The Top Idol Next Door Can’t Help But Crave My Guilty Pleasure Meals


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The ‘meddlesome’ high school student Mamori Suzufumi helps a starving neighbor who had collapsed in the apartment next door by some chance.

That person turned out to be the popular high school idol, Sasaki Yuzuki!

Yuzuki had been on an excessive diet to maintain her ideal idol image.

But when the worried Suzufumi serves her homemade cooking, she eats it with a face full of happiness while screaming,

「——Aaaaaah… I can’t take it anymore!」

With a face full of happiness, she finished her meal.

Falling in love with her hearty appetite, Suzufumi decides to tempt Yuzuki with her favorite foods to make her fall for him through ‘food seduction.’

Pork bowl, ramen, okonomiyaki——

「I definitely won’t eat it!」

That’s what Yuzuki says, but once again, she finds herself craving Suzufumi’s cooking today──

Associated Names
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Ore no Haitoku Meshi wo Onedari Sezu ni Irarenai, Otonari no Top Idol-sama
Otonari no Top Idol
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Leftail rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: v1c3.1
Quite the interesting take on the neighbors trope, for once, I like how direct and straightforward the MC is with his neighbor, good food description that made me hungry and an interesting dinámica of he/she wins over the other, even tho, it has its flaws, mainly like the reason for the deal is quite simple, but hey, it’s good enough, and it’s interesting and fun read. Let see what the future awaits for this novel.

for now? I recommend it for a quick and fun story, it’s adorable and both protagonist... more>> are dorks, what else is to love? <<less
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greenHills rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: v1c2.3
It's really solidly tasty so far, and the food descriptions are more well-written than I expected. The eating sounds have some hints of moaning, reminiscent of shoukugeki, but it's not exaggerated beyond a tolerable range in the TL. If it keeps this level of description up, it's worth reading as a foodie novel.

The initial premise is quite coincidental and their agreement is kinda s*upid, but I think it works because the tone is fairly humorous and they're teens to begin with.

The dialogue & characterizations have some anime clichés, but the... more>> narrative descriptions aren't too lazy, so unlike a lot of these novels, it doesn't feel like reading a bad anime script.

The major thing that annoys me when reading this is the ♥ emojis scattered throughout FL's eating reactions. It's unnecessary when she already clearly loves the food.

From a romance perspective... It's ok. Hard to say, since there's not much available, but the food descriptions are really quite good.


The MC emphasizes that he falls in love with the girl as Her, and not her idol persona, and encourages her to eat more.

Okay, all very good, all very wholesome, except love at first sight is generally based primarily on appearances and she's maintaining her current appearance and weight via unsustainable dieting. Is it healthy? No. But she's an idol, and him cooking her delicious food will impact that.

Maybe that gets addressed later, maybe not. Anyway, it's still really early in the work, so it's not a major issue.

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