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[Class changing to the hidden class, Demonic Swordsman.] [You are the first one to discover the hidden dungeon.] [You are the first one to discover the hidden…] [You are the first one…] [You are…] I’m a gamer who uses ESP.

Let me tell you everything.

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Feng Tian
Feng Tian rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: c12

Usually I do not judge a novel this early, but alas, there is no need to wait this time. I will not consider the content of the early chapters spoilers, so you are warned.

The story begins with truck-kun, but plot twist, it's no Isekai, but instead the MC gains ESP, aka precognition. Now, at chapter 12, I can only say that even the most s*upid ecchi harem isekai garbage would have been better.

These esp powers are... well, what do you expect? Blatantly overpowered. To a point where he can, with a few months of training and after waking up from a coma, beat a master swordsman (albeit in a mock battle). Very early it becomes clear that he will never really face any challenges, or that any of the side characters will matter. Multiple chances to make them anywhere near relevant were missed here already such as a conflict with his mother over borrowing money for a dojo when his family is in a somewhat significant dept.

Around this time we also learn that he used to be known as the human dragon. Named such because he managed to beat an entire guild 1 vs 1000. And the guild was high end (Specifically he even killed the #11 player on the server). And that's before he even got his hax. And while his character and items were lost this is another nail in the coffin. He is established as basically a gaming god here already.

A little later we have him in the game, with a character looking like his buff new self. He has read up on the game, as expected from a competitive player who wants to earn a fortune using the game. Actually, not much reason to criticize here, it's neither interesting nor terribad.

Next he interacts with a few NPCs, and well. The dialogue is meh, which would be immersing cuz NPCs. However, it only takes him a few paragraphs to get even a somewhat legendary NPC to pretty much max affection, requiring next to no effort. This will become a staple of this novel. On the side he also gains a broken side stat.

What follows is the next big bullshit. He begins (forcefully but we) a quest which is infamous for being uncleared for years. And he does this at level 1, when the quest hard sets someone to usually level 10. He clears with some minor inconveniences and gets two (or basically three) things, and all of them are incredibly problematic.

1: A material so rare its basically unknown in the game (Which sends him on another side quest)

2: A unique (and VERY overpowered weapon)

3: A hidden class

The first is not really problematic, as it had no influence on the plot so far. But the other two... well. The weapon is plain s*upid. It has an infinite growth hax attached and is limited to him only. Meaning killing him and taking the sword doesn't work. It also has offensive characteristics of which only three have been revealed so far:

1: It consumes an item of a minimum rarity (but it works with super low-level drops so we) and DOUBLES his stats for one minute. WTF. Has this author even played a bloody video game?

2: A random offensive damage proc which can permanently steal stats on kill. Any kill. Again. WTF. This ability alone means no player in the game without infinite growth hax will ever be able to beat him (as a level, and thus stat, cap is mandatory in game design) as he approaches late game. This ALWAYS procs (on kill) when skill 1 is active.

3: The blade can strike incorporeal targets. He is in a dungeon with undead rn and we haven't seen any ghosts yet. Take your guess lads and gents.

Dying means he "has a high chance to turn into a monster under the swords control for 24 hours or lose the weapon". His class is the weapon. Weak point? Very much. Will it ever be used? Not so hot take after seeing the rest: Probably not. His class is his weapon after all. It can also absorb scrap to upgrade itself, presumably infinitely. Yikes.

The video of the quest is also sold for quite a bit of cash, and a fairly well-paying streaming contract + a bonus. This solved all his family's money issues on the spot.

Now that we are done with the BULLsh*t that went on so far, we can move on to him clearing his first dungeon. And ofc our special snowflake uses his broken esp power to kill a level 15 monster at level 1, just to find a "hidden dungeon". Exp and item drop immediately doubled cuz he is the first to find it. Murders a miniboss and gets an item which is extremely good against the boss. Since he is the first to kill the mini boss, he gets this super rare drop guaranteed. Neat. Reduces his broken ass luck factor but breaks the world building even more. He finds the boss, figures out that level 15 is a bit low for a level 30 boss with his esp, and gets himself a literal s*ave for a week via a short battle. Boss gets killed, and skill 1 and 2 are used. He gets a ton of loot, done.

As pointed out the world building breaks extremely early on, and only gets worse. The characters are one-dimensional garbage so far (NPCs got more spotlight than his family). The plot is just a mix of bad and tropes which I would usually expect in xianxia. The translation is alright, but the base writing is simply stiff, and sometimes comedically bad (as expected of WW, sh*t taste in novels but competent staff). I don't think this novel is worth anymore of my time, and probably neither yours. The fact that I can write an essay about how f*cked up the novel is with only 12 chapters material speaks volumes.

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HankyPanky2.0 rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: c7
I get that there's only 7 chapters out, but so far this comes off as nothing more than a dollar store version of LMS. Bland, unoriginal, and uninspired. If you want to read a novel that uses the same tired out tropes that have been continuously shoved down our throats for the last few years, then look no further. IF things do end up changing for the better, then I will update this review, but I don't expect things to change and I'm only going to keep reading to see... more>> if this novel will prove me wrong. I'm certain this novel may become big because it's posted by Wuxiaworld, but don't let that popularity fool you into thinking this is an amazing story. <<less
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Expatamoeba rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: c50
Another flop from wuxiaworld. I wonder why such a good translation team always pick garbage tier novels.

This novel is just pure chaos. It tried so hard to copy LMS. And the MC is annoying as hell. Just read something else.
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Tiranu rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c20
I rarely judge a novel this early but I am pretty sure for this one:

The novel already peaked in the first paragraph with Truck-kuns guest appearance. After that it is set up as the typical Korean power fantasy just that the bullsh*t is turned up to 11 (how many novels did you read where the conclusion was after 20 chapters 'ok, MC is beyond broken now'?) and every chance to introduce meaningful progress (i.e. He 'masters' swordsmanship in the first 10 chapters or so with not much effort) everything falls... more>> into his lap (i.e. OP weapon + OP class + OP ESP ability that for some reason works in the game) and all side characters got instantly shafted. I don't see anything that could be worth my time happening in the rest of the novel; and even if I am not willing to deal with such an abysmal start.

Overall it is the fusion of all the worst aspects of Korean features without redeeming aspects. So why bother.

€ One thing to people mentioning LMS and overgeared with Weed and Grid not being some paragons of morality: They have character (and development of that one) with logical reasons why they are sometimes unsufferable. This MC here is just unsufferable for the sake of it. <<less
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Xravia rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: c24
Vindictive little brat, The Tv show was that last straw, Who even does that... garbage novel with a garbage protagonist. Cheating aside starting off being saddled with debt doesnt mean that you get a free pass to be a d*ck - with the added effort of having everyone around the protag agree with everything he does is pure BS. Its just a wannabe LMS with no substance please translate something else.
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rwang2911 rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c13
Fun time waster, but definitely the kind of novel you use a modicum of brain power to read

MC gets hit by truck-kun, goes into coma, wakes up with spidey senses.

Not really sure where this novel is going, not really a big emphasis on world, characters, abilities, or progression.
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Veresta rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: c30
I've read many novels whether it's japanese, chinese, korean, english, and I've always ridden the tiger and finished all of them til the end. But it only took me 30 chapters to drop this. Why?

1. This novel is a poor attempt to replicate a great novel called 'the legendary moonlight sculptor'only to fail terribly. Weed is funny, this bastard is irritating

2. The MC becomes broken beyond repair in early chapters. Is being OP bad? No. But being too OP too early is bad. Either the plot becomes boring because there... more>> isn't tension or the author forces some bullsh*t to have tension.

3. My brain cells are dying by trying to make sense with this novel. Damn the author didnt even try <<less
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hadeion rated it
February 2, 2020
Status: c20
I quit this novel at this chapter. As the others have stated, the protagonist sucks. He is super OP from day one, and his struggles were highlighted briefly but he turns into a horrible, NPC-abusive jerk for no reason! He constantly uses others as a meat shield and even other players have commented. He’s not trying to get revenge, and frankly the NPC has been risking his life for this jerk, and the plot is so generic cookie cutter. Go read Second Coming of Gluttony, tr*sh of the Count’s Family,... more>> Stop Friendly Fire, I Alone Level Up, for a good strong protagonist and don’t waste time with this tr*sh. I hope they can translate something better like Second Life Ranker <<less
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TheJudge rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c9
This is LMS but with a MC that has esp.. which makes no sense when playing a game, and how the MC was able to recover fully and more in half a year, if you turn your brain off you'll like this, otherwise many of it won't make any sense with all these plot holes. If you're new to these "super op MC self insert" novels, you may enjoy it, but it will get out fast. else avoid.

One of the worst novels in wuxiaworld, it is "self insert" do whatever... more>> you want OP right from the very start with no effort involved story. Even 1 star is being generous, the extra star is for tl/editor for being able to translate this. I know there are plenty of great kr novels out there and they picked this one to translate... this isnt guilty pleasure junk food bad but tr*sh bad. <<less
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storybookknight rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: c9
I might have read stories that were even blander and more forgettable than this one, but if so, I've probably forgotten them already.

There's no character development - the main character is a cardboard cutout of the 'ideal pro gamer'. There's no dramatic tension - the main character's super powers almost immediately have him set for life without any challenges. There's no worldbuilding - the main character games in the most generic MMO world imaginable.

It's not even particularly well thought out; the main character's super powers apparently have him finding hidden... more>> areas and defeating challenges previously thought impossible... in a 1.5 year old game. The fact that 'superpowered danger senses work equally well in VR and real life' also makes no sense, but if you're writing a story about a gamer with superpowers that's forgivable. On the other hand, if you're writing a story about video games, you should probably know your subject matter a little better than that...

This story escapes getting a 1-star review from me only by dint of this being very early in the story & the story itself being well translated and edited. <<less
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null rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c9
ESP doesnt work well with VRMMO genre.

MC power make him able to determine enemy weakness and where they going attack even when blindfolded.

His class give him passive skill to devour dead enemy stat to permanently increasing his at a chance.

Extra 1 star for translator effort to translate this tr*sh novel full-time.
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kirsshiyo rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c387
Don't mind all this mindless reviews above or below me this novel is atleast 80% different than LMS and also progress better than LMS I'll give points why

1. This has significantly better translation than LMS.

2. This has better story line than LMS as the game itself has more thought than LMS npc has story and are part of the side characters and build up.

... more>> 3. His plot armor is already decided from the start and its the demon in side the sword not his psychic abilities.

4. It is not as repetitive as LMS and the involvement of villains are not random. <<less
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earthdrake rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c15
Beyond terrible. The plot is filled with holes and problems since chapter 1 (he took 1 year with the family in debt and in super bad economical state however he kept going to an expensive sword dojo? It took 6 months to recover to a buff state to a 2x years old from being years in a coma? The ESP is simply bullsh*t on top of all the other flaws).
An interesting premise that is flawed since chapter 1 and keeps getting worse.
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Viro rated it
January 6, 2020
Status: c10
I’m sure like most other novels this novel will gradually improve and get better. People need to remember that the first 90 chapters of Overgeared were unbearable to endure, however the improvement in the story made it so worth it. I’ll stay around to see if an improvement on that scale occurs with this novel.
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BigBadBoi rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: c38
I stopped in this chapter because I can't tolerate how much of a piece of sh*t the MC is. I started reading this because I was bored as hell but I have come to regret reading this novel. This is basically a shitty LMS.

... more>>

the reason I stopped is because of the MC blackmailing an actual person into working as his s*ave. I honestly didn't know why I was able to tolerate the MC destroying a girl's reputation in a show because she didn't know that she wasn't supposed to pry for information and she did it purely for the audience.


Tell me when the MC gets Grid level of character development, stops being a d*ck and actually grow as a mature and responsible adult compared to this whiny little shit <<less
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November 18, 2020
Status: c30
What if we combine all the features of Ark and Weed together, then remove all of the ones that make them likeable? Maybe add on a superpower that the MC can use to abuse everyone he comes across... Oh and let's leave out all the game mechanisms that define the VRMMO genre, they are a pain to keep consistent. Notable characters? Just the MC, no one else is important unless they are currently being exploited. What's that? No I'm not a Chinese wuxia author.
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Catchy Meenul
Catchy Meenul rated it
February 21, 2020
Status: c15
Firstly, like everyone else on the review had said, it gave a LMS vibe but thats ok for me especially if the novel have their own twist while have the same generic premises. The twist for this novel is that the MC gain ESP power after a near death from truck-sama accident. His family became poor since the MC (the breadwinner of the family, former pro-gamer) in coma for few years after the accident. The advantage of the ESP is not only real life but also in game so he... more>> can sense danger and find weakness in every thing (human, monster, objects, etc.). But, the real problem is these (let me use my ESP to list out the weaknesses of this novel) :
  1. Money Sense: After he wake up, he goes to swordmaster dojo for six month and ask her mom 200 bucks each month for the lesson--> does not state what her mom's job or salary and MC dont mention he works part-time so dont know whether they can afford it. Furthermore, the new VR game is the latest and most popular but the author never mention whether the game is free or not since MC just need to download it and play using headgear or something?
  2. Dumb luck: He start the game with level 1.. So it is logic that you need to level up first before you can achieve anything.. Not with this MC!! From level 1, he goes to a colisseum and enter an event challenge that no one has ever won. After he won that event, what rewards he can get u ask? Uhmm let see.. SS rank weapon, hidden class change, a gemstone that can make u fat rich (but need to solve quest first).. All these for a level 1 player!
  3. First for dungeon discovery: To make his ESP power an essential to the story, he will use it to luckily found a new dungeon after new dungeon that somehow no other player ever found it and he will give excuse that it because of his ESP and his SS rank weapon.
  4. s*avery: From the first 15 chapter, he managed to make an NPC be his s*ave/contract worker for a week and make a boss undead monster to conveniently became his pet/contract companion for a long term quest. The MC does not have a likeable personality and these novel does not have a good humor element to ease the "jerk" personality of the MC.
  5. Lack of crisis?: The motivation for the MC to play VR game is to earn money for his family but it seems from early chapter the MC will have no problem since he able to make a contract with a company and get money revenue from his play. So? Problem solved??

Overall, this novel does not excite me other than a few chapter in beginning and will wear you out the longer you read. Even if the future chapter could become good but to me first impression must be greater to make me continue this novel. This novel become available at WuxiaWorld along with Ranker's Return and Everyone Young Except for Me. In my opinion, the other 2 novel are much better than this one. My verdict of 2 stars: one for translation and the other is for the VR theme. The plot is bland and illogical and MC is not likeable for me. Thats my review, thanks for the long reading.. Hehe ^_^

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 24, 2020
Status: --
Meh. Dropped after about 30 chapters.

Just read 'Legendary Moonlight Sculptor', instead, or stick with that. Definitely LMS is better, and if you've read that, this knock-off of 'novel' will only irritate you.

Basically the author just stripped down and used LMS as a template to make his own version, and it becomes plenty evident that he couldn't replicate the 'humor' part of the formula.
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Hayate rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c36
  • Well, like everyone else said, the early part really feels like a Moonlight Sculptor ripoff. It really feels like the author truly loves Weed as a character and really wanna make a Weed of his own.

    We got a family in debt, cute sisters (2 instead of 1), trained in a sword dojo first for more than 6 months before he finally started the game, somehow always managed to max relationships meter with npc in a single day, then take advantage of any other npc he deems wont give him much, have a skeleton as a pet for now, so I guess well wait a bit to see of the bat or a dragon will join him later on.


    Some people get really ticked off because of this since somehow they love weed acting like a bad guy but hate it when another author try to make another weed.

    EDIT: I changed my mind, cant get past ch36. MC basically tried to make anyone he can into s*ave as soon as he had a chance, like everyone owes him a huge favor or some shit. While Weed does it too sometimes, he did it in a troll way where people don't even realise they got scammed, this one just scammed everyone left and right and straight up do it right in their face, robbing them dry. It's really hard to like a character going 's*ave contract' this, 's*ave contract' that.

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jklm rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c301
It's okay. A pretty standard VRMMORPG story. MC is money hungry, has NPC sidekicks that he bullies, and has younger sister (s). Nothing too original, but nothing too annoying if you skim past the more boring fight scenes.

His ESP, which could have made the story stand out, turned out pretty mediocre. Called "hyper intuition, " it's really just an excuse for the author to be lazy with plot armor. He uses it to: 1) detect attacks, 2) find hidden dungeons and items, 3) tell if someone is lying to him.... more>> And somehow, it's even less exciting than that sounds.

Maybe because there doesn't seem to be any rules or structure to the ability? It just appears whenever it's convenient to move the plot along. The MC could do all those same things by just being a bit smarter. Kinda feels like lazy writing tbh.

Also, while the MC starts out in debt he pays it off pretty quickly. So it doesn't really seem like there is anything left for him to work towards. I mean, a cliche revenge plot wouldn't be much better, but at the same time this story is seriously missing overarching plot. It's just a pure leveling story at this point.

In sum, if you don't keep your expectations too high it's still okayish so I'm willing to give it 3 stars. <<less
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