How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli


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How to Raise a Silver-Haired Loli?

Step 1: Find a (cute) Silver-Haired Loli

Step 2: Tease her

Step 3: ?????

Step 4: Fall in love (and profit!!!)

Yu Fei thought that he had life figured out and found his perfect partner when a silver-haired loli joins his class and threatens to turn his peaceful life upside down.

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Crea rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c2
You know, I'm fairly accepting when reading novels but I just can't seem to get myself to like this.

The MC kept calling the silver haired girl a loli and somehow thinks its some sort of compliment like, beautiful girl = loli, even though the term refers to a young girl or a woman with childish figure. I mean what the heck? If you think of it logically most student his age would associate loli with fashion like gothic lolita or something. There is no setting indicationg that the MC is... more>> an Otaku or having some sort of similar interest. Yet here he is, spamming the word as if it is common sense.

Also, the starting feels awfully similar to "Is it Tough Being a Friend?", only worse. <<less
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Shadzin rated it
September 4, 2018
Status: c8
This one is not really doing it for me. The characters and their interaction might become more promising, but now things are just too slow and doesn't grab your attention... Other than the potential interesting character setup it doesn't really have much going for it.
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