Even Until Death, the Scum Gong Thought I Was a White Lotus


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Xie Mu’s task was to make scum gongs fall in love with him.

He skillfully disguised himself as a white lotus, delicate and pitiful, kind and naïve.

Even if he became an existence thrown away by the slag gong like a cheap pair of shoes, it didn’t matter, because Xie Mu would quickly make him kneel and apologize, even willing to dig out his heart and present it on a silver platter.

—— and once the slag gongs fell in love, he would, step by step, lead them into hell:

[I didn’t abandon you, it’s you who abandoned the amnesiac me] [I didn’t cuck you on purpose, I was being forced ah] [Even though I used you as a substitute, it wasn’t on purpose]

What could be crueler than abandoning someone only to want them back and find out that they’ve become forever out of reach?

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New rhianirory rated it
May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
read this a while ago and it's OK, but I found it odd because the MC has zero real emotions throughout the entire novel; it's just him being focused on acting out his part with single-minded dedication in each world.

even at the end of the novel, when he wakes up, we don't learn anything about the real him, his real emotions, or his real personality and it left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied with everything.


oh and the ML is a typical slag/yandere scum in each world; there wasn't anything that stood out for me and nothing about him in my notes. Overall, not as good as 'strategy to capture that scum gong' but it's a decent enough abuse novel if that's what you're looking for. Flawed but ok.
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New rainydayromantic rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
If you’re a sucker for getting abused by the author this is for you, lol! I sobbed with puffy eyes through the end of every arc. The author is very good at giving you feels, writing dog blood drama and yandere gongs. I enjoyed the individual arcs in this book, but was ultimately disappointed with how the overarching story progressed and concluded. This novel is reminiscent of ‘Please Let Me Shoulder This Blame’ but falls a bit shorter in execution. Still a good read!
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Adawas rated it
March 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow reading this novel was a trip, you'll like reading this if your into the face-slapping dog blood drama that's mostly the main focus of these arcs in this story. Theres a lot of drama going on between the characters and their fixated goals making things complicated in their relationships. Expect a lot of remorse coming from the scum MLs learning to regret their actions that involves a lot of knives.

It's an easy read to finish in a whole day as there are a total of 4 arcs to go... more>> through, each with about 30ish chapters to go by. You might even get emotional and tear up a bit at some particular moments, but most of the time this is just a fun quick read to pass the time and enjoy at wtf is this story derailing to and what the hell are these extreme characters thinking.

You won't really expect much from seeing a lot of the protagonist's true personality shown throughout the novel as you'll see just moments of him making appearances in the endings, but you get the gist of it as he's mainly focused on fully acting 24/7 as the original. Kinda sad that I didn't get to read more chapters of his relationship with the actual ML as he seemed to be more favorable compared to the scum MLs, though to be honest I didn't get much from how vague the author brought him up and the sudden setting for him. <<less
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jiesuzuru rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: Completed
The 4 arcs are really good together with some face slapping... got me teary multiple of times.. to the point I really symphatized with the scum gongs with how they were played by the MC.

... more>>



in the first ark


I was like totally deserved it. love how they became super crazy for the MC. But I later like Tantao for him... it just he was super sweet but of course still raped the MC in the beginning so still a scum


in the second ark


I was hoping for a threesome with the MC and the father and son duo. I mean they were both obsessed with the MC can't they share (lol)


in the third ark


i kindof symphatized for rongjing cause he was just kind of confused of his feelings after being a playboy allmost all of his life. Its like he was trying so hard to prove he was not inlove... he was in a kindof some transitioning period from a playboy to a totally loyal gong. I mean he realized after that he was really inlove unfortunately it was too late as the MC has suicide.


and the fourth ark


I really hate the husband. I mean he basically destroyed mc's life over a misunderstanding.. * I equally hate the mother of the husband as she was the cause of the misunderstanding * I was really looking forward that the baby will be alive but... he was killed. The MC lost his everything... his home, loving family, a lover (which is the pretentious husband, which I really think does not desreve him *MC*), a baby child.. I don't know if I'm happy that the husband was burned alive *suicide* together with MC's ashes or not


As for the ending I can't say so much cause I'm also confused with it. I mean the sudden appearance of the ML and I will assume he was some loyal dog type of lover based on the little descrpition provided I mean it didn't provide an explanation for transmigration or the system which is why I decided to put 4 stars...

Byt for a quick read of face slapping story this is for you. <<less
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Shorng rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c113
This... I saw there’s 115 chapters, but where’s chapter 115? I was reading in mtl website and the 114 chapter was confused with the the end of second arc scene. But this story is just so good. It was not annoying like some other QT at all. Even better than Quick Wear in my opinion because the ML (System was also part of ML) was the best among QT novels.

Anyway, I would like to clarify something that the reviewer above misunderstood.

Spoilers: (the spoiler button doesn’t work -_-)

The last arc,... more>> the 4th arc, Ze Ting, the husband was not the one who kill the child. I pretty much just finished this a moment ago. It was actually just an accident that the child died. He was busy with MC and didn’t have time to think about killing the unborn. But, we could say he has a hand in making the unborn child died and that is, he didn’t agree with premature. (Ze Ting admitted it himself, though it was in his mind). <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: c114
This was really good! The way the author portrayed the MC in his character was by making it seem as if he was the original. Except for the times when the system worked together with the MC to feed us dog food. He died at the end of every arc but then he stuck around (as a ghost?) to see what happened. The first arc was definitely my favorite though.
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Lotus200 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is perfect for a good cry. Every arch follows the outline in the description and is therefore a tragedy, but the fact that the MC is only acting makes it less painful to read about. When interacting with the scum gongs, the narration will be from the perspective of the role that the MC is acting, but occasionally the MC will communicate with his system and treat the situation like a game. The MC only has to make the capture target fall in love with him, but he... more>> actually schemes to capture all the scum gongs, who has wronged the original host. He manages to make them all obsessive about him and their fight over him proceeds to the point of self destruction. The novel contains nothing but abuse, since it always begins with the MC allowing himself to be abused by the scum gongs and then ends with the scum gongs being abused by the MC. Every scum gongs that appear to be unforgivable in the beginning somehow manages to make you pity them by the end. I actually find it difficult to decide whether the role of the MC or the scum gongs are most pitiful. The role of the MC is perfectly innocent and has done nothing to deserve the abuse, while the scum gongs are truly are ruthless. But perhaps that is why seeing them so regretful and desperate makes an impact. <<less
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Idzin rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Reading this is like experiencing a roller coaster. The way how the author portrays all those hardships experienced by the MC and the anguish and regret felt by the MLs will really squeezed your heart. This story is best read if you want to have something different from the typical romance, face slapping quick wear. The emotion in this will just make your heart squeezed.
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c43
After reading do you smell the familiar scent? If you read "Strategy to capture that scum gong" then your answer will be yes. I mind you "Strategy" was written earlier than this one by a different author.

I actually have strange feelings about it. And I can't say they're positive. By 43rd chapter I got a bit tired and switched to other novel. Mostly because I couldn't find the development and actions satisfying enough and in line with characters, though feelings at times were there, the drama dripped blood. But, the... more>> scums suddenly feeling the attraction out of nowhere. The psychological part of Arc 1. This was done poorly. For such long arcs the development seemed slow. The development of Arc 2 is even slower. It progresses in such a way that it almost seems tedious. Maybe I'll be back after a while, but I'm not sure.

Some thoughts on what was happening so far, with spoilers:


From Arc 1: The situation between ML and MC is actually really promising in terms of drama. ML has deep psychological trauma from childhood, which explains his desire for their partner to be clean (not having prior sexual relationships with others and also during the perio of being together). The drama point is in the sole fact that he, by his own hands, pushed the only person who suited him into the arms of other person. But there's no real explanation on why he did that in the first place. They were pretty ok the entire time, MC was his assistant, sure thing the way ML brought him up and made him love himself were all schemes. Later it got mixed with his own dreams, which didn't represent truth where MC was violated by the other person and he saw the entire process, while in reality MC, in fact, had never had s*x with any other person. Which ML finds out after MC leaves. So the truth and lie got really mixed together that you kind of feel - so, what actually happened? The only thing is clear, MC stayed faithful, though ML didn't know and second lead didn't mention for his own gains. This was the only part of entire arc which was actually great. Wanting to be together emotionally, but not being able to be together physically.

Why I say actions and development isn't that great. First of all, ML's sudden attraction. Like why he started to feel love out of nowhere. Though it's wrong to compare, but in "Strategy" for example, there were actions and dialogues that shaped ML new opinion and not simply - oh, I saw him and suddenly I feel that he's not bad. Which is really lazy. I really didn't like the "longing" in the scene where ML is brought coffe by his who knows what number assistant and it's bad and he remembers that MC would never make a mistake like that.. Like what kind of reasoning that is. He was really against MC being near because he was spoilt goods, but later he decided to bring him back when he was already pretty much in love with the second lead. It's all bundled. And thus the war for MC began. The whole business fights were so lukewarm, because you don't understand the scale of it, like one scene ML is like larger than life, next time he can actually be beaten down like wtf. And honestly you don't care. Even the reveal of MC self in press, it didn't matter at all.

And last but not least, the whole memory loss/personality split. The evaluation was so distinct like how did you guys were so sure. And obliteration of one of the personalities. F*cking MC up with hypnosis etc. It really was screechy. And the last scene was actually done badly. Because MC was found on the roof, roof where? A minute ago two MLs were fighting and then the roof. Was MC waiting long I wonder. These small details spoil the whole picture a bit.

From Arc 2: Here is where things started to get boring. Once again ML feels attraction for MC right away, just because he doesn't fall under his charms. MC acts this ruthless uncle who originally had to die miserably, but in this timeline he timely transferred the family to ML as promised to ML's dad. Then he acts as this indoor plant, due to his health condition and wounds. ML plays this smiley yet calculating nephew, everyone knows of his ruthless ways, but in front of his uncle he acts the little angel part. Due time he realizes that MC might have been in love with his dad, which is the core of this drama. Tbh many things here are sucked out of nowhere and seemed illogical to me too. Thus I stopped and put my eyes elsewhere.


In general I put this one into an 'average' bin. The drama didn't satisfy me much, as there were many small factors that spoiled it. Tbh I like the bloodbath similar to "Strategy" way more. <<less
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