Dragon King’s Son-In-Law


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Hao Ren, an ordinary university student, saved a little girl who fell from the sky. By accident, he swallowed a “candy” that fell off of that girl’s body and somehow became the Dragon King’s son-in-law……

His life was turned upside-down from that point on.

There were dragons in this world? And they are living side-by-side with humans? Ancient Chinese Mythologies really happened?

Hao Ren got to experience a new world that was hidden from ordinary humans. Despite the thrills that came with the new discovery, there were challenges along the way.

He thought his easy life as the Dragon King’s son-in-law was going to be laid back, but conspiracies and undercurrents were coming his way.

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spaceman rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: Completed
The novel was fun till the end. The ending was rushed and left much to be desired but it was a fun ride. The book itself has a slice of life genre with only a few chapters of cultivation or fighting. Definitely a recommended book for those bored with your average chinese novels.
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Xxddxx1 rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: c504
A waste of time. For a slice of life novel, characters were too annoying to be enjoyable.

... more>>

Main female lead is plain unlikable. Even her mother said that if she was the MC she would have prefered the seconf female lead.


"Zhao Hongyu thought to herself that if she were Hao Ren, she would like Xie Yujia more."


She haven't said or done anything good to the MC FOR 500 CHAPTERS. I don't understand why the author didn't changed her personality already.

Second female lead was a normal student but she became a disciple of an op human cultivator (old grandma) who was in seclusion because of her kindness. She is not talented but much more diligent than MC and FFL even though she didn't have a life and death crisis unlike them. Ahe even though FFL human cultivation despite her attitude. All in all an enjoyable character.

Lu sisters and Su Han were the only reason I tolerated this novel. Although they don't appear often, they are fun. Especially Su Han. Zhe admits that she is using MC but she treats him better than his supposed in-laws.

Every other character is a hypocrite.

His in-laws appear to be kind but they have ulterior motives. For example, at the start of the novel MC swallowed FFLs Dragon Core which allowes their users to cultivate as dragons (her fault). They said that they didn't want to harm him so they made him FFLs fiance so he can return the core when he reaches zhen level (a cultivation level for dragons. Its easy to reach wuth the help of the Dragon Core) but it turns out that they made him her fiance so they can refuse another clan's wedding proposal. They pitted him against the said clan but when the war erupt they didn't even tried to protect him. If not for SFL's master, MC would have died twice in this arc. She even cripples most of the high level members of the said clan so that MC's in-laws can win the war. They sent MC to a ingeritance ground and he founds 50 pills and every single one of them worth a top tier weapon. They took 45 of them and left him only 5. They told him to cultivate diligently but they made him tutor their daughter for hours every week. When their guest who had an op master ransacked their rival clan they almost cut all ties with MC just to please other clans who felt threatened. When a cultivator breakthroughs to a hogher realm they shouldn't take pills to dim the pain because ot damages their potential but they didnt told him these and repeatedly tired to make him consume those pills because all they need him to reach was zhen level (a relatively low level). If Su Han didn't warn him beforehand he would have ate those pills.

And the most annoying of them all is the third uncle Zhao Kun. Formal strongest cultivator of MC's in-laws' clan. Threatened MC at their every meeting. When he failed his tribulation due to not knowing how to keep hos mouth shut, MC when to a cave filled with extremely strong demonic beasts to get the necessary herbs to save his life. After that the third uncle starts cultivating from scratch with MC's technique (a decision he shouldn't make with his experience) which he failed to cultivate before MC showed him how he was supposed to use the technique. Then he disappeared for 200 chapters, doesn't appear when his clan is in a war. When he appeared once again in the next arc he refused to talk to anyone in his family and didn't care about his clan's outcome and the well-being of his savior. He forces MC to use a trump card that damages his body and leaves behind injuries and SFL's master had to use a use a god tier pill to cure MC.

Also in this arc we learn about why it was a stupid decion to cultivate MC's technique. Unlike normal dragon techniques which uses 1 or 2 elements depending on what kind of dragon they are, MC's technique uses all 5 elements. It is slow to cultivate but really powerful. But why is it dumb to cultivate this technique? Because cultivators need a treasure called mystic crystal of matching element to continue their cultivation and 5 element ones are extremely rare. Only 2 were known until chapter 504 where I dropped the novel. One of them is the most precious treasure of a extremely powerful sect in a land that bans dragon cultivators from entering and the second one is even more precious than the first. It is the perfect treasure for MC's cultivation technique and it is one of a kind but this too is in the hands of a extremely powerful sect and Zhao Kun admits that he didn't know this treasure existed. So an experienced cultivator shouldn't have chosen it.

In this arc MC defeats some of the most talented members of the dragon cultivators despite having lower cultivation base, faces Zhao Kun who had a higher cultivation base and main examiner who was more than 2 whole level above his own one after another and wins. As a reward he asks for the one of a kind, extremely precious, much needed mystic treasure. And immediately gives it to Zhao Kun saying that he had higher hopes of ascending against the tribulation. And he takes it without batting an eyelash. Only the Lu sisters who told MC about the treasure found it absurd but since the MC was determined to ruin his future they couldn't change his mind. And after Zhao Kuo used the treasure he acted like he was doing MC good.


Zhao Kuo felt like he owed Hao Ren a favor for taking the Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus which Hao Ren could also use. However, his usage of the mystic crystal was, in fact, opening a way for Hao Ren in the future, and he wondered if there was another Seven-Core Five-Color Lotus in the world.


He literally says "since we have to cross a river let me take the only boat across so that you can have my experience on how to operate a boat"

Not to forget that MC almost died seaching for another mystic cyristal in a forbidden land. If the SFL wasn't with him, he was about to get smacked like a fly.

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kryptos rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: c48
Totally captivating novel till now. The slice of live element till now is very funny and mesmerizing. After reading this novel, I realized, only cultivating, fighting and face-slapping does not constitute a good webnovel.
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Thebest rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c456
The start was pretty good but the main female lead ruins the story.

She is an arrogant, willful and she is spoiled rotten by everyone. Mc's childhood friend is a lot better than her, she is good to him and has a nice personality and has some character depth. And ins't annyoying as hell as the main female lead.

The second thing that ruins the story is that the MC is giving pedophilic vibes and is attracted to the main heroine as he finds her alluring (and don't even ask how author... more>> describes these scenes). I mean damn she is just 15 (though her mental age is below 8) and you are 19 have some self control man.

The third thing is the paragraphs explaining the same female character always starts like ''she was like a pearl'' or ''her smile was so majestic that you can throw country for it''. And I am not even talking about one or two chapters it is in every chapter in which they are introduced. You know we get it they are pretty, but you dont have to be so repetitive about it.

The last thing is that after the MC cultivates to a higher level he becomes more handsome and dashing, until he walks with a female lead and other people are like ''Huh' who is that guy he is so bland how come he gets to walk with her''. I mean what is the point of saying that he becomes more handsome if you yourself are not acknowledging it afterwards.


If you are thinking that their will be character development in the female lead in the latter chapters than man you will be disappointed

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BumChikiBum rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: c28
To be honest, I think this is a decent webnovel. And before you get your hopes up on this webnovel because of 'cultivation' tag in there. I have to remind & telling you that :

1. There is 'slice of life' tag in there too. The main thing of this webnovel is about the daily life of our MC, Hao Ren. And cultivation is just one of the main part of his daily life.
2. Up until now (ch.28), there is no fighting scene. So, for you who like webnovel with... more>> a lot of 'battle between cultivator' scene, I think you have to wait a bit longer.
3. Don't expect a fast plot development. IT'S A SLICE OF LIFE (at least until ch.28)

The interaction between characters is good enough, and so far, there is no unreasonable plot. The author tried to build clear personalities in every character with a very simple setting from the start. Nothing special for now, but if you ask me is this worth to read? I would say, yes. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
August 24, 2018
Status: c4
There is a strong pedophilic vibe in this series. The main character is a college student while the character who is presumably the female lead is a middle-schooler. Worse yet, all of the boys at the college act like they're attracted to her, and she might not even be old enough to be a teenager yet. The MC appears quite unintelligent and lacking common sense in the beginning, so I can't really see this turning into anything useful. The writing is horribly weak. The little girl is a entitled ungrateful... more>> brat with no appeal. I really can't see anything to like.

I was so disgusted, I had to drop the series early on, so I don't know if it improves later. Usually, I give series a chance for several more chapters than this, but I saw that there were no reviews here and felt I should warn potential readers. <<less
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Pet93 rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c434
uhhh... this novel is bad... whoever think about reading it, don't. I want to know how it ends because I already read so far and just contemplate if I should stop and just read the last 2 chapters when it's finished... never pay for this s*** on quidan

The main female lead is a brat with no character growth in over 400 chapters... there is no logic... in one sentence a dragon cultivators who need 200years to rech level 8 is the best... but our ML got to level 4 in... more>> a few months and every time he get's pressured, like if you don't get from realm 3 to 5 in 1 month I will kill you... but hey it's realy realistic for somthing like that when dragons need 50 years to reach this level when they are fast, but again in the next chapter there is a little university student who is already level 6 which takes hundred of years normaly (and I don't think they are older than normal university students, because when you read about them in this book you would think they are 14 year old kids)... the only likable and realsitic person in this novel was the old dragon king... all the others are trash <<less
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TheTimeWaster rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c251
The pairing between main female lead and MC ruins everything good about this novel. There are many better female characters (I am rooting for the childhood friend). The main female character is a middle schooler (MC is a college student) and has the worst personality possible (a rude spoilt brat) with no redeeming qualities. And to make matters worse MC sometimes acts like a pedophile towards the main female lead.

This could have been a 5 star novel if the MC had just treated the middle schooler like a middle schooler.... more>> But no, he has to get jealous of other guys (kids) around her and thinks about how beautiful and smooth her skin is whenever he's around her. It's creepy and disgusting. <<less
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akhdanp1234 rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: Completed
I forgot most of the plot but I remember having a good time reading it. It's modern cultivation but without the MC constantly offending arrogant young master.
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AndyDarren rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: c155
First of all, to all the people who quit on this novel after only a few chapters, your loss. Leme go right ahead and tell you the things I like most about this novel.

1.) The MC - This is honestly the most likeable MC I have come to know in any chinese novel up to date. This is espessialy true among the modern world cultivation setting. Like how it usually goes, the MC has people in his school and surroundings who antagonize him out of pure jealousy and d*ckitude, however... more>> unlike the norm where it's usually every Tom, d*ck and Harry that crosses his path, his antagonisers are actually very few. The MC also refuses to waste his time on their bs and has good awareness of his priorities, only ever acting out when somebody crosses the line. And even then it never turns into a face slapping circle jerk where the MC goes awol because cultivation for some reason turns him into an asshole. The MC is also not hypocrytical or at least actively tries not to be and neither is he a 1 in a million genius nor a waste of space bottom feeder. He also has the ability to rationalise and think for himself while only displaying the amount of densness of a regular person who isn't completely retarded.

2.) Cultivation - usually cultivation jn novels can be so vague, confusing and so contradictory it makes you want to pull your hair out while tossing a ton of made up words at you that the author just assumes you'll understand. Here we're presented with a RELATIVELY simple cultivation setting that deals with the absorption of elemental energies and the control of said energies in actual combat. Much better than when it's just people at certain steps throwing random, horribly named abilities at eachother with vague effects that the author can never describe well and leaves everyone confused to wtf just happened.

Cultivation/SOL - in this novel the MC tries to balance his school life with his cultivation life unlike where usually they conflict with eachother and causes and causes a lot of unneeded stagnation. The MC goes to school, tutor's the main heroine, goes to various places with his and her family and manages to improve in his cultivation, both in quantity and quality. And speaking of which, the mc's style is like using begginer swords to fight mid-bosses, in other words, it's not about how fast you git gud, but how gud you git. And one point the mc's motivation toward cultivation changed from trying to resolve a pressing situation to actually becoming strong for himself and his heroine.

One other thing is that there's just the right amount of face slapping that greatly satisfies without going to far.

If there is one thing to complain about, it's that the MC has the usual band of rowdy idiot friends whoss main goal is to chase girls. However the author does well to limit their screen-time when they have nothing important to and and the characters themselves have started to experience their own character development in accordance to the slice of life genre, one of them has so far at least.

Also one last thing, the main heroine is in fact a middle schooler however she's actually 15 years old so... there's that. <<less
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August 24, 2018
Status: c24
Not really my thing. I was expecting some excitement but so far it has been as entertaining as a wet blanket. I don't dislike it but I feel betrayed because this story reads like a pudding soft romance novel with genders reversed.

24 chapters in and there really isn't anything happening at all. The only thing so far is some weird 19yo normal mr nobody with absent parents becoming the focal point of some mildly uncomfortable "slow romance" with a 14yo middle school rich girl with a secret, plus a few... more>> odd interruptions with hot chicks and old men and an overly accommodating family. It's more slice-of-life than I expected and it probably will get better, but I think I'm done. Someone else who likes this sort of thing would have to read the latter chapters and review them.

Hope it isn't just another wish fulfillment story with a boring Chinese man and convenient fantasy tropes that don't really make sense. Heck, even the cultivation so far has been boring, well, more boring than usual since the cultivation wall-of-text we usually see in these novels makes your brain melt out your seven orifices so that might be a plus. But yeah, boring like a plain toast. <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c325
As other reviewers have mentioned, this novel had great potential. Only thing that ruined this novel was the main female lead. I've problem with MC as well. This novel started with MC reluctantly agreeing to marry bratty rich spoiled female lead, he planned to just cultivate and give the dragon core back to her and making their FORCED marriage agreement null. But the way MC is acting shows no reluctance on part of MC in marrying that snobby girl. While author tries to justify it by saying MC is not... more>> able to show his true emotions because of kindness the parents of that brat shows but, you don't marry a girl just because her parents are kind to you, you will live with that girl not with her parents! Due to this MC acts wimpy and indecissive, which makes it look like he is leading the girl on, and don't get me started on how author writes flirty moments between that brat and MC.

MC had a girl he liked which turns out to be cliche childhood friend separated early on. Both of them like each other but MC suppress his feelings because of FORCED MARRIAGE agreement, so the childhood sweetheart also have no choice but to suppress those feelings too. SO AWKWARD to see them going around in circles just to accept their liking towards each other, that brat keeps getting in way of their relationship.

There are the twins which are mind you the best female chara in the series but they have very low screentime and it has uselessly being allocated to bratty girl. God I hate her more for this!

300+ chs and there is character growth in her to be seen. Parents keep spoiling her and she keeps acting willful. MC acts like a wimp and keeps getting bullied by her and doesn't actually make her grow up again reason for this is kindness shown to him by her parents. Many events which could have led to downfall of their whole community and no one bothers to tell the 'princess' and she never realizes what people are sacrificing for her she never acts kind or grateful towards them. Don't get me started on how lazy this girl is.

As I said earlier MC has wimp personality in it and gets bullied everywhere from females surrounding him or by his enemies most of the time. It is showcased as him having kind heart but serious it's depressing to keep seeing him pushed over everywhere from females and from his enemies. Story is really slow 300 chs and it's not even few months time. Many filler chapters which don't add to any significant improvement in relationships or chara development. Cultivation process is all messed up and random, author talks about how normal cultivator could take hundreds of years to reach high level while he does it in few months, I would accept it if it was just MC but his enemies level up even faster and thrash him. In the end he keeps getting saved by others because of people behind girls he has relationship with.

I think author tried to make a tsundere loli but forgot to add dere in it. If you're able to deal with that then this might be good novel for you otherwise it's better to look for something else rather than getting frustrated! <<less
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raaa rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: Completed
A good read

I don't have patience to read whole novels because at some point they start to decline but this novel is good one except a few last chapters it looks like a rushed ending.

Anyway a good read and at least give it a try before reading more reviews
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dahlys rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c50
I starting reading this expecting a funny romcom and slice-of life... What I got was just slice-of life. The novel up to now is not funny at all, and the characters' personalities are bland as hell. When I read the summary I was expecting either 1) silly comedy like Seto no Hanayome or 2) complex, messy family politics like a Taiwanese drama but there isn't any hilarious or exciting stuff going on at all. Maybe it gets better later but... eh, that's one heck of a slow start, so I'm... more>> dropping this. <<less
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June 5, 2019
Status: --
I'm going to try and sum up this novel without any spoilers.

Imagine being into someone and you think that person is into you as well so you go in for a kiss at some point in time nervous but also excited and then you notice your face isn't connecting to hers for the kiss and you look at her just to see a face of disgust.

Imagine jacking it to a beautiful woman and then some ugly hairy dude gets in the way and instantly ruins the mood.

Imagine buying the coolest... more>> most expensive car you can think of only to wreck it a few seconds after buying it.

Imagine winning the lottery, realizing you are underage, having an adult cash the lottery ticket for you, and then they take off with your money.

This is what the story is like. It has mellow mood and every now and then you feel like you the MC is finally going to have his luck get better and then something or someone comes to sh*t on his plans. I read pretty far thinking things would surely get better time and time again only to be dissapointed time and time again. <<less
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Soumesh Purohit
Soumesh Purohit rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c540
It started good but downgraded. The MC tries to solve everything but then cannot do so. He shows himself as kind as well as weak. The female lead char of the little girl makes U want to hate her. The MC always goes her way while she does not show consideration for him and he does not even make her understand the value of people and lives. He always tells how small she is while also thinking about her feminine charm and ways. It shows too indecisive MC. Some other... more>> char were good but they were not given enough space. Had a good potential but ruined it. <<less
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SSMachine rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: Completed
Good slice of life, except the main heroine (Zhao Yanzi) has an extremely annoying personality. She is very arrogant, always provoking people with background, causing them to attack her, and Hao Ren has to settle it.
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bored nobody
bored nobody rated it
December 8, 2018
Status: Completed
Decent read

First 600 chapters were slow paced compared to last 150+ chapters which were rushed. Too many new characters were introduced at the end. Action, fighting and leveling up of MC at the end was forced.

Anyway MC isn't bland, harem characters are unique with intriguing personalities. Good read as modern slice of life genre.

Recommended for those bored with your average chinese novels.
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Belgarion_Heap rated it
August 25, 2018
Status: c40
A fairly commonly progressing plot, but the characters are so different from the average harem wuxia or xianxia. There are plenty of slice of life bits, with, IMO, seinen/josei style writing. Would be suitable for a rom-com manhua. A good read, but maybe wait for more chapters so the plot can develop further, and capture the reader better.
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Iamtheend rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: c414
This novel is really annoying. It took the main character more than 150 ch to get to what is basic first cultivation level. I mean it is a slice of life but should it really take around this many ch. But it was still readable however until the main female lead is a bi*** the entire novel till now and character development is still not shown as mentioned in the above tags. I mean she is 15 years old but act as if she is toddler making a fuss at... more>> anything MC does. She is spoiled by her parents to her core and shrieks the responsibility to MC. MC is just a wuss who just nods his head at everything and is just used every single time by every character. He is not clever, calm and cunning as shown in the tags. Slow romance man this novel is like a killing dream of romance. Everytime there is a romance budding it is killed immediately after and is started anew. None of the characters are likable. Even the likable characters at the start were turned into unlikable or sometimes really annoying. I just want to finish the novel as soon as possible because I don't like a drop a novel I started reading. <<less
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