My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife


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He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medicine. He originally wanted to just live a peaceful life, but his wife who’s a CEO thought he’s a loser and wanted a divorce. The cold war between husband and wife began.

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noobism rated it
November 30, 2017
Status: c1609

I'm writing this review as someone who has read both MWIBCEO and this one. Arguably beautiful CEO starts out really well but goes downhill Midway when Cultivators are introduced and the power creep is unbelievable, like a random begger ending up as one of the main antagonist. I don't hate the harem genre in general, but the main character is beautiful CEO just goes after girls one after the another even while promising his wife that he wouldn't do it again... repeatedly. Lin ruoxi has absolutely zero character devolepement and could be replaced by a mannequin and you wouldn't notice the difference. Sometimes later in the series u would seriously hate Lin ruoxi for the bit*h that she is. The entire God's vs cultivator is an utter bullsh*t as later in mwbceo it's just plain cultivating levels rather than good powers.

Now about cold and elegant CEO wife

The novel starts a bit weak with all the cliche you can expect. The MC is too much of a Gary Stu and I don't get why the author spent a half a chapter talking about Huawei mate 9 phone. Im not gonna talk about the bad points of this novel, but the better parts

1. Lin xue or xue Lin (why the hell does the translator change name and family name order) is extremely cute. Escpecially her inner monologues and how she treats her love rival as a 🦊.

2. the MC doesn't blatantly try to make a harem and tries to maintain his marriage diligently like he has relations with only one other woman after marriage

3. the power levels get revealed later and its not as goddamn awful as God's vs Cultivators in mwbceo

4. The author takes opinion from the readers, like there was a chapter where Lin xue loses her memory and the readers didn't like it, so the author made her okay soon.

The novel isn't a great work of literature or something like that. I'm writing this review so that people would stop comparing it to the other CEO novel. It's just feels sad people rating it 1 star without giving it a chance

Update at 1609

I'd like to say the story is good now but the number of cliches encountered in the story is unbelievable. The cultivation system too, it's like the MC breaks through at least 4-5 cultivation levels when he goes on an exploration trip spanning a few days. The story after chapter 900 was Lin xue getting into a coma, abducted, get cursed to death while the MC runs around trying to collect the current for his wife. As of now there are only 2 main ladies (one of whom and her child are abducted (again)) . He has women outside but is afraid of his wife. I found that the backstories of both the CEO and the other girl are well executed. As of right now he has left for Mars with the CEO where the second girl and baby are abducted but something similar to true martial world happens and he and wife gets separated. The novel is moderately good but way way better to read than MWBCEO

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Drake888 rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c20
Seems like the author was heavily inspired by "My wife is a Beautiful CEO. *Cough* plagiarism *cough*. The writing of this novel isn't as good as "My Wife is a Beautiful ceo" but that might improve.

Not a great novel but not bad either. It's fun if it's to your taste. There are a few other novels that tell the exact same story (and some tell it better) but the genre isn't as full as isekai, so it's nice to have more variety. If you are looking for more "assassin slowly... more>> building a harem in a modern city" this is worth a read. If you're looking to see if this is the genre for you, look for one of the better novels first and then come back to this one.

Sadly, the writing goes downhill after ch20. It still scratches the itch if you need a story from this genre but you have to actively ignore some of the more obnoxious habits of the author (he's one of those guys who likes to include exposition about how fancy and impressive something is, or how awesome the MC is, or how all women are obsessed with their appearance/easily frightened/easily flattered/obsessed with their looks in every chapter). I would change my rating to 2 stars if I knew how. There is still enjoyment to be had here, but be prepared to wade through some sewage to get to it. <<less
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mechafanboy rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c39
There's nothing remotely serviceable about this story. This isn't even an anti-qidian review or anything although I wish it was because it would make more sense than this novel getting translated in my opinion.

The level of writing is flat out horrendous. It reads like a power fantasy of a 12 year old kid who just wants to pack as much action as possible into as few words as possible. The world building is laughable and judging by the sequence of events and how closely it follows a similarly titled novel... more>> (similar themes is fine, but when the events play out in the exact same manner and timing as the novel it's based on, that's probably going a step too far.)

It would take less effort to try and list down the positives of the novel rather than the negatives because that would be a shorter list *rolls eyes*

Edit: I actually reread both stories and need to change this to "Don't bother reading either story since I forgot how terrible the other story was as well when originally writing this review lmao. Sorry if anyone got misled. <<less
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mars199 rated it
March 27, 2018
Status: c80
First of all I would like to clarify my point of view: Right now I'm really into modern day settings, OP MC and lighter stories that are not about apocalypse whatever stuff. From the genre this one fits exactly.

HOWEVER, I give this with 100 percent certainty 1 star and not even a bit more. I am stopping now to read further as I really cannot get myself to overlook the bad writing. Typically, I am not even picky about writing... even reading some machine translated stuff. But THIS is just... more>> borderline badly written. You cannot even blame it on the translation. The author is clearly not versatile in even the most basic storytelling. He is not able to create one bit of suspense.

General criticism is usually not helpful, thus I will give you some examples:

    • Perspective: A good story, written from third person point of view, still switches between perspectives. The author does not share everything with the reader and limits the information available. In this story there is no suspense because in many situations the reader already knows about the whole situation before the MC. In many good reads also the perspective of the characters is not entirely shared. In this novel you just get told everything that is going on and everything the MC and other characters are thinking. Totally dumb.
    • Repetitive writing: I am a scientist and Articles I write usually are borderline boring to read. It is meant this way because in Science you just want to state facts and want to sound boring, non judgmental and objective to give the reader the chance to focus on the facts and not how eloquent you talk about them. Therefore we often use the same terms and don't find fancy synonyms or other ways to go around repeating certain expressions. Even I didn't ever use the same word in any of my articles as often as the author of this novel repeats random things in his chapters. You get the feeling that the novel is written by a child:
READ chapter 37

first before you decide to spend time on this novel!!! The term "black bone chicken" is repeated 32 times in one f*cking chapter. How can anyone (professional) write that badly?

Plot: The plot itself and mostly the subplots are in a way as if a child with a very narrow understanding of human relations writes a story. Villain xy talks bad about MC, MC either beats up villain or slaps his face by whatever ridiculous insults the author can think of. Those insults are praised as some miraculous eloquent face slapping, which cannot be rivaled by anyone, although in fact they are just normal insults that might happen in a normal kindergarten.


Example of a pretty ridiculous Subplot: MC "befriends" one of 4 young masters of the city. MC appears to have ridiculous medical skills and can help this young master with a sickness. So far so good.... not really innovative, but so be it. The problem is mostly the way this plot is realized.

Quote: "Ever since Young Master Zhang got diagnosed short pen*s syndrome, neither his father nor his mother liked him. People around laughed at him, and even his relatives and friends looked down upon on him." [...]"Zhang, take off your shirt, I need to give you acupuncture." [...] "Qingfeng Li took the needles and used "Nine Penis-Empowering Needles". He did it lightning fast and stabbed it into his Shenshu point, life gate point, lumbar point, as well as 6 other points."


This sounds obviously like a parody. The problem is: It's not intentional.

Why do I get so annoyed? I really like the genre and there are plenty of good novels out there that are not translated. I am lacking a novel like this with a decent update frequency now and the one that has this frequency is just too bad to read. <<less
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HarukiMizuki rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c34
I have to say this is a rubbish novel I ever read. The story line almost the same with "My Wife is a Beautiful CEO". It's really annoyed me when plagiarism is treat as nothing to Chinese author. Who copied who, I don't know. But one thing for sure, "My Wife is a Beautiful CEO" is better and fun to read compared to this tr*sh. Sorry if my review is to harsh.
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ZeroSix rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c20
This is a downgraded version of My Wife is a Beautiful CEO,

Unlike MWBC this novel's pacing is bad and feels rushed and the battle are bland. The clan name's are kinda childish that it feels like it was written by a 13 year old. The characters lacks more depth and term's such as Wolf Continent, Wolf King, Tiger King, Tiger continent are I dunno maybe lame?

Look I may sound like I'm nit picking but I would like you to read it and tell me if I got anything wrong,... more>> stick with MWBC its the better version. <<less
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cbfarrar rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c280
It's like people before have said, the basic settings of the story are stolen from My Wife is a Beautiful CEO but the most unforgivable thing is just how ridiculously bad the writing is. Characters act in ways that don't make sense for how their personalities were portrayed as. They interact and talk like they're children. I would guess that the author himself is fairly young with no real understanding of the world because of how unrealistically the world and the people in it are portrayed. And while this... more>> might be a product of the environment that the author is in but it's clear that he is very sexist and nationalistic <<less
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slaider23 rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: --
Honestly, I just started reading this today and I must say. This story has nothing original as it feels like he fused "Super Soldier King" and "My Wife's a Beautiful CEO" story line together that it just feels ridiculous, with that in mind this just feels like a chore to read through because the writing isn't even as good as the two stories I mentioned. I'll maybe give it a few more chaps but I doubt it will change my mind. But i'll give it two stars for the attempt.
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rdawv rated it
December 22, 2017
Status: c150
Caveat: Have not read My Wife is a Beautiful CEO, which has been mentioned as a copy comparison.

Very shallow. The MC is your alpha male do-it-all like Ryo Saeba from the manga/anime City Hunter. He's a veteran of the battlefield, knows Chinese medicine, jade appraisal, antique knowledge, blessed with martial arts and bumps into peerless beauties left and right. They get mad at him, but would blush furiously at his roving hands.

Plot? What plot? There is a vague background about his mercenary past catching up to him, and he has... more>> 'retired' because of some nonsense about promised engagement. The entire set-up is about him encountering numerous women with bountiful assets. You can tell by the very first chapter which had him encountering a second beauty immediately.

It's time filler reading.

As for translation, it's decent for what the source material is; though some readers might find it disconcerting that the Chinese naming convention are flipped. The hero's name is Li Qingfeng, not Qingfeng Li. I thought 'Qingfeng' was a strange surname, and it wasn't until characters who are introduced as cousins and brothers and sisters of this or that other character did I realize that ALL the names have been translated this way. <<less
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GeassAye rated it
April 21, 2018
Status: c729
Started out as a decent find, but the author has no idea how to write a story. The plot itself is bland and boring. Also there is too much repetition in the story.

Ex. MC is blocked by guards from a location, MC knows the boss in charge, the guards dont believe him, MC calls the boss. This has happened in just about every arc. Face is slapped

Ex2. MC has participated in a antique competition 3-4x written the same way
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lik3_re4l_h4rem rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: c29
Can't help but I feel this novel really similar with "My wife is a Beautiful CEO (MWBCEO) " with only difference in quality, and until I read up to chp 29, even I don't want to, but makes me compares between the two novel, and this novel MC not as smart, strong, dreadful, and mysterious as MWBCEO, but 'trying' to be like that. Not to mention the others characters development and the events around him too, too bland, no surprise, and not make you feel, 'what happen in the next... more>> chapter', not at all, probably because this novel too 'similar' with MWBCEO for me. <<less
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Soren59 rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c809
Basically what My Wife is a Beautiful CEO would have been if it was written by a horny middle schooler.

The dialogue sounds like something out of a kids' cartoon show and all of the plot-writing is done with zero foreshadowing or intricacy, just a constant chain of events tacked together clumsily. It's obvious the author didn't even bother to plan it out as he was writing.

Turn off any cynical and logical part of your brain before you read this if you want to get any shred enjoyment out of it.

PS:... more>> It also doesn't help that the translator switches around the first and last names (i.e. Same as western names with family name last) which can be jarring if you're used to reading other CNs. <<less
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RedWingFM rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c507
Many people said that you need to read My Wife is a Beautiful CEO before reading this. I agree with that, but if you want to compare My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (MCECEO) and My Wife is a Beautiful CEO (MWCEO), know that My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife is a piece of tr***
Well, for those people who don't think so, I want to compare this two works. (WARNING! Mild Spoilers!)
First, let's start from pros.

1. Relatively good setting, good terminology (especially when MC using acupuncture), it's... more>> a very good plus.
2. Good female heroines and several main characters.

3. Yes, cultivation levels are liiiittle bit better than in MWCEO.

Cons (there are too many of them)

1. First of all, this is an allusion to MWCEO, because MWCEO was published long ago and has similar setting (powerful MC, powerful MC's background, "Ice Queen" CEO Wife, and 'fake marriage')
2. B***ard narcissist MC and very egoistical Wife.


I mean, is it really good to abandon your pregnant lover? You are f****** 'Miracle Doctor', but you cannot determine if your lover is pregnant or not (Even in AtG some mob doctor can).
Second: MC was between his wife and lover. He chose his wife and later again b**ged his lover. I don't know how to describe this
Third: I think this novel has 'polygamy' tag which means that MC must have at least two wifes, but in ch.485 they are not married yet (MC and his wife), well I suppose this will change

3. Poor Grammar. As says earlier, 'Repetitive description. Papaya papaya breast everywhere. At least use melon breast too'. Yes, I agree, I was disappointed in author's poor grammary.

4. Repetitive scenes. Something like this

Some mob thug/colleague saw MC and some girl.
"Hey, MC, I want to drink/sleep/walk with this girl. F*** off"
"What did you say, b******. F*** off"


"Ha? Get the f*** off"

"No, it's you who must f*** off"


"You are dead."

Thug throw a punch at MC. MC catch it.


"W-What? B******, let go of my hand."


MC broke his fist/punch him in a stomach/take him by his throat.
"What are looking at? Kill him, boys"
Some thug's friends want to beat MC.

MC's girl

"Noooooo! MC, let's call the police"


"Don't worry, I can defeat them"

*Some onepunchman moves*


"Get the f*** off"


"Hmm, I've got big boss/big brother/my family, we'll see how you deal with them later"

MC's girl

"Thank you, MC"


I understand that this scene is essential sometimes, but this is EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE, in EVERY CHAPTER, where MC and some girl (or MC saw some girl).

5. Poor chapter names and poor female character's development. Side female characters is only for MC's kisses and gropes, not for more. The reason is because MC is a b****** and underlaid under his wife while he is a STRONGEST KING, Wolf King. LOL
6. Poor story development. As I say in 5., side female characters are not needed at all. MC lust for his wife


She don't allow him to touch her -> give him a chances to massage her, but doesn't allow him to sleep with her -> allow him to sleep with her, but s*x is forbidden. LOL, good wife (a, soooorry, I forgot, she has a fear of men, s*upid me)
MC want his wife to "Have s*x with him and have a child.". Why? I don't understand. Is his life depends on it or what?



Well, MC here is a b****** and very narcissistic. No, I understand that you are the Strongest, but you don't have b**** to admit that you have a lover, and not one.
Meh, I just want to say that MWCEO is a league better than this.

P.S. I nearly forgot to say something. I don't know if author did it intentionally, but he mentioned in his work MWCEO's MC's name (Yang Chen) and Queen of England Catherine.

Author must use another words to describe a girl's breast if he love to describe this. I don't remember where I read it, but some MC described girls's sizes.

And one more, although I thank translators from Qidian for translating this, but I dissapointed in character's names. I mean, you use Family Name and later Second Name, not vice versa. Well, that's all. Edit: Sorry, I must add another reason why MC is a b****** and tr*sh

Qingfeng's rule was to stop the two of them from meeting. There would not be any awkwardness if the two of them did not meet. Again, WHY? You are already did a deed, why you are so stubborn toward it?

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Adyanthaya rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c319
A rip off from My Wife is a beautiful CEO. Feels like one of those fan based novels where someone is trying to focus or choose only the best parts and then try to fuse them together. The conversation between characters seem forced at times. MC is supposed to a top notch Wolf king etc but his reactions to situations and dialogues seem so amateurish. I'll stick to the original one no thank you.
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furqon37 rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: c617

What you can see from MC:

  1. He want to loyal with his wife and retain his marriage, but he still thrust his D to another woman and didn't take full responsibilities. He also neglected his woman heart before his marriage. There are another many potential heroine whom MC can violate and neglect so far.
  2. I am only 20+ year dude but all young and old antique expert, chef, bartender, martial artist, and miracle doctor shall bow with my skill and knowledge! What The F!! How long you needed to study all of them? Are you reincarnated immortal or genius? You just banished young master! Do you have cheating system like Zhang Xuan (novel Library of Heaven Path) or else?
  3. I am MC, so all heroine must fall-in-love to me. Yeah that's right. All unmarried or unrelationship lass would having thought for MC. You can also find bounty-full hero-save-beauty scene that make woman having her flag triggered.

... more>> If you read this novel, you can see more content that have plagiarism content (i.e. collecting debt arc maybe from My Wife Is a Beautiful CEO, saving drugged singer from lecherous dude arc from Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel, etc).


Ahhh... I quit read this novel because non-original story and pu*sy MC. I don't know when author can make only original story and update the MC character. I never thought too that I read till chapter 617. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: c35
Extremely generic. Every person of importance he seems to run into is a beautiful woman. You have the cute co-worker where he works, which of course his CEO wife is the boss of.

Speaking of her, she's just a b*tch. The first chapter starts with them walking out of a building after obtaining their marriage certificate. She's extremely cold and rude to him. This would be more relatable if there were a chapter or two showing them meeting one another and what not. However, all it gives are a... more>> few of her inner thoughts disdaining him for wearing shabby clothes. There's another scene where she's at fault for jumping to the wrong conclusion about something.. Her thought process?.. Something like..." I'm the CEO of so and so company. I've never apologized to anyone before and never will. " This only enforces her personality as a shallow and egotistical person. Yet, a few chapters later he takes a bullet to protect her and now she straight up refuses to get a divorce. Really?.. would you have married anyone who protected you? Gratitude. Sure, but now you want him? Soooooo badly written.

There's also the short haired beautiful woman cop who is angry at him all the time, etc. etc. It's just so badly written. He embarrasses the cop by taking her gun when she points it at him, so when she gets it back she aims it at him and pulls the trigger multiple times. He took the bullets out.... but.. what?.. This lady just tried to murder you.. he glosses over that with a joke (that makes no sense) and that's it. Sooooo badly written.

He even went to collect a debt his work was owed from a gangster to protect his pretty coworker from her scum boss. This is straight up stolen from a similar novel.

I don't care if novels aren't exploding with detail as long as it's interesting and reads smoothly. This however is just plain bad. It takes parts from other novels and does an extremely bad job of imitating them.

What a waste of a decent translator (still enough mistakes to be noticeable but not that bad). I recommend skipping this novel, or reading the highly superior one (relatively anyway) in the same genre. <<less
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kiwon132445 rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c20
Over-detailed on everything and the plot is way too compact. Who would actually say "Taking advantage of you being down, I'll take away your life"? That part really put me off. Makes me think of teenagers acting out a chuunibyou like scene.

Although it is impolite to say but, it is a rip off of 'My wife is a CEO' and a horrible one on top of that.
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DicerX rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c1620
The story early on is "bearable, " you could read it to waste time. But it gradually becomes worse, it's almost as if the author had a gun pointed at him and if he didn't write more then that's the end of him. I digress, but overall, in this novel you've got harem building here, you got the arrogant young masters there, and sect exterminations every now and then, generic to the extreme, but you know it is enjoyable to have it as a chapter filler or something. But this... more>> isn't the case, the story revolves around the three points I mentioned above.

And it's so f*cking repetitive. The MC is too strong? "Oh, let's play the scene where he waits till the villain tries to punch him and then casually rip his arm off!" Now repeat this at least a 1000 times to reach godhood. Someone sneak attacked the MC? He's gotta exterminate their sect now homie, when in fact MC doesn't blink when he sneak attacks others. Oh, and let's not forget that the Japanese are weak shits as is the tradition in Chinese novels.

Now let's comment on the author's writing style, in a word: a 6th grader would've done better. And how would I know that a 6th grader would've written a better piece? Simply because I've been teaching my niece for a while now and she can have a more worthwhile plot just by blabbering about it. What irks me the most is that the author advances the plot in ONLY two ways:

- One of the MC's women gets into a disaster.

- The MC starts pursuing a women from a certain sect etc...

And what drives me insane is how unoriginal the author is, f*ck he could have copied a small portion and then made something unique, and I wouldn't fault him but f*ck no. Nothing is original. I could easily list four other novels that have similar plots with MUCH better character building and world building.

I would recommend reading this if you're going to undergo a lobotomy anytime soon so that you can easily forget this shit.

Edit: corrected some paragraphs. <<less
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Ominous Raven
Ominous Raven rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: c50
I would give it 3 stars if I haven't read my wife is a beautiful ceo. Thank God I have.

  • MC is reckless and s*upid, it's ironic that the so called wolf King isn't as smart and sly as a wolf literally. DAMN you're not in your territory and keep provoke someone or get provoked easily. Sure you're a wolf King and not afraid of everything but YOUR CLOSED ONE ARE NOT OP AS YOU ARE.
  • Repetitive description. Papaya papaya breast everywhere. At least use melon breast too.
  • I don't know who copies who but personally I like mwiabceo better, err so much better.
  • The women here are a bit easy to blush and fall in love with the MC aren't they? Normally if a stranger "touch" you, I think you will be disgusted and not blush coz of his look or whatever.

Pros :

I will leave it here in case I find the pros in this novel later on

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ejemss rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: --
I didn't know how I managed to read up to the 150+ chapters but at the 12th time a thug came wanting to flirt the MCs girl I became tired of it. Too cliched than your everyday life. No plots, just flirt, date, coming of thugs then kick them on their stomachs. This was better off written by a baby.

Not recommended reading it, the story is st*pid.

The high ratings given here was probably the clone accounts of the author, some even said the world building is good. If it is... more>> good in your tastes then I am not sure if you know world building at all. <<less
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