Blood Contract


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Because modern-day Zero accidentally transported himself to a foreign world, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a giant s*ave ship and he became the ship’s new s*ave. This was a place where the strong ate the weak. As a new s*ave, he would have to face his s*ave master and additionally get bullied by others. The most unthinkable thing was that creatures known as vampires existed.

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Attica rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Vampires! Magic! Assassins! Werewolves! Vampire Hunters! Eternal Love that can last throughout lifetimes! r*pe!....... uh... wait a sec.

Yep Blood Contract is archetypal Dark Fantasy, with preeettyyy heavy emphasis on the Dark part. On the bright side (haha I swear that wasn't on purpose), you kind of get used to it over time to the point where it can be darkly humorous. And the MC always does his best to survive and thrive with what little resources he has, making the stakes high and the plot thrilling.

NOTE: There is indeed Noncon... more>> in this novel (I think the ML is the only "love interest" who doesn't force the MC at any point). There is indeed a bit of a Harem element in that lots of guys pursue MC, but his one true love is the ML and they end up together.

Summary: The young assassin MC (who goes only by the codename Zero) finds that he has transmigrated into another world filled with supremely powerful vampires and other creatures of dark fantasy. He struggles to survive while being chased by a seemingly endless parade of bloodthirsty and annoyingly h**ny-as-hell powerful dudes. As he wanders the continent, he discovers long-hidden secrets about his own identity, including how he holds some kind of bond with a once-powerful vampire emperor ML Aiosius (something like that anyway). The only problem (or is it actually a blessing?) is that this vampire emperor's brain effectively turned into that of a crazed puppy after the death of his long-gone lover.


I actually found the plot's many twists and turns to be very enjoyable overall. The worldbuilding is immensely fun with all the different countries and political affiliations, the history and mythology. Zero is very much an underdog constantly running into dangerous situations that can change as quickly as the wind blows, so I was always on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.

Zero is very much the star of this novel. It's really fun to watch his will to survive when in terms of power levels, he's effectively a lamb being tossed between various hungry wolves. His counterpart Aiosius is also as sweet as a puppy. A very mu*derous, insanely powerful puppy.

Amidst all the blood and mu*der and s*x, I enjoyed how the undercurrent of the MC and ML's relationship was actually... oddly sweet and heartwarming. I was also pleasantly surprised by the yummy angst around 2/3 of the way through the novel (mmm the angst was so deliciously heart wrenching and tear jerking... of note it's very much a Happy Ending so everything's resolved and all.)

At the same time, pretty much every single side character is fleshed out with believable motivations, to the point where I was pleasantly surprised I didn't dislike certain "side character archetypes". Even for those side characters I did end up disliking or finding repulsive, I could see the glimpses of humanity in their behavior.

That's not to say everything is perfect in this novel. Oh boy.

    • Some of the aforementioned "hangers-on" pursuing Zero besides the ML were rather... insane/unpleasant (in my opinion), to put it gently. Because they were often so much more ridiculously powerful than the MC, the power dynamics were rather uncomfortable. This is not helped by how the ML doesn't show up until like 40 chapters in lol
        • When the very bloodthirsty and rather Yandere ML who's literally lost his mind is the most reasonable of the lot, I often found myself praying for Zero to maneuver out of the other guys' clutches as fast as possible before the situation could get worse. Luckily (?), Zero manages to guilt-trip and/or restore some degree of sanity to these lunatics by the end of the novel, and they're reduced to basically being annoying pets lol.
    • The horrible Werewolf side storyline = ughhhh pointless noncon and nothing remotely close to closure... luckily it's only a small part of the story. Honestly, I would have probably given this a 5 if it weren't for this part of the story. x__x
    • Some side characters drop out of the plot and/or have less relevance overall. Not a super big deal but it's there.
    • The writing style spams exclamation points like they're going out of style (seriously, there are more exclamation points than periods sometimes hahahaha)
    • LAST BUT NOT LEAST--the author definitely loves their father-son in*est vibes. It appears most commonly because 1) siring vampires usually involves s*x and 2) vampires will call their sires "Father."... Yeah. To be fair (?), it could be worse--I just ignored everything to do with those appellations and I made it through just fine.
Overall Thoughts:

If you love (Very) Dark Fantasy, this is the novel for you. An MC who's as badass as he can be in his situation! An ML who's as sweet as he can be in this setting! As long as you can tolerant occasional Noncon/in*est vibes/slight harem elements, this is honestly a very fun and wild ride. Just... skip the werewolf storyline lol. <<less
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December 24, 2019
Status: v1c20
Story 5 stars, translation 0 stars. I really like this story with how it reminds me of feng yu jiu tian. Not the same genre but given how smutty and how much detail was written about the character. Story flows beautifully. Pity I can't understand anything because the translation is so bad. Literally it feels like its MTL and definitely not edited. Hence I can't understand most of the story and I just give up on reading this. If another translator can pick this baby up and give this the... more>> rating it deserves, bless your soul. <<less
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Danmei_Empress rated it
August 20, 2018
Status: Completed
Warning: there is r*pe in this story

I read the raws of this novel and I must say that it never made me feel bored. The story isn't like other novels where there are a lot of clichés. The MC isn't whiney like in the LMW. He doesn't get too OP which keeps the story interesting till the end. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't get more powerful! He's a ice cold killer who accepts his fate when he knows that there is no way to run from it.... more>> When his enemies are more powerful than him and tries to make him bend (LOL) before them. He will do everything he can to survive. But hold your horses. Don't think that he's just a harmless little kitten. While acting obedient and subservient, he already has a plan in his head to get rid of you and give you a little taste of his wrath.

Throughout the beginning of the story, you absolutely have no clue who the ML is as he gets topped against his will by other people besides the ML. That's maybe a big NO NO for a lot of you guys. The r*pe trope did put me of in the beginning, but the MC was just the best protagonist that I had ever read about so that I gave it chance. And I am actually pretty happy that I did.

The romance got a lot of unexpected twist so it's not like other BL novels where they first don't like each other, then fall in love with each other to end up being a OP couple while living a life filled with only sunshine and flowers. But don't get me wrong: There is no drama like BNH ;)

But the ML does get really jealous. So for the yandere fans... you have found your next read! Haha.

So if you want to read a story about vampires, killers, werewolves and magic then just give it a try! <<less
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hiryukaede rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: 85
I just want to say,... The ML was a bast*rd and f*cking assh*le...

If you someone likes type story like Hua Hua yu long, then this story for you,...

In the beginning I'm so corius abaut the MC, and all the mistery, but, later I found out,.. the ML was really ashole,... I'm almost vomit bloods,... I'm droped this book, really,...

... more>> If you want something cute and sweet story for this novel,... This novel not for you,

Later, you only feel 'i want slap this ML so bad'.... Crap, my heart, I can't take this kind of story,.. poor MC,... T-T

ML was worst, he sleep with anyone, even if he have MC,... Auch,.. auch, such a bas*ard... <<less
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LeeChanSlink rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: Completed
I personally dont agree with some other reviews here giving such low stars because of r*pe and abuse. As readers, we should know that there is something called World Setting and that is simply how the novels world works. This setting made the story more vivid and the world development more successful. I love the characters, how the author portrayed their personality and obsession. The extra in the end solved a lot of issues and confusions. I dont regret losing one night of sleep just to finish reading this novel.... more>> I was so immersed with the novel I didn't even bother caring about time and sleep.

If you open-minded, love reading and desires good novel, then this is for you.

(This was supposed to be rated 5 stars. I dont know how this happened as I am sure I cl**ked 5 star for review. This is simply unreasonable and I cant even edit my ratings. I demand novelupdates to add a feature to delete reviews or edit your rating.) <<less
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agathe rated it
February 26, 2020
Status: --
I thought the introduction was interesting, so I read ahead, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

it’s Rapish, boring violent, gratuitous, and why on earth borrow from white wolf masquerade to do that ?
the only clan that should be mentioned here should be the crazy one, because all characters are indifferent, obsessive, amoral, bloodthirsty and s*x crazed : total lunatics: Nothing make sense, and characters are from quasi evil to to pure evil - absolutely unlikeable... cold brings cold from the reader and nothing can save it

the MC has been abused... more>> from childhood, so he is not « bothered » about being r*ped, and even make sure to enjoy the process,

he’s also an « assassin «, and that supposedly is enough to make sense of an unbalanced character that doesn’t seems to abide by the rules of the world

as for the rated part : not only does it bring absolutely nothing to the story, but sorry people I don’t get what can be exciting in these crude and cold depiction : it’s all meat talk, never love talk... These kind of text makes a vegetarian out of me... it’s simply uninspired and quite often disgusting - sick

how on earth does it gets so many good grades Totally evades me... <<less
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leviii rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c117
This is for those ppl who are doubting to read this novel because of the not-so-good reviews.

Please be reminded that this novel has r*pe, torture and gore scenes so if these things are not your cup of tea then just don't read it.

In my opinion there are many great things about this one. This is a hidden gem among novels that have 3 star ratings.

  • Many hot and beautiful MLs who greatly admire or more like OBSSESSED with the MC
  • Several hot and sexy smut scenes
  • Jealousy overload among MLs who are fighting over MC
  • The MC is not weak-willed, has his on judgments, cold, beautiful and smart!
  • Vampires, werewolves, magic, vampire hunters, monarchy are all present!
  • Thrilling action/fighting scenes!
I'm always at the edge of my seat and I can't help but choose to read the... more>> next chapter. To those ppl who's saying that its boring, I don't know if we are reading the same novel because its not boring at all!

Its just, the one thing that makes me feel turn off about this is the 2nd translator's translation. There are many grammatical errors and messy translations and its really ticking me off. BUT! If you preservere and focus on the story, its really worth it! <<less
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filter rated it
March 29, 2020
Status: c20
I never wrote any review about any story but this story manage to anger me to death, successfully.! This is the worst story ever, there is so much abuse and r*pe. This is a very rapish novel. MC don't have any sense of self-respect! I dropped this novel in the middle because the r*pe is too much. I definitely not recommend this novel to anyone! ML is the worst! I don't get how this novel got favourite to many people but don't read the good reviews and read this novel... more>> because it's very dark and ABUSIVE!. <<less
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TheFantasyReader rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: Completed

The story is good though it's full of angst with a bitter relationship between MC and ML. ML is a scum thorough and thorough but the author still blames it on amnesia making me rate this story 1 star lower. I would like it even better if only the MC abandoned the blood emperor who forgot him while unknowingly torturing MC by having s*x with others and instead got together with the white emperor who waited for him loyally for 300 years.

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kyn rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: Completed
A r*pe-centric thrilling dark fantasy story. The world-building is interesting and the twisty plots are enjoyable as well. If you are into BL and a fantasy junkie, you will like this one as it comes with sexy domineering vampires, big bad werewolves, vampires hunters, assassins, cool magic and last but not least, passionate eternal love.

The MC is thrown into a dangerous world where he has to physically and mentally fight for his survival as his nemesis are formidable beings and he is just a young assassin.... more>> Although he is highly skilled in combat and killing technique, his enemies are mostly unnatural beings with extraordinary power. The stakes are unbelievably high and his quick wits are his best bet on staying alive.

I liked that the MC is a realistic person and survivalist. He knows how to read the situation and act well in self-preservation. Perhaps it is a trait beaten into him since childhood during his assassin training. He is also good at taking advantage of others and has no shame of manipulating them to bend to his will. He might look small, harmless and meek, but he is no kitten. More like a deadly, stealthy panther ready to pounce on its prey when opportunity knocks. And he has no qualms killing when it suits his cause.

Another point of interest of this story for me is the harem element where the MC is much sought after by powerful men. Most of these men are tyrannic, obsessive and possessive to the max hence tons of noncon/dubcon super rough s*x. They are all drop dead gorgeous though. The romance is dark, thick with ambivalence feelings, twisted love and taboo s*xual relationships. The MC has multiple love interests but he is...

soul bonded to a single cray-cray dude for eternity hence the title of this book.


*Reviewed on April 21st, 2019
Read the Chinese raw via text-to-speech (TTS) in Cantonese. <<less
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ColaArcie rated it
August 21, 2018
Status: Completed
The story is good but Ill give it 3.8 because few of the chapters are confusing specially when the MC passing out. I thought he's going to transmigrated again or so many years passed before he woke up. It's what I felt I don't know if the other feel it too. And I also what more details about MC and his MC's father.
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The story is so deep and full of taboo that I dont have the feeling to comment ab it only 1 thing that I hated the most is ab ML amensia.

U know cuz MC sleeps with others too I dont mind ML to sleeps with others but in many chs Ml's love for the other boy mentioned so I really feel disgusted by choosing this Ml.

... more>>

Yes after ML remember MC he really tried hard for loving him and gain forgiveness but when I remeber that he really like the pet he choosed (and dont tell me he didnt like it cuz he said it himself that he like him a little and after that he find out his pet told lie to him he didnt want to kill him only felt cold becuz he still loved him) I just paste the exact word from novel dont know author really didnt und ab love or was thinking that it isnt count as love/:

Yess I dont know why u should say that u fucing love himmm? Why u just didnt sleep with him and keep ur f*cking mount shott?? Sorry im a little angry cuz all of the joy of story is disapperd for that/:) but MC never forget ML even when he was with other and the 3 other ML is like him never fall for anyone expect MC so I really like harem ending or MC end up with white emperor or his father

If it was the end I really would be happy and will decide to reread it but it isnt so eventhough this is a good story I dont want to read it again becuz of the ending.


Dont know if someone feels like me too but I really hated MC to be with current Ml😐 <<less
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SadisticSenpai rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: c11
Translator polarbeardise translated it very well.

But, the other translator's rating: 0.5/5 Not understandable, unfortunately. Only better 1% than MTL.

World building: 4/5 so far.

... more>> Story looks promising and really interesting. So far, the characters looks interesting, especially the MC. I hope someone else pickup (translating) this beautiful piece of work and do justice to this novel. So I can continue reading and post a good review.

People who keep complaining about r*pe and other stuff should at least look at the tags before deciding to read. If such themes/tags make's one uncomfortable, then don't proceed, jeez! <<less
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Dr_Mouse rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c117
Very interesting and exciting at the beginning, but after few chapters story just gets too boring.

I really liked MC, his strong will and how he stay true to his fellings and aims. However, none of his suitors (including ML) were good enough for him, IMHO. Their characters are so plain, simple-minded, tasteless and somehow alike.

So, if you are looking for a good plot and wild chemistry between characters, go on with your search) If you have a lot of free time and love novels with cold MC, then it should... more>> be your cup of tea. <<less
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procrastination_day rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: v1c10
A very promising story so far.

The plot is mysterious and the events unpredictable since the reader is just as clules as the protagonist and the protagonist rarely shares his deeper thoughts. That said those thoughts can still be gleaned on ocasion.

The protagonist is interesting. He is jaded, skilled and prefers to keep a low profile yet still. Realistic and accpeting to submit to the cruelties of circumstance, but kicking it in the groin when opportunity presents itself for a brighter fate. His thoughts are quiet and don't take up a... more>> lot of body in the text but provide enough for the reader to draw out his hidden thoughts.

Warning: there is plenty of r*pe and abuse which are described with detail. It seems to be a grim and dark tale fully deserving of having sinister vampires in it. I wouldn't call the s*x smut since events move on from the r*pe without further ado. I do not recommend this story for the squeamish. <<less
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September 13, 2018
Status: Completed
Many spoiler in this review

... more>>

he gets r*pe many times and passed on to another vampire and so on


This is a great story, wish the author coul've write more details about zero and his father like the other review says. He's really to weak from beginning to almost the end (considering that he's emperor sui one of the highest ranking bloodline left) well I can consider because the body is a childe but the author could show more awakening and not make him toss to anyone. Overall I love the story, I love how he get's jealous and got his revenge to the male lead. I actually like this to be slightly harem brcsuse duh they deserve it. The author left an open ending to that thou. Zero and blood emperor is loyal to eachotherbut he didn't push away the others <<less
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