Puffed-up after Giving Birth to a Wealthy Man’s Heir


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In the fifteenth year after he was mixed up at birth by a mistake, Yi Wei was taken back by his biological parents.

But the title of being the treasure of his parents, his eldest brother’s younger brother, even the white moonlight of his fiance was not he.

As long as he didn’t care, he could live well. But he couldn’t help but care for these things, which lead to his miserable ending.

Only after his death did he know that he was just a cannon fodder in a book who was only there to be repeatedly cast down.

Under the shining aura of the protagonist, no matter how hard he tried to make himself excellent, it wouldn’t work.

After rebirth, he was not concerned about family love. If no one loves him, then he would love himself even more.

This life, he would enjoy life at ease, watching the battle between heirs, waiting for a good opportunity to avenge himself.

Sadly, even though he wanted to stay away from this battle, it’s deemed to be impossible. As the only decent heir of this wealthy family was actually born to him.

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I Puffed-up After giving Birth to a Wealthy man's Heir
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New Lea168 rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: Completed

Really liked this story!! This was the 2nd novel in a shared universe.

The 1st novel was very entertaining too, but I love this one more. This novel doesn't have all the fantastical elements that the 1st novel suffered from. And the ending of the villains in this novel was somewhat less cruel (which I prefer).

... more>> The face slapping was satisfying. I'm a fan of Mpreg and the cute little bun.

Premise: MC died in his last life as he was pregnant with the rich patriarch's/family head baby. All thought that this patriarch was infertile, so once they knew MC was pregnant, all family members want him dead. ML went mad after MC died. --- After MC's rebirth he went back to the moment he just conceived. This time he made sure he keeps the baby safe and didn't let anyone except ML know he is pregnant and married the ML in secret. In his first life, MC was not in a romantic relationship with ML. As why MC slept with the patriarch and got pregnant...

ML has a split personality due to abduction trauma as a child. The 'evil' and agressive personality found MC playing the piano and crying. When MC tells him why he was sad, the evil personality of ML asked him if he wants revenge. If so, ML would help him, but MC has to give himself to him. It was a one time thing.


MC is very smart and scheming. He is not the forgiving type. I liked his personalty. OP, but not too overbearing.

ML is the typical super rich CEO. Powerful, as expected as family lead of a large company. ML can be very aggressive sometimes. This is because of his

split personalty. The evil personality of ML doesn't show often, but is jealous of his alternative (main) personality when he founds out that MC married the main ML.

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mxdberries rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: Completed
3 1/2 stars, I got a little disappointed with the revenge. I read the current translation and got curious, ended up reading the MTL (which was pretty easy to understand save a few spots here and there) to the end. I liked the story though if you read the other story in this universe you will notice more than a few similarities. The side CP was my favorite part if I'm honest.

It was a bit confusing at first about when he got pregnant. MC would also refer to his pregnancy... more>> from the last life while also talking about the current one. So for a good chunk of time I thought he wasn't pregnant yet but he was. Turned out he and ML had slept together before the story started. ML having a split personality was interesting to especially since they had a concrete way of showing it (with the glasses being a signal for the dark personality being in control) & how they were able to hide it so long. The psychology bit could be a bit silly - MC's adoptive mom was OP psychologist, she could basically read your mind and of course MC ended up being like her but with some aromatherapy & hypnosis thrown in. But with that background it made more sense than the first book where MY had OP super senses carried over from his last life & aromatherapy skills.

Most of the story just circles around MC doing his best to have a healthy pregnancy, help ML be the best person he can be and just live a good life. He fixes his relationships with his friends and adoptive family but also deals with his enemies as they come. The baby is no. 1 priority.


we get a cameo from the leads in Second Wealthy Marriage! Not just name dropping but actual interaction that lasts more than a few lines. Also MC crossdresses on more than one occasion - it was key to a few of his plans.


spoilers for the ending below


So the revenge was not as good as I thought but I guess that's mostly because it mostly happened in the last 20 chapters or so. Mind you I binged so it blurs together a bit but there were mostly small face slaps through out the book and the enemies would feel bad for a bit before reverting to the OG state.

MC's bio parents, big bro, fake son: so fake son accidentally sells out big bro's spying, their family is on the run, end up in a car crash with big bro ending up in a coma & the parents taking care of him, parents now have a bad marriage, fake son was kicked out but seems to be ready to fight to be family heir (for the money) since his bro is a vegetable.

MC's ex: him & his bf (fake son) had a falling out, no longer love each other. He fell for MC's female disguise and had a mental break after learning the truth. Became an alcoholic, has a limp and had hallucinations. So mentally he's in a bad place.

Big bro's ex: reputation as a genius was ruined, heartbroken bc they couldn't reconcile, he did attempt sui/cide before leaving for abroad. He did suffer for what he did to Sun Qi (MC's friend)

ML's bio mom: lost everything as a result of her scheming, tried to protect her grandson (MC's ex) from the consequences but died failing.

ML's kidnappers: they were the part I was most interested in and unfortunately they didn't pop up until the last 10 chapters. Turns out they were his bio mom's family and her daughter in law's family who did it. They just got pressured into bankruptcy, DIL was kicked from the Gu family and were basically stepped on by the other rich families. From the MTL I don't think they really suffered much, with the dark personality in control I thought it would be a bad end but not really.


Regarding gryffinpuff's [email protected] claim, the consent is a little iffy in only two instances - again from what I understand from the MTL, MC & ML rolled in the sheets as part of the deal between them to get revenge on MC's ex. So MC wasn't in the best mental state & still went through with it but ML basically told MC to live better for himself which post rebirth he did because he fell for ML in the last life and wanted a better life with him. And the only other instance is when the side CP - who were already heading in an intimate direction - slept together when drunk but neither regretted it after the fact. <<less
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Keshij rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: Completed
The story was pretty cute. But if you have read Second Marriage of a Wealthy Old man, you will some similarities. The plot was alright and romance was not bad as well. It's a good read for people who like stories with not too much drama and a solid relationship between MC & ML.

The best thing I loved about this was,

... more>>

Cameo of Meng Yang and Luo Xui 😭😭😭😭. I'm too much of a fan of 'Second marriage'

Overall not a bad read with a decent story. Even though the revenge was not so extreme, it was not bad. And it's a HE.

Plus the side couple is cute too.


I saw there were comments saying there was R*pe in this story. Of course, that is not true.

MC willingly sleeps with ML before rebirth as compensation for the deal they made. This of course was done when ML's second personality was present.

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hy-d-ra rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh, I had no idea this was picked up.

RATE: 4/5. Fairly good.

This is the second insallment in Tangerine boat rebirth/mpreg universe. Want to pay your attention that this universe has a special type of people who can get pregnant, it's not ABO. So far they fully released 3 novels based on this theme. All three have their own "theme" as you may call it: 1) aromatherapy; 2) psychology; 3) dancing.

Set-up for this one is that two children were mixed after birth and one was left with a wealthy family, while... more>> other (MC) at first lost parents and then was adopted, but by a very good pair who never planned to have children of their own, but still were really good parents. In previous life MC really looked for recognition and love, since he was taken back, but was wronged everywhere. His likes were ignored not to wronged wrongly held child, everything was done to such extent that it was wrong of MC to ever come back. Before he finally lost his life and life of his unborn child to schemes, which became a shadow of his reborn life. When I say shadow is that he did everything he could to protect and care for his child and felt only at ease when the kid was finally born.

In this life MC first of all already knows he is pregnant and doesn't want to continue meddle with others and pretty much exposed his ex and the protag, secondly, wants to find the father of his child, the current patriarch.

Why I say these novels are themed, in first two MCs use their knowledge to help MLs, so in this novel ML actually has a psychological problem caused by his kidnapping and along with MC they try to ease this probem as much as possible. It's similar to multiple personality disorder, but personalities know about each other, yet treat as separate beings. MC's ex is a nominal son of ML who was trained as a heir, since ML refused to have children of his own (before MC appeared of course :)).

Their family situation is quite complicated too, ML isn't a biological son to his parents, his biological mother and his adoptive mother are living together in the family, though they always live a contradicting life. ML was adopted as a capable son and because the main family had no heir. So big family drama is involved.

This is also a funny part of it, because at one point MC wanted to visit ML, so not to attract attention he crossdressed, but later they used this to dig out ML's enemies in the family. It's funny how also because the nominal son actually fell in love with MC in crossdressing ahahahahaha But basically they later used this to their advantage.

This novel goes with a more down to earth concept, because honestly the first novel was too fantastical with the power of aromatherapy. How MC spent his years blind etc. Although this MC could be considered too hardcore when it comes to psychology, but his adoptive mother is a top specialist with whom he grew up, so it's more grounded and justified with that. Plus he almost instantly changed his major to psychology.

Also a good thing, his adoptive mother came back and lived in her natal family, so MC could easily leave the weird family where he was so unwelcomed and live with his adoptive mother.

The relationship between MC and ML although starts as strange, since MC practically offers himself for a chance of revenge, but later they get close together and fall deeper in love. MLs although are ruthless in business and life, after all are ery carying and considerate of their partners and it is very contrasting to being betrayed and unloved, what all MCs went through before their rebirth.

Surprisingly supposed protagonists of these worlds are quite nothing and majorily they're not the main threat to MC and ML in the end, they're just pretty gadgets who are lucky to have everything in this world. But when facing hardships they're first to break.


It's an easy short read with several unexpected turns (e.g. Use of crossdressing) revolving around a big/wealthy family drama. The relationship between MC and ML is pretty good. I had fun reading this, although these novles are flawed, but they're still quite fun.

I have no idea if the newest novel (which only started right before New Year) will follow this universe or author will change lanes, but from all three I like second novel the best. First was a bit blown out of proportion and relatively not that interesting, second was more down to earth and had more intrigue, third one had a really easy plot and MC and ML fell in love relatively fast. Maybe some people after fully reading all three will agree with my judgement. <<less
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Ilyusha rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I mtl-ed this one, it is pretty easy to ready.

... more>>

Shared universe with the "second marriage of a wealthy old man". They both have similar premise. It is a really cute story, an easy read. The faceslapping and reversal are all well planned. I really pity the ML, at first, he is rumored to be impotent then after rumored again to have been raising a woman outside😂. Well they don't care, so everything is fine. It would be better if there is a longer or extra chapter talking about the merging of the 2 personalities of ML since it was only explained in a sentence "he seems different but I can't tell what makes him different" (nonverbatim). The career of MC in later chapters is really not talked anymore since the story focused more in family, so we don't get to see what achievements MC did obtained. MC and ML got 3 small buns at the end.

Sun Qi (MC' best friend) is quite funny but I really got a bit annoyed with his indecisiveness with uncle wei (ML's bestfriend). They also got 3 small buns at the end and MC thinks that one of the Wei children (the one who is really sticky to MC) will marry their family.


Over all it is a really nice story of revenge and moving on. <<less
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JamaisVu13 rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: c32

Some things needs to be clear :

1. There is no such thing as "[email protected]" in this novel. Whatever happened between ML and MC, was with MC's consent because of an unfavorable situation (MC's then lover almost got married to his own white moonlight and after their encounter ML helped MC out with that.) Why you would ask because ML's other personality took over his body.

2. MC never knows when ML's other personality has taken over ML's body, so the only way he can differentiate between these two personality is, when ML has his specs on him. ML's other personality is mainly violent and possessive so specs is def not his type of thing.
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Aachiin0914 rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This is okay, but not to the point that it could stand side by side to those treasured novels.

Anyway, this is just a typical rebirth-revenge-falling-in-love-faceslapping-HE kind of plot.

There's nothing noteworthy except for the Psychology part of the story.

... more>> Well, psychology I mean it literally.

Psychiatrist, Psychologist, etc etc is not a magician, ah. Psychology is indeed a study of mind and behavior, but not to the extent of this.

I remembered when I was in high school, and have to choose the program in college, I use to hear students saying Psychology is a fortune teller and a mind reader. No! Hahaha.

Men~ They don't see people's personality in one glance. Observation is just one instrument in achieving this, but it needs a lot of test and assessment.

Anyway, although there is many misconception of being a Psychologist here, I like it. Anyway, it's fiction. And they way the author stated it is okay, and not awkward at all.

The characters are potrayed as confidence whenever they were told to see the inner self of a character using just their thesis.

Actually, although people have different way and styles on terms of writing and composing, it doesn't matter whether or not the people behind the research paper is arrogant or have a black heart. Or whether the paper is full of hypocrites. What matters is the conclusion and the research itself. Because research contains facts and truth, you'll risks your name if you fabricated anything on it.

Well, anyways... that's it.

I just remembered the time when I'm still studying psychology when reading it. When people got to know my program, they will immediately asked me what they were thinking right now, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry with that.

(≧▽≦) <<less
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May 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.7/5

Overall, this novel was an okay read. At the beginning I felt like I have read this before so I was confused for a while. But then I realized there were a few points of the setting that had some resemblance to another novel I had read before which cleared up the confusion.

The plot was nothing unusual, typical Chinese dog blood drama. The main leads were likeable and so was the side couple.

However, there were a lot of irrational plot points and behavior that had me question the author's... more>> world view/people skills. The psychology/hypnosis aspect was also ridiculous, especially that competition... I cringed at the final showdown between Yi Wei (the MC) and Qi Ran (bio bro's ex).

At least the author had the awareness not to make the children little adults. The children behaved like children. That's the only thing that really stood out to me.

So yeah, it's an okay read to pass time. But don't expect any deep thinking and innovation. <<less
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July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow c my opinion is so different from other viewers. I enjoyed reading this novel because of the story. The translation is appreciated and good job. But went straight to MTL the rest.
MC and ML are getting to know each other slowly but I get the feeling ML already like the MC including the other personality. Truthfully I enjoy this drama because MC real goal is to protect his family and he hasn't realized his feeling for the ML. For the revenge aspect, I don't even feel like he... more>> is having any revenge at all but choosing to better his life and being happy.



why they are so good to each other. Both have terrible biological families who are only after his the family fortune. Both need to loved by a partner but they both lack communicating with each other.

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Ziquex rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c27
I like the idea and situation, the reason I'm sticking to this despite the immature revenge is because they have a baby which is rare in bl. I think the translation can use some work but if that's how the author wrote it then their writing could use some work. Honestly there's a lot of plot holes already. If you guys don't mind that then feel free to do so.
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ChronoH0 rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I have to say I did have some confusion since the other book with by the same author also wrote the main character using therapy so I thought I mtl the wrong novel.

It does has some similarities but also not. But bear in mind I don't remember what the plot from the last book other than therapy aspect.

Story wise it's actually pretty well written. The main characters motivation is clear and straightforward. Although it is exaggerated how well influential the MC is with his connections and how bloody talented he... more>> is. Even the ML is somewhat powerful. The fact that their way of revenge required a lot of planning and manipulation to get where the climax are was pretty fun to read.

I think my only part that I wish it's more interesting would be that the therapy aspect. I find the fact that MC is heavily involved with therapy is very interesting even if it's a little exaggerated.


But the process with therapy with ML is a okay. While their relationship as a married couple and are in love each other helps. ML problem is kinda there as tension honestly. While it is a threat for both of them as a business advantage, but there is never an instance where anyone came close to figuring out that his problem is suspicious. There is even text of relative finding it weird but not one person (except OriMC but he's just in denial). There are rumours about it but it never come up by anyone.


It's revenge that destroys not only material wise but also mental wise. The theme of those story has an emphasis of love but also revolving around the concept of families.

A lot that I find that younger generation are being impacted by the families around them. You can say there's a good family and a bad family. But even so there are some circumstances in the story that shows while the family intent is good, as an individual that has their own ideologies can ruin someone else's life. As you read through, you'll find quite a good amount of disgusting people.

The romance between the two is sweet but it's mostly about MC giving back what the pain he felt before his rebirth and rebirth combine.

There's a cameo from the author's last book. Also a second couple that is pretty cute with their own little conflict.


This is just letting my inner dislikes but there is one character that I absolute dislike that is far worse than the OriMC and OriMC's brother. I won't say who that character name is but the actions that they take in order for them take back lost love is so disgusting. This person is also a hypocrite. I didn't feel bad on the climax when they had finally lost all hope for taking back that lost love.


But if this story is too predictable for you that's fine. I think the whole story telling is pretty fun for me. <<less
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TamedFox rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: Completed

I'm actually pretty okay with the revenge. Not satisfied but it's okay. My anger on the antags are weared down.

The MC is gonna pursue psychology. I don't really know much about psychology. And the competition about it is a bit... weird.

... more>> Idk why there's a r*pe tag. There's no r*pe.

There's a cross-dressing bit.

I think the novel is a bit funny? I don't know why I thought that.

There are reasons nehind every chracters actions and I think that's nice.

This novel is full of family drama and MC being op. I didn't get emotionally invested in the drama though. Also the way MC opness is portrayed is...

If you just want something to read then this is an okay pick.

Also there's one of the reviewers who are confused about the cross-dressing and I'll just explain.

It was planned. The first time he cross-dressed, it was because ML wanted it to be his birthday gift. Then MC thought that cross-dressing is a good way to confuse their enemies. They made it look like ML is two-timing so that MC and the child in his stomach can be protected.

The second time MC cross-dressed, it was to trap their enemies. MC already gave birth that time and became the other master of the Gu family. So the enemies remembered ML's "mistress". So they tried to use this "mistress" to shake mc's psoition. But they were bamboozled.

All this was planned and ML knows what MC is doing. Also, this will be cleared up in a future chapter

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gryffinpuff rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c25
So far, it's a passable story of rebirth and getting married to ex's uncle. For supposedly high society, people are very silly - the so-called heirs of different top families together seem more like 'Mean Girls' edition... The Ex and the white lotus and MC's so-called family make people so mad!!

ML has multiple personality disorder and no one has been able to find out his problems - But MC was able to differentiate between the two right away

... more>>

Probably because one of the personas [email protected] MC causing him to better 'pregnant'. And MC has other reasons too, like glasses etc, which I could not understand in MTL.

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Hell rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed
One of the easiest MTL reads I’ve ever seen in terms of comprehension, and also extremely satisfying to read.

Both the male leads, support characters, and antagonists feel realistic and believable, with struggles that could as well really happen, and all of their reactions are plotting are well thought out, really! The author puts great effort into properly portraying their inner struggles and thinking, so it feels delightful to read.

The pacing and writing are also good and flowing, with compelling drama (mostly Yi Wei plotting the future which, good) and likable... more>> struggles, plus many funny moments, even if the overall tone is still more neutral than overly comedic or dramatic.


Like the whole Mi Wei plot, where Yi dresses up as a woman to plot against Xu Hua and Gu Heng’s power, or whenever Su Qin, the supporting lead, acts as a foodie and is spoiled by Wei Dong (they also have a really cute CP together, so, good)


Overall, the only thing that I’m slightly dissatisfied with in the plot is the OPness of the main lead, Yi Wei, but that can also be justified because he DID had a past life that justifies most of it and the other part is because of his adoptive family (love his mother, really, she is amazing)

Would recommend as either a “filler” novel, since it’s short enough to be read in a morning and with no lingering/overly drama to stress over, or as a relaxing read, since it’s pretty chill to read. <<less
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zuzuo3o rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: Completed
i enjoyed reading this story even tho it has few flaws

was happy to see meng from second marraige.....

i was angry when our MC wanted to erase the second personality but glad he changed his mind

these are the flaws below but I ignored them cause I liked the story ... more>>

the way of his revenge umm...

i felt it was extreme o..o and the obvious guy (protagonist of og novel) to be punished was less effected

like neither the og protagonist nor his parents suffered much (yi family)

i feel the most suffered is gu heng (well its own fault who told him to be so high and arrogant)

the things I dont understand are

◇ who was after the adopted mom, why did they have accident (never explained)

◇ the kidnapping of our ml, is very s*upidest move by those guys, which made ML suffer many years :|

◇well I felt sorry for wu qing he just wanted to be frnds (well cant really force others to make frnds<so gonna ignore>)

◇i also think our MC yi wei has some trauma (postpartum depression?i think his twisted personality started here) from last life idk if he self cured but I still feel hes not cured when I read few linnes just my opinion (dont mind much)

◇am curious why the bun (sun qis second child) like yi wei I thought yi wei's first child x that bun (cause he bit him) >~< just shipping no sexualisation, just like childhood sweethearts ×dont bash me×

◇ oh right! almost forgot how qi ran trained under jeffrey if he was ill af with chemo


poor fellas ye guy and wu hao (these both are cute) add gu heng (hes not cute hes scum) too who lost their love 😝 <<less
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Onyo.onyo rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I think this story is good, you can't compare it to a novel which has a complicated plot, but it's a pretty good one at its level. MC is not really cruel to pursue revenge to want people who are bad to him can't get back up, canon fodder characters can get up as long as they try and make peace with admitting their mistakes. The MCs don't chase them to the point of really having no way out, so I think it's quite worth it.
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November 30, 2020
Status: --
Istg this novel dissapoint me. I mean I have high hopes since its the same author as second marriage of wealthy man but damn. I cant understand the resoning behind MC action and theres too much going on at one time. I havent even mention the crossdresser. I dont have any prejudice regarding this but doesnt he know that his action could implicate the ml. I mean people are judging the ML and assume the worst thing. Im this close to dropping this. I think they havent mentioned abt how... more>> he got pregnant as well? I dont really know since I mtl it. But I think they havent touch that issue. And the MC is kind of annoying. The way he handled thing. Maybe it cause I read the previous novel bfore so I always feel like comparing them. Bruh, the face slapping is not even satisfying. <<less
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