First Frost


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It was by pure chance that Wen Yifan became housemates with Sang Yan, whom she had rejected during high school.

Normally, they lived their lives separately, as if they were two strangers living under the same roof.

But the peace was disrupted one morning.

The night before, Wen Yifan was still sleeping in her room, but she found herself waking in Sang Yan’s bed the next day.

Aware that she sleepwalked from time to time, Wen Yifan could only apologize and put it away as her fault. However, when the situation repeated again and again, she tried to suggest locking his door before he heads to sleep…

Sang Yan dismissed the idea, saying, “You’d just pick the lock.”

Wen Yifan tried her best to keep her composure. “Why in the world would I be able to do that?”

“Well…” Sang Yan lifted his eyes and drawled, “is there anything you wouldn’t do to climb onto my bed?”

After an awkward pause, Wen Yifan smiled. “OK, then go ahead and try.”

Now that caught Sang Yan by surprise.

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Eternal Love
Hard to Deceive
Nan Hong
วันนี้ วันไหน ยังไงก็เธอ
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New Luckyyyy rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: c38
It had a good. Premise at first.

But I'm dropping this because I am starting to hate the ML. And I cannot enjoy the read when the ML is being obnoxious. He doesn't do anything remotely nice to the FL except overpaying the rent. He doesn't even know how to show his concern. I fee like they're beating around the bush. He clearly knows that Wen Yifan is introverted, but why should he just stick around? He claims himself to be charming, but he only teases her to no end. And... more>> I think it falls back to how he is also insecure. After he got rejected when they were kids. But seriously, his poor fragile ego could not recover from that?

I like the FL. She has issues. Mental issues. It's so easy to sympathise with a seemingly perfect but actually flawed character like her.

I'm dropping this mainly because of that. She doesn't deserve that kind of treatment. She sleep walks but somehow the author turned it into a romantic plot? Like she's kissing him and he's using it as a tool to get into her favour?

  1. Sleepwalking is a serious issue. It's a potential hazard to the sleepwalker. I don't get why the hell the ignorant Sang Yan would find it cute to see her sleepwalk. And even hold the things she did while sleepwalking above her head.
She needs serious help, but nobody is grown up enough around her to tell her this. <<less
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hotpotathoe rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel made laugh and cry. Its so good. And if you've read Secretly, Secretly; Unable to Hide it then you've must be familiar with the characters here as well cause its Sang Yan's Story (Secretly's FL's Brother) ! I honestly didn't realize it at first amidst Sang Zhi's earlier cameos coz its been a while since I've read her story. I only realized it around chapter 60. Im sorry Sang Zhi T_T.

One of reason's why I didn't realize that Sang Yan was that Sang Yan cause his personality was... more>> somewhat different from SZ perspective in SS;UTHI. In here, his other sides as well as his story was really unraveled. But ofcourse his confidence level is still the same, if not higher :) And I must say, if I loved him in Secretly, I loved him even harder after reading this novel. The way he kept his promises and the way he loves is just admirable.

Our FL, Wen Yifan is a strong and brave woman. She might've lost her confidence and been broken after everything she had been through but she preserved and refused to be hurt by the same people twice despite of their relations. I loved her for that. Not everyone is as strong to did what she have done,


for reporting her uncle for his multiple sexual attempts

considering the damage it can do to her reputation and family.

Reading the synopsis made me think that her sleepwalking will play very many roles and scenes and will probably the main driving force of their romance but it wasn't and I'm glad for that. Though her sleepwalking did play important parts :)

and sadly was the effect of her trauma with her uncle


They were separated in highschool, just before entering univesity due to misunderstandings and accidents and met again when they were already working. I just want to cry after they were finally together after everything and Wen Yifan finally started to regain her confidence and self-worth. I'm just so glad that the love that sprouted in their youth continued to grow despite the drought and storms it encountered and finally bloomed so beautifully.

Anyways this is such a worthwhile read. I've finished it in a day and im sorry for babbling too much. This is my first review and I just finished reading this and just wanted to vent.

Thanks to the translators as well! The available chapters are good so far. I'll probably reread this again after it will be completely translated. <<less
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gzd132 rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow, I binged reading this novel in 2 days and I am currently a sobbing mess (happy tears). As I write this review, it is 4 AM and I have just finished reading not too long ago.

I wanted to write something while the book was fresh in my mind.

From the beginning of this novel I was captivated by the characters, it seemed like each and every one of them had a story to tell. Our female lead Wen Yifan (if that's the proper translation) and the male lead Sang Yan... more>> have known each other since high school. After a rough ending to their friendship (or something more than just friends) it has been 4 years since they last met. Their reunion was nothing short of awkward, especially since they parted on bad terms. However, the past and present bottled memories are slowly revealed through intricate layers of storytelling and we, the readers, begin to understand that everything is not as it seems. The female lead has had much loss and turmoil in her life.


When the author wrote about how she would sleepwalk and, while doing so, she would always sit and stare at the clock.

She had to make sure she was awake until her family came home so she would not be taken advantage of by her "uncle". She stayed up until 3am in order to protect herself since he would always try and break into her room

Once I understood the true meaning behind her fixation on the time I was heartbroken.


As the scabs of the past are pulled off, and Wen Yifan learns how to open up, the romance rekindles, blossoming like the beginning of spring, just as it did during her high school days many years ago.

Truly, that was the pinnacle of character growth when our female lead found the confidence to love herself. Please look forward to this moment prepare your box of tissues for this rocky journey. You will be smiling and crying and laughing all at once.

The male lead, Sang Yan, is overtly a narcissist through and through, as Wen Yifan says herself. However this is in the best of ways, because just as much as he is confident and arrogant on the surface, his love for her is silent and passionate like a burning flame that will never extinguish. The past may have hurt him deeply, but he doesn't stop that from making sure the present is beautiful.

Over the course of two years our leads learn to love again, and find for themselves what it means to be happy.


This is really spoilers ok...

When she found out he had been there, silently, throughout her university days, always watching over her...I literally died. It's so moving and beautiful. The best book couple I've read in a long time.


I want to thank the translator for working on this story. It deserves to be heard. I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read happy ending romance. Please try this novel! And thank you author for this wonderful story. <<less
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ApolloAresZues rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a spin off for Secretly, Secretly... novel by the same author, and it's about the brothers story. I really enjoyed both books and while it's probably nothing new or extraordinary, it's a great read for someone who just wants to watch two people reunite and reconnect and slowly find their way to each other.

The storyline isnt that strong or complicated, but it does well with its simplicity and romance and characters. It begins when the MC and ML reunite at the MLs bar after many years of separation... more>> following the MC

rejecting the ML, for reasons you'll know later.

. Later, she has to find a new place to live because of her neighbors harrasment. Through a series of events, she eventually ends up living with ML in a shared house. This sparks their rekindling romance (if u can call it that) and them kind of tip toeing around each other, gauging each others intentions but obviously still being in love. Her sleep walking also helps the romance progress as she seems to take "liberties" when shes doing so lol.

The MC is shown to be a kind and beautiful goddess, who's very gentle with little to no temper, but with a strong will. But under that hides a girl who has been hurt in the past, feels very much alone, and who find it hard to rely on others as she doesnt wish to be a burden. We follow her as we learn why she came to be this way and how her past still affects her, as she grows and regains her self esteem and confidence. I found her to be very lovely as she perfectly embodies someone who has a naturally soft temperament, but can be firm about things she doesnt want, can stand up for herself, and can be pretty straight forward. Its a nice contradiction and you can see why the ML loves her and is unable to forget her. There is a bit of trigger warning for her past which I will spoil for those who need it.


Her father passed away, and then her mother remarried a man who already had a daughter. To get out of their way, she was sent to live at her Uncles house. They treated her like s burden and constantly got on her about money and just overall how they arent obliged to care for her. Her mother also ignored her in favor of the new family. When her Uncle got drunk, he would beat on her door and try to break in, to r*pe her. Every night she would stay up until 3am when one of the other family members would return home from work, and she would be able to sleep in peace. He never succeeded thankfully, but on the last try did come close but she was saved. She called the police, but all her family members failed her by doubting her or not wanting her to cause a stir by reporting. The uncle also didnt get much time since her family members spoke against her and there wasnt much evidence. In the end she lived with a kind female officer until she made it on her own.


On the other hand the ML was fun in that he was arrogant and narcissistic, but obviously still passionately in love with her. When they reunited, he tried to play it cool and he fooled MC, but not the readers. Its later shown why he acted like that

because she rejected him in the past and asked him to stop bothering her (theres a reason for this) he didnt want to be the one to approach her this time. He wanted to allow her to pursue him and take the initiative, which she did by the way


Hes a very peac*ck like ML so if you dont like that maybe dont read because that's a strong part of his personality, but I found him hilarious as he would often interpret anything the MC did as a come on to him. But you can tell that was him desperately sending signals for her to pursue him, he wanted her to chase him so bad! Other than that, he was very kind and really the only person in her life that stuck up for her and cared for her. His neverending love of her was so admirable, especially considering how self confident he is. Theres this one line that pierced my heart, in the grand scheme maybe it's not a deep phrase but coming from someone so proud and so noble and who would seem to never lower himself, it definitely packed a punch. I'll add it as a spoiler:

After MC rejects him with a lie that she already promised to be with someone else, he leaves and gets drunk with his friends. This was after theyd already arranged to attend nearby schools and basically did the student version of verifying their relationship aka do you want to go to the same college as me stuff. Anyway his friend was also dumped and lamented "Am I a spare tire?" and the drunk ML repeated his words, then added "A sparetire... is fine too."


Well my heart burst because imagine how much pride he put aside to have to say that. If you read the novel until that point, you'll see a clear picture of how uncharacteristic it is for him to even accept playing second fiddle, as long as she would consider him. That's unconditional love right there. He never blames her, never hates her, even when its revealed he could never move on from her. Theres an extra at the end that shows all he did during the separation and it makes you kind of sad.

Thankfully while it was sad I didnt mind the separation in this one. Usually in my experience my biggest pet peeve for reunited lover stories is that the reasons for separation are pretty dumb. Things that could be solved by phone calls end up causing years of never seeing each other. In this case, while there definitely can be what ifs, it all made sense in alignment with characters, their ages, and the stage the relationship was in. At this point they werent technically together, and that combined with

MC dealing with the aftermath of her near r*pe and her family basically abandoning and victim blaming her, her own shame and depression from the experience, and left over sadness from her fathers passing, you can completely understand why fleeing the city was at the forefront of her mind instead of making sure she kept her promise with ML. Her life was hell and she was at a point where she could barely care for herself, and didnt want to drag anybody down with her. I completely get why she cut him off at that time, the shame, the uncertainty of her own circumstances (they didnt go into detail but I imagine living with a female cop was hard to adjust to especially with her hating to rely on people), she really didnt want to hold him down. But she definitely loved him then and even the years after, and the reason I say this is because if you pay attention to how closely she pays attention to him once they reunite, you'll notice her feelings never stopped. She simply had to restrain them because of her guilt over the rejection and her own trauma. I will say she felt terrible about lying to him and rejecting him, so please dont blame her and definitely consider from her point of view.

On the MLs side, you can ask why he didnt go harder for her. But hes such a prideful boy, he lowered his esteem a lot in order to pursue her both times. He was young and hurt and she cut him off and lied to him about having another, after rejecting him a couple of months prior, it was understandable he couldn't take two rejections. In the end though he pined for her and knew she was the only person he'd like in his life. It hurt his pride, but he couldn't not like her. And when he found out why she did all that, he was so disappointed in himself for not noticing the signs. But how could he when shes great at putting on a calm front? In the end the separation really shouldn't be blamed on anyone, there was alot of reasons behind it.


Their romance was definitely slow and only occurred around chapter 50 I think, but they get alot of interactions that are both cute and spicy. The MC kind of cluelessly pursues the ML and he tactfully allows her to, until they eventually get together. The scenes are kind of repetitive like getting breakfast going to work but it's a slice of life kind of book so if you're expecting drama or wild twists dont read this. I deducted a point for repetitiveness because I felt like they could have varied the interactions (for instance, the interactions between the other couple from the same universe were more varied) but it was still good.

The side characters arent given any depth really theyre mostly there to push the romance. The lead couple and their romance is what pushes the story so dont expect other plots. At all. We get the main storyline and a couple of flashbacks into the couples past in highschool, but it's not like flashbacks on end just little moments they remember that are expressed with youthful vigor and the taste of spring.

To conclude, the novel is a slice of life high school lovers reunited story with slow burn and a hint of bitter sweetness because of the MC past. The sleep walking is a big part of the story kind of but has a reason and mostly served to kickstart the romance. Dont read this if your expecting high intensity stuff or in depth side characters or more than romance. But this is a good book if you just wanna feel good and get invested and enjoy yourself. The MTL was decent and readable and there were a handful of hot but not descriptive s*x scenes. It was definitely a good book and I recommend it. <<less
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Yuunayoon rated it
September 9, 2022
Status: Completed
At first I wanted to rate this 4.5 because of the ML, but I chose a full 5 stars instead for the FL and the author LOL. I really like how the author wrote FL as someone broken and scarred but not weak. The FL's thinking process is described with depth which makes us not only understand why FL did that in the past, but also sympathizes with her. After I read the few final chapters about how FL decided to let go of the past and try to heal,... more>> I can't help but feel disconnected with the reality for a few minutes. Even if I don't have the same experience as FL (thank God!) I can't help to resonate with her especially with the "I don't want to be a burden" mentality.


The part where she tried to love ML as deeply as she could while also protecting him from knowing about her awful relatives only for ML to feel hurt instead (because he thought she tried to distance herself) is so sad. Because in the end, it's no one's fault, it's not FL's fault that her relatives are such a garbage pile of human being, it's also not ML's fault that he misunderstood her intentions because he frankly didn't know anything AND their separation in the past makes him kind of traumatized.


I hate FL's mother, and the way the author wrote about how FL's feelings during her few meetings with her mother makes me hate her MORE. It baffles me how thirsty her mother was with her new hubby and stepdaughter's affection that she's even willing to push away her own daughter. It's fine if the mother knows her place and thought: "Oh! I hurt my daughter too deeply and she doesn't want anything to do with me. I should just disappear." But nah, she felt like FL should forgive her because she's her mother. Ugh. But at least we can see how detailed the author wrote about FL's feelings with this.

If there's one bone to pick from the novel. It's the ML himself. LOL. Not gonna lie, I kind of like his personality even from the first few chapters. His mouth is so sharp I want to hit him lovingly with my mom's broom. His love for FL is also admirable because he respects her and cares for her even from their high school days. Unfortunately, that's it. That's all we can see from the ML.


It's literally mentioned in the novel that he loves FL so deeply and that's the only thing capable of making him sad.


He has a good family, good education, good upbringing, and financial stability. His only downside is his personality, of course. But it's still sad for me to see how FL feels inferior to him because of his good quality and I wish he was at least a little bit more unfortunate. LMAO

This novel is really good and the translation is also superb! But because I can't wait to read the ending, I chose MTL which is fortunately not that hard to understand. I'll definitely reread this after the translation is completed. <<less
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Yujian rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Thank you to Creative Novels who translated till Chapter 27. I think the translation is still on going

Plot wise I love this kind of story wherein the ML is the one chasing eagerly the MC. It is clear in the novel that Sang Yan has loved Wen Yifan more than WY loved him when they were in SH. Seeing and knowing how he traveled back and forth just to see and be with the MC even for just a while is a manifestation how the ML gave importance to her.

Also,... more>> I am a sucker of this kind of plot where either the characters have their inferiority complex wc gives them the reason or to feel that they ain't good enough for the other half. The MC has always this fear of pushing out from her home due to the instability in her status in the family. Feeling this all her life and knowing Sang Yan family is well off and has a good reputation she feels he ain't good enough for him.

For the fluterring moments I kinda need more. I need more fluffiness or is it because MTL site can't explain well because of the grammatical issues and the explanation of figurative words. [Nevertheless I also want to thank MTL site, thank you] I really don't know the reason, I just want more fluffy scenes.

For the ML and MC I like how their characters are strong and built. Both have great in their own fields and both have exuded the weaknesses of the side of their jobs.

This is a story of two people that no matter how far and no matter how much angst happened in past, their hearts lie with each other. Their destiny will still find way for them to be together. And I believe this also is happening irl. <<less
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keiko sakura
keiko sakura rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c34
I have been waiting for this translation for awhile, as expected the story about SY is amusing and entertaining, I love how the author can make me see SY in different light while keep maintaining his character as SZ brother intact. This story is somehow deep, light, and with the mix of slice of life. Truly one of my fav <3
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c40
The interaction between the main characters are funny when they are together. I feel the MC and ML are not meant to be with each other. If his friend SoHoan didn't force the ML to share apartment with the MC, I don't think they will seek each other. So I find this romance a bit unnatural, which is why I gave a 4 stars.

Read most of it on MTL. I am sure with a good translator, this story will be hilarious.
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YENICORE rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: Completed
mtled the rest after c69 but man the butterflies I got I was blushing giggling kicking my feet n everything!! Sang yan's aggression, arrogance, yet gentle protectiveness ugh I loved him in hidden love and I love him even more here

wen yifan is my girl she is so strong yet so kind I started tearing up when her past was revealed I'm so glad she's happy with her first love and vice-versa

i read this bc I was getting impatient with the manhua updates but I'm so glad I decided to... more>> I enjoyed every moment of it the angst the slowburn the fluff the tiny snu snu aaaa really set the standard for CN novels for me <<less
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RadBABYYYY rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: --
5 chapters in I gave up seriously what was that? Why would anyone give it 5 stars the writing was so bad it made all the interactions so off putting and awkward I do not recommend reading this.

I really tried to see whatever yall saw in it and loved im left confused ITS THE WORST BOOK I PICKED UP IN TERMS OF WRITING I need a refund of the braincells I lost while reading this fr.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shlxo rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Read some chapters translated, but read most of it MTL. MTL is actually not bad if anyone is choosing to read it that way. It was cute and fluffy. Everything was wrapped up nicely in the end. Overall an enjoyable read. I really liked the ML and the FL's behavior in the past made sense
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
incoming rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: c34
I do love negative reviews. They stimulate and make me read to form my own opinion.

Look at my score. That's five out of five. The story is simple... special. It is different from all fantasy and Chinese renaissance, strange fluff and stories about sweet family. The novel is written so vividly that I really felt, saw the characters. They are written perfectly, and this is the main advantage. I got the feeling that I was living this story.

Besides, I like the female ch and the male character. At the very... more>> beginning it was especially funny, their dialogues. I was just laughing. Somewhere in the twentieth chapter, I wanted more dynamics. And on the thirtieth. However, I will continue reading because it is... too good. So vital, so believable. It's a realistic slice of life. Interesting, cute. I don't like the 'slice of life' genre because it's boring and too sugary. Here... it's just perfect, except for the dynamics. It's a bit long, and this is the only drawback among the huge number of advantages! Just read this! <<less
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cashmilon rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: c64
Love so much the anthology series of the Sang siblings. Both novels are so funny with witty dialogs. Also, the crossover interactions in between the two novels of those brother and sister always cracked my ribs laughing.

I've read the complete story of this one from the other site... but the raw English translation is so very bad that it literally hurts my brain. For that reason, really appreciate your generous effort to do it properly.

Tbh, I love First Frost a bit more compares to Hidden Love... because reading the last... more>> extra chapter of Sang Yan's flashback story made me a teary-eyed reader —not of sadness— but..., with a joyful happiness. For him.

Again, big thanksss. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Novelplease rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: c60
Honestlt at first I wanted to drop this, but somehow thankfully I managed to pull through the latest chapter. The first few parts was the worst for me, as I've felt like the ML is not only shameless but he comes off as rude and insensitive guy. Best part is the author makes it that his personality complimented FL's. Now re-reading this again, it felt somehow I'm reading the manga last game, just the adult version (no pun intended lol).
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
moonilia rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I read halfway and then mtl the rest. I loved this book and binged read it in two days. The love story between Sang Yan and Wen Yifan spanned over many years. It was heartbreaking, but the unconditional and unending love of Sang Yan prevailed. You will be touched by Sang Yan and perhaps fall for him along with our female lead, this guy raised the standards so high haha. I want to meet my own Sang Yan :D
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Pandaisy06 rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I love the ML and the FL so much! They're both so strong in their own way.


I love how loyal the ML is.



I also like how the FL did not forgive her mother who was so neglectful. My heart goes out to the young FL, as she was going through that trauma.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 14, 2023
Status: c1
This story gave me butterflies lol. And heart palpitations. And someone's cutting onions here.
Others said it better. This is simply awesome. I'm lax with my reviews and not very strict so now I wish there were 6 stars to give this one.
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Ivasama rated it
August 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Recommended 100%. This one is just precious. The more they go further into their relationship, the more I can feel the regret and frustration, all because of the circumstances and the people she had around her at the time. That just felt like shit, but later those feelings just became dust as the love they share just healed everything.

Really glad they met again and became what they are now. :')
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Levi7 rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: c30
Thank you for picking up this story for translation. It's a really enjoyable read. The title first frost really suits it. Waiting for that frost to melt since both main characters have a lot of love to share.
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