Otonari no Tenshi-sama ni Itsu no Ma ni ka Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Ken (WN)


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Amane Fujimiya’s neighbour in the apartment he lives in is the school’s number one lovable angel: Excellent and with a level of beauty that can only be described as angelic – Mahiru Shiina. Amane, an ordinary student who doesn’t stand out, is her neighbour, but until now, they didn’t interact with each other. After meeting the soggy angel in the rain:

“I’m returning what I borrowed. By the way, clean up your room. It’s filthy.”

“None of your business.”

A relationship with a sharp-tongued angel begins, starting with handing over an umbrella. From catching a cold and having someone take care of you, to making a meal for someone because they neglected their health, to joint work (cleaning rooms)…

Associated Names
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The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten
The Case of the Neighbourhood Angel Turning Me Into a Degenerate Unaware
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Eternal Emperor
Eternal Emperor rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c254
This novel's pretty nice and not to mention 'sweet'~ I repeat this is sugar, quality SUGAR! Somehow I enjoy having a daily dose of this unlike my general proclivity towards binging hard on a monthly basis...

You'll probably like this if you're the kind that can sit back and look warmly upon a slowly budding sweet relationship... I never knew I had it in me...
Read this and be healed...

The Female Lead is really adorable! Join the church, NOW!
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Deadmilkmen rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: --
It's a good read until chapter 120 or so. After that, nothing happens. It's just cringey stories about two 16 year olds getting really embarrassed about sh*t they do all the time.

"He said a nice thing, I'm gonna shiver uncontrollably and turn red"

"She's so cute cus she's blah blah, I'm so embarrassed"

That's it. I'm barely exaggerating.
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cbrtlsseca rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: c199
The first 100-140 chapters are good, but after that it becomes so repetitive it is annoying. The author also begins to force the s*upidness to try to increase the needless flirting converstation. Nothing truly feels to happen Naturally.

I swear the author has the phrase "It suits you." on a hot key so they can put it everywhere since the author doesn't have a vocabulary for praising someone's appearance. This is the only response the MC can give when giving an opinion.

Basically the format for every arc is: Some are chapters... more>> where he pouts but same thing happens.

  1. Subject
  2. She pouts
  3. He comforts
  4. She gets even more pouty
  5. He comforts again
  6. They hug and chapter over.
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PPpupu rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c10
It's hard to get past the first chapters. There's elements of writing that make the characters feel realistic ("I should stop calling her 'Angel', it's pretty weird and we're not close") but then there's also elements that are stereotypical to the generic Japanese light novel ("I'm a loser and I worship this angel, but no! We can't be close! It will be bad if anybody finds out that we're neighbours!")

I think what pisses me off most is just reading the protagonist's thoughts. His actions are pretty normal (carrying her... more>> grocery bags) but his thought process is extremely grating ("she's carrying 4 kg! Even though she's athletic there's no way she can carry that much!") <<less
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DMR rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: --
Just read the LN instead. It's being translated. Though note that the translations by Hellping should be in the LN section so that people could just focus on that instead of accidentally missing it. So you should only read the extras AFTER reading at least the 1st volume of the LN... maybe even the second.

Good series though. Recommend the read.
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assman162 rated it
January 22, 2022
Status: c106
The MC is a moron. Boo hoo my grades aren't the best so I suck, boo hoo I need to get good at sports before I can say I like somebody, yadda yadda yadda.

That and Japan is weird. There is this constant mention of how the guy can't be held responsible if a girl sleeps in his room and gets assaulted. That's still r*pe, my dude.
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blahblah123 rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: c264
If you turn your brain off this is pretty good for well over 100 chapters. After a certain point the FL loses her personality and turns into a stereotypical obedient housewife and it goes downhill.
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tsukihito rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: c115
The continuation of LN version, not much difference. So gonna copy my review from LN version :

Be warned reading this make ur sugar intake increased. It is light adorable story. Pure vanilla. Few characters in here but their interaction won't make you bored. It just that MC is so dense but still can be explained probably with something to do with his past. If you tired of reading heavy story such as Wuxia or Xuanhuan novel, reading this once a while is nice.
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c266
Pretty good story, MC is dense... I hate dense protag but I can stomach this one

Just brace youself for mofu mofu sugar diabets insulin when they start dating

Good wingman they have here

... more>> Their relationship is not shoot 1 day become lover, there is a progress

This is my rant, sorry...

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

This is what I feel after reading it till chapter 266

Their interaction is flat, like they hand holding, hug, praise, blush like a virg*n who never interact with other human

What can I say? This is just like repetitive dialogue every single chapter

Okay okay I love it when they start doing it, but they always blush for a small praise everytime? Go get me the world's beauty for praising me all day long, i'll stop acting like a virg*n in 1 day after so much blush, i'll do the 'deed' and become Chad... I know I shouldn't say myself a Chad but hey, they always act like their first date everyday even when they already spend their life on the same roof & on the bed for 1 year

Like every other JP protag, this MC also a monk & saint. He didn't want to do the deed even though the FMC is thirsty af, she always imply for MC to take step further but his libido is nowhere to be seen, hell they never notice his hard Dingdong even though she's on top of his c*otch lmao, sorry for this pe*verted thought...

Well I enjoy the ride, translator is top notch too (just a little typo one in a while)

This is my second time reading this story actually, but at the end of story always make me sick for repetitive 'blush' <<less
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September 3, 2021
Status: Ch. 236
The usual pessimist male lead troupe. I'm tired of this shit. It's good for the first half i.e. till chapter 100 or something then it gets way annoying. I don't get why the author is dragging it when there's no need. It's the same thing over and over again in each chapter. The male lead seriously needs some development and fast coz there's no point in writing a story when the reader feels it's dragged. Maybe that's what the author wanted but it's literally bs at this point. The development... more>> goes at a steady pace for 100 chapters and then it remains on the same line. There's no improvement, coz ml's a wimp.

After some point it gets somewhat boring. There's not much passionate moment and the development is way too slow to the point it starts to annoy the reader. Author uses the same troupe and same dialogue set each time with little twists which is rather unoriginal. It makes the overall experience of the novel really lame. I hope the light novel does a better job in these fields.


Ah... Male lead's such a wimp. He's just giving an excuse of treasuring her to not spend the night. Ffs it happened twice now nd the author clearly doesn't know when's the right time to show the intimate scenes.

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bvdaf rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: c60
I’m at chapter 60 and I would give this 5 star for most of the interactions between MC and FML (they are pretty cute and wholesome) but 1 star for every f*cking appearance of side characters. They are all so f*cking annoying, maybe except for MC’s dad, because he’s probably the only side character that is not ret*rded, but seriously why? Why are they so annoying, they all behave like that one person that will force you to do some stuff against your will, like going shopping etc. Or will... more>> try to forcefully change you, like why??? Just leave MC be, just leave the pair be, really why do you guys interfere, stop it’s so f*cking annoying that it’s destroys my good mood whenever I see any of those side characters appear. This sh*t would be waaaaaaay better without them, the Itsuki guy is prolly the worst, I can’t stand him, I wish he could just shut up and not talk at all, one of the most annoying characters ever next to violent and unreasonable tsunderes.

It’s imo little bit overrated? The romance is pretty cliche, we have typical main characters - goddess and your average lonely joe, predictable plot at least till c60, like mentioned earlier unbearable side characters and one more con - I feel like FML looses her character, what I’m trying to say is that she becomes little bit bland, a mascot that is there to just blush and be cute, she is no longer „unique?”, she becomes a cliche mascot. Oh and the fact that MC never says no is also annoying, while it might look like he is refusing or has some character by saying „shut up” etc. It never ends his way, for example with his mother, itsuki ret*rd, chirose ret*rd, it always goes their way, MC and FML never feel like humans I would say, but more like a dolls that are supposed to listen to everyone. This story not so great for a 4, 6/5 rating, but that’s just my opinion. <<less
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enkiros rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: c145
Yes, it is good, it's certainly good but... doesn't live up to the hype. Not by a long shot.

Most of the 5-stars reviews say things like "pure wholesomeness, " "no drama" or "not unlikable side characters, " and especially, "one of the best romance WNs, " but I just don't see it. A good part of the first 100 chapters is pretty frustrating. There's the typical contrived drama of "oh she/he don't like me boohoo" that goes back and forth, on and on for far too long. The side-characters are... more>> really annoying most of the time, only being bad caricatures whose only purpose is to drive the plot forward when the MC needs it.

Aside from that kind of angsty drama, this novel does explore some real, serious issues; actual drama, if you will. Things like bullying or child abuse, which are pretty much the core of our main characters' personal problems, that which they are to overcome if they want to grow as people (meaning character development for us). And, these serious issues, on the one hand, and other minor conflicts with incidental characters, on the other hand, are tackled in such a childish and dumb way and that's exactly the biggest turn-off for this novel. They don't feel like credible characters once they start doing anything other than fawning over one another. Once I realized it, the magic was lost and I got disappointed. In other words, as soon as the author decided to write scenes that weren't pure fluff, the novel went downhill. It's fine to ignore those things, it's still an enjoyable novel with cute moments, but let's not act like they don't exist and this is a masterpiece in the rom-com genre.

All in all, I suppose it's still a cut above the usual rom-com with exasperating shallow drama and that goes back at square one at the end of the volume or story arc so it can be milked endlessly for dozens upon dozens more volumes. The wholesome, romantic interactions are really good. They have this unique thing to it that's hard for me to explain but it just feels like the MC isn't a mindless simp that has to lower himself because the girl's hot, and the FL isn't some ret*rd (at least not all the time) that just falls in love with the guy for no reason. I think that's ultimately the reason behind all the good reviews.

On a side note, the translation quality is fine just awkward in general. Anyhow, it seemed like the translator actually pumped out chapters on the daily until the author went on hiatus, which is actually insane. <<less
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tornberry rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c1
I'm disheartened because the official translations will take a while to catch up to hellping's, so I looked over the internet, found this webnovel version at syosetu; I compared both of them. Found out while the LN version is much more fleshed and flowed with more detailed story in their everyday life, the webnovel version is basically the same.

And today I found out that hellping actually translates this version as well, so I'm going to recommend this to everyone who loved the LN version. I think vol2 of LN ends... more>> at around chapter 100. Definitely gonna get the book version as well once it releases for my sugar intakes <<less
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Professor Baka De DeluPerv
Professor Baka De DeluPerv rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c106
Ok so the story is great over all but it could use less of the 'didn't I just read the same story as 5 chapters ago?' It's only for a short bit that it gives off that vibe (90-110) during which the story went down hill. If you could put up with a MC and make pass those chapters then the story goes back to it's original sweetness.

As for why I disliked chapter 90-110 is because...

... more>>

... The MC finally admits that he has feelings for the FL but refuses to confess cause he thinks he is not good enough even tho the FL keeps telling him that he is. The MC then starts to improve on random things to gain 'confidence' in order to to make himself feel worth it. The FL confesses twice before he finaly ask her out. During which his tragic past is revealed, he was well off and his 'friends' used him to get stuff which caused him to seal himself off. I get it your hurt but the FL has been taking care of you for 6 months asking nothing in return, the least you could do is trust her. She's not those 'friends' of yours.

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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dragon rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c254
Dear anyone who sees this review,

My thoughts about this novel is pretty simple

1. God I wish I could have been that guy.

... more>> 2. I hope the author drowns in a pit of sugar after he finish writing this

3. I ran out of insulin.

This story is sugar. Plain and simple sugar. No bad side characters, no extra drama, nothing....

It had no right to work for more than a hundred chapters but the sugar content only skyrocketed after the main couple got together and I was thinking that it would have peaked by then.

The MC is not a doormat nor the heroine a bit*h. They are great and we'll written characters and even the side characters are great.

If you don't mind drowning yourself in sugar based hell, be my guest and read it. You'll never regret it. <<less
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kaaliya rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: --
After they started going out, the cultural festival and even when they go to the boy's hometown, all is just a repetition of what has happened before they were even dating. A very good romcom for the first half, but it seems the author doesn't want to end it and because of this the story keeps dragging on and has become stale at this point. Even if they happen to get development later on, I now don't have the interest and patience to continue reading it. It would be better... more>> if you imagine this story completed after some chapters they started dating and drop it then. Good writing for the first half and the translation is great. That's all from me. <<less
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Kiyotaka Ayanokoji
Kiyotaka Ayanokoji rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: v2
Kay, I have seen a lot of negative reviews so I wanted to make this clear. This is a masterpiece. Take it from a novel connoisseur who has read hundreds of books, novels, light novels even the occasional manga or web novel. If you want romance with a lot of fluff to give you diabetes, this is your go to. Who tf cares that it's unrealistic or the MC is dense and a little annoying? (All Japenese MCs are like that anyways so get used to it). You want fluff,... more>> you get fluff, stop trying to find logic in it.

Second, read the light novels, they are much more fleshed out and the translation is very good. From what I have seen most of the negative reviews are because of the WN, so ignore them and give the novels a chance, trust me you won't regret it. Prepare a shot of insulin though, don't say I didn't warn you. <<less
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rcpsycho rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c235
A story of two late bloomers who slowly get to know each other and first keep denying their own emotions and then keep denying that their emotions are reciprocated.

Overall a nice read, but it does give the impression that the author doesn't really have any realistic experience and is trying to paint a fairytale romance without anything to base it on.

... more>>

What really broke emersion for me is that when they finally get to that point (don't worry it's over 200 chapters in) they're acting like contraceptives don't exist, and not having s*x is a "rational" choice, but getting married immediately after finishing school is somehow normal? It's not set in a different time period either because they do have smart phones. A whole bunch of characters including adults are somehow stuck in a middle schooler's mindset.

I know Western and Asian perceptions might be different, but I just can't believe that they're that different, especially when I haven't seen such extreme differences in a lot of other works.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xu rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c131
Edit 2: the female lead is written like the immaginary gf of a 14 y.o. It's unbearable, I only read this far cause I was binging, I can't go on.

Edit: the way it's written to cater to a male audience is egregious; I'm in the target audience so personally I don't mind too much, meh

The few chapters I read are full of clichés, but while I find the amount of clichés a bit too much, it's not badly written, and it's very cute.
I like kuuderes.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DevilsFather rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: c176
When I started reading it I was very weak emotionally. I needed something to comfort me. It might sound weird but the interaction between the protagonist and the heroine really does the trick for me. I have read many wholesome story but none have moved me as it does (altho I was in a better emotional sate while reading them😅). Anyways I'm grateful to the creator and the translators for such a sweet and adorable story🙇‍♂️.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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