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Healers, beings who create miracles with a voice that heals one. Their singing shows heaven, and their screams show hell.

Yaba (Sejin) and Cocaine (Chaewoo) were kidnapped as children and are forcibly castrated and become singers of the club ‘Paradiso’. There are other singers in ‘Paradiso’, but among them, Cocaine is the only real healer that can heal people with his songs.

Although Yaba hates Cocaine, he gets used to life as a Cocaine’s colleague. Meanwhile, he could not be indifferent to Cha Yiseok, the second son of a conglomerate, who is looking for Cocaine’s songs. He looks like he has everything yet has destitute eyes, so Yaba can’t take his eyes off him.

Perhaps he could perceive Yaba’s heart, one day Cha Yiseok proposes to Yaba to sing a song to his brother, who is battling cancer, while pretending to be a healer…

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16 Reviews

New rattlesnake7
Feb 08, 2024
Status: c39 part4
It's so good! I feel that MC and ML are really made for each other, I am shocked how well the story was build on! They are completely crazy but you can see that they really care for each other
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May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Hello~ This is the translator. This book is very well-known among korean bls and highly rated so I thought I should share ;)

To preface, the story is more on the dark/mature side and there are morally-grey characters, including the protagonists, so please keep this in mind as you read. However, the relationship between the two leads is not abusive imo (more on that later).

The premise basically centers around MC who was human trafficked as a teenager and forced into labour at this sorta underground debaucherous club. MC suffers from... more>> several mental illnesses and this is integrated in the narrative throughout the whole story. In my opinion, this attribute is very unique and might be the most interesting part of this book, I don't often see this sort of depictions in romance novels.

However, MC is not the typical weak and naive protagonist, who lets others step over him. Rather, he's cold, tough and talks back to everyone around him. I'll emphasize this greatly, his conditions do not debilitate him. Meanwhile, the ML is a rich dude who often visits the club and although he's not as mentally ill in the same way as MC, he's really really crazy as hell. Do not expect him to be the fairytale-like saviour of the damsel in distress. Personally, I think the MC and ML have great chemistry and their relationship is pretty balanced (hence, not abusive). MC is not really the submissive type and he's blunt and snappy with ML although deep down he does care for him (tsundere tendencies), while ML accepts and entertains all of MC's eccentric traits and habits. He's the only person who doesn't act like MC is crazy. Of course, their relationship (and the story, ending etc.) is not sunshine and rainbows so if you're looking for fluff, this is not it. Although the afterstory is quite sweet actually.

Aside from the romance of course, the story is plot-focused and dramatic. I'm obliged to put a disclaimer; there may be quite a few very weird scenes owing to the author's style, who by the way, is really talented in writing (but my tl cannot do it justice ;-;).

tl;dr - The plot and style is very unique and somewhat riveting, it's not really for everyone but worth checking out. Personally, I wouldn't say it's my utmost favorite, but it's definitely a memorable read with strangely charming characters.

//P.S there's a nicer cover that you can check out on the tl site, it just can't be uploaded here for very dumb reasons =.= <<less
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Jul 17, 2022
Status: c9 part2
I don’t know what to say because I’m conflicted. The writing of the author is extraordinary and very detailed so I have no qualms about that. The MC yaba is a complicated character; he was kidnapped alongside his friend (or rather frenemy) and treats his friend, cocaine, like shit. You can’t help but root for him though because he is a very traumatized individual, is very mentally ill and just needs help. He was handed a bad hand in life and because of that his life is miserable. I have... more>> sort of an emotional attachment to him so I will definitely continue reading, but...

the ML is tr*sh...

his first introduction is just him being at the club (which is already a bad impression since the club is a drug and or*y fest) and he is shown to be like all of the other customers by being enamored by cocaine (mc’s friend). Later, he doesn’t make himself look better by coming off as a rich, entitled playboy. His family wants him to bring cocaine to his brother because his brother is dying of cancer and cocaine can cure that, but he wants to let his brother die instead because of some inferior complex or familial trauma so he brings yaba to piss off his family. Yaba basically tells his family to f*ck off and gets a flower pot thrown at his head (which causes him to be very injured). I’m wondering, how is this guy going to get redeemed, because this entire time we’ve only seen him do drugs, f*ck randos, be entitled, use yaba as a fake stand in for cocaine, and worst of all, he’s a filthy rich son of a conglomerate so he will always get off Scott free while yaba is (hypothetically) going to stay imprisoned in this shady club for the rest of his life never getting the help he needs. I’m sure he’ll get better, but I can’t help but feel like the tone is pushing the reader to think ML is some cool, handsome, mysterious guy but he really just comes off as a dickhead, which makes it worse, since yaba is so obsessed over him.

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Mar 19, 2023
Status: c23 part3
I LOVE IT. It's beautiful. At first I am reluctant to start a series that seemed heavy but I kept being drawn to it and finally gave in to temptation of reading. Know what? I SO want to get in the story and pull out the MC from his sh*t life lol. And maybe drag some a**hole's face on the cement while I'm at it. I'm upset for the MC not the novel you'll know what I mean when you read it. The first few chapters are hard to read... more>> but eventually, I got obsessed especially when the ML appeared and they started interacting.

Both characters are broken and both cope with it in a their own way. They are very much imperfect as they felt real and not some idealized BL male god. For those who had a weak heart beware. This is a novel with mature themes. But if you can tolerate the tags, I highly recommend reading.

It's as sexy as it's dark. There's a lot of macabre things going on. The author is not playing around. Still, the plot is SUPERB. The flow is solid. A high-quality, A-rate novel. It's a world of money, drugs, chaebol politics and s*x. The couple stumbles forward their hard life as love in the midst of brokenness developed.

As for ML being called tr*sh by another reviewer, well yeah yes he is tr*sh BUT not because of what you think. You ain't digging deeper to ML's complicated character as most of what he's shown is just a mask. Take note that this is a DARK novel and both couple's circumstance dictates the way for them to survive this "dog eat dog" world. He is not the stereotypical perfect, unblemished ML in an IDEALIZED form.


I also find it hilarious that there are even be readers who mistake that ML is attracted to Cocaine? FR HAHAHAH. No way, he isn't. That's just one of his tricks. As I said, dig deeper. Both MC and ML use layers upon layers of faces bcos it's part of their self-defense mechanism. This isn't your lighthearted, easy read fluff.


I do agree with remiss that they are both saving each other. It's fate that they met in the middle of their hopeless life. These two broken people are each other's Healer. <<less
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Oct 13, 2022
Status: --
I really am addicted to this series.. 🥺😭 This story is very dark and involves broken souls (with themes of violence, drugs, abuse, physical/psychological trauma, etc). It's so tragic but raw so I can't look away and I'm hoping for a sweet or at least bittersweet ending for the main characters. 🥺 Yaba is not a typical "good" or "saintly" character (in fact, that is a face-value description of Cocaine.) He is very spiteful, jealous, and insecure and always plotting to harm his frenemy, Cocaine. He has so many mental illnesses and it sort of makes the "healer" title somewhat ironic. He lashes out alot, but looking past his behavior, we can see that he's actually very sensitive and hopes for love.

He is an unreliable narrator with an attachment to his loved ones.


At the beginning, there is a casual mention of his mom's death but then he still occasionally remembers her even years later. Then after he falls for Yiseok, he has a wish to sing him a lullaby, which is so sweet to me. 🥺

As for his brother, I think it was the moment when Yaba believed that Cocaine "stole" both his friend and then his only family that he decided to whole-heartedly become so jealous and twisted.

Yiseok first appears as the "bad-boy" "ceo" type that parties all day with s*x and drugs. He has this "yolo" vibe and appears to live care-freely but it is actually his outward mask and he is plotting his brother's death and to maybe overturn his father's business empire.

Like Yaba, he also has inner scars and his addiction to drugs is a means for him to cope. Unlike typical "ceo" types, he is not a douchebag to the MC, and is actually quite soft to those he cares about.


I really think it's cute when he is so gentle with Yaba but it juxtaposes with the random scenes of violence towards his enemies.


Anyways, the fact that the MC has so many odds stacked against him has me just completely rooting for him to overturn his fate. I think the characters are so well written that by meeting each other, they are also saving each other. 🥺
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Hi I am neko
Hi I am neko
Nov 12, 2022
Status: c19
This is my first review here. 😅

I usually lurk but I really like the story so I wanted to leave a review. 🙂Please read the tags before you read this novel.<3

Thank you to the translator. Many love ❤ for finding this gem.

... more>> For the faint of heart dont read it. There is themes of (in*est/pedo/psychological/abuse/rape/ coercion/ violence /trauma etc)

But for those who decides to read you will be satisfied with the ending.

The pacing is good and the story flows well. Not too rushed not too dragged *chefs kiss*.

If you are still unsure to read:see below😉


-Can yaba get his balls back?

-Can yiseok's brother die?

-Can yiseok fulfill his ambition?

-Can cocaine obtain yiseok?

- Can giha find the secrets of healers?

-Can Giha obtain yaba?

-who will die and who will live?

Delve in yaba's scrotum to find out 🤣🤣🤣🤣. He will pull magical songs from there and lure you in before he capsize your mind and sink your morals. 🥲


Overall is a very good read. 5 ⭐

Spoilers ahead:

I have read the google translate version but didn't read the extras yet soooooooo....... personally I think this is a korean novel with a Chinese bl MC (looks- wise and cat persona, minus the holy mary) and a standard bl ML (next level obsession, I wanna lock you up yada yada yada etc). Iykyk. I say this cuz yaba has Mary sue looks with the mouth and brains of a very tormented MC with a traumatized past to boot. His looks makes ML and others fall for him and want to taint him. He is angelic looking with pale skin and pretty eyes and everyone around him knows except him. His voice is a drug like his name, they literally go crazy addicted. But yaba sees himself very grotesquely and this is reoccurring thing till the end.


even a snake falls for him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The 🐍 is a paid actor. And I consider him as one of the ml. You can't change my mind.

Now yiseok is pretty much the standard ml. --"I am obsessed with you cuz of your face and drug like voice that I will do anything for you but you have to listen to everything I say just cause I have said it and my word is the law. "

I forgive him cuz he is too obsessed and is only obsessed with the ml. I said obsessed not love. *shrug* sue me... I LOVE IT 😅😅 and I love u yiseok. *finger heart* the more he is obsessed with yaba the more I love him.


There is a competition between two drugs/ sirens (yaba and cocaine) to see who can get the user (yiseok) addicted


P. S it's suppose to be 5stars... But it shows only 2 o. O... How to make it 5? <<less
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Jul 10, 2022
Status: --
It was a story of perfect mutual salvation. Locks who finally found their key. Although they couldn't put the words "I love you" on their lips, the way they express is as much as the water in the sea, deep, vigorous and moving.

It was beautiful, and beautifully written, amazing author.


Chae Yiseok will bring your standards up for a partner.
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Jul 10, 2022
Status: --
An incredible and gripping read. The atmosphere is dark. The s*xual tension between the two is at its peak. The psychological background is accurate and realistic. The characters are neither black nor white, but gray.
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Jan 02, 2024
Status: c22.4

Istg this ML gets on my nerves, as the story progresses in the novel he becomes better... I guess? I don't know to feel about this because like he's honestly just an a**hole. Like... He's supposed to have mental trauma from the death of his sister's and the his neglectful father but like even before it is said in the novel that he was always an a**hole. He's very promiscuous and I don't even understand why the Yaba (MC) is obsessed with him to the point where he poisons Cocaine out of jealousy??? Also Cha Yiseok (ML) is just a questionable character in the first place, he goes Paradiso to attend or*y parties and listen to the songs of Eunuchs but knows full well that the Eunuchs are essentially s*aveS, but as long as he can get off while listening to the songs of Cocaine, what does he care? Also at one point he literally tries to BUY the MC so he can have s*x...

It's also revealed later in the story that the Cha Yiseok (ML) is a necrophile. I guess this wasn't surprising but what honestly is, is the fact that the MC's reaction to this was kind of disturbed at first, but the he kind of just slowly brushes it off like it doesn't matter and still obsesses over him... I think the ML is a character that's presented as a calm and composed playboy, but in actuality he's just a rich pe*vert who can do whatever he wants without consequence because he's rich and handsome, and whatever wicked things he does won't matter because everybody likes him.

What I really do like though is the the MC because he's stubborn and kind of careless, but you can't help but feel bad for him because he's gone through a lot. His mental illness is interesting to read as well as he sees himself as a fat and bug infested which just reminds the reader how unhinged he has become. I think this is also another reason why I hate the ML because he's taking advantage of a clearly mentally ill person and using him to fuel his s*xual desires.

Lastly, I'm just confused about how the ML doesn't have any diseases or unplanned children? Like he's been having s*x with A LOT of women which is even said by the MC, but somehow he's never contracted any diseases or had any children with all of the unprotected s*x he's had? Stories like these always detail the s*x parts but never extends beyond that scope.


All in all, the plot is very intriguing as healers are able to heal people with their voices. It's just that the moral compass of the characters are very questionable and I feel like the story should've been focused more on Yaba struggling with his surroundings and the people around him. Him trying to be free from his cage and coping with his mental illness and his trauma rather than being obsessed with Cha Yiseok and his necrophilliac tendencies...

I'll review more as I continue the story :)
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Jan 19, 2024
Status: c39.2
The wait is agonizing but that's when I knew this novel worth the wait cuz it's so good

The story is dark and so intense, I like the way author explain some scene smoothly like poem. I learn a lot about opera songs meaning too while reading this ㅋㅋ I like the MC that doesn't try to sugarcoat his words and the ML that doesn't drastically change but you can feel he is very caring for MC (after actually getting to know each other). Well... there is fake white lotus but... more>> the author doesn't write the character as oblivious, so you are not gonna think they are bad at first. Im not gonna spoil too much, give it a read if you want some good throbbing chest and head pain. <<less
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Sep 03, 2023
Status: c30.2
All I can say is Cha Yiseok is one of the best ML’s I have ever read. He really made me put up my standards on MLs. Considering he has some psychological issues he still cares for the MC way more than what other ML could accomplish.

I’m not good writing reviews but I’m really addicted to this novel. If you’re soft hearted and very sensitive then stay away from here and find fluffy ones out there.
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Jul 02, 2023
Status: c27 part4
if you ask me what is the most addicting novel i've ever read then "healer" it is, what I hate about the novel is once you read it there is no going back... like you could try forgetting this novel and all but it'll alaways linger in the back of your mind, a novel worth reading....i really recommend it to everyone
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Dec 24, 2022
Status: c23 part1
5 star read. I binged it in a matter of hours, I just could not stop reading. Such a good story and the translator has done an amazing job with the amount of effort put in to keep up with and authentically translate the special thought process that our MC has. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the story. Thank you for the effort you have spent translating this amazing novel!
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Ajan M
Ajan M
Nov 30, 2022
Status: c1 part1
This is truly an incredible novel. The pen and imagination of the author are very powerful. I haven't been able to finish the novel yet because I don't know Korean and this leaves a lot of room for my imagination 😂 I'm constantly theorizing. There aren't many people who write spoilers about the novel.
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Dec 06, 2023
Status: c38.2
MMMF this novel has got me death gripping every time I read it. Very immersive characters and storyline, pacing is good, and setting is novel enough. Super cohesive translation. Do not hesitate to read this.
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Nov 28, 2023
Status: c37
I’m so hooked, it’s amazing. I haven’t slept for two days to finish this and my eyes are so dry it lowkey hurts. It’s addicting
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