Mistress, I Was Wrong


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Tong Yao woke up and found herself in an unfortunate situation.

Not only did she transmigrate into a fantasy-romance novel that had been dropped by the author, but she also found herself in the body of a throwaway character that was fighting against the protagonist for a man!

For the sake of her survival, Tong Yao immediately reached forward to grab the protagonist’s leg.

“Mistress, I was wrong!”

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Dragon_Reader rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: c40
A pretty good book. The first time I am reading a cultivation novel with Yuri.

About the story -

... more>>

MC dies in a car accident in modern day. She opens her eyes to the cultivation world. It doesn't take her much time to realise that she is inside this cultivation novel in the body of a cannon-fodder character who dies miserably in the hands of the FL. She decides to build a good relation with the FL. MC's O!Host body has a semi-waste wood attribute/ system. But after MC transmigrates, she gains the ability to understand and talk to plants and trees and flowers. But she still has poor spiritual qualifications and power. No one has ever seen, till date, someone who can actively converse with plants. She uses this to understand more about herbs and make pills to help FL. MC is a scaredy cat but does not run away.

The FL is pretty suspicious of this 180 degrees turn that MC takes since O!Host would often beat and bully FL. It takes MC risk her life and limb and almost die before FL accepts her. FL is the standard xianxia character. She is a rare double root thunder/ lightning/ Earth attribute. Strong, has the ghost of a spirit master in her beads (?), Makes enemies, fights enemies, goes to jungle/ death valley/ cultivation competition etc etc. FL slowly falls in love with MC. Starts to kiss her at night when no one is looking.

MC is a pharmacist. Using her skills to talk to plants to refine some really good pills. There is some secret about her spirit power too.


All in all, I loved this novel. It has action, adventure, a dense MC, a possessive FL and Yuri!!! <<less
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Melina Red
Melina Red rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: c45
This novel is very good and interesting. I can't stop reading it. I like how main characters and female lead help each other. Their relationship is realistic, not force or too fast. I like the way their relationship development and become closer. Their relationship and interact is so cute, sweet, amusing, flffuy. I like the way female lead pamper on MC. How she turn cold to other and only good to MC.

This is best fantasy yuri novel so far, I am addicted to it. Hopefully they translated more chapters
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November 14, 2018
Status: c60
Really loving this novel. The MC is great, the Female Lead is great, the everything is great. The premise of the novel is mostly focused on the relationship between the two of them and their growing feelings (or the FL's growing feelings haha) and it's so cute to see. I recommend this to people who don't mind reading novels with Yuri and want something new that doesn't have to do with male mc's and their infinite sized harems.
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Kell rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: c70
I had to take the time to review this novel cause it's really good. I read up to 70 lmtl style until it was taken down and so I really hope someone picks up and finishes this book cause I love it. At the time off this review the novel is finished but not translated.

So this story is kinda off a deconstruction /subversion off your typical wuxia. Our character falls into a story she once read but she is not the MC just a character that gets killed off by... more>> the real MC of this story. She dies in a very horrible way too. In this story she is Mínghuì the younger sister sister off the protagonist. Of course Wǎnyù is adopted. In this story wanyu is one of those typical heroines who is blessed with multiple elements and an old spirit master.

Minghui quickly realize s that in order to survive she has to change her fate and latch onto the "MC". The subversion comes from the fact that Minghui is aware off the story nature and the events off the story. She knows how these stories work with the MC getting bullsh*t good luck with a harem off men etc.

In the process of changing her fate however she causes events to change. Suddenly Wanyu is interested in her instead of her harem and events off the story are going off course. The story was never finished and now that things have changed how will they survive?

What I like about this story is it's both a well written deconstruction of the wuxia genra as well as a good romance. Let's be honest, most wuxia suck at romance. This story is a slow burn. It takes a while for the "MC" to trust Minghui. And then both of them have to come to terms with their feelings. Even when they do get together and

actually have sex

they still have a lot to work out as a couple. It's very well done, its so cute and romantic. I love these two so so much. I can't stress how much I love this romance.

But it also has a serious plot. I want to push back on some off the criticism. Some said Minghui is weak and does unnecessary things at times. Some critics don't like her random power ups or her damsel in distress moments.

In truth, Minghui doesn't just adjust to this book world instantly. She was a doctor before and she decides to become a "pharmacist" in this world too. She thinks at first that she doesn't need to cultivate cause she has the "Mc". It's only after getting in trouble a few times that she reflects and starts learning how to defend herself. She also realize that if the MC doesn't have her harem in this world, certain events won't happen right and the MC will lose some of her support. This leads Minghui to getting stronger. So, actual character development. Yay

Still her ability is in-universe a support ability. She has mutated wood spirit roots. She can talk too plants and she collects powerful plants like sumoners collect beasts. Minghui finds her own ways to be useful through knowledge of the plot or through her support talents. The "mc" will always be the heavy hitter of the story because she is the MC off this world. That's an actual power. Minghui knows that this is a story and events will work towards the MCs good.

Minghui sometimes does things to move the "plot" of the world along. Like saving certain people or doing certain actions. Because she changed things she has to fix the plot. Being near the MC also causes her to pick up some of the MCs luck. So like I said it's a deconstruction.

My only real complaint in story is in the beginning chapters, in order to fix things between her and the MC. Minghui does something to her villain older sister that I don't like

The older sister sets up the 'MC' to be r*ped. Minghui turns this back around on her evil older sister. I don't like or approve of thi but you see this all the time in female wuxia stories. Still I will say it's an anomaly and don't let it stop you from reading this story

. All and all it really is a cute romance story with a good plot. Give it a read and support the translator when they come. <<less
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mustachemerlin rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: c91
Alright. Here's advice how to read this and enjoy it. This story does not have one MC, it has TWO. The female protagonist halo exists and is not a writing quirk, it is an in-world tangible force. The female protagonist halo is a feature of the setting, since the world is all inside of a novel. Read with this mindset/headcanon and you will enjoy it much more.

And *both* MC's have a fully functioning Female Protagonist Halo. Despite what one of them will tell you. The supposedly unloved little MC will... more>> have a harem of men swooning over her for no apparent reason and stumble upon key items constantly... exactly like what this world's OG MC would experience, since that's what the Female Protagonist aura does. Minghui is just as much Female Protagonist material as Wanyu ever was, complete with special powers, a mysterious backstory, and the full ability to steal away the entire harem of Male Leads.

We have two full fledged female protagonists:

Wanyu - the story world's original reverse harem protagonist, top as hell, ice queen, licensed knight in shining armor, likes bigass swords and whips, edgy darkness powers, has a ghost friend, monster DPS fighter class and resident tactical genius
Minghui - the isekai protagonist, certified blushing bottom, princess in another castle syndrome, can talk to flowers, occasional mad scientist, backline support/healer class and part time thief assassin. Brave coward, dumb but silver tongued, could talk her way out of a brick box. Also cooks dinner!

The premise of this story is that two characters with the female protagonist halo modifier crash together and get totally stuck in each other's love interest buff, bending the story from a reverse harem to a yuri and leaving all of Wanyu's poor ML's out to dry alone.

The story is presented in such a way that Minghui is the perspective character, but don't make the mistake of assuming that Wanyu is just a supporting love interest, she is also the protagonist of this story. Both of our main characters are equally important and have well defined roles to play. Minghui sets up, Wanyu grabs the ball to score. Minghui is accident prone and a kidnapping magnet, but always manages to pick up key items and quest characters while in "distress". Minghui identifies problems and makes plans to solve them, then sets up all the groundwork and Wanyu swoops in and execute the plan with some added flair later. Despite appearances Minghui is anything but useless, Minghui singlehandedly replaces Wanyu's entire harem of hyper-competent male leads. Wanyu chases Minghui in distress to pop in for the rescue but also pokes into all of the original story's plotlines, chasing leads for both hers and Minghui's special powers and mysterious backstories at the same time. Wanyu gets all the fight scenes and still has time to be jealous of Minghui's pet plant.

TL;DR? I ship it.

Certainly not a perfect story, hardly a masterwork in any sense, but what did you expect from a web novel? About slightly above average quality you'd expect from cn webnovels, it's not Tolkien or Shakespeare but it's perfectly competent entertainment fodder so long as you cooperate to be entertained. <<less
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spectrearc rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: c160
The problem with this story is that MC is incredibly useless and only causes trouble for her partner, like literally almost every dangerous situation is caused by her reckless, naive and s*upid actions.

One would have thought she would have grown some brains after half the story but apparently not. This was mildly amusing at the start, but there is a fine line between innocence and s*upidity. MC is deep into the latter region.

As it stands her partner gets into all sorts of trouble because she decides to recklessly save people... more>> without thinking of the consequences, and the thing is she is so useless in combat against anything which she can't immediately suppress with her cultivation level.

Honestly speaking it was ok at the start but as it stands now I just want to throttle the MC every time she does something ret*rded (which is almost every chapter).

She also has pointless ridiculous power ups which are obviously meant just to keep her power at the same level as the MC, while being completely useless.

See the thing about this is that while it tries to do Yuri, the author still falls into the standard xianxia tropes of having a cold (Fe) male lead who constantly saves his gf. I would have very much preferred to get an MC with at least a modicrum of intelligence.

I have nothing against having one lead weaker than the other but it is really tiresome watching a damsel in distress just getting into trouble over and over again. <<less
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Jessy_m rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c383
This is the best lilly novel for me... it's funny adorable.. and know when to end the story... even thought I wouldn't mind more...i recommend it to anyone who is like lilly
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contently rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c60
The MC claims to be a contemporary doctor but I don't believe it for a second. Her social comprehension and communication skills are tr*sh. There are better ways to create slow-burn romance than relying on the MC's sudden emotional and illogical temperament.
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Nachtmusik rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: --
I read ahead about 150 chapters in (thanks god Vietnamese is similar to Chinese) and this book is amazing the author is so in depth with her setting and the relationship between the female lead and the MC. It's a slow burning relationship and I love it. Very realistic and the pace feels right. The sad thing is the terminology for this book is very complicated to translate and it's confusing navigating through Chinese language and translating to English. This book is also exceptionally long. About 2k pages and more... more>> when I put it on a word doc. So I'm not sure anyone is up for translating this, but it would be a great treat.

The main character is not OP she gradually grow into a strong character and with the slow pacing it allows you to relish her grow and honestly I was in it for the yuri but stayed for the story and enjoyment of seeing the MC getting more powerful as she goes. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 3, 2021
Status: c11
TLDR I dropped it early due to the writing 2 stars

I think drugs would improve this novel. Acid or other psychedelics are an absolute must. When the Disney talking plants made their appearance I knew it was over. You toss in a couple of cliche r*pe scenes, and a MC that isn't using her few brain cells and it just wasn't interesting.

Note: The translators did a great job,
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Mortrexo rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c46
The MC is completly useless, the FL tells her to do somenthing and she doesn't she contradicts herself at every turn not only that she is lazy as f*ck, doesn't focus on things, doesn't use the things that the people give her. For example the soul cleansing pill (i don't remeber if that was the name) that FL gave her at the beggining of the novel was forgotten and a lot of worse things.

Is like she can do things easyly but chooses the worst path harming everyone and the people... more>> hate her beacause the author want to.

I'm anxious reading it all the time because the FL is in the verge of dying or being discovered that she is the Taboo Darkeness Cultivator because MC is s*upid, folish, naïve, lazy, ungrateful, wastefull, without drive to learn about the world, without drive to learn about protecting herself adn without drive to close the relationship with the FL.

The only thing she cares about is the plot of the novel she has read and sees the people around her life like she is a spectator. Worse of all, she is suposed to be a doctor, but, her mentality is worse than a 12 year old child. The only reason she is alive is because her Plot Armor is made of adamantium. <<less
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Ellis rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c60
From what I've read so far, the relationship between the MC and FL is really sweet. I love the character growth the two undergo as they pursue their goals and am excited to see how they will eventually get together. One issues is that we once again have a naive protagonist, so if that bothers you beware. Other than that it is a sweet and cute read.
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AriadnaAtthanasia rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: 300+

Don't believe reviews that say this book is boring or other negative stuffs because I've already finished this novel by reading the original. It mainly depends on what kind of reader you are. There may be parts that may seem boring but the end is worth it and personally, this is one of the best GL novels for me.

If you're into soft/fluffy GL novel without too much drama or plot, this book isn't for you.
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November 17, 2020
Status: c47
The novel is pretty good but gets held back the two things.

The main female character isn't well written. She is that typical needs to be protected weak girl, gets random power ups, and makes s*upid decisions on her emotions instead of logic. The last trait is often in direct contradiction with her goal to survive. This trope has been done to death and just isn't that interesting in my opinion.

The other issue I have is that the female lead, the official "protagonist", isn't very fleshed out. I hope the author... more>> fleshes her out in the later chapters and we get some more backstory revealed about her since that was supposed to be the main overarching plot of the novel where our reincarnator transmigrated into. <<less
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October 13, 2020
Status: c37
Okay, so I'm on chapter 37.

For the start of the story just fast forward it. The real stuff happens when Mingui and Wanyu start their journey into the forest. The relationship between the two from that point is mostly Mingui trying to win over Wanyu to survive and Wanyu wanting to shake her off but also kind of reluctant to ditch her because our Mingui is too innocence. Our Mingui really confuses Wanyu.

... more>>

In the forest, Mingui goes so far for Wanyu to impress her and to sway her that Wanyu has a hard time trying to keep hating her. She no longer hates Mingui and instead her heart has softened for the girl. THIS is where Wanyu unknowingly started to have these pink fluffy feelings for Mingui. She doesn't know why she acts like this but she takes care of Mingui.


When they finally reach the academy stuff happens. Mingui still wanting to win points with Wanyu. Wanyu now no longer hates Mongui and instead to look out for her.

A little bit later they go on a journey to get a legendary plant.

Mingui gets hurt, Wanyu feels deep feelings for Mingui, from now on she will do a better job at protecting Mingui. And when they finally find the plant, they're all put into an illusion and Wanyu's secret desires for Mingui come to life. She wants to marry Mingui! &Lt;3 When she comes out of the illusion, she doesn't reveal what she saw but from here on out her feelings for Mingui deepen. She totally has feelings for Mingui and we get to see her get jealous side, whereas Mingui is COMPLETELY oblivious, to the point it's funny but also cute.


Lots of spoilers there, but the main point is, after Mingui and Wanyu enter the forest THAT'S when the story gets cute. <<less
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wujubmybbt rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: c145 part1
I am really enjoying the story a lot as it is something refreshing to read because there isn’t a lot of cultivation baihe/GL and so being able to read a story that is long with complex plot and characters in it makes it worth while and makes you sit on the edge of the seat to what will happen next as the story progresses.
The detail and description put into each area the character moves to is always interesting.

It starts off really slow but as you read more into the... more>> story, the pacing picks up with where they are in the story. I enjoy the two FL together as I feel like they balance out each other and I just enjoy seeing how their relationship progresses.

I also just like to appreciate the fact I get to see these two FL’s progressing with their skills and powers that they acquire and are basically each other’s motivations to continue to become stronger for each other. <<less
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Purps rated it
September 20, 2021
Status: c15 part1
was going semi alright until Chapter 14

i will edit and update if things change because I might still read this


... more>> long story short

MC Has a cool Power, she can talk to plants

MC has power and uses power for short period

MC gets kidnapped by a Plant

Plant Forcefully Forms a Contract With MC

MC loses cool power because of said Plant

Plant keeps talking about Cauldroning MC and FL

For those of you who don't know Cultivation Lingo being a Cauldron basically means being in a Vampiric s*x s*ave relationship, that basically makes you lose all of your powers


obviously this isn't gonna happen to the MC and Love Interest FL but it seems like such a pointless and annoying forced plot/story point to be added for no reason and its really pissed me off <<less
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Zaravo rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: c4
Meh! Maybe it gets good in later chapters, but I couldn't get past the chapter 4, it's just shit.

Our MC is transmigrated to another world, but we don't have any Back Story about her other than:

  1. She went to university
  2. Read the novel (which was dropped by the author) in which the world is set.
  3. Maybe had a car accident?!
So she wakes up in a carriage in another world, inside the body of a minor villain (Dōngfāng Mínghuì), without the memories of the original owner.

Right of the bat, she starts acting in Dōngfāng... more>> Mínghuì's place as if nothing important had happened, with no regards for her old world and life or curiosity for the new world, no shock, nothing, as if she had always lived as Dōngfāng Mínghuì.

She starts acting like a pitiful girl when it comes to winning favor with the original protagonist, and already in Chapter 4 she drugs another woman to be r*ped.

Like... WHAT?!!!!!!!!!

  1. No backstory to her old life,
  2. No backstory to the world she is in now,
  3. No memories of the original body,
  4. Starts acting without any shock as if she always belonged to that world,
  5. She doesn't show an ounce of intelligence, and seems adamant in currying favor of the original protagonist,
  6. In chapter 4 she drugs a woman to be r*ped (she succeeded) to accomplish it.
Yeah it's not my kind of novel, pretty sh*t to me.

Hope that whoever reads more than me have it's fun with it. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dog That Contemplates About Life rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c80 part2
One of the main attractions in the novel in my opinion is how naïve the MC is. When the MC gets in trouble, she learns, which is an very important aspect in a novel with a naive MC. In addition she doesn't lose too much of her naive and carefree nature, retaining the attraction of the story. The interactions between the female MC and the female lead is very fun, exciting, and moving to read.
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WartimerSloth rated it
May 15, 2023
Status: c127
It starts out as good dumb fun with interesting personalities and edgy love. Maybe even great. It feels aimless after the start, though, like it's a serial novel with no goal besides churning out chapters for practice. The complicated and interesting skills of the POV character are underutilized other than plant Pokemon, simple medicine, and instakills, because the arcs revolve around the strong-to-overwhelmingly-strong growth of her partner. As with many cultivation stories, progress becomes a slog and the relationships between both major and minor characters become dull and unsurprising over... more>> time.

Eventually I realized I was very bored and continuing on sheer momentum. You may as well read a system novel obsessed with stat blocks, or repetitive action comics. I don't need this distraction anymore, but I didn't hate it. <<less
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