What If I Told Tomori-san, The Girl Who’s Cold Only Towards Me, That I Knew Her Secret Account?


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―Azusa Tomori.

If there were a trend ranking at this school, her name would consistently be at the top.

Azusa Tomori, who sits next to me, is a model student, the class representative, and a good friend to everyone known as [Everyone’s friend].

――Well, except for me, Kimitaka Kagisaka

「No, I want to make you an example for everyone. Although your grades are excellent, I want to show everyone your bottom-of-the-barrel existence as a human being so that everyone can grow and――”

「Talkative b*tch.」

「!?… Aren’t you supposed to say ‘beautiful’?」

I had always thought that she unleashed her sharp tongue and picked fights with me for no reason―

《Ah, if it’s on my secret account, I can freely express how much I love you, K-kun.》

―But when I stumbled upon her secret account by chance, all she did was tweet affectionate posts toward me (?)

《I wonder what kind of expression you’d make if I told you?》

What kind of expression, you ask?

If you turn your head right now, you’ll know the answer…

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Ore ni Dake Tsumetai Tomori-san ni Ura Aka Shitteru to Iitara?
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July 20, 2023
Status: v1c7 part1
This series needs a harem tag. The 2nd heroine is introduced pretty early, and while there are signs that the person she likes might secretly be the MC, there's also quite a bit of evidence that the author intentionally slipped in to make it look like someone else, so it only gets properly confirmed as of chapter 7 part 1. Unfortunately, that might have killed this novel for me. Harem setups with clear winners and losers are just not for me. I'm fine with an ambiguous harem where the dense... more>> MC never picks a romantic partner til the end, and I'm fine with true harem setups where the MC becomes romantically involved with all the heroines or... heroes? Male heroines? Whatever. I just hate reading heartbreak scenarios, and in a modern slice of life setting in real-world Japan with the realistic modern trend of monogamy, it's highly unlikely that MC will be able to make more than just the main heroine happy. I would much rather just have one heroine than one heroine and one or more heartbreaks-in-waiting. Well, I'm not going to give this one a star rating because, while I can't give it a high rating due to my personal stick ups, the writing quality, plot, and characters are all pretty good so I won't give it a low rating either. <<less
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