Everyone Knows I’m a Good Person


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Shi Qing’s task was to be a protector.

It was only after transmigrating to various worlds and eagerly counterattacking the villains there that he realized that he was the biggest villain of them all.

– A King that liked to conquer other worlds

– A Film Emperor that had a malicious personality

– A Blackened Disciple with deviant intentions

– A Schoolyard Bully that was overbearing to others

Afterwards the Gong that initially despised Shi Qing discovered:

– The Machine King that seemed like an invader was really a million-year old baby

– The Film Emperor that seemed malicious was secretly helping upcoming actors

– The Disciple that seemed to harbor deviant intentions was a pure-hearted boy

– The Schoolyard Bully that seemed overbearing was secretly in love

In the end….

The Entire World: He’s such a good person!

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New numba1nobody rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: c26
I think the description might be a little misleading because the bad ones are the original and when they realize he is actually a good person, it was already the MC that transmigrated as that person which then started acting.

Okay so the Novel is very good the interaction of ML and MC is very nice with comedy elements they are very nice to each other there are moments of misunderstanding (intended). Each World where ML has different character traits as the other world which is very nice. The scenes where... more>> the ML realize the MC as a "good" person but actually not is killing me. Imagine the most powerful race in the galaxy, which originally a race which kill without sparing an eye has a king, and that king said "we are a very peaceful race" hahahahaha this novel is literally killing me omg the comedy is out of the world.

Overall rating: 4.8->5

Kind of unrealistically funny where the ML keep having delusions about how the MC act towards ML and it is actually very funny but I think it's kinda also too much.

Oh BTW in the translation there was an NSFW but it's not actually NSFW that chapter just said that someone got raped without details.

For how the story is going for now, there's actually no NSFW moments and this is without doubt, shounen-ai not yaoi for now. Someone put the genre yaoi and there's literally none.I changed it and I will change it back if there was really a scene of NSFW. <<less
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New angel32arwa
May 23, 2020
Status: Completed
first of all I have to say, a great book. For those who are unsure, its a HE. the ML is the same person throughout the novel.

I have read several system-world hoppers and similar tagged novels, so this one isn't the best but it's very interesting and fresh-in that the MC is always at complete odds with the ML in the beginning and has to find ways to lower the hatred levels.

the ending was just so beautiful... although I hope that we could get some more chapters about the MC... more>> n ML in the real world. in my opinion that was the biggest plot hole-unless it wasn't very clear in MTL..... otherwise its good!

what im disappointed with.... sigh...i feel like the MC should've been the gong... idk about what other readers thought but for this novel I just feel that MC being the gong would've suited this book more... idk....

anyways I recommend this, its a really nice light read! <<less
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sleepismypower rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c25

I just finished the first arc and already started the second arc.

The first arc surprised me a lot in a good way. The MC is smart and funny. He knows how to play with the ML's and the System's emotions. He's shameless about it and knows what he wants.

Though, sometimes he comes off as a bit of a Gary Stu (handsome, smart, powerful, funny, loved by all, etc.), it doesn't take any of the surprise and fun away. Even I'm surprised to how he deals with each arc. He's the... more>> type of person who doesn't get attached easily. Because he knows that people like ML are truly shallow if you compare him with other people (he only noticed the MC because the MC attached to him like a leech). Also, his lies are seriously believable. Just warning you because I was s*upid enough to get fooled. ^_^

You don't know what's gonna happen next. Most of the time, I feel like I can sympathise with the System in that regard. The System is so innocent, you feel pity for it every time it gets fooled by the shameless MC.

The second arc has the MC wake up with a completely different personality from the first arc. It's fun because there are times when you don't know if the MC and ML is the shou or the gong or if they switch in every arc. Or if the MC is actually a shou but with different bodies or personalities in each arc. Personally, I don't mind which is which. I find this an interesting and fun difference from the other BL novels I've read before. It's really refreshing. As for the ML:

Just like the MC, the ML also has different personalities in each arc. In the first arc, he's the typical OP gong that protects his shou but is completely innocent and lead around by the nose by the MC until the end. He's as innocent as the System and the only bad thing he did throughout the first arc was to stalk the MC (though the MC knew and just used it to his advantage).

On the second arc, he thinks that he's the manipulative one in the relationship but it's actually the MC and the MC is just letting him do what he wants because the MC finds his flirting interesting. He acts like a spoiled and seductive fox around the MC for entertainment while hiding it all behind a sunny personality.


I'm sad that there are only few chapters right now. The story is good and the translation is also good. I really like all the characters so far. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Finished this with mtl and I have to say that this MC is one very intelligent, neutral chaotic character. I had such fun with this as the ML always seems to have a hole in the brain and is played around by MC. Te highest hate levels was in the xianxia sect master arc 1000/100 but it was just a blip but in one of the other worlds 600/100 was the highest and the magnificent way he turned it around. MC always has to get the rejection level down to... more>> 50/100 within a month and in some he keeps going to the very last second. I would say I truly enjoyed this novel and most of the arcs were top tier. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c63
So far so good. This is the first time I am giving review and updating the review while reading the novel. ... more>>

The goal of the MC is to clear the negative value of the male lead towards his person. The main thing is, before he started QT, MC cheated a golden finger from his system, which is that the MC will be the most powerful person in all the worlds he will transmigrate in. So he became the last boss in all the worlds. So the negative value is most of the time, exceeding even 100 points, LOL.
These are the following arcs:

ARC1 - MC is Alien invader x ML is most powerful earthling

ARC2 - MC is film emperor x ML is new actor

ARC3 - Imperial drama where ML is a prince and MC is son of Prime Minister (ML here is a bit M haha)

ARC4 - MC is school bully and ML is the bullied white lotus (one of my favorite arc since the ML here is yandere, yummy!)

ARC5 - Vacation World; MC is Devil x ML is a monk (The fudge!!! I cried a bucket on this arc and not because of the MC or ML but because of the passerby characters. So pitiful. T_T)

ARC6 - MC is marquis villain researcher x ML is baron bodyguard of this researcher


I am confused


I've finished 2 arcs but I am still not clear as to who between the MC and ML is the SEME/GONG. As their s*x is not detailed, you only get snippets like waist aching etc. But here is where I am confused, the ML always complains of waist ache, but the MC that is always the one to woke up late. So which is which??

Okay, I found the answer why it is confusing. ML is the Gong. But the system of MC thought that MC is the gong all the while because the MC is the one to take initiative and press down the ML all the time. LOL ^¬^


I will update my review once I finished MTLing this. It is quite easy to MTL and the pacing is very good. Try it yourself ^¬^ <<less
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liangkelei rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c3
I'm just writing this review so that people aren't deterred as much from starting a new novel with no reviews like this, but I honestly see so much potential!

This MC is one of the few I've seen who just... goes for the goods from the get go. Many MCs of transmigration novels hold their supposedly "straight" identities close to their hearts for as long as possible, to the point that it's kind of ridiculous. The way the MC for this novel conducts himself is thus admirably unique.

Even from the very... more>> first bits of dialogue, wherein the MC tricks the naive newbie system into giving him a golden finger, you can tell that this MC will be one smart cookie indeed! Join me in hunkering down to camp for new chapters~ <<less
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May 19, 2020
Status: c1
Finished reading. Every arc has a happy end and the final ending is also very touching (and happy). I cried a little. The ML is so precious. However, in some of the arcs, he can get on the yandere rapey side (the MC being excited about it on the inside while struggling on the outside). You can also say the MC is manipulating him to reach that stage while keeping his own character setting, but I don't know. Personally, I'm used to it in BL, but some may find it... more>> triggering, so just in case, three of the latter arcs start the MC/ML relationship forcefully. Other than that, I'm very satisfied with the novel and the MC.

The MC is a very interesting character - overbearing CEO type, good actor, manipulative, seductive. He's an enthusiastic shou (bottom), but in some arcs, he has to follow settings that don't allow him to exhibit his enthusiasm. He had to be a straight dude in the zombie arc for example. He realized the ML is the same in all worlds early on, cause he's sharp like that.

Overall, I liked the novel and marathoned it. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c49
This is adorable. The MC has to keep the protagonist alive and ensure the protagonist's hatred of the MC is always under 50 points (with a grace period of 1 month after entering a world before this takes effect).

It's quite amusing because the MC always ends up in the worst bodies possible. Like in the first world, where he ends up as the leader of the race of aliens invading the Earth, while the protagonist is one of the humans fighting to protect the Earth.

This is a new take on... more>> a transmigration story. I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

EDIT: I've read all the way to the fourth arc, which I'm in the middle of. If there's one thing I can say without spoilers, it's that the story is worth it. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm shock about the ending. I understand only half of it, I will read it again after the translation is over. I dunno if it's actually a HE or on OE.

According to what I understand the main system was divided jnto diff. VR and without ML the VR will collapse. And those world were the world that they visited before?

... more>>

MC is from can't say if it's modern but it's a modern world with already virtual reality game. MC is Rich and is the only child. He played VR when he was 18 and met ml. ML is a villain in the game. There is a special requirements in order to trigger his quest. When MC met ml, he didnt kill him, but they became friends. And they tried various roles plays. When suddenly MC disappeared. It was the time when MC was shot by his uncle and forceably log out from the game. MC's brain was affected and he forgot ml. Then MC inherited his family fortune, got his uncle in jail. He also made a will that when he died all his family fortune will be donated.

ML heard news about nc tru players. Dunno if ML knew about MC forgetting him, but ML realize many emotion when MC disappeared. Then ML heard once again news about MC that he was dying. He wanted to get out of the game, so he attact the main system. Dunno how it happen but it was ML who made the system go to MC to clear task.

So at the end, MC sees everything that he forgotten and was sad and hurt about ml. When he came back, he went to a fantasy VR, and met ML again. They got together and MC said that he will compasate ML for forgetting him.

Then promised about getting him a human body? Dunno if it's right.

But that's about it.



This novel is really simple, but there's a charm in every arc. It's all about love story of MC and ml. There's no smutt, u won't even know who bottom or who too between the two. But MC is a bottom. But sometimes u cant help imagine MC topping ML in some arc cause ML personality is very submissive.

This novel is great, it very light. It's recommended reading after reading something heavy. Since there's no heavy drama here and it's full of fluffy scenes. <<less
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May 14, 2020
Status: Completed

My Comments

Arc. 1. Hahaha... I feel sorry to the new king he didn't have a proper explanation and doubt his birth.

The MC is so mischievous and cunning while the ML is so naive.

Arc 2 Im a bit confuse who's the gong and who's the shou but I think a finally get it after this arc end. Anyway the ML is still so naive hahaha. And the MC worth the title of Film Emperor.

Arc 3 The author might get his/her inspiration in "Good Man Operation Guide" hahaha just thought it after seeing what system asked after they completed the task. Ancient ML is a bit shy hahaha

Arc 4 Sometimes MC IQ is questionable he's smart and tricky person to the point that you might think he is actually s*upid in how he act and trick you. And ML is easy to deceive

Arc 5 vacation world! demon lord×daoist

Arc 6 beware in person who's inlove they have zero IQ and brainwashing power to make their loveone perfect to there surroundings. ML: my lover is not lazy he just giving you a chance to get some achievements 😂😂😂

Arc 7 dragonxmermaid😉😄😆


Final Arc huhuhu love can conquer everything 😂😂😂

nice novel :)

rate 4.5

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mirdered rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: --
This author is great. Each arch has different personalities and characters from our main characters, clearly making them different from one another in a way that impresses each arch in your mind. But because of the somewhat ambigious writing style, the readers have no idea who is top and who is bottom. Which is the real crime of this book. Rate 1 star. Blargh.
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FanGirlNoha rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c22
My actual rating would be about 4.5 but I rated 5 since the number of translated chapters is meagre. The novel ia pretty good. I went ahead and finished till Arc 1. It's not the best out there but it's not too bad either. For now, we're not given any hints about the ML's identity or any confirmation if the targets will be the same ML's soul or not, but seeing that there's no "harem" tag, I guess that it'll be similar to most QTs with both MC & ML... more>> transmigrating again and again.

In Arc 1, ML genuinely falls in love with the MC (though he has a lot of misunderstanding about the MC's true character, that misunderstanding is the crux of the plot) As for the MC's feelings... it's too early to tell. We know that the MC is the clever scheming type and he feels attracted to the ML to a certain extent. You could say that he's similar to Zhou Sheng from QWTFOD to some extent. The bonus in this novel would be the interaction between the MC & the system. Well, I'll continue to read a few more arcs if I arrive at any accurate judgement. If you're a fan of the quick transmigration genre you can try it. ^_^ <<less
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cv rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c156
Personally, I think that if you like short stories with different settings with bl, then this story is for you. Even though it’s a bit sensitive with ML ‘supposedly’ being really aggressive and possessive towards our MC (MC approves. It’s transmigration with a system story). If you can look past this then it’s okay. So this is a friendly trigger warning.
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