When TS High School Boys Are Too Adaptable


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One day, I was watching TV in the living room. I suddenly was hit by drowsiness and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was a girl!!

However, Keiichi Igarashi was very adaptable. Keiichi who accepted the change very quickly, requested help from his childhood friend, Kaori Manabe, about how to be a girl.

However, it’s Kaori that’s confused.

Wearing clothes, going to the bathroom, taking baths, and school life.

The struggle of being a woman? The collapse of your identity?

Those things aren’t going to happen.

Confusion abounds in this romantic comedy, so follow Keiichi and Kaori as they go their own way!

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Junnouryoku ga Takasugiru Danshi Koukousei ga TS Shita Baai
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12 Reviews

New amit_orko
May 02, 2022
Status: c21
It is awkward and yet cute, just like the subject matter. But the author makes a terrific job of making it interesting.
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Aug 11, 2018
Status: c9
An interesting story so far. It's got a rare take on the genderbender trope with our protagonist Kei, trying to continue his daily life from before the transformation as him herself.

It's definitely an amateur work, but the unusual way our protagonist is handling the situation is enough reason to at least give it a try. It's good enough for me to anticipate each new chapter. Admittedly, my standards are relatively low when it comes to genderbenders as there are so few of them out there to read in the first... more>> place.

My thanks to the translator for sharing this with us all.

I hope to see M-Kawa the author, improve his/her writing over time and to see this story or another work by them be particularly good. <<less
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Oct 15, 2018
Status: c39
Too many reviews seem to think the 'Too Adaptable' part of the title is just for show and whine about how the MC just accepts things as they come. While this is true for the most part, the MC also has their not gonna do it without kicking and screaming moments. It boils down to this, this is more about being a light, fluffy, comedy about the everyday life of Kei and her friends, with some romantic tension mixed in. So, if you are all about the MC struggling to... more>> remain what they originally were, this isnt the novel for you. <<less
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Oct 09, 2018
Status: c13
The people stating the "point" of gender-bender is the MC being confused and distraught about their sudden s*x change are simply leveling their own bias and opinions on the subject on this story. CLEARLY (as the title states) this story is about someone who does not seem to mind their s*x change and adapts to it very quickly, which is not an unthinkable situation (especially if someone was already very feminine before). The only thing I agree about this in the current reviews is that the others around the MC... more>> are way too accepting of the change as well, it's like the MC's male form never existed in the first place. That's a bit odd. Also that people still think he somehow got a s*x change operation despite the fact that he literally shrunk 30 cm with the s*x change... which is not something possible just with a s*x change (or at all, really). Other than these two fairly minor sticking points, it's an amusing little story about a boy who adapts to being a girl very quickly, and how it affects her life and her relations around her. Trying to come into this with the notion of "GENDER BENDER MUST HAVE SEXUAL CONFUSION AND CONFLICT RELATED TO THE CHANGE" on the brain (despite the title clearly stating that is not the case), and you're gonna be disappointed. Don't let the 1-star votes fool you. <<less
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Oct 14, 2018
Status: c39
Welp, the current rating sure is undeserved (and like pretty much always I refrain from assigning an arbitrary number to my recommendations), I'm quite surprised how rabid my fellow TS fans can be when the Male is not utterly troubled by the change to a her. That the others are more surprised by it and just try to accept it is also something I actually find neat. It is not like one has to be (seriously afraid to be) confined in a hospital and experimented on someway.

Like many works and... more>> pieces this does not necessarily reflect how reality is but should be like and to be frank, I like that reality which should not be too far from real if simply no one would be a blatant jerk due to sexual orientation and stuff or someone is that free from prejudice that they can perceive what is actually different and what actually matters.

In any event, it is mostly Slice of Life and an enjoyable read. Not necessarily hilarious but neat nonetheless. Now as much as I'd like to say "If you like TS and the description appeals to you, then..." but apparently most have gone with different expectations into this than I did. <<less
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Toan Thai
Toan Thai
Oct 30, 2018
Status: c41
I think the ratings of this series are a little unfair, I know everyone expect a standard gender bender with MC struggle with the new s*x while trying to hide it. But at least it's clearly stated in the title, and you should know what to expect from it. I don't think it's the best but I'm giving it 5 stars anyway just to somewhat offset the bad ratings it has.
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Nov 08, 2018
Status: c42
An amazing gender bender novel, it brings the essencials of the gender in a natural way, as much as the gender bender genre is not natural.

I recommend reading it for those that want a novel more focused on the truth struggles of an MC going through this situation.

Ps:i will improve this review when I read further in the story (keep up the good work translate, since it's rare to find translators for this genre of novel UwU).
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Mar 13, 2019
Status: --
The story and main character are both alright. You'll like it if you're into really stereotypical tropes, but it's super weird.
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Nov 26, 2018
Status: c42
Normally I'd give this 4 stars, but there must something about the translation/English that really irks me. You'll understand once you read it.

Idk it might have something to do with the many usage of "Oh!" "Huh!" "Well!" "What!" etc at the start of sentences/dialogues. Not always with exclamation marks but it best represents what the usage is like. It's very noticeable especially Oh which is used a lot.

Could also be the writing but I think the translation plays a big part in it due to how the English is used.... more>> Like instead of imouto or onee-chan or whatever, literally just "sister". <<less
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Nov 26, 2018
Status: c42
I'm surprised it's taken me this long to review this since I read this back when it only had 2 or 3 chapters.

The story has issues such as pacing and how easily people accept things. The story does tend to make this up by the comedy and character interactions. It's honestly fun to see the Female MC's mother interact with the MC, I love the idea that the mother is aware that this new girl that showed up is actually the boy she's for the most part raised since a... more>> child.

I like the relationship between the MC and the Female MC and I do hope that they get together eventually and we don't spend the entire story with them never being together. <<less
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Oct 19, 2021
Status: c62
It's alright, I guess?

The story is really standard and bland, even for a slice of life type story. Sometimes, you'll just not be able to understand what's happening at all unless you re-read it a couple of times.

Would recommend "I Will Return Again" over this.
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Simple As It
Simple As It
Oct 02, 2018
Status: --
it was too adaptable that MC has no presence at all. The purpose of MC got "gender bender" should be about their struggle whether he/she accept them self or they would keep rejecting until they return back to their original gender, or it can be about the MC struggle to let people around him/her accept that he/she had gender bended.

If the MC and people around him already accept it, then... what's the point of all of these story? The more I read the more pointless "gender bending" thing. I would... more>> not recommend reading it, unless you had a lot of spare time to be wasted.

I rate it 2* because the translator effort. <<less
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