Delicate Mother of a Villain


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In the doomsdays, Xia An, who had the power to raise her beauty died. As soon as she opened her eyes, she found herself inside a novel in which the female lead was abused!

But the original owner she transmigrated into turned out to be a mother of a psycho villain! Moreover, the body was as delicate as Princess Pea, and the soul was as fragile as crystal.

The short-lived cannon fodder survived only in the memory of two men— the female lead’s father as his first love and her villain son who hated her to death!

When the poor Xia An looked at her six-figure money in her bank, and card balance, and then at the screen full of a scandal, exposing her villain ‘illegitimate son.’

Xia An’s face changed!

She was thrilled!!! \\ (* ^ ▽ ^ *) /

Xia An: Hehe! I did not expect that all my dreams in the doomsdays were fulfilled! It’s a paradise here!

The heroine of the doomsdays who became beautiful day by day after getting transmigrated into a novel!

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167 Reviews

Feb 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is the fluffy tale of a mother and son, with some more mature topics like child trafficking thrown in.

... more>>

It's in the modern romance category on source sites, but there really is no romance whatsoever so if that's what you're looking for you will be disappointed. The only real male lead is her son who remains just a son to the end. He's very possessive of his mom, but she is just his mom despite there being no blood relationship.

If you like reading about childcare and a decisive FL, this is for you. There's quite a bit of face slapping, and the people she surrounds herself with are capable. If reading about the quarrels between kids makes you want to skip paragraphs etc, set this down because these kids are reaalllyyy good at being obnoxious kids when they want to brush up their presence in the novel.

4 stars because while I liked it, I'm dissatisfied in how often I was teased with the possibility of there being a man she can throw down and ravish in true hedonistic be-my-own-woman fashion only for this situation to never occur. Otherwise I really enjoyed this and sped through it in one night. I just *really* needed to know how she would resolve the heroine's mother/family, which to be honest was worth the wait.


There are adult topics like child abandonment, r*pe and child trafficking, so be careful if these things bother you. While the events that occurred are past tense, so it's not very detailed, but enough is said that it could make some people uncomfortable. <<less
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Apr 07, 2020
Status: c167
MC is Mary sue perfect. Damn everyone loves her everything she does blows up. As someone that reads this genre a lot I'm pretty good with my suspension of disbelief, but I found myself rolling my eyes at every other sentence in this novel. That being said, I go back to read every update hoping for an improvement because I really did like the premise of the story. The execution is sooo bad, maybe I'm a masochist
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Apr 06, 2020
Status: c135
I like cute stuff as much as the other person, and I think it's nice that for once there is no romance.

What I dislike is the deus ex machina plotline, where the MC needs to do nothing but to sit and eat and smile because if you are extremely pretty the world gets handed out for you. The first warning sign I found is when the MC first met the villain son and the son immediately loved his mother simply because she's pretty. Forget that the previous owner of MC's... more>> body never try to met her son and pretty much abandoned him. Everyone except the villain will love and support the MC.

Started out nice, turns to be extremely tiring to read midway. <<less
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Apr 09, 2020
Status: c117
3.5 stars

The first few chapters were pretty good. But the plot and characters seemed a little flat... Everything just works out for the MC without her doing anything, just because she’s beautiful and comes from a doomsday world? OP Mary Sue...

Then at some point the plot deviates... there’s not much character development, the “fluff” gets a bit dry and repetitive overtime.

And the MC picks up some jade that makes her strong and Even more beautiful oh! Surprise it has a space? Oh the other jade can make others have bad luck? At that point I’m just kinda over this...


I think this wouldn’t be as bad for a much younger audience say age 12 or so. But perhaps it’s because we as readers have been exposed to much better writing, therefore compared to others on the market this just doesn’t make the cut.
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Jan 09, 2021
Status: Completed
Look, it’s a garbage novel where everything is 100% perfect for MC.

list of BS within 10 chapters:

1) MC eating fatty foods makes her beautiful

... more>> 2) Son instantly loves her

3) Magically is found by a survival show director for money issues

4) gets jade to make her super healthy which used to be the heroine’s cheat

5) survival show about zombies

6) her only fragile time she falls at the exact time and cries to make herself seem pitiful thus whitewashing herself

7) Son is hyper intelligent and super clingy to her

8) People see her beauty and instantly fall for her

9) she is instantly healthy and cheat works instantly

It’s too brain dead for any sensible reader.

You can still read, but it’s absolutely nonsense lol.

1/10 <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sove
Apr 22, 2020
Status: c111
Srsly, I thought this would be a decent novel. But I was wrong, it wasn't decent. Calling it decent would be pushing it.

The story started off with the cliche and real "original" start, which means basically like any other transmigration story. I'm not going to be a hypocrite. I'm a sucker for transmigration stories. But I have standard as a writer myself.

So, the start is as the summary says, a girl from apocalyptic world transmigrated to normal world where she retains her beautifying power and generally eating fatty food makes... more>> her prettier. Okay, weird flex but I'm letting it slide. Because I know some authors like to flex with their MC's beauty/handsomeness, fine.

The premise seems to be of entertainment world. Fine, I'm also a sucker for that trope. And also, child-rearing. I'm also a sucker for that trope.

But the way this novel is written, it's a complete mess of tr*sh. This is a heavily self-indulgence to the point it shouldn't be published. Why? Because from what I see, the author just wants to write an MC that dotes for her son and also an MC that go through "adventure" but not wanting to go to that dark side of writing plot, hence, making it as an "adventure reality show" instead. It's already freaking 70+ chapters and the main focus did not change.

Normally when you read a novel, the focus would be evenly distributed. Entertainment novel would have this "show" and that "role" but it wouldn't f*cking more 70+ chapters.

It's not even funny. The FMC acted "funny" with her "entirely different than normal people's" focus but this is just disappointing. Not even general idiotic japanese shoujo transmigration novels' female protagonists were as boring as this novel's MC.

But if you have a lot to spare and is willing to read mundane things which had no progress whatsoever. You're welcome to read it. <<less
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Apr 19, 2020
Status: c1
Boring. Zero tension. Predictable. Xia An always gets her way. The face slapping isn't even enjoyable. Xia An does gain success, but not in a way that is meaningful to the reader. We don't see her work particularly hard for her success, so why does it matter? Xia An herself doesn't even care about the success she has achieve, so why would the reader?
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Apr 03, 2020
Status: Completed
1 of the best slice of life genre. Don't have romance plot that what I like it. Some chapter feel very fluffy n cute. If u don't want plot twist about plot love than this story for u. I really love the fact that it doesn't have some crazy love about ML or chasing for idiot love n love. It very peaceful story.
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zloi medved
zloi medved
Aug 08, 2021
Status: --
There are a couple of trigger phrases I think people often ignore because they pop up so much in reviews. "Good premise, but the author didn't use it/abandoned it". "Decent at first, but the story fell apart as it went on". Things like that. I'm in the camp of people who ignore reviews with these warnings, because I tend to go into these kinds of formulaic Chinese webnovels with the attitude of "no shit, Sherlock". My default assumption is that these stories will be rubbish, abandon interesting premises, devolve in... more>> quality as time goes on, Mary-Sue heroines who face no real threat, etc.


So believe me when I say, as someone who regularly ignores these warnings because I take it for granted that these are elements in webnovels that we should all expect, that this novel is really disappointing. I won't go over what other people have said, but just believe me when I say: believe them. Don't take it for granted that these are just unavoidable traits of webnovels. This one's a real bummer especially.

Here are my points:

First, I like showbiz novels and face slapping novels. They're just brainless entertainment that can be fun. But the showbiz moments in this novel are the worst parts of it - it's either completely brushed over, making it feel like the author isn't very interested in the showbiz parts and just wanted an excuse to write all the repetitive social media tr*shing parts, or else if it is portrayed, it's done incredibly naively and poorly, without even a cursory understanding of how to portray it.

Some people have said there is at least decent face slapping in this novel. I beg to differ: the face slapping in this sucks. The MC is just soooo cool and level headed and indifferent she isn't bothered by it while everyone around her runs around like headless chickens, to highlight how indifferent she is, meaning there's no feeling of tension for the reader. Why should we care if she's being tr*shed if the MC doesn't care? The MC rarely bothers to clarify herself, as others said, she just gets lucky or other people clean it up and she just gets to reap the rewards. So she doesn't care that she gets blackened online, and then doesn't actually counteract, we just get "comedy smash cuts" to scenes of her eating or whatever while the plot happens around her, and she often only finds out that these things even happened at all after the fact.

But the straw that ultimately broke the camel's back for me was when the MC went overseas to the US. I felt uneasy, but hoped it would be handled sensibly? Well.

If you, like me, get turned off by intense Chinese nationalism and energetic dicksucking over how beautiful mysterious oriental unfathomable charming enchanting fairy-like incredible astounding unique all westerners find the Chinese MC, as though Chinese people are rare creatures that have never been released to the wilds of the US before in all of human history then you to may just end up rolling your eyes and dropping the novel!

The translation team did a good job though, very solid translation.

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Jun 22, 2021
Status: --
TL;DR & Final verdict: Borderline passable story for killing time when you really can't find anything else to read, or re-read. Just borderline enjoyable in a badly scripted reality TV show manner because it certainly makes no sense, has no real plot or foundation as a story.

  1. -star for bad story build, it's everything but a concrete story, it's screaming identity crisis
  2. -2star for the irritable, unrelatable, unlikeable MC who's literally the female counterpart to Ebenezer Scrooge from 'A Christmas Carol' w/o the character development and a full on diva
  3. -star for the development/stagnation of story flow
And here's my long elaborate rant-review:

It's trying to be funny, as it is after all, comedy. But making your main character so s*upid, it's more or less just annoying.

The MC transmigrated from an apocalyptic Zombieland to an... more>> average modern world based off of a book.

She becomes a cannon fodder who has a son who's doomed to be a villain and like stereotypical villain mom she does just the minimum (not to my standards, it's still far from sufficient but enough for the 5 year old child) of not getting into future villains bad side.

And here's the problem, we hit off with a heavy dose of parenting toxicity.

1. Treating child as a retirement plan (one of the few reasons why she's picking him up because he's got a successful future)

2. Author making child devote his entire future to her from day 1, vowing to be a chef because she likes to eat, protect her because she's getting bullied (at this point they only knew each other for less than a couple of hours) and then vows that he should be making lots of money for his new mommy. Disgusting expectations of what an asian adult would want to hear from their child (heck, I had that crap tossed at me from relatives, even, making weird promises like buying them houses or cars)

3. Neglectful treatment towards a 4 yr old child (that somehow becomes 5 when she asked him regardless of her expositional flashback), like making him shower on his own, feeding him all kinds of junk that she wants to eat (writer even pointed it out that the kid knows what his mom wants and to please her, demanded all kinds of junk and she'd happily oblige and put that responsibility on him. It's supposed to be 'funny' but harmful/damaging jokes are forever a bad taste IMO)

Considering you're new to being a mom, you'd think they'll pay more attention to the young life with a sense of responsibility, but no, typical Chinese novel levels of shitty parenting, where child care is more like child neglect.

She seems quite devoted to her 'useless adult' image by going off on a impulsive shopping spree for food, spending 10k of 580k yuan in just 2 days and forgets that she has to pay for breeching contracts (there'll be also unreasonable spending habits of hers in the future too while she doesn't have a steady income).

It's literally the first thing she experienced, for someone with a super brain and impeccable memories, it's a bad joke to say she forgot. Also, survival living should make you more of an independent person unlike her current image.

All in all, she's simply ignorant, crude, rude, unprofessional, disrespectful and selfish with no redeeming qualities. That's the prominent impression one gets from her throughout the novel while the rest of the cast is suffering the ultimate case of lookism. Thanks to that, MC gets away with most of the crude and rude actions.


Ignorant, because she doesn't try to be a good parent, it comes more or less with a saviour complex the way she treats him. Sure, she has empathetic emotions, but it doesn't really make up for the neglect. She clothes and feeds the kid (not well either as I had mentioned before) and tosses him a tablet so she doesn't have to entertain him, great job for doing the bare minimum.

Crude and rude when she speaks to her work colleagues, has an real unprofessional attitude like 'Do I have to be here?' and 'This conversation is boring, bye.' Well in an instance she just plainly said that she was bored at a contract signing and took off. Snappy and arrogantly would demand money for a photoshoot FOR the specific show she's being paid for, I mean, this lady is all kinds of outrageously extra. Going to shop for brand label clothing before getting paid but bit*h about the taxi fares *eyeroll* bye, Felicia.

Taking her kid to work, making the crew look for someone to babysit the kid, wants to be financially reimbursed for everything and paid for ANYTHING.

She has tendencies to act like a typical villain celebrity, by making everybody's work harder and more tedious, distaining others, nit-picking, belittling, you name it. She'll unapologetically expand her demands at her whim and take people's leniency with her for granted. She knew of internet, she knows how the world ticks, it's either she's too dense or she's just downright b*tchy. Acting above everybody else, arrogantly and haughty does prove the obvious, it's just beyond me how no one (of the high rating folks) can see it- I'm TRYING to enjoy the story, trust me! Am looking for her good points! And that's her silence, but she doesn't shut up, ever, she can't refrain herself from making unnecessary comments.

That really shows that the author is a mother author, the kid (MC) has been spoilt rotten.

This is an universe custom tailored to her.


I get it, it's comedy but you can't base your entire novel on talking about how pretty she is and insert flat comedy from time to time.

This author seems to be stuck in some kind of pit hole, so much so, that I pity them for their oblivious self-reflective insecurities about looks.

Not only this novel but all her novels deals with vain, but extremely beautiful delicate women. They're ALL somehow 'fake' villain cannon fodders that have been transmigrated with super golden fingers and little to no fundamental story, character build or world build. It's all a wishy washy mess to uplift half backed vain main characters.

Her type of novels are the equivalent of senseless slasher/gore horror movies with no plot, just that's comedic romance. Or you know, tr*sh reality TV shows.

It's almost funny how here, the MC roasts the OG plot & a random director of reality shows belittles other shows compared to his, makes this author's work in a way ironically self-aware by committing the self same faux-pas.

Note: the translation is overly literal, often doesn't make no sense on context, to downright offensive ('violate his mother' instead offend/upset, 'you're an easy person' instead of simple or straightforward), read with care. <<less
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Aug 19, 2020
Status: c261
It's a solid okay-ish story wild a mildly decent plot. While the protagonist truly is an OP Mary Sue, the story's entire saving grace in my opinion, was that it had no love interest and focused solely on MC or her relationship with her children. MC and her relationship with her children is cute, and I enjoyed how MC was very mentally strong and very firm on having no love interest. In fact, it was refreshing that there wasn't even anyone who seriously chased her in the story. In my... more>> opinion first half is better than the second, the second half drags on for to long and had a little too much filler.

Honestly, the MC is a love or hate sort of deal. She's very OP and has a cheat that enhances her beauty every time she eats junk food along with opportunities falling into her lap at every second. While the author tries to portray her like a normal who didn't want the fuss from being famous, it only further enhances the feeling of multitudes of opportunities and success just given to her for no reason. There were also hints of backstory from her old life, like betrayal from a lover or small tidbits about her sister here and there, but since we never get to actually see her backstory or hear much about the sister unless it's exposition about the book she transmigrated into, it falls a little flat.

In the end, it's an ok story akin to the rest of those "transmigrated and now I have a son!" Stories but with the special point being that MC has no love interest. While the first half was an entertaining read, the second half is lacking and I could skip whole chapters and still understand the story. Still, if you want an alright story about a mother and her cute new son, this isn't a bad one. <<less
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Mar 27, 2020
Status: c11
MC is too silly - annoyingly silly, with even more silly/annoying people around her... the premise and the back story are horribly 'dog-blooded'...a very brainless story!
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Feb 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel!! If you are looking for romance then this isn't the right novel for you, this is just a fluff child rising/ entertainment novel~!!

... more>>

This is the first time I read a novel with a young adult protagonist that doesn't have romance~! Many men appeared and I was like "Is this the ML?" but they were all false alarms! Not even the father of her child!


This isn't the type of protagonist who would simply lay on a man's arms and let him deal with everything, she goes and do what should be done.... sure enough a Mary Sue, but one that isn't relying on men. <<less
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Apr 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Warning! Warning! The Villain's mother is not really that delicate as you think. It actually an amazona type. Hahaha. She's a person you shouldn't provoke. The villain and male protagonist is so cute.

No MC partner in this story : (. I wait and wait but he didn't appear.
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Feb 25, 2021
Status: --
Don't use any brain power and common sense when reading this, they will rot because of over exaggeration of protagonist Mary Sue.

It's like in every step she take she'll likely pick up a diamond, be a female lead in a movie or drama, a model, an entrepreneur, and people kept fall in love because of how beautiful she was.

Oh, don't get her wrong, she's not vain at all because she actually didn't want to be too beautiful 🙄

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May 05, 2020
Status: c261
This book should have a better rating. Honestly, I dropped this halfway the first time I read it because the MC was too OP, there was no romance, and I was a teensy bit annoyed with how she got prettier when she ate junk food, while I'm the kind of person that gains weight by drinking water ?

Anyway, I went back to it and found out that it has a lot of good points. There was no romance because no romance was needed. MC is a girl who transmigrates from... more>> an apocalyptic world into the body of a young starlet with an illegitimate child. And she makes her way from being a vase actress to becoming a powerful entrepreneur. Which was extremely satisfying because I am tired of the entertainment industry being in almost EVERY transmigration novel. I loved her interactions with Xiao Xing and Xiao Chan and later on, started to look forward to the way she always comes out on top of every scandal. There's a big plot twist later on as well.

Rating it 5 stars because I loved the ending. And because the translator did an amazing job ❤❤ <<less
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Carolina Carvalho
Carolina Car
Apr 23, 2020
Status: c261
This story certainly became my favorite !! She is very emociante and holds you completely!

But I will give 4 stars, good because there were some holes, but I think that 5 stars with these holes would not be right, and I also read on the translator's website but there are repeated chapters and in these chapters instead of being repeated the previous chapters are chapters at the front so I took some spoilers : (

In the beginning I wasn't wanting to read because of the comments saying that I didn't... more>> have a romance and I really like romance, so I let it go until a friend of mine strongly recommended me to read, so to please her I went to read it and I ended up in love! And what they say about the romance is true, it really doesn’t have it but the kids and the super moving plot made up for it!

And the holes I said are in relation to this:


1. In the beginning when the emperor of the cimena appeared, he spoke as if he knew her, but then he never came again.....

2. His scriptwriter friend didn't show up afterwards, I thought he was going to show up even to be her children's uncle, but there was only one call and then he disappeared from the map....

3. She said that the realty show of her life would be broadcast in China after the friend of the screenwriter returned there, as this was a big thing I thought it would be mentioned even if it was by Internet users, but no, it was not, they forgot about it...

4. Who is Xiao Xing's father? The real daughter appeared but they did not go after who the boy's parents were....

5. And it also left me with a doubt, did Gu Shumo recover his memory or not? Because there was no time to quote that afterwards..


But it also had positive points in the story and it was super fun, I was very excited at various times, so it is certainly my favorite, you can read without fear !! <3 <<less
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Apr 17, 2020
Status: c239
Cute story with a competent MC. The MC is very grounded, no weird auras or ambitions, just a simple person looking for simple things. Highly recommend.
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Apr 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Love this! 5 STAR! Light-hearted-story

I recommend that you read a few chapters & decide if it's ur type, cuz the rest of the story will go similarly ^^

The MC is not perfect, but she is so likeable! She is also OP n things fall in her favor, but in a totally non-annoying way! It's so refreshing 2 see a novel where the female lead manages 2 do everything without relying solely on herself with her golden finger n luck!

Honestly, this would have been a harem type novel if u would... more>> replace it with a ML, since that's what most chinese novels do! Lol ^^

Thankfully it's not!

Glad <<less
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Oct 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I really hate it when novels upload chapters by their own chapter number and not the original, thus leading to this situation where there's more chapter posted than on the original source but that's not the reason why I'm rating this 3 stars.

The story had a good premise, good pacing and MC's character was great: neither tried to be the host or became way OOC. She was grateful to be given the second chance and thus initially planned to just live quietly until the debts the original host owned came... more>> running to her. Along the way, she also started taking care of original host's other responsibilities like the child she left.

MC is obviously a marry sue character that didn't need to face much difficulties before achieving her goal. At most she will get blackened and throw dirt but it was something that never really affected her. Personally, had no issues as I was not really expecting a realistic story, however it doesn't mean I can stomach that many Chinese propaganda. Had to skip chapters thanks to it.

And because I didn't expect it to be realistic, I was a bit annoyed when they tried to be so at the end.


The cute son she pick up is apparently not the host's original child, the antagonist apparently throw that child away.

Now the story had the choice not to do this but here we are. This situation is indeed really awkward and needs to be solve properly, unfortunately I don't think they solve it right? Cause where's the father's side in this madness? From what I remember the child was born from MC forcing herself onto the father due to drugs by the antagonist, now regardless whoever r*pe who to do the deed (wasn't that detailed, all we know original host drunk something that led her doing something crazy to the guy, but we don't know why guy didn't manage to stop her when he's obviously stronger and from the character setting it seems he really did not plan to continue their relationship after being in another relationship), we can all agree that everyone, including the father was a victim in the mess. I understand caring about the child's opinion but what about the parents? MC is not the OG host / mother so it's obvious she wouldn't have much maternally love, but what about the father??? From him taking care of the son he thought was his, it seems he was willing to take responsibilities, where was he in the conversation. XD Maybe I'm missing something here as I don't even remember what he was doing by the end, lol.


Well at least it end with the lead and the children happy. Quite a long ride it was. <<less
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