Even Until Death, the Scum Gong Thought I Was a White Lotus


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Xie Mu’s task was to make the scum gongs fall in love with him.

He skillfully disguised himself as a white lotus, delicate and pitiful, kind and naïve.

Even if he became an existence thrown away by the slag gong like a cheap pair of shoes, it did not matter, because Xie Mu would quickly make him kneel and apologize, even willing to dig out his heart and present it on a silver platter.

And once the slag gongs fell in love, he would, step by step, lead them into hell.

[I didn’t abandon you, it’s you who abandoned the amnesiac me] [I didn’t cuck you on purpose, I was being forced ah] [Even though I used you as a substitute, it wasn’t on purpose]

What could be crueler than abandoning someone only to want them back and find out that they’ve become forever out of reach?

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Tra công đến chết vẫn cho ta là Bạch Liên Hoa
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rhianirory rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
read this a while ago and it's OK, but I found it odd because the MC has zero real emotions throughout the entire novel; it's just him being focused on acting out his part with single-minded dedication in each world.

even at the end of the novel, when he wakes up, we don't learn anything about the real him, his real emotions, or his real personality and it left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied with everything.


oh and the ML is a typical slag/yandere scum in each world; there wasn't anything that stood out for me and nothing about him in my notes. Overall, not as good as 'strategy to capture that scum gong' but it's a decent enough ab*se novel if that's what you're looking for. Flawed but ok.
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Xian-laoshi rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c20
This novel made no sense.

I'm already on Chapter 20 but I still don't know the purpose of the MC's quick transmigrations.

That made the novel seemed to have no sense of purpose, direction, or meaning.

... more>> (However, twenty chapters might still be too early to tell.) Come on, novels with substance already made their purpose clear by the first two or five chapters.


According to the first arc, the MC seems cold and contradicting. I don't see any interesting traits on his true personality when he's interacting with the system.

Additionally, the MLs are a**holes, which is pretty common in "torture the scum/slag gong" QT novels.

Also, what I truly don't understand in this novel are the details and the novel's little bit of logic. For instance, ML #2 is a successful businessman but also a celebrity. Where did he got the time to become a famous actor if he's an heir to a company? Realistically, that's not possible. Also, it was the MC who was sexually harassed but it was the ML #1 who was traumatised. Why is that? I don't know what kind of sh*t the author is up to but I won't eat this novel magic.

Personally, I don't recommend this story. <<less
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May 13, 2021
Status: c42
Basically a poor man's version of Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong. (And I'm speaking as someone who absolutely hated that novel -- just look at my essay-length 1-star review on it!)

If Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong was like watching a really offensive train wreck live, then this series is like watching a yawn-inducing documentary on all the boring mechanics behind why train wrecks happen.

It's actually astounding to me that such a blatant copy of an incredibly offensive yet reluctantly engaging series could be this... boring. It has... more>> exactly the same story beats, the same scum MLs, the same outcomes, yet everything feels stale in comparison to the high-octane, patently ridiculous, prime-time soap opera-esque drama that it copied from. It feels outdated despite being written in 2018.

The whole series feels phoned-in in a way that kind of screams inexperience, actually. There's a lot of summarizing going on, instead of actually showing the audience. The MLs seem to fall in love simply because the plot requires it, with no explanation, and the scum ab*se is less elaborate scheme than... rehashed plotlines from older, better novels/dramas. Which also unfortunately makes it completely unmemorable. I didn't read this too long ago, but I've already forgotten what the previous arcs were about, and I'm usually quite good at remembering what I read!

Like, I'm not sure if I want a better version of this story, since, as I mentioned, I found Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong so offensive and terrible that I wrote an essay-length review about how I wish I could bleach the entire story from my memory, but... this story? I honestly wonder why it even exists, since there's already a better (worse) version out there, and it's utterly, completely forgettable. <<less
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Adawas rated it
March 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow reading this novel was a trip, you might like this type of novel if your into the face-slapping dog blood drama that is mostly the main focus of these arcs in this novel. There's a lot of drama going on between the characters and their fixated goals making things complicated in their relationships. Expect a lot of remorse coming from the scum MLs learning to regret their actions that involves a lot of knives.

It's an easy read to finish in a whole day as there are a total of... more>> 4 arcs to go through, each with about 30ish chapters to go by. You might even get emotional and tear up a bit at some particular moments if your easily swept by emotions, but most of the time this is just a fun quick read to pass the time and enjoy at wtf is this story derailing to and what the hell are these extreme characters thinking.


You won't really expect much from seeing a lot of the protagonist's true personality shown throughout the novel as you'll see just moments of him making appearances in the endings of the arcs, but you can kind of get the gist of it as he's mainly focused on fully acting 24/7 as the original. Kind of sad that I didn't get to read more chapters of his relationship with the actual ML as he seemed to be more favorable compared to the scum MLs, though to be honest I didn't get much from how vague the author brought him up and the sudden setting for him.

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jiesuzuru rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
The 4 arcs are really good together with some face slapping... got me teary multiple of times.. to the point I really symphatized with the scum gongs with how they were played by the MC.

... more>>



in the first ark


I was like totally deserved it. love how they became super crazy for the MC. But I later like Tantao for him... it just he was super sweet but of course still r*ped the MC in the beginning so still a scum


in the second ark


I was hoping for a threesome with the MC and the father and son duo. I mean they were both obsessed with the MC can't they share (lol)


in the third ark


i kindof symphatized for rongjing cause he was just kind of confused of his feelings after being a playboy allmost all of his life. Its like he was trying so hard to prove he was not inlove... he was in a kindof some transitioning period from a playboy to a totally loyal gong. I mean he realized after that he was really inlove unfortunately it was too late as the MC has su*cide.


and the fourth ark


I really hate the husband. I mean he basically destroyed mc's life over a misunderstanding.. * I equally hate the mother of the husband as she was the cause of the misunderstanding * I was really looking forward that the baby will be alive but... he was killed. The MC lost his everything... his home, loving family, a lover (which is the pretentious husband, which I really think does not desreve him *MC*), a baby child.. I don't know if I'm happy that the husband was burned alive *su*cide* together with MC's ashes or not


As for the ending I can't say so much cause I'm also confused with it. I mean the sudden appearance of the ML and I will assume he was some loyal dog type of lover based on the little descrpition provided I mean it didn't provide an explanation for transmigration or the system which is why I decided to put 4 stars...

Byt for a quick read of face slapping story this is for you. <<less
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Shorng rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c113
This... I saw there’s 115 chapters, but where’s chapter 115? I was reading in mtl website and the 114 chapter was confused with the the end of second arc scene. But this story is just so good. It was not annoying like some other QT at all. Even better than Quick Wear in my opinion because the ML (System was also part of ML) was the best among QT novels.

Anyway, I would like to clarify something that the reviewer above misunderstood.

Spoilers: (the spoiler button doesn’t work -_-)

The last arc,... more>> the 4th arc, Ze Ting, the husband was not the one who kill the child. I pretty much just finished this a moment ago. It was actually just an accident that the child died. He was busy with MC and didn’t have time to think about killing the unborn. But, we could say he has a hand in making the unborn child died and that is, he didn’t agree with premature. (Ze Ting admitted it himself, though it was in his mind). <<less
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September 23, 2022
Status: c113
There's a lot of bad reviews here, but really, it's just a case of 'dead dove do not eat'. It has everything you need in a leisure bashing read - tragic plotlines for MC's transmigrated charas, Scummy ML that draws hate, cliche but classic plot, and most importantly, therapeutic slapping the face of MLs and making them suffer. As a novel for light reading, I don't place as much importance on plot itself, though understandably many find the story ridiculous.

This would have been a forgettable read, if not for how... more>> unique the MC's mindset is. Be honest, how many of you can read dog blood without having the urge to shred something, feeling like something stuck in your chest? Even after ML goes through the regret phase, whatever tragedy that befell on MC has already damaged him irreversibly. But because this MC had such a chill attitude, even enjoying the s*x and the various plots, the fact that MC didn't get emotional damage is a relief to me as a reader and allowed me to better appreciate the karma on the ML in a more light hearted manner.

Overall, yes listen to other reviewers and avoid if plot and logic is something you look for in a book. But if you are like me and willing to spend a few hours on a light read, why not try it out? <<less
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September 18, 2020
Status: c22
Idk why everyone’s giving this such bad reviews, i’m glad I decided to read this and make my own opinion. It’s ok, not as bad as everyone makes it out to be but not to amazing either.

I personally like the MC, the author shows us that all he is doing is just an act to torment the scum gongs and he does his job well. I don’t think any of the ML’s are meant to be good people

... more>>

its not only the first arc translated but the MC’s literal choices are his RAPIST and the MAN THAT ABANDONED HIM.

They deserve every bit of pain, especially the real ML, how can he act like the MC getting literally r*ped is his more traumatising to him then it is to the victim.

truly a scum man.


but so far it isn’t as bad as everyone made it out. I recommend reading it if ur bored and want to be angry at something cause the characters will truly infuriate you for being the literal worst. <<less
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March 22, 2021
Status: c1
Well, let me just begin by saying the translation is fantastic! Seriously, good job. It flowed right, the writing was superb, no grammar or spelling errors. It was a really smooth reading experience, so thank you for your hard work!

Unfortunately, I wasn't the biggest fan of the novel itself. It's like if you combined Decade of Deep Love (a novel about an abusive ML regretting cheating on the MC when he found out about his cancer) and The Scum Shou's Survival Guide/Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong (novels where the... more>> MC basically has to transmigrate into different worlds and win the favorability of the aforementioned scum gong). Scratch that, it's actually like if you combined the two and then base boosted the angst and drama, to the point of being vaguely unrealistic and honestly... well, a little cringe.

The part where -


- the MC literally cooks pen*s fish soup so that the ML will sleep with him? I literally stared at my screen for a good minute, hoping that it was a mistake. To my dismay, it was not.


The characters themselves are pretty subpar, and the development is meh. From the first arc alone I'm already disgusted with both the ML and second ML, and the persona MC is acting as is just s*upid to me. Like, being a white lotus or just naïve doesn't cut it, I was genuinely thinking that he just sounded and behaved like an idiot. In fact, it's not just me, even the characters in the novel comment "There's no way he's that gullible... right?" but actually, the MC behaves as such.

For example, there's one scene where -


- the MC, who at this point in the novel is on pretty bad terms with the ML (after the MC woke up from his coma and lost his memories, the second ML pretends that they were lovers before the incident. The ML invites them both to dinner where he drugs the second ML in from of the MC, and the MC gets mad at him (obviously) and declares his love for the second ML). However, he then actively seeks out the ML because he wants to brush up on his skills as a secretary...? Like, that doesn't make sense to me. I get that the MC wanted to help the second ML out by using his past work experience, but to go back to the man who drugged your significant other in front of you? Um, that's not being naive, that's being an idiot.


The plot itself is somewhat nonsensical. The ML uses a tactic to fight for the MC against the second ML, and then the second ML does the exact f*cking same thing back and it somehow works? Um... okay. The author also uses one of my least favorite troupes -


- hypnotism and like Jesus what is up with hypnotism in web novels? It somehow just fixes everything, like with the MC suddenly regaining his memories and allowing the MLs to distort his perception of reality. Talk about a deus ex machina, huh?


so that was already a minus in my book. Overall, even as someone who does enjoy dog blood drama and stories like this, I thought it was too much. There's not a single character that I particularly liked and the story itself just smashes together a bunch of cliches I despise (which, I am fully willing to admit, may be why I'm so biased against this novel in particular). I rate it a 2.5/5.0 stars. <<less
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judeiiro rated it
December 7, 2020
Status: c30
First and foremost, the rating is mostly for the translation. Great work!

Just finished the first arc and dear lord this was some twisted roller coaster ⚆ㅁ⚆) I'm not sure how I'd rate this but maybe 2 because baby is scared, baby is me 囧. Though, one thing for sure is that the gong (s) are 5/5 pure Scum™ that not even simmering stock can produce! Plot has a some holes so you might need to some brain gymnastics or just ignore them.. this story is bumpy enough oof

... more>>

to summarise, 1st Arc started off with MC "losing his memory" of ML01 after getting into an accident after being abandoned by ML01 for "being dirty". MC is "dirty" because ML01 pushed MC to an inebriated ML02 who forced himself onto MC but eventually fails to do the do, I believe—but this is not the first time ML02 tried to force himself on MC 囧

Anyway, after MC awakens from his coma, ML02 swoops in, lying and claiming to be amnesiac MC's lover. ML01 gets all possessive and regrets. Sprinkle some memories, split personality reveal and obliteration, and hypnotism. MC is exhausted, goes insane in his last moments and dies. The 2 MLs also fall into despair and insanity.

How crazy and messy is that for a plot, huh??


I read this on recommendation (for the second arc) but I think it's a tad too wild for me... but I'll still return once in a while to get a dose for crazies

MC seems rather cold? This doesn't seem like his first rodeo dealing with scum. He toys with the ML like a cat with a rat. I'm not sure why he's assigned to the system since it's only the first arc but hmm... interesting........ <<less
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etclair rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: Completed
While it only had 4 Arcs, each had a lot of heartache and regret. It's not a novel that's intended to make one think, but it sure makes for a great choice if you want to read about scum gongs sinking into utter despair :D. There's some buildup of the MC's situation before it switches to the "tears, I'm-sorry-I-was-wrong" parts. I would only reread certain parts of the arcs though, as some of the relationships just didn't make me feel very attached to seeing the outcomes. Leaving behind this summary... more>> below in case I happen upon this novel again having forgotten everything that happened.

Arc 1



Love-interests: Bo Qin (ML), Tan Tao (ML's friend)

Death: su*cide, jumps off building in front of ML

Note: I doubt multiple personality disorder works like that, nor do I think hypnotists can do what they do in the text (getting rid of a personality so quickly with no questions asked, doing so without really going through much paperwork and legal processes). However, I did like how both love interests got a healthy dose of heartache, because they were both disgusting people.


Arc 2



Love-interests: Xie Shi (ML), Xie NanEn (ML's father)

Death: ML accidentally shoots MC when MC blocks a bullet for ML's father.

Note: At first I liked Xie NanEn better, because the OG host was in love (and it was mutual), with Xie NanEn only leaving because he wanted to treat his anger issue so as to prevent hurting MC. When it was revealed that he was the one that caused the MC's parents' death and the one to make MC disabled in the first place though... :) needless to say, any goodwill was immediately lost. Didn't really like either love-interest. Probably the Arc I skimmed through the most.


Arc 3


Substitute Lover.

Love-interests: Rong Jing (ML), Wen MingQuan (OG!scum gong), Bai YuXiu (OG!shou)

Death: su*cide, jumped off from building when ML was getting over a hangover.

Note: Favorite arc to reread. I liked this ML the most out of all of them. In the end, he loses MC because he was struggling with confirming that his own emotions were real, as he didn't believe that he could fall in love with someone he originally viewed as a "pet". He gets drunk because he's feeling all sorts of messed up, which causes him to have a hangover and miss the MC's award ceremony, which the MC had really begged him to attend. That, coupled with the ML's earlier reversion to a cold attitude due to his confusion as well as a misleading photo of the ML supposedly kissing someone leaked by OG!scum gong & shou, causes MC to lose hope (all he wanted was for someone to truly love him) and commit su*cide.


Arc 4



Love-interests: Bo ZeTing (ML), Sheng Ye (MC's childhood friend)

Death: su*cide, killed self in front of ML

Note: Arc I reread just to delight in the ML's suffering. The ML I hated the most, absolutely, hands down. Utterly despised him. True scum, to the point that I wished he suffered more. Got rid of all of MC's loved ones while neglecting/emotionally abusing MC. They had a child, but the ML didn't care for it and in the end, the child died, causing MC to go insane upon realization. It all stemmed from a misunderstanding too, because the ML's mother deluded herself into thinking the ML was the product of an affair with MC's father and persuaded him to think he was the thrown away illegitimate child. So, assumed in*est (he pursued MC because he wanted MC to be completely crushed after the realization that he was married to his half-brother) which was later debunked by MC's yandere-vibe friend, who liked MC.




This was all to help ML, who is recuperating from something? The MC is shown to be the true scum, while the ML is actually pretty loyal and sweet sounding from what the nurses say. It is hinted that the MC may have some feelings, as he pauses slightly when the nurses ask if he wants to see ML, as I think the reason why ML needed treatment was because he helped the MC? Unfortunately, in the end he decides to go clubbing instead. Really wish the author would write a sequel, maybe the MC chasing the ML? Poor ML : (

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hy-d-ra rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c43
After reading do you smell the familiar scent? If you read "Strategy to capture that scum gong" then your answer will be yes. I mind you "Strategy" was written earlier than this one by a different author.

I actually have strange feelings about it. And I can't say they're positive. By 43rd chapter I got a bit tired and switched to other novel. Mostly because I couldn't find the development and actions satisfying enough and in line with characters, though feelings at times were there, the drama dripped blood. But, the... more>> scums suddenly feeling the attraction out of nowhere. The psychological part of Arc 1. This was done poorly. For such long arcs the development seemed slow. The development of Arc 2 is even slower. It progresses in such a way that it almost seems tedious. Maybe I'll be back after a while, but I'm not sure.

Some thoughts on what was happening so far, with spoilers:


From Arc 1: The situation between ML and MC is actually really promising in terms of drama. ML has deep psychological trauma from childhood, which explains his desire for their partner to be clean (not having prior s*xual relationships with others and also during the perio of being together). The drama point is in the sole fact that he, by his own hands, pushed the only person who suited him into the arms of other person. But there's no real explanation on why he did that in the first place. They were pretty ok the entire time, MC was his assistant, sure thing the way ML brought him up and made him love himself were all schemes. Later it got mixed with his own dreams, which didn't represent truth where MC was violated by the other person and he saw the entire process, while in reality MC, in fact, had never had s*x with any other person. Which ML finds out after MC leaves. So the truth and lie got really mixed together that you kind of feel - so, what actually happened? The only thing is clear, MC stayed faithful, though ML didn't know and second lead didn't mention for his own gains. This was the only part of entire arc which was actually great. Wanting to be together emotionally, but not being able to be together physically.

Why I say actions and development isn't that great. First of all, ML's sudden attraction. Like why he started to feel love out of nowhere. Though it's wrong to compare, but in "Strategy" for example, there were actions and dialogues that shaped ML new opinion and not simply - oh, I saw him and suddenly I feel that he's not bad. Which is really lazy. I really didn't like the "longing" in the scene where ML is brought coffe by his who knows what number assistant and it's bad and he remembers that MC would never make a mistake like that.. Like what kind of reasoning that is. He was really against MC being near because he was spoilt goods, but later he decided to bring him back when he was already pretty much in love with the second lead. It's all bundled. And thus the war for MC began. The whole business fights were so lukewarm, because you don't understand the scale of it, like one scene ML is like larger than life, next time he can actually be beaten down like wtf. And honestly you don't care. Even the reveal of MC self in press, it didn't matter at all.

And last but not least, the whole memory loss/personality split. The evaluation was so distinct like how did you guys were so sure. And obliteration of one of the personalities. F*cking MC up with hypnosis etc. It really was screechy. And the last scene was actually done badly. Because MC was found on the roof, roof where? A minute ago two MLs were fighting and then the roof. Was MC waiting long I wonder. These small details spoil the whole picture a bit.

From Arc 2: Here is where things started to get boring. Once again ML feels attraction for MC right away, just because he doesn't fall under his charms. MC acts this ruthless uncle who originally had to die miserably, but in this timeline he timely transferred the family to ML as promised to ML's dad. Then he acts as this indoor plant, due to his health condition and wounds. ML plays this smiley yet calculating nephew, everyone knows of his ruthless ways, but in front of his uncle he acts the little angel part. Due time he realizes that MC might have been in love with his dad, which is the core of this drama. Tbh many things here are s**ked out of nowhere and seemed illogical to me too. Thus I stopped and put my eyes elsewhere.


In general I put this one into an 'average' bin. The drama didn't satisfy me much, as there were many small factors that spoiled it. Tbh I like the bloodbath similar to "Strategy" way more. <<less
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Yumeru rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: Completed
wooah wooahh MC slayingggg per world giving knives here nd there to the men who pursues the body he transmigrated *adds that MC is very good at acting ahhahah* anyways there's a goal why he's world hopping and a new touch/twist to a world hopping novel

some may stop because they don't like the men that surrounds MC per world, but is there ML per story?

... more>>

nooooope No ML per world, that's why MC slayyys everytime he transmigrate, very good in planning hahah full force on face slapping villains and leaving knives


but.. Where's ml?


was hospitalized while saving MC on their real world, anyways to help ML to wakeup/ stimulate his brain. MC goes to diff worlds to accumulate energy?something like that


there's another twist but it's better if you read the story and Ready ur tissues cause MC gonna wreak havoc to unworthy ml's/men. <<less
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rainydayromantic rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
If you’re a sucker for getting ab*sed by the author this is for you, lol! I sobbed with puffy eyes through the end of every arc. The author is very good at giving you feels, writing dog blood drama and yandere gongs. I enjoyed the individual arcs in this book, but was ultimately disappointed with how the overarching story progressed and concluded. This novel is reminiscent of ‘Please Let Me Shoulder This Blame’ but falls a bit shorter in execution. Still a good read!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lotus200 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is perfect for a good cry. Every arch follows the outline in the description and is therefore a tragedy, but the fact that the MC is only acting makes it less painful to read about. When interacting with the scum gongs, the narration will be from the perspective of the role that the MC is acting, but occasionally the MC will communicate with his system and treat the situation like a game. The MC only has to make the capture target fall in love with him, but he... more>> actually schemes to capture all the scum gongs, who has wronged the original host. He manages to make them all obsessive about him and their fight over him proceeds to the point of self destruction. The novel contains nothing but ab*se, since it always begins with the MC allowing himself to be ab*sed by the scum gongs and then ends with the scum gongs being ab*sed by the MC. Every scum gongs that appear to be unforgivable in the beginning somehow manages to make you pity them by the end. I actually find it difficult to decide whether the role of the MC or the scum gongs are most pitiful. The role of the MC is perfectly innocent and has done nothing to deserve the ab*se, while the scum gongs are truly are ruthless. But perhaps that is why seeing them so regretful and desperate makes an impact. <<less
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1Sami rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: c114
This was really good! The way the author portrayed the MC in his character was by making it seem as if he was the original. Except for the times when the system worked together with the MC to feed us dog food. He died at the end of every arc but then he stuck around (as a ghost?) to see what happened. The first arc was definitely my favorite though.
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RipeApricot rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: Completed
10/5 I cried real hard last night in the Substitute Lover arc.

It was 2:30-3:00am and I almost died from over crying, it really hurts so good. No exaggeration. Until now my eyes are still swollen even tho I used cold compressed.

But what I am infuriated is that there are only 4 arcs! Is this serious? I love the dogblood drama so much that it makes me angry that there's nothing more.

... more>> Plus the last chapter (114) confuses me a lot. I don't even understand what's the connection of the last chapter.

I started reading in Chrysanthemum Garden until Chapter 71, then I continued to MTL coz I was cliff-hanged at the best part.

Then I read Arc 1-3-4. I skipped 2 coz I am not in the mood for disabled arc. I like those white moonlight substitute arc the most hahaha.

Then I also like the wife arc because of (extra novel that reminds me of arc 4: Bai Wei Wei's 'QTS: Male God Come Here'. This is highly recommended if u haven't tried it yet. I re-read this more than 3 times, ngl).

Anyway Arc 1-3-4 is well done coz the strategy of our MC is well designed. The scum gong will really regret all their decision for the rest of their life.

It's also smut so be aware. Smut plus dog blood drama is perfect all the time.

The only downside from reading MTL is that, I don't understand the context of the last chapter. It doesn't makes sense, idk if I skipped something which I think none. So there might really be some incomplete details left unsaid by the author. Idk.

Then the second to the last chapter reveals the MC is working by world hopping in a 'healing world' to heal a patient. So it's like a job. Unlike other QT where the MC died and wants to revive by completing worlds.


- RipeApricot <<less
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Pcrome rated it
August 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It's A MASTERPIECE. I dont know why some people rated this so low.... Speaking of "strategy to capture thag scum gong", I Honestly prefer this one because it reminds me of "did the affectionate love interest collapse today"--where the MC dies in every arc and all MLs are very regretful in a satisfying way, you'll love this! Especially since the MLs are real scums that deserve all of this. Makes me glad the MC is heartless when it comes to them.

Angst only exists in the story of each world, you... more>> don't have to worry about it's effect of the MC.

MC is VERY LIKEABLE, for me. He's smart, able to fool everyone (no exemptions, even the genius and scheming scums are dancing within his palms), and gives the most satisfying punishment for all the MLs.

He's not entirely heartless, IMO, how he's treating the system is proof of that. He's very much like a guardian and his cute interaction with the system will make you forget the current dog bloodedness of the situation. It's a plus since the system is like an innocent child and I kinda ship the system and MC at first, still don't know if it's possible tho cuz so far the MC is just like a parent educating and spoiling their child.


I LUV LUV LUV how DEEP every arc is. The emotions of the characters and their personalities are very REAL. The plot is unique, by that, each arc have a solid background story. It's soooo soooo sooo GOOOODD.

The sufferings of the Mc's role seems to be so heartbreaking on the outside, but we all know the MC doesn't give an F and only the others feel like shit, feel guilty and regret for MCs sufferings.

You won't get bored ISTG.

As for scum gongs, they're f*cking s*upid and obsessive, I hate them. Obviously, they had the chance for a happy ending, but they just had to ruin it lol. Too late for regret. <<less
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August 10, 2021
Status: Completed
This is kinda like the darker and angstier brother from another mother of Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*sh bin, and also if the MC from said novel followed the script but still made the maximum regrets. The arcs so far are okay, but I still prefer the previous novel I mentioned. So why am I reading this? I just want to see suffering scum.

I honestly couldn't decide what rate to give this yet (I'm currently in the wheelchair uncle arc and all I want to do is smash things right in the scum gong's face holy sh*t I'm so mad), so gonna edit this when I'm done. Aaaand I'm done. Somehow the extras are missing from mtl sites, so I'll just wait for the whole translation to be done.

Nvm found the last extra somewhere.

The arcs are OK, I liked the first and third arcs, the third one made me teary. My gripe would be the second arc ending.

... more>>

I really would've liked it more if Xie Shi lived til the ripe old age of a hundred or so. Or at least had someone forcefully not let him die so he will always live with the regret and guilt for all the sh*t he did to his uncle. Of course, aside from living, I'd also prefer if his kneecaps were busted or him crippled so he'd be in a wheelchair for life. Out of all the sh*t stains in the arcs, I definitely despise this little sh*t and the ML from the fourth arc. Though all the scum in this story deserve to step on a Lego over and over again for eternity.


  • Arc 1 and 3 I found has satisfying endings. Scum ML really atoned for his dumbf*ckery. Arc 3 was also satisfying. All the scum paid dearly, though I do commend ml1 for owning up to atone for his bullsh*t since he started it all.
  • Arc 2 and 4 are different kinds of f*cked up. As I've mentioned above, not happy with how arc 2 ended, at least for shitty little brat. Arc 4 is more like "when vengeance goes horribly wrong cuz u dumb-dumb", to put it simply.

    genius super mastermind villain ML didn't think of having his DNA checked to actually ensure he did have Xie blood. But hey, when the truth was revealed, the backlash really hit him hard. Yeah, f*ck this guy.

The endings are still satisfying for me, though it would be considered as a bad end, the scum gets to really suffer while the MC tootles away to the next world.

I do like how MC is just indifferent and doesn't really get affected (and he can be thirsty yo) . I mean his acting is spot on, even when in a difficult situation, he can still happily chat with the system as if it's just an ordinary Tuesday.

Tl;dr:I suffer, you suffer, EVERYBODY SUFFERS

Ps: I could not wait to finish the current arc so I'm mtl-ing it, but I do want to thank the translators for doing an awesome job. (it's a bit hard to adapt from the translation to mtl) <<less
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Milkshake rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Can't wait to write review after mtled all epi. I really like it. This novel is so good for M like me. If you can't suffer angst, don't read this. If you like novels like SCSG, this is for you. Both novels are to make scum gong to deserve what they did. ML in real life is really good to MC. ML is really unexpected.

... more>>

ML is the system!!!! ML proposed to MC ninth time. ML block MC from his ex attack and went to coma. So MC had to save him. ML is always beside MC as a system. So sweet. All MC ex want to be bf with him cause they want to sleep with him but ML is not. I really happy for MC to be together with a good person ml.

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