If a Mentally Unstable Girl Changed Into an Wife’s Apron…


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“Pien?” “Landmine?” But she’s a beautiful girl, so I’ll let it slide!

“Let me ‘commute’ to Shinsuke’s house? I’ll do anything for you,” said Kotosaka Shizune, a university student and a mentally unstable beauty, as she suddenly proposed to Shinsuke Aigaki. Besides being a college student, she also had another identity as a ‘sugar baby’ called ‘Kotone.’ After Shinsuke found out about this, she asked him to become her ‘commuting husband’ as a way of keeping him quiet about her secret. “I thought I was done with mentally unstable girls. That’s what I thought.” Shinsuke had become cautious around women due to troubles with mentally unstable girls in the past. Nevertheless, he reluctantly agreed because of his concern for Shizune, and gradually, he found himself attracted to her dedicated role as his ‘commuting wife’!? A heartwarming and comedic story of cohabitation with a girl with a secret!

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When Menhera changes into his wife's apron
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08/13/23 Lovable Translation v1 afterword
08/13/23 Lovable Translation v1 epilogue
08/13/23 Lovable Translation v1c4
08/11/23 Lovable Translation v1c3
08/08/23 Lovable Translation v1c2
08/01/23 Lovable Translation v1c1 part2
07/26/23 Lovable Translation v1c1 part1
07/25/23 Lovable Translation v1 prologue
07/25/23 Lovable Translation v1 illustration
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Somara rated it
August 14, 2023
Status: v1 afterword
I persoanlly liked it. It's nothing too special but it isn't also something that solves all the issues with the power of love. By the end of the story, both MC and FMC "kind of get together but not really." They just acknowledge their relationship, of her coming to his place and doing the chores for him in exchange of having a place to stay at, officially. The author added that his "volume 1" requires two light novel volumes, so the whole "volume 1" from the author's POV isn't over... more>> yet, hence the ending might feel a bit unsatifying. I like the fact that they don't go out right away but just acknowledge their issues and decide to call it "mutual dependency" from the get go rather than claiming it's love. I assume it'll develop into love later on. <<less
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ItsThatBriGuy rated it
October 1, 2023
Status: v1 afterword
As another commenter suggested, this is a work in progress, definitely incomplete in that it ends with both leads only beginning to deal with their issues and doing so in a manner that's prone to instability.

Still, that the first volume ends this way effectively communicates to the reader that there are no easy solutions when deep-seated traumas are at play, and that this story intends to take these characters seriously.

I hope to soon enjoy the next volume in this series.
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