The Neighboring Aarya-san who Sometimes Acts Affectionate and Murmuring in Russian


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Smart, refined, and strikingly gorgeous, half-Russian half-Japanese Alisa Mikhailovna Kujou is considered the idol of her school. With her long silver hair, mesmerizing blue eyes, and exceptionally fair skin, she has captured the hearts of countless male students while being highly admired by all others. Even so, due to her seemingly unapproachable persona, everyone remains wary around the near-flawless girl.

One of the few exceptions is Alisa’s benchmate Masachika Kuze, a relatively average boy who spends his days watching anime and playing gacha games. Despite his nonchalant demeanor, Masachika is the sole student to receive Alisa’s attention. Unable to be fully honest, Alisa is frequently harsh on Masachika and only expresses her affection in Russian. Unbeknownst to her, however, Masachika actually understands the language yet simply pretends otherwise for his own amusement.

As the odd pair continues to exchange witty and playful remarks, their relationship gradually grows more romantic and delightful—and Alisa might finally learn to freely convey her true feelings.

Associated Names
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Alya, Who Sits Next to Me, Sometimes Whispers Sweet Nothings in Russian
Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian
Tokidoki Bosotto Roshia-go de Dereru Tonari no Alya-san
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HamletJr rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: v1 prologue
Beautiful. Just beautiful. The plot, the wholesomeness, the translator, everything. The prologue alone shows how good the series can be. The MC doesn't look wimpy, and it's definitely worth reading if you enjoyed any of the novels in the Recommendations section.

Also, real great work by the translator. Criticism is essential, but I don't agree with how the person in the comment section (v1 prologue) chose to do so. Constructive criticism is always better over blindly stating that the TL sucks solely based on the fact that it's an MTL. The... more>> entire volume only took 3 weeks to translate + edit, and it doesn't look like copy-paste MTL. That's very respectable imo. <<less
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Kalor rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: v2c1
Honestly I don't understand hype over this novel. Full of overused cliches and boring dialogues.

... more>>

Like this one where it was foreshadowed that MC is forgotten friend of FMC, it was already lame few years ago.

Or MC turning into all-capable superhuman rescuing princess.

MC with p**symagnet. He really has no personality to justify that.


Why this must always be full of extremes: the most beautiful, peerless girl in school, the biggest loner, fighting for the biggest prize. It's totally hard to relate. I would like to see at least once two plain people with ordinary romance, without fate, tragedies and other BS. With personalities that at least resembles young people?

Overall it was 4/5 until it school council showed up. <<less
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dmntt rated it
September 4, 2022
Status: v1 epilogue
I liked the premise for this novel and it was quite decent albeit not spectacular for most of the first volume. However:

I find the characters of Yuki and the student council president to be incredibly annoying. Yuki is just an all-round c*nt to any other characters she interacts with, such as bullying Alya into eating extremely spicy food that she can't handle, being somewhat violent with the MC, constantly trying to manipulate him into doing things for her benefit and just generally using him. It is stated that he is very fond of her but I can't see why that would be the case, since she treats him like tr*sh all the time.

The student council president on the other hand is more polite but just as manipulative and underhanded. He uses master suppression techniques to try to dominate the MC into joining the student council and when that fails he knowingly places Alya in a situation she can't handle so the MC has to save her and thus realizing he has to join the student council in order to continue to bail her out whenever this happens. When the latter strategy works, he acts extremely smug and self-satisfied about it and the MC being the completely spineless pushover that he is can't help but worship at the altar of this puppeteer big brain as*hole while demeaning himself at the same time.

Lastly and most jarringly, in the epilogue, in return for saving her from a bad situation and all the other unfailingly kind and helpful things he's done for her throughout volume 1, Alya, out of nowhere, for no remotely rational reason whatsoever, and for the first time in this novel, decides to physically batter the MC right after he declares that he's going to become her running mate for the position of student council president, which is exactly what she wanted all along. This part is just completely incomprehensible to me, both from a story consistency standpoint and also why the author would decide to throw this in. Sure, Alya is kind of standoffish and a tsundere, but the severity and disproportion of this response, in the situation they were in when it happened, is just utterly flabbergasting.

Suffice to say, it utterly ruins what should've been a sweet and fluffy scene as well as the emotional climax of the volume and makes the subsequent kiss (maybe?) scene feel weird and uncomfortable. In one fell swoop, it completely ruins the likeability Alya had accumulated over the course of the volume up until this point, which really sucks cause she was my favorite character and probably the main reason I kept reading. I really don't want to see her descend further into the domestic violence abyss in subsequent volumes, so I'm dropping this series at this point.

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Axs rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
So far, I'm really excited for this novel's future. It had me hooked form beginning to end, with a concept that I had seen before, but was not executed as amazingly as this one.

  • the other novel being "I’m The Only Multilingual Master a Russian Transfer Girl Student Who Can’t Speak Japanese Can Rely On"
In any case, the way this novel was written and translated really helped me enjoy it.

The fluff on this novel was insane, I can't thank the author and translator enough for bringing this diamond in the... more>> rough to my computer. It gave off the best sugar vibes possible, and was paced in such a way that wasn't too fast, but allowed the reader to continue progressing through the plot without feeling boredom. The foreshadowing as well, if you can pick up on it, makes it easy for the reader to have fun trying to speculate what might happen next, A shocking feeling for an romcom, but unlike the others, I can't get a general idea at all where it will take me. Such a novel is much more fresh and exciting than simpler novels that try to push an unreasonable love comedy where the FL has no proper reason to love the protagonist. And additionally, I can't stress this enough, but THE PROTAGONIST IS ACTUALLY INTERESTING, NOT A GENERIC LONER OTAKU. He has some undiscovered secrets that are hinted at, but we get a good viewpoint at why he acts the way he does.

5/5 as of Volume 1, don't fail me now author and translator! Keep up the good work! <<less
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PoDH rated it
January 22, 2023
Status: --
Tbh it's good.... It's good but I'm kind of confused what this novel is supposed to be.

It looks like you're typical diabetes overload novel... but it lack the sugar. Romcom? The romance is there... but there it just kind of happened, we barely see any development. And the comedy us great, but it's not with the main girl, so I found the part with side chara more interesting. Like the MC has better chemistry or backstory with certain two characters.

You also have classic "student council conflict" but they also add... more>> "prestigious family conflict backstory" so it feels like you barely get any details of any of them, even barely any romance.

OMG I read it further and no F this. I don't think it count as that three letter acronym that start with N. But it's cucked, so cucked, so cursed. WHY do you have the typical

"childhood love"

backstory to just absolutely cucked it. <<less
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Noraa rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
Lovely, if you like your rom-coms then what are you waiting for? Just read it. Highly recommended.

The chemistry created buy Kuze and Aarya is just so sweet, I can't wait to see more of them together. If you haven't already be sure to also watch the promotion video on kodokawa's yt channel
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: c4
Im not do M/masochist person so I don't enjoying this story

I also hate tsundere girl, that make it worse

I know fMC is acting cute with Russian language she sometimes said softly, and MC also know what she mean, but still I can't stomach that cold acting & indifferent/angry tone whenever she talk to him

... more>> I can say this MC is the one in hundred story where I like, not much since he's dense but still likable unlike other nonsense MC with naive character

If only author gave fMC a likable character (for me), I would rate this 5 star... well I know this is still not past 1 volume, maybe it get better but I can't hold it anymore <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fakkeng rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: v1c8
This novel totally has potential!

It's not your average self-deprecating MC with soo low self esteem, because the MC has atleast the skills to back it up.

Although the romance is still building up, we are given a decent introduction to the main characters. I believe in the coming volumes, the sweetness of this novel will just go up and man, oh man, am I dying to wait for the newer chapters
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Thordrek rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: v4 epilogue
The novel is kinda alright and the characters are likeable enough. But the fact that the author always kills the fluff moments with some tsundere outburst or misunderstanding just makes this thing feel dragged out and tiring. This could definitely do without the student council bulcrap and the excruciating amount of time they spend playing dumb games just to get some teasing. This definitely has potential, and that is what jarred me the most, there were parts that were so enjoyable that I reread a bit of times but others... more>> that were so annoying that I just skimmed through them. All in all the balance is positive for me and probably could get it to a 4/5 if the author focused more either in the drama (which is quite good with the internal struggles of Alya and Masachika) or the fluff, but getting out of the scene the tsundere violence. <<less
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The_Follower rated it
January 10, 2023
Status: v2c6.1
I want to like this, but the fact that his sister’s a better character and has way better chemistry with him than the main love interest kinda kills the mood. Wish the sister was a childhood friend or something since she honestly has way better interactions with him, plus she seems to actually be in love with him which is kinda weird, even for a japanese novel.
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NinChoofn rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: v3 prologue part2
I'm still looking forward to this light novel. This is my first light novel ever and I'm loving it.

Apart from the people that find this boring or just a repeat of other stuff, I can tell you that this is a whole different girl (that's all). I don't give a damn about you predicting the story because I fricking did and I am still having so much fun reading this. I giggled, I smiled, I felt something. I always feel a special something for each story and I cannot help... more>> myself but discover more Light Novels or Manga with the same genre.

It's been months pleaes comeback.

moe. <<less
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Kaede-san rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: v2c4
one of the best romance I read (from my perspective) a doze of sugar and spoon of slice of life one of the perfect romance you might like if your finding some change of pace or looking for slice of life/romance. The MC is a tease pretending to not understand russian even though his dying inside, and the heroine can't be honest. I like how pure or innocent they are in there current relationship. While the relationship progress is so far smooth.

This is just from my perspective we all know... more>> that we people have different type of taste its not like when the others like it you're gonna like it yourself so this is just from my perspective nothing more nothing less. But I love this story also the translation in v2 is sometimes hard to read the flow of story. Well I love this series thats all I can say <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dnxyve rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: v5c11
Having just finished volume 5, I can confidently say that I enjoyed the novel. The characters are likeable, given time to develop and have personalities that compliment each other well. Despite being pretty typical for a romcom, the Russian aspect was pulled off really well which set's it apart somewhat from other novels. There are just a few things that I would like to briefly touch on that I have seen floating around:

    • Spoiler

      I see a lot of people saying that Maria is a better female lead than Alya. I have to disagree as the problem that I see with Maria being the female MC is not that she is bad, rather, her personality and character was already perfected from the start. This is why I can't really see her undergoing any interesting developments to her personality at this stage of the story. I mean IRL, yh 100 percent, but in the context of novel, Alya makes for a better female MC. I know it was a bit jarring with the whole childhood friend plot thing. In fact, I found it a bit weird because the description of the girl was "Blonde hair and blue eyes". Alya has blue eyes and silver she did mention at one point that she had blonde hair when she was young, so I thought that she would fit the description much better than Maria's brown hair and amber eyes (?). I feel like if she were to be the female MC, the novel would just become another one of those fluffy slice of life romances with enough sugar to give you diabetes (I mean that in the nicest way possible, pls don't kill me T-T)

    • Next, Yuki. This thirsty friggin otaku makes my blood boil. She literally took a selfie of herself pretending to ride her brothers d*ck and was about to send it to Alya. Like bro, WTF? She's always making suggestive jokes, teases Alya (In pretty cruel ways sometimes), heck she even gropes her own maid's chest because she isn't satisfied with her own flat one . She takes "You think with your d*ck to the another level without even having one. Anyway, the bottom line is that Yuki just sucks. "Oh, but she is the only character who is honest and is willing to express her feelings for the MC. SHUT YO ASS! Even though it might seem nice, having someone with that much of an obsession over you is not good for you or the person in question and will gradually start to get unbearably annoying. To top it all of, she is a brocon begging for in*est which I find gross af.
    • Lastly, the whole "domestic abuse" thing with Alya slapping the MC. It only happens like twice throughout all of the currently translated volumes. Besides the guy enjoys it, so let him. I just don't think it is reasonable to ditch the whole novel because of a couple slaps.
Lastly, I would like to thank the translators for there hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed the translations (the TN's were funny too) and I will patiently wait for volume 6 to be fully translated. Thank you once again!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ilLUMIAnated rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: c4
I don't usually read romance or romcom novels as I can't quite relate to them, especially when the novel tries to emulate modern society's high school or college students. I'll admit that I'm chronically plagued with poor social skills and it should come as no surprise that I have a grand total of zero romantic experience. The aforementioned farther delineates me from the story and hampers my ability to truly enjoy the highs and lows of each chapter.


This novel is written in a way where I can appreciate the characters... more>> and more importantly, enjoy the story. While it may seem like I'm contradicting my original statement, I really feel the interactions between the ML and FL along with any supporting roles are organic. Romance, like many other literary genres are written in exaggeration; meaning mundane moments are portrayed to be flashier than they really are. However the author strikes a balance between writing moments with seemingly no importance to the bigger picture and moments where every little twitch of a muscle, every dialogue just ends in the hands of our lord and savior, diabeetus.

Genuine recommendation for folks who want something to read and are thinking of giving this a shot. <<less
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Eggo Ego
Eggo Ego rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
Wonderful. Really it's very wholesome and cute and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Now on the topic of ... more>>

the older sister being his childhood friend

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilentWraith rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: v1 afterword
The fluff and the flirt makes my heart go nuts. This is one of the best rom coms out there in my opinion.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tempetahu0 rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: --

it's 3.5 rounded up to 4.0 I guess.

volume 1 is for building the relationship and setting for future plot (drama), and if you're an avid reader or at least has an experience with this type of story you can guess what the drama is and how the story will progress,

... more>>

family problems, student council problems, misunderstanding (little sister x FMC), MC suddenly motivated and it's all for FMC


it's all predictable, wish they just cut the unnecessary drama and just focus to tell fluffy and cute story.

her russian gimmick doesn't even matter at all in the story. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
enkiros rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: --
this is absolutely one of the best romcoms I've read. It follows the established mold of the Japanese romcom formula, but it doesn't have the usual forced drama and sappy gimmicks to show its appeal. Yes, this novel is nothing extraordinary or genre-defining, it is, for the most part, a by-the-numbers novel, however, the chemistry between the leads is still compelling enough to push the story forward on its own. By that, I mean that the story has both wholesomeness and drama but without any of them being annoying.

hard recommend
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 18, 2024
Status: v8
I would like to start off with the fact that I give 5 stars to the translation team. They are great and I commend anyone who translates. So thank you.

TLDR; Story gets repetitive, no discernable progression of romance, comedy is over used and falls flat, too many sub plots continuously.

For the story I give this a 1 out of 5. The premise is good, however the author Seems to try to put in anything they can think of.

Its slice of life with no depth, it's a rom com that doesn't... more>> really have any progression of any sort. The 2 main characters are probably together in the entirety of the 8 volumes for maybe 30% of the time. The other 70% it's the main MC with the many "background" characters.

The author uses probably every troupe imaginable in all the situations causing the romance to be at a snails pace. The main character is both the most cold and calculated person on the planet, as well as the dumbest and dense person on the planet at the same time.

Great premise brought down by: over saturating the content with mediocre sub plots and slow to no progress of the couple <<less
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3rdgradereadinglevel rated it
January 4, 2023
Status: v5c3
My favorite genre is romance it's what got me into reading manga and light novels.

Right now there is very little romance but the interactions between the two are quite better than what I thought it would be.

I kind of hate yuki's love toward masachika but she does try to get him to have "lucky" interactions with Alisa which is a plus side to her character

Also Alisa best girl my opinion
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