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In Tianlan Continent, there is a magic store called Origin Mall.

The Coke here can make people full of vitality in an instant; the spicy bars here can make people fight one another; the games here can make people improve their cultivation; the novels here can make people understand profound techniques.

Here there are infinite goods to choose from, including leisure, entertainment, dining, and training.

Oh, by the way, remember one thing. Don’t cause trouble in the store, because the owner is very strong.

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11 Reviews

Dec 01, 2020
Status: c681
I really like this novel. I'll reading this little by little. The MC have a cute personality. He's not a good-for-nothing guy or useless. He just too carefree and that's all. You can imagine how hard I search to read novels like this.

It just too few and almost the others is so ret*rded that I never dare to read. Anyway, the only different, this is not a Small shop but like a shopping mall already.
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Apr 29, 2021
Status: --
Don't believe about this being similar to Gourmet of another world. The only similarity about these 2 is the MC owing a store that's it. No OP guard only OP MC. No robot. No going to other place to own another store. A bit of Mary sue. No customer making trouble everyday. As of c1000 there's only 1 arrogant young master and that's in the beginning. 5/5 for Slice of life/OP MC. Oh and No Harem
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Tripod Triangle
Tripod Trian
May 13, 2021
Status: c1000
How can people give a review after reading just 2 or 3 chapter?

What Should I say?

These type of rubbish people are ruining the story.

... more>> Everyone should read the genre and teh summary of the novel before starting it. This one is purely a carefree novel and you don't have get worried about many things.

Here MC has a OP system. Most of the system based novel's main character are op. Everyone should know it. If you want to avoid op MC then just avoid it. Read if want to relax your mind with a journey with carefree albeit a lazy MC.

No harem. Touch of little cute romance.


MC a shop type system,

MC is invincible in certain area of his shop. Literally he is fking God in that area. He is the rule.

Mc's real cultivation level is low at first but he was getting better. And system gave him task to do some creative stuff. Like get your lazy ass and do something creative for your shop to earn money.


You will only enjoy this if you love these type of novel. Otherwise stop giving review and put 1 star after reading 2-3 chapter.

This one at least deserve 4 star. I am giving it because of those tr*sh people who gave review without reading. <<less
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Mar 28, 2022
Status: c2250
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

Honestly, this novel is 99% filler now.

The author has given up on writing a story and is instead plagiarizing all sorts of random crap even more than at the start of the novel. So much of the story is pointless repeated nonsense, or “information entanglement, ” or pointing slice of life.

... more>> Author has almost forgotten about the system’s existence and the MC is spending all of his time with FL in the other world.

We’ve gotten to a horribly tr*sh glacial pacing. Nothing can save this awful novel now. MC has finally had s*x with the FL so they made a tiny amount of progress.

After the arc involving Sirens (another plagiarized concept), and evil god (the stereotypical Chinese cthulu meme thing), the author has had no further inspiration and so instead lifted anime movies like Death Note and 5CM over 100 chapters to finish filming (with badly written exposition) and added Hearthstone to the other world.

-900Quintillion/10 Empty tr*sh.

P.S. Nothing can save a novel from author brain rot. Author themself admits their writing is full of water (basically head empty) and that they can’t write but are still going for money. There once was an actual story about MC purifying a world by being a lazy shop owner but now it’s just MC being godlike lazy, probably just like how lazy the author is. <<less
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May 29, 2021
Status: c971
Don't expect the usual cultivation plot. It's slice of life novel. No real conflict, slow development, slow romance, also each chapter is kinda short.

I've read the supposedly translated chapter, but I'm pretty sure it's direct MTLed, maybe the later one is edited a little, but still bad. If you want you can try the MTL version, it's understandable.
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c1400
the story definitely takes inspiration from other store-system stories like BTICS and GFS, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable or that its not original. If you liked those stories and want more, give it a try. It's a cultivation story where the MC isn't obsessed with cultivation and just wants to be a salted fish. Read it for the slice-of-life and not the action or romance. The fighting action is sparse, there's only been 1 arrogant young master to face-slap (at the start), and the romance is slow paced;... more>> it took the MC well over 1000 chapters to realize they were in a relationship (though there is gratuitous fluff afterwards). Personally, I find it rather relaxing and fun to read. My rating for now is 3.5. <<less
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Feb 28, 2021
Status: c3
This story line is literally a copy of Gourmet of Another World, as soon as I saw the second chapter I knew it looks basically the same as GoAW. A copy and paste except changed out the words, some examples:
The same way the status screen evaluation adds supposed to be funny mocking to the protag
Same mission about getting his first customer in a week to get a reward
Same way that the GoAW system made overpriced items (both for cultivation crystals) and people scoff at the overpricing, only... more>> then the store ends up with no customers but people start to slowly realise that it's actually worth the price because of the spirit energy etc is in the items.
Also the author added the same way on GoAW explaining that a certain product is worth 10000 crystals because it has certain rare items/ingredients added to it

If the author is gonna blatantly copy another book, at least don't do it with a popular book <<less
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May 05, 2022
Status: c774
Meh. Same thing over and over but decent enough to pass some time if you're really and I mean really, really bored.

I say this as someone who can usually read anything and actually really loves slice of life, but this has to be the most placid novel of all time. I don't mind the salted fish/OP MC tropes at all- in fact I sometimes actively search out those tropes even, but this is ridiculous even to me.

The appeal of a salted fish MC is that they slowly reveal their abilities... more>> to people, astounding them that someone so lazy can be so OP or they stay out of the way avoiding the center of conflicts while enjoying their own lives simply. If not that then there should at least be comedic affect that everyone around thinks he's super op and he needs to keep up the farce or something. IDK but some sort of conflict.

This MC doesn't really do any of those at all. He surprises or astounds the customers/passerby's at first like is somewhat expected but after those first few instances where he shows the invincibility buff off in his shop when people attack him or his employee, but then after he takes down a saint (it's a tree lol) and news of him spreads around, there is no more action at all.

People basically look at him like he's god or something. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's even stated in the novel that they can't comprehend his power so they wouldn't even blink if he told them he's god. None of the "villains" or "antagonists" or anyone even require him to act- he says a few words or something and they get scared enough to stop there.

So no comedy or conflict there.

At least you can expect some business management right? Not really.

It's kind of boring really especially after the first few hundred chapters. Basically in the beginning at least there was some interest in what new products would be introduced and how it would affect the customers etc, but later on there's rarely anything truly new. It's like "oh, there's a new mode in the same game" and btw the games have no real plot. Reading it is like watching someone play a combat game or something so it feels like a real waste of time for the readers. Nothing is really expanded on after a certain point like they add in job classifications in a certain mode of the game, but besides saying the role's name nothing about any of those roles is ever explained. Also the MC (at the point I'm at) was supposed to learn to develop a game, apps for the phone, and release his own products (in this case a webnovel), but I think I've been reading him doing these thing for a few sentences then giving up and leaving it for later for a few hundred chapters. Like literally this novel has been mentioned since so long ago but he only just released the first 5 chapters. It's just super boring after like the first 2-300 chapters. I don't know if I'll ever come back to finish it because everything about it is so lukewarm. The pace is so slow and There's no tension or comedy or romance really so idk what the point of finishing it would be at this point. <<less
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Mar 10, 2022
Status: c2258
Well all can say is that it is great for a light read. A novel suitable to a break from a drama or maybe action novels.

Don't expect much action this is a slice of life novel. The MC is OP from the very start which makes it slice of life. There are no cultivation nor harem so don't expect much. But there is a female lead I tell you that.

Together with the slice of life genre there is a mystery around the world itself. Why does he have the system?... more>> What did the system chose him? Why did the system make him sell otherworldly good? This will soon be answered but so far in Ch 2000, only some of the questions are answered and it is a bit frustrating.

Boss/MC and Customer interaction is very funny but unless they are the regulars many of the side or minor characters are forgettable but has a reason why they are there. But some just makes you say 'what is the point of you being here!?'. LIKE BOI.


Last thing, there are major villains or antagonist here plus they are OP (Not as OP as the MC though so far).


Well that is all. It is enjoyable but as expected it really is suited for light reads. <<less
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May 13, 2021
Status: c53
This isn't particularly good, but for some reason I am still reading it.

There is nothing original about it. Shop keeper in a cultivation world. Customers wowed by modern drinks and snacks given amazing properties by the system. Every encounter is very repetitive. The system enforces the usual shop rules (purchase limits, no discounts, don't make trouble) on the MC and customers. MC saves a beautiful and strong girl who becomes his shop assistant.

If you have read this genre, you have essentially read this story. This is basically Gourmet of Another... more>> World + Black Tech Internet Cafe System. It's a bit dull, but I think I like the main character a little better than some of the others I have read.

Three stars is honestly a bit generous, but it's an okay time waster so I'll go with that. <<less
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McGuffin- U_U
McGuffin- U_
Feb 11, 2022
Status: c975
This story is so funny, and it tickles the funny bone often. I actually MTL'ed it since a portion of it wasn't completely translated yet.

But its almost exactly like the other CN web novels of its genre. For example, some of the occurrences that happen are exactly like Gourmet of Another World- to a T. 😒 In the end, its a light and fun read, just very repetitive.🤭
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