etc., even before he knew they would be someone great in the future. He sympathizes with the people at the lower rung because he's been in that place before, so he tries to help them. I think he's not just 'nice' because he's helping them, but he's smart in being nice. He checks to see if they have the capability or potential to see how he can help them to give them an opportunity. Cause it's just like that in real life sometimes, you know? Many people have great talent and have the potential to be greater than they already are and everything else except an opportunity. He's helping them help themselves. I like seeing his transmigration's positive effect on the other characters' lives.

I adore Lin Fei. Although he's too mature for his age to be realistic, I still like him. He's sooooo thoughtful. Even though he doesn't talk much because he's too lazy (I can relate to him, sometimes it's just comfortable being loud inside my head rather than outside hahaha), and he's always expressionless. If I met someone like him in real life, I'd probably have a bad impression because I'd be too intimidated, but once I discover their good side, I'd probably be gushing madly over them like MC does. He doesn't care much about other people, but once he loves someone, he always treats them the best he can in his own way (Like that time he used a slingshot to get back at Grandpa Ji when the old man insulted MC). He's just too cute and thoughtful. (Actually, Lin Luoqing, Lin Fei, Ji Yuxiao, and Ji Leyu are so thoughtful to one another that it makes me envious. If I meet someone as thoughtful to me as they do to each other, I'd probably bawl my eyes out from being moved. Are you moved???)

I also find Xiaoyu adorable, even though he tends to have violent thoughts. The author probably succeeded in brainwashing me when I found him funny when he thought that it's a shame Grandpa Ji wasn't in front of him. It'll be so nice to push him off the balcony/window hahaha. Or that time when he wished Grandpa Ji was standing next to him at the top of the stairs so he could push him off. I guess I really do like dark comedy (?) With his duplicitous character and outstanding face-changing skills, I think he has a great potential to be a film emperor. Even though he's a little villain, I still find it cute how he treasures his loved ones. I like how he's the number one CP fan of MC x ML. He hates anyone who poses a threat to their ship ヽ (>∀<☆) ノHe keeps on finding opportunities to help his uncle's love life. His supportiveness is too cute.

I also like Ji Yuxiao. From how he is written, I can see how he was when he was younger and was a school tyrant. He's this arrogant and narcissistic guy who hides his insecurity (disability, etc.) behind his bravado. He's so responsible and will go to great lengths to protect his own people. When he exacted revenge on that Tao Jin guy (not sure if I got his name right) and that dagger, I saw a similarity between him and his nephew. He has this potential to actually be a big villain if you touch his reverse scale. I like how he's so gentle to his family. I love the daily fluff between MC and ML. They are so affectionate and loving to each other. It makes this single dog cry a little bit inside.

I like how Luoqing and Xiaoyu are both energetic (like that time in the amus**ent park) and how Feifei and Yuxiao are more laid-back. I like how Feifei and Luoqing are more broad-minded and can let go of petty things compared to Yuxiao's pettiness and Xiaoyu's death note. They all have similarities and differences, and that's what makes their family dynamics interesting to me. The novel has a slice-of-life feel, and the author has said that they prefer a slow-paced story, so it might not appeal to everyone. It might not be as exciting as one might expect (I thought that the author would emphasize MC shooting films and face slapping, but like they said, that is not the point of the story. And I like that.) Slice-of-life stories tend to be simple, but it makes me more appreciative because it's the simple things in life that are actually precious. The four of them have experienced losing their loved ones before forming their family, so they value those simple everyday things much more than others.

Sorry for rambling off in my reviews again if you reached this part. Hope you give this story a try. Maybe just until that private school part, you might come to like this story like I do.


(Review might not be accurate, maybe because I have an 800m-thick love filter) I really love it. I'm so moved I wrote too much, are you moved??? <<less
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Mar 09, 2022
Status: c53
I'm currently MTLing ahead, but the translation is great.

"Are you moved? I'm so moved."

This story is hilarious and sweet, I highly recommend it! If you liked Reborn As The Villain President’s Lover, you will love this story- MCs are similar. I actually didn't know who the author was of this novel, but I realized it HAD to be the same as Villain President’s Lover because of the HILARIOUS banter and wonderful chemistry between the main couple.

I can't stress how in sync they are- it is so enjoyable to read after... more>> miscommunication and dog blood.

I'd read again just for the wheeze worth "face-slapping scenes" MC and ML are on a mission to make everyone spit blood/ money and choke on dog food. Like, these boys shamelessly tell such blatant lies together and it is beautiful.

What is unique about this novel is the way they handle the children. Often transmigration tends to just throw some kids in there for aesthetic. The nephews are PART of the story - which is what I was hoping for when I started. These babies make me cry sometimes, they have lost a lot but are growing and forgiving making a family together. I love it. <<less
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: --
Okay. Everytime I read other novel's with the line "Are you moved?" I think of Ji Yuxiao.

Really, I don't get why this novel has low rating, Lin Fri is such a cinnamon roll. He is so cute, so sensible, so nice.

The growth of the babies, how the love developed between ML and MC.

This is more of an everyday life of family of four.

Really go read it!
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Mar 01, 2023
Status: c81-285p1
Seriously one of the Very Best of the Best Family Novel EVER!!!

The Family Feels are sooooo Gooooood!!! MC understanding his precious children's personality are Great! He's Observant and Smart!

His Shamelessness also Top notch! And love how ML also joining his act. It's just so Hilarious every time they said "I'm touched." Or "isn't it touching" by their acting.

... more>> Any Face slapping scene was Spectacular. But the best part still the Family Feels!!!

The Children are Cute and Precious in different way from many other novel with Cute Children. First, beside the part that the Kids play BIG ROLES. I'm not even joking, they have almost many scenes as equal as MC and ML. Sure their scenes entwined, but if MC and ML take the whole novel, the kids took 3/4 of the main story alone I'm sure. And I won't be surprised if they have Extras chapters for themselves.

The kids themselves has unique personality.

The Future Villain was already Black Belly born yandere.

The Cold King of Hell was already Indifferent and Aloof.


But they're more than that. The author really know how to make them have those personality but still showing how they're truly just a Little Kids, but also have Feelings and Emotions and truly Cares about their Family physically and emotionally.

Another epic rare moment is MC's first filming time. He actually has such a Harmonious Crew members and Co-actors!

It was so funny with how other actors sought him to make appointment to rehearsing lines with him.

Anyway I can't wait to know and read more about this novel. It was definitely beyond expectation in very very Good way!!! So far I can say I'M LOVING IT!!!

Pray so hard the translation would keep going till complete! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Updates on 6 April 2023:




Ch: 147


Updated on 16 July 2023


Lin Fei being the BEST Kid for giving pocket money to his parents and make both MC and ML a Silly Proud Dads!!

He set a good example for Xiao Yu and unintentionally make him do the same Genuinely!!!

Both of them are SUCH PRECIOUS SONS EVER!!

CH 210-225 ish. I don't remember the specific chapters. But it was around those chapters. And written in more than just 2-3 chapters.


Updated at 11 September 2023:




CH: 275-276


Last ch I read: 285p1 <<less
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Jun 08, 2022
Status: Completed
Okey, I completed this. I finally completed this!!

And the last two extras? UNNECESSARY!

I almost broke my hand after reading chapter 343 out of shock. Just give me five more chapter of them being brother again and I am promise with my life I won't ask anything again.

... more>> This is sweet, too sweet, my whole body itchy.

At first I don't really like novel more than 200 chapters. But after reading comment that this is 90% about child rearing, I give it a try.


60% of the chapter I laugh out loud and embarrassed myself tho I think it's worth it.

All of them are just so precious!

I kinda hope there are a side couple, as this is quite have a long chapters, but this wholly only have main couple become dads. Yeah daddy!

Personality wise? All of them are good people with great characteristics. Individually they are awesome, but as a family they are perfect. Chef's kiss 😘😘

Doesn't have really too dramatic plot or so except for the 100 hundred early chapters about ML's family. MC's family getting well done. Good job 👍

My speech still a lil bit incoherent as my hand still hurt for banging it on to the wooden table. I am not even sure what I talk about in this review.

Over all, this is fluffy, sweet, comedy, heartwarming, family, explicit, and not satisfying.

Like, while writing this review I just remember that is...




They already announce the certificate and the wedding also already planned even the bride's man...

Wait. I think the wedding is there. Oh yeah, it's there. I forgot.

I remember now that Qingqing felt nervous before wedding and Yuxiao joking with him to ease his nervousness. Yes yes, I remember it clearly now.


Humm... this is why I don't like long chapters. I often forgot the plot that actually already there but just, I just really forgot about it. Hehe.

Then for the main couple I am already satisfied. Hohoho <<less
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