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In order to fulfill his lifelong wish and graduation project of researching merfolks, Desharow, a student of Biology Department of Russian Maritime Academy, went on a long distance voyage with his mentor, Rhine, and caught a special species of male Merfolk in Iceland. Little did he know that this mysterious dark and evil creature had long since regarded him as his “prey” (cough cough spouse) and had been invading his body, leading to an unexpected trigger to a thrilling conflict.

In the end, can the merman’s instinctive desire prevail or not, and will the research of Desharow proceed smoothly under the obstruction of his mentor with the same misguided idea? What is the real purpose of the investigation that seems to be hidden in the presence of military forces when a terrifying conspiracy dating back to World War II begins to emerge….?

With the development of the research and the frequent occurrence of various dangerous incidents at sea, emotional struggle, and instinctive love, Desharow soon discovers some incredible connection toward the evil black-scaled merman and how his body has undergone some unique alteration.

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40 Reviews

Mar 08, 2020
Status: --
Totally agreeing with dona’s comment.

Honestly I first came here for the smut (thirsty*cough*) but then I saw there was potential with the plot and the descriptiveness of the text eases visualisation and pulls me in. I had hopes, although not too high because I originally came for the smut anyway.

Initially, I was looking forward to the MC expecting he’s gonna be smart, as in smart, cause he’s a researcher. Although I realised right at the start that he’s gonna be silly or maybe ditzy. But boy, little did... more>> I know. As mentioned in dona’s comment, he Dumb. Beyond silly. Wether it be towards his “research”, his rapist professor, anything. All talk no walk. One sh*t happens and he doesn’t learn so it repeats and gets worse and worse. Congrats, d*mb chicken. Seriously, it’s such a waste of potential. Maybe if they changed the MC’s character, the whole novel would've been a masterpiece. I can only say rip cause MC’s the way he is though.

The only character I like here, is ML. Although he’s a ‘rapist’, but thats in the view of human society. He is after all, a beast, which is emphasised numerous times. Following the instincts in which the survival of their specie is the priority. They just express their like and dislike straightforwardly in ways they think is affectionate. And I actually think ML is affectionate. It’s just d*mb to expect a beast to conform to human society’s standards within the short time of his first contact with humans.

The true really real legitimate rapist here is the 2nd ML who claims to love MC. Maybe he does but his ways is just sh*t. It’s not double standards, ML is a beast so I judge him in the laws of the beast, whereas the 2nd ML is a human.

Props to the translator though, for the fantastic translation. <<less
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Aug 05, 2021
Status: c92

Honeslty reading these reviews is starting to help me understand why I'm misunderstood so often help.

You don't understand his thought process and therefore he's dumb? Therefore he's brainless?

... more>> I probably shouldn't be bringing this up but as someone with ADHD (i.e. Being neurodivergent) and therefore having a brain and thought processes which, more often than not, differs to many other individuals I can't help but worry for my future.

I think this group of people should take a moment to just look at this from a different perspective. You're being given the opportunity to glimpse into the MC 's thoughts and feelings, you're not expected to actually feel or think what he does.

I think something that a lot of us have to realise is that it's not important to understand why or how someone's thoughts or feeling came into existence but rather it's important to understand that there are thoughts, feelings and opinions that differ from ours. It's more important to understand that there are people who think like this, there are people who won't make sense to us.

Context matters a lot in this novel. For example:

    • MC is not you, he is his own individual who has faced his own issues and problems and therefore his thoughts are bound to be different.
    • The novel is complicated both in lore, moral and ethics and should be read by those who are mature and understand concepts like perspective, different aspects, individualism and how external factors (for example culture or expereiences) can affect individuals. As in the content of this novel is important in determining who this novel is meant for.
    • The context of what is happening is also important for example the MC's resistance to the ML but also his inability to free himself from the ML emotionally (as in he's sorta attatched to the ML lol)
All in all, this was a great read and I think that if read by someone who is open-minded and ready to pick up on small details it can also be a very educational read. This novel does a good job of representing in real life societal issues as any good novel should and can really teach you about differing cultures, moral and ethics as well as a multitude of other concepts if read with the correct mindset.

The storyline itself is also full of content but is well-paced and I personally did not find it confusing at all. There is tons of world-building in this and the characters really do feel 3 dimensional. They, as people generally do in real life, have their own justifications and issues.

It's a good read :) <<less
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Jul 09, 2019
Status: Completed
This has been an enjoyable read. I like the creative take on the merfolks lore which was infused with both mythical and sci-fi aspect. There's a touch of in*est due to the cultural differences between the two species. It was interesting how these merfolks select their mates.

Even though there is an element of imprinting that caused the protagonist to crave the touch of his unwelcome sex-crazed violator c*m future mate but there is no instant love here. In fact, it is a slow and steady romance development with hoards of... more>> rocky situations to overcome before they came to mutual understanding and compromisation.

At times the time-traveling events might cause a bit of disorientation but the author did his/her best to get readers back on track before we start sweating about it.

Anyhoo, I have enjoyed it enough to go back for a second visit right now.

* February 8th, 2016 (Read the Chinese raws via TTS in Cantonese)

Chinese Boy's Love with Mermaid theme! Woohoo!
There's even a RADIODRAMA of it.

July 9th, 2019: I am glad this amazing story was picked up for an English translation. Don't miss this story guys & gals!

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Apr 10, 2020
Status: Completed
5 stars!!! This is one of the best Chinese Novel I ever came to read.

One of my Chinese friend had told me about this book, but she had also warned me that to read this book I need to read it with a mature and open mind. After finishing it, I do agree that this book should be read by mature, grown up readers. Seeing the comments, and the votes, there are many people who clearly doesn't seem to under stand or process the information well enough to actually perceive... more>> the story.

Although ML by far is my favorite character in the novel, MC still have traits that I love. What useless naive, s*upid MC? No brain cell? I don't see that, especially knowing what type of plot, setting and tags it contains. Remember! The setting and plots plays an important role in everything that had and will happens, too! Also please be mindful of where the story is at right now, the novel isn't even translated half way through yet! Anyway, this was definitely an enjoyable read and I would definitely comeback and read it again!

Also the translators did an amazing job in translating this novel (even though I read the Chinese raw cause I couldn't wait to finish it) This author's story is just so descriptive that it can be hard to translate. Nice Job! <<less
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Oct 31, 2019
Status: c34
  1. Everything is wrong and you are morbidly fascinated. This is what this novel is.
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Oct 22, 2019
Status: c22
This story is filled with smut. Fortunately our MC has brain cells. He is a passionate biologist but when he´s so eager to discover more about the merman to the point of disregarding his own life, you start questioning his intelligence.
While reading this I find myself nervous, waiting for MC to fall in love with his rapist. I´m just waiting for the disappointment. Since we know from the tags it´s gonna happen. But if MC doesn´t put up a fight first, I´ll give a middle finger to... more>> the author for wasting such potential. It´s an interesting though. I like the way the author weaved in horror into this when describing the merman. Almost felt like I was experiencing it myself.

I just think everything happened too fast :/

UPDATE: I'm dropping this. I take back what I said. MC has no brain cells. He's the type of guy who talks the talk but doesn't walk in it. His thoughts are so righteous and determined but each time that hot stud off a merman touched his dick, he melts like cotton, moaning under him. We all knew he would fall in the end. Obviously since it's a romance novel. But this fast?

Turns out he's a sl*t. Sorry I had to say it. <<less
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Apr 09, 2020
Status: c27

It just drags on and on and on. The smut also drags on and on and on. The MC is a weak, naive idiot. Pretty much a liability to himself and others. I need a break from this.
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
Jan 31, 2020
Status: Completed
This was tricky to MTL because the novel is very descriptive when explaining the biology and science behind the mermaid thing. It makes the MC's profession as a biologist more believable to the audience.

This novel was fascinating. With a very simple beginning between a biologist and a black-tailed mermaid in an isolated research facility. Their world seems to expand from their as human-mermaid conflicts comes into play and all the controversies and hypocrisis becames unveiled as we see the darkest sides of both species. It's interesting how the author ties... more>> the mutations in mermaids and the Axis powers obsession with superior genes to mermaid genes to WWII.

This novel is very gory. I get chills as I read some of the gory scenes. The novels does a good job at playing the scenes like a horror movie, so you'll definitely get a thrill if you like horror movies. The MC's description of the ML is often told with really frightening descriptions that is similar to deep sea creatures.

I have some conflicting thoughts about the ending though.


The ending seemed a bit too jolly and happy. He wakes up to the sight of the merman utopia (Atlantis) and everyone is all happy and celebrating the union between him and the ML. I feel like the ending was 'too good to true' considering all the horrific events that haunted the MC just chapters prior. He was constantly worried about his friends (Davis, Raphael, and Eva), but there was not sign of that by the final chapter.

I don't understand how the MC could be so happy after witnessing the horrific war crimes committed by the ML. The MC expressed multiple times his discomfort of witnessing the ML's brutal side.

Despite how emotionally torn the MC felt over this, he seemed to have completely forgotten about worries over Davis who became suicidal after getting r*ped. In fact, we don't even know if Davis was successful in his suicidal attempts after jumping off a cliff into the sea because the MC was never able to find his body (and even forgotten about the whole matter because he got sidetracked by his jealousy of seeing an illusion of his love rival mating with the ML).

To summarize the events of this incident, the ML's merman subordinates captured and r*pe the human POWs (prisoners of war). The MC had begged the ML to release them when he saw Davis amongst the captives and became so furious at the ML's refusal to the point that he secretly colluded with the ML's worst enemy (The MC's biological father) in an effort to rescue the human captives. When the MC and the enemy found the captives, Davis regained consciousness, refused the MC's offer to rescue him, and immediately jumped off the cliff because of the shame of being r*ped by his enemies. The MC did not seem to believe that Davis had died from the fall because he didn't see his body, so he begged the enemy multiple times to find Davis. The enemy then showed his true colors as he hypnotized the MC with an illusion of the ML and the MC's love rival being together. After the whole thing dies down, the ML moved all the mermans and the MC to their mother's nest and the MC goes into vegetative state for 2-3 years. He wakes up and it's happily ever after.

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Jul 23, 2020
Status: c55
Firstly, im here because of the smut scenes *ehem* so let's talk about it! 11/10 for me, its detailed– very much to my liking, hot and sexy and you'll want more!

The plot is really good too! The story is very well written and you'll feel a roller coaster of emotions between the slowly burning romance of MC and ML.

Desharow is somewhat kinda frustrating because he's still so confused on his feelings with Agares and he's still denying it! But I understand him because of the situation. Well Agares, I LOVE... more>> HIM. Even if he's always in heat and wants to devour Desharow anytime anywhere, he's so protective of him, prioritize Desharow's safety, save him always and he's so INLOVE or more like possessive of our MC! It's still ongoing and I think there's many more that will happen, but I gave 5 stars because I really really enjoy reading this! Great job also to the translator/s. <<less
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Dec 24, 2020
Status: c115
This. Is a dumb story that I quickly read as much as I can to quickly get closure because I can't hold anymore to end this.

I won't comment much about the rated part. Although I'm surely feeling weird when the story took turn to:

... more>>

ML is sort like his gene giver? Father? And he doesn't even see MC as lover but just descendants... it's weird because you don not have that impression in first arc of story kind of thing.


The main problem is...I fed up with idiotic justice MC that never learn from mistakes AND went into SAME trap holes EVERY TIME.


What kind of person he is??? First few times are ok. Naive but ok. After that? After so many arcs? Even the so after climax when he becomes mercenary? Oh it's so damn not pretty anymore. AND he drags his silly naive thinking over until LAST ARC??? Where everything can be avoided, IF he does learn to be smart.

This whole novel is a foolhardy journey of his and silly sympathies and s*upid decision (or indecision) that CAUSE trouble and victims everywhere AND he learns NOTHING!

In short - a goddamn damsel in distress that can only preach about kindness and humanity but do nothing except bring any trouble to ML and many victims of his 'kindness'

I thought it will better after he becomes mercenary... hehe but nope. If follow up by the last trouble in last arc, I'll say that he is degenerate.

Folks, 'dumb' isn't only for intelligent here. But for someone that lacking action, only knowing to preach and make everyone else in trouble.

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Sep 01, 2020
Status: c61
Came for the smut stayed for the couple.

It kind of feels like a ABO novel with the usage of pheromones and what not but a well written one tbh.

Its not all fluff and happiness so as what other reviewers have mentioned, its a novel meant for mature audiences.

... more>> I don't really think that the MC is dumb and naive really. He does not act like a white lotus so nah, not dumb and naive.

I understand that even irl scientists/researchers/doctors etc. sometimes do prioritise their research over their own health/life. Its actually more common that you think. So calling the MC dumb, naive and unintelligent for doing so is kinda... <<less
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Aug 18, 2020
Status: c59
This is definitely one of the novels I fell deeply in love with. The novel is brilliantly written and the translation is exceptional.

If you're looking for heavy smut with great sci-fi/fantasy plot, then this novel is a good pick for you. Consisting of long, highly-detailed and graphic depictions of smut, the steamy scenes, the s*xual tension and the slowburn romance between the two main characters are really out of this world (and the translators were able to give it justice).

I'm also pretty amazed by the amount of research on marine... more>> biology that went into this piece, giving the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of the story a sense of realism.

While a lot of people probably rated this novel low because of the r*pe, the ML is still a beast and probably doesn't understand the concept of consent that humans have, only knowing the concept of heat and mating. Eventually, he gets his own character development.

Also, I can understand why some people might think Desharow, the MC, is frustratingly s*upid, but he's really not. Most of his thoughts and actions are normal responses with the circumstances he's thrown in, and because he's considered a top marine biology student, he's able to make good logical conjectures about the supernatural things with the merfolk and about the political conspiracies happening around him even though he's kept in the dark most of the time.

Also, please don't MTL this novel. The brilliant translation is one of the reasons why this is such a great read. <<less
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Front Row Raisins
Front Row Ra
Oct 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Ahhh, I really did not expect to enjoy this novel nearly as much as I did when I started it, but quite honestly I have fallen deeply in love. T-T

In the beginning, I expected it to be a simple psychological/horror story with some romance, a bit like "Killing Stalking" by Koogi. However, that's very far from what this story is like. Although that is the feeling you get from it at first, after the first major arc the story takes a complete turn. Not that I am really complaining, because... more>> the story also began to really pick up and become interesting, but if you expect a story like that one full of super heavy angst, trauma, and abuse all the way, maybe look elsewhere because that does not last.

As for the plot itself, I give it a good 8.5/10. It's a bit too twisty-turny for my taste at times, but I will admit that it kept me deeply captivated, and was very unique. I guess my main problem is that resolutions happen very fast. I will admit that is probably better for my already weak heart because I can't stand cliffhangers, (•0•) but sometimes it felt like the plot just went a bit too fast. I'd give an example but I'm not quite confident in how to insert a spoiler...
*=_= Anyways, it truly didn't feel like anything else I have ever read, and I really enjoyed it a lot. Even just the story of the mermaids would have made for a gripping story for me. I would say the plot was a full 10/10 if it was a bit more paced. That's also a bit more of a personal opinion though...

Now let's talk about the characters. I did not expect the growth from them that I got. Especially from the ML. Although he does have a way with frustrating me, I can't help but love him (I'm kinda sounding like the MC, lol). Seriously though, it's not that he was really flat at the beginning, it's just that we had no way of understanding him (obviously, he's a mermaid). The progression of his character was nice to see, and I liked how his identity as a mermaid is still clearly marked even as we find ways to associate with him. In terms of our family's Desharow, he gave me a feeling throughout of a bean that must be protected. Enough said. When talking about side characters... there weren't many huge ones, but I think the motives and personalities of each really shined through. Rhine especially surprised me with his personality, he really felt three-dimensional, even though he had a pretty simple motive. With other characters, even the people I hated also had reasons why I shouldn't hate them. A very good cast indeed.

In the end, I certainly could pick out many flaws in this novel, it's true. But truly, it has such captivating characters, such a unique and gripping storyline, such good smut... ahem..., and was an absolute joy and pleasure to read. I give it a full 5/5 stars, and the place it atop the highest pedestal in my list of danmei treasures. I certainly highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi, danmei, or stories that are written well. Happy reading! (^ 3^) <<less
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Sep 04, 2020
Status: c62
I'm hooked. Plot is seriously interesting and Characters have substance. It's a morally challenging read and I am pretty conflicted about the couples relationship, but I understand that while reading this you can't judge it based on human morals. You have to try and see things from ML perspective. Since he wasn't raised in human society, human morals, bottom lines, ethics and so on aren't imprinted in his mindset and don't restrict him. (Understand what I'm trying to say?) He has a different understanding of the world than us and... more>> I believe most people can't accept that. I'm also struggling, but if I keep aforementioned in mind it is a really great story and very thought-out. I'm really looking forward to see how the story continues.

Don't let this influence you to much, it's my personal opinion (also this seriously contains some spoilers and isn't just for decoration, so don't be reckless) :


It's frustrating how ML doesn't understand MC's struggles (about "mating", sense of shame, attachment to his normal life and family, fear of turning into something not human, unwillingness to belong to someone (like an object),...) but I hope he will learn to. I especially hope that he can learn to take MC opinion into consideration and see him as an equal/partner/something. At the moment ML takes it for granted that MC belongs to him and if MC does something he doesn't like he forces him to submit, it just gives me the impression that ML sees him as beneath him and in my opinion that's just not a healthy relationship. I'm a person who doesn't like it when others tell me what to do so I always have troubles understanding when reading about a submissive MC (well it's clear that MC isn't but he is still forced to submit in face of ML) so I just hope that this detail will have some development. After reading this, please don't be too prejudiced about the ML since he is still pretty good except for this.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 28, 2020
Status: c1
I loved this novel to this point. At first I read it for the action ;) but I found myself stuck in the plot. I found it very interesting and the plot was pretty good! I hope new chapters come out soon!
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Okayy soo, the first thing you must note is that this one is deep. It includes different timelines and dangg it's too amazing, I know you'll probably hate or you can't handle how the ML is doing from the start, even in the end you'll probably still cursing him but everything has an explanation, it's not that shallow I was really shocked while mtling the novel. I can't get enough of it, most of the time I do mtl only until the half of the story but I did finish... more>> this. Have you read beastman forcefully raising a wife? It has the same vibe but this one is much better. This one has a past to be uncovered and the future was dramatic I couldn't help but be amazed. It's just you'll realky question everything at the start. I'm telling you don't drop this because you think it has nonsense plot. YOU SHOULD NOTE IT'S DANG THRILLER, and I'm honestly satisfied with the thrill. I'll probably read it again after CG finished their trans cause I just had a rough understanding based on the mtled version. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 13, 2019
Status: Completed
I love this novel a lot. I started reading the translations but couldn't resist MTL the rest. This novel is pretty easy to MTL but there are parts that are confusing. I can't wait to re-read this when it is fully translated.

Highly recommended~!! ٩ (๑&Gt;▽<๑) و
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Probably the first novel where I feel like the 1*s and 5*s reviews are both pretty valid 😂

For starters, I love how thrilling and dark the setting is. The author didn't shy away from showing us the huge difference between humans and beasts. This in turn gave the novel more depth and made the push and pull between the main couple more thrilling. The first half of the novel was immensely enjoyable but the second half was just ok hence the 4*.

Now to the more divide part, the MC. Honestly,... more>> I wouldn't say the MC is d*mb but more naïve and trusting. As someone who spent his whole life studying and doing research he doesn't have much awareness of how sinister some people can be. So I think the MC's dilemma and fear are both justifiable. It can't be helped that he's the weakest considering how it's a beast and the military chasing after him. He is quite self-aware and would compromise accordingly. Throughout the story I did pity him a few times because he literally can't get a break🤦

Although I do empathize with the MC, some of his actions and thinking are indeed frustrating. I think a reviewer summed him up well, he talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. More often than not the MC will have brave and courageous thoughts but many didn't translate well into action. I think the latter part of the novel made him even more frustrating because it feels like there's not growth aside from the fact that he accepted the ML. Which is also frustrating because although he accepted the ML, he doesn't seem to fully trust him.


The Venice arc is probably the arc I liked the least. The MC insists on sticking with the ML without considering the situation. The ML is undercover but MC's love brain just keeps messing things up. From this arc onwards, I find many of the MC's thoughts and actions selfish. I just wished the MC could be a bit more rational and try not to be a liability considering how there isn't much he could do. Didn't really like how there's this subtle "love solves it all" vibe going on as well.

One part of the novel that made me accept that the MC is perhaps not the brightest kid in the room is when he thought of the man (not ML) who tried to r*pe him as the only one he could trust. Like???????? I understand that he is probably the only person in that situation that you are most familiar with but trustworthy?? Come on. laterthemanbetrayedtheMCsolike.. Bro The author gave us many insights to the MC's thoughts and there many which I couldn't fully agree with.

Side note: I noticed that the MC slipped and fell so. Many. Times. It's so overused (・・;) ゞ


Till the end I couldn't bring myself to like the MC. I don't have much to say about the ML because he feels quite consistent although there are some character development near the end. Overall, I find the dynamic between the main couple much more exciting before they got together. Also, I feel like the antagonists lived for wayyy too long when you just know it's probably better if the MC just off-ed them early.

This novel have it's ups and downs but I did enjoy reading it because of it's unique setting and somewhat cohesive plot. I would say go in the novel with an open mind and throw your morals out the window. This novel is dark, not just in the romance aspect but the world setting as well. However, if you have issues with weak MCs then this novel probably isn't for you- but no harm giving it a try.

Thank you to the translators for the great translation and effort to help the readers understand the plot! <<less
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Jul 08, 2020
Status: c52
The novel is so fascinating and the translation is on top, thanks for the translation team!! Waiting for the next chapter to be released. So excited to see what's the new adventure for Desharow!! Please update the next chapter \ ^^ /
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 10, 2020
Status: --
I really liked this novel~~ I really kinda enjoy this type of ML. (The powerful and 'I'll kill who ever wants to touch my uke type of seme.)

Plus, I've been really hooked up with this novel that I've even tried to find some spoilers about it but it didn't reveal that much information. So Im back here waiting for more updates.

Waiting for more updates~ ?

Thank u for translating this~♡♡
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