After Coincidentally Saving the New Transfer Student’s Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer


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One day, a girl, like the one you would hear about in a story—Charlotte Bennett came in as a transfer student in Akihito Aoyagi’s class. Witnessing her elegant temperament, and her cute appearance which could captivate anyone, Akihito fell in love with her at first sight. Thinking of her as an existence beyond his reach, he gave up without even approaching her.

However, after unknowingly saving Charlotte’s little sister who had ended up being lost, both the Bennett sisters began coming over to Akihito’s house to spend time with him everyday.

The time they spent together gradually increased, and after being excessively attracted to each other’s charms, they—

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Maigo ni Natteita Youjo wo Tasuketara, Otonari ni Sumu Bishoujo Ryuugakusei ga Ie ni Asobi ni Kuru You ni Natta Ken Nitsuite
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October 7, 2020
Status: c26
A couple of the negative reviews here are... well totally wrong in super weird ways.

I have no idea what they are talking about with the MC suddenly changing or being self-insert tr*sh. Yes, he's disliked in the classroom... but what does that have to do with being infatuated with a pretty girl at first sight? How is that changing? And his behavior all seems pretty consistent with what we're told about his past - willingly being the wet blanket on the rampant escalation of social pressure. We've seen him do... more>> it, and are told that's how he's been. It's all consistent.

Yeah he's also a top student, but it seems his life mostly consists of school, tutoring, and studying. He's obviously being presented as intelligent, but he's not walking around discovering new math every time he gets a little bored. I really wouldn't describe a character in this situation as a Mary Sue. He's a bit mature for his age (highschool) but seems likely to have a past that forced him to mature faster. It hasn't been said yet, but he lives alone (again, in highschool) and doesn't want to talk about it, so... being a bit mature seems fine.

As for the teacher talking so awfully about the MC? I have no idea. The teacher in that scene literally told the FML that she should look for the ML if she has some trouble because he's reliable. The rest of what she said was basically semi-ambiguous advice about how to get along better with him. How is that talking awfully about ML? It's on-point enough that it's obviously not talking about a different novel, but it's so entirely the opposite of what the actual chapter said.

Anyway. So far it seems pretty good for what it is. It's sickeningly sweet. The MC is a bit dense but, again, overly mature over-thinking highschool guy. It's not so bad at this point that it's remotely unreasonable. The teacher feels like she'll probably push things along if she has to. The MC is also going out of his way to avoid the really dumb typical misunderstandings or situations in these sorts of stories. It does a good job of capturing the typical feeling you'd expect for this sort of thing, without just being another retread of the same damn thing again. It's nice and refreshing. I enjoy it quite a bit. <<less
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denge rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: --
Full disclosure: I have not read this story.

I did, however, misread the title as "After Accidentally Shaving the New Transfer Student's Little Sister, We Gradually Grew Closer", and that took me down such a delightful (if admittedly confusing) mental rabbit hole of adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed myself anyway.

5/5, would misread title again.
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AJ1703 rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: c70
Hello everyone, Translator-san here from Neosekai Translations.

To clear everyone's questions or misconceptions, Gakusei Translations used their raws from Syosetu website while Romcom Translations used their raws from Kakyomu. Kakyomu is the older version of this story, while Syosetu is the re-write one.

We from Neosekai decided to continue the Syosetu raws since it still gets updates from time to time. And from what I've personally seen and others that did decide to read ahead on both raws, Syosetu ver. was the better one than Kakyomu.

Anyways, about the story, it's straightforward, as... more>> the title suggests, the MC saves the transfer student's little sister and what's more is that their apartments are close to one another (kinda like Otonari no Tenshi-sama). They also grew their relationship closer after hanging out quite a lot. Although it has some cliche moments here and there, it was still presented in a cute and fluffy way which is good.

As for the characters, I'm going to say this right now, the MC is very dense. Bear with him considering the timeframe of the story, despite loads of amounts of chapters, the time that has passed isn't quite long actually. Around 50 chapters, only 1 week has passed, so I guess the MC's density could be forgiven in that regard? Idk, depends on your perspective, but I believe it's justifiable. As for FMC, she's very cute. She's like the embodiment of cuteness. She gets jealous, loves to puff a lot, but deep in her heart, she's aware of the feeelings she has for the MC. In other words, she's not a tsundere, she just can't put her feelings into words and is scared of confessing. There are other characters such as the best friend that I could say, is the best wingman or bro one could ever have. Not to mention the little sister of the FMC, others may find her annoying but she's cute for me (not jailbait plz).

Overall, I enjoyed working on this series and will plan to catch up with the raws which is at chapter 102 as of writing this review. I rate it a 5/5 because it's a series I'm working on after all. If I myself, didn't protect its dignity, then who will?

Like I said before, some parts may seem cliche to people but for me, it was done properly and I recommend others to read it. Bear with it at some parts and soon, you'll get a very fluff series.

As for the question that's probably going to be asked by a lot...

Will MC and FMC end up together?


The answer is yes, around chapter 69. Their feelings are confirmed for one another but the MC is yet to make a proper confession which I haven't translated to that part yet as of this writing. Also, MC himself said that he will make an actual proper confession.

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Snowman256 rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: c109
This novel is really fun to read, up until ~c80. It's a lighthearted romance between a transfer student and a high school boy, as they bond over taking care of the transfer student's little sister together. The characters are decently well developed, and the romance is well paced as well. The MC feels a lot like the MC from Oregairu, and it raises lots of anticipation for the moral struggles of when to play the bad guy vs. Whether there's a better solution (the novel IMO ruins it after ~c80,... more>> as I mention later, but it's awesome up to that point!). The translation is also on point.

After ~c80, the novel takes a really weird turn, however, which is why I dropped the novel from 5 to 4 stars. I definitely recommend reading up to the point where the MC and the heroine get together! After that, the story gets really chaotic, and I'd say read with caution.


Suddenly, the main character's become an orphan who rose to become the star of a youth soccer team in middle school (that was also playing internationally), who was then adopted by the head of a major Japanese conglomerate, only to be thrown away in a political negotiation a week later. He's then forced to take responsibility for "betraying his friends" by abandoning all the friends and achievements that he, an orphan, managed to struggle and achieve. Apparently his absence (as well as the betrayal of their soccer team's coach for the MC's new foster father) caused his team to lose a match, and the shock of losing that soccer match was so bad that almost all of his (MIDDLE SCHOOLER!) teammates quit soccer for good? And the MC's goofball friend, who was only introduced as being part of a city soccer team, is a contender for the Japanese national soccer team, and the MC's foster sister is a yandere?

If you're confused by the above paragraph, TBH I'm confused too. I can kinda get where the author was coming from, but within the scope of ~5 chapters the author turned the novel from a lighthearted romance to a soccer drama with an orphan being brutally deceived as soon as he manages to achieve his dreams. And then getting blamed by everyone around him, including the family who ruined his life in the first place. And then the MC, who's normally stubborn as a bull any other time (like, in the annoying, please listen to the person you're talking to kin of way), suddenly becomes super impressionable and decides that he's the victim for all wrongdoings and that life is suffering.

It kinda works as a prologue to the MC's behavior in c1, but it kinda detracts from the rest of the novel IMO. The heroine's passive nature, which is perfect for a slice of life novel, suddenly becomes a drawback, since she's not able to help the MC overcome his past on her own. Instead, the MC has to struggle through everything, which the author does by making the MC get angsty for ~3-5 chapters and then come upon a relevation that "screw it, I'll marry that girl, no matter what they say." It's hard to focus on flirting scenes when there's a political drama going on about massive corporations gathering around this one orphan, deciding his engagements, posting about him on social media, and talking about him on the news.

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Eshya06 rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c13
Heartwearming story about foreigner transfer student and caring protagonist. Have much potential and good for you that tired with isekai novel
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RealityMaker rated it
August 21, 2021
Status: c96
All the characters in this story are nothing but tropes; none of them are compelling enough to stand on their own. Heck, you can almost say that it tries to be like a copy of Oregairu rip-off, but the plot progression is bland and too boring to keep your interest going.

We have the stereotypical young teacher, who's hot tempered and complains that no one wants to marry her. Except it turns out she cares for the MC and tries to help in other ways.

We have the stereotypical kouhai character, also... more>> the little sister of the teacher, that also likes the MC, but he's too dense to recognize it.

We have the stereotypical friend character, the more sociable one out of the duo, but the one who makes the most mistakes.

We have the stereotypical transfer student: blond, rich, foreign, and otaku. Everyone in the class, including the MC, falls "in love" with her at first sight.

Finally, we have the main character, who is a mix-match of tropes that the author forces down your throat to make you try and pity him, but ends up just making a totally unrealistic character. The author really wants his MC to be like Hachiman from Snafu. No one really talks to him; he's "scary looking", unapproachable, and as he starts off with the mindset that "it's better for people to hate me so everyone remains happy".

Except it's over issues where it's not even an issue whether or not "people would hate him for".

He goes on a monologue on how it's better for him to be hated so that the transfer student wouldn't be troubled by the class for inviting her to a welcome party. Seriously, why is there such a huge dramatization over this? They even have a valid reason to push the party until later, but nah, the MC has to be "the evil one who takes the blame".

The whole story starts off with the MC finding the transfer student's little sister who got lost trying to find her bigger sister. This is also where the author tries to throw in tasteless anime jokes and continues it far too long: he's immediately called a lolicon when he brings the girl to school to contact her sister. And then it continues throughout the story and people insinuate that he's a pe*ophile. Seriously, why continue this tasteless joke?

Let's move on, MC meets transfer student, ends up finding that they're neighbors, and now she's interested in him. Now there's the unrealistic situation here: sure, it's not strange if the MC lives alone, but why is the transfer student and her little sister living alone WITHOUT ANYONE TAKING CARE OF THE SISTER WHEN SHE IS AT SCHOOL? The explanation we get is really dumb as we find out later that they also have a

mother, but apparently she's "too busy" and would rather live in a hotel next to her work instead.

What kind of child neglect is this?

Then comes my next complaint: after this introduction, the plot progression moves like a crawl: the majority of chapters (approximately about 40-50 chapters) become something like this: little sister gets attached to MC, MC can't help but spoil her, and the transfer student sulks because she wants him to pay attention to her too.

I can appreciate fluff, but it's just non-stop and doesn't develop the characters or progress the plot at all. You may call it "romantic", but I find nothing romantic when both of them only like each other superficially.

When we finally get some plot development, it reads like a bad neglect fic story. We find out that the MC is

an orphan, but his foster family hates him. He apparently messed something up with his foster older sister, and now he had to "atone" for his sins. This is why he has the whole "it's better for everyone hates me" attitude.

Okay, I can work with that.

Then it becomes even more unbelievable when we find out

he's apparently some sort of soccer prodigy, capable of leading his team to victory against Brazil and Spain... while he's in middle school. But of course, he f*cked up in the past, quit playing soccer, and then you get non-stop nihilism from the MC


And then when you sum it together, this guy is just a walking gary stu power fantasy: he's modest, he's smart (#1 in the school ranking), he's a genius

soccer player

, girls love him because he's nice. At least with Hachiman, he has a realistic background and more flaws than just "oh I f*cked up, so now I must atone" mentality.

Tl;dr: edgy gary-stu, every other characters are just tropes, Oregairu rip-off. <<less
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TepoK rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c45
First of all, I find the story very fluff and entertaining although there's a bit of a dumb aspects with regards to the characters but I find them funny and cute.

So far, story-wise, it had been consistent with regards to the title so I think that's good.

Lastly, the second TL group that replaced it made me feel like I was reading google translate, good thing another group came up and took over the liberty of re-translating everything. I suggest reading Neosekai's TLs after Gakusei Translations if you're just about to... more>> start with the story. Quality wise, Neosekai is better in that regard.

I was originally planning to give this 4* but to balance it out, I gave a 5* instead since I enjoyed reading it so far anyways. Try giving it a read first, it all comes down to tastes anyway since not everyone can be pleased. :) <<less
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August 24, 2022
Status: c113
This review is in regard to the drama past c80 that was mentioned in the previous reviews. It would have almost made me drop the story after reading c80 to avoid it but I still gave it a go and here are my thoughts:

Assurance for Fluffy-Romance Lovers.

... more>>

It is not as bad as expected. The development is weird and clumsy but if you like fluffy-romance, it really feels like the drama gets resolved post c113. They wanted to create some drama by mentioning a mysterious marriage proposal but I'm 90% sure the fiancée will be Charlotte, so the is no issue with Charlotte X Akito.

As for the Drama

Spoiler Free Version:

There is "drama" but it doesn't really feel like it will affect the couple that much and I suspect it'll be resolved rather quickly post c113. So if you're just into seeing lovey-dovey stuff, that'll probably follow. The "drama" is something that happened in the past but is seemingly getting resolved within the last chapters before c113 and also after.

Spoiler Version, Addressing the Drama head-on.


It was already mentioned, and it is also somewhat ridiculous. I presume the author might fix up the development in the LN-version but to make it short: Yes, the MC is some genius ex-soccer player at the Olympic level. Yes, the MC got adopted by some conglomerate that seemingly is considered one of the big shots in the whole of Japan. Yes, the drama involves both backgrounds that were suddenly revealed post c80. Yes, there was some foreshadowing, but it didn't feel like it was enough, or perhaps the development post c80 was just way too sudden and too much in one take. Yes, it is kind of bizarre that this whole story kind of happens in two weeks. Yes, there is a social media barrage on MC but from the looks of it, it's more in his favour than against him, so I don't think you can call it bullying. Yes, there is a drama-inducing maid but from the looks of it, she's just angry at the MC for making hurting her Ojou-sama, while said Ojou-sama doesn't hold a grudge and probably made up with the MC already.

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HamletJr rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c30
Good stuff, the classic heartwarming and diabetes-inducing story. MC is dense but that's nothing new. Give it a read if you want to get a breather
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Dzeroxy rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c13
Another good romance Web Novel I read, tbh idk a lot about this WN because still c13 so I can't really tell you if it's good or not, but one thing I'm sure... I enjoy it

If u asking if u should read it or not? My answer is yes u should read it

If you don't enjoy it well it's up to you, but I will keep reading it cause I enjoy it
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Zenonx rated it
February 10, 2023
Status: c113
4 stars is the most I can give to this novel, there was a big boring part in between where MC's past was getting revealed. The story is fluffy and the interactions are good.
You can give it a read, will definitely not regret it.
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Raestloz rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: c113
Great story but doesn't even live up to its own premise

Charlotte is supposed to be Bri'ish but she's basically a silver haired yamato nadeshiko, her British background not accounted for even for the most important things

Relationship is speedrun in a matter of days. That's right, not even in a matter of week. This is in contrast to MC who kept complaining that stories are so unrealistic

After some time, a heavy drama gets introduced and it's kinda awkward because it feels so sudden and doesn't really fit with the earlier theme.... more>> It 's a plot point that furthers the story, but doesn't really make much sense. Still interesting enough to keep the reader going though <<less
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Boogle rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: c111
It's a 5/5 for the 1st volume (so upto ch80) and going towards a 3/5 in the second one.

The 2nd volume feels like conflict for the sake of conflict and very much in contrast with the 1st volume. The 1st volume is full of fluff and some basic conflicts to push the two together. There is no "bad" guy in this volume and we get some mentions on their backgrounds.

The volume 2 starts and we are presented with a massive conflict but 5 chapters later you can deduct it's plot... more>> setup just to mess with the two of them essentially, but the author is still dragging it out. To the point where 1 chapter is ONLY 3 SENTENCES LONG. Even for fluffy novels, this has the shortest chapter I have ever seen.

The TL is topnotch with some mistranslated words only, but clearly not MTL and edited nicely.



When the marriage proposal happened, I already knew it was Charlotte. The comment section seemed to know it as well. The sudden and roundabout way of getting them to the house and the plotting is just really dragged out. Not to mention we had some chapters that are literally 3 sentences. It made me not like Charlotte's mum, the maid, the step-sister characters. Also the lack of Emma is really noticable.

The only reason I am still reading is because they still have some BakaCouple moments and the translation is top notch.

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PoDH rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: c114
If you love/hate romance book sold at bookstore, then you're going to love/hate this. Cause honestly, the author pretty much use every oldest trick in the book.

The start is pretty straightforward and everyone being all good boy, honest and straightforward. But once the drama start, it escalate so fast and out of nowhere, almost no information is shared, even if someone explained something the info is so fragmented that it doesn't answer anything, and everyone starts being dumb. Though thanks to power of anime, this frustration period is shorter but... more>> still, god I hate it. <<less
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SprigganRance rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c113
There is a major issues with this and many other similar stories. That is- they're too unrealistic. From the MC to FMC to side characters, the whole premise is unrealistic. I mean I get that it's a wish fulfilment story so not being realistic is the whole point but I think this is overdoing it. That whole segment about MC ranting about shounen MCs was so Hippocratic I almost dropped the novel.

That said I enjoy where the series is going now 50 chapters ago I would've rated it 2 stars... more>> but it managed to get me hooked later on.

Sad it's on haitus now that we finnally got to the good part <<less
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March 17, 2022
Status: c113
  1. This novel is best in romcom and my big thanks for translating. This LN have MC is dense but not like other MC who can't figure out there own feelings after 200 chapters. This novel is one of masterpiece I say... there are also many cute scenes that you might get diabetes after reading.I don't why the hack they are criticizing MC. I will say MC enough to realise his own felling for her and also fighting for her. I will not blame MC for acting like this because of past. After reading u will know why MC don't have much confidence he just grew up in such a harsh environment he always have to depend on himself to fight.. so I recommend u gys to read & can't wait for updates.

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Darasuumarray rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c28
A solid story with a good cast, a kind protagonist, and has a feeling of both reality and unreality to it. It's not perfect, but its a great pallet cleanser and is a good break from all the Iseki out there. The only serious flaw which may detract from your enjoyment is how dense and s*upid the protagonist can be at times, though I think that's actually normal. Smart and talented people aren't smart or talented in every area, they have gaps and flaws. Plus being smart is not an... more>> immutable protection against doing or being s*upid in some way.

Very fluffy and I hope you have your insulin shot at the ready <<less
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blahblah123 rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: c172
cbrtlsseca's review is completely correct, but I still recommend the story. It's borderline impossible to find a romance WN that doesn't have completely unrealistic elements in it anyway, so the fact that Charlotte is apparently living alone with her sister doesn't really bother me.

Based on experience, this will probably never be fully translated, but I wonder what will happen when it catches up. It seems like the author might have abandoned the original story to re-write it, and the re-write doesn't follow the original chapters 1:1. So at some point... more>> the translators will either have to figure out how to continue the original story through a specific chapter of the re-write or completely re-translate the new story, but we're well over 100 chapters away before that's a problem.

Edit: After reading more chapters, Charlotte does have a mom who lives with her. Also the MC is the standard harem idiot, even though he has a GF for the majority of the WN. His sister is annoying af and he forgives her way too easily. His GF is annoying too, so I'm dropping a couple stars. <<less
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cbrtlsseca rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: c22
Could only make it Ch 22 before giving up due to MC is to inconsistent. What I wanted to find out was if Charlotte and Emma seriously living by themselves? Even though she was shocked that MC was living by himself.

If this is true then the author just pulled the dumbest story out of their rear with no concept of reality.

It is bad enough English parents would send their High School age daughter by her self to live in a foreign country to study abroad. There would be some... more>> sort of foster family or something (not living by themselves), but to have also sent their 4-5 year old daughter along with this to be raised and cared for by only their High School aged daughter.. And on top of that the younger daughter doesn't know the language, and is a Spoiled child who a sister wouldn't be able to control.

As others said before the MC bounces between smart and s*upid so the author can make drama and suspense.


When FML & Sister run into the tutored Aki MC says

"Although the one accompanying me was Aki, I felt that it was bad for Charlotte to see me alone with a girl. However, "

So from this it means he knows that both Aki and Charlotte are thinking of him in that way, however just before he says Charlotted doesn't see him that way, and Aki's blushing is a fever. Author is smart and reads situation and emotions easily, but to build the harem line and drama he is s*upid to emotion and situation.


Still I don't know why the teacher kind of pushed Charlotte to MC but she knows for a fact her younger sister is crushing hard on the MC... <<less
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enkiros rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c38
It's okay. The MC is a bit of an edgi boi sometimes but the novel doesn't start getting too sappy too often.

give it a try
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