I Became a Fanboy of the Villain


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After sleeping for 800 years, the Great Demon, Bai Zhi, had woken up in the 21st century. A certain demon had then run around the modern world, surprised to find out that all of the spiritual fruits had gone extinct. He had quickly become very hungry. At that time, the system had appeared.

“You can get 20 demonic spiritual fruits by blocking the gun for the great villain.”

Bai Zhi looked at his body that had been beaten into a sieve, “Oh.”

“You can get 50 bottles of demonic spiritual liquid by being a scapegoat for the Great Villain.”

Bai Zhi touched the black ash on his face, “Finished.”

“I’ll present hundreds of demonic spiritual barbecues as a gift if you die in place of the villain.”

Bai Zhi silently held the large knife pushed inside of him, “The barbecue must be very spicy.”

A certain villain: “For the sake of you liking me so much, I’ll consider snatching a $9 marriage license.”

Bai Zhi, who was in the middle of silently nibbling barbecue, “Ah?”

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zenne_yourlocalface-con rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: c26
So far, the novel's been quite good. The MC and system are actually interacting in this novel a lot more than most novels I've read. Their interactions add a bit of a comical effect on the story and makes it quite light-hearted.

The ML and MC don't automatically fall in love like some nonsensical stories which I won't mention but the author makes it so that they slowly begin to like eachother.

Some arcs are quite short and despite that, the author doesn't really disregard details. Overall, there are good points that... more>> I've found in this story. Naturally, there are also bad points!

This novel doesn't exactly have tragic moments nor is there much plot, you could say. (It's mostly just about the MC and ML falling in love.) This is just my opinion and I've only read some of it. But so far, it's pretty good and I recommend this if you're looking for something sweet. <<less
38 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tofunao rated it
June 1, 2021
Status: Completed
aaaaaaahhh so cute... the MC is kind of a dummy but hes a cute and earnest dummy. the ML is the villain so in every arc hes kind of grumpy at first but they get along quickly :) overall its just sweet and fuzzy.

since its qt and there are only 80 chapters, each arc is pretty short. the endings of each arc are pretty quick, but there arent really any loose ends. there isnt much drama and its mostly smooth-sailing; ofc each arc has some problems they have to face... more>> but theyre resolved pretty quickly.

i might pick it up for translation in like a week or 2 :o hopefully :oooo once I figure it out lol :oooooooooo

*edit: ok im picking it up sfdlsdfjk <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elish rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: c1
Very loving and sweet couple. There's no irritating or dumb misunderstandings and miscommunication. No dragged on indecisive problems nor overdramatic and dense MC. Both MC and ML are very likeable. MC did not run away from his feelings and rather face it straight forwardly and express it properly, the same goes to ML. Overall a pretty simple and enjoyable cute + sweet story, with characters and steady romance progression that's my cup of tea. Story is quite romance focused, with bulk dose of fluff and sweets. Very nice
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Radishhh rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: --
This is freaking cute. The MC is adorable and cute but some might find him s*upid so let's just say he is s*upidly cute. Anyway, one thing I like abt this novel is the main protagonists is not describe as evil here and theyre almost nonexistent
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cough rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I really love MC he is so cute and sweetheart 😭 also ML is so sweet and gentle with MC. The uncle system is helpful and I like his conversations with MC. Each arc is pretty short, not much drama. Definitely recommend if u want something sweet and fluff
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 19, 2021
Status: Completed
The MC is such a sweetheart. How can anyone not love him🥰 The stories are short and sweet with few challenges for the couple. The MC is naive but absolutely devoted to the ml.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 4, 2022
Status: Completed
it was a very nice read. MC is so adorable and his innocence is likeable not like other characters which are cringey. ML? One of the best ML and really loves the MC. World per world they fall in love and you can see their chemistry. The "uncle" system is also useful despite his rusty/old age hahaha. Easy to mtl, try it:D

5 stars
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sunchokespaghetti rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c26
Very very very cutee

MC is soo lovable if nit a but dumb and silly but it adds to his charmm, , he knows what he wants and likes ahh such a cutiee

ML is so caring and protective just what this MC needs, no unnecessary possessiveness or anything like that and you can tell he loves the MC looadss

... more>> This story is purely fluff, no dog blood and the arcs aren't too long, perfect to relax and read

I absolutely love the system uncle omgg their dialogue is so cute and funny

Wish there was more though!! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
user_bellflower9999 rated it
March 18, 2022
Status: c22 part2
I love this so much!! 1st arc is definitely by far my favourite, love the MC & ML so much!! I was so shocked at how heartwarming it is, I got goosebumps because it was so sweet!

I'm someone who enjoys angst a lot and reads angst a lot, so I was pleasantly surprised this time. It was really enjoyable to read this.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
February 19, 2022
Status: c26
I'm crying... This is Novel is soooo Sweet!!! The First arc is Soooo Sweet!!! It was just full of Fluff!!! Nothing is Wrong!!! So FCKING SWEET!!! AAAAAAAAAA

While the 2nd arc actually more emotional but still most of time it was FULL OF FLUFF !!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

The 3rd arc, at the beginning, ML was Tsundere-like because he was the Villain who want to kill MC but of course he never can~. But has the best Ending too!

The System may not tell the MC, but us Reader can tell that in every arc,... more>> the Mission get Level up in every arc.

I Truly Love the MC and ML!!! MC is Cute Totally Cute and as much as he was Naive, he wasn't s*upid!!! ML is always good to MC even when at the beginning he doesn't 'like' him.

But poor MC can't eat most ordinary Human food except ML's handmade food, his own Cooking courtesy of ML from the 1st world teaching, or few fruit. Like seriously, MC would throw up or have diarrhoea. Poor MC...

The System so far is one of my Favorite type of System!!! In here, the System was truly like an Uncle!! The Helpful, Supportive, Goofy, but can Scold MC. Seriously like the Favorite Best Funny Uncle!!! I Love it!!! Itbalso has a Form and can Show up and be Used!!!

Seriously one of best QT Novel so far... I love it.

Gosh, someone please translate the rest of the story or at least finish the 4th arc!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
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