Great At Acting, Now I’m Reborn


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Zhou Yuhe was bad at acting, but it didn’t matter. His stunning beauty in his youth made him never lack in resources in the industry.

Until his face was destroyed in a fire;

Zhou Yuhe had a bad face, but he didn’t care. The popularity of tens of thousands of fans from when he was young allowed him choose among the most popular scripts and cultivate himself back to the top.

15 years later, he acted with Liu Xiaosheng in the remake of his old drama, and burned to death;

Someone ruined his face and acting career with a big fire,

Then he was killed by another fire.

It is a pity for them that Zhou Yuhe didn’t die.

He returned to before the first fire with extraordinary acting skills that he had cultivated for fifteen years.

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New whitespade rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: c79
I was enjoying the novel then it get to the variety show part - it's too boring I drop it. I really really don't care about it, I come here for movies not for actors dropping their prestige clowning around in some variety show.
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ylial rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Really good!!! Especially the ending!! Although u have expected the outcome but the process (narration) is really well written!!!! Also, the story of their last movie is great (family, environment and culture have really a great factor in one's personality..). I thought that the ML is passive but his 1st life is mentioned in the extra. He is still slightly passive though bcoz he only likes the MC and his feeling fades over time and distance. It is portrayed realistically. MC is not good in choosing bf in his 1st life.

His 1st bf and 2nd bf are very opportunistic and user. But his 2nd bf is more insidious, setting him on fire twice

. For story flaws, they are negligible since the story is entertaining to me. Every chapter brings excitement since some scenarios are new and it makes me look forward for the nxt chapter

I love the MC and ML, especially when the MC is at the bottom, it is the ML who is always by his side. During their interactions, there are bits of the past that the MC recalls. Among the BL entertainment novels I've read, I like the ML here the most. The ML is not OP, he started to film for several TV and movies with different roles to become a film emperor (in extra, it mentioned a hundred roles). He's not the overbearing arrogant rich president but a hard working actor and calm friend who MC can always confides.

For the antagonists, their scenes are not like the typical "the MC wins and they are out (quit) from entertainment". Mostly, their bad karma is consequence of their actions. Probably, the only downside for me is the MC keeps evading his feelings for ML. Well it is explained that

MC thought that the feelings of ML to him was similar to brotherhood. That was why in the 2nd life, he's having second thought. But there was a scene where the MC knew what the ML directly implied from statement (ML's confession of his feeling) but the MC still avoided it

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gummyfoxes rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: c119
Okay I actually fairly enjoyed this story but I do want to note that the current translation by untamed alley is kinda poor? It's very obviously machine translated and some parts of it were more confusing/less enjoyable to read so I went to find the raws. It's better than nothing but I would just want to warn people to take it with a grain of salt.

Romance/faceslaps were enjoyable, I enjoy the MC developing relationships other than with just the ML. MC and ML are a great powercouple.
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Melange rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: Completed
The setting of this novel is a little bit cliché, where an actor is betrayed by their beloved, is reborn, and decides to take their life down a different path.

What sets this novel apart from others, however, is that it is fairly candid about some hard to swallow truths -- that hard work and skills do not necessarily mean one will be successful, some people are naturally more blessed than others, and that love isn't everything.

... more>>

The first point is exemplified when MC is replaced in a film due to the machinations of some investors. Although he is the best choice for the role, those in power don't want him to play the role, so he loses it.

The second is evidenced by the fact that although MC is an accomplished actor with more than 20 years of experience, he still pales in comparison to ML who is naturally more talented than him.

The last is with the side character Cao Qiyue and her relationship with her ex-lover Meng Churong. They truly loved each other at some point, but Meng Churong broke it off and used Cao Qiyue in order to raise her own status. In the end, Meng Churong realized that she still loved Cao Qiyue, but her love wasn't enough and Cao Qiyue simply moved forward with her life.


As for MC and ML, it's clear that the two of them have unspoken feelings for each other right off the get go. It takes them a while to get together, because MC views himself as too far below ML, while ML is afraid to push him too far. However, they have a tacit understanding of each other, which only deepens once they clarify their relationship.

I appreciate that there were other well-rounded characters apart from the main CP in this novel. In particular, the insert of the strong, independent lesbian best friend who don't need no woman, was a particularly nice addition. She's great and the best wing lady.


When she sees the sexual tension between MC and ML, she threatens lock them in a room together, heheh.


The movies that they acted in this story were also fairly unique, philosophical, and pretty heart wrenching. Luckily, MC and ML have a happy ending, even if their characters didn't.

I highly recommend this novel if you're looking for a modern showbiz novel that doesn't involve any crazy drama or absurd revenge tactics, yet still maintains an engaging plot and likable characters. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: c31
This is very well written. It uses some old tropes; Reborn actor, revenge, using future knowledge to succeed, etc.. But it uses them well. It's not another cheap knockoff of better stories but is another take on a popular trope. The MC is not overly aggressive after his rebirth and isn't focused solely on his own benefit. The author does a good job expressing the MC's feelings and emotional state as things happen. Makes it easier to understand and relate with him and his choices.

I also appreciate that he's not... more>> fixated on having revenge against every petty slight. He was in his 40's in his previous life and was portrayed as experienced/mature. It's always disconcerting when stories have an older character (mentally) that then acts like a middle schooler or a mentally unbalanced sociopath. MC acts appropriate for his (mental) age. Example: Rather than a more juvenile "I'll show them! I'll make them suffer and step on all everyone who wronged me on my way to success!" approach to restarting his career/revenge it's more "I finally have a chance to pursue my dreams and try to address my past life's regrets! I won't foolishly give away what is mine to those who are ungrateful". It really does wonders for making the MC likable and more sympathetic.

Definitely one of the better stories in the rebirth/showbiz genre on NU. Good enough that I MTL'ed what free chapters are available on jjwxc. Looking forward to updates. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Keisotsuna rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I just finished reading this novel, and I have to say that this has officially became my favorite entertainment circle rebirth novel in this whole site!

Despite the overused rebirth troupe, this novel manages to capture my heart with its wonderfully executed plot, interesting and dynamic characters, descriptive and vivid writing, and beautiful romantic subplot. Unlike most rebirth novels under the entertainment circle setting, this novel isn't centered on revenge and there isn't any melodramatic plot points like a complicated family drama, love polygons, and no sudden jumping to other... more>> fields such as business and financial circle or the music circle. Instead, we get a novel that highlights one clear point -- acting. While it's true that romance occupies a substantial and significant part of the novel, I personally believe that the protagonist's career and acting developments take centerpiece in this novel.

The protagonist, Zhou Yuhe, is arguably one of the best reborn character in entertainment-centered rebirth novels. As previous reviewer mentioned, the protagonist shows a maturity and wisdom that is actually suitable with his mental age. He isn't petty, vengeful and impulsive. Instead of pursuing revenge or using his future knowledge to raise himself to fame or wealth, he opted to use this opportunity to address his lifelong regrets by developing his acting career, saving an old friend, and becoming ambiguous good friends with the person who remained with him in troubled times in his previous life.

Meanwhile, the male lead, Xie Yifeng, is arguably one of the best male leads ever. While he isn't as proactive as most male leads, his gentle, supportive and charismatic character has inevitably earned him a place as the protagonist's important emotional pillar. While the relationship between the two may not be as passionate, fiery, or sickeningly sweet as other novels do, they have a very simple and pure relationship that is similar to old husbands and wives more than young couples today. The two of them clearly relies on each other, supports each other, and does everything to cover each other from both hail and rain. It was this simple, sincere and pure love that really made me yearn for the same thing.

The conflicts in the novel isn't very large and dramatic. Rather, they exists subtly in places like the protagonist having a stump on acting, his inner emotional turmoil, and the environment of the entertainment circle. Despite his knowledge of the future, the protagonist quickly discovers that his knowledge isn't absolute and the future is never set in stone as his rebirth and the choices he made after it has led to subtle changes in what should've been. And while this fact made him a bit cautious and afraid of the unknown, we see the protagonist learnt to let go of these anxieties and face them head on with courage.

Lastly, I'd like to say that one of the best point in this novel, at least for me, must be the acting and filming scenes. I especially love how the author narrates and describes the protagonist's acting and how these scenes were filmed. They were vivid, descriptive and interesting in a way that I can clearly imagine everything inside my mind. Especially the last film near the ending of the novel, it really made me cry and sympathize with the characters and be at awe in the same time. It was all so beautifully-written!


My biggest regret in this novel is the lack of extra chapters. I want to see a lot of things in the extras which now, only my imagination can supply me, like:

  • What was Xie Yifeng's reaction when Zhou Yuhe died in the fire with his second ex-boyfriend in his previous life?
  • How did Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng met in the previous life after Zhou Yuhe's disfigurement?
  • An extra of Zhou Yuhe's lesbian friend, Cao Qiuxin (disclaimer: I may have gotten the name wrong in the raws), having her very own love story.
  • A story from the perspective of the young Zhou Yuhe when he taught physics (?) to the young Xie Yifeng in the library.
  • Did second ex-boyfriend / IS president (sorry, I forgot his name) ever see the ending of their previous lives in his dreams?

Geez, I wanna knowwwwwww!! Someone give me a miracle and take out an extra chapter from their pockets or something... or maybe write a fan fiction for me? I really need more of this novel... T_T

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TakuN rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I still can't believe I got to the end of this lol, I read this slowly in a span of 3 days, it's not that special but its decent enough to keep you filled for a day or two

Its just as the title says, the MC is great at acting and he's reborn, also good at PR. The ML is gentle and patient, their relationship is actually not the main focus of the story but the MC's career, and before you say "Ah nvm then" don't, its actually better this... more>> way tbh because theres much more things to explore in thar aspect rather than their relationship which was already making me die from loneliness from the beginning, THEY'RE GOALS. No need for that long sappy bs of the characters realizing their feelings and doubting/denying it, they just straightforwardly accepted it and got together.

Its actually my first time reading something like this where the main focus is the MC's acting career and it was quite the experience, I can't even begin to count the number of times the lines:

"Everyone was shocked"

"Everyone held their breaths"

"Everyone was stunned"

And the like appeared lol, also the descriptions of his appearance, people short circuiting because of his acting skills and basically everyone just dying over him existing honestly made me go "ok what the f*ck" at first because I really wasn't used to it.

I'm gonna be totally honest with you my brain just went on auto pilot after the first few chapters until I was suddenly woken up by the Hakuo story, it felt as if my heart was being twisted. I honestly hope those two can be together in their next lives and live happily even though they're just props in this story... Like, my heart genuinely broke for them.


Also I know Ji Chen is a f*cking scum and is the main antagonist in here but his one line from the extras

"I'm so cruel"

just went out and grabbed a string of sympathy from my heart. Honestly if it weren't for this s*upid scheming family of his and the way he was brought up he probably would've been such a successful person with a sane mindset. *sigh* I hope someday in another timeline he'd also enjoy a normal life without such complications. Thats right. The assh*le earned my pity with just one line. I can't tell wether it was because it was so unexpected and moving coming from him or I'm just that easily won over.

Well overall it was ok, the beginning is him showing off his skills along with some face slapping here and there, the middle is him still showing off his skills & its mostly composed of the movies he acted on and again face slapping, finally, in my opinion it picks up and gets more immersive and interesting towards the end. No spoilers on that.

Rated this 4.2-4.5. <<less
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Shortk rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: c83
My favorite part in any acting novel was when the MC made up that scene with the villain, holding up his wet hair and said:

"I am your religion."

f*ck was that inspired from somewhere? I wanna watch that irl!

... more>> Ok now to the novel overall, I'm kinda like sad they officially got together during the variety show bc reading about any variety show is so boring and I skipped through that.

The MC is pretty op in kinda a boring way as it goes on. His nickname becomes golden finger at some point. Overall, if you don't mind an overly op MC and kinda obvious plot, you'll probably enjoy this. personally I'm bored now, so I'm done. Nothing overly offensive, I just got emotionally disinterested during the variety part which also ended up being a crucial part of the novel that I ended up skipping my bad.


I'm also being nice bc I'm not even mentioning how braindead the author wrote the fans/netizons bc they'll be like "omg an ugly promo pic for some unknown movie?" "The MC is RUINED 😱😱" his enemies being like: "omg look at this ugly pic of the MC HES SO UGLY" "HES RUINED" like wtf man. And then after the hobo movie he does all the fans be like "omg we've never seen such DEDICATION TO BE SKINNY AND UGLY IN A MOVIE AS A TOP ACTOR UGH WHAT A GUY WHAT AN ACTOR other actors could neverrrrr" like why. Lol see this is where I'm like this is too boring op now. It's just doesn't even make sense

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xjgg rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c71
it's alright I guess. the writing style is a bit....... eh. it's the usual "oooh he has amazing aura, very unlike a rookie!" "wow how can he exert such great pressure even though he is so young!" and then poetic paragraphs about how he looks like jade in his costumes, passersby comments, the usual.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ouryane00 rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: c55
This is a nice novel if you'd like to read about an MC conquering the entertainment industry but if you've read other novels with a similar theme this might seem just so-so and kinda bland, that's what I think as I've read many and can't help but compare but still, it's a kinda good read.

I was after some good MC and ML development scenes but the development here felt lacking to me and sometimes even abrupt and there were questions to me that weren't answered like ... more>>

with the MC's friend plagiarism incident, he asked for the ML's help but then they weren't really close at that time yet. Also when after winning a role for a movie, the ML came to celebrate and he was also surprised that the ML came to visit but it wasn't explained why the ML came or just the explanation was a bit lacking if there was


I just wish for more MC and ML interactions because at chapter 55, I might be able to count with my 2 hands the times the ML actually appears. Anyway, 'm still just at chapter 60 so the scenes might get better <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Farika rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: c9
I know, its too early to leave review (complaint), but there something that I had to say


you know the future, your best friend was suicide because plagiarism, why you just conclude that she was already dead if there no one take the phone call?? Why are you not trying anything for her, you just crying then move on with your life...

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hy-d-ra rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm stting and wonder why have I finished this one, but never wrote a review. But this novel is good!


The premise of the story is pretty simple as it stands. Ill-fated MC lived a long time in suffering, physically. His actual striving in his acting career, playing any role he could, and to become something more than a scarred face is pretty remarkable, but unfortunately he's not fated to live long. Thus he takes his own life and the person who was responsible for his tragedy in fire.

Unexpectedly, he wakes... more>> up at a crucial point of his life - audition where he gave up a pretty important role. With the baggage of knowledge he has and variety of roles he played he simply slays the auditioning thus starting his new and more brilliant path. He knows several events, he knows what movies will be hits. Although it won't be smooth sailing, but he will try to make it.

His past self is a sensible person, who didn't know better, reached out his hand thinking he will be loved, but in the end was worked to the bone with all possible roles that weren't good for his reputation, took any job, just to help the person he thought loved him. But also was the one who betrayed him. If it wasn't for ML who helped him in the most crucial period of his life, who knows how he'd end up then.


Zhou Yuhe is someone who went through growing up by making huge mistakes and was quite naive. Life beat him hard and showed him all the darkest sides. His success is built on bones of his suffering. But it's not all smooth sailing all the time, he has a room to grow in acting and also other people might push breaks on his success.

Xie Yifeng is what you call a successful actor, showered with trophies and success. What makes him remarkable is his dedication to art, he wants to act whatever he wants, not something according to his status. His career is built on tons of small roles, his difference from MC is that he incorporates himself into the frame thus becoming all types of characters. But he has a secret joy playing along with MC.

Let's not forget MC's friend, a rare lesbian friend that has her own short storyline, which I find also touching.


MC and ML actually share a past despite the accident that happened. But for both it's a secret crush. They develop natural attraction together, until one event finally brings them closer together, because what really matters if one day they will miss a chance of not being together. They walk a bumpy road together to reach the pinnacle. But they have a really touching love story along the way.

A separate "relationship" is of MC and his "ex" from previous life. It's pretty interesting to follow, since it's one of the main sources for drama that shows contrast to previous and current relationships, especially how MC finally lets go of his past.


I mean, the story for the last movie they played together is something to mention. It was one that had more space, but actually is a really touching drama.

In general this is a fine novel to pick up, it has love, it has entertainment world, it has drama. In span of mere 119 chapters there are many things that happened, which I personally enjoyed. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Qwex rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c68
Romance is barely there, plot is present, but it is your usual cliche of rebirth and becoming an actor. MC is better developed, ML is barely in the novel (he has as much screen time as side characters). As a result he has no distinct personality and is not developed at all.

... more>>

Also, apparently ML was in love with MC all along, so when I say "no development" I mean it.

Why MC did not know that ML is in love with him? Because when they were both in school, ML saw MC in the library and fell in love with him. They had one short interaction. As a result, MC has no impression of ML.


Side characters are there as a decoration. Funnily enough, one of this side characters is supposed to be MCs Best Friend Ever, who is closer to him than a family. I say "supposed" because she is nothing but a plot device. Her sole role is to occasionally tease MC about ML and introduce new people to him. Once this is done she disappeares for dozens of chapters/months in universe. In one scene it was especially noticeable: she was teasing MC about ML when MCs assistant rushed in. MC is on the hot search, this is his first taste of popularity. Assistant congratulates MC, they talk about it, and this supposed "best friend"... is forgotten. No comment, no congratulations, it is as if she was never there. She conveyed the idea that ML might be in love with MC and dissolved into mist only to appear the next time MC needed a push towards ML.

My fave character is MCs agent. He is a golden brocker and is shows. He is knowledgeable, smart, reasonable. Not much in the sense of personality, but boy he is a pro.

What made me finally drop this novel...


MC wanted to take a role of a homeless person. He wanted to ask a director to join them. But the director refused because MC is "too beautiful, it is unrealistic for a homeless person to be like him". At first I was like "does that director really think that only ugly people are homeless", but no, it is even more ridiculous. The director meant MCs "aura". Like, he is a son of a university professor and, no matter what makeup he wears, it shows. And MC agreed with that point!

In this case, I can only say one thing: You are a sh*t actor!

Seriously, since when a good actor cannot play a role because of his "aura" or "temperament"? It is called Acting for a reason!


This horrendous larse in logic and common sense was a final drop. Either you are a good actor, or you stumped on this.

I see no point in continuing reading this novel, it is a very boring novel. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
One of those typical “died, came back, excelled” stories. It was nice, for most part it was just one guy’s super smooth journey to the top using his superior acting skills and top-tier face. I did like that not everyone who wronged him in the past for something minor was dragged onto the cutting board, just the big ones. It also covered some realistic problems like how rising too fast was also a danger, along with over-exposure or your reputation bringing too much pressure and interfering with your work. The... more>> movies/shows that MC acted in were really interesting too, I wish the story had more acting scenes but alas.

No one was really that memorable or outstanding after the story ended though. For example the ML’s basic personality was just “in love with MC, god-tier actor, polite” and while MC and ML made a cute couple during the story, they don’t really stand out from all the other stories either. Also the one scene that MC did as an interrogator was so good, I was a bit bitter that he never acted as an army interrogator again.

Overall the story is fine. You could argue that it’s “boring” because of how smooth the journey is and how every movie/variety show is a huge success, but at the same time it’s nice to see a character excel without a million surprise punches or cannon fodders crawling out of nowhere just to pad out length. If you’re tired of plot twists or dramatics, this story’s straightforward and linear plot line is really nice. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Realvnv rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c65
Ngl it's one of the better showbiz danmeis I've seen. My Husband is Suffering From A Terminal Illness, True Star, Rebirth of The Supermodel, and a bunch of others that I couldn't even bother to remember. Well, the reason I remember those is because I read them just recently.

Anyway, my point is, it's not a bad read considering it's a self-satisfaction, face-slapping showbiz novel.

ML isn't an overbearing iceberg CEO that suffers from the hands of contradiction demon. Can you imagine a superstar, the very definition of "success", going around being... more>> insecure about himself, blocking his partner/his partner's suitors, and suffer from intense jealousy? ML here is normal, he knows he's awesome, wants his partner to be awesome, as accommodating as Buddha for MC, yada yada. Yeah, he's so good, and that's why it's so boring for me lmaaao.

The romance here is too much PG-13 for me, ML is the perfect lover, MC is Gary Sue, no tension or conflict to speak of, sexual tension appears for three seconds in the film due to the role then evaporates...

The plot is cliched "I suffered terribly before now watch me slap everyone left and right baby~" with the knowledge from the future as the golden finger. MC returns to the past, shocks everyone with his looks and acting skills, then some brainded ppl underestimate him, he shocks them again, another "he's just 20 what can he do pfft" wave, another slap... Same old, same old.

MC is your usual, due to protagonist halo, attracts fans just because he isn't being a bit*h and is respectful to seniors, has an aura that even ordinary netizens can notice even miles apart...

That's the most annoying part for me, I can consciously observe an actor for an hour, and would only pick out whatever outfit he's wearing suited him or nah. Not to mention picking out 53837 types of emotions in his eyes, I would consider myself genius if I could think "he's sad ig" without seeing tears. What "even this low-quality photo couldn't conceal his immortal like an aura"? What "with just a slight smile, he was able to bring the audience's souls out of their body and make them feel the film is their reality" bullshit? Like, so be it if it was pro's comments, it's a showbiz novel lol obv there are gonna be excessive praises, but the normal audience's understanding is actually so high??

That's why I dislike showbiz novels lol, they make me feel bad for no apparent reason.

The translation is bearable, not spectacular but not that bad either.

Man, I just said this one is relatively better and still ranted like there is no tomorrow. I'm saying it's better 'cause ML here is more sensible. That doesn't change the fact that he's boring, the plot is cliched, and MC is your average Gary Sue. So, if I'd give other showbiz novels 2 or 3, this one is 3.5 stars; but since I'm prejudiced against this kind of novel by default, I'll round it to 4 for the enthusiasts. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AraAra4321 rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I can definitely understand why this story is so well rated by readers. It deserves it, it definitely does! (❁´◡`❁) The MC and ML doesn't seem too artificial. Where they're very godly and unapproachable. Instead they're very human, and we readers can relate to them.

MC - has suffered many ups and downs in his life. Just like the synopsis said. He used to be very well liked by fans because of his face, despite having sh*tty attitude. Then his face was ruined in the fire. It started his fall from... more>> grace. He worked damn hard to reach the top once more. All in all MC doesn't feel artificial or 2D. He feels like a living breathing person. His relationship with ML is also pretty healthy. Their chemistry just warms your damn heart!

ML - He seemed OP when you first hear his achievement. But he deserves it. He's been working to get to where he is his whole life! He doesn't constrict the MC and tries to dominate him. Instead ML is very caring. He is the ideal husbu for everyone. ML also doesn't help MC in evey turn like a lot of stories ML tends to do. If he knows MC can handle it he'll just be there and give advice, he won't give MC his help in every turn. Again unlike many ML. The story flow - it's nice it doesn't seem scattered. The author introduced the big plot points and problems in the story from the first few chapters. So, I don't feel a disconnect in later chapters or feel that the author is dragging the story, And tries to make it longer than its supposed to be. At the end, everything warped up nicely, there's no glaring loose ends that I could see. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sleepismypower rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: c52
Initial rating: 5 stars

Current rating: 4 stars

It's still a great read, although I'm getting a little bored because of the pacing.

Aside from the pacing, the characters are well written.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 8, 2020
Status: Completed
The romamce in this novel isnt really rich but very moving and heartwarming whenever they are together. What I also appreciate ist that the MC isnt omnipotent even though he was reborn. I mean with not omnipotent that things dont always go his way and he will reflect and grow even more.

I also have to mention that there isnt much revenge and face slapping, which is very good in my opinion. The movies they create are also written very well and even made me cry abit and thinking about life.

There... more>> were also some boring descriptions, but that wont really impact my overall good evaluation of this amazing novel.

I hope I did write everything right so far, I am not really good with words.

A pity there arent any detailed snu snu scenes qwq <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dogs.and.cats.are.equally.cute rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Well... this review is gonna be more of a rant in the later stages.

First things first. MC is not OP. His past is heart-wrenching. His acting is as expected, top-notch (Cliche 101). Well, in the early stages I really thought the plot (aka the face-slapping) would be unpredictable. But I kept reading cause it was good even if it got predictable. The writing was good and the TL is good too. The ML is unique. He's not rich or arrogant. He's a hard-worker who has acted in 100 or so... more>> roles before finally getting the recognition he deserves. As for the netizens, their reversal of opinions in a flash was a surprise. I was like WTF when they all stopped being fans (?) when the ML and MC came out. They apologized again when Boying was released. I rolled my eyes then. Fans should be loyal and support their idols. No one's life belongs to another so I'd appreciate it if fans acted more rational and didn't interfere in the idol's life too much. Idk if Chinese netizens are like these so I can't comment on that.

As for Boying, if that was an actual movie or novel, I'd cry my heart out. Literally, if it was extended for 10 more chapters with more insights into the character with their POVs, I'd cry myself to sleep. When people say "Too much reality in a book slaps you awake", it's true. Boying was heart-wrenching. I'm not sure if it is a real case but it sure did give me a reality check. Not many same-s*x couples get happy endings and this made me realise the scary power of societal pressure. I really hope this stigma reduces and eventually fades away with time. I really hope all couples in love, regardless of their genders, get a happy ending (unless it's not working out for them)

That's all from my side ig. It's a predictable but well-done novel with realistic and 3D characters. I like how the MC was so blinded by his past and failed to realise certain things in the present and how the ML became his sole grounding factor. It's in no way a scummy, angsty or any novel of that sort. The novel is just them developing their tactic understanding and falling in love eventually. It was refreshing to read this and I hope you give this a try too <<less
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ShiinaMH rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is beautiful with all the ups and down in life. And it's a good thing no one sought too much grievance from the past life. Continue moving on... And live my second chance to the fullest!


Though, MC didn't tell him about his rebirth in the remaining extras but I know even if it isn't written, he will someday tell him about it. But anyway, they are going to live their life to the best.


Best wishes for both of the protagonists^^
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trash_generalist rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
A story that explores the showbiz world — specifically the kind of talent and skills that are required to be a good actor. The main focus of the story is the MC’s development as a person (with a lot of self-indulgent and face-slapping scenes mixed in to spice things up hehe) !


The characters are this novel’s strengths! The MC here is particularly well developed. The only reason I didn’t give it a perfect score was that I felt that the ML lack the same level of care (making... more>> him kind of fall into the side-lines). This is understandable because the POV of the story is definitely biased to the MC, but it could have been done with breaking that POV!

Zhou Yue (MC)

The MC! His background is pretty much described in the summary so I’ll skip that! All that’s important to know is that he’s very good looking and his acting skills from his previous life has transferred into his current one. As for his personality? It’s hard to pin down, but he’s a very complex person, so that’s pretty understandable!

Xie Yifeng (ML)

Ahhh as mentioned, he isn’t really as developed as the MC! The author keeps a lot of his background hidden at first, but in the first chapter we learn that he’s the first and last person the MC thinks of when he’s dying.

Important Side Characters: My favorite side character here is definitely the agent Yang Yu LOLOL. I was a bit ehhh about him at first, but he has a lot of good scenes! One could even say he has more scenes than the ML 😂.

ROMANCE: 3.75/5

Although romance isn’t really the focus of the story (which is partly why I didn’t mind the lack of appearances from the ML as much as I would normally), the author does a great job establishing their relationship. It’s a very natural kind of build-up! Kinda wish there were more, that’s for sure, but I still found it sweet regardless!


I actually really enjoyed the showbiz setting for this novel! Because I can tell the author put in a lot of effort designing the movies/drama the characters portrayed and why they were and weren’t popular. I can’t say that I’m very knowledgeable about film, but everything the author said seemed researched and reasonable! Of course, this setting may be a bit too vanilla for some — but I think the character growth makes up for it!

PLOT: 4/5

This is a regression story where the MC goes back into the past to slap everyone’s faces with his foreknowledge and golden finger! It’s relatively more subdued than the Wuxia stories tho LOLOL! Since the golden finger in question is the MC’s acting skills.

RATING: 4.25

All in all, I recommend this story for someone interested in an Acting story! This was exactly the kind of story I was looking for after readings uh, what’s it called? “My Husband Has a Terminal Illness????” I wanted to find a story that explored the ups and downs of showbiz (and not just perfunctorily like the previous ones I found). This one was a perfect example of that! The first two-three arcs were particularly satisfying. And, fortunately, the author didn’t extend it too long after the premise (MC beating everyone with his golden finger) started to run dry.


  • Personal Enjoyment Level: 4/5 (I enjoyed it a lot!)
  • Literary Level: 4/5 (I really enjoyed the author’s worldbuilding and character development plots!)
  • Heat Level: 0/5 (None-Expicit!)
  • Angst Level: 3/5 (Some sad scenes but it’s not all sad)
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