I Can Read Minds But Will Not Be Marked


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Lin Han, the best Omega of the Empire, was the core mecha designer of the National Military Academy. In addition to his amazingly high concentration of pheromone and spiritual power, no one knows that he has also awakened a bizarre ability – mind reading.

Just putting his hand on someone else’s hand, he could know what was in the other person’s mind.

The situation in the empire was changing and the storm was coming, and Lin Han, as the most outstanding mecha designer of the Military Research Institute, met with that high and mighty general of the empire. Lin Han had to take off his gloves and shook hands politely with this cold and icy male god of the empire.

[So fragrant.] [I’m hard.] [Want to mark.]

Lin Han, “????”

The youth coldly lowered his face and drew back his hand expressionlessly, ‘Sorry for the intrusion.’

if you want a romantic or plot-driven story about two A/O people falling in love in space, this is NOT the story for you.#

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The Mind-Reader and the Alpha Who Refuses to Mark
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34 Reviews

Jul 23, 2022
Status: --
I stopped reading after chapter 20 because I felt so tired.

The author style of writing is not to my liking. Using a lot of words just to describe a scene that supposedly could be described in one paragraphs or two. Sometimes it also very vague that I have to read at least two or three times to get the complete image of the scene. It felt like watching India TV series... I will describe it roughly here in example:

Character A : I am pregnant, but the baby is not yours...

Character... more>> B : O. O

Character A : T_T

(thundering sound effect)

Character B : !!!

(sound effect)

Character A : T_T

Character B :...!

... Advertisement for 5 minutes here...

Character A : T_T (still crying + sound effect)

Character B : WHAT?!

(more thundering sound effect)

Character A : still crying

(sound effect)

Character B : O o O !!!

And then... To Be Continued to the next episode.

That's what I feel when I read this novel. (-_-; <<less
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Apr 01, 2022
Status: Completed
So I liked the combination of both a socially awkward MC and a socially awkward ML. They both grope their way along, neither of them knowing much about lover or relationships until they stumble into each others arms.

Both the characters were nicely developed - important because they are the main focus of the story- the few side characters are distinct enough to have personalities.

I was impressed that the author worked the mecha elements into the story beyond a battle scenario or building/practicing with the machines. I also thought the event... more>> where the MC and ML make a lot of progress in their relationship (not giving spoilers) was well done.

I can say, as a person who knows nothing about war tactics, the author managed to convince me that what the Alliance did to fight off the Zerg was well thought out and executed. There was enough world-building to enhance the plot without drowning it. I always appreciate that.

Anyway, this is a nice, quiet romance with some big action sequences that make you appreciate awkward people. Enjoy! <<less
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Jan 13, 2023
Status: Completed

if you want a romantic or plot-driven story about two A/O people falling in love in space, this is NOT the story for you. the author's comments at the end of every chapter constantly reminds readers that this story's focus is on the slow-burn emotional relationship between MC and ML -- this is not the same as focusing on a romantic relationship between MC and ML. so, the romance and the plot are both secondary. Despite their strong exteriors, MC and ML both slowly... more>> learn how to be emotionally vulnerable with each other while learning how to trust and how to love, amidst conspiracies and mysteries that aren't too complex.

the writing is heavily introspective and sentimental, which tracks with our two extremely introverted MC and ML (one by design and one by circumstance). Even though MC's unique ability to mind read gives him some insight into the thoughts hidden in other people's hearts, it's still actually a really limiting perspective (b/c people's inner thoughts don't always rule their outward actions, and people's inner motivations aren't always explained with context). So we get a lot of introspection as he ruminates and speculates over new information and what to do with it.

as MC slowly draws a more comprehensive understanding of ML, we also start to understand ML's hesitations and considerations, literally mid-conversation, as he determinedly but earnestly tries to fumble through social awkwardness to convey his sincerity (many times failing). He has a lot of unspoken anxieties and low self-esteem, about MC specifically but also some about his military decisions as a leader who's responsible for the lives of other people. It's easy to label him as a "kuudere" but honestly his little self-conscious insecurities and embarrassments with how he interacts with MC are relatable to anyone who's ever experienced social anxiety or awkwardness.

i personally enjoyed this story and gave it 5 stars, but I can see how readers who want to read something more direct and straightforward might feel that:

  • the writing is long and at times unnecessarily poetic/flowery
  • the plot is slow-moving, chapters are skippable (as in "nothing happens" plot-wise)
  • author keeps writing about MC's and ML's thoughts, but readers want show (verbal dialogue and explicit action) not tell (train of thought and observations)
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Jul 16, 2022
Status: c59
Makes me sad to see some of the readers' reactions, basically complaining that the writer wrote an actual story instead of brainless fluff and downvoting the novel because the writer dared to decide which character (s) have to die for the story.
That's not criticism but angry toddlers demanding to get the cherry lollipop when they have been gifted an orange flavoured one.

This is the writer's first serious novel and they did an awesome job, the characters are flashed out, style is decent, overarching plot good, no plot holes either, it's a shame that they have been somewhat influenced by all the negative comments, I would have liked to see what they originally wanted to do with the story.

I really love that the ML isn't the typical cold, super-dominant Alpha who takes the weak Omega MC against his will, there's no r*pe or dub-con whatsoever.
Both parties need time to develop real feelings, they seriously think about what they feel and want, no insta-love or "pheromones made me do it", at the end they consciously decide to be together after truly getting to know each other.
The differentiation between s*xual attraction and real love was amazing, after reading way too many r*pey ABO novels, I can say that this one is clearly the best, most healthy romance you can find.

I haven't finish it and might never do it, despite it being a genuinely good novel and romance, the main story just isn't that interesting to me, not because it was written badly or isn't thrilling, it's just not my cup of tea.

Try it if you are into healthy, consensual, realistic (ABO) love, an actual story, a slightly larger cast, conspiracies and schemes, and interstellar settings with short but intense mecha-fights.
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Mar 16, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is good if u read it till end

and u might be confused about few stuff here and there as they will be revealed in the end

MC and mls relationship is slow burn

the environment ML grew in and also ... more>>

when ML learned that MCs mom was forcibly marked and she had to destroy her glands to escape the lunatic

ML subconsciously didnt wanna mark MC thinking it would hurt him in future

the side stories and fanwai tell the behind the scenes which makes sense to the part we missed in main story

for example major spoiler read at ur risk

1. MCs mom was kidnapped by a lunatic scientist (she was already pregnant with the emprors child thats our MC) and was tortured

2. She didnt reveal about MCs dad until her death she only left a chess piece which was given as gift by emperor

3. Emperor didnt marry another queen, the queen mentioned by netizens is from side branch 🤔or his bros wife not sure (i forgot read long back lol) emperor loves only his 1st love and never married

4. MC got his powers from his mom that lunatic scientist ythoight MC was his son lol but hes not and one of his hinch man wanted to use MC as test subj which was discovered by ML and killed those henchman and forcibly sealed of his (ml) memory so as not to hurt MC but he falls in love with MC even without his memory so sweet

5. The main villain is that scientist he fused zerg genes into himself which made him crazy and do all those stuff


the suspense to know the villain really made me hooked with the story

i like that small black creature its a cutie

ML is a gd person hes just lil coward to face his feelings which makes him more life like?

yeah felt bad for ppl who died but dun worry they have seperate fanwai for them and unnecessary killings read until end to know what really happens 😬

anyway loved this story definetly give it a go ☆~☆

also the fanwai with parallel world is my fav ♡~ <<less
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Mar 14, 2022
Status: c60
I'm conflicted about this novel. It is well written with a decent plot but I'm annoyed by the ML, not enough to the point of hating him, just annoyed.

MC is a very straightforward person and I like him. ML is emotionally surpressed, I feel like his EQ is just not there, and there were dub-con kissing (s) while MC was passed out but he never responded to MC's feelings and I'm just annoyed instead of finding it cute. Maybe this is what majority of readers like, unfortunately I'm not one... more>> of them lol.


Also lmao everyone just died for no reasons in this novel. I'm done. Like at least give it a decent reason why this chara have to die etc etc but their deaths often don't make sense or contribute anything whatsoever to the plot then suddenly boom romance.


The author puts romance in weird places, which puts me off a bit. At this point (chapter 60) I just started to skim through the novel just to see the ending.

I think if you are into this genre (Interstellar ABO with emotionally surpressed yet NOT annoying ML) you would enjoy "O Pretends to be B For The Violent Admiral" more. <<less
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Jun 05, 2022
Status: c13
I would rate it 2 stars, but I'm not far in the story, so I'll abstain.

What happen when an indifferent and socially awkward man meets a socially awkard man with negative EQ? Nothing... or a laborious read.

I felt there was nothing in this 13 chapters I read, no story, no interactions and nothing interesting. Not one character we met was worth a little curiosity.

... more>> MC: indifferent genius with a friend/colleague who is there to tell him to eat, sleep,...

ML: cold, silent, super powerful general with negative EQ who must have a nice and trustworthy adjutant like all the cold general/marshall... <<less
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Jul 25, 2022
Status: c67
Really B O R I N G. Can't understand the high praises. So much holes, bad storytelling and bad MC/ML. Yeah I stopped at chapter 67 but if it sucks so much, why should I waste more time?

I went into it after reading a review gushing about how good the relationship was and how good it differs between pheromones and real love.... really? I think that person didn't read this novel.

MC is an annoying white lotus, weak and putting on the waterworks to pressure ML. He is set up as... more>> this super superior Mechamaster but he didn't do anything so far.

ML is a hero General but his personality is like a 15 years old introverted boy that can't decide on anything.

The whole world building is full of holes. Just because writer wants it lots of people are getting a lobotomy in-between. Like that one really likable character that had to die for reasons unknown. He was a movable training target and his whole setting was to evade and not get hit but the one shot that was actually done with real ammunition he didn't even try do dodge, even with a warning?!

Also the mecha settings and so on....a f*cking battleship is out of energy after firing its weapon 2 times and only this weapon can kill a zerg but a mecha goes out and kills 5 zerg basically bare handed, while a whole battleship and 200 mecha can't kill 20 of them.... hm yeah.

The story seems to focus on the lovestory but is it really love? ML " falls in love" at first sight.... oh right at first smell of the pheromones. MC seems to fall in love because he got some pampering from ML. There is a serious lack of communication and it annoyed the hell out of me. Oh yes there is no "accidental r*pe" but still marking cause accidental heat.

Also really annoying is the writer's flowering speech. This novel could be shortened by 2/3 if they just said it without the unneeded "atmosphere " speech. I can't explain it but it is one of those writers that try to be deep but only became annoying.

I feel like I should give it 2 stars but since I didn't read it to the end I'll give it 3 and never touch it again. <<less
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Jun 26, 2022
Status: c17
What happen when an indifferent and socially awkward man meets a socially awkard man with negative EQ? Nothing... or a laborious read. (c) other reviewer of this novel.

No truer words were written about this novel. 17 chapters in and barely anything happened. The novel mostly consist of long-winded descriptions of... everything. Instead of using a couple of words to accurately describe what is going on/what characters think/feel the author goes on and on and on. It adds nothing to the plot or characterisation. I makes reading this novel feel like... more>> a chore.

It would've been a good novel if you throw out all this unnecessary stuff. A novel no longer than 50 chapters. <<less
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Aug 02, 2022
Status: c75
Don't wanna rate it cause it's unfair but this is a bit boring. I spoiled myself in the review and it's basically a normal plot where ... more>>

MC is surprisingly the emperor's child

. I hoped the story line was faster, it was gonna be a good read even if it was a bit cliche, but I got so tired of MC and ML moment during these chapters cause they literally feel like kids and I'm not here for that. I'm here for the mind reading MC and the general ML, not a child like ML and a pampering MC. It was truly a disappointment. I got excited for nothing and wasted at least a day reading this when I could read something that is more my style.

ANWAY, this is my opinion, I suggest u guys try it, I just finished a really good non BL but bromance lol novel (TCF) so I guess it influenced my reading of this cause that story was fast paced lol. Anyway. Maybe next time <<less
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Apr 30, 2022
Status: c51
So far so good!

This is a slow burn and to some the plot might be slow too. But I'm actually enjoying it because the author takes their time to slowly picture the MC and ML feelings.

They are both not sure of what they feel since they are pretty much socially and emotionally awkward. But they have this sincerity from the start were they want to reveal how they feel once they got it figured out.

Some might not like it but this actually feels nice because they want to be sure... more>> about what and how they feel about each other before being hasty in their decisions but they don't try to stay away from each other because of it.

It's interesting to read the feelings in each other's point of view. It makes them feel real with their fears and insecurities.

MC is more straightforward with his actions. He tries to understand ML through his mind reading which makes him feel guilty but he also wants to approach him sincerely. His thoughts are reasonable and also frustrating but that gives him life.

ML is cold and efficient in his daily life as a general but really slow emotionally. He's not dumb or acts dumb about it and he tries to figure out his own feelings instead of ignoring them. He does feel pretty pure about his thought process in a sense that he never experienced this type of things before meeting MC so you see him acting insecure about going near him but also the eagerness you feel in those actions is wholesome and MC knows that ML seems interested in him so while trying to unravel ML feelings MC seems to also develop his own slowly.

Tl is doing a great job and they're basically uploading everyday!

Although, so far where I read, they are still not together (c51) you can feel the care for each other each time they spend their time together.

Gonna update once I finish the novel! <<less
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Apr 19, 2022
Status: c34
Its not bad. I liked the beginning but then it kinda got stale fast. Theres pretty much no drama besides some subplot about trying to kill the ml.

MC is a very introverted guy who prefers to work on fixing mecha in peace. Hes pretty frail and due to his workaholic tendencies, often needs to be checked on to make he eating and sleeping properly.

ML is the badass general whose like the greatest mecha pilot ever. ML is seriously emotionally stunted and doesn't know how to properly express emotions but is... more>> too far gone to bother attempting learning. (He is doing dance lessons so I guess he is technically somewhat trying) His cold demeanor is intimidating to everyone he meets. Unfortunately he is so intimidating that nobody challenges his authority (unless you count that s*upid subplot no-one cares about) or tries to take MC and it makes the story boring. <<less
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Oct 24, 2022
Status: c126
I could not make myself read the last extra even after weeks of finishing the main story, it just saf.

It's basicaly a military-political-too-real-to-be-fluffy-fluff-story,

It's not your tipical ABO, this thing is way more tragic real than I was prepare for (not in the tags dam**!!!!) But still it's fluffy, fun and enterteining.

It's the first ML that HAS a "cold personality" I mean many ML'S do but they are really like tsundere or kind of mean but this one ohhh boy he's cute allright, he seems naive but he just can't... more>> relate (and you understand why as the story developes)

Left me with a bittersweet lingering feeling of regret on behave of almost every character, even the villans seemed pitifull.


the king was the sadest for me tho, just kept me weeping

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Aug 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It was... different than I imagined...

This is a story full of feelings, where each emotion is described in detail. From the moment they met until the end was full of emotions, Lin Han and He YunTing are very cute.

Many found the story of the parallel world beautiful and cute (and I agree that it is) but even so, I still prefer the original plot, despite not having a happy ending for all characters there, I found the development of the couple more beautiful in the original world.

I've seen a lot... more>> of comments saying that there comes a time when the story gets boring, and I don't disagree. I honestly thought there were some boring moments, but still I didn't stop, I wanted to see how far they would go, what kind of obstacles they would encounter and I didn't regret it.

The plot twist near the end was really shocking, I really didn't expect "that person" to be the villain, and once again I thanked myself for not having clicked on all the spoilers in the comments, otherwise I would have spoiled the whole mystery while reading the chapters.

And finally, I want to highlight a character that made me very sad... Ji Meng, he appeared for a few chapters but it shook me a lot, I couldn't even read his extras with Lu AnHe.... I thought it was too heavy for me.

So, if you want a truly emotional story, without anguish and with well-described feelings between the couple, I recommend this novel. <<less
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Jul 21, 2022
Status: Completed
From the summary and title, I thought it would have Cold/Distance MC. Then I read the first chapter, I thought it would have Cold/Arrogant/Aloof ML. Apparently it's nothing like that!

This has A LOT of Unexpected Moments.

But the things between MC and ML would be Unexpected in the Cutest, Sweetest, Loveliest and STEAMIEST moments Ever!!! o (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) o we don't get anything explicit. Both MC and ML has this Precious Characteristic and Dynamics. And yet when they're intimate.... they're so Steamy!!!

One of the MOST Beautiful and The... more>> MOST Romantic Interstellar Novel I have ever read EVER!!!

It's Truly Emotional novel like the Author tried to achieve. Successfully makes me Emotional.


and successfully makes me forever upset with the certain extras of alphaxalpha (not main characters/cp).

I want to cry so bad and felt like punching the author for this. Why so cruel to us, author ?? Too Bitter!!! To painful!!!


Anyway, put Aside the upsetting parts, this Novel basically Perfect especially with the Parallel World Extras!

It's truly Beautiful and Emotional Novel. I'm Truly Loving it for the Eternity and Beyond...! <<less
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Mar 13, 2022
Status: c17
Can't say much about the novel since I've only read the first few chapters. It is good and not hurriedly written.

But Don't know if I'm gonna continue since the MC doesn't suit my taste. He can read mind by directly touching (skin contact) a person and I find it unreasonable for him to suddenly show that he is pissed to ML. It's unfair to ML since the ML doesn't know the reason why the MC suddenly gets mad. Also, the MC is not in his teens so showing that attitude... more>> is unreasonable. <<less
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Oct 10, 2022
Status: c47
This review got a tad long, please bear with me as I don't usually write them >.<'

I really wanted to like this story.

The premise seemed interesting and did indeed have me hooked to begin with, but as other reviews have stated, I couldn't help losing interest. I felt more and more like I was forcing myself to keep reading.

... more>> The writing style itself is not for me, very convoluted and I found myself skimming parts that I felt were unnecessary and boring as I got further and further into the story.

I also couldn't bring myself to like the characters.

The MC himself has many problems for me, but I think one of the main things that annoyed me is the way he uses his ability to read the ML's thoughts and feelings with little thought to whether it's right to do so.


Granted, there are a few occasions where he very briefly feels guilty, but he continues to do it more and more as the story progresses. There are even moments where he reads the ML's thoughts and becomes angry because it's not what he wants to hear, despite the fact that he's wrong for invading the ML's privacy in the first place. So the ML ends up apologising without even understanding why the MC is angry.

For me, this really didn't sit right. I was hoping his ability would be used primarily for assisting in digging out the bad guys, (which he does to some extent) or, I could even understand it if he was doing it to try and assist the ML, but he does it multiple times because of his own curiosity and personal interest. This is just my personal opinion on it though. There are other things that I didn't like about him, but that has been mentioned in other reviews so I won't repeat it.


As for the ML, I couldn't help but find him boring. The repeated "his eyes are pretty", "he's so cute" etc whenever the MC would read his thoughts really started to get repetitive and it felt like his head was empty except for praise for the MC. For a highly respected and powerful military general, you'd think there'd be something else going on in his head other than how pretty his crush is. At times it really felt like he was lacking in substance and became too childlike.

It didn't help that this would often be inserted into situations that felt really unsuitable and unrealistic.


For example, they've both just barely survived a big battle that could have cost them both of their lives (which in itself has major plot holes as mentioned in another review) but instead of worrying about the comrades and subordinates he has left behind (despite the fact that ML only just lost a subordinate and blamed himself deeply) one of his first thoughts is once again how beautiful the MC is.


I'm all for romance and fluff, but with how the romance is written, it just made me feel that the ML as a general should have been prioritising other things. The timing felt really off.

There's also the fact that I don't really understand why he likes the MC in the first place, other than for his looks and his omega scent. But if you don't mind love at first sight stories this might not bother you.

The story itself has many plot holes and poor character planning, some of which have already been mentioned by other reviewers.


ML has previously been targeted for assassination and is aware that he should be on guard against omegas with scars on the back of their neck. Yet somehow MC spots one that is casually moving around the battleship, which low and behold, later appears to try and kill the ML. Are there not security checks on the ship? Why did MC not look into it despite knowing something wasn't right? Why has ML not taken any measures despite knowing someone is out for his life?

Another example is the ML asking the MC to ride in his mecha with him into a very dangerous battle, where they'll be outnumbered against multiple enemies and potentially stranded afterwards, instead of having the MC stay on the battleship that would be retreating. How is that safer?! Of course at this point I could already guess that there would be a "oh no I'm in heat" situation where they'd both be stranded together and MC would be marked or other such stuff. Again, this is just my personal opinion but instead of it feeling romantic it felt terribly predicable and frustrating.


Maybe the problems mentioned above improve as the story progresses, but for me I'm not interested enough to keep reading any further. But I do encourage you to give this story a go and make up your own mind.

Overall, a story that definitely has potential but I feel it has a few things that could be worked on. <<less
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Sep 28, 2022
Status: Completed

-Well-written story about falling in love and not because of lust

- ... more>>




-Drawn out situations

-Almost every cliche trope and scenarios

(yes even the character death of Ji Meng was supposed to elicit strong emotions from the readers but all I got was wow anyways.)


-Personality of characters not for every reader. I ended up not liking either of the MC or ML. Both being so emotionally stunted just drags everything out. I lost interest pretty quickly, and my attention wasn’t on their process of falling in love. I’m not complaining that it’s slow-paced, but rather that author was playing and dragging things around for some chapters, for example the almost ability reveal in the beginning over many chapters. Bruh, you’re just dragging it out.

Overall: Was actually boring and not for me. I’m sure people will have their own opinion between chapters 20-30 where you either stick through the story and enjoy it, or you drop it because nothing was engaging. <<less
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Aug 29, 2022
Status: c20
Maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying attention, but I lost interest pretty quickly. The main premise of the novel is interesting, but with an MC that’s long been avoidant of the mind reading ability, it douses it’s potential a lot and makes it rather negligible. I do think that the romance is cute. It’s socially awkward and adorkable gong and aloof and reserved shou — a unique matchup! But the development was a bit ehhhh. I dunno! I’ll come back and try to reread it again another time to see... more>> if it will better suit my taste. <<less
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Jul 22, 2022
Status: c1
Charity 5 stars, mainly because 4.3 is too low for this.

Personally, I want to give it a 3 though mainly because I feel disappointed with the author's writing. This was clearly an action novel but where was the action???? Why was the war literally narrated with chunks of text????

And so, it's disappointing in that aspect.

As a romance though, it was completely fine. I like how proactive the MC was and how the ML eventually warmed up and learned to talk little by little. I did think it was a bit... more>> draggy at parts.

But the author did say this is their first time writing this way, so I can understand.

I liked the AA couple the most but it's sad that the main story was BE for them. <<less
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