The Supporting Male Character Just Wants to Be a Tool Man


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Shen QingShu, 22, died in an accident. His biggest regret before his death was that he’d been single all his life. He obviously wasn’t a monk, but he’d never eaten meat.

Then, when he opened his eyes, he saw a handsome, self-assured man standing before him. The handsome man parted his thin lips slightly and asked, “Wanna have a one-night stand?”

Shen QingShu didn’t hesitate at all. “Let’s do it! Twice!”

The next morning, Shen QingShu woke up aching all over. Only then did he discover he’d transmigrated into a book. The handsome guy beside him who’d gone two rounds with him was the protagonist gong, Han Cheng, the second son of the Han Group.

And the original owner of this body was just a disliked, death-seeking cannon fodder.

Shen QingShu: …Well, this is f*cking awkward.

But Shen QingShu didn’t panic. Anyway, he was just a cannon fodder. He figured they’d part in a few days

He knew he was a tool man, a character who only existed to develop the plot.

-Half a year later-

Shen QingShu looked at the man next to him and wondered: It’s been more than six months. Why hasn’t he left already?

Until the day he saw the protagonist shou and Han Cheng meet by accident.

Tool man Shen QingShu immediately felt the call of duty. Eyes shining, he prepared to push the plot forward.

“Don’t come looking for me in the future.” Shen QingShu was extremely self-aware.

Han Cheng was shocked. “Why? Do you have feelings for someone else? Who is it?”

Shen QingShu: … Darling, this reaction isn’t quite right.

“I don’t accept this,” Han Cheng said, furious. “One day as husband and wife means a hundred days of grace. Can you even calculate how much grace we have?”

Shen QingShu: … No, wait, what are you talking about? It’s not like I’m your wife. I’m just a tool man, and it’s time for me to go offline!

However, Shen QingShu found that not only did the protagonist gong refuse to let him go offline, he was going to make him his bride!

Shen QingShu: I’m crying.

Associated Names
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Nam Phụ Nghĩ Mình Chỉ Là Công Cụ Hình Người
The Cannon Fodder Just Wants To Be A Toolman
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New plainbricks
July 5, 2024
Status: c159
dropping this. lost interest midway through.

bad points

    • the novel drags too much. should have ended much earlier
    • too much wife and sister-in-laws wording even for me who usually likes it
    • villains are too s*upid
    • evil adopted (originally poor background) child concept is too cliche and classism

I also didn't like how Wu Ying goes after his barely legal younger stepbrother, bxg... not my cup of tea (it was implied he liked bxg since bxg was 15?, I can't remember how old wu Ying is) and soured the entire novel for me


good points

    • absolutely hilarious, especially if you know chinese slang / net culture
    • the novel/drama/film stories are fun to read
    • very fun personality filled ML and MC
    • everyone in this drama possesses DRAMA spirits lol
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Ecirteab rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Hilarious, light-hearted but heartwarming novel.

MC is easy going, somewhat coquettish but sharp tongued. He loves to mess with people who bother him by 'staging a scene' creating full on dog-blood scrips and many misunderstandings (with the external party)

ML is somewhat tsundere, clingy, attempting to be domineering president type. Loves to play along with MCs scenes and loves takin care of MC.

Dialogue is super sharp and funny. I loved all the mock parodies of cliche plots MC/ml/their friends stage to get back at people. MC and ML's car+driver euphemism for... more>> their physical relationship.

Romance is lovely. From friends with benefits to something more to lovers. There's so much communication between the two of them, it's not perfect but they learn to navigate and make each other happy.

ML is MC's rock, his only safety net in this brand new novel world (even if MC adapts fast) and MC genuinely wants the best for ML.

if ML and original shou were genuinely a good match MC would have given up and it might be frustrating to see him so insistent on the book plot but it's because he honestly thinks that ML will be happiest that way. When he realises the mismatch, he's changes his mind

it's rare to see an actual explanation for an MC to believe in fulfilling the plot but I do understand MC's thought process.

ML also loves MC loads and has possessive problems in the early beginning but tries to get better. He's patient and willing to talk to work out problems. Both of them love and support each other. There's some nice descriptions of love towards each other.

The physical relationship is also fun to read. They communicate and enjoy the uh drive together, no MC being reluctant or ML making MC 'drive' more times than he wants. Not shy to just cuddle and kiss and be clingy to each other.

Side characters- some are better than others and the best of them are the ones who play along with MC when he begins his 'script'. Love how everyone is just so down to act out a dramatic love or die scene. ML's family is really nice and has a funny dynamic.

TL;Dr : sweet, funny novel with enough genuine moments and really good relationship dynamics. Not too deep but worth to read just because of the healthy communication and dynamics. <<less
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qeesa rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Personally, this novel was so fun to read that I read all 200 chapters in 2 days. The comedy is absolutely golden, both MC and ML are like two gremlins that met then fell in love with each other then decided to troll the entire world together lol. It‘s a gem, I wasn‘t bored at all the entire time reading this. Give it a try if you like comedy and bickering couple trope!
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TheIsekaiConsumer rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: c140
This is freaking hilarious but also so soft.

It’s the little details — when MC tickled ML while he was washing dishes, when one takes the initiative to dry the other’s hair after taking a bath, when MC, tipsy, tangles their fingers together so that ML would stop poking his face, ML’s habit of pinching MC’s cheeks.

It makes me yearn like no other.

What I love:

  • The translation is motherf*cking superb. If you can spare it, go give kofi to our awesome translator/s!
  • The banter, the bickering. I’ve read other Chinese BL LN that has banter but I’m just like “meh, okay”. But I found the back-and-forth here clever and realistic while still moving plot/relationship.
  • The face-slapping, for me, is not too over-the-top. MC’s witty and sharp mouth made me chuckled so many times — he can entrap people with his words like no other. Cannon fodders are actually smart here; if MC had been in any other scenario, HE would be the one getting face-slapped. But MC’s situation is just so freaking unique and humorous.
  • The parody of cliche BL tropes has me in stitches. Frick, I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • NO DUBCON BETWEEN MAIN PAIRING, NONE IN THE SLIGHTEST. Omg, I never thought I’ll get to read something with no dubcon
    MC: I’m gonna take a bath
ML: I’ll join you

MC: I’m too tired for sex

ML: I know. We won’t do anything

AND THEY DIDN’T. They bathed and went to sleep cuddling.

  • The prose, the parallelism, the realizations. This not only have humor but heart. Look, I read Chinese BL novels with my brain turned off so this caught me off guard. I want to study it like an English Literature graduate.
  • We all know communication is key but this is the first time I saw a story DISS people who refuse to communicate. If you don’t even TRY to communicate your feelings, don’t play the victim; relationships are a two-way street. MC and ML communicates so awesomely.
  • The sibling dynamic is just so precious here and so accurate. Big bro and lil bro are such little sh*ts to each other and I love it.
I can go on and on about this story. Suffice to say, I love it to bits.
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ylial rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: c33
The interactions among characters are unrealistic but those scenes are really funny.

The MC is shameless, that bickering in front of ML's friends made him uneducated in reality. Same goes for the ML. Anyway, it is hilarious. For ML, he's moderate except for his possessiveness. He becomes unreasonable that makes me want to drop this. I don't find it sweet, rather it's annoying.

This is good but not my type, since the MC's journey is smooth sailing and this is mostly fluff. The story is focused mostly in MC-ML interaction... more>> and the story becomes monotonous and repetitive. I'm fed too up with their driving; they keep driving everytime that I can't find the plot of the story. I'm looking for a novel with a good plot so will drop I think. <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
remyrem rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: c4
I got impatient so I MTLed, which I do not recommend since this is a hard series to MTL. Putting my review in spoilers since may be spoilery for people waiting for the TL, and my review might get too long.

... more>>

This is essentially the story of 2 gay virg*ns trying to have a purely physical f*ckbuddies relationship, which turns into a "fake dating to deal with unwanted suitors" trope on both sides. Fortunately for us (and them), they're both very bad at the "no romance relationship" thing and they're even more sticky and affectionate than a real couple. Eventually, it turns into actual true love. Both the MC and ML are enjoyable characters with a healthy and funny relationship. MC (the shou) is proactive and confident but ocassionally a scumbag since he's not used to being with someone. ML at first seems like the usual "2nd generation" playboy CEO's son, but he's actually a little silly and warmhearted.

Their reasons for being good to each other is heartwarming - MC is grateful to ML for being his sole support and safe space in this new world and wants him to be happy, and ML has a very long "falling for" period which starts with enjoying how cute and fun MC is and turns into appreciating his efforts and himself as a person. They're a couple who both enjoy acting, and it's a delight reading the parts where they work together to act out dramatic scenes. They have a very sweet, very understanding, mutually spoiling relationship that really makes you think "relationship goals".

The transmigration aspect of the story isn't too invasive but isn't forgotten about. The setup is very good at introducing the MC and setting and hooking you in, the MC's memories of his (happier) pre-transmigration life help set the mood (making some things seem sweeter or sadder). MC's determination to follow the plot makes sense for his character motivation ('make ML happy'), and when he realizes ML probably won't actually be happy, he doesn't waste time and actively pursues him again. It does get weird when ML gets a dream about the original story and easily believes that it was his original destiny, and even figures out on his own that MC might not be from this world, but I can suspend my disbelief enough to appreciate that ML wants to let MC be happy and more attached to this world by being good to him.

Them aside, the rest of the world is pretty fun too. I love the relationship between ML and his family, which is almost the complete opposite of MC's transmigrated family. The side characters have intriguing side plots which unfortunately doesn't really get elaborated on, but makes me think I could read 300 more chapters just to expand on everyone else's story. The villains of the story are all annoying but thankfully don't overstay their welcome, and are dealt with well.

I really love this story, I feel like this is the kind of plot where Lin Ang Si really shines as a writer. It feels like a more lighthearted version of Villain President's Lover, with an expanded "what happens after they confess" section, including a "coming out to the family" arc. The characters and scenes feel like a parody of showbiz/business danmei tropes. It's like the author wanted to write dogblood but without any real drama. I'm going to finish MTLing, but after that I will continue to watch out for TLs since this novel is one worth rereading.


c154 spoiler for possible trigger warning


There's a pseudo in*est subplot between a reccuring minor character and his older step-brother, it's not really a focus but it did make me go "wait what the f*ck" since I wasn't prepared for it. It could possibly also be considered an age gap/underage ship? The character in question has just turned legal at the time, but the older brother mentions starting to have romantic leanings when he was just 15, can't figure out how old the brother actually is tho due to the bad MTL.

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Ars rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Very fluffy and sweet romance that proceeds at a slow but steady pace. The first half of the story may seem like it doesn't have much plot progression until the minor twist around chapter 90~, where you realize that the encounters and scenes were building up to the climax of the drama. When I read the reveal of the characters' motivations, it really made me go "Oh damn!!!" and made me rethink the idea of the character tropes and style of romance in webnovels. The author does a great job... more>> of providing reasons why Shen QingShu and Han Cheng are suitable--mainly because they honestly and sincerely support and protect each other, and have excellent communication skills.

Overall this is a super gentle, lighthearted, and humorous story that emphasizes healthy relationship qualities that are rarely seen in a lot of romance novels. Because of this there isn't a lot of melodrama between the protagonists, but there's still some interesting progression in how Shen QingShu navigates his career and how both of them work up to confirming and revealing their relationship. <<less
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Oxylime rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: c10
The whole translation is MTL and uses idioms from the original book as it is, making it less than comedic. Plot is quite boring and the fluff doesn't really land due to the awkward translation. Can only be readable if you can truly understand this sort of translation. Dropped.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved the beginning so much. I love the characters and I love the interactions. But at this moment, I'm getting really annoyed at some aspects of the story.

... more>>

MC decides to start writing novels to make money while he waits for an opportunity to make a debut as an actor. His first story was a BL smut story. He ends up writing quite different genres but he's talented, so he gains quite the following.

BUT because of his lack of imagination for names, he doesn't think of changing his characters' names in each story, so all of his MC's have the same name, so even when he changed genres to PG by using a different pen name, everybody knew it was the same author and he didn't bother to hide it. What pisses me off is that he didn't think of taking precautions to separate his two pen names completely, even though he was planning to become a famous actor and started writing PG genres with the intention of selling the copy rights. You're bound to have to reveal your identity if you're going to sign a contract.

That annoyed me a lot, but what REALLY takes the cake is that when he finally gets the opportunity to sell the copy right of one of his novels to make a movie, instead of taking more precautions like making his business partners sign a contract to not reveal his real identity and stuff like that, he decides to make ML sign in his place! That pissed me off beyond belief. That's YOUR work, why are you putting it under someone else's name? That's so wrong! And it doesn't even end there! Later, the filming team wanted to add the author in WeChat to make communication easier. He asked ML again to take the fall for him! ML doesn't even know anything about being an author, nor even anything about making movies! His expertise is somewhere else entirely! That's completely irresponsible. Not only leaving communications about the adaptation of your own work to someone completely unrelated AND inexperienced, but ALSO not admitting your own work is yours. Ridiculous.


I'm so annoyed right now that I might drop this entirely.

Edit: Ok, after writing the review, I went to sleep. I was sleep deprived and irritable. Sleeping helped me cool my head and I was able to finish reading the whole thing. When I wrote this review, I was on chapter 149. I still think that portion of the novel was really annoying and s*upid and a bad attempt at comedy, but the novel in general was enjoyable. I still maintain my opinion of 3 stars though, because even though it was an entertaining novel, it wasn't anything outstanding. There are other novels by this author I like much better. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 23, 2022
Status: c42
If I could give it 6 stars, I would. If I could give 7, I would.

I ain't even gonna talk about the plot - yeah, it's good and right pace and everything, but I wouldn't care if it wasn't. The characters are so good. The two main characters are both funny and kinda sweet and so God damn human. I can't even describe them well, the same way I can't describe the personality of any real person I know, cause they just have the right amount of everything to seem... more>> so real. And their interactions are so good. Really real and real funny - as in they're making realistic jokes that are actually amusing.

And then I'd like to give an extra star for my favorite kind of 'pampering'. That is treating the other person with respect and seeing them as an equal human being. And an extra star for how the story starts - two adults getting together to have s*x cause they like s*x. It's so refreshing to see a believable and healthy attitude towards this in the stories here. Also, no coercion - as in when they already have a physical relationship, when one says he's not in the mood the other one listens. Also kinda rare despite being so basic.

There ain't a single thing that I kinda 'tolerate' cause it's a good story. All the characters and relationships are healthy and the ones that aren't are pointed out as such and abandoned. All the characters are real and the plot moves only cause they're living their real lives. It's a joy to read. <<less
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Camouflage rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: --
the novel is funny overall but gets really s*upid sometimes. The discussion between characters sounds like the banter of high school teenagers and the whole novel is like a teenage girl's dream. The original shen qingshu introduced in the novel (whose body MC transmigrated into) was such a pure, innocent and kind hearted soul with the only flaw of lack of his ability to retaliate, which could have easily been achieved with character growth but no the writer just had to push the dust under the rug and choose the... more>> easier plot of transmigration of an already developed character with the same story that has been told multiple times in other novels with just the change of names!like what the hell? <<less
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April 20, 2022
Status: c25
MC and ML initially use this car and driver metaphor when they initially do the deed, and they continue using this metaphor do death as the story continues. They refer to ML and the driver and MC as the car, and it's quite cringe. ML will say something like, "another car confessed to me today, " or, "are you looking for another driver?!" and I think it's supposed to be funny? But it actually makes me want to avert my eyes because it's so cringe.

Plot is boring and characters are... more>> very s*upid. The fact that MC transigrated and is in a novel makes no difference to the plot whatsoever. MC is writing fanfic and the excerpts that he writes are included in the novel, which is very meta. I'm reading a novel about a guy who transmigrated into a novel who is writing fanfic, which I can also read in this novel.

MC tries to be too sassy and frequently uses terms like green tea or white lotus, and then drags it out even further i.e talking about tea art in reference to their green tea b*tchiness in his responses to his fake brother and his love rival. This is also super cringe. <<less
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Reichie rated it
January 1, 2022
Status: c139
It's 3.5⭐️ for me. I was gonna round up but my sausage finger pressed it wrong.
Anyway, it's not bad but it's definitely not my favorite. I've enjoyed the dialogues the most no matter how unrealistic the scenes are but hey it's funny, I can deal. But then after the main characters got together, it somehow got boring and maybe I'm just not into fluff THAT much but


I actually feel like they are sweeter before they got together. Maybe because they are more action than words before and then after they determined their relationship, the author couldn't wait to write three paragraphs everytime they feel something. It's so sweet, it's so tiring to read. Nothing's happening anymore and it seems like 200+ chapters is too much for this story. I should have known when I saw the 50+ chapters for extra like? How many more irrelevant chapters do you have aside from those in the main story already.

And also, author really likes to use ungratefulness and characters without remorse. I don't mind it cause these kind of characters makes my blood boil but every villain here is like this? That it becomes redundant reading it.

Also, what's with the Detective Conan watch lmao (the one HC gave to JS)


8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LunaSolis070 rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: --
This is pure romcom 10/10

Our MC has a sharp tongue really good for debate HAHAHAHA

I love how the ML supports him even in making a scene for real life drama. Though the MC isn't the one who is provoking others. It's the cannon fodder who is jumping towards the MC 😂. Sorry, I think I need to sleep my brain and my language, I can't think of the right words, ah.

Wat I love the most is the clinginess. It just make it seem they are really in love and the author didn't forced this scene.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Roxasfleur rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: c142
Lmao the comedy.

Ok so they started off as fwb and ended up with sweet love.

I really love ML. He is such a laidback guy. He is a business man yet he can perform at the drop of a hat with MC. It is still such a 'suffocating script' that makes all people clap. I also love his relationship with his older bro. They are such a gem.

... more>> I do love MC smart mouth too. His mouth is so quick and sharp, it makes people can't refute lol.

However, I think I am currently at the beginning of 2nd arc (I think) and not really motivated to read the rest. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
damnmei rated it
September 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Read this a while ago, and never wrote a review, so had to reread! And oh my god hahahaha

This novel is such a fun read, it starts off with the most hilarious setup and continues to deliver on the comedy throughout. The car metaphor somehow never got old, and I was crying laughing multiple times at the main couples' antics. The car friends turned lovers dynamic was perfectly executed, and the lead up to their feelings being confirmed somehow made me cry actual tears from the emotions of it all.

The... more>> main two characters are an actual match made in heaven, and the way they played off each other to face slap the green tea around them was too funny. Loved how they even got other characters to act with them, including ML's older brother, who I would literally die for. Lowkey am obsessed with that man.

On the ML, truly this man is one of the most loving and supportive MLs out there. He gets a little jealous but he always holds himself accountable and never tries to suppress the MC. He gently supports MC behind the scenes and truly just wants MC to succeed in his dreams. This man sets such a high bar for all MLs out there- on recognizing that when you love someone that you must also love their dreams and aspirations in life, as well as support their platonic relationships with other people.

MC is hilarious and it was so much fun to read his POV. He is surprisingly very emotionally mature for a character that seems to love the drama, and he's a very capable person, while also recognizing that he can't do everything and can depend on the ML for support when necessary. I liked how he processed through what he was feeling, and his reactions to the ML were so funny.

Overall just a very lighthearted read. It's not a lot of substance to be fair, but it really doesn't have to be. It's a comedy sketch, with a little bit of angst in the middle, but the novel really is mostly full of fluff and sugar between the main couple. There's no family drama with the ML's family (god knows MC's family has enough of it) and every villain character gets their deserved ending. The face slapping was extremely satisfying I will say! Have to give this novel an enthusiastic recommendation. <<less
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Lekyea rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: c10
It’s just so cringy to me... the MC is immature and his comebacks are reminiscent of a middle schooler trying to start a fight. The MC and the ML flirt by treating each other as a car and driver and I don’t know how so many people can get past this. It’s like my head retracts into my body every time MC says “I’m the best luxury car, ” or the ML says his actual luxury cars are the MC’s brothers. I tried to get past it, but MC has... more>> no sense of preservation. What was he going to do if ML wasn’t going to let him stay with him? Just be homeless? It’s past being ditsy, it’s frustrating how he rushes headstrong and consequences miraculously avoid him. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel has a humorous and lighthearted plot with a lot of likeable characters, excluding antagonists, of course. I especially liked the main CP and their interactions. Their constant and affectionate banter makes the story all the more enjoyable.

Han Cheng, the ML, has probably the most unique character I have seen in a ML of a BL novel so far. Unlike the stereotypical cold iceberg CEO type, he is sunny and childish, silly and derpy at times, but also doting and affectionate when faced with Shen Qingshu, the MC. He... more>> also has an older brother who dotes on him and likes to tease him. Their brotherly bond is also fun and enviable.

Han Yu, the ML's brother, is also not your typical iceberg CEO. Nope, dude also has a fun character. He is competitive and likes to show off even to his own father which leads to them bickering and trying to one-up each other, but without malicious intent. As already said, he likes to tease and dote on his little brother. And he doesn't mind his reputation being bad because of misunderstandings. In fact, he seems to enjoy it, just like how he enjoys eating melons when his brother enacts some dog blood drama. He doesn't even mind joining in. Needless to say that I like him a lot.

Shen Qingshu, our MC is also up there on my likability list. He is fun, smart, quick-witted and cute. Just like how Han Cheng dotes on him he also dotes on the other. He always puts Han Cheng first, protecting him even when he doesn't need to. Unlike MCs of other novels, Shen Qingshu is pretty proactive and not at all reluctant when it comes to driving with his gong. He initiates or tempts Han Cheng at times instead.

Their nicknames for each other are also really unique: little (luxurious) supercar and master driver. I was a bit sad that their nicknames weren't really used after they officially got together. Such a waste of perfectly good nicknames. But I guess, Han Cheng prefers being called husband (~ ̄³ ̄) ~

Overall, I really liked this novel. And I did not even mind the variety shows when I usually lose interest during variety shows. I guess, the dog food the main CO kept sprinkling was enough to keep me going.

10/10 would recommend. <<less
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December 19, 2021
Status: c15
Ooohhhh the very first chapter kick off with a bang and it was a speeding ride on the sports car of hilarity thereafter!

MC is mouthy x ML is unashamed. Funny couple that makes their antics together too hilarious.

They even managed to ‘birth’ twins. Mary Su Bailian and Jack Su Aotian. The epitome of names.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Majin11 rated it
December 27, 2023
Status: c229

The emotional line 5/5

Conflicts 5/5

Dogfood 1000000000000000/5

... more>>

I have a lot of things that I like about this one. I like the love between the MC and ML. Even if everything started with driving, the cuddling and the companionship was super enjoyable that one would disdain or even purposely ignore the fact the they they f*ckbuddies before they were officially together.

ML's family was very good too. Even if the parents (mainly the father) couldn't accept that ML likes a man, they were surprisingly accepting. If we put it in a sentence it's like We love you so much, what else can we do but accept? As long as you're happy and loved.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Valley rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c137
Truth to be told, the beginning of this novel is good. But from 100+ Chapter up it's getting s*upider, I can't continue it anymore. The plothole is getting too many and MC who look smart from beginning now look so s*upid to me.

But what annoy me the most is another side character. I have read many showbiz novel and this is the first time I hate their good/bad comments about MC so much. At first I just go along with it but I can't anymore

    1. Spoiler

      Also the minor villain all look s*upid, they are like Mary Sue story villain

    1. Spoiler

      MC only hear about the novel from his agent but how can he know so many things? I know he got the original owner memory but not the whole novel alright?

    1. Spoiler

      No character development at all for MC

I'm dropping this but I think it's good for those who like light novel without brain work and comedy. Happy reading you all
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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