General, You’ve Lost Your Inhibitor!


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Through an accidental transmigration, Gu Huan became the youngest Alpha general in the novel. He is handsome, aloof and powerful, admired by thousands of people.

Even if he was a villain, this was a proper, awe-inspiring character design.

Gu Huan was so happy!

Looking at the needle holes in his arms, the haggard eyes, and the home that had been dismantled into an open-air convertible.

He suspects that he is actually an addict.

Doctor: No, you are just a very ordinary Omega who used inhibitors during the fever period.

Gu Huan: …you are kidding me.

Doctor: An Omega of your age who has not been marked is very likely to be leashed.

Gu Huan: …I believe this.

To survive. Kaolin (senior) Flower (single dog) can only apply for marriage online.

Marriage Self-Description: Older, hot-tempered, not guaranteed to not to beat someone in heat, not guaranteed to not to beat someone to death.

In the end, someone actually came to this painful marriage request, and it was the prince who wanted to eradicate him, the villain, in the original novel.

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General You’ve Lost Your Inhibitor!
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9 Reviews

zloi medved
New zloi medved
Sep 11, 2023
Status: --
I hate this novel. I can't really explain it but the Chinese fascination with extreme stalking and possessive control being conflated with "romance" always makes me feel upset, but in this novel in particular for whatever reason, it hit me worse than ever. I hate that I read this. It was dreadful objectification and abuse dressed up on "sweet tooth fluff".
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New SalamiSammic
Sep 11, 2023
Status: --
I was very hyped for this story, as it's a classic transmigration rebirth story where the MC is reborn as a villain.

BUT... there seems to be a severe case of "filler" that seems to come out of nowhere. I understand that the story is trying to make connections to different characters to show the villains motive, but it feels so lackluster. Overall, I got bored real fast in the middle of all these twists and turns.

Also, the plot twists are not plot twists at all. There is no surprise.

Characters have... more>> some chemistry, but in a very shallow way as well. <<less
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Jan 08, 2023
Status: Completed
I'll rate this 4 I guess but imma gice it five. Not as bad as how the 1 star reviewer made it sound. Honestly, in my opinion this novel already has a good ML. Well it depends on how people see it I guess. Because I felt like it was mostly consensual from the MC's side. Coz ive seen wayyy worse. I'll put it in the spoiler and you can judge for yourselves if you want to read it.

... more>>

First of the (temporary) marking MC while he was drunk. While it did happen, the MC was actually more in his estrus (tho I guess he was partly sane) but he was indeed in need of help coz the estrus connects directly with his super sss level mental power (he was going berserk, like he could literally kill the people there). The ML was tryna help him and he didnt know he was an omega bcz the MC concealed it. Im not sure if this explains well, and I don't kniw if I missed a scene to which the other reviewer referred to.


As for when MC is drunk


MC is a really bad drinker. Like only 1 sip he gets drunk. And he has this habit of being in a mixture of fairytales in which one of them was being sleeping beauty I guess and the MC asked the ML who in his fairytale was the prince, to kiss him awake. And the ML did in which he realized his feelings for the MC. There were other times he was drunk too but I dont remember the ML ever assaulting him. He even help him cool down, bringing him in a cild bath tub whenever he has estrus.


As for the plot of the plot, I guess it could have been written better on how he transmigrated in the first place like

they could have explained why did the 'gods' chose him of all people to transmigrate, and they were quite partial to him too when they made the mistake, like why? Guess we'll never know


On the characters, I love them. Both main and side characters have their own roles, and quite important ones too. And one unique thing I guess is that the original protagonist of the novel still plays a big role in the story.

I read the mtl so maybe my understanding of the novel wasn't that clear, and peiple have their own interpretations when reading mtl.

All in all I guess, it was quite good. Read as you will I guess. <<less
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Dec 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

Short Summary this time:

MC is a double crossed guy who ends up as an omega.

ML is a scumbag prince who assaults MC, marks MC while MC is drunk, and forces himself on the MC.

Yeah that’s about it + a lot of nonsense about how the MC ended up there and the plot. Nothing is particularly well written, the MC can’t see through ML’s paper thin disguise and does not resist being assaulted and is tortured continually, and a whole dumb plot margin.

-900Nonatillion/10 Just another garbage novel.
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Mar 05, 2023
Status: c53
I don’t understand why this novel has such low reviews, I almost missed this gem!

The novel is well written, have a good pace and is not rushed. While it’s not perfect, it’s better than many novels with the same rating. But if you don’t like omegaverse (and what comes with it) just skip, don’t come here leave bad reviews.

MC is an omega and this is his third life:

... more>> First life: militar family, he was paraplegic.

Second life: western fantasy, he was a half elf, hated by humans and elves.

Third life: currently one, he is an omega general that hates being an omega. He is prideful and powerful, so he hates the idea of becoming someone elses possession or being controlled by an alpha despite more as powerful than most of them. This feeling is shared by original and MC, however, the original seems to be power hunger and not as smart as MC (since original was basically a pet to the enemy). MC first decided to run away, but latter decided to stay and help ML.

ML is not as bad as another reviewer made it sounds. It’s important to understand the context of what happened:

- MC got drunk with one sip of beer (yeah).

- MC have a pheromone converter and everyone believes he is an alpha. Alphas CANT be marked.

- Omega can be temporarily marked by kissing in this novel.

- ML and MC kissed, but he was not forced! ML already was in love, but believed MC was an alpha, so, he got a little excited and gave few bites at some point (not sure where, since it’s weird MC never realized of felt - ML also had no idea btw).

- ML would never force MC even if he knew MC was an omega, you know why?


Because MLs maternal father was marked and locked in the royal palace. This father was an omega who pretend to be a beta. He was a researcher if I’m not wrong, super smart and proud and he was great in his job. The paternal father then marked him and keep him in the palace. ML was born, but even after that, his maternal father was still kept in the palace. ML had to watch this father withering little by little until he committed su*cide. ML is the one who found the body and never forgive his paternal father. He also never got interested in omega in the original novel.


Anyway, what I want to say is: don’t just believe, go and check. Anything out of context is easy to misunderstand. <<less
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Dec 07, 2022
Status: Completed
Well it was good though in between I was pissed off then everything was fine. It's like not too good but also not bad. You can read it as pass time but some may like it very much.

Romance development between MC and ML at the being I felt irritated since MC didn't tell ML that he is an omega but there was a reason for it.

I do recommend this novel. Lot Of Love ❤.
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Jul 10, 2023
Status: Completed

The novel wasn't too bad, contrary to what one of the reviews said. It's actually nice, especially some of the details.

The MC is a well constructed character to me. I haven't seen any deviation from his character design. He might seem a bit jack sue character due to him transmigrating twice. He is smart, calm, and a decisive person. Once he decides on something, he'll see through it until the end.

The ML wasn't as bad as you may have thought. True, I don't like him at first because he threatened... more>> the MC, but as their relationship eased, you'll gradually see that he is a green flag alpha. I have to say that the ML didn't force MC at all. As I said, MC is a smart person, and if he doesn't want to, no one can force him.

I'm not good at explaining, and I don't want to spoil, so just read it. You'll naturally know if the ML is red or green if you read it yourself. You can be the judge of it.

The only plothole (?) that I have currently found is how the old marshal/MC's teacher, who adopted him, didn't know he's an omega. Maybe if the old marshal knew, the original owner wouldn't have come to the ML's uncle.

(Question answered.)

The whole plot is about politics, struggle to the throne, and the differences of opinion of two both sides, which I don't really love, but we'll see if I can persist until the end.

Update: The sugar is quite sweet when they've officially gotten together. It tempts me to scream and bang my head into the wall.

Another thing I noticed is the characters, I discovered I like them. Mo Xiao, with her being MC's little fanatic fan. Xiao Ling, MC's serious and stern but cute AI (?). Yu Yang, MC's dense assistant/adjutant. Nie Chuan & He Qixing, the smarts/muscles duo who has really cute interactions together. And other characters like Keppel, Gu Nan, Andrew, etc.

Update: I finished it. It's amazing, I love it! I love how the mystery unfolded as we gradually neared the end. I can't believe it's already the end. I like how it ended.

Nie Chuan can't really escape his fate as the protagonist.


I'm actually shipping Nie Chuan with He Qixing. I believe I'm not the only one who does. I love the scenes where MC gets drunk, and he just blank out. In his drunken state, he thinks he is in a fairytale and that he's a mermaid, snow white, or others. And ML always indulged him by playing the role of the prince. It's so cute!

Update: Probably my last update because this is based on the 4 extra chapters.

MY SHIP f*ckING SAILED, AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I can't believe it. I thought it's doomed when I finished the ending but the extras made me regained my hope and it didn't fail me.

"The person who best matches my pheromone is Lin Shuyan, and the person who best matches me is you."



Chu Fengyuan also suffered at the end. Mixed feelings for him but I don't really like how he tortured alphas just because of his inferiority.

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Jan 21, 2023
Status: --
It was okay, a fair casual read.

I loved the slight struggle the ML had when he was obviously betrayed by 'OG'MC yet still found himself unable to be ruthless. I guess it was mostly cuz ML knew MC was wayyyy to capable and valuable but at the same time... if hes on the enemies side isn't he a huge threat you should just get rid of anyway???

For me the story flow was ok but the main conflict and the hidden twists was sort of anticlimactic simply cuz it was not... more>> executed well enough.

Still a decent read. <<less
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Apr 30, 2023
Status: c50

ML - I believe ML is very cautious and respectful of mc's feelings, example:... more>>

he stops when MC says no and when MC goes into estrus ML only kisses in enough to let MC regain his senses then sticks him in a cold bath because he understands and respects that MC currently doesn't want to be more physical or to force himself on the other person; a major point is that the ML doesn't care what gender MC is, he likes him for who he is


MC - is cool, tuff, and strong; but struggles with allowing himself to be vulnerable (to be fair, he is automatically given the omega weakness and has to hide his gender) <<less
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