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The horror game anchor Xiao Tangqiu crossed into a horror game.

He hadn’t yet cleared the instance when he met a man who was exactly like his childhood friend who had been dead for many years.

Where did this cold and powerful mysterious man come from? Why did the brutal killing games happen so frequently? Why did his teammates go crazy in the middle of the night? Who was the ultimate mastermind behind all of this… Was it a distortion of human nature or moral decay?

Please pay attention to the ‘Horror Game, Live Broadcast’ and follow the live broadcast of Anchor Xiao Tanqiu’s horror game.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
01/01/19 Rainbow Turtle... c4
12/25/18 Rainbow Turtle... c3
12/25/18 Rainbow Turtle... c2
12/25/18 Rainbow Turtle... c1
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Lazy Bookworm
Lazy Bookworm rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c3
Seems interesting so far, with spooky ghost story feel. Looking forward to the scary parts, and wondering what the male lead is going to be like.
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