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A confession from the popular girl in the class, Yuzu. It was actually ‘Please pretend to be my lover to solve the triangle relationship in the ‘Riaju’* cliques’! In the class, Yuzu always pretends to be a good girl, but only in front of me, she behaves like a full-blown narcissist which I should’ve found annoying, but……

*リア充’Riaju’ is a term sometimes translated as ‘normies’ but it is actually a term used to refer to ‘people who enjoy life by having proper love life’ usually used by those who are not able to have one in real life.

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Tottemo kawaii watashi to tsukiatteyo!
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New Phantomask
February 14, 2021
Status: v1c1 part1
I don't really get how people are capable of rating a story that has almost no chapters. Unless, it is the case that they have read it in its original language which I doubt.

So far the side stories were funny plus entertaining and the first chapter seems promising. Gotta note that this is a romance novel and therefore while the side stories seem to exist parallel to the main story, they do hint at the relationship between the ML and FL that's bound to happen later in the story.

I'm gonna... more>> keep reading mainly cause it seems interesting and piqued my curiosity. Maybe as we go deeper into the story I'll consider updating the review but for now don't worry about it and give it a try. Maybe it is to your liking or maybe it is not, who knows. <<less
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