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Within almost every melodramatic novel, there’s an affectionate male supporting role who is infatuated with the shou protagonist. To be there when the shou is being attacked by the gong, to offer love when the gong abandons the shou protagonist, fighting for justice when the gong betrays the shou…..

As a catalyst between the romantic love of the shou and gong, he dedicates his light and heat to his identity as a spare tire without any complaint or regret.

Lin Ziran’s task is to play the part of the affectionate male partner in different worlds. However, after he went there, he discovered that the way that each world’s plot opens doesn’t seem to be right at all……

Lin Ziran: The first time I saw you, I loved you so much that I didn’t care about anything, but why won’t you look back at me?

Protagonist Shou: I realized that I actually love you, let’s be together.

Lu Zhen: ……no.

Protagonist Shou: So all your talk about loving me was a lie?

Lin Ziran who was pressed against the wall and kissed by the blackened protagonist: ???

Lin Ziran: He loves you so much and is kind-hearted. How could you be willing to harm him? I’ll fight you for that!

The protagonist gong: Is that so, you love him that much?

Lu Zhen: Yes!

The protagonist gong: What does he have that makes him worthy of your love? In my eyes, he is less than a millionth of you.

Lin Ziran, who was pinned down by the main character: ???

The protagonist was in the arms of the villain.

Lin Ziran: You’re the one who took him? You despicable, shameless villain, hurry up and let him go!

Villain: You really care about him?

Lin Ziran: Of course, he’s the most important person to me.

Villain: There’s no problem in letting him go, you can just stay and take his place.

Lin Ziran who was forcibly taken by the villain: ???

Where’s the 10,000-year-old who said that regardless of whether how infatuated he is, he would never be loved and would not regret becoming a spare tire?

Lin Ziran: Stop it…… why are you guys fighting over me!

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July 30, 2020
Status: --
There are a total of 6 arcs + the final real world arc. The different worlds are in a virtual reality game. The story is 1v1, with a happy ending (the arcs themselves are tragedy). The arcs are definitely filled with dogblood drama, and definitely do not go accordingly to the original script, or what MC and ML want.

The overarching story:

... more>>

MC & ML have an "underground" relationship. They knew each other for a long time, were neighbors, and became lovers. It is hinted that there were problems in their relationship, but an accident caused MC to forget ML. ML decides to chase MC via the game to try and make MC remember him. Hence, MC "won a lottery" to gain the game helmet. But things do not go accordingly to plan - MC has the "heartthrob halo", the script collapses, hidden plot points, etc. MC increasingly becomes dissatisfied with the game because this keeps happening and he's not getting an "A" to obtain credits, which was the reason he was playing. ML is also dissatisfied since MC still does not remember him or stay in any of the worlds. Because he keeps losing MC (MC avoids falling in love in the game and dies in order to exit the game), ML finally decides to approach and chase MC in real life.


The reason why the script collapses:


ML's cousin is the chief designer of the game. He helps ML chase MC in the game by giving MC the helmet via "lottery", and inputting ML as a NPC (non-playable character). But at the same time, he creates lots of love rivals for ML, as well as changing the plot and script in the process, which is managed by the "light brain". He reasons that this is to spice up ML's chase for the MC, to make it more exciting and worthwhile. Clearly, ML is not happy with this. Neither is MC (after all, MC was playing the game to gain credits).


If you enjoy dogblood shurafield stories, then the arcs are perfect for you. The main thing I did not like about this story is the real world arc, or should I say the ending. It was rushed. Lots of things are still left open. There's not a good grasp of ML's personality (especially since it's noted that the game influenced ML's personality to change, or cause certain aspects to become more prominent, yet it's not very clearly stated at the same time). And... it does not make sense how...


despite having memory loss, MC did not know or suspect that he had a boyfriend. There are plenty of plotholes with this. Unless if this is to reflect how their relationship prior to MC's amnesia, except the background information does not quite align with that either...


There's also a bit of randomness thrown in to explain their relationship and ML's pursuit of MC in-game. But I feel this one-or-two liner is a cop-out and is insufficient, especially when I look back at the arcs to identify ML and the proceeding actions. So I feel, the author could have done this better. In any case, if you ignore the rushed ending, the story is good to read. Personally, some arcs are better than others, and can get a bit repetitive, but they are still enjoyable.

If you're interested in (subjectively huge) spoilers for the arcs, then here's a few dry tidbits:


1st world: Modern World

  • MC's character is the boyfriend of Protagonist Shou and is president of a well-known company. His role is to be affectionate towards Protagonist Shou.
  • Protagonist Shou (abbreviated PS) is a celebrity.
  • Protagonist Gong (abbreviated PG) is MC's younger half-brother, who is out for revenge because MC's character was related to the death of PG's mother.
  • Villain Gong is MC's character's best friend, who secretly holds affection for MC.
  • Gist of story: PG plots to get revenge by seizing the company and making MC lose his lover by chasing PS. Except, PS is loyal to MC. And PG can't get over losing MC's affections. Villain plots to protect MC from PG, and then to break up MC and PS so he can have a chance with MC. PS plots to protect his relationship with MC in any way he can.
  • Hidden plot: The truth behind PG's mother's death, aka MC's character's memories.
  • Who gets to top MC: Villain Gong
  • How MC dies: By protecting Villain Gong from a fist

2nd world: Cultivation World

  • MC's character is a poor boy who eventually learns that he is the son of the lord of the demon world. His character is quiet, resolute, and righteous, who is secretly in love with Protagonist Shou. His affectionate role is to be self-sacrificing towards Protagonist Shou.
  • Protagonist Shou is best friends with MC. This white lotus is actually a soul fragment of Protagonist Gong.
  • Protagonist Gong is the "God" of the immortal realm, and becomes the master of PS.
  • Villain: MC's father, the lord of the demon world. Just in case if it's unclear: He is NOT a part of the harem.
  • Gist of story: Original story is supposed to have PS love and chase after PG, who is emotionless, loveless, and cold, while MC's character was to sacrifice himself to save PS and the world against his father. But the script collapses: PS falls in love with MC, and does whatever he can for MC. PG has a heart demon and is constantly fighting against it - this heart demon loves MC and wants to get rid of PS. PS does not remain a white lotus but becomes a black lotus.
  • Hidden Plot: The heart demon.
  • Who gets to top MC: The heart demon of Protagonist Gong
  • How MC dies: Villain implants MC with two non-removable beads that will self-destruct.

3rd world: Modern World

  • MC's character is a rich boy cannon fodder who is meant to show his affectionate role by stalking, harassing, drugging, and forcing the Protagonist Shou. His character is one who lacks love and becomes a bad boy to seek attention and affection.
  • Protagonist Shou is a calm, rational, successful lawyer who does not believe in love, but is okay with friends-with-benefits.
  • Protagonist Gong is supposed to be your standard domineering president (but personally, he's just an all-around bad guy).
  • Villain: Er... there's no clear definable villain here. But there's plenty of characters who are bad.
  • Gist of story: MC's character falls in love at first sight with PS and chases after PS. PS makes a game out of it and fools the poor boy. PG and PS are in a cooperative professional relationship. PG is jealous because MC was originally his follower, and attempts to force... uh, chase after MC. Halfway through, MC gives up on the plot and does not play his role seriously, "indulging in pleasure" and doing whatever he wants in the game.
  • Hidden plot: PS's life experience. Basically reveals that MC's adopted and shows a bit of PS's history, which explains why he did not believe in love, but eventually fell for MC.
  • Who gets to top MC: Protagonist Shou
  • How MC dies: Suicide (via driving off a bridge)

4th world: Alternate Ancient China World

  • MC's character is the emperor's closest confidante and most loyal subordinate. He is supposed to be a cold-blooded, ruthless, merciless commander. His feminine beauty raises rumors of him climbing his way up using his bed skills. His affectionate role is to silently care for and protect Protagonist Shou, while not expecting anything in return.
  • Protagonist Shou, the taciturn but acclaimed number 1 beauty, is the eldest prince of a smaller country who has arrived as a hostage.
  • Protagonist Gong is the emperor with trust issues, hence he is paranoid and calculative.
  • Side Gong is the half-brother of PG, the prince who grew up alongside PG and superficially has a good relationship with PG, but plots revenge (to avenge his mother) and to overthrow PG.
  • Gist of story: Originally, everyone is supposed to chase after PS's affection - MC, PG, and side gong - with PG being the victor, and MC and side gong's fates ending in death. But this changes because PG, PS, and side gong all love MC. PG secretly loves MC, but hasn't made MC part of his harem out of respect for MC and because MC is more useful as a commander. But his mind starts to change when MC loves PS. PG attempts to separate them by adding PS to his harem. Side Gong was originally at odds with MC, but fell in love and tries to convince MC to switch sides and tries to protect him (because MC was softhearted in one of his mission, which placed him under the emperor's scrutiny and suspicions that he betrayed the emperor and switched sides). PS has little power, but he tries his best to protect MC, such as c*ck-blocking PG's numerous attempts to take MC's chastity, helping MC to escape, etc. When MC realizes how everyone is calculative and scheming, and how good they are at hiding their true intentions, MC doubts his acting abilities.
  • Hidden plot: PS and Side Gong's conspiracy.
  • Who gets to top MC: Side Gong
  • How MC dies: Suicide (via jumping of a cliff after being cornered)

5th world: Modern World

  • MC's character is a recent university graduate student, an ordinary young man trying to make ends meet after joining society. Supposedly a loyal, impulsive, energetic young man who is to show his affectionate role by being loyal, protective, and impulsively fighting every wrong made towards Protagonist Shou.
  • Protagonist Shou is MC's childhood sweetheart and current boyfriend, who also has an ordinary background. He is described as self-reliant, gentle, considerate -- the perfect wife. Except, big spoiler: Let's just say he is not the white lotus that he is made out to be, and that's an understatement.
  • Protagonist Gong is the president of a large group, a local tyrant who is "powerful and omnipotent" and "spends money like dirt."
  • Villain Gong is the president of another group and is PG's business rival. A deceptive two-face man who knows how to use soft approaches.
  • Gist of story: Originally, PG blackmailed and coerced PS to be his lover, with villain gong chasing PS to go against PG; MC was supposed to only have 3 scenes where he interacted with PG, and no scenes with the villain - so MC had high hopes that the plot won't collapse. Well, plot collapsed before MC met PG. Instead of PG blackmailing and coercing PS, it changed to blackmailing and coercing MC. MC was deceived to be friends with Villain before realizing Villain's identity. Villain ends up falling for MC before knowing that MC and PG has a relationship. PS's only love is MC, but he ended up selling out MC twice.
  • Hidden plot: PS's ambition. (Which basically reveals how psychotic PS is).
  • Who gets to top MC: Protagonist Gong
  • How MC dies: Held hostage by PS, MC decisively cuts himself against PS's knife.

6th world: Ancient Jianghu World (Still cultivation, but more wuxia style than xianxia)

  • MC's character is a leader of an underground organization. He grew up with and loves Protagonist Gong's mother. He is described as arrogant and prideful, and refuses to accept his fate. Which contrasts his affectionate role of silent endurance and self-sacrifice.
  • Protagonist Shou is a prince of the royal court and the leader of a secret organization aimed to take down the underground organization.
  • Protagonist Gong has the legendary spirit bone, and is raised to be Youchi's vessel. This man child knows how to use soft tactics against MC. If not facing the MC, he is described as cold, rational, practical, and a genius.
  • Villain: Youchi, an old freak who is the master of the underground organization and MC's master. He covets MC, and derives pleasure from MC's pain and despair.
  • Gist of story: All betrayers of the underground organization must be killed. MC's character loves PG's mother so he helps PG's mother escape the underground organization so she can be with her lover by setting up that she's dead. But years later, her identity is discovered and MC is sent to obtain their heads back for Youchi. Youchi knows that MC loves PG's mother, so he tests him. PG is later brought back by Youchi's lackey, who discovers PG's body is perfect as his next vessel, so he inserts a soul Gu into PG and has MC raises him. MC's character is full of guilt. To not raise Youchi's suspicions, MC acts cold and indifferent to PG, but he secretly tries to protect PG with his alter ego. PG secretly falls in love with MC's alter ego. Later, PG and PS cooperate to scheme and bring down the underground organization together. PG learns of MC's identity but MC uses that chance to take the soul Gu out of PG's body. MC is captured by Youchi and tortured -- it is then revealed that Youchi covets MC (MC is lucky that Youchi's body can't get up >.>). Eventually, the blackened PG comes after Youchi and MC.
  • Hidden plot: The real function of the soul Gu
  • Who gets to top MC: Protagonist Gong
  • How MC dies: Because of the soul Gu.
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ILikeTransmigration rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c63
Shurafield, Dogblood drama, Quick Wear in VR game, reality will be the final showdown for 1v1.

Affectionate Male Mates original plots always end with them being unable to attain their Shou's love!!! The MC threatens this role. :)

Basically, the MC is an acting student using the VR game to score his acting abilities.

In the VR game he's told the plot and characther setting for each world, than his goal is to act the script (plot) out. But in the game he sometimes acts out of characther (otherwise breaking his characther... more>> setting), causing the NPCs to fall in love with him instead of following the original CP. In the arcs I've read so far the shou NPC and gong NPC or side Gong NPC end up fighting for him until it ends with his death. After he dies, he's scored and goes back to reality where he'll talk to his roommate or get snacks and sometimes reveals some background information.

    1. Modern World arc
Face paralysis Idol chasing MC

Film Emperor CP Shou (Unfairly treated by MC!)

Half brother CP Gong (Ridiculous reasons for revenge...)

Side Gong Best Friend (Its always the quiet ones... Seriously Jimo Yao and their black belly gongs)

Here is spoiler that reveals contents of first arc --->


MC has face paralysis and is the president of his families company. His boyfriend is the Film Emperor and the CP's shou. His half brother is the CP's gong and has come back from abroad for revenge, because the original owner (OO) of the MC's body inadvertently caused the half brothers mothers death.

(The brother in the original plot used the fact that he had a previous entanglement (it was unclear in the translation what kind of relationship I read, but I assume it was ambiguous enough) abroad with the the original owners (OO) boyfriend to seduce him away and than also used the OO's trust in him to get control of the families company. All while the OO chases after his ex-boyfriend with the help of his best friend, the side gong. Before the OO ruins himself and dies than after the CP has a HE)

The MC enters before the brother has returned from abroad and is relaxed because the plot has yet to start. The MC wants to mess with the Shou by acting nicer so when he later wears a green hat (gets cheated on) the Shou feels guilty, but this ends up causing the Shou to want to have a better relationship with the MC. Alongside that the MC becomes a fan of his film emperor boyfriend and starts secretly idol chasing him by asking for his autograph for a friend (the Shou isn't fooled :)).

Therefore, when the brother returns from abroad the Shou fights to hide the secret entanglement (to be fair the OO and Shou weren't together, but it's still akward to know that your brother used to be entangled with your boyfriend) and isn't at all interested in the brother. However, the entire time the MC thinks the plot is still moving along smoothly and believes he's being cheated on...

The MC finally arrived on the day where in the original plot he plans to propose to the Shou, but is rainchecked (left hanging). While the Shou definitely was distracted fighting off the brother, he did plan on coming until the MC told him to forget it. The MC believing he was being cheated on planned to go to a bar to act out the OO's sorrows. The bar is owned by the side gong and the OO's best friend. He accompanies the MC to drink until the MC becomes too drunk and needs the best friends help to get home. However from the best friends POV its revealed he has feelings for the OO. The MC while drunk sees the attractive appearence of the Side Gong and kisses him leading to an unexpected entanglement. (Oh dear...) (System couldn't get through to its drunk facecon host...) The next day, he tells the Side Gong to forget about the incident and hides it from the Shou.

The plot progresses where the MC reveals the OO and brothers relationship. The OO was always spoiled by both his father and his half-brothers mother to the point where the half brother was neglected. However the OO was always kind to the half brother and in reality the revenge was more due the broken promise of the OO promising he'd always be there for him. Apparently the OO was kidnapped and the half brother's mother supposedly died protecting him. Leading to a sudden estrangement by both the OO and the OO's father, who sent the half brother away. The brother mostly wanted revenge because he felt like the OO broke his promise although his reasons for revenge to me were super flimsy. Even when the MC tried to reveal the OO feelings of love for his brother by making a cake for the brothers birthday, the brother only believes that its to support the MCs relationship with his boyfriend making the brother want to destroy him more.

The brother than takes over the company by getting the other shareholders to betray the MC. But the MC doesn't really care and leaves the brother feeling empty.

Somewhere before this the Side Gong uses pictures of the Shou and half brother talking together (looks likes kissing) and sends it to the MC to make the MC break up with the Shou (All the while the MC thinks its the brother tryning to cause trouble). Anyways, the MC believes this is the moment where he'll get the Shou to reveal he's been wearing a green hat. However the Shou doesn't want to break up, and explains the truth while completing putting the blame on his brother.

After the MC loses his seat in the company he and the Shou go on vacation. However, its not long before the brother strikes revealing the Shou and MC's relationship. The Shou wants to confirm it but the MC think the plot has gone way off track and breaks up with the Shou while also revealing that he cheated (I think the Side Gong acutley was the one who revealed it). The Shou is heartbroken. : (

Uhhh... The brother's feeling empty about his revenge visits his mother's grave and acutley meets the kidnapper who murdered his mother and who reveals the secret plot. The mother acutley only approached the OOs father to get revenge and was pretending to love the OO to cast off suspicion. She was the one who hired the kidnapper and died during an argument between the two -all while the OO was watching the woman he treated as his mother curse him. The OO's father felt guilty for his son, and so he sent the brother away to compensate him for such a situation. (I also think they aren't acutley brothers??? Can't remeber sorry : (this spoiler is for those who want to know more before investing in a story!!!)

When the brother learns this he begins to immeditley regrets his behavior and wants to give back to the brother his mother harmed. He offers him back the company and tries to set things straight with the Shou for him. Earlier he paired up with the Side Gong to destroy the couple and now he reveals the partnership. Yet the MC also is told by the system of him triggering the hidden plot (at this point the plot has gone so off track that the MC is sad he'll likely get a low grade, and him finding a hidden plot is good because he'll get points that'll gelp improve his score) and recovers the OO's memories. In the OO memories when the mother was revealed to be the kidnapper and had been stabbed and left to die, he watched her bleed out as she pleaded for help... After confirming she was dead than did he call for help. This was the true reason why he never contacted his brother while he was abroad, he felt guilty everytime he saw him.

He reveals this to his brother but it doesn't really change the brothers motivation to give back all the things he stole.

Anyways... Brain processing... The Side Gong realizes that he's unlikely to get together with the MC and sees that the brothers preparing for a second proposal for the two. He drugs and kidnaps the MC but the brother and Shou find him. The three gongs (Shou is totally a gong but I call him Shou because of original CP, also the brother was the orginal gong) end up fighting each other until the MC saves the Side Gongs life by taking a blow and ends up dying.


Surprisingly the MC gets a B score.

He goes back to reality and has an ecounter with the Male God of his acting school, gets food and continues playing.

/ This too me is pretty classy Jimo Yao shurafield. Always with the face slapping the MC or other characthers expectations and the one overpossesing or basically omnipresent gong and the sweet gong that blackens. Although her other harem books that have no CP or HE are just knives!!! JUST KNIVES!!! NEVER FORGET XU YU... at least I think that was his name... That poor spare tire. \


2. Ancient World

MC wants a win... MC is Weak Tag Along

Funny Two Faced CP Gong (Righteous cultivator vs his love demons.)

Sweet Best Friend CP Shou (and a classic one at that... Lol. Soul fragments attract)

Deadbeat Dad Antagonist (Uh just wasn't as interesting as the love drama..)

3. Modern World

Favorite MC so far (Angsty teen turned into wife pursing maniac...) MC thinks this is the one...

Cold Meticulous Lawyer CP Shou (He's a tsundere and fools the poor MC).

Cold ruthless CEO CP Gong (Really bad behavior...)

I didn't get to finish this arc and I'm super depressed cause I stopped at an extreme cliffhanger...

There are more arcs and if you use google chrome can go the Jjwtc website to pursue the fated coins that allow access!!!

This book fits my taste, my review is super biased.

After I read the Villains fell for me after rebirth I've been searching for stories similar, leading me to chase after chinese sites with transmigration books and have been using my google translator to read all of Jimo Yao works. Along with Long Qi who can do similar stories but his stories almost always end with the ML's all being the same person... I personally like Shurafields especially when they involve previous love affairs of transmigrators.

Jimo Yao also wrote the Scum Shou Survival guide and Strategy to capture that Scum Gong!!!


I cry everytime I read that arc where the President Xie played that beautifuel rich son. Everytime!!! Where's my alternate ending where he ends up with the second ML!!!!!!!

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srrrahim rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c110
If you want :

1. A super easy to understand novel to MTL

2. A somewhat like world hopping with a system (but this is VR), and in every arc will end in tragedy

... more>> 3. MC that has funny monologue

4. A good story line that can make you laugh and cry heartbreakingly

5. A long interesting story that interesting enough to accompany you stay at home during pandemic

If one of those point is ☑, then this novel is for you

Go read it. Don't waste your time to read other novel before you read this. You'll be glad that you listen to me

You are welcome ? <<less
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flozen rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: ongoing
I, the translator decided to give a review after seeing other people already give it a review XD.

As stated in the raws, the story is full of dogblood drama and shurafield (you can search up the definition if you don't understand).

The MC doesn't just have a system but is in a VR game. Yes, a virtual reality game created by some fantasy company (which, I can't remember the name of *cough cough*)

The MC takes the role of the Affectionate Male Supporter and acts his part in each world. The... more>> aim is to gain points from each world - however, sometimes he goes a bit out of character and makes the characters fall for him which isn't meant to happen.

Anyways, the reason I decided to translate this was because this is one of my favourite authors! She also translated other scum related stories. You can click on the author name on this NU page and see which ones have been translated.

Really love her stories! This one isn't done but, I decided to take it before someone else would lololol. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Imo one of the best BL QTs. The relationships in every world are quite logical, and it's not like randomly fall in love just because he's gary stu. The plot is intricate, the characters are interesting, the worlds are colourful, all-around great.

The only thing I'd be dissatisfied about is the "explanation" behind the worlds (the game helmet thing).

... more>>

Apparently he had amnesia and ML is chasing him by acting as various characters in the game. However, this makes so little sense to me. First of all MC has always clearly separated a game from reality, so the game never involved MC's genuine feelings. Second, how could there be such a magical game in the world? Can distort space-time, learn all sorts of new skills, what's even the point of living in reality??? How could the game be so realistic yet other aspects of the world aren't that high-tech at all?

But honestly this is a small problem because this isn't a big aspect of the story.

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thebadgirl05 rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: --

To all who thinks this novel is worth it, I just want to ask WHERE IN THE HELL IS IT FREAKING GOOD?!

Oh to hell with this. I don't understand other people's reviews at all. Or is it just because our world views are just that different?

... more>> This is a f*cking abuse to the heart and MC is s*upid. What morality, he has misplaced morals. I tried so hard to bear with this but f it.

I hate MC, his brother and that supposed to be damned villain. Fvck what they determined as love in the novel.

What? WTF?! He couldn't even treat right the one person who treated him right at all. How the frick is it that he feels no remorse breaking WY's heart but feels guilty for the fvcked up villian who took advantage of him. How is a broken heart compared to being drunk and out all night? How is it that the latter made MC feel guilty but the former didn't even seem to affect him? Is he fvcking blind?

As you can see, I am MAD. I am indignant and this novel is by no means romantic. Just a mess of fvck ups and s*upids. <<less
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etclair rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahhh this author has written some of my favorite “to re-read” novels, and this one was just added to the list.

In an interesting deviation from your typical world-hopping novel, these “worlds” the MC experiences are not actually true worlds, but rather part of a game that MC uses to earn credits for his acting class. This made the little transition chapters very interesting, as they detailed his life outside of the game ... more>>

then they came out in full force at the end, when Ji Chen (ML) starts pursing him <3


Each world is also rather interesting, though some may find it slightly repetitive. There’s a general pattern-he goes in and acts according to script the best he can because he’s trying to get those college credits, everything deviates, people fall in love with him, he carries on with his act anyways, then dies. However, this was perfectly suited to my tastes, so if you enjoyed some of the author’s other works (Scum Gong and Scum Shou) I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one in at least some areas, as the game arcs really do remind me of her other work.

MC is slightly shameless when it’s just him and the system, but also very silly and often infuriatingly dense

as Ji Chen unfortunately discovers XD poor man, he’s been chasing after his amnesiac boyfriend for close to a month but still can’t get through to him...

. However, no one can doubt his persistence in following the script and acting to the best of his abilities! Even with all the sudden secret plots and OOC and light brain errors, our MC never forgets to deliver his “perfect” performance.

The ML should be quite obvious, and I quite love him, even though I still don’t have a very good grasp of who he is exactly as a person. That’s an unfortunate downside, his personality initially appears to be your standard overbearing male lead, but each character ends up a little different so in the end, I end up associating him more with the term ML than knowing him more as a person.

even later when it’s revealed and we see his POV, there’s still little actual development and fleshing out of his personality outside of “loves MC a LOT” and “secretly possessive but hot”


I have to say, near the end it felt a bit rushed like the author wanted to add in a lot of things but didn’t really have the passion to flesh it out.

the whole amnesia thing was kind of left open, it hints that their relationship had some issues but the author only mentions it once or twice and then they’re off to their happy ending, and it’s left unresolved... also, as dog blood drama and interesting that it is, it kind of came out of nowhere? And it doesn’t make sense that it would take that long for MC to realize he had a BOYFRIEND, even if his parents participated in deceiving him... if they’ve known and loved each other for so long you’d think there were a lot of remnants that he carried around or had on his phone/in his house about Ji Chen, and I doubt a few days was enough to completely remove all of them

. While I wish the ending was more... satisfying, I loved loved LOVED the arcs so much (I swear her shurafield and dog blood stories are top notch compared to some others I’ve read), so definitely will reread just for the sake of certain arcs. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elvira12 rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c115
Waaah it's so nice. To be honest I am not a fan of tragedy and this my friends, is tragedy through and through.

But the MC was so compelling and funny. It is not your usual world hopping-system trope.

Here the MC is an ordinary student in a highly technological modern era and won the lottery and got a helmet, that could help him advance his acting skills. So he has to immerse himself in random generated world without the original memory of the person he is wearing.

The MC is so funny... more>> because he is a refreshing type who treat everything as a game and hos ultimate goal is to eat, sleep and enjoy the life game.

Everything goes awry in all worlds because all the premise gets debunked when it comes to him. This is not yet touched in the chapters available. So I am looking forward on how the author will wrap this up.

Read this, it is very easy to mtl. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LanWenwen rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: --
If you want Quick Transmigration novel which is not to heavy plot or angsty, you may like this one.

Every plot (with MC on it) in every world was built amazingly and when reader read it, reader will wonder how author will end it. I always want to applause the MC because MC can make every simple plot become more complicated and intersting.

They have system too in this novel, but the system not annoying and also give more fun in the story.

In the end, I send my thanks for translator to... more>> translate this gem novel. Thank you very much. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: Completed
So a lot of this author's stories are very similar and honestly if you've read one you've read them all. They all follow the same pattern of "gong does x —> gong falls in love —> gong regrets x —> MC dies", rinse repeat. That doesn't mean it's a bad story though, this story is the equivalent to chicken nuggets: quick, tasty and nothing life changing. They might not be the greatest chicken nuggets in your life, nor are they gourmet 'fried chicken cutlets' with lots of depth, characterization and... more>> build up, but they taste good and what you won't get in quality you get in quantity. Characters fall in love fast and some settings are pretty 'magical' but it's the perfect story if you just want some tragic/regretful love short stories and don't wanna sit through 900 IQ plots or 100 chapters of buildup/character development for pay off. I did like the fact that every arc's "winner" that got with MC wasn't always the gong of that story arc though, it was kinda nice to see him get matched up sometimes with the shou or the villain once in a while.

That said, the ending is really (REALLY) weak and honestly the ML had zero presence in each arc except for a few scenes in the real-life in betweens. MC's your typical standard where he's all "stick to the plot!!!" But also that non-competent type where he'll fail and the system goes "lol" and MC goes "why?! I tried so hard for my reward/results!!". Rather than feeling like it had one over-arcing storyline, it just felt like a whole bunch of mini stories that had nothing to do with each other (and honestly I would encourage you to treat it as such). Now the ending: it made little to no sense and honestly I skimmed it just for completion. The setting was that this was a VR game (and it was) but ML and MC go off to shoot a movie? But they're also not even actors, they're college students?? There's also a plot "twist" but rather than a twist it was like getting slapped in the face by a fresh salmon in the middle of a city street.

Overall, it's a good story but only when it suits your purpose. This story is the literary equivalent of eating a cheese burger at home; you're hungry and wanna eat something tasty but not in the mood for pomp or literary grace. The characters fall in love fast, every arc ends in dog blood tragedy, but the settings were tasty and it was nice to experience 6 tragic short stories in quick bites. If you're looking for something more serious, I would honestly skip this one, but if you just want some tragic romance settings with low commitment I would give this one a shot. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 27, 2020
Status: c21
Woo...I should've read the Tragedy Tag. I just finished Arc 1. And at the moment, my eyes are swollen from crying and my head is dizzy.
I'll read this slowly.
I won't give any rating since I finished reading only Arc 1.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 27, 2021
Status: 29 part1
Its funny how the story seems to go accordingly to the script but every character's mind process is perfectly parallel to that of MC. If he can read their minds I'm sure he is going to spit out a galloon of blood.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blubber_faults rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: --
I have come across this book multiple times after dropping it. I'll have a read through, realize I've gone through this book before but can't seem to figure out why I stopped in the first place but eventually. It hits me.

I dislike the MC.

That's it.

This review is written for me as a reminder not to bother with it. Everyone else can read it if they want to.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Lmao, so basically the MC was so dense when it comes to love xD he insists that the Shou, Gong and the villain are having a love triangle with each other but dum dum!

... more>>

it was him who they love :3 and every arc, he just did his role which is "love the shou" and then end up sacrificing his life for the shou then BAAM! Deads, he always dies and left the three to dispair


well, I find it okay :3 although the MC only care about his credit and always "act" tbh it is my first time reading dansei with this kind of setting :3 cuz' every bl I read with the quick transmigration setting only had a sole ML in every arc and not a harem. Also, this is VR :3 its not like others that the MC was forced to do stuff with the system they had.


I could also say that this is kinda wholesome :3 if "that" thing happened it is not detailed, it will just start with a kiss, and then bam the next day they'll wake up and ya know next. Okay let's just add that tie hand *ahem*



Gad, I suddenly remember the arc second to the last. There's this 70 yrs old man fancy to MC like wtf, I got shivered all over my skin, it disgusting uck



Among those NPC, the one I liked the most is the kiddo, well except to the last several chap in the arc. He's adorable dang

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nctzen rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: Completed
A easily guessed story especially if you have read lots of QT stories. Nevertheless, the stories are still enjoyable to read and the mtl is quite easy to understand as well. Recommended but not for people who are looking for something so deep that you want to guess everything.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kurolo-Lite rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c65
Really funny.

Also unexpectedly deep, like you think that story is just the original plot but then there’s the underneath. But that’s not enough you have to look underneath the Underneath the UNDERNEATH.

lol it made me have many Kakashi moments.

The fact that the host always remembers that this is just a game kept it light enough for me to hold in the bawling, cause man are some of the backstories sad.

Definitely would recommend!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kazekun rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: ongoing
This is really worth your time to read, although it's QT trope, somehow author can give interesting vibes in every development of every arcs. Thanks for the author for releasing this wonderful work and also really glad the translator has chosen this story. Can't wait for future development ?
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuki_Ringo rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c121
Damn the bad end of each arc tickles my heart

The MC work as 2nd male lead but he keep attracting both the gong and shou to chase him.

But he still work hard to act out the plot properly which ends up w him dying in every arc {so satisfying to see those scum gong or shou suffer w his death but really sad for those that loves him too late}

... more>> Love this cause the novel doesn't take itself seriously and the dog blood drama makes it funny and relaxing read

+MTL super easy to read


MC had amnesia and ML was too much of a coward to just tell him directly so indirectly chase his in the vr game that he sponsored. MC was obsess w getting a good grade in game so he can skip study whole ML obsess w chasing MC But for once this MC doesn't take the game as reality and always die to end the game.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cheesylollipop rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c21.1
As I said, I rarely get interested, but this time the storyline kept me wanting more. This story fits my cup of tea! I don't regret reading this one bit. I may be overpraising but I really enjoyed reading this. Many parts made me cry (and I really don't like angst and stuff that hurts me) but this is an exception. The arc started good and it ended amazing. Well I still haven't finished the other arcs, but I hope I continue feeling the thrill. And btw I really... more>> like how this story made the protag think that "they're just npc's, no need to care (not literally sorry, I meant he doesn't get easily swayed by trivial stuff and clearly has a boundary for this and that, like this is a story, this is the mission, what he has to do) " and something like that but still acted like a person who seeks interesting things " this brother has really nice bods" ahahahahah. Anyways, I'm not forcing people to read this, but it's been a while since I saw something that really fits my taste. CIAO~ <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
laksanenas rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: Completed
the plot was so funny but


manipulative, always force MC in game just because MC forget him. Even after MC try to break up after know what ML and his cousin do, ML don't even apologize properly. Instead he gaslight MC for sleeping with the character ML play. What a toxic boyfriend

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