I’m The Only Multilingual Master a Russian Transfer Girl Student Who Can’t Speak Japanese Can Rely On


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In the second year of high school, Iori Kagami is a boy who doesn’t stand out. Some of the students dislike him because of their impression of his twin sister, Shiori, who is famous as the perfect idol of their whole grade.

With special permission, Iori lives in a US military base in Japan and works part-time as an interpreter. While working with Christina, Iori’s high specs are revealed and he starts to look around at the people around him.

This is a story about how Iori’s specs are revealed when he gets involved with Christina.

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Hoouuujae60 rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: WN:c68
Love it! One of a kind MC who fights back, rare in almost all Japanese light novels... he's got guts!

MC is talented but not the effortless kind, he works hard at things he's bad at and improves on the things he's good at ... more>>

there was this time when he was playing with basketball at a compitition in school and he got a team mate that is one of the fanatic fans of he's sister.... and my gosh! He doesn't give the ball to him, he was like "I'm from the basketball club so I'm better than you" and MC was getting really irritated and was wondering if he should just go all out (a senpai forced MC in a bet that if he wins he'll get the FL since she's pretty and senpai's a playboy amd MC getting annoyed because he's treating her as an object like a trophy) since he needed to win but then fl's step mom was at the crowd watching and she suddenly shouted, cheering for him to win and with that all hesitation the MC has all faded away in an instant and he stole the ball from he's teammate and scored and everyone got quiet and senpai being " hmph! You're just lucky" but then he really started getting all out like he' playing against the enemy team and also he's team... the crowd got wild... like seriously, because it turns out a lot of soldiers from the uUS military base came to support him and was making loud shouts.... schoolmates got surprised and asked about he's relation with the soldiers to the MC... it was really good how speechless they became since MC was good at basketball since he plays with the soldiers who were more taller and stronger of course they won the game!




MC is also good at martial arts, he beat 5 boys by himself when they came to hurt him and MC (planned by he's sister) with weapons like bats and other things with MC having none... sister also got surprised and called him a monster...5 boys got suspended since MC always cariies a recorder since he's always getting abused by he's mother since he was little




sister got jealous of him when they were on a field trip or something since MC got to sky dive without a partner to ride (professional) since MC has a license... and teacher asked him to video everyone while skydiving, so he wanted to capture he's sister's ugly face while falling haha, unfortunately he couldn't... classmates were flocking around him since he was doing turns and tricks while in the air it was good


I love how he got what he deserved... he wasn't even an adult yet he had to carry burdens and questions that wasn't answered... all he really needed was someone to love him and an adult to help him <<less
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enkiros rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c15
It's okay but definitely not a masterpiece.

You can have a cool, badass MC without having to make literally every other character absolutely braindead to show off how good he is. The author decided to go for the low-hanging fruit, the easiest way to create drama and startle the audience. It takes away a bit from the slice-of-life aspect — especially the romance — having such awfully cartoonish villains. This novel didn't really need it, the boy and the girl have actual, genuine chemistry, but it is what it is.

Could've been... more>> better imo but it's still good as long as you can ignore that part. <<less
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Miruzu rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c66
The story is pretty interesting, so far.

... more>>

The story revolves around the MC who gets misunderstood a lot, and his reputation got plummeted down, because of her bit*h sister who always accuses him a lot to make her look like a saint. After, reading arc 3 the MC got a redemption from his abusive mother; his mother blamed him because of some implication from giving birth to him which destroyed her career as an IDOL, and sworn that she will only love his sister. Now, for the love story there are only few improvements on it through out the 3 arcs, but don't worry, so far I am seeing some major progression on arc 4. The mother and sister are pieces of shit. And don't worry, the sister got what she deserved too.

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Cedd rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c53
I mean, the protagonist is cool and all (despite him having all the talent in the world apparently) but these side characters are one of the most incredibly one dimensional cast I've ever seen. They're literally disney-level type of villains with how genuinely s*upid they are just to create a conflict

The face slapping/comeuppance moment are pretty neat though, which is why they've made the other characters have the IQ of a sheep I guess.


... more>>

After reading the grand comeuppance, I must admit it's pretty satisfying. I guess that's what happened if the buildup is a slow burn with 50+ chapters lol.

Still, the side characters are dumb and will continue to be dumb for the sake being some disney villain to the MC but I guess they served their purpose in the story


One of the reasons to continue reading before it turns into the generic romcom that it was destined to be <<less
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KaiLu rated it
March 21, 2022
Status: c56
You have an MC who is quite talented and is helping a Russian girl adapt to living in Japan. If this is a slice of life rom-com, this could honestly be quite good. The cliche 'tragic past' only makes everyone generic.

... more>>

Honestly, the drama of this story could work, but it didn't. For starters, how does the school not even take action toward this? You have a big group (possibly the majority) of the students openly dissing a fellow student and the teachers choose to do nothing about this? And this entire drama could have been avoided if the MC goes a different school. Moving on, all of the bad guys feel like they have zero brain cells and just follow the sister around. It is also weird how the high school has just the right events to make MC shine. Are you sure that they never had a sports festival or even gym class at junior high where MC showed his skills in sport?


Not to say the story is bad, but I doubt I would read it again and look forward to the next chapter.

A minor issue that is on my mind is the design of the girls. All of them (if you see the illustrations) look like 12, the author should have set the story to be in junior high when all of them look so young. <<less
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Jaze10 rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c58
I'm amaze on how the author write and add some ideas that increases the likeness of the novel. If not for Arc 3 I should give it more than 5 star.

... more>>

I know it's revenge but it's overkill

He was loved by his mother when he is still not born because of some circumstances. That love that he hope from her can still be gain.. But instead of solving it he focused on revenge, that is why I hate the MC.

I hate how the MC happily watch the suffering of his sister on the part the she was dancing. Even she did bad things to MC it's still not a reason to enjoy her suffering from that. I repeat, his revenge is just overkill. His mother and sister fault is at a stage that can still be forgiven but he focused on revenge instead of solving how should make them love him. If his mother and sister is just other person (not blood related or like auntie or uncle) and not just his family maybe I give this more than 5 stars.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 17, 2021
Status: c21
One problem in this novel is im amazed at how the character in this novel is. In a bad way, really. Plus the author really push their character more, they hate MC but author made them with zero intelligent.

I swear, if im there, I already punch them several times,
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Taochaidee rated it
April 8, 2021
Status: c20
It's Very Rare To Come Across Such Masterpiece. It Celebrates International Culture, From America To Russia. While Showcasing Their Own Way Of Life Aswell.

You Know Its Kinda Hard To Find Modern Novels That Don't Include The Racism Or Nationalism That You Can See In Several Novels.
Anyways, Hats Off To The Author!

The Setting Is Unlike The Others, The Author Is Very Knowledgeable Aswell, Increasing The Depth Of The Novel. Including Submerged Helicopter Crash Training And That Fun Stuff. You Can Find A Cool Video Of The Training!

Even Though Writing... more>> Isn't As High Quality As I Wish, And I'm Not Much Of A Big Fan Of Romance Genres. It Really Draws Me In, Unfortunately, I Have To Read From Raws, There Isn't Much Translated So Far.

Although I May Be Biased Throughout Writing, I Sincerely Hope You Enjoy This Novel! <<less
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Meloonseed rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c2
I really like this protagonist. He's not the standard weak Japanese MC with a popular sister who pushes him around like crazy for no reason. He owns a freaking motorcycle (a really cool motorcycle). And he can speak Russian. And he works with the military. I feel like he's pretty damn cool. You know, in most of these sorts of modern day romance Japanese LNs, the MC has no interest or skills, and is a boring mob character. Who wants to read about that sort of loser somehow getting a... more>> harem?

Fr though, I feel like this is the first time I've read a Japanese LN with a protagonist that's even a little interesting outside of their circumstance. Plus, the writing's pretty good so far, I'm pretty interested. I feel like the only reason for the lower rating is the domineering sister that uses her followers to bully him? But looking at the synopsis, I don't think it's gonna last that much longer. <<less
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Kiritsuna rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c100
After reading up to chapter 100 I can say that if you are looking for fluff this has a really small amount. At the beginning the story has more fluff, but the more you read into it, the less it has. Let's be honest, we all read this kind of novel for that reason.

The ML and FL have almost no development in their relationship. Until they start dating, you could see a little bit of it, but after that, there's been 0 development, and there were quite a... more>> few time skips. The author is now focusing just on advancing the story and fledging the world and some characters, but even in that aspect its quite lacking. If you want to read something more focused on the story than on the fluff or romance, I do think there are better novels out there.

I'll update this once the current arc ends. It may change my opinion on it

For the ones that are already reading it,
I do believe the characters have become smarter in comparison to the beginning. <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c76
What should I say...?

Oh yeah, im pretty much heartbroken & cringe every single chapter

s*upid mob, tragic plot, love triangle without Harem who can solve it, etc

... more>> Romance betwen MC & fMC is meh, MC didn't solve his problem 100% so the story can go on, idk why author place this sh*t love triangle when he hear someone confessing to her & just for MC to brake her feeling after that (MC already had fMC & denied any possibility for them to break up)

I reccomend you to stop reading after volume 4 where he already solve main plot & confession <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Villoge rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c21 part2
Okay why does everyone believe a girl just because she has high grades and is good at sports? There is some cultural barrier I am not understanding here.

Also why doesn't the MC fight to become independent from his "family". Maybe he is looking towards some sort of reconciliation, maybe? I have no idea. Lawyers are expensive though.

Lots of questionable decisions from the MC but he's still a teenager so all is forgiven as he develops.

The russian girl just feels like a kind airhead that isn't restrained by the social pressures... more>> around her. Will be interesting to see her backstory.

The interactions between the two are cute.

Can't wait to see why his sister and mother hate him so much.

Also if I had a sibling do that to me, you best believe someone is getting a bloody nose. POW!

Anyways the story focuses on how the MC deals with the harassment from his sister at school and how almost everyone around him believes the lies his sister tells to defame him. And there are a handful of people who do not hold any opinion and treat him like an actual human.

Then there is the russian transfer student that he will fall in love with eventually. Can't wait to see what his sister does to break this up, because we know its coming.

Will be more surprising if she does nothing. <<less
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IsekaiLord rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: --
The story is bad, MC is typical Japanese system sucker. (tbh, thats why japan is failing rn.)

The "villains" are bad, the MC cares about what his haters say about him and so on.

He is so "intelligent" "caring" and blah blah blah. Idc xd

So yeah, usual Japanese piece of crap. Zero real plot, zero signs of intelligent life, zero laughs and smiles from me. Fck this one, this story is bad again. So fcking basic... No wonder japanese novels and mangas are being overtaken by korean, chinese and western novels/comics... more>> in the same genre pfft hahahaha.

So yeah, Dropped, 1 star, disappointment LOL <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
satorri rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: c58
The MC is a badass, man doesn't mind standing up to people when they get in his way, and moreover, he's got the skills to back up the sh*t he does, which makes him even cooler. This is a revenge story, and the revenge is so satisfying to read. The interactions the MC has with the fMC is also really great. The fMC isn't that much different from your typical popular cute girl, but she has some cute moments. I enjoyed this story quite a bit, so I recommend reading... more>> this <<less
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November 18, 2021
Status: c44
if I talk about the revenge aspect

i cant judge on what he is doing is bad, yeah from my perpsective it is bad, but for the MC who think that they deserrved it is for me passable, after all I once did some pretty gruesome revenge to my BFF. although I know that he done a lot of bad thing to me that it greatly affect me emmotionally. but compared to what I done to him, I think it is considered light. but deep inside me I did not regret... more>> it.

so waht im saying is.... different person have different way of revenge. so dont downrate the novel because you think that what the MC done is a bit of unforgivable <<less
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