Moto Sekai Ichi’i no Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki


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He never performed well in either middle nor high school, and even after becoming an adult, he never worked. Be it morning, noon or night, he only played an online game. For him, being the world’s number one rank, playing that online game, was his very reason for living.

One day, his account was hacked and his character deleted. Restoration was impossible. Nothing that could be done. The number 1 rank that he literally spent his life to attain and to defend was now lost. Filled with despair, he turned to suicide.

When he opened his eyes again, there was the online game. No, the world itself looked similar to the game. He had been reborn as the extra character of the premium avatar he created in the past, but left untouched.

The former world’s top, was reborn in a world that looked like that online game. That was the beginning of his extraordinary legend.

A knight, a cat, a dark elf, and so on. Together with several unique companions, his training to regain his “world’s first rank” now begins.

Associated Names
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Diary of the former world’s #1 raising a minor character ~ A former player conquering the other world!~
元・世界1位のサブキャラ育成日記 ~廃プレイヤー、異世界を攻略中!~
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07/11/19 Kari Translations c41
07/05/19 Kari Translations c40 part2
07/05/19 Kari Translations c40 part1
06/29/19 Kari Translations c39 part2
06/29/19 Kari Translations c39 part1
06/26/19 Kari Translations c38 part2
06/23/19 Kari Translations c38 part1
06/20/19 Kari Translations c36-37
06/20/19 Kari Translations c35 part2
06/20/19 Kari Translations c35 part1
06/13/19 Kari Translations c34
06/11/19 Kari Translations c33.5
06/07/19 Kari Translations c33
06/04/19 Kari Translations c32
05/30/19 Kari Translations c31 part2
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New BakaBlue rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: --
An uninspired generic isekai story with little outstanding features.

The female leads just happen to have problems which can be solved which concerns leaving their place in the world and joining the MC's harem. Any little personality they might have had is removed once their problem is solved and reduced to singing the MC's praises whenever he so much as takes a step. They even have POV chapters where the MC does some mundane thing and they gush on how amazing it is.

The MC does not have the traits one would... more>> expect from his backstory. Someone who has no life outside of his game to the extent he would kill himself when something went wrong, then being so self-important while he gives you life advice, which in meta rings hollow since he wouldn't have anything to call back on for it.

Background characters are bland one note, who just so misunderstand the MC enough to give him exactly what he wants, just because of trivial reasons such as "he's wearing nice clothes today." <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
March 29, 2019
Status: --
Didn't get past the first five chapters, and I admit this will be a biased review. One of my biggest problems with Japanese isekai novels is how.... OP they are.

I personally don't mind OP, its just that the logic behind it pisses me off something bad. Going to the root of the issue, these NEETs and trashes of society need that level of assurance before they even take a single step into a world fluffiness and healing.... because what? they got too scared in our world? So you're the only... more>> one who had a hard life? So hard that you had to run to another world, specifically one that bends over so hard, it can kiss your arse from a mile away just to make you happy? And even then, you had to pile on OP powers before you even considered living again?

This novel, in the first five chapters, basically exemplifies that though process, to the point where I thought it was a parody at first, but when no explanation or backstory was forthcoming, I realized the author was serious. He legitimately considered committing suicide to be a good excuse to go to another world.

The author probably though it was comedy thing, that the MC is so hopeless IRL that just hacking and deleting his character was enough to drive him to suicide, then wink wink nudge nudge, he goes to another world.

National treasure of a character aside. Probably not even much of a treasure if the company isn't even willing to do a simply roll back. <<less
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Silver Celeste
Silver Celeste rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c11
Pretty good.

I've always been a sucker for second chance sort of stories, and this one's great. The MC starts off pretty weak but knows how to get strong, and uses his knowledge of farming and training and stuff in an effective manner to get stronger. The process is methodical and reasonable, which makes it a joy to read and is somewhat relatable as well since his strength doesn't come immediately through a cheat but through a long process of detailed and lengthy grinding, which makes his character more tolerable and... more>> his growth easy to accept.

Speaking of the MC, he isn't bad either. He isn't the sort of Mary Sue self insert character you see in many isekai's and he isn't the ruthless merciless emo edgy murderer you see in many Chinese novels either. He's somewhere in the middle, having an interesting and somewhat charming personality while also not being a completely immoral and ruthless prick. It's honestly somewhat refreshing, as you get tired of seeing the type of hypocritical characters who claim to be on the side of the innocent while slaughtering whole clans of random baddies indiscriminately. His motivations are clear and easy to understand, and his personality is likeable and somewhat complex.

We haven't been able to see many side characters so far as there's only one person following him at the time of writing, but from what I've seen she's also pretty good and scores similar points to the MC in terms of character growth and development.

The writing so far is somewhat generic, but the biggest gripe I have with this novel is the style of writing. I'm not sure if I should blame the translators or the author for this, but the writing style (paragraphs, sentence structure e.t.c.) is sometimes awkward to read and needs some getting used to. Perhaps this won't be so strange to a native Japanese reader but this style certainly nearly turned me off to reading it.

World building is strong so far. The world is gradually developed as new chapters come out, and the explanation for the world and the skill and magic system is also pretty fun and intriguing to read and wrap your mind around. A small pet peeve of mine is the integration of video game elements into what is supposed to be a real world, where characters would literally refer to video game things like stats, levels, skills and drops as if they're actual things in the real world. I don't know, some part of me just doesn't like that sort of system where things like power levels are integrated into the real world as it makes conflicts and fights a bout of who's numbers are bigger rather than pure skill, but with skilful weaving this could potentially work out just fine.

Overall this is great. Certainly much better than a lot of the other novels up on this site. <<less
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DimaShishandra rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: v1 illustrations
It's quite standard Japanese novel but with a bit more logical MC.

MC is OP. But it's not like he gets some best equip or skills at the beginning so it's fine
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Tykos rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: --
Well, that escalated quickly.

To be honest, when I read the manga and started the novel, I thought this was a parody, but no. Apperently, grinding for lost stats is worse then death. The begining of the novel is something I can forgive, but it still frustrating as f**k, it doesnt make any sense. Firstly, if you are a number one in a vrmmo in the whole f**king world, I am pretty sure you can call that a job. You can sell items on internet, post videos of high difficulty quests... more>> or just make commentary. Whichever suits your fancy. Secondly, the games, especially high difficulty ones (like vrmmos, I presume), usually put more emphasis on player skill rather then avatar level, the only thing you need is to grind again and if the game is your life, you wouldnt be that hard pressed, especially since other high level players lost their avatars too. The writing is incredibly minimalistic. World building is basicly non existant. And the most cringy factor is when the MC is looking at girls with pity (like, I know how it feels like, or this reminds me of how I used to be). Bitch, girls are awesome in this novel (the only reason I gave it 2 stars), they all acted towards a higher goal to help others. You played video games and then killed yourself because you were too lazy to grind.

Message for the author

  • More world building
  • Start writing yuri novels because girls were awesome
  • Learn to write male characters
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Custardmouse rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c25
A very likable story from very skilled translators. Don't let the harem tag and R-15 tag fool you, at this point, there is no romance or echiness. The story is still in the early stages, so hopefully, that will change. The MC did not have an admirable first life or death, but like all good isekai stories, is making the most of his second chance. The "harem" ladies are distinct and fun, though no one's character is particularly deep so far. For the LitRPG folks out there, a pretty unique... more>> game system involving Oriental Chess (sorry I don't know the Japanese word for it). <<less
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