Different World Reincarnation as a Sage ~With my Gaming Knowledge, I’ll become the World’s Strongest~


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A boy, born to a noble family, led a tragic life and in the end, met a tragic death. The next time he opened his eyes, he was in a world that resembled a VRMMO he played in his dreams. The inhabitants were ignorant even to the most basic concepts — concepts that would be considered common knowledge in a game — and kept on fighting inefficiently.

In this world, our protagonist, armed with his game knowledge, acquires the strongest job class there is –the Sage — and proceeds to become the world’s strongest.

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The Invincible Sage in the Second World
異世界賢者の転生無双 ~ゲームの知識で異世界最強~
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placeholder45 rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c20
Avoid. (I read 20 chapters ahead in the raws.)

Character incarnates as a beginner adventurer after playing a VR game to the point of mastery, only to spend all the time expressing surprise that the dumb villagers don't understand the VR game tricks and can't do special attacks.

I don't mind "I'm living is what was a VR game" stories, but this one sucks.
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Theforsakengod rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: c31
Basically, this is an example of how you shouldn't make your novel. My reason is in spoiler because I can't write the reason without spoiling.

  1. Badly written story coupled with short story is just a bad combination. The plot itself is quite good, but the deus ex machina destroy the plot completely.
  2. The protagonist is an uneducated potato, and inconsistent. Sometime he's as brave as a player who play fighting game until they die, and sometimes as coward as a newbie who just play fighting game for the first time.
  3. There's no character description, when the author introduce a character he just say "there's a [insert man/woman] holding a [insert whatever they are holding]" and then, do it again when they want to introduce new character.
  4. The main character just functioning as a helper for the protagonist. Only appear when it's necessary for protagonist. Which mean, no character development.
  1. Most of the chapter is only the protagonist comparing his life now with the game he play. And then what? Progress it a little and call it a day. Not to mention how he magically kill a higher ranked monster of the same race when go to a forest which is said to have lower ranked rat monster. And magically get a ton of money to go capital. That in itself is still bearable for me. What trigger me is the guild just go "oh, you kill that higher ranked monster that don't usually appear? Ok then, nothing wrong here" while handing a platinum coin, and.... That's it. Nothing more. Could you be a bit more worried and assemble an investigation squad or something?
  2. When asked to kill lesser wolf he's like "what? A lesser wolf? No way, that's too much for me a novice, what if they kill me?". And then a few chapter after that "hmmm? A sea dragon? Don't worry, even a novice like me can hold it off" decide already whether you want to be a coward, or a brave person. Not only that, he already know the people in that world has low skill when fighting, but the protagonist just keep surprised whenever he meet someone from that world that won't match with "HIS" common sense (if exist at all)
  3. Nothing, like literally nothing, what do you mean "i see a woman with a couldrom" explain clearly the characteristic of that woman you s*upid author. How should I understand a character when you don't even give them a characteristic to remember?
  4. The protagonist need money? Introducing, a rich lady who own a company. Who will not be remembered until our protagonist has a reason to remember her again. Need a staff that can't be found every where? Oh yeah, let's go to that rich lady who own a company. Then? Let's just forget her again and go on our own journey.
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DeirdreH rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c90
This series starts off slow, but larger narrative starts to take shape as the antagonist is gradually revealed. At the time of this review, Light Novels Translations is on chapter 12, but Bing's MTL does an unusually good job on this series so reading ahead to the newest raw isn't that bad.

The gimmic in this series it he unwillingness of the MC to succumb to complacency just because of how OP he is compared to the other inhabitants of his world. Battles are won with tactics and innovative combinations of... more>> skills rather than just powering through with absurd stats.

Read this series if you're a munchkin, enjoy min-maxing your characters, or even know what those terms mean. <<less
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mistvenom rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: --
Medium-Slow pace + short word counts/chapter + 10% of content that move the plot (that 1 chapter is like a normal conversation about someone asking what is sage class, what is sage class, bla bla bla, it seems there's no one know it, bla bla bla, nice conversation, let's end the chapter here). Most of the chapters are like that

Good translation quality, but sometimes confusing as hell, annoying website ui for android user (if you use tap to scroll mode) that '$20 special' banner

Interesting premise at prologue

You can judge it... more>> by reading 20 chaps. It's not that long to read. This novel is more like a manga script.

Having high hope, but got disappointed at the end. <<less
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Shadowminion rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: c52
Honestly, I don't want to badmouth stories, but this one is seriously boring. I've read plenty of other transmigrate to another world with game system type stories and this is the worst.

... more>>

Firstly, the guy transmigrates twice. First as an abandoned noble son locked in a tower and starved to death with 'memories' of Earth, then again as the current MC. I don't know why they even included the first reincarnation if they weren't gonna mention it ever again. It's seriously dumb.

Secondly, this guy starts of so OP he doesn't need to have a job. The only reason he gives is that 'anybody who plays the game should know these basic skills' or 'it was included in a guide' and worst still 'thank goodness I memorised it even though it wasn't required'. It's honestly amazing how little effort the author puts into giving a reason for his OP-ness. It's so amazing I can't even immerse myself in the story because it's so unrealistic.

So here's the situation: All the skills he professes to be 'basic' are unknown to the natives of the world, and somehow or other the superior classes are known as 'inferior' because they don't add skill points and they need more exp to level. Frankly, all the 'basic' skills like how to succeed in crit hitting all the time sound ridiculous. The only thing that the story got right is that they called it 'miracle hit' because in what game in RL does a crit hit not depend on luck (or algorithms) ? It's NOT something you can control. He doesn't even mention stats but by dint of these 'basic' skills he can solo tank a dragon, rat swarms, etc etc. In what game do you solo tank any type of dragon before you complete the tutorial??? And not the baby dragon type but an actual monster that's been claimed to be really fierce and at least mid-game content.

The worst part? He claims that all the stats that the natives have are actually similar to himself, so what they've all been doing is classifying the ENTIRE SYSTEM THEY BASE THEIR LIFE ON WRONGLY. Exhibit A: Heroes are inferior classes. Exhibit B: All the so-called C-rank monsters are actually beginner monsters in the game version.



... yeah I don't know what else to say. <<less
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Cass UwU
Cass UwU rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: c35
Emmm, the story is good pacing is on the slower side but not painfully slow, chapter length is what would you expect from WN, but oh my God, it lacks so much description of the characters, places, towns, scenery, if it weren't for 2 pictures of main character, you would legitimately not know how he looks, same goes for a girl he meets later on, if not for the picture you would not know how she looks, but there is a problem, what if you don't have a picture? That's... more>> right, you know nothing about one of the main girls appearance expect that she has a weapon and that she is beautiful, no hair color, no hair stile, no age. NOTHING AT ALL

still it's fun I guess. <<less
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Boogle rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c28
So, the idea and the story so far is fine. The chapters are essentially quarter length of an average WN's so keep that in mind.

THE BIGGEST FLAW of this novel is that nothing is described. Without the Illustrations we wouldn't know what the MC looks like or what his equipment is like. It makes imagining the events of this novel impossible. Example:meet the 1st town receptionist, the only thing we know about her is that she is a female. No age, height, race or even tone of voice to get... more>> an idea about her. Same for everything else. Oh this new monster Kick Rabbit, good look figuring it out how it's different from a rabbit! <<less
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hawlol rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c35
Really short chapters, irregular and long release dates.

Story is nice enough, albeit not amazing. More strategy and game 'tricks' instead of pure stats/level comparisons, which is a big plus for me. Everyone but the MC is dumb about skills and mechanics, but apparently that's tied to the plot.

Chapters are so short, though, that in these 35 I've read, barely anything has happened plot wise. I'm serious, don't underestimate how small they are, it's absurd. You could read this if there are a lot of piled chapters, but then again, the... more>> release rate is also bad. You'll get one chapter (which is less than a quarter of a regular sized one) each 2-3 days.

With regular sized chapters and a proper release date, this series would be okay, but not great, nevertheless it's not the case. My advice is to read only if there're lots of piled up chapters and you don't mind waiting a lot for it to pile up again. <<less
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mio rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c1
i read quite far into this, and it's not that bad.

sadly, it is based on a powertrip. Author seems to want to compliment his MC at every possible moment, and has not really thought out his story other than "MC is awesome". as such, the story is barely hanging together, which is somthing you can immediately see at the start;

MC reincarnaes from a magical world where he had dreams of a normal world where he played a VR game that was exactly like the world where he reincarnated.

not only is... more>> it incredibly convoluted, but the mc's dreams are barely discussed other than "i know this, I know that" and his life in the dream other than cr is non-existent, his life in his previous life is also almost never mentioned.

it's basically a writer who needed an excuse to make his MC "awesome" and OP, then used reincarnation, but left huge plotholes, so he went back and quickly added "... and he also has dreams of VR in his previous life".

So, thinking about it again, it really is that bad. <<less
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Higira rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c6
This story is pretty.. dumb in my opinion. I hate to be the barer of bad news.. This story needs a lot work. I read up to chapter 6.

... more>>

Basically the MC is dumb as a door knob. He doesnt understand how "others" do not understand a VR game. Secondly the characters are built up really s*upidly. For instance when he found out the "wolf" was a c rank monster... he was astonished as it was an beginner mob. Fair enough. Then he goes to the receptionist then asks what is this monster? She says this is a wolf but its so cleanly cut did you not buy this? He says internally"oh they dont know clean skill or whatever" ok. thats a fair point. Mind you, he doesnt deny it. He only expresses his astonishment. The receptionist glances over this and says she'll add it into her record when she just said that if he had bought it or not.. and also because its illegal to add onto records when you bought it. So why did you not get down to the answer??? Thats not all he lies and says he doesnt know what the monster is (because he wants to know if it s under a different name), however the lady just glosses over that fact. WTF LADY. HE'S SHOWING SIGNS HE BOUGHT THE SHIET!!! but thats basically it about everything. You enter with promise, and then is let down with the result because everything is half assed.

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whitecrow90 rated it
October 31, 2019
Status: c8
TL;DR: Short, non descriptive and boring. not even if I were bored.

i actually started reading this because I apparently accidentally clicked it as read some time ago. I start it and...... it's really too short per chapter. a reviewer here had described it accurately as like a conversation length per chapter, and that's accurate. I've only read up to chapter 8 because of how boring the chapters were. the feel of the story that I got was so monotone. another reviewer had described the writing more akin to a script... more>> for an anime. I say it's more of a pitch meeting for an anime. because of how barebones it felt. there were no flavor text as it were. heck there wasn't even a description of what the characters looked like. it was all " he's my edest brother" " I think our fathers name was gerd" "i went to the guild receptionist". given the scarcity of words as is, I was even skipping reading some parts by chapter 8 because it felt so bleh. <<less
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Tasear rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: c70
Interesting twist on the genre where hero and sage are considered weakest classes cause they don't know how to level up properly.
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scribbledoutname rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c26
Not half bad. I wouldn't call it addictive but it's still an enjoyable read. The MC is quite smart and he's not condescending at all -- he's just surprised that the world is quite different from the VRMMO he used to play. It's interesting to see how he uses what he knows to his advantage.

Also, while the chapters are a little on the short side, the story moves quite quickly. It's not one of those infuriating stories where it takes ten 1-paragraph chapters for the MC to tie his shoelaces.
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clamps rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: --
To add to the other reviews. The MC likes to compare his current life to a game he dreamt in his past life.

You'll see a lot of in BBO this, in BBO that.
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Gonzhilaz rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c90
Sage is all mighty occupation. Every skillset and gaming experience was convenience for every chapter. Why because in VRMMORPG sage is bla bla bla...

I read this just because I was bored... the story was fine actually, but this is not my favorite story.
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walang16 rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c91
(2.5 stars rounded down)

not really a review here, but more of a complaint/pet peeve is that the chapters are short. Very short, like 1/3 of regular chapters short; and the author had the gall to call it chapters. I'm currently updated at 91 but other novels here would just count this as 30, because that's how short these chapters are. This is what truly lowered my rating here

i don't even mind the dumbed down people here as they were formerly npc with set amount of parameters and the... more>> author equally couldn't bother improving them. I get it. I do. <<less
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Mahiro9 rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: c58
I would say that it's entertaining enough, but there are lots of flaws in the story that anything more than 3 star would be too much to give.

It's your standard isekai, MC with better understanding of the world's magic and battle system than the original inhabitats, his vrmmorpg knowledge and battle experience is also applicable to the new world, being OP is of course, guaranteed.

The problem is that the world building suffers too much because of that, even the forced conspiracy that makes the world so broken would only make... more>> you exclaim "that's pure bullsh*t." because it really is.

It would have sufficed if he just got a broken class while the rest use classes like they should be used in an actual world, without the "efficiency and brokenness" gaming mentality, but the author went as far as destroying the world building of his novel just so the MC would look more OP, it makes me wonder how the people of this novel's world is still not overrun by monsters and driven to extinction, it's that bad. <<less
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zadumu rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: c54
For the most part I actually enjoy this novel.
I am honestly confused why some reviewers have a problem with the other character's being impressed by the MC or the MC being surprised at how little the people he meet's understand about their own class system.
Honestly, it's only mentioned a handful of times and is an extremely common theme in almost every OP isekai.

Let's be honest, it's an average game based, "no-common sense", OP MC isekai. There's tons of plot holes and each part of the story has been... more>> done before: MC is the son of a poor noble that has to leave when they become an adult randomly in their mid-teens. The first monster they kill they think is weak but everyone else things is super strong. The adventure guild is super impressed by then but cannot rank them according to their skill because of "reasons". If those are a problem for you, you should probably give up and stop reading/reviewing novels, ESPECIALLY WEB NOVELS, of this genre.

However, I absolutely cannot stand that levels and skill points are completely arbitrary.
What's the point of having a class, level, skill point system if the main character can arbitrarily allocate and unknown number of convenient skills right before a battle? I am fine with the MC being stronger than their level because of "reasons", I am fine with walls and walls of skills because the MC has some random cheat where they can get skills. At least there is at least tension or some excitement because you know the skills the MC has so you get to see how they use them but mysteriously calling out skill codes right before a battle, and suddenly "remembering" that you've faced a monster "100s of thousands of times" while still painstakingly narrating a battle takes away what little this genre has going for it. <<less
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myOCDiskillingme rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c54
MC: a

Anyone: W-What...!? T-That is... How can that even be possible...? Not even the best adventurer of the world can do that! W-Who in the world are you?!

This is literally all dialogues in the novel. The plot is garbage, all characters are so plain, everything is so boring and badly done. I was expecting a fast paced light read generic isekai that is overall bad but has some cool moments that makes it enjoyable, but I got disappointed. This novel is just bad, there are zero cool moments, there is... more>> NOTHING good about this one. <<less
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