The Male God’s Favorable Impressions Are Difficult to Farm


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The gong has loved the shou for a long time already but he does not dare to confess his feelings. Without any better option, he joined forces with a system to kidnap the shou, dragging him through many quick transmigration world in an attempt to capture him. Afterwards…

Shou: This bed partner is very good. Can develop into a long term bed partner.

Gong: Why is it just a bed partner? Let’s agree to love each other!

[Ding! Thanks to your contributions to the Righteous Path all these years, this system has chosen you to complete the task.]

Ye Jun Ge: Did you take your medicine?

System 004: …QAQ

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rhianirory rated it
June 19, 2019
Status: Completed
i mtl this a while back but I remember it was pretty decent. the MC is clever and quick to point out when a plot makes absolutely no sense or when the total IQ of the cast is lowered to make the protagonist look smart (lots of snarky comments by the MC to the system). the ML is a loyal puppy wife-slave type so if you hate over eager puppies you might be irritated on occasion. ... more>>

i started to lose some interest once his "sister" showed up as well. he went from cold, snarky and borderline evil to having his own gang of four in every world. I didn't like the change.


for me the beginning of the series is a 4.5 and the end is about a 3... hmmm, I guess i'll go with the end rating. <<less
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June 18, 2019
Status: c5
So far I've only read up to chapter 5 and it's pretty good.


The thing I'm still not sure is if the MMC's brother is like totally decided as the MML. Well, you can kind of guess that it might have incest involved in it.

Hopefully it's not dropped since I find it pretty good so far.
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