His Son Has a Richest Billionaires Dad


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After spending half a year in the province, Cheng Yang took a luxurious cruise for seven days.
Accidentally hooked up with a CEO on the way.

Later, Cheng Yang found out that he was pregnant.
Just as Cheng Yang was preparing to secretly give birth to the baby, it was a coincidence that he fell asleep in the big president’s bed.

It’s impossible to run with the ball, his man is handsome and rich.
Must cling tightly and can’t be torn down.

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Tā érzi yǒu gè yì wàn shǒufù diē
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04/25/19 White Cat c5
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04/22/19 White Cat c3
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01/18/19 White Cat c1
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January 31, 2019
Status: Completed
Was laughing by the first review. Such bias. As a person who finish readong the whole story, I am confidently saying that this one is pure lovable cake (metaphor) there's some parts that arent perfect but its not a big deal. The story is fluffy and of course it has dramas but not that deep. The characters are great, the MC development is also good. The ML is of course a great figure. There's some bees hanging around to make the plot interesting and another supporting bl couple that makes... more>> my heart flutter


the MC became pregnant again and had female twins after that the ML had vasectomy (to stop getting someone pregnant) because he doesnt want the MC to go thru the pain of caesarian


This one is 5 stars for me

Highly recommend

Cute short story of bl


No tragedy and smut (only a lil bit of kinky stuff cuz our MC is naughty sometimes) <<less
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marca75249 rated it
January 19, 2019
Status: c1
Ok, having only read one chapter, here is my first impression. The synopsis reminded me of Bringing Along a Ball and Hiding from Foreign Devils which I like, so I was already predisposed to like this story. So far, though, it isn't very well written. That said, I gave it 4 stars because ... more>>

the MC, a shou, has been drugged with an aphrodisiac (yes, already, lol) and the ML's response was to take him back to the MC's room to sleep it off. When the MC couldn't tell him where his room was, ML took him to his own room, ran a cold bath, put him in with his clothes still on (so no copping a feel, although RIP to MC's cell phone) and LEFT HIM ALONE! That's right, ML isn't taking a drugged MC to mean that he can take advantage!

I can forgive so very much when the story includes a ML who treats his shou with respect! Really looking forward to seeing where this goes! <<less
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Anudaridesu rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: --
Translation is not very professional. You will feel like written poorly when u read. So MTLing was much more easier for me to read. The novel is super fluffy, highly recommended. Don't have much face slapping but their interaction is very cute and sweet. I hope I were the MC. Bcs he is almost perfect, truly. He is beautiful, has nice figure, can sign, can play basketball well, and has a good personality not arrogant at all and makes money through live stream. Don't know maybe too perfect for me...... more>> ML too... He is perfect figure who is super rich handsome young but weirdly he didn't had any lovers. He is human being how does he satisfy his needs? Like that there had some loop holes but I guess I just ignored them. <<less
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