NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System


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A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters!

After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life!

In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants to enjoy life and head for a glorious future… However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances?

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quinn zevi
New quinn zevi rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c104
sorry, im just gave this 3 🌟 becuz I thought it'd be different like japanese stories and stuffs and have good story bout Dating Sims game but I don't like the ML and I need to drop this novel becuz :

i was expecting that dating sim in its name to be something like Legendary Moonlight sculptor in Dating kind, it's so disappointed. And im agree with Cute's opinion bout the MC, and im agree with 'Cutee' bout the MC. As for the MC, he refuse to believe any of the... more>> girls has feeling for them. What you have here is a normal guy that know when someone got the hot for them, a guy that also knows he is leading other people on even though he has no intention to date anyone but do nothing to reject or giving answers to any of the girls, a guy so determined to stay single that he might as well just wrote 'Monk' down as his occupation. Decide for yourself which one is worse. <<less
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New Oshibo rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: 719
I'll come back and do a proper review when I'm done, but as a place holder I have to say, some reviewers/commenters have at best heard the term Dating Sim before and know nothing about what one is, or at worst are complete morons. I honestly never thought I'd see a day where people complain about what is essentially a dating sim protag having an easy time with girls.

Okay I'm back with a more serious review and the biggest issue that I previously mentioned is no longer an issue.

So let's... more>> start off with characters.

The MC is an amazing, he isn't a villain nor is he a hero, he is an ordinary person who is powerful. He doesn't get all the girls even though all of them agree that he is basically the best possible partner. For example one girl gives up on him after she finds out that he formed a harem with multiple girlfriends, she was okay dating him if she was his one and only, but she wasn't willing to be one of his multiple partners. Meaning the romance is pretty realistic in a sense that some people are okay with with a man having multiple women and some aren't, one girl wasn't okay with it so she gave up, three girls were so they all decided to share him. You also have to realize that in his part of society a powerful man having multiple partners is actually pretty normal, so normal isn't the same for everyone and his normal is not necessarily one of monogamy. He feels guilt towards the women, but that is because his mind is majorly that of an ordinary 30 year old man from earth and not that of a young master of a rich family, so his normal is slowly changing as he adapts to his new environment.

His harem are all unique individuals with their own problems, feelings and views on his actions.

Story: The story is well thought out and organized and one event always effects the other, there surprisingly aren't any plot holes as everything is addressed and wrapped up nicely even if it isn't immediately after the event. It may seem like there are plot holes though as it can take quite a bit after the events to close them up and people would forget certain events so they don't even realize it. <<less
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Curee rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: --
What I expect from a dating sim game:

    • Interesting and fun scenarios
    • Attractive female characters
What I got from a novel with dating sim in its title:

    • Isekai/school life/shounen for scenarios, such an inspiring combination
    • Brain dead and horny characters, the only thing they got going for them is their faces
If you're expecting that dating sim in its name to be something like Date A Live, you'll be disappointed. What it actually is, is the usual isekai cheat.

As for the MC, yes he's not a dense protagonist that refuse to believe any of the girls has feeling for them. What you have here is a normal guy that know when someone got the hot for them, a guy that also knows he is leading other people on even though he has no intention to date anyone but do nothing to reject or giving answers to any of the girls, a guy so determined to stay single that he might as well just wrote 'Monk' down as his occupation. Decide for yourself which one is worse.

He is also incredibly obnoxious with how much the author reminds us how handsome he is, so handsome infact, I had suspect his p**** to be glowing.

Other reviews mentions that there are no 'arrogance young master', well I have bad news for you, they are still here. It's just the author is way too busy talking about the MC's handsomeness to be bothered about giving any of those guys any screen times. Like I said, obnoxious main character.

I forgot which chapter I dropped it at, no desire to go check so I'm leaving it blank. It was after the school onmyoji battle with school prez, the only thing I have to say about that fight, is author needs to stop masturbating to the MC.
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Gillmour rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: c50-60
I asked myself several times to write. I read the novel watching the reviews and it was so disappointing.

Do not rely on the comments, because the only thing they describe is:
read it, I really liked it
and when you see how many chapters they have read are:
-or the first 10 chapters
-or the 300- all
and really is disappointing the second option, because you like it so much that you do not put anything?

As a harem lover I have discovered that er**ic novels have more depth of characters... more>> than novels like these.

my reasons for leaving the novel:

-MC - the big problem

The author tries to give a background, which in the end does not define his personality, could have been that he was an alien and it would have worked; but no, it gave him a personality that neither follows.

first I want to say that although there is an adult in a boy's body, hormones will always influence, it's something that I know, that you know, but the author does not know.

He uses the excuse of being otaku to feel excluded from all people, and the worst thing is that he says he is in a world where there are women comparable to anime girls, add him as a 30 year old virgin otaku, and behave like a disinterested gentleman when They know they love him, I do not know Rick looks fake.

The MC says that he does not want to hurt any girl, and he knows that there are some in love with him; and instead of behaving like an adult, who claims to be, does not say anything, explanations? Pff none. And when I do not find a rational explanation I feel that I lost the bond that united me to empathy for the MC
Say something for God! That you like and want to take advantage of the harem or that you are a eunuch and that's why you were a virgin or you're gay and you wanted the trap boy from the beginning

I feel a total disconnect with the MC, because he does not tell me what it is and I only read the surface of it, as any generic Japanese MC would say or would only add that he is not a pervert or shy, just an irritating know-it-all.

I think that being a Chinese author would put serious things in the moment they are necessary, and I'm wrong, the plot may become interesting later on but it will simply be like any other Japanese novel that fails to extract manga episodes after the first 3.

If you like the shonen, welcome; but if you came here for the title hoping to be the "kami nomi" with the decent end you hoped, wrong place, sure women here will have interesting stories or introductions but their personality will be more empty than a leaf of paper.

I do not ask a hentai or MC more worried in your crotch than to do what you should do. I want more reality in terms of your actions, I want you to tell me why it behaves like this, because keep the mystery of the past life? Why not look for the family? Why use the excuse of being otaku when you're not? Why do you lie to us why why why

how handsome it is, please author stop with that already everyone knows that he is handsome.

some will say that I am wrong but those who read the chapter where some kids from their high school try to save a girl persecuted will realize, that chapter was the most forced and unreal law.


the girl changes from being a princess rescues a crazy yakuza

everything changes so fast that I get dizzy


I will repeat it again, the novel may or will improve but it will already follow a route and it is shonen, romance and other things will be left aside, the girls will be the bottom of the stage.

to say goodbye I'll give a prediction, it's not spoiler because I do not read raws, it's my guess my prediction does not confuse, here it goes:


The MC will end up driving a gundam obtained from the system he has.


sorry for the spelling mistakes <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: --
Not a very good piece of work, although it was entertaining in the beginning at the very least. However, that feeling of fulfilling progression that you could glean from the earlier chapters is all but lost as the chapters roll by.

For one, the power creep that the MC experiences is far too fast. The author did not know how to pace the development of the main character's abilities so as a reader you are prone to quickly becoming numb to his accomplishments as the story progresses. A good author will... more>> pace out interesting developments so that they are not so close together such that you become overly familiar and indifferent to them, nor does he put these developments so far apart that the readers all but loses their interest in the intermission.

Secondly, the system that encompasses and facilitates the MC's advancement - the dating sim system - is poorly constructed. The requirements to unlock certain activities such as singing and dancing for instance seem awfully arbitrary and contrived. This extends to the entire system as a whole. It feels poorly and shabbily constructed. The author is hell-bent on making you, the reader, believe that he and his story are much smarter than they really are when what he dishes out to his audience is at the equivalent of a shoddy smoke-and-mirrors light show. All show and no substance. Don't pay attention to the finer details if you decide to read this novel as it will leave you with nothing but disappointment (and possibly disgust).

Thirdly and most importantly, the writing itself is poor. Characters are one-dimensional, meaningful plot developments are far and few between, the main character is a landmine of cringe worthy behavior and mannerisms, etc. One of the funniest parts is how flat and monotone the MC comes off as being. I can't help but feel disgust at the hypocrisy of the main character running around racking up affection points with the myriad snow-skinned fair maidens by bamboozling them about his self-fulfilling success story of how he went from zero to hunk-extraordinaire I-am-better-than-thou hero in the course of literally a week with the story of his success. He advertises himself as having reformed from being the fat, disgusting otaku that he was into Mr. Perfect through his virtue and self-reflection, when he never reflected on anything in the first place and all the work was essentially done for him by his cheat system. The author has the gall to sell the main character as being more than what he is: a shameless, clueless, hypocritical gary-stu self insert.

I'll give this work 3 stars because despite its shortcomings it can still be an entertaining read if you go through it quickly, for both the good and the bad. I recommend binging this if you decide to pick it up at all. <<less
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graydragon12 rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: c30
The novel has a good start with describing the MC, his personal motivation and his new body history. The author also slowly go through how the MC change and how he is trying to fix his new body and reputation. But then thing went **** all.

... more>>

The author doesn't seem to know spacing. MC drop like 30-50kg and become a fit strong handsome young man in like a weeks or so (max 1 month). I know the author go with thing like "game mechanics" but that is kinda stretching here. Combine with the fact the MC is so handsome that his landlord (young beautiful single mother with a 16yrs old daughter) has a "she would has s*x with you if you ask" in the description around a month after he try to change his way.


My main reason with giving up on the novel was that the author seem to lost sight on what the hell his early story goal was. Granted the MC has no goal when start but at around chapter 20, we got introduce to a new female EVERY CHAPTER. Just because the novel has "dating sim" in the name doesn't mean we need a large cast of 10 or so female characters when 0 of them get developed. You heard me ZERO. The only thing they got in common are that they look beautiful which count for literally nothing.

  • Landlord daughter: above average look, like by guy
  • School president: holy beautiful, the most beautiful (imagine Mahouka Res level of beauty cause that how I feel while reading about her)
  • Landlord daughter friend: tomboyish, beautiful
  • President of the drama club: feminine, beautiful, elegant smile
  • The random girl that drama club press bring back (she will also be in the harem I swear on that) : cold looking, beautiful

There are like 2-3 more I haven't introduce but you get my point. New beautiful girl with 0 characteristic give nothing to the story but word counts and bored readers


Again with the spacing, MC just grow too fast for no given reason. Again game mechanic aren't a thing. You won't grow 10kg of muscle in 1 week and people don't look at you and ask "what drug you been using". MC also a herbivore for some reason. Considering he was a 30yrs otaku before he get this new game otaku body, he has 0 interest in girl and keep using the reason "I am an otaku" to chase away girls. I am not saying he should go around raping girl and such


he can reload "saves" so he can basically have his way with every girl and found out who suit his taste the most but being a moral busy he is, he decide to not use it


but at least pick 1 and stick with it. Worse is, he know they like him and he ignore it.

Surprise, surprise, all the boy in his class hate him cause he so handsome, talented and can literally do everything thus stealing the attention of all the beautiful girl. A normal man would just go "**** it I am friend of the lady" but our manly man character here want a male friend and he would gladly cast all his female potential girlfriend away in search for that one single male friend. I know friends is important but who said your friend can't be female. Plus MC is 30+ so a bunch of 16 years old kids doesn't qualified as "friends".

td, dl: A missed opportunity for a slice of life novel with an interesting cast of characters, a MC that can "insert special ability here" while casting away his old otaku self while being hated by all but the one that understand him. <<less
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LOTRfreak101 rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c6
This is my first time writing a review for any story on this site and I actually made an account in order to review it. I've read over 70 novels on this site for reference. I'm generally not a fan of reviews before about 30 chapters as we aren't introduced to the plot or characters in general, but this story after the first 6 chapters has just really resonated with me as being amazing. The MC isn't like any other MC from chinese stories that I've read (you know super... more>> cocky and declares that he will kill any one who sneezes in his direction). The system that the author has created for the dating sim seems like it will be pretty interesting when explained in full as the parts that they have revealed so far seem pretty interesting and unique. I'm really excited to see where this story goes and I plan on updating my review when it hits about the 150 mark, but from what I can tell the author knows how to write a very good story with intriguing characters, plus the translator and editors seem to be doing an excellent job as well. <<less
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Kreuz rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c16
It's incredibly rare for me to say this, but I can't enjoy this even though it's a harem. The main problem for me is that the MC is too handsome. Yes, you read that right. Girls that usually are distant or playing hard to get are suddenly all over him because of his appearance and MC is surprised that his male classmates are jealous. So far there hasnt been one girl that treated him just normal after seeing his appearance apart from the school beauty. Some boys are trying to... more>> sabotage him with petty challenges that the MC handles effortlessly with his cheat system, so the MC now looks like a genius in that area. Funnily enough, one of the chapter titles is literally "This world isn't one that only cares about appearances!". The actual content of the chapter however proves the opposite. All in all I will keep reading it in hope that the author will turn down the worship the MC receives.

The MC also doesnt have a libido despite being a virgin for 30 years before making the whole harem thing kinda pointless. <<less
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Elawn rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: c334
Wow. Wow, wow, WOW.

I was seriously blown away by this novel. I was skeptical at first, and quite reluctant to start it, but since it had a "Modern Day" tag, I just had to give it a shot... and boy am I glad I did. The MC is life. Seriously. No arrogant young master/a***ole/pervert/master of the universe dipsh*t bullsh*t. None of it. He is 30 years old mentally and he actually acts like it. I know what you're thinking; SHOCKER, right?

But that's not the best part, no, no. The best... more>> part isn't even his overpowered Dating Sim System (which by the way can do A LOT more than help him date, so I'm currently questioning the author's sense of naming), no, it's the plot build that really starts around 20+ chapters, when we realize that this novel isn't just going to be a slice of life but something closer to a modern wuxia packed drama...

I don't want to spoil anyone, but to those who haven't yet started to read this, I only have one question:

What are you waiting for?!

EDIT as of 05/28/2018: I took a star off because the pacing is excruciatingly slowwww. <<less
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xzpwnz rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c320
The title is a bit misleading. It's not so much a dating sim or harem novel than it is a shounen.

The MC acts more like a psychologist than he does a neet/otaku. Although he was 30 in his past life, he acts more like he was in his 60s or 70s with his level of maturity and perception of emotions and others' state of mind.

The plot revolves around him being a hero/protagonist who saves people (emotionally and mentally) in despair, and the system gives him rewards and points from people... more>> he saves and the strong emotions he brings others. <<less
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Kagutsuchi rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: c238
This novel is entertaining but the title is completely fake for what most people are looking for:

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System ----> Doesn't Date. YEAH, he truly know about the feelings the girls (and one boy) have for him "Her level of feelings toward me are at the point where I can just ask her to have se-x with me and she'll accept" but he just ignored them "I'll leave it by the time they confess to me" or something like that he said.

NEET Receives the ability to Save/Load... more>> like in games ----> Doesn't Abuse YEAH he truly doesn't abuse it, he just use it OBVIOUSLY in the momments where one of his loved person or him is near death/already death so... it isn't abuse, it's necesary, load or die man, you have no other choice.

Watching a lot of anime truly broke your brain author-san.

Girls playing around with the MC is one of the ways to describe the love in this novel, everyone is in love with him but he doesn't pay attention to that. <<less
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aonir rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c686
4/5, and I've read all the raws up to chapter 686.
First of all, this IS NOT a Dating Sim, contrary to the title.
The MC is already too handsome, he doesn't even need the help of his cheat ability for that. He just needs to smile and any girl will fall in love with him, be it the tsundere, the ice-cold, the tomboy, the mature, the shy or any other kind of girl, even elementary school girls.

80% of the story is (Harem) /Romance/Slice of life/Comedy/School life
20% is Mystery/Cultivating/Action

The... more>> whole story is about how handsome/cool/strong/talented/smart/kind/generous/mature/perfect the MC is, with each plot proving it again to us.
He is good at everything he does: work, study, tennis, basketball, football, karate, fighting, shooting, cultivating, writing stories, drawing illustrations, playing laser game and so on.

It's more a melting pot than an original story, the sad part is that this kind of story will never have a print version nor an official translation, it would be too much troublesome with the copyrights (Urban Romance, The Gamer, Green Lantern, In Another World With My Smartphone, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Bakuman, DBZ, Saint Seiya, GTO, Gundam, Blue Exorcist, Kenshin, 1/2 Prince, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Digimon, Detective Conan, Full Metal Alchemist, Accel World, Jumanji, Initial D, Iron Man, X-Men, Terminator, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Rift, Over Watch, Max Payne, Counter-Strike,... And I'm sure I missed a lot more).
So I would say that instead of a Web Novel, it's a lot more like a Fan Fiction. But still, I enjoyed it.
If you're the type who enjoys reading Fan Fictions, this story is for you. And if not, you might find too much of "plagiarizing" inside to be able to appreciate it.

The first negative point: too much of repetitions, for example I don't know how much time I saw "handsome", "cool", "idol". And not just at the beginning.

Second point: The cover, after repeating so much time how handsome the MC is, I expected something much better...

The third and most negative point of the story is the MC, who is too much of a Marty Stu, using the excuse of being an "otaku" for being mentally perfect.

The author has gradually forgotten that his MC is actually 30 years old in his head, because he more and more makes him react like a 10 years old shy kid whenever girls show him some affection. He blushes all the time, gets embarrassed for nothing and can't look at the girls in their eyes. Like any harem MC, he keeps on raising flags whenever he talks to them. It's the typical reactions that any Japanese harem MC would have, the thing is the other MCs are usually teenagers, why did you even say he was 30 years old if he ends up like this? But he still say stuff like a 70 years old monk when he talks to them. He sometimes thinks of perverted stuff and even buy some R18 books, but when he gets the occasion to do it for real he just run away like a kid...

When Natsuya became his retainer, she had an org*** and we learn that his Spiritual Power is so powerful that the girls feel him "inside" of them, arousing them to the point of org*** (it's also making them stronger). And not just once, for example for Natsuya it happened 3 times the first day. But the MC is just embarrassed and lowered his eyes.

When Karen (the sister of Kaho, with I-Cup breasts) has an evil spirit inside of her, to expel it he has to massage her breasts, and with his "special" spiritual power, she get aroused and get straight to org***. Later he must divide the evil spirit in 2, leaving half of it inside of Kaho, but for that their breasts must touch together, and with his "special" spiritual power, it's like having a 3P. Again, the MC reacts like a kid...

At the beginning, he knows that Mika (16 years old) loves him, but he says she's too young for him... Okay, but later around chapter 400 he knows that Kaede (~25 years old) is willing to be just a mistress, but he acts as if he heard nothing and doesn't even tell the reason, if there is.

Even when he finally creates a harem (more like the girls pushing him to do it), he keeps on thinking stuff like "I'm such a bad guy", "I'm really a scum to actually make a harem".
Is just kissing 3 different girls a few times even considered to be opening a harem? It's a little step ahead of the Japanese harem MCs who don't even kiss, but still... Not mentioning that the 3 girls of his harem (Mika, Chiaki and Natsuya) are teenagers, he forgot that at the beginning of the story he said they were too young.


I feel that the author wants to be funny but he doesn't have any "fun ideas" and has chosen the classical "dump Japanese harem MC" route because it's way easier than finding new ideas by himself. He just took all the clichés dialogues/scenes in other books/animes and wrapped them together.
Even if the MC does understand when a girl loves him, like some people already mentioned, it makes no difference if he does nothing, be it to be with or to reject her. I can even say that it's worst than the MCs who don't understand anything, because it's at least logical. Here we have an indecisive MC who understands everything but does nothing.

4th: Dumb MC when he finally uses the Save/Load ability
- When someone dies, he doesn't even try to think of the reason of the death or try to think of a way to save them BEFORE using Load. He just load instantly and think about what to do afterwards. Isn't it a little too stupid for a perfect MC?

At the beginning of the story, he refuses to use it to have money, a while later he uses it to steal (some fruits that can enhance his spiritual power) from other people... Can't he just win the lottery to buy these fruits legally, instead of stealing people?
I understand that the author wanted to add some workplace-scenes at the beginning, that being the "real" reason why he didn't use the save/load to win the lottery, but he could've find another excuse, like being low-key, being underage or something else.


Personally I find the battle parts really boring, I'm glad that it's only a small part of the story.

Even with all those bad sides, I still enjoyed reading it. It made me remember a lot of stories I read before, bringing back a lot of memories.
Like I already said, I feel that it is a Fan Fiction with the quality of a WN. The author took his favorite parts from all his favorites books/animes/movies/games and wrapped them together.
It's just too slow paced, after nearly 700 chapters we are still only a few months after the beginning of the story.

The chapter 686 was published the 29/07/2018 and there's usually 5 raws/week
For those who want to know what happen in the raws, here's some spoilers:

400: A secret organization launch a terrorist attack on the night of the New Year, power outage for the whole city and releasing a huge number of monsters.
409: First kiss, with Yukari making a sneak attack, he reacts like a kid...
418: Yukari get spiritual ability, becoming spider-woman (she can now spit spiritual spider's silks with her hands), her ancestor was a powerful spider who temporarily became human to have fun and live in our society.
419: we learn that it was the secret organization that did something to let some of the people in the city to awaken their spiritual abilities. Some Spiritual Worlds are even created.
422: His little sister promised to forgive him is he defeats his elder sister. He then accepts after learning that it's just a little quarrel. She becomes his ally, provides him information and equipment to help him getting stronger.
426: Hoshi gets spiritual ability, using his blood to manipulate a red bird. Later it becomes 3 birds.
435: He explored a Spiritual World, to get some fruits that can boost his spiritual power. It's his little sister who gave him a complete list of all the new spiritual worlds and the treasures that have been found inside. He found a 3-man team beating monsters in front of a tree to get the fruits, so he load the file he saved after entering this world, to reach the tree before them. He gets a full backpack and returns home.
445: MC finally becomes a Yin Yang Master. He decides to fight with Akatsuki Mitarai together with Natsuya. We learn that it's possible for a Yin Yang Master to be a Spirit Branded Retainer, and for a Spirit Branded retainer to temporarily have 2 Yin Yang Masters. So Natsuya and her 2 spirit branded retainers are going to be Seiji's Spirit Branded Retainers, that way they will become strong enough to defeat Akatsuki Mitarai.
465: Natsuya admits to Seiji's little sister that she'll accept him having other women if they got married.
470: Kaede asks him to do it with her (because she and her otaku brother are going to hell to save their fighting addict brother who has awakened his spiritual ability, allowing him to create blue fire, and they might die while trying to do so), tells him that he won't need to take any responsibility. In the end he just kiss her on the forehead, and even blush while doing so.
474: Kaede asks him to sleep with her (without sex), he refuses and finally agree to do it just for a short while. When she falls asleep he left the bed.
475: Kaede and her otaku brother get spiritual abilities, she has a pair of black wings on her back and her brother can create black lightning with his hand.
477: Seiji asks his elder sister to shelter the friends who have awakened spiritual abilities. She refuses and tells him that if he wants to defeat her, he not only have to become stronger, he also have to find strong Spirit Branded Retainers.
507: New harem member with spiritual ability kisses him. He saved her and a lot of people the day before.
513: Start of the 4vs4 battle with Natsuya, her 2 retainers and Seiji, against Akatsuki Mitarai and his 3 retainers. In the end he is killed by his own homonculus.
520: The first volume of the book he wrote with Shika is finally on sale.
528: Shika Kagura becomes his first (real) Spirit Branded Retainer.
543: Valentine's Day. Natsuya gives him a heart-shaped box of chocolate in front of everyone at school, that way no other girls would dare to get close to him in the future.
551: Mika kisses him after he saved her life. She has awakened the ability to absorb the power of the spiritual creatures that she kills.
552: She asks him if they can be together forever, he accepts without knowing the meaning (cause he is a Japanese harem MC), he got her character card because her favorability towards him finally hits 100 points. While he is still thinking about what he just said, she french kisses him. Understanding what he was thinking, she tells him that it doesn't matter even if he has other women. She also tells him that Chiaki and Natsuya also agreed to let him have other women. He finally kiss her (yes, after 552 chapters he finally acts like a man...)
563: After learning that Mika already told him everything, Chiaki confesses her love to him. He kisses her.
564: He tells Kagura about his plans of harem. She tells him that it's normal for a lot of girls to love him, but he's a fool who's too easy to be taken advantage of. So, as her sister and Spirit Branded Retainer, she will protect him and eliminate those who are not worthy. Mika and Chiaki are "accepted" by her.
569: Kagura accepts Natsuya as part of her brother's harem. Natsuya and Seiji confess to each other, he kisses her.
596. After Seiji and Natsuya had their first date in an amusement park, Mika is sad. Chiaki tells her that she's also in love with her and give her a kiss on the lips. Since she likes it, they kiss again and again, but without going further.
643: MC decides to grind points by drawing illustrations online.
647: He gets the Character Card of the Story he wrote with Shika.
649: Seiji and Shika go to the competition between 128 ability users. Natsuya's brother had told him their family will accept them being together if he wins and gives them the winning prize.
667: He was going to die while trying to save someone. So he load the file he made before the beginning of the competition.
679: Yui Haruta saves him when the boss pop. She gives him the wine and tell him he got 3 choices: 1. Become stronger / 2. Become even stronger, with risks / 3. Try to resurrect the people who died, success rate or number of people saved are unclear.
680: He asks her if it's possible to choose n°2, and use his new power to revive the dead.
681: He wakes up 13 days later. We know that he used save/load so many times he doesn't even know how much, until he succeeded. To revive someone, he saw all his life memories, then decided to revive those who were not "bad guys". Kana tells him that he was like a God. His Spiritual Power is now at 1200, more than 3 times than at the beginning of the competition (he has as much SP as a high level ability user). He receives new skills, like one to revive the dead with some restrictions (1 hour limit after the death, stuff like that). He would've been a lot stronger if he didn't rez anyone.
682: He already gave the price of winning the competition to Natsuya's Family, so they acknowledged their relationship.
683: Shika tells Seiji and Natsuya she is going to "buy food" and will be back in 30 minutes, to leave them alone in the hospital room. They kiss and Natsuya gives him a blowjob. Then a second one because he was still excited. She was going to give him a third one, but Shika came back. (Do note that it is not R18 nor R16. With no description, it just states that the matter is done).
684: This time it's Mika's time to visit him alone. Shika again left them to "buy food". Since she is extremely shy, they just kiss. Shika left again when it's Chiaki's turn, and this time it's him who uses his hand to pleasure her.
685: Chiaki's turn, she gives him a blowjob. Shika comes back when she finished giving him the second one.
686: Yui Haruta visits him in the middle of the night to ask him about what he's going to do in the future. He says he wants to protect his friends and if possible have a normal daily life. She gives him a card to join the Spiritual Court whenever he's ready. It's like a login unit to a website when he injects his spiritual power inside.
(The card has the number "001" on the back, so maybe she is (one of) the founder (s) of the Spiritual court?)

I think that the author realized his story was becoming so boring that most of the readers already left, so he added some lemon to keep those who were still here.
We still don't know what he did to his younger sister. We just know that he didn't rape her, since he's still a virgin.

11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
randi rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c200
This is the first time I write something like a review.

The story itself is easy going until ch. 22, I don't know what will happen in the future. I'm already sick with Xianxa tropes 'arrogant first/second young generation', which plot always brings revenge or useless dialogue and side character doesn't have unique personalities in the story.

AND IN THIS STORY... every character has a unique personality, well based on ch. 22 (of course, this is because dating SIM game element). MC likeable, polite, and his inner thought not boring at all.... more>> Oh, and a lot another POV that's will bring story keep fresh.

And yeah, CN novel with JP template that's more I like it. I hope MC doesn't have quality beta MC like a JP, because this CN novel.

[Edit 1 - Stay at ch.200]
Until ch.200 still easy going story (cause' save/load system), its easy going, but it has plot twist, there exist plot twist and quite fell sad moment, confronted with the enemy and MC already killed someone. I curious about his family and the system, really.


Ch.200 still barely touch a tip of Ying Yang Master and meet with older sister one-sidely (cause' MC run and Older Sister didnt notice.)

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ZhaWarudo rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c103
Let go of your prejudice because of the title. You think this is about way too OP cheat loser who gets harem too easily and wins his fights like on very easy mode? NO!

I am sort of a veteran of web novels and I wholy recommend it. ***It's funny***, I actually laugh every now and then and I can count the number of such novels I've read on my fingers. It's kind of a unintentional parody to IRAS and varius other novels, not a real parody because if you share... more>> my opinion, they are slightly interesting in the beginning but they overuse their jokes and get boring later.

***Are you worried about harem?*** Fear not, though there may be harem in the future, I actually want the protagonist to get all the girls! Normally I'm the type that roots for the first girl and feel others are unnecessary and ruin the depth of the story (though I don't mind the ocassional succubi, ice girl, gothic lolita). However I find all the girls lovable and ship them all! Though I don't think the protagonist is the kind who will get more than 5, even now he clearly knows one girl loves him and finds well all of them attractive, he doesn't have the time nor does he want to hurt them as he is a 30 year old wizard soul in a possesed body, while they are 15.

***Are you worried the protagonist is a loser with way too OP cheat?*** Fear not, altough the cheat is OP, conflicts are interesting and he doesn't abuse it, also he is not a loser per say, just in a loser's body ofc.

Unfortunately I hear a lot of you are indecisive when you read the reviews bashing the novels so you won't even try, you don't have to read a lot to get a feel of this novel, so I won't say it only gets good after 50 or 100 chapters, just try 2 chapters and you'll see your prejudice and the bashing reviews were wrong.

In conclusion this is a comedy/romance/action 70% JP, 30% CN novel, I know just the right measure. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
odinlowejr88 rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c191
The story starts out okay so long as you don't read too much into it. It's a nice guilty pleasure/parody/slice of life novel with lots of references to Japanese anime and light novels. Unfortunately, over time the little problems and inconsistencies build up and the novel becomes unreadable, especially once it starts moving away from a relaxing, humorous, and occasionally heartwarming slice of life novel toward a serious, dramatic, action/romance novel with occasional humor.

The plot starts with the standard cliche of 'MC dies and transmigrates into the body of a... more>> person who just passed away in another world while getting a cheat that allows him to fix all the problems that befell the original owner of the body'.

The cheat the MC receives is basically a dating sim version of the classic 'The Gamer' power. However, it also includes the ability to 'save' and 'load', rewinding time for himself. This obviously is ridiculously, hilariously, stupidly, OP as it allows him to save scum with all the same advantages you would get from save scumming in an RPG (although it's not been shown yet what the result would be if the MC falls completely into a 'bad end' such as dying/brain damage/coma/mind control/etc before he's able to load back to a safe point)

I could deal with the wish fulfillment

(harem, cheat system, young master of a hidden super-family, herioc saviour, etc.)

and the Mary Sue nature of the MC

(he can do no wrong and even when he does it's explained to the reader why he's 'right',
he's your classic 'hero' but the novel goes out of it's way to literally explain directly to the reader why he's 'not a hero',
he always says the perfect thing and all the females in the novel fall instantly in love with him within a few chapters of meeting him,
the body he transmigrated into was supposedly a 'weak, trash, waste of a person' while actually being a super powerful prodigious genius amongst geniuses who just has a low starting point,
he was supposedly your basic 'mid-level bussinessman otaku' before transmigrating and the author uses this background to explain why he's a superdetective with insight far beyond Sherlock Holmes as well as social skills and charisma the greatest politicians and celebrities would envy,

but the contrived excuses the author keeps coming up with for why the MC acts the way the author wants finally got too annoying

(he almost never uses the save/load system because the MC thinks he'll become 'immoral' or he 'wants the satisfaction of earning things himself',
the MC is being chased by innumerable 'S-class' and beyond beauties from middle schoolers to adult women and refuses to even consider being intimate with any of them despite the fact that he's actually shown to have a somewhat perverted nature and has a save scum system in the event that he accidentally hurts them emotionally,
the first true 'mystical' battle he gets into he never even considers using the save/load system even though he's used it in every dangerous situation before then and despite the fact that he and everyone else on his side of the fight end up badly injured with multiple near death experiences during the fight with no explanation for why he didn't at least consider reloading once he found out the enemy's strategy and capabilities,
etc.). <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fortunefish rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c164
While I rate this at 3 stars its not really a bad read. It's a very mediocre read that really doesn't have a lot of skill put into it, but the flow of it is nice enough for me to have it as a daily read. It is definitely my lowest rated daily read, but the fact that I still read it is showing it isn't unpleasant despite it not being that remarkable.

It is an Isekai cheat novel which reads like it is Chinese for sure.

It isn't that bad, but... more>> the author really seems like he is using this novel as his own perfect world which gets incredibly cringy at times. The MC's main thing is that he used to be a introvert otaku, and is still proudly an otaku, but is now somehow an otaku who acts like and has the self-confidence of a character from a wuxia novel. The author uses reaaaaaaaally cringy inserts to show how amazing otaku's are too. Like, "he knows how to treat this girl because he did a lot of dating SIMs" or this quote from the latest chapter with very mild spoilers.


the (Body-strengthening Technique) manual was easy to understand. In fact, for an otaku like Seiji, who possessed a wealth of knowledge regarding various mystical 2-D elements that were far more complex, detailed, and mysterious, this was akin to a beginner's textbook.


I honestly don't know how the author can even write lines like that without cringing into a burning fire. If you find stuff like that unbearably cringy then you probly shouldn't read this, so be warned. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rajesh rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c130
This is ****ing awesome... But, yeah.. MC is bit more handsome.. The way author describes how girls fall for him just as he smiles, it's quite difficult to imagine how much handsome can he be? What sucks for me is his ****ing morality.. Come on use your intelligence to decide where to use your power and up to what extent.. Not just setting some ****ing rules on yourself and blindly follow it irrespective to the situation. Oh.. Come on man.. grow up.. That's ****ing too childish.. And his age... more>> seems to be around 30..

MC is gentleman.. So, don't expect for any bad ass moments, you'll be disappointed. There is one situation where he pretends to be badass, unless that he is ****ing gentleman.

Translation quality and speed is good. I wholeheartedly appreciate that. Soo...., just read it I bet you'll definitely like it. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Darkrend rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c88
First time writing a review, I've read many novels on this site, many I enjoyed and many also made me want to rip my eyes out. So, story starts off with MC deciding to find a job to not burden his parents with his hobby and is rewarded with the all mighty Truck-Sama. Waking up in a new world and new body that died and was worthy of being called trash, has been given a dating sim like system too. He accepts the actions of the previous owner and tries... more>> his best to change himself (or how others view him), while taking advantage of the new system to help improve his life. He constantly gets involved in weird and funny situations with a serious tone sometimes. He still likes his former hobbies and has an appropriate mind set for someone who used to be a government worker. Overall it's a good story but obviously not for everyone, as is anything. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
barashkafromro rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: c32
The description is a lie. He was not a NEET in his past life. He only transmigrated into NEET but he got a job almost immediately. In his past life he had a proper job as a government worker. Proper description would be 30 year old government worker and otaku. NEET isn't relevant to the story, otaku is.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The8Sinz rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: --
Currently just released till chapter 4 but don't think it your normal dense or freaking pervert master MC the MC is a thoughfull person he does not spout crap and piss of other people just like that without a reason like other MC and thinks before he acts and also working extermely hard (currently, don't know if later the author just make him a re**** perv or not)


it's just beautiful till now the MC works hard in his new body trying to get rid of its past... more>> mistakes and getting thinner and also improving it motivating how hard he work's but he also has the game system which is pretty cheat which allowed him to improve more faster but he still is hardworking and does not lazy out and get a out of the body neet life. But has not showed any ' otaku ' like behavier and he behaves more like a ikmen more then a otaku

Edit : Currently reached Ch 27

The updates went abit slow for a few week but after that the update's came back in a constant rate right now his " system " is to OP at the current chapter after a few month's of basic training he was able to play against a pro tennis player with just pure stamina and reflex alone and I mean " basic " blandly he just goes for a jog and some push up and normal body training no heavy lifting nothing like that and is able to play head on head with a pro tennis player with him holding back

Also the more affection girls have to him the " system " unlocks more feature currently he unlocked a point shop. Like the name implise he can do basic task and get point to unlock more feature. He get some pretty broken feature (till now) he buy on for combat which opened more task for him and also gave him knowledge and experiance of martial art it not told but he has the skill's equal to a profession martial artist (as he beated a type of Mob boss who was a pro boxer)

There came part which I love a part where it shows the MC when he try's drawing to get points he wished to improve in it so he could get better at drawing and make a manga or a animation Showing a otaku side which we din't saw till now (lol really up to that point he really din't behave like a otaku what so ever) im sure the athor reliazed that he need to put some otaku like behavier to him so he did and I enjoyed it and found it nice :D

I'll update this after more chapter are released. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheluckyRookie rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c4
First review. The MC is calm and likeable despite a NEET, doesn't do pervert thing and the system is convenient. This is only an early chapter review. I'm enjoying this novel for now. This novel need more love.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Redmi rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c13
There is only one reason why you should read this novel: the MC possessed the most OP cheat you will ever find in a web/light novel.

... more>>

The save game system, assuming that it has infinite slots and he saves regularly, allows him to return to the past with only loss of character stats as penalty (this is assumed, else if this penalty did not exist, then this cheat become even more formidable). Plus it seems that MC can save without any save points, and can reload at will.

I hope that, in the event of the MC sudden death, he cannot reload his way out. Else, this cheat practically will make him invincible and immortal at the same time.


Plus, this is a Chinese novel, therefore the possibility of a beta MC will be low.

I don't think the author actually intended it to happen, but the parallel world setting this novel has is actually excellent; much better than Absolute Choice, and is up there with Infinite Stratos and Chrome Shell Regios. I hope this author will actually utilize them to the fullest with a storyline that befits it. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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